Why do you want to go into the Big Brother House?

I think it will be fun. It will certainly be different...and the prospect of a potential $250 000 at the end of it is definately an incentive!

What do you think you could bring to the Big Brother House?

I'm fun, I'm athletic and I get on well with most people. I think I'll be entertaining to both people inside the house and to people outwith it. As long as I like people in there I'm sure they'll like me! What you see is what you get, so there won't be any games. Well, not any games of the manipulative kind anyway.

How do you think you will handle life inside the house?

I think I'll be fine. It'll be weird living apart from my family for such a long time but I guess it's a learning experience. It'll be lonely at first but I guess it's hard to be lonely in a house with 10 people in it for too long so I think I'll be fine.

You are only allowed 5 luxury items inside the house, what will you be taking in?

I will be taking in a football, a book about Buddhism and some weights.

Do you have anything you want to say to the public?

I'm pretty sure that you'll all find me fun to watch, so please keep me in!