Full Name: Sean DeLuca

Nickname: Loser

Age: 20

Marital Status: Single

Job: Bowling Ally attendant

Personality: funny; crafty; caring

Interests: Bowling; family; food

Phobias: Always being known as a “bad-seed”; not being given a chance

Bad Habits: Criminal tendencies; name-calling; sarcasm

Everyone has skeletons in their closet and Sean’s no different, only his are visible to the world. Despite the difficulty he has had, he is now making an attempt to fit in within a family environment. The fact that he is friendly, funny and caring should stand him in good stead for getting on with his future housemates but he doesn’t hide the fact that he occasionally rubs people up the wrong way.

He admits that he can be a bit juvenile and sarcastic when it comes to certain people but he is rarely spiteful for the sake of it. His love of food will have to be restrained within the house as the housemates only have a small budget to work with and if they fail a task we could see very basic meals provided. Will this give the housemates an excuse to nominate Sean if he has difficulty fitting in?