Why do you want to go into the Big Brother House?

This is going to sound pretty corny but I think it's a way to let people know what I'm really like. Not that I want their approval but... The money would also be good.

What do you think you could bring to the Big Brother House?

I'm fun, I'm easy going and once people get to know me they will see I'm not that bad a guy.

How do you think you will handle life inside the house?

It'll be weird being locked up like that but I'm sure I'll handle it fine. As long as people are ok with me and my friends I'll be ok with them. So it should be fine!

You are only allowed 5 luxury items inside the house, what will you be taking in?

A deck of cards, some choc-chip cookies, some ketchup, a magazine and a game of snakes and ladders.

Do you have anything you want to say to the public?

Hey, I'm going in there and I'm being myself...if you like that then do the right thing and keep me in!