Full Name: Isabel Evans

Nickname: Ice Princess; Christmas Nazi

Age: 18

Marital Status: Single

Job: Student

Personality: Outgoing; protective; insecure; sociable

Interests: Family & friends; fashion; make-up; stargazing

Phobias: Losing friendships & loved ones; becoming someone she’s not

Bad Habits: Insensitive; judgemental; hiding behind a fašade

Graduating early from West Roswell High School, Isabel proved to be popular with both students and faculty. Her superior attitude, however, earned her the nickname “Ice Princess” as she hid behind a fašade that allowed her to be her true self to close family and friends. Despite this she shows an extremely caring side through her extensive extra-curricular community involvement but also, according to family and friends she can become obsessive in these activities; especially at Christmas where she is well known as the “Christmas Nazi.”

Isabel has a fascination with the stars and spends many hours stargazing. Which should, in theory be one of the few activities that should be able to remain unhampered by living in the Big Brother house. Unfortunately as it is usually a solitary pursuit, she may unwittingly isolate the rest of the group. Isabel has impeccable fashion sense and she will no doubt bring a touch of glamour to the Big Brother house. But will the prospect of 9 weeks with basic makeup and accessories make this princess too insensitive for the other housemates?