Full Name: Laurie Dupree

Nickname: None

Age: 20

Marital Status: Single

Job: Heiress

Personality: Shy; neurotic; wily; over sensitive

Interests: Stories; meeting new people

Phobias: Being buried alive

Bad Habits: Running away from problems; not letting people get close

Heiress to a large family fortune Laurie has almost everything a young woman could hope for in life, yet beneath the surface she finds it hard to let people in. She admits that she can be over-sensitive at times and with 9 other people in a confide space this could be problematic if she has difficulty in connecting with her housemates. The fact that she enjoys meeting new people will stand in her favour but this is something that she is just getting used to as she has, by her own admission, led a very sheltered life.

Her interests in stories is something that should be useful as living in the Big Brother house without TV and radio will no doubt generate many wild and wonderful accounts from the housemates, some true and some…not so true. No matter what, Laurie has no where to run to in the house if things go wrong because no matter where she goes Big Brother will be watching.