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On 3rd August 2001, 10 contestants entered the Roswell Big Brother house with the hopes of winning $250.000. For 9 weeks there will be daily updates recording their progress in the house that is filled with both hidden and visible cameras. As the housemates perform weekly tasks to increase their limited food budget, they will be forced to learn to work as a team and interact with one another as they find themselves isolated from the outside world.

Every week the housemates will have to nominate two housemates whom they want out of the house. The two or more housemates that have the most nominations will be put up for eviction and subjected to the public vote.

Polls will be made available for the public to vote who they want out of the house. No restrictions will be made on how many times one person can vote. Feel free to vote as many times as you want. After four days of voting the eviction will be held every Friday.

As the webmasters of this site do not reside in the US, this version of Big Brother will follow the same rules and guidelines as Big Brother UK with only a bigger prize. No runner-up prize will be awarded.

There can only be ONE WINNER.

Who will win? You decide!

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In memory of the victims of 11th September 2001 attacks.


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