Full Name: Nicholas Crawford

Nickname: Damien

Age: 15

Marital Status: Single

Job: Student

Personality: Shy; manipulative; intelligent

Interests: Politics; social issues; baseball; computers

Phobias: Fire; always being treated like a child

Bad Habits: Being nasty; manipulation; whining if he doesn’t get his own way

Most 15 year old’s have more to do with their time than spend a potential of 7 weeks locked in the Big Brother house. But, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to discover that Nicholas isn’t an ordinary kid. Painfully shy at times he says he finds it difficult to make friends with people his own age and as a result doesn’t have that many friends. Despite his shyness, he admits that he can be manipulative like most kids and knows how to get what he wants, hence his nickname of Damien.

His intelligence, and awareness of social issues should insure that he doesn’t feel out of place with the older members of the group but will his intelligence make some of his housemates uncomfortable? He admits he can be whiny if he doesn’t get his own way, which may be commonplace within the house. Will this make him a difficult person to live with, or will the group give him a little room to manoeuvre as he struggles to adjust to life under the constant attention of the cameras?