23rd December 2001 - Added 2 new wallpapers to the Fan Art section. One is Alex & Laurie, while the other is a mixed Kyle & Tess/Alex & Laurie pic.

26th November 2001 - Join our new Mailing List to find out about updates and the next stage - what happened after the housemates left the house. Also to talk about RBB or the real Roswell, and to post fanfiction which will be archived here on the site.

8th November 2001 - 2 new wallpapers added today to the Fan Art section. One is of Alex & Kyle, while the other is of Maria, Liz & Alex.

6th November 2001 - Added a new Michael & Maria wallpaper to the Fan Art section.

5th November 2001 - Added 2 new wallpapers to the Fan Art section. One is Kyle & Tess while the other is Alex & Laurie.

27th October 2001 - We're nominated for the Drops of Jupiter awards! Added a new section for Fan Art & Fanfiction. We will be taken any submissions so if you have a story which can either be Roswell Big Brother inspired or a regular Roswell fanfiction then feel free to send it in and we'll add it to the site. Also updated the Episode Archive and hope to get back episodes as well as web chats up soon! Remember you can still leave questions for Alex, Laurie, Tess, Isabel, Kyle, Brody, and Maria on the Message Board!