Full Name: Michael Guerin

Nickname: Spaceboy

Age: 18

Marital Status: Single

Job: Student/Cook

Personality: Hostile; protective

Interests: History; space travel; Braveheart

Phobias: Losing loved ones; chickens

Bad Habits: Insensitive; possessive

Some consider Michael to be aggressive and a stonewall but others consider him to be caring and protective of family and friends. The fact that he was emancipated at such a young age would explain why he sometimes has difficulty in opening up to people and why his friends are such an important part of his life. Never one to be known as a romantic, we have it on good authority that he does occasionally have his moments.

Michael has listed that he is scared of chickens, which is unfortunate since there is a group of them in the Big Brother house. Will his housemates be sympathetic about his fear and help him out or will they see it as a way to bring this openly hostile housemate down a peg or two?