Isabel leaves! - Isabel is the 8th person to leave the Big Brother house!

Mending bridges! - Isabel & Laurie call a truce.

Pop torture! - The girls force Alex to confess where he has hidden their things by singing pop songs - badly!

Strung up! - Laurie shocked to discover that Loco has been strung up - and she knows who did it!

Hidden things! - Alex hides the girls make-up, perfume, and all the tabasco sauce!

What would I change? - The housemates discuss what they would change about their time in the house.

I'm sorry! - Isabel apologises to Tess.

Let the games begin! - Girls declare prank war on Alex!

Can't draw, don't pass! - The housemates fail the artistic task.

In love with the boy? - Does Laurie have feelings for Alex?

Everyone's up for Eviction! - The housemates learn that they are all up for eviction!

Makeover! - Laurie & Tess give Alex a face-painting!

Let's have fun! - The housemates blow of steam and decide to have some fun!

Housemates nominate! - The housemates nominate for the final time!

He can't draw! - Alex proves why he can't draw!

Let's pretend! - The girls make a pact to not argue in front of Alex.

Alex in the middle! - Alex finds himself in the middle as the girls become frosty!

Bitching - Part 2! - Tess & Laurie come to the Diary Room separately to talk about Isabel.

War! - Tess overhears Isabel question her feelings & what she really thought of Kyle!

Girl chat! - Tess & Laurie have a girl chat in the den.

Bitching! - Isabel talks to Big Brother about Laurie.

New task! - Housemates have to draw in new task!

Confusion! - Alex is confused over new Isabel & Laurie friction.

Did she love him anyway? - Isabel questions Tess' feelings for Kyle!

Broken Heart! - Tess misses Kyle!

Smirk? - Laurie warns Isabel to not make things hard on Kyle & Tess!

Kyle leaves! - Kyle is the 7th housemate to leave the house!

Look out for Tess! - Kyle asks Alex & Laurie to look out for Tess if he leaves the house.

Apologise! - Isabel is told she should apologise to Kyle by the other housemates!

Another night in the den! - Kyle & Tess spend another night in the den!

Frosty! - Things get frosty between Isabel & Alex.

Heated words! - Isabel & Kyle have a heated argument!

Caught! - The boys are caught looking at the girls eviction dresses!

Hooped! - Alex and Kyle attempt to build their own basketball hoop.

First night out! - The group discuss what their plans are for the first night the leave the house!

Task passed! - The group have passed the making a band task!

Another hosing down! - Another water fight breaks out between the housemates!

Popstars! - The group perform the task!

The teacher! - Kyle tries to teach the housemates how to meditate!

Consequences? - Kyle & Tess discuss the consequences of their new found relationship on the outside world.

Men of the house! - Kyle & Alex become protective of the girls!

Dancing queen! - Tess choreographs the dance steps for the pop band task!

Storm brewing! - Tension is started to brew again between Kyle & Isabel.

No more late nights! - Alex & Laurie decide that it might be inappropriate to stay up late at night now Brody is gone.

Can't cook, shouldn't cook! - The housemates give Isabel a break from cooking, and it ends in disaster!

Bad lyrics! - Alex writes non-flattering lyrics for the task much to Tess' horror!

Making a band! - New task transforms housemates into a pop band!

Moving in! - The boys move into the girls bedroom!

Sorely missed! - Brody's absense is felt by the housemates.

Brody leaves! - Brody is the 6th housemate to leave the Big Brother house!

Who will go? - Brody & Isabel discuss who will leave the house on Friday night!

Stargazing! - Isabel & Alex spend most of the evening looking at the stars!

Kids told off! - Kyle, Tess, Laurie and Alex admit to Big Brother that they are the kids of the house!

Meet the parents! - Are Brody & Isabel the mature adults of the house?

Fun & Games! - The housemates decide to have some outdoor fun & games!

He's the best! - Tess lists all of Kyle's good qualities to Laurie & Isabel, who then make a list of their own about Alex!

Showing Restraint! - Kyle and Tess find it hard to live up to their statement that they would be taking things slowly!

Circle Of Friends! - The group in the house decide to enjoy their dinner and decide to have fun!

Good Start! - Kyle and Tess make a good first impression on their first "date" together!

Shaved! - The girls convince the boys to shave their heads!

Reward! - The group receive a reward from Big Brother - 3 dates!

Passed! - The group pass this week's puzzle task!

Busted! - Tess & Laurie are told off for talking about nominations!

Going Redhead? - Tess discovers the boys prank as she uses the tomato sauce shampoo!

Brody vs Isabel! - The housemates hear that Brody & Isabel are up for eviction!

A very cunning plan! - Brody comes up with a plan to play a prank on the girls!

You rated us? - The boys discover that they were rated by the girls a few weeks ago in the house!

Road trip! - Kyle plans road trip after RBB and Tess & Laurie are coming with him! And maybe so is Alex & Sean?

Housemates nominate! - The housemates nominate for 5th time!

Waiting! - Kyle & Tess decided that they will wait until they leave the house before taking relationship further.

Being Sporty! - Big Brother rewards the group tonight with some outside games and dinner.

Missing Home - Brody spends time talking to Big Brother about his life outside the Big Brother House.

Frustration! - Kyle decides that he hates the task after he had difficulty in working out what he had to do.

Bump! - Laurie hurts her ankle as she slips after late night soak in hot-tub with Alex & Brody!

Lets eat the chickens! - Isabel wants to eat the chickens after having her hand pecked!

Finger wrestle! - Kyle and Alex come up with a new competition!

1-2-1! - The housemates each spend 1-2-1 time with Alex.

Puzzled by task! - The group are given their new task!

Worried about Alex! - Each of the housemates come to the Diary Room to express their concern over Alex after last night's evictions!

Pancakes all round! - The group serve Alex pancakes for breakfast along with some TLC.

You're staying! - Alex is pursaded to stay in the house by Kyle, Isabel and Laurie.

I'm leaving! - Alex is determined to leave the house after the shock double eviction!

Liz follows! - Liz follows Maria out of the door on double eviction night!

Maria first to go! - Maria is the first to leave on the double eviction!

Who will go? - Isabel, Liz and Maria discuss leaving the house.

Ambush! - The girls ambush the boys in a pillow fight!

Love is in the air? - The housemates break off into twosomes to discuss the aftershocks of spin the bottle!

Kisses all round! - The housemates play spin the bottle with some very interesting results!

Beat you again! - The grils again triumph over the boys at volleyball.

You should win! - Facing the prospect of one of them leaving on Friday night Maria & Liz told Alex he should win RBB!

Love Struck! - Alex and Laurie spend the evening discussing the relationships within the house!

Relaxing! - The housemates spend the afternoon in the hot tub discussing life in and outside the RBB house.

Ball Games! - The girls challenge the boys to a game of volley-ball and the stakes get interesting!

Task Failed! - Housemates fail their weekly task again!

Alex gutted! - Alex is left disappointed at the nominations.

Housemates told! - The housemates are told that Isabel, Liz and Maria are up for eviction!

Eavesdropper! - Kyle overhears Tess call him rebound guy!

No Tabasco! - Liz forgets to take the Tabasco sauce from the storeroom!

Almost! - Kyle & Tess almost share a kiss as they playfight in the den!

Wicked game! - Big Brother has a surprise in store as 3 housemates are up for eviction!

Housemate's nominate! - The housemates nominate for a 4th time!

Paranoia! - Alex convinces himself that the cat is staring at him at all times!

Nomination worries! - Brody, Laurie and Alex talk about their worries of nominations.

How rude! - Alex is distraught as Big Brother give the group a bald cat to train!

Early morning chat! - Maria comes to the Diary Room to talk about Michael.

What goes around... - Maria gives Isabel a taste of her own medicine.

No more! - Alex tell's Big Brother that he no longer wants to nominate his fellow housemates for eviction.

New Task - Big Brother has given the housemates this weeks task.

The Comforter - Alex spends the morning looking after Maria, Isabel and Laurie after they take Michael's eviction badly.

Michael leaves! - Michael became the 3rd person to be evicted from the Big Brother House.

The keepsake! - Michael decided to make a gesture towards Maria by giving her his ring!

Wake me up! - Alex begs the others to wake him up early after 3 days of cold showers!

Big Brother! - Michael talks to Isabel & Laurie about eviction night.

Things that make you go...eww! - The group tell of their most icked out moment ever!

Stick to pancakes! - Isabel learns a hard lesson - why Alex should not cook alone!

A gesture? - Isabel tells Michael that he needs to let Maria know how much he loves her!

Insomniacs - Alex, Brody and Laurie find it difficult to sleep as the pressures of life in the Big Brother house mount.

After RBB? - The housemates discuss what they want to do after Roswell's Big Brother.

Wrong! - The group fail task as they get 2 questions wrong!

Card tricks! - The girls plot to trick the boys in a game of strip poker!

Truce? - Isabel & Laurie come to an uneasy truce.

Isabel vs Michael! - The group hear that both Isabel & Michael are up for eviction!

Lady Marmalades! - The girls perform a rendition of Lady Marmalade on the outside table!

Late night session! - Liz comes into the Diary Room at 3am!

Unloading! - Kyle vents to Alex about his treatment by Michael & Isabel.

Housemates nominate! - There are 2 housemates up for nomination this week!

Broken things! - Isabel & Laurie have spat over broken hairdryer that has hidden meanings to Alex!

Sean talks to RBB fans! - Sean talks about life in the RBB web chat!

RBB Calendar! - You can now see the calendar that the housemates made!

Nicholaus & Courtney speak! - Nicholaus & Courtney speak in RBB's first web chat!

Leaving Arizona! - Laurie tells Tess and Michael that she's considering leaving AZ!

Feeling lonely! - Isabel admits to Alex that with Max gone she is feeling more alone in the house!

Eggs at the ready! - Sick of eating eggs the group decide to have an egg fight!

Do I know you? - The group practice this week's task.

The 3 muskerteers! - Alex & Maria try to cheer up Liz.

I'll stand by you! - Tess promises to stand by Kyle!

He should have gone! - Kyle is finding himself the target of Michael & Isabel's anger!

Missing Max! - Isabel & Liz admit to housemates that they miss Max.

Max leaves! - Max became the 2nd person to leave the house!

Are you ready? - 2nd housemate will leave tonight!

Anxious? - Kyle, Max, and Michael tried to play down that they are anxious over tonight's eviction!

Watching you! - Alex begins to notice things about Laurie.

Let's sleep together! - Kyle & Tess sleep all night together in the den!

Breaking point! - Brody tells Michael what he really thinks of him!

Stolen kisses! - Max & Liz kiss in the jacuzzi!

Getting a clue! - Alex finally realises why things are awkward between him and Laurie!

Racing through task! - The group successfully passed the task!

Gossip! - Maria tells Alex about Max & Liz's near kiss & Tess' sleeptalking revelation!

Sleeptalking! - The girls were woken during the night as Tess says Kyle's name in her sleep!

Getting close! - Max & Liz almost kiss!

Don't go! - Tess & Kyle spend the evening in the den discussing their future in the house!

Ladie's Man! - Alex finds himself the centre of attention as he shares the hot tub with all 5 girls!

Kyle/Michael/Max! - The group learn that the 3 boys are up for nomination!

Crash! - Alex found himself in a painful situation when practicing the task!

Play fight? - Kyle and Tess get physical late in the evening as Brody and Laurie watch!

What a drag! - Big Brother gives the housemates a mini-task - to be another housemate of the opposite gender!

Decisions, decisions... - Alex talks to Big Brother about his time in the house so far and his feelings for Isabel.

3 housemates up for eviction! - The housemates nominate each other for the 2nd time!

Almost there! - The group have their first attempt at the new task.

Hidden feelings! - Laurie & Tess discuss Alex & Kyle.

Threats! - Brody & Alex find themselves at the receiving end of Michael's threats!

Hot tub games! - The group spend the day in the jacuzzi and come up with games!

Surprise! - The housemates are surprised as Big Brother reveals jacuzzi!

Let's get physical! - The group are giving their new task.

The real game! - Brody shows the housemates the real game of football!

Go away! - Michael isn't happy with Brody's presense & Maria's reaction!

The new boy! - The housemates are shocked when Brody moves in!

Regrets! - Laurie confesses to Big Brother that she regrets nominating Sean.

Missing Sean! - Several housemates admit they are missing Sean.

The real world! - Liz tells Max that the reality of Big Brother is becoming real after Sean's eviction.

Sean Leaves! - Sean is voted out of the Big Brother House!

Last Minute Nerves! - Sean talks to Big Brother about the eviction night!

We are Family! - Sean and Maria clear the air before the results of the first eviction vote are announced!

Tree-trimming! - The girl's show their creative side using the tree in the garden and the boy's underwear!

Confessions! - Isabel confessed her feelings to Alex!

Updates to RBB website! - New updates have been made to the website, and we want your opinions!

Back Off! - Laurie tell's Maria to stop trying to matchmake her with Alex!

Greatest of Them All? - Alex and Michael get in a passionate argument regarding who the greatest superhero ever is.

Revenge is sweet! - Laurie and Tess concoct an extravagent payback strategy after the abduction of Loco and J.C.

Target Practice! - The boys play out their ellaborate prank much to the girls horror.

Losing Alex! - Isabel confesses to Max that she believes she is losing Alex, while Laurie overhears!

Friends? - Alex confronts Laurie regarding her avoidance.

Task failed! - The group learn that they have failed the dance task.

You sexy things! - The girls spend the day rating the boys sex-appeal and how popular they will be outside the house.

Kid-napped! - Tess and Laurie's cuddly toys become the first victims of the boys revenge.

Strictly Ballroom!- The group performed their weekly task earlier this afternoon.

Plotting! - The boys are spending the day planning an elaborate prank to payback the girls.

Enough! - Tess grows tired of Alex's constant pampering.

No son of mine! - When the group are given a discussion task, Sean tells of estranged relationship with his father.

Dropped! - Tess discovers the hazards of swing dancing when Alex accidently drops her as they practice the task.

Max makes the effort! - After Sunday nights bust-up, Max decides it's time to clear the air with Tess.

Sad lonely boy! - Sean and Kyle talk about isolation within the group.

Maria upset! - Maria is upset that the group voted against Michael.

Nominations announced! - The group hear who is up for eviction!

Doubts? - Tess begins to doubt her feelings after sound advice from Sean.

Max leaves? - Max tells Isabel that he's considering leaving the house after last nights events!

The recluse! - Tess spends the night in the den.

Aftermath! - It's the morning after the night before for the housemates.

Oh, what a night! - Maria talks in the Diary Room about tonight's events.

Evicted? - Big Brother warns Kyle that if he fights he will be evicted!

Bust-up! - A fist fight almost broke out as Kyle lashed out at Max!

Where's Tess? - The group panic when they realise that a drunken Tess is in the Diary Room for over 30 minutes!

Drunk Tess! - A drunken Tess tells Liz what she really thinks of her!

He's mine! - Isabel issues warning to Laurie as she flirts with Alex.

Reconciliation? - Are Max & Liz on the path to a reconciliation?

Ignoring advice! - Kyle ignores Big Brother's advice and shares a drink with Sean.

Celebration! - The party begins for the housemates as they celebrate Sean's birthday.

The Masseur! - Max proved he has the magic touch as he provided massages to several of the girls.

Sunburn! - Kyle was left feeling red this afternoon as he stayed out in the sun too long.

Let's party! - Sean is offered of a party tonight with alcohol as a gift from Big Brother!

Birthday Boy! - Sean celebrates his 21st birthday in the house!

I can't dance! - The new task proves difficult for Michael and his dance partner Liz!

A time for dancing! - The group's new task has them in the mood for dancing!

Uneasy feelings! - Group left with uneasy feelings the morning after nominations.

Michael vs Sean! - The housemates have spoken and now Michael and Sean face eviction vote!

Brody's in! - Brody has been voted in as the 11th housemate!

11th housemate revealed! - The 11th housemate has been voted into the house!

Live nominations rumbled! - The housemates realise that they will have to nominate on live tv.

Bundle of nerves! - Housemates nervous at first round of nominations.

Last chance to vote! - The polls to decide the 11th housemate closes tomorrow!

Storytellers! - Michael and Laurie spend the evening talking about their experiences as they grew up.

Girls vs Boys! - The girls ambush the boys in a water fight!

Whoops! - Liz accidently walks in on Michael in the shower!

Nightmares! - Laurie wakes the group up in the early hours with a piercing scream.

Task passed! - The group celebrate as they are told they have passed their first task!

Clearing the air! - Alex & Isabel shared a heart to heart with the hopes of clearing the air between them.

Task over! - The group are relieved that the task is finally over.

The All-nighter! - Kyle & Alex are left fuming when the group forgets to take over the task.

Feelings revealed! - Max revealed feelings about housemates when called to the Diary Room.

Missing home! - Several of the housemates revealed that they are missing home.

The Matchmaker! - Maria has found herself in trouble as she attempts to pair up Alex & Laurie.

Friday night! - Friday will see the group nomanite for the first time & a new housemate announced!

The breadmaker! - Sean proves he is the breadmaker man!

Dirty pop! - The girls try to persuade Alex to play pop songs!

Bitching session! - Liz & Tess bitch about each other to the other housemates!

Take my picture! - The group have been given a camera to make a calendar for the house.

Tension mounts! - The tension is beginning to rise between Alex & Isabel during the early hours.

Michael gripes! - Michael complains to Big Brother about his housemates.

Close call! - The group almost fail task!

Cold showers! - Most of the group miss the 1 hour hot water.

Rude awakening! - Michael's in trouble as Maria discovers the one picture he took into the house!

Nightshift! - Four of the housemates spend the night outside discussing life in the house and performing task.

Jealous! - Isabel shows hint of jealousy as Alex & Laurie forge friendship.

Revenge! - Kyle & Tess pay back Michael for his bossy ways by having him clean out the chicken coop!

Michael takes charge! - Michael causes tension in the group by being too bossy!

Task revealed! - The housemates were told what their task is, and placed their bet.

Hot house! - As the heat outside the Big Brother house rises, the housemates bask in the sun.

Restless night? - Several of the housemates admit to having a restless first night in the Big Brother house.

Proof of no feathered fears! - Michael tells the group he will prove he isn't scared of chickens.

Group discuss life so far! - Big Brother set the group a discussion task about life so far.

Who's the dummy? - The group are told of an 11th housemate and predict it will be an animal!

Tension in the house! - Kyle predicts tensions will rise in the house.

Chicken fears! - Michael's fear of the chickens became obvious when Kyle introduced him to Rocky the chicken!

Girls claim ensuite bedroom! - The girls stake their claim on the bedroom that comes with an ensuite including bath. Three of the girls, however, also wanted the double bed!

Housemates move in! - The 10 housemates finally moved into the Big Brother house only to be greeted with surprises when they realised who they will have to spend the next 9 weeks with.

Vote in a New housemate! - The polls have now been opened to vote in a new housemate in 2 weeks time.

Housemates entry to Big Brother house delayed! - Technical difficulties prevented the housemates from entering the Big Brother House as was planned on 27th July.