Outside the Big Brother House, Wayne Kason stands with a microphone looking into a camera.

"This is Wayne Kason for Channel 11 and KROZ radio, bringing you live coverage from outside the Big Brother House."

He begins to walk forward and ushers towards the house. "Now, we have to be really quiet because this wall is all that literally seperates us from the housemates. We're here to bring you the results of the voting to see who the 11th housemate will be, plus, if thats not enough, you will be able to see who the housemates want out as they nominate for the first time live."

As he gets to the gate before the bridge he stops. "But before all that we have the tiny little matter of deciding who goes in to face them next week. So, if you're still deciding on who you want in...have a look at what these potential housemates think they can offer."

The screen spins and we see Brody looking at the camera talking as he sits in front of a curtained background grinning at the screen. "Why do I want to go into the house? Well...I'm not doing it for the money because that I have more than enough of!" He laughs as he continues. "I, I think I want to go in to experience what it's like, I mean lets face it...only a handful of people will know what it's like and it's something different."

The video cuts to Brody at home playing with his daughter. "I think this will be the hardest thing for me, not being able to do this. My daughter means everything to me and it'll be so hard leaving her behind if I get in...but I know it will only be for a few weeks. Probably the hardest weeks of my life, but it's something I feel I have to try. It'll let me get a lot of things into perspective."

The camera cuts back to Brody looking at the camera. "I think I'm a pretty mellow guy who should get on well with most people, hopefully anyway." He smiles at the camera as he laughs. "I have a half decent sense of humour and I'm not afraid to laugh at myself, which should help in a house with 9 strangers."

He sits up straight and looks right into the camera.

"I, umm just want to say that if you vote me into the Big Brother house I will try and bring fun and energy into it with me. I hope that you will all give me the chance to experience this and all I want to say is:

Please vote me in!!!"

The camera spins again and Courtney is sitting in front of the same curtained background as Brody was earlier.

"Why do I want to go into the house? Hmm, why not? I think I would have a half decent chance of winning it. Plus I'll be able to show that you can look good 24/7."

She smiles at the camera as it cuts away to her sitting in the Crashdown cafe in her waitressing uniform. "I don't think it will be that tough to be honest, it might be hard living with 9 strangers at first but I'm pretty sure they will have more of a problem with me than I will with them. After I've established myself a bit I think they might actually like me...if they don't that's really their problem. I'm not going to let it bother me."

The camera cuts back to her looking at the screen. "I just want to say that I will be fun to watch and it'll be a blast in there. If you want to see things stirred up then I'm your girl. Just vote for me!"

The camera spins again and Nicholaus is sitting on the chair. "Why do I want to go into the house? Wow, I guess I want to go in to experience it." He smiles shyly at the camera as he continues quietly. "I'm not sure how it will feel to be locked in a house with 9 strangers but I think it will be good for me. Hopefully anyway." He laughs shyly.

The camera cuts away to show him sitting on a couch with his Mom and Dad. "I'm a little nervous about going in and I'll really miss my family but I think it will be pretty...fun, hopefully. I really hope my age won't be a problem in there...I know I'll be the youngest but I hope everyone will realise that I have a pretty old head on these shoulders."

As the camera cuts back to him in font of the curtain he smiles shyly as he begins to talk. "Umm, I just really want to say that if you vote me in I promise that I'll try and make things fun to watch. I'll do my best to keep things fun without being too annoying...I'll even play nice...well, some of the time anyway. You want to see me in there then please vote for me!"

As Nicholaus' image fades we turn to see Wayne standing in the studio in front of a screen with an audience behind him.

"Well, that's who our potential 11th housemate is and if you haven't voted yet...you only have a few minutes left so get voting!"

He begins to walk forward as he starts to talk. "Over here we have our potential housemates friends and families."

As he walks over he sits down in the middle of the families. He turns to Nicholaus' family and holds the microphone over to his mother and father. "This is Nicholaus's Mom and Dad; Ida and Walt. So Ida, what do you think of your son trying to get into the Big Brother house?"

Ida smiles warmly. "Well, I'm just so pleased that my boy feels he can do something like this. We weren't so sure about letting him do it, were we Walt? But when our Nicholaus gets something into his head," She begins to laugh gently, "It's a brave person that will tell him he can't do anything."

Wayne turns to the camera. "Just your typical teenager then?"

Walt smiles as Ida answers. "Well, not really you're typical teenager..."

Wayne smiles at them briefly before he leans over and holds the microphone to Courtney's friends. "Here's Courtney's friends Lisa and Brian, so...how do you both think Courtney would handle life inside the house?"

Lisa talks into the mic. "Well, watching it so far and seeing the people who's in it, I think she would really like it in there."

Brian begins to talk. "I think she would bring some more life in there, and maybe shake some of them up."

"Who do you think she would get on with best in there?"

Brian and Lisa look at each other before answering in unison. "Michael."

Wayne smiles at them as he turns back to the camera. "Hmm, I think Maria might have a few things to say about that."

He then stands up and walks to the end of the audience. "Here we have Brody's little girl Sydney and her mother Joanne." He kneels down and puts the mic over to Sydney.

"So Sydney, what do you think of your daddy maybe being on tv?"

She looks down and Joanne takes her hand protectively. "I...I think it would be good if he was on TV because he really wants to be on it."

Wayne smiles at her warmly as he turns to Joanne. "What about you Joanne, do you think Brody has a chance of winning if he gets in there?"

Joanne smiles as she answers. "I think people will find it hard not to like him, he's funny, he's sensitive and he's genourous. Just a really nice guy and I don't think anyone could have a problem with him,"

Wayne turns to the camera. "Well, we'll soon find out who it is that goes in as the voting has now closed! We'll exclusively reveal the results in a little while."

He stands up and walks towards the screen as he continues. "But first...a lot has happened in the house over the past two days that might affect how the housemates vote later tonight. So lets have a look at what happened in the house yesterday."

As he ushers to the screen we see the events of the house yesterday with Wayne narrating.


All the housemates are in bed as they no longer have to watch the task during the night. In the girls bedroom Laurie is restless.

Laurie moves about restlessly, She begins to moan slightly before letting out a piercing scream that makes all the girls wake up.

"Nooo!" She screams as she sits up quickly breathing deeply and soaked with sweat.

As the rest of the girls all wake up and run over to her she continues to breath deeply as Maria takes her in her arms.

"Laurie, are you ok?" Tess asks concerned.

She nods her head as Maria cuddles her closer. The boys come running in the room and Michael looks worried. "What happened, Laurie? Are you ok?"

Maria looks up at him. "She had a nightmare."

Michael comes over to them and puts his arm around Laurie and guides her out of the bedroom and into the kitchen followed by Maria and Isabel. "C'mon, I'll get you something to drink."

The others all sit down and talk in the girls room. "What's that all about?" Sean enquires.

Liz shakes her head. "I have no idea, but Michael, Maria and Isabel seem to have it covered."

Kyle yawns. "Well, I'm going back to bed, see you guys in the morning. Goodnight."

The other guys all follow him out the room and say goonight to the girls, leaving Liz and Tess alone in the room, where they go into their own separate beds in silence.

In the kitchen after the boys have already gone past to their bedroom, Michael, Maria and Isabel all sit with Laurie.

Michael takes her hand lightly in his own. "What happened, Laurie?"

Isabel rubs her back protectively as Maria hands her a cup of tea. "Is it about what happened?"

Laurie nods her head vigourously. "I just...I just sometimes can't forget it. It's been nearly a year and I can't get over it..."

Isabel sighs as she begins to talk. "That's understandable, Laurie, I know how hard it was for you...believe me, I understand."

Laurie takes a deep breath as she nods her head. Michael runs his hand through his hair as he stands up. "I just wish there was something I could do to make this better."

This is Big Brother, will Isabel, Laurie, Maria and Michael please put their microphones on.

Maria looks up at the ceiling. "Nice timing, Big Brother, you really are showing your sensitive side there."

Laurie stands up. "I'll be ok now, guys. C'mon, we better get back to bed."

Michael looks at her. "Are you sure? Because we'll go get the stupid mic's and we can talk."

Laurie shakes her head. "No...it's not really something I want to talk about in here anyway, y'know?"

As Michael nods his head in understanding they all walk towards there own rooms.

"Laurie? If you need me come wake me ok?" Michael calls to them.

She smiles as she calls back. "Thanks, but I'll be ok now thanks."

Maria put an arm around her shoulder. "You want to sleep in my bed, there's plenty of room."

As Laurie smiles gratefully they walk into the girls bedroom.


All the housemates are now up. Maria and Max make breakfast in the kitchen as Alex, Laurie, Isabel, Kyle, Tess and Sean sit in the lounge talking. Michael is in the shower.

As Alex, Laurie, Isabel and Sean all sit and talk Alex leans over to Laurie and whispers quietly.

"You ok?"

As she nods her head she gives him a warm smile. "Just a stupid nightmare...I'm fine."

He smiles as he replies genuinely. "Good, I'm glad you're ok."

She smiles again as he turns back to Sean and continues the conversation that they were having before hand.

Over at the kitchen Liz walks past them from the garden. Maria call's to her.

"Hey, Lizzie, where do you think your going? Come in here and help us out...this is fast becoming another disaster."

Liz smiles as she continues walking. "Gimme 10 minutes, I just want to take a shower."

Maria nods her head as she continues cooking. Max takes a second and turns to Maria.

"Did she say shower?" He quickly runs to the edge of the kitchen. "Liz, Michael's in the..."

He is cut off with a yell coming from Michael and Liz running out to them blushing.


As she looks at them shocked while Maria and Max look at her horrified as Michael comes out wrapped in a towel.

"What...were you doing? I was in the shower!"

She turns to him as the others in the lounge kneel up on the couch to look at what is happening.

"Michael...I'm...I'm..." She initially looks at him in the face before her eyes are drawn downwards. Maria notices this.


Michael notices and makes an active effort to cover himself more.

Liz looks up and smiles apologetically. "I'm...really really sorry, Michael. I didn't know you were in there..."

She looks at Maria who is still looking at her dis-believing and Max who has now busied himself by looking at his shoes.

Maria asks Liz. "What, exactly did you see?"

Michael begins to blush furiously as Kyle call's over from the couch. "Not that much, huh, Guerin?"

Michael glares as Liz answers. "Exactly..." As the others on the couch begin to laugh loudly she quickly continues. "I mean, I was only there for a second and..and..." her eyes fall downwards again.

Michael walks away. "I'm going to get dressed. Valenti, shut up. And you?" He points to Liz. "My face is up here." He points upwards before walking on to the boys bedroom.

Liz continues to blush furiously as Maria continues to look at her. " You checked him ou, Liz, you looked him up and down and your eyes...hovered...there."

Liz looks apologetically at both Maria and Max. "I am so sorry, Maria."

Max walks away towards the sink and mutters quietly. "We really need to get some sort of system going..."

Maria and Liz both look at him as he continues to mutter quietly. Maria whispers to Liz quietly.

"See what you've done to Max?" As she walks away towards the lounge.


All the guys are now outside in the sunshine and the girls are in the bedroom changing into their bikini's so they can sunbathe.

As they walk out of the room and into the kitchen Maria turns around and stops them all.

"You know, it's such a hot day out there...maybe we should help the guys cool off?"

As the others look at her puzzled she walks over to the sink and runs the water. "You know...cool down?" She splashes the water loudly to emphasize the point.

The others all look at her and smile mischieviously.

"Good idea, but we need buckets and stuff," Liz replies.

Maria goes under the sink and produces a bucket. "One bucket, plus we have pot's, plus a nice big hose out there...C'mon, get your selves armed. Oh, and Lizzie? I think you've seen Michael wet enough today so...maybe you could concentrate on Max or someone else? Thanks."

She smiles as Liz begins to blush again. The others all grab something to fill with water and head outside. Maria takes the hose and turns it on as the 5 of them walk up to the sunbathing boys quietly. As they get close to the boys Maria silently makes a counting motion before they all turn the water on the boys.

As the boys feel the cold water hit them they all jump as the girls begin to laugh hard. As the boys quickly get to their feet Michael grabs the hose and turns it on the Maria.

"You girls want to play..." He says as he soaks Maria.

Kyle gets up and chases Tess who is hiding behind Alex. "C'mon Tess, you started it."

Alex steps out the way to be soaked by a laughing Isabel. As he grins he runs towards her and tries to grab the offending weapon.

Sean comes out of the house with more water and hands some to Alex and Kyle who now have Isabel and Tess cornered. They proceed to soak them as the 4 of them laugh deeply.

Sean grins as he walks over to Liz, Laurie and Max. He looks at Max who is being soaked by the two girls and smiles at him. "Could you do with some help there, Max?"

Max looks at him for a second before smiling desperately. "Umm, what do you think? Anything would be good..."

As he agrees Sean proceeds to provide Max with assistance. As the two girls back off they both begin to laugh as they chase them into the kitchen.


After dinner the rest of the housemates all sit indoors reading and talking while Michael and Laurie spend time in the garden. Over the time they've been together they have been talking about their different childhoods.

Michael is lying on the deck chair as Laurie sits on a cushion she's brought out.

"The weird thing about when my Grand-dad died was how quiet things got. He always used to tell me these stories about when he was growing up and weird stuff and after he died...they just stopped. But he's what I remember most from growing up...that, and feeling so lonely when he wasn't there anymore."

Michael listens intently as she talks before replying. "I know that feeling. It's hard being alone...I, when I was growing up I never really got a family. I was always that foster kid that no one wanted to be friends with at school."

Laurie puts her hand on his knee gently.

"And then I met Max and Isabel...thing's seemed to fit then you know? But then, they didn't. I know that sounds...strange, but, they had a family and a good life...and I just, wasn't like that. I just didn't feel like I deserved them. I felt..."

She asks quietly. "Different?"

He looks at her sadly. "Inferior, like I'd never get accepted."

She sits up and hugs him tightly.

"Laurie, I will always be here for you. You don't have to be lonely anymore, ok?"

She pulls back and smiles at him with tears in her eyes. "Thank you, Michael. And, Michael? You don't ever have to feel inferior to me...I accepted you a long time ago..."

He hugs her again before she lies back down and he clears his throat loudly as Laurie begins to talk again.

"I had fun today, Michael, it was good wasn't it?"

Michael grimaces as he remembers. "Apart from the humiliation part it was pretty good...but you girls should know that we'll be getting our revenge on you..."

She begins to laugh gently as Michael looks at her affectionately. "For some reason I can't seem to be scared of you guys..."

End Video Feed

Wayne sits in the audience as he begins to talk.

"Well, what can I say...everything happened yesterday... heart to hearts, water fights and a little bit of awkwardness. If you guys want to see what happened in the house today...check back a bit later."

He stands up and walks towards the screen. "But firstly, we have the little matter of who goes into the house. And we're very pleased to be able to show you, from a secret location away from all the Big Brother publicity, our candidates to be the 11th housemate..."

As he ushers to the screen the images change to reveal Brody, Courtney and Nicholaus.

"Hello, guys! How's it going in that secret location?"

The three people all wave and say hello.

"Ok, firstly...the votings been closed and in a couple of minutes we will be able to reveal who the next housemate will be. But, Brody, what have you thought about the other two who's been stuck out there with you?"

Brody smiles as he laughs to either side of him at Courtney and Nicholaus. "Well, it's been fun out here. This boy's" he ushers to Nicholaus. "is a bit quiet. And she." he puts an arm around Courtney. "Is very loud....but I think we all got on well, didn't we guys?"

Wayne looks as the others all began to smile. "Nicholaus, you're the youngest out of the candidates...what did you think of Courtney and Brody."

Nicholaus smiles at Brody and laughs. "Brody's very funny and he's really nice, and Courtney..." He reaches over and touches her shoulder as she smiles falsely. "Courtney is very spirited about things...she's good fun..."

"That's great, what about you, Courtney? You looking forward to seeing other people?"

Courtney smiles broadly. "I cannot wait to get in among more people, although it'll be a shame to leave this really nice hotel."

Wayne turns back to the audience. "Well, I guess we got that one right then," he smiles.

He walks to the middle of the studio and stops before turning around and facing the camera.

"Ok, I can now reveal who the next housemate will be. The votes have been counted and the results have been verified by an independent ajudicator. The person who's been voted into the Big Brother house and will become the 11th housemate is..."

He leaves a pause and we see the others reactions. Brody has his arms around both Courtney and Nicholaus' shoulders as the results are read.


As the name is read Brody jumps up and down as Nicholause congratulates him. Brody hugs both him and Courtney as Wayne begins to speak.

"Brody, you've been voted into the Big Brother house. How do you feel?"

Brody stops and looks into the camera. "I feel...I feel, I don't know how I feel...I feel happy...but I feel sad as well. I'm going in and I'm going to miss my little girl." He wipes a tear away quickly. "So much..."

Wayne stops him gently. "Brody? We have Sydney here if there's anything you want to say to her."

Brody takes a deep breath. "Sydney! Daddy loves you very much and he'll see you soon ok? I promise, we'll do something really nice when I come out!"

Wayne walks over to Sydney who is crying a little. "Do you want to say anything to your daddy, Sydney?"

"I love you, daddy!"

Brody starts to shout on the screen. "I love you, baby! I'll see you soon..."

Wayne walks over to the screen. "Brody, I just need to talk quickly to the others. How are you both feeling?"

Nicholaus answers first. "A little disappointed but happy for Brody. It'll be good to see my family. Hi, Mom, hi, Dad."

Courtney looks on. "I'm really disappointed but...life goes on, at least I'll get to see other people in a few days."

Well I have to say goodbye to you guys just now. Brody, we'll see you next week. Nicholaus and Courtney? You guys get to come home. Goodbye, guys."

As they all call goodbye the screen turns to black and Wayne walks to the centre of the studio. "Well, that's our 11th housemate decided and over 3000 votes were cast."

The screen behind him shows the votes and percentages.

"Brody received 45% of the vote with 1422 votes. Courtney recieved 24% with 761 votes, and Nicholaus received 971 giving him 31% of the overall vote."

The votes vanish and show a live feed into the house where the housemates are eating dinner outside.

"We have one more show tonight where the housmates will nominate who they want to evict and you can watch it here on Channel 11 live! Plus, we have all the events that happened in the house today."

He smiles as the music begins to play.

"Tonight you decided who you wanted into the house, and in a few hours you will decide who you want out. Join us later for the housemates live nominations!"