Roswell locals are all aghast that the Big Brother producers have decide that this town, known world-wide for little green men, is to host their next season of Big Brother.

As of today, (August 3rd 2001) ten of Roswell’s locals are now contestants on the newest program to come to New Mexico- BIG BROTHER! They will be stationed inside a house for nine weeks in the hopes of winning the cash prize of $250.000. Their every move will be monitored by cameras both visible and concealed.

As with the Big Brother Houses that have come before it this show will follow the same basic rules- everyone is allowed five luxury items and they are allowed a limitation of food supplies. They will be trying to earn food supplies and so forth by working as a team.

This show will premiere on channel 11 at 8:00 pa/ce/mo

The first episode will have the participants meet and greet each other. They are: Maxwell Evans (18), Isabel Evans (18), Alex Whitman (18), Sean DeLuca (20), Maria DeLuca (18), Elizabeth Parker (18), Michael Guerin (18), Laurie Dupree (20), Kyle Valenti (18), and Tess Harding (18).

Every week the players will nominate two of their own to be thrown to the wolves. The two of have the most housemate votes will then be subjected to public votes! Voters can go online to the Roswell: Big Brother site ( and vote for which person they would like to get kicked out! Every Friday will be Eviction Day.

One of the details that doesn’t follow normal code is that you, the fans, will be able to vote IN a housemate! Of course since the contestants are kept in that dark about the outside world they don’t know that they’re getting a new housemate.

This show, as the Big Brothers before it, promises to be quite entertaining. The house will be filled with an assortment of people- everything from an athletic Buddhist, to geeky musician! Tune and check it out because this show isn’t something to miss!