The Alien Autopsy

Music or Maria?

That is the question on the loop- across the states girls are asking their boyfriend just this. This of course arose because of Michael Guerin’s (18) decision that Metallica was to be above his bed for nine weeks instead of a picture of his girlfriend, Maria DeLuca (18). But the scruffy young man managed to find his way out of the dog house with a little heart to heart and a confession. Want to know more? Check out Roswell Big Brother on the web at There are many other interesting things on the site if you’re a fan. Miss an episode? Go find it on the site!

According to the write in’s about the show it turns out that this new hit is going to go far. Some say it’s the people’s relationships that attract them. Many fans are curious as to what’s going on between Liz Parker (18) and Tess Harding (18). They want to know what happened before they went in and whose going to be cut in half with the hatchet they can’t seem to bury.

Then again some fans like the triangle that’s causing such an uproar in the house. Many fans are rooting for Maria to get Laurie Dupree (20) and Alex Whitman (18) together. Others think that perhaps the jealous Ice Princess, Isabel Evans (18), should be with the musician.

Then there is always the physical attraction to the contestants. Seeing Kyle Valenti (18) and Max Evans (18) work out has definitely drawn in quite a few viewers. Then again so has the tension between the beefy boys.

And all the fans are quite curious as to how the new housemate, Brody Davis (25), is going to effect the group.

Tune in and find out because Roswell Big Brother won’t disappoint!