Full Name: Elizabeth Parker

Nickname: None

Age: 18

Marital Status: Single

Job: Student/Waitress

Personality: Outgoing; intelligent

Interests: School; science; dark haired mystery men from exotic places

Phobias: Destiny; spiders

Bad Habits: Sometimes manipulative; over analysing situations

A self-confessed “out-going” girl Liz’s intelligence comes shining through. She is fascinated with science and although she has been branded “boring” in the past with some people, when she is with her friends she becomes completely different from the usually reserved, softly spoken student that so many people see.

She has a mature out-look on life and this could be a calming influence on the others within the house, but, it also means that they could grow to resent her if she tries to “mother” the group too much.

Liz is used to keeping busy, both schoolwork and her waitressing job at the Crashdown café so the fact that she is going to have very limited to keep her occupied could prove to be difficult for her. Will this cause her to allow the calming aspect of her personality to slip and create tension with the other housemates? Fiercely loyal towards her friends Liz has confessed that sometimes she has gotten her priorities wrong in the past. These misplaced priorities have, on occasion, resulted in her inadvertently manipulating some of those close to her. Will this be the case in the house?