Full Name: Tess Harding

Nickname: Hussy

Age: 18

Marital Status: Single

Job: Student

Personality: Determined; funny; caring

Interests: Royalty; destiny; football shirts; pop music

Phobias: Being alone; rejection

Bad Habits: Manipulative; obsessive; believes too much in destiny

Determined is a word that could describe Tess, but so is funny, caring and insecure. Openly confident on the outside but secretly harbouring a fear of rejection and abandonment within should be difficult for her to maintain within the confides of the Big Brother complex where she will be filmed continuously. Her reaction to that could be what determines her popularity within the house and whether or not she would escape nomination.

She mentions that she can occasionally be considered manipulative and within the house that could be either a help or a hindrance to her chances but her caring nature should allow the other housemates to talk to her. One thing Tess doesn’t need to worry about though is her fear of being alone because in the house, Big Brother is always watching you.