DAY 9 - 10:14am

Day 9 in the Big Brother house. Last night the group had to nominate 2 of their fellow housemates for the first time. This morning the mood in the house is awkward.

Laurie washes the breakfast dishes in the kitchen sink. She puts the back of her hand up to her mouth as she yawns. Alex walks past and then stops at the counter.

"Rough night?" he asks.

Laurie nods. "Yeah. I couldn't sleep."

"Me neither," Alex sighs.

"I just couldn't stop thinking about the nominations," Laurie says as she continues to wash up. "I just kept feeling..." She thinks for a moment.


"Yeah," Laurie says sadly as she looks at him.

Alex nods. "I know the feeling."

Laurie sighs. "This is the one part of this whole experience that I would love to change."

Alex rubs the sleep from his eyes. "Well, what's done is done."


He looks at her as she adds another cup to the growing pile of dishes sitting beside her.

"Let me help you with that," he offers as he walks toward her.

"Thanks," Laurie smiles.

Alex glances at several of the housemates who have gathered in the lounge area. He sees Max, Maria, Kyle and Tess chatting. He turns to Laurie.

"You know we should probably wake the others up." He glances up at the digital clock on the kitchen wall.

Laurie shakes her head. "No, let them sleep. It'll do them good."

Alex thinks for a moment, then leans closer to Laurie so that he is almost whispering in her ear.

"We could do it anyway. You know, the whole if I'm awake then you're awake theory."

Laurie smiles and shakes her head lightly. "That's cruel."

"Yep," Alex smiles. "Hey we could wake them up with water like Maria did to Michael..."

Laurie giggles at this.

"or we could put the cockrel in their beds and see them jump."

Laurie turns to face him as she laughs. "You know, you have a mean streak running through you, don't you?"

"Yeah, but only when I'm locked up for hours on end."

She continues to laugh as she turns back to the washing up. Alex smiles and then spots Maria looking at him then exchanging a knowing smile with Tess, as Kyle rolls his eyes.

Alex frowns at this, and turns when he hears footsteps. "Morning," he says.

"Morning," Isabel replies as she stands beside him to pour herself a glass of orange juice.

Alex looks at Maria again only to see her glaring at Isabel. He frowns again.

"God," Isabel groans as she rubs her eyes. "I cannot believe that I slept in this late. I didn't get much sleep last night."

Alex nods. "We were just talking about that." He then turns to Laurie with a smirk. "Plus others things."

Isabel watches as they smile at each other and takes a drink of her juice.

"So, Alex," she begins as she sits the glass on top of the counter.

Alex turns to her.

"Do you mind helping me clean out the chicken coop?"

"Um, sure," Alex replies.

"Thanks. For some reason they have a hatred towards me."

Alex smiles as he nods. "Sure, Isabel. Just let me know when you're going to do them."

Isabel smiles back at him. "Thank you."

Alex nods as Laurie hands him the last plate. Isabel glances at the two of them before looking over at Maria, meeting her glare with a sweet smile.


The group is gathered in the lounge area. Max comes out of the Diary Room with this week's task.

Max is smiling as he shakes his head, carrying the sheet with the task on it.

"What is it?" Liz asks with a small smile.

"Some of you aren't going to like it," Max grinned. He sits down on the couch next to Liz.

Michael sighs, sitting on the other couch. "Tell us, Maxwell."

"Big Brother has set the housemates a new task," Max reads out loud. "The task will require the housemates to pair up to learn ballroom dancing."

The rest of the boys groan, as the girls smile and cheer.

"You will be paired up by Big Brother, and each couple will have to learn one of five dances which Big Brother has already selected for each couple."

"What we don't get to choose who partners who?" Maria asks.

Kyle turns to her. "Does it matter? This task sucks already!"

Max continues to read. "Sean and Isabel will perform the Merengue..."

Sean and Isabel share a look then look back to Max.

"Kyle and Laurie will perform the Salsa..."

"The salsa?" Kyle asks. Laurie shakes her head with a smile.

"Michael and Liz will perform the tango..."

Liz raises her eyebrows as Michael shakes his head.

"I'm not dancing," he mutters.

"Alex and Tess will perform swing dancing..."

Alex frowns. "Does anyone even do swing dancing anymore?"

"Us obviously," Tess giggles.

Maria gasps with delight. "That just leaves you and me, girlfriend! What do we do?"

Max smiles as he continues to read. "Max and Maria will perform the samba."

Maria frowns. "I hope they're going to have something to teach us these dances."

"Big Brother will provide the housemates with instructions on how to perform the dances, and all housemates will have to perform the dances successfully on Wednesday to pass the task. The housemates must bet a percentage of their shopping budget with 10% being the lowest and 90% being the highest."

He then looks to the rest of the group. "What do you think?"

"I think it bites," Michael sighs leaning his head back.

Kyle nods. "For once I'm agreeing with Guerin. This bites."

"You guys just don't have any fun in you," Tess slaps Kyle's leg playfully. "I think this will be fun."

"It will be hard though," Liz states. "But if we work at it I think we will pass."

Isabel thinks for a moment. "But learning five new dances in 5 days is too much to expect."

"She's right," Sean agrees. "I think we should bet low."

Max nods. "What does everyone else think? Should we bet low?"

Some of the group nod, while others answer with "yes", "yeah," and "definitely."

"Okay," Max looks back down at the sheet. "How low? 20%?"

"10%," Michael counters.

Liz nods. "I think 10% would be a good bet."

Max looks at her and nods in agreement. "Okay so everyone agrees to 10%?"

The group again voice their approval.

"Okay," Max says as he stands.

Maria turns to Alex. "This is gonna be fun!"

Alex sighs. "Speak for yourself."


Everyday the housemates must care for and clean out the chicken coop. Today it is Isabel's turn. Alex helps her.

Isabel attempts to clean out the coop when a chicken pecks at her.

"Ow," she yelps.

Alex smiles. "I thought you wanted me to help you?"

Isabel continues to clean while keeping an eye on the chicken. "I do, but I thought want to prove to this thing that I can give as good as I get."

"Are you going to peck him back?"

Alex grins as Isabel glares at him.

"Very funny, Alex," she mutters.

Alex walks into the coop. "Let me get that for you."

"Could you just keep that chicken away from me. It's only her that seems to have a problem."

"Isabel Evans scared of a chicken? I never thought I'd ever see the day..."

"Not scared," Isabel looks at him. "I'm not Michael."

Alex laughs and soon Isabel joins him.

"Just keep it away for it's own safety."

Alex raises his eyebrows and manages to pick up the hen. "We're gonna have to name these soon."

As he walks away to the other side of the coop, Isabel mutters. "I know what I'll call her."

"What?" Alex calls back.

"Nothing," Isabel smiles sweetly.

Alex grins as he pets the chicken. "She won't harm you. You're safe with me."

Isabel laughs lightly as she finishes up.


The group wait for the storeroom to open to get the things needed for the dance task. Alex and Tess are already practicing.

"No, no, it goes like this," Tess says as she begins to dance kicking out her legs.

Alex watches her and shakes his head. "That's looks uncomfortable. I don't think it goes like that."

"It does!" Tess then turns to him. "I saw it in a Will Smith video."

"What makes you think that's swing dancing because you saw it on a music video. It might have been something entirely different."

"Have you ever saw the video to Will2k?"


Tess smiles. "Then how do you know that it's not swing dancing in it?"

Alex opens his mouth to answer but stops.

"She got you, bro," Sean slaps Alex on the back. He then smiles at Tess. "You're good."

Tess grins. "Thank you."

This is Big Brother. The storeroom is now open.

Alex, Tess, and Sean turn towards the storeroom, as Max opens the door. Soon all the housemates filter into the room that is lined with shelves.

"Wow," Maria says as she looks through the instructions. "These dances are going to be really really hard."

"Told you," Kyle states.

Laurie picks up a cue card. "At least with 10% we can have fun with it."

Kyle looks at her dubiously. "You cannot have fun with this. It's ballroom dancing!"

"Kyle," Tess puts her hand on his shoulder from behind him. "We can at least try."

"I am trying!"

"Very," Isabel says with a smirk.

The girls laugh as Kyle gives an indignified "hey!"


The group have been practicing the dance task for over an hour. Michael and Liz have run into some problems while learning to tango.



Liz sighs as she rubs her foot. "It's okay."

Michael rubs his eyes. "This is pointless. There's no way I can do this."

"It's not pointless," Liz states looking up at him. "We just need to find our feet."

"Liz, I have two left feet!" Michael barks. "I'm not stupid! I know when I'm screwing up!"

"Michael," she grabs his hands. "Get a grip. We're going to learn this and pass this task."

Michael sighs as he looks down at their feet.

"We can do this," Liz continues. "All we have to do is practice. Then we can...ow!"

"Sorry," Michael sighs again.

Maria walks out to them with Max in tow. "How are you two getting along?"

"We're getting there," Liz replies rubbing her foot.

"We suck," Michael states firmly.

Liz sighs and nods to them. "How are you two doing?"

"We're getting it down," Maria grins. "Lizzie, honey, you never said how good a dancer Max was!"

Max smiles sheepishly as Maria ruffles his hair.

Liz smiles. "Oh, really?"

"Dude, this guy is like the John Travolta of samba!"

"Maria..." Max blushes and sticks his hands into his jean pockets.

Maria continues without looking at him. "Well, the Saturday Night Fever John Travolta not the old one..."

Liz turns her gaze to Max who is blushing furiously.

"Okay, we get it, Maria," Michael snaps.

Maria looks at Michael with a frown. "Okay, Michael what's your problem?"

"Problem? We're trying to dance here, and all you're doing is yakking on about how Maxwell here is some kind of dance god!"

Liz exchanges a concerned look with Max, as she turns to see the angry look on Maria's face.

"Yakking?" Maria begins.

"We're having a problem with the tango," Liz interrupts.

Maria looks at her as she thinks. "Well, no wonder considering how he has two left feet!"

Michael glares at her. "Thanks for bringing that up."

"Also your height difference isn't going to help," Maria continues ignoring Michael.

"I know," Liz sighs.

Maria's eyes widen. "Oh, I've got an idea."

Before the others can reply she runs into the house.

Max looks at Liz. "Do they hurt?" he asks looking at her feet.

She glances at Michael who is glaring at Max.

"Um, not really."

Max notices the glare that Michael is giving him. "Sorry, Michael."

Maria runs back onto the decking carrying a pair of shoes. "Here, put these on!"

Liz smiles. "Heels! Thank you!"

"I brought them in as I figured they would look good on me when I leave here."

"These would look really good on you," Liz admires the shoes before putting them on.

Maria gives her arm a squeeze. "I know!"

Liz stands fully. She is now 5 inches taller.

"Now this is better."

"Definitely!" Maria agrees. "Michael try standing beside Liz."

Michael sighs as he stands beside Liz.

"See!" Maria smiles. "Isn't this better?"

"Well, at least she's taller."

Maria watches them as they begin to dance. "Now all we have to do is work on your..."


Max and Maria wince as they look at the scene before them.



The group is in the lounge room playing monopoly that Isabel had brought in. Michael and Sean sit at the kitchen table playing cards.

Alex shakes the dice and throws. He gets two four's. He moves the boot which is his marker.

"That's mine!" Tess grins.

"Oh, no," Alex groans.

Tess looks at the property cards. "You owe me $400."

Alex sighs. "Can anyone please give me a loan?"

"That won't happen," Michael calls from the kitchen. "It's against the Evans rules."

"Quiet, Michael," Isabel calls back.

As the others laugh, Alex looks at his properties.

"Well, I guess I could always morgage this." He holds up a card. "Or even better sell it!"

"Alex, it's the only property that you have left that isn't debt," Liz reasons.

Alex turns to her. "Yeah, but I could sell it to you and get myself out of debt? C'mon, Liz, $400?"

Liz looks at him then at the card. ""

"And, I thought you were my friend."

"And some friend you are! Trying to get $400 out of me for something I would only give $50 for!"

Alex sighs dramatically. "Well, I guess I'm gonna have to go out of the game," he says giving the girls puppy dog eyes.

The other laugh at him, as Kyle shakes his head.

"Alex, you are truly pathetic at this!"

"Says the guy who only got out of debt by getting me into it!"

"Yet I did not resort to guilt trips," Kyle smirks.

Before Alex can give a reply Laurie chirps in.

"Here, Alex, I'll buy it from you."

Alex turns to her. "Thank you!" he says over dramatising his actions.

"I can't believe you caved!" Kyle says incredulously.

"Kyle, have a heart," Tess says.

As Laurie pays Alex for the card, he soon hands over the money to Tess.

"You're the one taking it from him!"

Tess looks at Kyle with a smirk. "That's different. He owes me the money. If I hadn't have taken it from him then we would lose the point of the whole game."

"Which is?"

"That I'm now winning," Tess grins at him then at the others.


While most of the group sit in the lounge listening to Alex play his guitar, Sean is outside on the decking.

Liz watches Sean standing alone outside on the patio. She listens to Maria sing along to Alex's music, but keeps an eye on the lone figure. She stands up and walks towards the conservatory doors with Max and Tess watching her leave.


Sean looks behind him as he hears the voice. "Hey," he smiles slightly.

"Why are you out here by yourself?"

Sean sighs as he turns back around to face the garden. "Just thinking."

Liz bites her bottom lip as she now stands beside him.

"You know tomorrow's my brithday," Sean says still looking ahead.

Liz smiles. "Really?"

Sean nods. "Yeah."

"Maria didn't say."

"She probably forgot," he shrugs.

Liz looks at him sadly. "I'm sorry."

Sean looks at her. "Don't be. It's just a birthday, nothing major." He turns back to the front. "It is just got me thinking about things that's why I mentioned it."

"What kind of things?"

"Just stuff. Like where my life's heading. What I want to do. Stuff like that."

Liz nods. "Did you make any decisions?"

Sean looks at her. "Yeah. Some. I know what I want in my life."

Liz holds his gaze for several moments before lowering hers. Sean lowers his for a moment then turns.

"You better go inside."

Liz looks at him. "Come with me."

Sean turns to look at her.

"You shouldn't be out here alone."

Sean smiles at her slowly and she returns his smile. Liz pulls his top lightly and he soon follows her into the house. The singing is in full swing as Maria has been joined by Tess, Isabel, and Laurie.

Max watches as Sean and Liz sit down on the couch, and his gaze turns to Tess who is looking at him. He sighs as the singing becomes louder.

Tell me did the wind sweep you off your feet
Did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of day
And head back to the Milky Way
And tell me, did Venus blow your mind
Was it everything you wanted to find
And did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there

DAY 10 - 7:54am

Day 10 in the Big Brother house. Most of the housemates are still in bed. Max exercises in the garden, while Kyle is in the conservatory doing push-ups. Sean has just woken.

Sean staggers out of the boys bedroom as he fixes the microphone around his neck. He yawns and rubs the sleep from his eyes. He looks out into the garden where he sees Max alone. He shakes his head and glances at Kyle.


"Hey, man," Kyle greets him. He then stands. "A little bird told me that it's your birthday today."

Sean smiles lightly. "Oh, really."

"Yeah." Kyle holds out his hand. "Happy birthday, man."

Sean gives a genuine smile as he shakes Kyle's hand. "Thanks."

Kyle nods.

"It's your birthday?"

Both Kyle and Sean look to the conservatory doors where Max stands.

"Yeah," Sean replies suspiciously.

Max nods then steps towards him. "Happy birthday."

Sean looks down at the hand offered to him, then looks back up at Max.

"Thanks," he says uneasily as he shakes the hand.

The three boys stand in an awkward silence before Max points to the boys bedroom. "I'm just gonna get dressed."

Sean and Kyle nod as Max walks away. They then exchange an amused look.


The girls are gathered in their bedroom. Liz organises presents for Sean's birthday.

"So anything you can give would probably mean a lot to him."

Maria shakes her head. "I cannot believe I forgot!"

"It's okay, Maria," Liz says reasurringly. "You can make up for it by giving him a great day."

Maria nods, as Max, Kyle, and Alex walk into the bedroom.

"Well, this is all I've got that I think he'd like," Alex says as he hands Liz a comic book.

"That's great, Alex," Liz smiles as she looks at the comic she holds.

Max hands her a t-shirt. "I couldn't think of anything else."

Liz gives him a warm smile. "Thank you."

Max smiles sheepishly before he catches Tess's look. He quickly turns away.

"Well, I'm the same as Evans," Kyle says as he gives Liz a t-shirt. "I don't think Sean would appreciate weights."

Liz laughs lightly. "Thanks, Kyle, this should be enough."

"Where's Michael?" Tess asks.

Alex and Max exchange looks.

"Guerin's being a pain in the ass," Kyle states firmly.

"He's not giving anything?" Isabel asks.

Max sighs. "He doesn't feel he should considering he only has a limited amount of things in the house..."

"Like I said he's being a pain in the ass."

Maria slides off the bed. "We'll see about that."

The others exchange looks as she walks out of the room.

Maria walks into the boys bedroom. "Michael!"

"What?" Michael asks calmly, as he lies on his bed reading a comic book.

"I cannot believe that you're not giving my cousin a present on his brithday!"

Michael turns back to his comic. "Why should I?"

Maria smacks his leg. "Because he's my cousin!"

Michael sighs. "Your loser cousin, remember that's what you called him."

"That doesn't matter what I said before on the outside. He's in here and you will give him a gift."

"I don't think so."

Maria thinks for a moment before looking back at him. "That's it! If you don't go in there and give Liz a present for Sean then you can't forget about anymore making out while we're in the house."

"Like that will make a difference."

"I mean it, Michael. That's 9 weeks without these lips," she threatens pointing to her mouth. "9 weeks."

Michael looks at her curiously as she looks at him firmly.

"Thank you, Michael," Liz says as she sits on the bed. "I'm sure Sean will really appreciate this."

Michael stands at the bottom of Liz's bed glaring at Maria, who has both her arms wrapped around his.

"No problem."

"Isn't he a sweetie?" Maria grins before kissing him on the cheek.

Michael makes a face, and Liz raises an eyebrow before exhanging amused looks with the others.


While the housemates practice their weekly task, Sean is called to the Diary Room.

Sean sits down in the chair and looks into the camera. "Hi, Big Brother."

Hello, Sean. Big Brother would like to offer you a choice between 2 gifts for your birthday.

Sean raises his eyebrows and has a surprised expression. "Cool!"

The first choice is pinball machine for the whole day.

"Okay," Sean nods.

The second choice is a party tonight with alcohol provided.

Sean smiles then attempts to hide his pleasure. "Um, that's a hard choice. Considering I've been in here with 9 other people I think I'm gonna have the party to blow off some steam."

Big Brother would like to advice the other housemates not to drink any of the alcohol as they are still minors.

Sean smirks. "I'll let them know."

The provisions for the party will be made available in the storeroom later today.

"Thank you, Big Brother," he grins into the camera.

He rushes out of the Diary Room and raises his voice.

"Guys, I have an announcement to make."

As the others stop to look at him, Sean clears his throat.

"Big Brother just wanted to wish me a happy birthday and let me have the choice between 2 gifts. The one I have chosen will be made available later in the storeroom. And that's all."

The others look at each other before the stop Sean from walking away.

"Hey, what were the 2 gifts?" Maria asks.

"One was a pinball machine which I figured you girls would like so I took it."

The girls groan.

"Sean, you didn't," Maria groans. "C'mon a pinball machine!"

Sean nods, as the boys look on happy enough.

"What was the other gift?" Isabel asks.

"Well," Sean shrugs. "The other gift was..." he looks at them with a grin. "a party for tonight!"

The girls gasp and Tess and Maria run forward to him.

"Please tell me you took it!" Maria begs.

Tess begins to jump up and down hugging him. "Please, please, please..."

Sean laughs. "Okay, I took it!"

The group cheer as Sean attempts to stop himself from falling over as both Tess and Maria hug him and jump at the same time.


The group have been practising the dance task for most of the morning. Alex, Tess, Isabel, Sean, Laurie, and Kyle are now sunbathing on the patio. The group talk as Kyle has fallen asleep unnoticed.

"I can't wait for tonight," Tess smiles as she rubs lotion onto her legs. "Just to be able to have something more normal for a change. Like cake!"

Alex nods. "Cake is good."

"Just anything to break the routine we have now, will be good," Isabel adds.

"Definitely," Tess agrees.

Laurie sits on the cushion with her knees to her chest. "You know, this will be my first party."

"Really?" Sean asks curiously.

"Yeah," Laurie nods.

"Well, we'll have to make it a memorable one for you," Sean says.

Laurie smiles at him and turns to look at Tess as she speaks.

"Yeah, maybe Alex will do the famous striptease for you that I've heard so much about," she grins.

The others laugh as Alex groans and leans back onto his cushion. "Oh, God, don't remind me of that!"

Isabel nudges him with her arm. "C'mon, Alex, that was fun. I really appreciated it," she smiles at him as he looks at her.

"You striped?" Sean asks incrediously.

Alex sits up again. "It was more of a dance..."

"Where his clothes came off," Tess giggles.

Alex blushes as he smiles sheepishly. "Yes, where my clothes did come off."

"And," Isabel smiles to the others. "He was dressed as a cop."

The others laugh harder.

"You really did that?" Laurie smiles.

"It was going well until..." he trails off as he winces.

The others look at Isabel expectantly.

"Until he saw my mother."

Tess gasps and burst out in laughter. The others follow suit.

"Good one, Alex," Sean grins.

Alex refuses to meet any of their eyes, before he finally looks at Isabel then across to Laurie. Isabel's smile wavers as she sees the smile the two share.

"Hey, Kyle, you're quiet," Sean says looking over to Kyle who's lying down.

Laurie turns to the boy who is lying face down beside her asleep. Her eyes widen when she sees how red his back and the back of his legs have become.

"Kyle, wake up," she shakes him gently.

"What?" Kyle says groggily. "Ow!"

Tess is soon kneeling beside him and places her hand on his back. Isabel grabs her hand and shakes her head.

"We can't."

Tess sighs and looks back down at Kyle who winces with pain.

"We need to get him inside," Isabel states. Alex and Sean each take one of Kyle's arms.

Max, Liz, Michael, and Maria look up from their positions in the kitchen as Sean and Alex carry Kyle into the house.

"What happened?" Maria asks with concern.

"Sunburn," Isabel answers. "Laurie get the after sun lotion. Alex put him on one of the beds in the boys bedroom."

Max walks towards the bedroom, and Isabel stops him.

"Max, let one of us take care of him."

Max looks at her with a frown, then nods understandably.


Kyle is lying on one of the beds in the boys bedroom. The girls and Sean and Alex are in there with him, as Tess rubs after sun lotion onto his sunburn.

"That was so stupid, Kyle," Tess tells him. "You could have really hurted yourself."

"Could have?" Kyle snaps. "Ow!"

Isabel kneels down. "Here let me do his legs, and you do his back."

Tess hands her the lotion and both begin to apply it tenderly to his sunburn.

"Well, Kyle, at least you can have some fun tonight," Sean says with a smirk. "Drown your sorrows."

"You're telling him to get drunk?" Maria says incrediously.

Sean shakes his head. "No I said have fun."

"Guys, will you please quit it," Tess tells them.

Alex sighs as he walks out of the room. He sits down in the lounge with Max and Michael.

"How is he?" Max asks with concern.

"Red," Alex rubs his eyes. "But he'll be all right."

Max nods. "Good."

Laurie walks out of the bedroom and sits on the couch next to Michael.

"I can't believe I didn't notice that he had fallen asleep."

"It wasn't your fault, Laurie," Alex says reasurringly. "We were all out there."

"Yeah, and he was the one stupid enough to fall asleep to begin with," Michael adds.

Alex, Laurie, and Max all look at Michael. He looks back at them.


"Nice with the sympathy, Michael," Max says.

Michael shrugs. "I just say it the way it is."

The other three sigh and then wince when they hear Kyle yelp again.


Kyle has fallen asleep in the boys bedroom. Tess stays in there to watch over him. Out in the lounge area Max and Liz talk.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't help Kyle," Max says as he looks at her.

Liz touches his arm. "Max, in here there was nothing you could do."

Max looks at her hand that is on his arm, and Liz looks at it too. Both then meet each other's gaze and smile gently. Liz reluctantly removes her hand.

She begins to wince as she puts her legs underneath her.

"You okay?" Max asks with concern.

"Yeah," Liz replies. She then leans closer to him. "My feet are finding it hard with the task."

Max smiles. "Give them to me."

Liz raises her eyebrows. "Excuse me?"

"I can massage them for you."

Liz smiles shyly. "I don't know...if we should."

"I promise I won't hurt you."

"That's not what I'm afraid of," she smiles coyly at him.

Max returns her smile, and she rests her feet on his lap. She closes her eyes as he begins to tenderly massage her foot.

"Hmm...that's good."

Max looks at her, before returning to the task at hand. As Liz sighs contently, Max stares at her peaceful state.

Maria walks into the house and smiles as she walks past them. After looking in at Kyle and Tess she walks past the lounge to the kitchen. Laurie is preparing a salad, and glances at Maria.

"How is he?"

"Kyle? He looks fine."

Laurie nods as she looks back down at the food.

"Laurie, hon, don't beat yourself up over this," Maria says as Lauire looks at her. "It was mistake, and you weren't the only one out there."

Laurie sighs. "That's what Alex said, but still..."

"Listen to Alex! He knows these things! He didn't hold a grudge when me and Liz did the exact same thing to him when we were 13."

"Did what to who?"

Both girls turn to see Alex walking towards him.

"I was just telling Laurie about the time when we left you asleep in my back yard."

"Oh, yeah," Alex says with fake cheer. "And left me to fry! I remember that vividly."

"Alex, I was trying to convince Laurie to stop blaming herself for Kyle."

Alex looks at Laurie who has a guilty look on her face. "Oh."

"Yeah, oh," Maria rolls her eyes.

"I'd forget about it," Alex says as he takes a slice of tomato.

Maria nods. "Yeah, he will by the time Sean's party rolls round."

Laurie thinks about it, then watches as Alex takes another slice.

"Alex, do you want me to make you some?"

Alex looks at the half eaten slice that he holds then smiles sheepishly. "Um, no. I promise that was my last bite."

"It's okay," Laurie says as she heads towards the refrigerator.

"No, no, I turned down the salad when you offered earlier so it's not fair for you to make it now. I will make it."

Laurie turns back to him. "Look there's too much here for me anyway, so how about we share?"

"Okay," Alex smiles.

Laurie smiles back and rolls her eyes at Maria's grin. She looks at Alex as he takes the bowl from her.

"At least let me carry the bowl."


As the two walk out to the garden Maria looks at the couple in the lounge.

"Big Brother, I think you can guarantee that there's going to be at least three romances in this house."


The group except Kyle and Tess, are in the garden. Max is giving Maria a shoulder massage.

"Ahh, that's it," Maria sighs. "Michael, you should be watching Max because as your girlfriend I expect you to do this often."

Michael slumps on his deck chair. "If Max is as good as you say then why do you need me to do."

Maria glares at him. "Because I'm not dating Max."

"How did you hurt your shoulder, Maria?" Laurie asks, as she sits beside Alex on the cushions with the bowl sitting on both their laps.

"I'm not sure. It's been hurting all day, but it's beginning to get worse," Maria relaxs more as Max continues to knead her shoulder. "That's why I thought the man with the magic touch could have a look at it."

Liz's eyes widen. Maria sees her look.

"Liz, I meant for him to massage me. I saw how much you were enjoying it earlier."

Liz blushes and exchanges a look with Max. The others, apart from Sean, laugh lightly.

Tess walks out into the garden. "Hey," she says as she sits down beside Laurie.

The others greet her, and Laurie offers her some of the salad that is left in the bowl.

"Want some?"

"Thanks," Tess smiles as she takes a slice of tomato. "What are you, guys, up to?"

Sean leans back on his deck chair. "My cousin's being a wimp and getting a rubdown from Max."

"Shut up, Sean," Maria says glaring at him.

Sean smirks as he closes his eyes to the sun that shines down on him.

"Max, would you mind giving me a massage later?" Tess asks.

Max looks at Tess with a surprised expression. "Uh...sure."


Max looks at Liz who lowers her gaze, and Maria sighs.


The housemates are gathering the provisions that Big Brother has provided for Sean's party from the storeroom. Max and Tess are in the lounge where Max is giving Tess a back massage.

Tess sighs contently as Max cautiously looks over at Liz, who is looking at him from the storeroom.

"Liz?" Sean says again as he is handing her paper cups.

Liz shakes her head and looks at him. "Sorry. I was miles away."

Maria stands beside her. "Liz, babe, are you okay?"

"Yeah," Liz nods sadly.

Maria gives her hand a gentle squeeze before Liz looks back at the scene in the lounge and walks away. Maria and Sean look at the lounge also, and Sean sighs as he sees Kyle standing at the threshold of the boys bedroom glaring at Max, who is unaware of his presence as is Tess.


The group have decided to hold the party outdoors. Liz and Maria have sprayed all the housemates hair with multi-coloured spray, and put on each of them a fake tattoo.

Sean stands at the head of the table on the patio, and looks at the group and the birthday cake that sits before him. He clears his throat.

"Well, I just want to thank everyone and Big Brother for throwing this party for me."

Most of the housemates smile as Sean continues.

"I know that I don't get along with everyone, and at times I can get on some people nerves, but I really appreciated the presents I received...especially the kisses from the girls," he grins.

The others laugh as they look at each other then back at Sean.

"But most of all I just want to say...thanks for today."

Liz begins to clap and soon the others follow.

"Let's eat," Sean smiles as he sits back down.


Big Brother had adviced the other housemates that since they are not over 21 years of age, that they shouldn't drink the alcohol. The housemates watch as Maria sings while Alex accompanies her on the guitar, Sean and Kyle stand in the conservatory sharing a drink.

"You know we'll have to get a few of these guys to lighten up," Kyle says as he looks out to the rest of the group. "Look at them."

Sean looks then frowns. "They seem to be having fun."

"I mean look at Evans and Guerin. Those two wouldn't know how to relax a little!"

Sean nods in agreement. "That's true."

"You know, we're the guys to show them how to loosen up," Kyle turns to him with a wicked smile.

"What do you suggest?"

Kyle thinks for a moment. "Give me time and I'll come up with something!"

Sean laughs lightly as he glances back outside.

Isabel sits on the table as she watches Maria and Alex sing. Maria takes Laurie's hand and gets her to join in. Laurie smiles as she sings along and Alex leans closer to her ear to whisper something to her.

Isabel lowers her gaze and doesn't hear Michael sit beside her.

"You okay?"

"Yeah," she says after a start.

Michael looks as Maria is now dancing with Laurie. Isabel looks at Alex again. Michael looks at Isabel looking at Alex.

"Why don't you tell him?"

Isabel turns to him. "Tell him what?"

"That you still love him."

"I..." Isabel begins to scoff, then looks at her hands. "I don't love him."

"You could have fooled me," Michael says as he slips off the table and walks towards Maria.

Isabel watches him leave, and then looks at Alex who is now smiling at Laurie as she whispers into his ear.


While the housemates are on the patio Max and Liz sit in a corner of the garden away from the others.

Liz laughs as she looks at Maria unsuccessfully attempting to get Michael to dance with her. Max also laughs at this and then looks at Liz.

"We can go over there if you want to?"

Liz shakes her head with a smile. "I'd rather stay here for a while."

Max smiles back at her.

"I have missed this, Max," Liz says seriously. "Just the two of us being able to talk."

"I've missed it too," Max replies sadly.

Liz lowers her gaze. "Max..."

Max looks at her expectantly.

Liz takes his hand. "When we leave here...there's some things that I've been needing to tell you. But I can't talk about them in here."

Max holds her gaze, and caresses her hand within his. "Okay."

Liz looks down at their joined hands then smiles slowly at him which he returns.

Tess stands at the conservatory doors looking out into the garden. After watching Max and Liz she shakes her head and walks over to the kitchen where the alcohol is.

"Hey, what're you doing?" Sean asks as he walks towards her.

"Taking a drink, what does it look like."

Sean frowns as he watches her pour herself the drink. "Do you think that's a good idea?"

Tess glances at him as she takes a mouthful. She makes a face and coughs. Sean is soon patting her back.

"You've never drank before have you?"

Tess continues to cough for several seconds, then sways a little and holds her head.

Sean grabs her quickly. "I think you should lie down."

He walks her towards the girls bedroom and disappears inside as Laurie walks into the house.


Laurie turns as she hears the voice from behind her. "Isabel."

Isabel walks with her towards the kitchen counter as Laurie pours more orange juice into 2 glasses.

"I see you and Alex are getting along," Isabel says calmly.

"Yeah," Laurie smiles. "He's a nice guy."

Isabel nods. "You like him don't you?"

Laurie looks at her cautiously. "Um..."

"It's okay. It's obvious that you do."

Laurie blushes as she looks down at the drinks.

"Laurie, I don't want to see you get hurt that's why I'm telling you this..."

"Telling me what?" Laurie asks with concern.

Isabel takes a deep breath. "Alex and I, we have this on and off relationship..."

Laurie continues to look at her as Isabel pauses for a moment.

"And, while at the moment it is off, Alex and I will probably get back together once we leave the house." Seeing Laurie's look of disappointment, Isabel touches her arm lightly. "I just didn't want to see you get hurt by getting further involved with him."

Laurie nods slowly and looks to the side of Isabel as she sees Alex playing his guitar outside.

"Do you want me to take those drinks for you?" Isabel smiles sweetly.

"Thanks," Laurie says despondantly, and watches Isabel walk out to the patio and hand Alex a glass.

Alex smiles at Isabel then looks into the house at Laurie, who meets his gaze but slowly lowers hers.


All the housemates except Sean, Tess, and Kyle are outside sitting at the table.

"So..." Maria asks Liz. "What's going on with you and Max? Are you back together, getting there or what?"

Liz smiles at Maria, then looks over at Max who is looking at her with a warm smile.

"We'll just have to wait and see."

Maria sighs as she rolls her eyes.

Michael looks at Max smiling at Liz who sits across the table from him. He shakes his head.

"It's sickening. He's got that puppy dog look on him again."

Isabel nods in agreement. "At least he's smiling again. I haven't seen him smile like that in a long time."

Michael looks at her. "Yeah, but it's gonna be Liz this and Liz that all over again."

"Oh, Michael, please. You are like that with Maria."

"No, I'm not."

Isabel sighs. "Michael you called her a vibrator."

Michael clears his throat and looks away. Isabel smirks at him.

Laurie looks at Isabel and then looks down at the table.

"Are you okay?"

She turns to Alex who sits beside her. "Yeah," she says quietly.

Alex looks at her curiously. "Hey, do you want to have another bass lesson tomorrow?" he nudges her arm lightly.

"Um, I can't," Laurie looks away. "Sorry. Perhaps another time."

Alex looks at her with a frown. As she doesn't look at him, he nods. "Sure."

Laurie nods her thanks without looking at him. She looks up to see Isabel watching them and quickly looks down again.

Kyle walks into the girls bedroom. "Tess?"

As he enters he sees Tess laughing hysterically on the bed, while Sean is trying to stop her from falling off it.

"What the hell's going on?"

"She's drunk," Sean states. "C'mon help me."

Kyle rushes towards the bed. "Drunk? How much did you give her?"

"I didn't give her anything," Sean snaps. "She took a drink and was like this afterwards."

Kyle kneels down and tries to calm her down. "Tess? Tess? Look at me!"

Tess stops laughing and is now reduced to a giggle.

"Kyle!" She throws her arms around his neck bringing him down on top of her.

Kyle rolls over so that her weight is on top of him instead of the other way around. Sean lifts Tess up from Kyle and holds her.

"I want to hug Kyle!" she says as she stamps her foot.

"You can hug Kyle later," Sean answers quietly. "First we need to get you sobered up."

As Kyle stands Tess manages to wrangle out of Sean's arms and runs out of the bedroom. Kyle and Sean look at each other and chase after her.

The rest of the group look up as Tess comes running out of the house. Max stands.


Tess smiles and runs to him throwing her arms around him. "Max!"

Max is startled and shares bewildered looks with the others. Kyle and Sean run out to the patio and Kyle stops abruptly as he sees Tess in Max's arms.

"Hi, Max," Tess giggles as she loosens her hold on him. She looks over her shoulder to Kyle. "Kyle, look it's Max! Destiny Max!" she says with a nod.

"I see him, Tess," Kyle says sadly.

Tess looks at Max again then lets go as she takes a step back. "But he isn't destiny he Max...he doesn't want me..." she trails off looking at him with a mixture of hurt and sadness.

"Tess," Max takes a step towards her.

"No!" Tess snaps as she moves further away from him. "You want her!"

She points her finger at Liz.

Michael stands. "Tess, sit down."

"Why?" she yells at him, as the rest of them now stand. "I'm sick of you telling me what to do! Tess sit down! Tess help me with my pow..."

"Tess," Isabel moves forward. "You're drunk. You don't know what you're saying."

Tess shakes her head. "I know exactly what I'm saying! This wasn't how it was supposed to be! Nacedo said it would be different. That I would be wanted. But none of you want me around..."

"That's not true," Max says calmly.

Tess glares at him. "Isn't it, Max? All of you think that I'm such this horrible person who ruined everything! If it wasn't for her then I'd be accepted!" Tess glares at Liz. "I would have a purpose!"

"Tess, that's enough!" Max snaps at her.

Tess shakes her head as she looks at him with tears now falling down her cheeks. "I'm not to blame for how things are, Max. Destiny is."

Max lowers his gaze, then looks back into her eyes. She turns away and runs into the house.

"Tess!" Kyle calls out as he chases after her.

Max slowly looks at the others who are looking at him. His eyes meets Liz's and both look sadly at each other.


Tess has been in the Diary Room for over half an hour. Sean, Laurie, and Kyle are in the kitchen, while the others are gathered outside.

"She's still in there," Isabel sighs as she looks into the house. She sits down beside Alex. "God only knows what she's told them."

"We shouldn't panic," Max states. "She'll won't tell them anything."

Isabel looks up at him. "She almost already did, Max!"

"Isabel's right," Michael says as he stands at the table. "She could have told them everything by now."

"She's not stupid," Alex says from the table.

Michael glares at him. "No, but she's drunk."

"Yeah, and drunk and stupid go together when you're in that state," Maria says glancing at Max who lowers his eyes to the ground.

"Guys," Liz says as they all look at her. "Can we also remember that everyone here can be seen and heard at all times. Including now!"

Max looks at the cameras that surround him and nods as does the others.

Laurie stands in the kitchen and watches Kyle pace by the Diary Room door. Sean walks up beside her.

"How long has he been doing that now?"

Laurie shakes her head sadly. "I'm not sure."

"You know the longer she's in there the better it will be."

"How do you figure that?" Kyle calls over to him.

Sean looks at him. "Because she can talk things over with Big Brother. Get an objective point of view on things."

"Objective..." Kyle shakes his head in disbelief. "What she needs is someone who gives a damn for her and not this thing that talks out of damn speaker!"

"Kyle," Laurie says calmly. "I think Sean was just trying to say that she needs someone who isn't close to the situation. It's not perfect but at least in there she can talk in private."

"In there they'll show the whole country her crying! They aren't gonna help her, Laurie. They just want to make good tv."

Kyle storms off out into the garden as Laurie and Sean exchange a worried look.

The others look at Kyle as he storms over towards Max. "You did this!" he yells.

"What?" Max says defensively.

"You knew how she felt, you were stringing her along like you did with Liz!"

Max glares at him. "You don't know what you're talking about!"

"You used her!"

"I did not use her!" Max snears back.

The others stand as Sean and Laurie enter the garden. All watch the scene that unfolds before them.

Kyle steps closer to him. "What is it, Max? You think you can just play with people's feelings and get away with it because you have this shy-I'm Max Evans can't do a thing wrong-good boy-crap!"

"Kyle..." Liz says before Max interrupts her.

"I'm not the one who plays with people's feelings," Max glares down at him. "The only reason you told Tess she was like a sister was because you were tired of trying to get her into bed!"

Kyle shakes his head as he lounges for him. "You bastard," he yells as he swings his fist at Max.

Max ducks and soon Michael is between them while both Alex and Sean hold Kyle back. The girls stand shocked as Alex and Sean take Kyle inside.

Michael, and the girls all look at Max who still looks at Kyle who can be seen through the conservatory doors.

Alex and Sean let Kyle go.

"Are you stupid?" Alex asks incrediously.

"You shouldn't let Max get to you," Sean states. "You need to keep a cool head."

Kyle now sits at the kitchen table and holds his head in his hands.

Alex and Sean share a concerned look. Sean sits down.

"You're not doing Tess any good by getting yourself thrown out."

Kyle looks at him then rubs his face as he considers it.


The group is now gathered in the lounge area. Kyle is in the boys bedroom, while Tess is in the den. Max sits in the conservatory alone.

Michael walks up to Max and sits on a deckchair beside him.


Max looks at him for a moment before looking back outside towards the den. "Hey."

"You can't be responsible for everything, Maxwell," Michael says as he watches him.

"I know," Max nods without looking at him. "I am responsible for her though."

Michael glances out towards the den. "We're responsible for each other."

Max looks at him then turns away again as Michael turns to him.

"I don't know how to handle this, Michael. This is..." Max shakes his head sadly. "beyond my control."

"We can't control everything, Max. Just try and fix what's broken."

Max nods again as he thinks it over.


It is against Big Brother rules for housemates to deliberately physically abuse one another. Doing so could lead to a possible eviction from the house. Kyle is called to the Diary Room.

Kyle sits down and looks into the camera.

Hello, Kyle.

"Hi, Big Brother," Kyle looks grimly at the camera.

Kyle, do you know why you have been called to the Diary Room?

"I have a good idea," he nods.

It is against Big Brother rules for a housemate to purposely harm another member of the group. If a housemate does harm another member of the group in this way then we will have no choice to evicted them.

Kyle looks away from the camera and sighs.

Do you understand that, Kyle?

"Yes, Big Brother."

As you did not make contact with Max, Big Brother will not evict you from the house.

Kyle raises his eyebrows in genuine surprise. "Thanks," he says quietly.

However, Big Brother will not tolerate anymore of this behaviour and next time will evict you from the house.

Kyle nods. "Okay. Thanks, Big Brother."

Is there anything else that you wish to talk about?

Kyle shakes his head. "No."

Big Brother is always here to listen.

Kyle nods and looks into the camera but doesn't say a word.


The housemates sit and talk in the lounge quietly about the events of earlier in the evening. Kyle is out in the garden as Tess sits in the den alone. Isabel and Laurie have been outside for over an hour trying to talk to her through the door as Tess isn't letting them in to see her.

Isabel talks through the door loudly. "C'mon Tess. Let me in. You can't sleep in here all night, you have to come in sometime."

Tess responds by crying out through the door. "Why? What's the point? I know I wouldn't be welcome there!"

Isabel looks at Laurie hopelessly as she tries again. "Tess...please. I know you are feeling bad but...things will be...ok. They will."

As the only response is silence she sighs loudly at the door and turns to Laurie and Kyle who has now joined them. "She...she needs time I guess. C'mon, we'll let her cool down and that will help."

She begins to walk towards the house before turning and looking at Kyle. "You should leave her Kyle, the pair of you need to calm down."

"I am calm." He replies angrilly.

"Oh, you're so calm that you nearly got yourself evicted? She doesn't need your issues just now. Go away and give her space...for both of your sakes." As she finishes she walks into the house leaving Laurie and Kyle standing.

Kyle angrilly runs a hand through his hair before looking at Laurie. "What do you think?"

She looks at him understandingly. "I know why you need to see her...but maybe...maybe it would be better if you left her to me. I'll make sure she's alright. And if she's not..."

"You'll come and get me? Promise." He looks at her resigned.

Laurie nods her head and smiles. "I promise."

He sighs and looks at the den desperately before turning and walking away towards the house. Laurie gives it a second and follows him in. The other housemates have started getting ready for bed and Kyle is lying on the sofa in the lounge. Laurie walks to the kitchen and make some coffee and grabs a bottle of tabasco sauce and put it in her pocket. She carries the two cups out of the house and out towards the den. She knocks the door lightly and hearing no answer she opens it up and walks inside.

"Hi Tess, I thought you could do with something to drink." Laurie looks down and see's Tess crying quietly at the back opf the den. She puts the cups down and walks over towards her.

"Tess, are you ok? C'mon, please don't cry...things will be ok." As she walks over she sits down beside her and hesitantly puts a arm around her shoulders.

Tess shakes her head defiantly. "No. No it won't, I've ruined...everything. Ever...everyone will hate me and...and I nearly got Kyle evicted..." She begins to sob openly. "And...and, I just, don't know why they don' me."

Laurie looks at her sympathetically as she begins to talk. "Tess, they do like you. I mean, Kyle thinks the world of you, you only have to look at tonight to see that." Tess turns to her and starts to talk before Laurie cuts her off. "And Alex? He...he really likes you. You two have so much fun together. And, Sean, and me...I like you."

Tess bites her lip softly. "You don't need to say that Laurie..."

Laurie smiles as she replies. "I know I don' please, stop crying or I'm going to have to go and drag Kyle out here and you know that that won't be fun."

Tess begins to laugh gently as Laurie smiles. She wipes her eyes and takes a deep breath as Laurie hands her one of the cups. "Here, drink'll make you feel better."

Tess takes the cup and puts it to her mouth but before she can drink Laurie stops her. "Wait! Sorry...I forgot, here..." She hands her the bottle of tabasco sauce. "I know you like that in everything so..."

Tess smiles gently as she replies thankfully. "Thank you."

Laurie shrugs her shoulder and smiles shyly as the two of them sit in silence for a moment. Tess is the first to speak. "I'm sorry about's just, I feel..." her voice grows quiet. "I feel like I I feel like Max blames me for him and Liz not..."

"Not being together?"

Tess nods her head and looks down. "It's hard seeing them playing those games. It's hard watching him being in love with her..."

Laurie puts a hand on Tess' shoulder and sighs. "Well, I don't know the ins and outs of the situation but...I think it would maybe be for the best if you just forget about it tonight. Let's...let's talk about something that isn't related to our lovelife tonight."

"Lovelife?" Tess asks as she looks at her. "As in yours and Alex?"

Laurie sighs as she looks away.

Tess frowns. "Laurie?"

"Like I said," Laurie forces a smile. "Let's talk about something girls our age talk about."

A laugh escapes from Tess involuntarily. "You mean like girly things?"

Laurie nods her head enthusiastically. "Yeah. We will talk about hair and makeup and boybands...stuff that I've never done before!"

Tess smiles broadly as she replies. "Neither have I. It would be fun to try it. Thank you."

Laurie smiles at her gently as they begin to talk.


All the housemates are still awake. Maria comes to the Diary Room.

"Hello, Big Brother."

Hello, Maria.

Maria looks off camera as she plays with her hands. "I hope it's okay to come in here this late. I just needed to talk about some things," she finishes looking into the camera.

Big Brother is always here for the housemates to talk to.

"Good," Maria nods. "It's been a very emotional night. I admit I wasn't surprised that it happened but I didn't expect for it to all blow up like it did," she says with wide eyes.

What didn't surprise you most?

"Tess. I've been trying to make the effort with Tess, but I don't think it's fair how she blames Liz for all of her problems. She brought it on herself, and I don't think Liz is in anyway to blame for how things have turned out."

She down at her hands. "I was shocked that Kyle tried to hit Max like that, but in a way I wasn't really that surprised that it happened."

Maria looks into the camera.

"Max and Kyle have this very long history together. I think that Kyle sees Max as having the things that he wants. First with Liz and now with Tess. I mean Max doesn't have Tess, but he could. And I think that's what bothers Kyle the most."

She sighs as she finishes.