Full Name: Maxwell Evans

Nickname: Fearless Leader

Age: 18

Marital Status: Single

Job: Student/Works at UFO Centre

Personality: Shy; romantic; reliable; competitive

Interests: Politics; genology; being with his soul mate

Phobias: White rooms; needles; peer pressure

Bad Habits: Overbearing; obsessive; takes charge

Local boy Max is a natural leader, or so his friends would have you think. For what appears to the outside world as an incredibly shy young man apparently has hidden qualities that only a select few of his friends get to see. The nickname “Fearless Leader” was developed after he took charge one too many times in decisions concerning his friends and this could be why he lists overbearing as a bad habit. No doubt this will prove to be interesting inside the house.

Max is a hopeless romantic and has confessed to occasionally serenading a former girlfriend to get her attention. Whether this tactic was successful or not he won’t say but with a group of young women in the house will they be able to resist the charms of such an enigmatic, romantic mystery man?