Full Name: Maria DeLuca

Nickname: Hurricane

Age: 18

Marital Status: Single

Job: Student/Waitress/Singer

Personality: Outgoing; flaky; insecure

Interests: Friends & family; music; aromatherapy

Phobias: Losing loved ones; insects; rats

Bad Habits: Over sensitive; immature; holds grudges

Talented singer Maria stands out from the crowd with her new age attitude and eccentric personality. Hugely talented she is the lead singer in a band and harbours ambitions to make it famous. She’s said in the past her dream is to start her career singing in a “smoky nightclub in Las Vegas.” She is a friendly person with a fiery temper and this has resulted in her childhood nickname of “Hurricane DeLuca” sticking. She is incredibly loyal to her friends and she considers her friends a family.

She marks the fact that she is over sensitive as a bad habit and this has resulted in her often taking things at face value and reacting without knowing the full details, making her very vulnerable. Her insecurities are often hidden from the outside world and she very rarely lets even those closest to her know how she’s feeling. But will she be able to hide this while she is locked in the close confines of the Big Brother house?