Wayne stands at the huge television screen that has been erected outside of the studio as he walks along the gang-plank with a crowd gathered at either side of the barriers. The crowd cheer and wave to the camera.

"For 29 days the housemates have been locked in the Big Brother house cut off from the outside world. Tonight 1 of them will be reunited with friends and loved ones as they become the 3rd housemate to be evicted! This is Eviction Friday live on Channel 11 and KROZ radio! This is Big Brother."


Wayne now stands in the studio in front of the screen of the live feed from the house where the housemates are gathered in the lounge area. Wayne smiles into the camera.

"Well, the crowd out there has been going crazy and they have already voted who they want to see evicted from the house. If you haven't decided yet here's your chance as we show you why Michael and Isabel think they should stay inside the Big Brother house."

An image of Isabel spins on the screen. She is sitting in front of a curtain looking at someone off camera.

"I think I'd be good to watch. And not only in a "eye-candy" sort of way. Sure I look good but there's a lot more to me and hopefully people will appreciate that when they see me in that kind of environment. I don't think it will be that hard. The only having one hour of hot water thing everyday will be tough, especially since there will be 10 people trying to get into have a shower but apart from that it should be ok."

She then looks into the camera. "I hope you will all give me a chance, what you see isn't always what you get and as the weeks go by I'm sure you will all see more than one side of me. I hope you all like it so please keep me in!"

A transition of a page turning appears on screen to reveal Michael now sitting in front of the camera.

"Why did I want in the house? I'm really only going in it for the money. Is it a good reason? Maybe not but at least it's an honest one unlike some of the other crap some people have probably been spouting."

His expression doesn't change as he leans a little closer to the camera. "What do I want to say to the public? If you don't like me don't vote to keep me in, but if you want to see someone who is honest and completely themselves then I'm your guy so vote to keep me in!"

As the screen changes back to Wayne he now stands in front of the studio audience. "Soon we will be talking to Isabel and Michael's family and friends. But before then lets find out what has been happening in the house the past 24 hours."

DAY 28 - 9:48am

Day 28 in the Big Brother house. Last night Brody, Alex and Laurie stayed up until the early hours and are now still asleep. Liz and Maria have now been attempting to awaken Alex for the past 10 minutes.

"C'mon, Alex," Liz says as she stands beside his bed. "You're going to miss the one hour of hot water."

Alex groans as he lies in his bed. "Leave me alone."

Maria leans over him at the other side of the bed. "Alex! C'mon get up!"

She then looks to Liz who nods to the covers. Both grab an end and begin to pull back the blanket.

"Hey!" Alex yells as he groggily sits up.

"Alex, believe me we're doing this for your own good," Liz tells him.

Alex groans as he yanks at the blanket in an attempt to stop it from being dragged back any further.

"Well, for my own good I wish you would just leave me alone and let me get some sleep."

He tugs at the blanket and soon there is a tug of war between him and the girls.

"I mean it!" Alex says through gritted teeth as he pulls on the blanket with his good hand. "Leave...me...alone."

He falls back as the girls let go abruptly.

"Fine," Maria shrugs. "Don't come running to us when you have to take a cold shower!"

Liz looks back at him as she follows Maria out of the room. "She's right, Alex. We're leaving now."

"Good," Alex calls back as he pulls the blanket up over his head. "Maybe I'll get some peace and quiet."

Maria and Liz look at each other and shrug before walking out of the boys bedroom. As they enter the lounge area they sit down on the couch and look at Tess who is talking to Kyle.

"I'm telling you I tried everything but she's going to miss it now," she says to him.

Maria looks at her. "Who's missed what?"

"Laurie," Tess replies. "I spent 15 minutes trying to get her up but she wouldn't budge."

"Alex is the same," Liz says as she looks at Tess. "I think they stayed up late last night."

Maria smiles at Liz and raises her eyebrows. Liz looks at her then rolls her eyes.

"With Brody too."

Maria nods then frowns. "Wait, I saw Laurie go to bed."

"She had another nightmare," Liz tells her. "I was just drifting off when I heard her get up. She said it wasn't as bad as last time, and that she just wanted to get a drink."

The others nod as Michael walks out of the shower wearing a towel around his waist. He passes by Isabel who is making breakfast.

"Have you told Brody you're out?" she asks him.

"Nope," Michael replies as he continues towards the lounge area.

Isabel glares at him. "Michael," she says sternly.

Michael sighs as he walks past the conservatory door. "Brody..."

He looks at him as Brody is asleep on a cushion in the conservatory. Michael shrugs and walks on. Isabel shakes her head and walks over to Brody who is lying on his stomach.

She shakes his shoulder gently. "Brody?"

Brody wakes up groggily. "Uh-huh? What?"

"That's the shower free."

"Oh," Brody says before lying back down. "Good," he mumbles.

Isabel smiles as she gently shakes him again. "C'mon, Bordy, you're going to miss the hot water. They will shut it off soon."

"Okay, okay," Brody sighs as he slowly eases himself up from the cushion. He smiles shyly at her. "Thanks."

Isabel nods as she walks back to the kitchen. Brody stands and rubs his face still obviously tired. He staggers towards the shower room as he yawns.

"Are you okay, Brody?" Maria calls from the lounge area as she watches him.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Brody calls back before walking into the shower room.

Kyle looks at the digital clock on the kitchen wall that reads 9:59am. "He's not going to make it."

"He might if he showers quickly," Liz reasons.

They all look at the clock and wait for it to change. When it does they wince as they hear a scream come from the shower room.

Kyle turns to them again. "I told you."


All the housemates apart from Michael and Isabel are outside sunbathing on the decking.

Alex sighs contently as he sits on the deck chair. "You know what's so nice about today?"

"It's sunny," Laurie grins as she basks in the heat.

Alex nods. "It's sunny. It's nice and hot. And do you know what's nice after a cold shower?"

Brody smiles as he sits on the other deck chair. "The sun."

Alex snaps his fingers and points to Brody. "The sun, that's correct."

"Alex, we did try to warn you," Liz says as she lies on a cushion.

"True," Alex nods. "And again I apologise for cursing your efforts."

"Apology excepted," Liz smiles without looking at him.

Maria kneels up and hands him her lotion. "Alex, can you put this on my shoulders? I couldn't reach."

"Sure," Alex says as he sits forward. He begins to pour the lotion onto his good hand.

"Hey, you're hand is getting better?" Liz notices as she sits up.

Alex nods. "Yep. I'm beginning to be able to move it a little more."

"That's good."

"Yeah," Alex nods as he begins to massage Maria's shoulders. "It was a pain not being able to use it anymore."

Liz nods as she lies back down. As the group remain in silence Kyle turns to Tess who lies beside him.

"Hey, Tess, do you know what is a nice thing in the morning?"

Tess smirks. "Not having a cold shower?"

Kyle nods with a grin. "Not having a cold shower."

The group laugh as Laurie playfully hits Kyle.

"Ha ha, Valenti," Alex says as he looks at him. "We'll see who's laughing tomorrow."

The group laugh again as Alex continues to massage Maria.

In the kitchen Michael glances out at the garden as he makes iced tea. Isabel walks out of the girls bedroom dressed for sunbathing. She looks at Michael then looks at what he's watching. Brody and Maria are laughing together and are sharing a joke.

Isabel looks back at Michael and walks over to him. As he sees her he looks down at what he is doing.


"Why aren't you out there with them?" he asks before she can continue.

"I was just going out there. Why aren't you?"

"I'm making this."

Isabel glances over her shoulder at Maria as she leans her arms on the kitchen counter. She then glances back to Michael.

"Michael, why don't you make a gesture?"

Michael looks at her with a frown. "What?"

"A gesture to Maria. You're obviously worried that Brody..."

"I'm not worried about Brody," he says firmly.

Isabel rolls her eyes as Michael looks down again.

"Even if I was I shouldn't need to make any gesture to let her know how I feel."

"Sometimes you do have to...otherwise you might regret it later," Isabel says sadly as she glances back outside to see Alex and Laurie laugh as they threaten to pour a glass of water over Kyle.

Michael looks at her. "She already knows how I feel about her..."

Isabel clears her throat as she looks back round to Michael.

"And I shouldn't need to prove to her that I'm better for her. We've been together for a while now. That should say it all."

Isabel sighs. "I'm just giving you some advice, Michael. Just don't push her away. You could end up losing her if you don't let her know just how much she means to you."

Michael holds her gaze and after several moments Isabel turns away and walks outside. He watches her leave and then looks to Maria who meets his gaze. They look at each other for several moments before she turns back to Liz who is talking.

Michael puts his hand in his back pocket and pulls out a little book called "The Little Book of Calm." He thumbs it before looking back to Maria who is looking at him again.


The housemates are outside. Inside Alex and Isabel prepare dinner.

Isabel turns the burgers on the grill and looks at Alex with a raised eyebrow. "I need to go away for just a couple of minutes. I can trust you to not let these burn?"

Alex raises his good hand and smiles. "Of course you can."


"Isabel..." Alex says in the same tone with a smirk.

Isabel bites her bottom lip as she tries to surpress a smile.

"Isabel, you can trust me," Alex says sincerely. "I know that Liz hasn't exactly painted a pretty picture of my cooking skills but I can look after burgers."

"And the fries?"

"And the fries as well."

"You forgot about the fries didn't you?"

Alex nods. "Yes, I did, but now that I've remembered I will not forget again."

Isabel looks at him.

Alex smiles. "Isabel, do what you have to."

Isabel nods. "Okay." As she begins to walk away she looks back at him. "I'll just be one minute."

"I'll be waiting," Alex grins as she smiles at him and rolls her eyes. He then looks around the kitchen. "Okay..."

He looks down at the burgers. "Those look okay." He then walks over to fries. "They're...um...cooking nicely."

Kyle walks past the kitchen. "You're alone in the kitchen?"

Alex nods. "Yes, I told you the ban wouldn't last long."

"Uh-huh," Kyle smirks. "Let me know when I'll ask Big Brother if we can get a takeaway."

"Funny, Valenti," Alex says as he watches Kyle laugh as he walks towards the boys bedroom.

Alex begins to sing lightly. After a minute he sees Isabel and smiles.


"Hey," she smiles back. She then frowns as she sniffs the air. "What's that smell?"

Alex looks around him. "What smell?"

"It smells like..." she trails off as she rushes towards the grill. She pulls out the tray and sits it on the counter.

Alex quickly switches off the over. He clears his throat as he looks at Isabel who is looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm banned again aren't I?" he asks shyly.

Isabel nods with a smile as she mouths "Yep."

Alex nods as he looks down at the burgers that have little traces of black on them, and then looks at her. "So pancakes tomorrow?"

"Yeah," she says as she gives his shoulder a squeeze. "Let's stick with making pancakes."

They both look at each other before laughing as they look at the meal.


The group are gathered in the lounge area. The conversation has turned to their most embarrassing moment.

Michael sits on the chair as Maria, Liz and Isabel sit on one couch while Brody and Kyle sit on the other. Alex, Tess, and Laurie are on the cushions.

Maria grins at Liz. "Come on, Liz, you know you want to tell this story."

"Not really, Maria," Liz replies. "You want me to tell this story."

Maria nudges her again. "C'mon."

"I don't think Liz wants to divulge this one, Maria," Alex calls to her from the cushion.

"That's only because you didn't come out too good afterwards," Maria giggles.

Kyle looks at Liz. "So what did he do?"

"Hey!" Alex says indignantly. "I didn't do anything!"

"Yeah, right," Kyle smirks.

Liz smiles. "You did play your part in this, Alex."

"So tell it, Liz," Tess smiles.

Liz sighs. "Okay."

Maria grins at them all. "This is a good one!"

"When we were 14..."

"15," Maria interrupts.

Liz clears her throat. "Um...yeah...15. When we were 15 I was dared to..." she then covers her face with her hands. "I can't believe I'm actually telling you all this on tv!"

The others laugh as they look at her then at Maria and Alex who are exchanging grins.

"You've started it now," Maria smiles. "So you might as well finish."

Liz takes her hands away and sighs loudly. "Okay. Anyway they dared me to eat a..."

The others frown at her as she pauses.

"...live cricket."

The girls shudder as the boys laugh.

"Did you?" Laurie asks in amazement.

Liz nods and the girls make disgusted noises.

"That's not that bad," Michael says.

Maria grins at him. "That's not the best part."

Liz glares at Maria and then looks at Alex. "Afterwards I kind of threw up..."

Alex lowers his gaze and clears his throat.

"That's to be expected," Brody tells her.

Liz blushes. "Over Alex."

The rest of the housemates begin to laugh loudly.

"Hey, it isn't that funny," Alex says as he looks at them all.

"Yes, it is," Maria laughs.

Alex blushes and looks at Liz who is trying to stifle her own laugh. As the laughter dies down Kyle then clears his throat.

"My most embarrassing moment is, um..." he trails off for a moment. "One time when I was trying to sleep I couldn't because I overheard my dad...with...someone."

Tess covers her mouth as she looks at him in shock.

Maria tries to stifle her laugh. "That's really really bad, Kyle."

Kyle nods as Brody looks at him.

"What age were you?"

Kyle looks at Maria and after a moment she gasps and covers her mouth.

"Going on 18."

The others begin to snicker as Laurie and Brody look on in bewilderment.

"It's not funny, guys," Kyle says as he sighs.

"This is so so not funny," Maria scolds them.

The laughter becomes louder.

Tess smiles reasurringly at Kyle as she tries to halt her own giggles. Isabel looks at them all.

"Um, actually I have my own story like that, that icks me out."

"You overheard your parents doing it?" Kyle asks bluntly.

Isabel shudders. "God, no! Thankfully no. But it was the next thing closest to it."

"You saw them doing it?"

Isabel glares at Kyle. "No. But..."

The others frown as she looks away.

"What?" Alex asks.

Isabel looks at him then looks at the others. "Max did."

The others begin to laugh loudly as Liz covers her mouth.

"Then he told me."

"Why would he do that?" Tess asks in amazement.

Isabel sighs. "It was my own fault. He was playing the Counting Crows every single minute of the day, and he couldn't even look mom and dad in the eye..."

"Now we know why," Michael smirks.

"So I asked him what was wrong and he told me the whole story."

"Did he see anything?" Maria asks.

Isabel nods which causes more gasps and giggles. "He walked in one afternoon and saw them in the lounge."

"What did they do?" Tess asks with a grin.

Isabel thinks for a moment. "Um...I can't seem to remember."

"Isabel," Alex says slowly. "Are you sure that your parents saw Max?"

Isabel frowns and then covers her mouth. "Oh, my, god!"

Maria turns to Liz. "What's the bets that Max will be having an interesting conversation with the folks tonight?"

Liz nods as she tries to hide her laughter. "Poor Max!"


All the housemates are inside apart from Michael, Isabel, and Laurie who sit in the garden.

"I think I'm going this week," Michael says quietly.

Isabel shakes her head. "No, Michael, I'm definitely out."

"I wouldn't be so sure. You'd be more popular."

DAY 29 - 10:22am

Day 29 in the Big Brother house. The group eat breakfast in the kitchen.

As the housemates sit at the table both Laurie and Brody are dressed but have blankets wrapped around their shoulders. Alex comes out of the boys bedroom also wearing a blanket around his shoulders.

"You know, the next time I say that I don't want to get up someone just drag me out of bed!" Alex says as he sits down at the table.

"It's your own fault for sleeping in," Kyle says.

"Or staying up late," Maria adds.

Alex sighs as he takes a slice of toast. "That can't be helped."

"What do you guys do?" Maria asks them.

Laurie shrugs. "Just talk."

"It's just getting really hard to sleep at night," Alex says in between bites.

"So Alex how do you want us to wake you up?" Liz grins at him. "Cold water?"

Alex makes a face at her which she returns before they both grin.

As Maria finishes her breakfast Michael walks up behind her and leans down to whisper in her ear.

"Can I talk to you in private?"

Maria looks up at him. "Sure."

Michael moves back a little to allow her to stand and they both walk towards the girls bedroom.

"What do you think is going on there?" Kyle asks.

"God knows," Alex sighs.

Brody watches them disappear into the bedroom and sighs as he takes a piece of toast.

Maria walks into the girls bedroom and stands in the middle of the room. She turns around to see Michael standing sheepishly.

"What is it, Michael?" she asks with concern.

Michael takes a step closer to her but is still at least 5 feet away. "You know how...sometimes you say...that I don't do anything for you."

Maria frowns but nods.

"Well..." Michael sighs as he rubs his face.

"Michael?" she says gently.

"I just wanted to give you this," he hands her a small package that is wrapped up in magazine paper.

"What is it?" she asks curiously.

Michael looks at her. "Open it and see."

She slowly opens up and gasps as she finds a ring inside.

"It's just something to...remember me by if I get kicked out tonight."

As she still looks down at the ring he watches as she tenderly removes the ring from the package.

"I know it's stupid," Michael says nervously. "It was the only thing that I had that I thought you would like so..."

He is cut off as Maria quickly moves towards him and kisses him. He wraps his arms around her waist as she kisses him passionately. As they finish she presses her forehead against his.

"You're not going anywhere, spaceboy."

"I might be," he whispers back.

Maria shakes her head as she kisses him again.


Wayne stands in front of the screen in the studio as the housemates can be seen behind him talking anxiously.

"Well, that's what's been happening inside. Now it's time to see the friends and families!"

The audience cheer as Wayne sits beside the two families. "Now we have with us Hal Carver who is a close friend of Michael's and Isabel's parents, Philip and Diane, as well as her brother and former housemate Max!"

The audience claps as Wayne turns to Hal. "Now, Hal, how do you think Michael is holding up? Do you think that he will be invincible and survive tonight's vote?"

Hal thinks for a moment. "Maybe. But, I think he's thinking that maybe his time is up. He is a realist plus being nominated each week will be hard for him, and make him think about his time in the house."

Wayne nods as he turns to Philip. "Now Isabel has been having a hard time of it inside the house. How do you think she's coping?"

"I think she's feeling a bit surpressed in there. The real Isabel hasn't really came through and I think as time goes one we'll see more of that."

"It will be hard though for both Michael and Isabel if one of them leaves, won't it?"

Diane nods. "Yes. It will be very hard as they are very very close. It will devastate them whichever one is left inside the house."

"Now, Max, you were in there..."

Max nods. "Yeah."

"How different does it feel to see the house from the outside?"

Max smiles. "Weird. I never expected anything like this, and there has been a lot of media attention towards the housemates that I never would have imagined."

Wayne smiles. "Now I've got to ask. Is the story which Isabel told the housemates true?"

Max blushes furiously as he bows his head and laughs. Diane and Philip look on uncomfortable and Max winces as he looks at them but can't help grin.

"All I'm going to say is that I never told anyone else but Iz."

The crowd laugh as Wayne points the mic back to Diane. "How do you think that Isabel is handling the Alex and Laurie situation? She and Laurie had a big blow out earlier in the week."

Diane nods. "I think she's handling it very well considering the circumstances. I think though that both she and Laurie are making the effort to get along better, but with Alex in the middle...I'd just rather not speculate."

Wayne nods as he looks into the camera. "Okay voting has now closed and I'm now going to announce who will be the next housemate to leave the house."

He stands and walks over to face the screen.