The camera pans from the Big Brother house to the studio to the stage where the massive crowd is gathered. Another camera then pans over the crowd more closely and comes to a stop at Wayne who stands on the stage. On the screen erected at the stage there is a live feed of the house and we can see Alex pacing the lounge area.

"For 64 days 10 housemates have entered and left the Big Brother house," Wayne smiles excitedly. "Now there is only 1!"

The crowd cheer loudly including all the former housemates who are in the audience at the stand outside.

"I'm now going to talk to our winner," Wayne smiles as he gestures for the crowd to be quiet.

Once they are quiet Wayne presses the remote. "Hello, Big Brother house, this is Wayne."

Alex stops pacing and looks up at the speakers. "Hello!" he calls out nervously.

"Alex, you are the last remaining housemate," Wayne grins. "You have won Roswell's Big Brother!"

Alex puts up his arms and grins. "I know!" He then punches the air.

The crowd cheer wildly and Alex grins as he hears them.

"Alex, buddy, are you ready to go?"

"Yes!" Alex calls out as he smiles happily. "I am so ready to leave here."

"We're coming to get you, man," Wayne grins. "Activate the countdown."

30 seconds... *click to hear countdown music*

"Thank you!" Alex calls out and rushes to the door.

Wayne beckons for Liz and Maria and they are cheered as they race down to the gate where Alex's family already waits. The housemates cheer loudly, and Laurie, Isabel, Kyle, Tess, and Brody cheer the loudest.

20 seconds...

Alex takes a deep breath as he waits at the door. He closes his eyes for a moment then smiles.

The crowd cheer wildly and wave their banners as they watch him on the screen. Laurie and Isabel watch the screen intently as Alex looks nervous as he waits.

10 seconds...

Alex takes another deep breath and then turns to face the door. He grins as the final countdown begins. Outside the crowd begin to countdown the final seconds before he leaves.


The housemates grin as they count along with them.


Alex, you have won. Will you please leave the Big Brother house.

Alex grins as the door slides open. He peers out cautiously as this time there are no security guards waiting. He then shrugs with a smile as he walks out of the house.

*click to hear Alex's eviction song*

The crowd give a thundering cheer as they watch him walk down the gang-plank on the screen outside. Alex grins but then blushes furiously as he hears the song blaring at him. In the audience Isabel and Laurie blush too as they hear the song but grin at Alex's reaction.

The crowd begins to sing loudly along with the song.

As Alex walks down the gang-plank, fake explosions happen at either side of him from below the gang-plank and fireworks explode into the sky above him. Alex looks dazed by this but grins and his grin widens as he sees Wayne, Liz, Maria, and his parents call out to him from the gate.

"Run, Alex, run!" they all call out to him.

Alex begins to race down the gang-plank and passes through the first gate and only says a quick hello to the security guards who stand there, and soon races to the other gate where everyone waits. He rushes into the arms of his mother and father and hugs them tightly.

Wayne grins as he watches them, and he says something inaudible to his parents. After several moments he pulls back and smiles at them. His mother wipes away tears from his cheek.

"We're so proud of you," Kate smiles proudly as she cries freely.

"Yeah, we're proud of you, son," Alan adds as he places his hand on Alex's shoulder.

Alex nods as he pulls them into another hug. He pulls back again after several moments and sees Liz and Maria grinning at him with tears in their eyes. He pulls them into a warm embrace.

"I missed you two like crazy," he says as he hugs them tightly.

"We missed you," Maria smiles through her tears.

"We missed you so much," Liz adds as she closes her eyes as she hugs him.

Wayne gives them a moment and touches Alex's arm. "Alex, I'm so sorry for having to take you away from this, I don't even have time to ask you anything at the moment because as you can hear the crowd out there want to see you."

Alex nods as he looks at Wayne but still holds onto Liz and Maria.

"It's really wild out there," Maria grins at him.

"You are on your way to big things," Liz grins. "They love you!"

Alex looks at her is disbelief. "Really?"

Liz and Maria nod and Wayne gently pulls Alex away from them. Wayne then puts his arm around Alex's shoulders as they walk down the gang-plank. "Now, Alex, the people are dying to see you."

"That's very hard to believe," Alex smiles at him.

"Oh, believe it," Wayne grins. "You won Big Brother!"

"Yeah!" Alex grins.

Wayne then stops and gestures for him to look into the night sky which is filled with dazzling display of fireworks. "These are for you, man," he says quietly. "These are for you."

Alex smiles contently as he watches the firework display. He then exchanges a smile with Wayne as they continue towards the main gate.

"Now, the press are going to want to take your picture, as you are the Snowboard King," Wayne grins.

Alex laughs as the main gate opens and the cameras flash at him and people call out his name. At first he seems dazed but then grins as he walks out to them and poses. Wayne grins as he watches him, as Alex now has the press eating out of his hand.

"He's good," Wayne grins at the camera. "Definitely a man destined for showbusiness."

The crowd are cheering as they watch him on screen, and Isabel, Laurie, Kyle, and Tess laugh at his antics.

Wayne takes Alex's arm and begins to walk further down. Alex grins back at the photographers and gives them the thumbs-up before he turns to Wayne and grins.

The both laugh as they say something inaudible and walk to the steps of the stage. The crowd begin chanting Alex's name and cheering to a thundering noise. Alex walks up onto the stage and the crowd manage to become even louder.

"He needs no introduction," Wayne shouts over the noise. "But here he is anyway, the man who stole the hearts of two girls, the Snowboard King himself, our very own Roswell's Big Brother winner...Alex!"

A deafening cheer erupts and Alex grins as he jumps up and down and punches the air. He then steps forward and throws his arms into the air as he calls out. "Woohoo!"

The crowd love his antics and cheer him on as he continues to please them. Liz and Maria now stand beside the other housemates and laugh and cheer loudly with Isabel, Laurie, and Tess as they join in with the crowd.

Alex turns around to see the housemates and grins over at them. "Hey!" he calls out as he gives them the thumbs-up.

The housemates wave back, and Alex soon races over to them and leaps amoung them. Kyle laughs as he has Alex in a bear hug, and Brody grins proudly at him as he hugs him at the same time. Alex manages to get out of the hugs and jokes with them both.

He then sees Isabel and pulls her into a warm embrace. They hug tightly and Isabel rubs his back as she whispers something into his ear. Alex pulls back and smiles warmly at her before he kisses her on her cheek gently and hugs her again.

After a moment he pulls back and grins at Max who slaps his back proudly and shakes his hand. Sean does the same, and Alex sees Michael who nods and shakes his hand sincerely.

Alex grins at him before he sees Laurie and pulls her into a warm embrace. They hug tightly and whisper something inaudible. They both exchange a warm smile as they pull back and Alex kisses her on the cheek softly. They hug again and smile as they part.

He then sees Tess and laughs as he hugs her. She grins at him as they pull back and Alex shakes his head with a grin. He then hugs Maria and Liz again and the 3 of them jump up and down as they celebrate. Wayne beckons him and Alex walks onto the stage again as the housemates cheer him on. Alex looks back at them with a grin as he walks over to Wayne who is standing at the 2 leather chairs that are now on the stage.

A crew member puts a head-piece on Alex which has a microphone on it. Wayne is also wearing the same head-piece, and gestures for Alex to sit down on the chair with the housemates behind him. Wayne grins as Alex looks around him at the banners that the crowd wave as they still cheer and chant his name.

Wayne gestures for the crowd to calm down as they are still very loud. Alex smiles at them as t-shirts and panties are thrown onto the stage.

Wayne looks at Alex with a grin. "You feel like an international rock star now?"

Alex grins back at him. "Yeah, definitely."

The crowd come down to almost silence with only some continuing to cheer as Wayne looks at Alex.

"Alex, how does it feel to win Roswell's Big Brother?" Wayne asks him now that people can hear him.

"Strange," Alex says sincerely as he continues to look at the banners. "Definitely strange. Unreal."

"Did you expect to win?"

Alex shakes his head with a grin. "I never even expected to get this far, never mind win it."

"But you did win it," Wayne grins.

"Yes, I did," Alex grins and the crowd cheer loudly along with the housemates.

As the cheering dies down Wayne smiles at him. "How do you feel coming out to this?"

"Very surreal," Alex says in a daze. "I can't believe people supported me. That's a strange feeling but a good feeling though."

He then grins and turns in his chair as he hears girls call out that they love him. He looks to Wayne again and shakes his head with a smile.

"Now, you seemed to have a bit of a hard time in there with Big Brother?"

"Yeah," Alex nods with a small smile. "I think they hated me for some reason. It might have been because I bugged the hell out of them," he says with a wicked grin.

The crowd laughs and Alex turns back to Wayne.

"Did you ever regret going in there?"

Alex nods sincerely. "Yes. There were times when I did want to leave, and I almost did but I had people in there who cared enough about me to talk me out of it..."

Isabel, Laurie, and Kyle watch him intently.

"That was after the double eviction, wasn't it?"

"Yeah," Alex nods. "That was a hard time for me because that was an evil thing that they did then."

The crowd cheer in approval and Alex smiles.

"So would you say that the double eviction was the lowest point for you in the house?" Wayne asks him.

"Yeah," Alex nods sadly. "That was real hard for me as it was bad enough that one of them were going but to have two was too much."

Wayne nods and then smiles. "What do you think was your high point in the house?"

"Um," Alex thinks about it for a moment. "I'm not entirely sure. Being surrounded by my friends 24/7. Or maybe when I hid the girls things," he smirks as he turns to look behind him at Isabel, Laurie and Tess who raise their eyebrows as they grin back at him.

Wayne laughs as he turns back around. "The girls seemed to pick on you when you became the only guy left in there?"

"Yeah," Alex nods. "I can honestly say that those two," he points at Laurie and Tess. "picked on me constantly," he grins.

The crowd laughs and cheers as Laurie and Tess exchange a grin.

"You definitely gave them a run for their money," Wayne grins.

Alex shrugs with a smile. "Well, I did try..."

"You were the self-proclamied Master of all things."

"Yes I was," Alex grins and the crowd cheer.

Wayne smiles as he looks at him. "You were also a romeo in the house?"

Alex clears his throat as he figets in his chair. Isabel and Laurie watch him and seem uncomfortable with the line of questioning.

"Was I?" Alex asks shyly. "I don't think so..."

"Oh, yeah," Wayne grins. "You had us all on the edge of our seats over your relationships with Laurie and Isabel."

Alex sits uncomfortable as he looks at Wayne sheepishly.

"As you can see from the banners surrounding us you have people who are supporting both relationships..." Wayne says as he looks over his shoulder. "That one there says 'Alex and Isabel - A love that can't be broken', while that one there says 'Alex and Laurie - Love is in the Air!'"

Alex glances at the banners and smiles slowly as he blushes.

"So tell us, Alex, how do you feel about both girls?" Wayne asks him.

Alex pauses for a moment as the crowd begin to chant his name with Isabel, and his name with Laurie. Isabel and Laurie glance at the crowd then nervously look at Alex who has his back to them as he faces Wayne.

"I, um," Alex says anxiously. "I really care very deeply for them both, but I'm not going to embarrass anyone on national television."

The crowd applaud him and Isabel and Laurie smile gratefully.

Wayne nods as he smiles at him. He offers him his hand which Alex shakes. "You're a good guy, Alex."

"Thanks," Alex smiles as he sits back.

"But I have to ask this," Wayne says to him. "You could see yourself now having a romantic relationship with either girl?"

Alex smiles sheepishly. "Have you seen them? They are beautiful, amazing girls, so you'd have to be crazy if you could not see yourself having a romance with either of them."

The crowd cheer wildly and Isabel and Laurie blush as they smile.

Wayne grins and waits for the cheering to calm down. "Now you seemed like the guy who got along with all of the housemates to some extent. Do you consider yourself to be a easy-going kind of guy?"

"I'd like to think that I'm pretty easy-going," Alex nods. "I can be annoying but hopefully people see me for being more easy-going than annoying," he smiles.

"Which relationships in the house surprised you? Which housemates were you surprised that you got along with?"

Alex smiles as he thinks about it. "Well, I was pleasantly surprised at how close I became to Kyle and Tess." As he says their names the crowd cheer and he smiles. "I knew them before I went in there, but we were never as close out here as we were in there. And I never really knew Brody that well, and hadn't even met Laurie so it surprised me how close I got to those two as well."

He grins as the crowd cheers again once he says Laurie's name.

Wayne nods. "You seemed to clash with Michael on a couple of occasions..."

"Yeah," Alex nods seriously.

"That was over your relationships with Isabel and Laurie wasn't it?"


Wayne looks at him seriously. "Did you ever at any time feel like you were stringing anyone along?"

Alex shakes his head firmly. "No. I never once strung anyone along and I never will. I'm not like that."

The crowd cheer and applaud again. Michael watches him intently while Isabel and Laurie nod in agreement at what Alex is saying.

Wayne grins wickedly. "Now there was another housemate who you didn't along with."

"There was?" Alex frowns.

"Yes," Wayne smirks. "Wilson."

Alex covers his face with his hands as he groans. "That damn hellcat!"

The crowd laugh as Wayne grins. "Now, now, Alex, he wasn't a hellcat."

"Yes, it was," Alex grins back at him. He then turns to the crowd. "Did you guys see it? It was evil!" he calls out and the crowd cheer loudly.

Wayne laughs as Alex faces him again. "That's not a very nice thing to say about Tess and Laurie's pet."

Alex's eyes widen. "They're getting it?"

Wayne nods and Alex shakes his head with a smile. Laurie and Tess laugh at his reaction.

"Now like we said before you have won Roswell's Big Brother," Wayne grins and the crowd cheer.

"Yeah!" Alex holds his arms up and the crowd cheer even louder.

"We want to show you something tangible that you have won. Look over there," Wayne says and Alex looks at the screen which now shows a graphic of two bank accounts.

The account for $250,000 moves from Big Brother's account to Alex's and he stands and cheers loudly which gets the crowd going again.

Wayne stands beside him. "You now have $250,000! What are you going to do with it?"

"I have no idea," Alex grins.

"Spend it?" Wayne grins.

Alex nods and yells. "Spend it!"

The crowd go crazy and the housemates cheer loudly.

Wayne grins as he sits him back down. "Now you have had many great moments inside the house..."

Alex nods as he grins with a dazed look.

"We're now going to show you them."

"Oh, God," Alex cringes and looks at the screen.

*click to hear Alex's Best Moments montage song*

On the screen we see Alex and Laurie talk about the dummy in the den.

Alex takes the dummy from Laurie and holds it up to look at it. "Hmm, I think we should give him, or her...don't want you to think I'm sexist or anything so early in our relationship, a name. But let's be truthful, it's a bit ugly to be a girl and I like being alive so...."

Maria, Alex, and Isabel are at the outside table.

Maria walks away laughing as Alex calls after her sounding wounded. "Hey! That's sexist! I am ripped...I just don't want to show it off in case it ruins beautiful friendship's...'cause we all know that you wouldn't be able to resist me..."

Alex and Isabel talk at the outside table.

Isabel begins to smile genuinely as she touches his arm lightly before quickly pulling her hand away again. "I wouldn't worry, Alex, any girl would be lucky to have you."

He smiles at her warmly for a second before her arm moves away from his. He quietly adds, "Yeah, but only if they don't want to date the "right kind of guys" right?"

Alex teaches Laurie the guitar.

Isabel continues to watch as Alex smiles warmly at Laurie as she begins to strum loudly. Alex looks up and notices Isabel and looks uncomfortable as Isabel turns away quickly.

Alex and Liz laugh as they cook.

"Alex, it's true when you say that you can't cook anything isn't it?"

He grins at her. "Why do you think I spend so much time at the Crashdown? My mom banned me from cooking in case I burned the house down."

The group discuss their families.

"It would be great just to say hi to my mom and dad," Alex says leaning back onto his elbows.

Alex and Kyle talk about Isabel.

Alex shakes his head and begins to talk when Max walks out. "There's no way Isabel is jealous that I might have "options"...she will have guys queing around the block for her. I might get one mad stalker girl...or guy even. God, what if I only appeal to guys?"

Isabel and Alex talk in the den.

She smiles hopefully as he takes her hand gently and gives it a quick squeeze before putting his arm round her shoulder. "You know? Despite everything Ms. Evans. I still care about you, crazy as that may be. I don't want to lose your friendship..."

He hugs her closer as she looks down disappointed as she quietly whispers. "Yeah...I miss you're...friendship...too..."

The group have a water fight.

Alex steps out the way to be soaked by a laughing Isabel. As he grins he runs towards her and tries to grab the offending weapon.

Alex tries to see behind the mirrors.

"God, Alex, you've only been in here a week!" Liz giggles. "What are you going to be like after 9 weeks?"

"The 3 D's. Depressed, desperate and deranged!"

Alex and Laurie joke while washing the dishes.

Laurie turns to face him as she laughs. "You know, you have a mean streak running through you, don't you?"

"Yeah, but only when I'm locked up for hours on end."

The group talk about Alex's striptease.

Alex sits up again. "It was more of a dance..."

"Where his clothes came off," Tess giggles.

Alex blushes as he smiles sheepishly. "Yes, where my clothes did come off."

Alex, Maria, and Laurie sing at Sean's party.

Laurie smiles as she sings along and Alex leans closer to her ear to whisper something to her.

Alex and Isabel prepare to play football with Kyle and Sean.

Alex turns to Isabel. "He's kidding. You don't have to stick with me if you don't want to." He steps close to her and whispers in her ear. "I'm not that good...if you want to win, go with Kyle."

She turns to him and smiles as she whispers back into his ear. "I think I'll stick with you Alex. I know we'll be good together..."

Alex and Tess practice the dance task.

She nods her head and he smiles as they start dancing noisely. As she runs at him he catches her but his hands slip and she lands in a heap on the decking. Before she gets the opportunity to answer he lifts her up. She turns to him and looks at him. "Alex? What are you doing?"

Tess and Alex perform the dance task.

The music begins and soon they are dancing in perfect time. The others begin to clap along with the music as Alex and Tess dance flawlessly. A loud cheer is heard as Alex tosses Tess in the air and catches her perfectly.

Alex and Laurie talk in the den.

"Good," Alex nods. "I've been enjoying our friendship, Laurie, and I wouldn't want to lose it."

"Me too," Laurie gives him a genuine smile. Alex holds her gaze.

The boys kidnap Tess and Laurie's toys.

"How could you do this, Kyle! It's J.C.!"

Alex smiles. "And just like his real life counter-part he has reached new heights."

The boys laugh as Tess hits Alex on the arm.

Alex sees the girls for the first time since the prank.

He stops and looks and is glared at by the 5 girls. He holds his hands up. "Whoa!...down girls...I can see I better just keep walking..." And continues towards the kitchen.

Alex and Michael argue over the greatest superhero.

Alex smiles innocently. "Nothing, just maybe he sometimes left the party before the girl got there. Unless...unless the reason his only long term relationship is with Albert is because...maybe he is a bit ."

"A bit... what?"

"Maybe he's a little bit gay?" Alex smiles sweetly as Michael's eye's widen in anger as Alex continues.

Isabel and Alex talk in the den.

He shakes his head as he continues. "We have been through too much in the past for me to lose you. But I don't know what I can commit to just now, I know what I'd like to be able to say to you but I think we should take things slow and see where that gets us for the time being. Anything else...anything else that happens then...we'll be ready for." He kisses her tenderly on the forehead and embraces her in a long hug. She closes her eyes and sighs.

Alex has dipped his head underwater while playing hot-tub games.

Isabel smiles as she slips over to him and gently kisses him. Isabel finishes the kiss and rises from the water. Alex comes out of the water and licks his lips.

"Who was it, Alex?" Liz asks.

Alex smiles at Isabel. "Isabel, definitely." Isabel smiles back.

It is now Laurie's turn in the hot-tub games.

Alex moves behind Laurie then begins to lick up her spine. Laurie shivers as she gasps. Maria grins as Alex doesn't stop as he skips over her bikini strap and only stops when he reaches her shoulders.

Maria sighs. "Will the real curlprit please stand up?"

Alex stands sheepishly and Laurie smiles at him.

Alex pretends to be Liz while Isabel is Max for a mini-task.

"Liz, I just wanted to say that I miss you and I would really like it if we became a on-off-on-off-on-off currently on couple? What do you say?"

Alex sighs loudly again and whispers back. " it a good idea? It's such a big step becoming a on-off-on-off-on-off currently on couple. Are you sure we're ready for that?"

Alex is on the monkey-bars practicing the obstacle task.

Alex climbs the step to get to the monkey bars and begins to cross. Maria and Michael are talking as Brody, Tess and Laurie all call to him encouragingly. As he reaches over to grab a rung his hand slips from the wet metal and he fall's to the ground where he puts his hand out to instictively save himself and as he lands awkwardly he lets out a painful scream. "Aggh!"

The girls pamper Alex in the hot-tub.

Alex grins as Liz hands him a drink and Isabel sits behind him and massages his shoulders gently.

"If I had known that I would have gotton this kind of treatment just for injuring myself then I would have done it much sooner."

The girls pose to one of the cameras with Alex in the hot-tub.

The girls looked at each other and smiled. As Maria and Liz sat on either side of him and Laurie, Isabel and Tess sat around the back of him. As he smiled broadly Liz and Maria kissed his cheek and he cocked an eyebrow as they all held the pose for a few seconds. Alex smiles again as Laurie and Tess kiss him on the cheek unexpectedly before sliding away.

Kyle, Alex, and Tess talk about Big Brother.

Alex holds a hand to his heart in mock pain. "Shut me up? Why would they want to do that? They like me..."

Tess laughs gently. "Of course they do...they just don't like you being whiny."

She walks away and Alex calls after her. "It's not's persistant!"

The girls discuss the obstacle task.

Maria looks at them both. "But the stupid bars!" She looks over to Alex who is sitting alone on the couch tapping his uninjured hand againt his leg. "Alex sure the bars were evil?"

Alex looks at her and sticks his injured arm up in the air. "You think?"

Alex, Maria, and Liz discuss Laurie.

Alex looks at her stunned. He then laughs. "Laurie isn't interested in me that way. You're seeing things, Maria."

"I am seeing things, and what I've seen is you two flirt..."

"We haven't flirted," Alex states.

Maria raises her eyebrows. "Wow. You don't even know you're doing it."

Alex studies Laurie and Isabel.

Alex looks at the girls as they laugh with Brody. His gaze hovers on Laurie who is laughing at something that Brody has said. He then looks across the room at Isabel who smiles as she chats with Michael. Alex studies her for several moments before looking back at Laurie.

Kyle and Alex discuss being in the house.

Alex nods with a smile. "Being in here has put things more in perspective for you?"

Kyle nods as he looks at Tess. "Yeah. I'm beginning to see things differently."

Alex looks at the girls as Laurie and Tess talk. "Yeah, I know what you mean."

Alex, Liz, and Maria talk in the girls bedroom.

Alex stands up and looks at them. "I never ever danced to pop songs! Tell everyone..."

Maria grins at Liz wickedly. "Tell them what? That the three of us danced to..."

"No! We did not! I never danced to that...crap, you listen to!"

Isabel and Alex stand in the kitchen.

Alex smiles at her for a second and they stand in silence as they look at each other. He sighs and looks at her and smiles before he looks outside.

Alex, Maria, and Liz sit in the den.

Maria sits down beside him. "Come never had a rep."

"Hey, I had 5 beautiful women in a hot-tub! I had a rep!"

Alex and Maria playfully argue in the den.

Maria stands and puts her hands on her hips. "Dammit Alex!"

Alex copies her and stands with his own hands on his hips. "Dammit Maria!"

Alex, Maria, and Liz dress up as the 3 Muskerteers.

"I am Alex of the clan Whitman, draw your sword or face the consequences!"

The 3 of them are still dressed as Muskerteers and are now in the garden.

As Alex is attacked with both the girls he laughs as he retreats to behind Laurie. "I'm trying to stop these two maniacs attacking me." He looks at Liz and Maria and calls from behind Laurie. "I have a human shield here and I'm not afraid to use her."

Alex judges the egg-duelling contest.

The girls turn and Alex's eyes widen as they aim their eggs at him. He yelps as he feels the impact of an egg hitting him on the back of his shoulder, while an egg hits him on the front of his leg, and another hits him on the chest. Alex looks at them and shakes his head. "You turned on the judge! That's against the rules..."

Alex and Isabel sit the girls bedroom.

He sighs and looks at her and begins to speak. "Sometimes...I make bad dec..."

He is cut off as Laurie walks in the room. Alex stops as he looks at her and Isabel looks shocked at her. Laurie looks at the two of them and apologises quickly before she walks out. Alex looks after her and then looks back to Isabel who is looking after Laurie.

Laurie and Alex stand in the kitchen.

He nods his head and smiles. The pair of them stand together for a second looking at each other before Laurie looks away and walks over to the fridge to get the soda out it. She begins to talk quickly as she fills the glasses. She walks over to the lounge leaving Alex himself. He watches her sit down and sighs loudly before muttering quietly. "Why can't my life be easy?" Before he walks over to the couch again.

The housemates discuss their future. Alex talks.

"What would I want to do personally? Umm, live life like an international rock star? You know, millions of dollars, fast cars even faster women?" He grins at them.

The group play strip poker.

Alex sits looking suspiciously at the girls as he is only wearing his boxers.

Alex, Laurie, and Brody stay up late talking.

Alex smiles as he lies back. "So, so far I have a party to look forward to, groveling for forgiveness...I'm looking forward to getting out of here more and more..."

Liz and Maria try to get Alex out of bed.

He tugs at the blanket and soon there is a tug of war between him and the girls. "I mean it!" Alex says through gritted teeth as he pulls on the blanket with his good hand. "" He falls back as the girls let go abruptly.

Alex burns dinner.

Alex quickly switches off the oven. He clears his throat as he looks at Isabel who is looking at him with a raised eyebrow. "I'm banned again aren't I?" he asks shyly.

Isabel nods with a smile as she mouths "Yep."

After Michael's eviction.

Alex embraces Isabel tightly as she cries on his shoulder.

Alex comforts Maria in the den after Michael's eviction.

Maria begins to cry gently and Alex hugs her closer. "It'll be okay, Maria...things will get better..."

Alex and Laurie talk about Michael.

Laurie nods her head and looks at him. "You aren't sorry he went are you?"

Alex sighs and looks at her and she nods her head. The pair of them sit in silence for a minute and Alex looks at her.

Alex argues with Big Brother over nominations.

He shakes his head and smiles bitterly. "Where have I heard that before? You realise this is cruel and unfair? I can't vote out my friends and that is what you expect me to do..."

Alex talks about the excercise ball.

Alex sighs and looks at his feet. "That's because it's the work of genius. You can bounce, you can sit, you can do what it was designed for I guess and it always stays round..."

Alex and Laurie lie on the cushions as they talk with Brody.

Alex and Laurie turn to face each other and smile. Brody watches them curiously as he sits on the deckchair.

Wilson arrives in the house.

In the boys bedroom Kyle puts the cat gently onto Alex's bed. Wilson walks along the bed until it is face to face with Alex. Isabel, Laurie and Maria jump with a start as they hear a scream come from the other room. Alex comes running out into the lounge only wearing his boxers, and manages to stop before he knocks over Tess. Kyle comes out laughing holding the cat as Brody follows him with a bewildered look on his face just as the rest of the girls enter the lounge area.

Alex is convinced the cat is staring at him.

"I think he's trying to intimidate me," Alex says quietly.

"Alex, he's not trying to intimidate you!" Maria tells him. "He's a cat!"

Alex makes a face as he folds his arms. "He's an evil cat," he mumbles.

Alex doesn't respond when called to the Diary Room.

Alex continues to look at his hands, not making a move to get up. The others exchange concerned glances and Isabel gently nudges him. "Alex?"

Alex looks at her then at the others. He nods sadly as he stands. The others watch him walk away and exchange concerned looks.

Alex has tripped on a cushion.

"Hey, I'm an injured man here who's fell?" Alex says with a grin. "Help me?"

Laurie playfully hits him as the others watch.

Alex with Liz and Maria after it's announced they're up for nomination.

He lets her go and smiles at her reassuringly as he walks over to Maria and Liz and hugs them both again. Liz and Maria smile at him.

Alex again talks about Wilson to Tess.

Alex grins at her, "That's because he's not a real cat. Cats have fur...Wilson looks like he has been turned inside out..."

Alex complains once Wilson fails the task.

Alex shakes his head, "He's not upset, he's just sorry that we didn't lose more money so that we would starve!"

The housemates play volleyball.

Kyle catches the ball and tosses it to Alex to serve. Alex looks across the net and see's Liz and Tess stand at the front of the net and has to stifle a laugh as he uses his bad hand to throw the ball up and his good hand to smash the ball high over the net, where it floats over a jumping Liz and Tess' head and lands between them. As the ball lands Alex smiles and begins to laugh as the girls throw the ball over the net hard. He shakes his head and serves the exact same way again with the same result.

Liz looks at the ball and then glares at Alex. "You deliberately hit that over my head!"

Alex looks at her innocently but with a smirk. "Did I? Oh, I'm sorry..."

Alex has to give the girls a manicure.

Alex looks at them both shocked as Maria holds her hand out for Alex. "I think after you finish there you can put the warm amber nail polish on."

He looks down and sighs loudly. "This sucks."

Alex and Laurie talk in the conservatory.

Alex looks at her gently. "You know, I hope that once we are out of here that we can continue to do stuff together, I hope that we can still be friends."

Lauris nods her head and smiles. "Me too, I don't want us to stop being friends just because we're not in here."

Alex takes her hand and squeezes it gently before letting it go. "That won't happen."

Alex, Liz, and Maria talk in the den.

Alex shrugs. "I know someone has to leave, but...I guess I'm just selfish as I don't want any of you to go."

Liz and Maria look at him sadly before they both engulf him in a long lingering embrace.

Kyle and Alex talk in the boys bedroom.

Kyle turns to look at him. "Alex, how do you feel about Isabel?"

Alex looks up at the ceiling and sighs before answering quietly. "I love her."

Alex and Isabel kiss.

Alex nods as he glances at her and then turns to Isabel again. They exchange a smile as they lean in for the kiss. As soon as their lips touch Alex holds onto her waist while Isabel puts her hands on his shoulders. Their lips part and they begin to deepen the kiss, as Isabel's hand now moves to his neck pulling him closer. Alex's hand moves up her back and pulls her closer. Alex brings his injured hand up to rest on her shoulder while the other remains on her back. Alex and Isabel slowly part and exchange a sweet smile.

Back in the bedroom.

Kyle nods. "Okay then how do you feel about Laurie?"

Alex sighs again. "I'm starting to really care about her..." he trails off. Alex sighs as he rests his injured hand on his stomach. "In a non-friendly way."

Alex and Laurie kiss.

Laurie smiles at him and Alex holds out his hand. She looks down at the offered hand and smiles as she places her hand within his and steps closer to him. He smiles down at her as their eyes meet. He then leans down and she rises a little and their lips touch. Alex wraps his arms around Laurie's waist as he pulls her closer to him as their lips part and they deepen the kiss. Laurie slides her hands up his chest and wraps her arms around his neck pulling him to her. Alex and Laurie slowly part and look at each other with surprise.

Kyle continues to talk to Alex.

"You've got to figure out if what you feel for Isabel is still really love or if it's just a lingering feeling from last time you were together." Alex lowers his eyes and looks back up as Kyle begins to speak again. "Also you've got to figure out if you really do care for Laurie. Or is it just excitement that someone other than Isabel is interested in you."

The group watch Laurie and Brody kiss at spin the bottle.

They look at her and nod as they lean in and kiss softly. The others watch them and Isabel looks at Alex who is looking at them with an unreadable expression. She watches as he then turns away and looks at the table.

The housemates have a pillow fight.

"Hey, this is not fair," Alex calls out as Liz and Maria pound him with their pillows.

Upon hearing Maria's eviction.

As Liz pulls back we see tears crawl down her cheeks, Alex soon pulls Maria into a warm hug and Liz wipes away her tears as Alex hugs Maria tightly.

Upon hearing of a surprise double eviction.

Alex looks at Liz shocked before he stands up, clearly upset and angry. "What are you doing? This isn't fair!"

As Liz is about to be evicted.

Alex and Liz hugging tightly in the dining area. Liz is crying slightly and Alex's eyes are watery and as they pull apart Liz wipes away a tear from Alex's cheek and they share a sad smile. As she turns to the others he walks over to the bathroom wiping his eyes.

After the double eviction.

Alex sits alone in the boys bedroom with his head in his hands.

Brody, Isabel, and Alex talk outside.

Alex looks aghast, "Puppy dog? Please tell me that people won't be thinking I'm a puppy dog? That's not what I come across as is it?"

The group talk in the hot-tub. Alex talks about boybands.

"Three, we have the actually talented singer, he'll do most of the lead vocals...four, we have the "tough guy" who tries to come across as a bit of a rebel but who probably knits hats or something at the weekend, and finally, we have the obsolete member, who dances around a lot and is probably pretty ugly and no one really knows what he does...remind you of anyone, Tess?"

Tess ignores Alex.

"Tess, Tess, Tess, Tess, Tess, Tess, Tess..." Alex is saying as she continues to ignore him.

Alex and Isabel talk in the garden.

They both sit in silence and Alex smiles at her, "I hope you stay's not that I want Brody to leave, I just want you to stay..."

Tess blames the boys for putting ketchup in the shampoo.

Alex smiles, "I can honestly say that I didn't put ketchup into the shampoo bottle. You suit being a red head, by the way..."

Alex can now perform soccer tricks.

"All hail the "keepy uppy king!", that means you as well Kyle. " Alex says as he picks up the soccer ball and throws it to Kyle.

Alex is about to get his head shaved.

Alex rolls his eyes, "No, I mean a flick...but, if you girls can't do it..." Alex stands up from the seat but Tess and Laurie sit him back down.

"We never said that we couldn't do it." Laurie says as Tess starts up the razor and begins to shave his head.

Alex sees Isabel and Laurie dressed up for the dates.

Alex walks over to them and smiles, "Wow, you both look great," He looks at Isabel and then at Laurie, "Really great."

Alex, Laurie, Isabel and Brody have an oragami tournament.

Alex glares at him and then looks at the girls, "I um...I have made a pirates hat!" He lifts up the hat and shows it off, "You like?"

The 3-legged race goes wrong.

"Yeah, right, leave me in my time of need," Alex jokes as she takes Brody and Laurie's hands and rises. "Hey, wait, wait my leg!" Isabel giggles more along with Laurie as they see that Alex's leg is raised in mid-air as it is strapped to Isabel's.

After a mudslide.

The others exchange looks and after a moment Alex, Laurie, Kyle and Tess run towards the shower room. Laurie's hand reaches the doorknob first but Alex puts his hand on hers.

Laurie tries to turn the doorknob. "Anyway you deliberately aimed for me in that mudslide."

Alex stops her from turning the doorknob. "I did not!"

Alex, Laurie, Kyle and Tess talk in the hot-tub.

Tess looks into the house and grins. "Does anyone else think that we might be the immature ones now left in the house?"

"Well, I know I am," Alex smirks and the others laugh.

Alex and Isabel look up at the stars.

"Could you show me the stars, Miss Evans?"

Isabel grins and sighs happily. "Gladly."

Alex looks at her and both exchange a warm smile.

The housemates talk about the show's viewers.

Kyle looks at Alex and shakes his head as Isabel, Laurie and Tess all slap him around the head as Tess looks at him, "So? Only crazy people would lust after us?"

Alex holds his head, "I didn't mean they were crazy to lust after you...please, no more slapping..."

Kyle and Alex talk.

Alex rolls his eyes and walks back over towards the deck chair, "Well, look on the brightside, now that we're in the girls room we could accidentally spill some stuff over their outfits..."

Kyle looks at him, "Yeah, if we really want to die..."

Alex comes up with lyrics for the pop task.

Alex grins as he puts some hay in the coop, "Hmm, let me see...I love your smile, although it causes bile..., no, that doesn't work. How about, I want to give you a ring, if you show me your thing? Nope, doesn't work either. I know...I hate all things to do with these boyband twits, at least I don't have to sing this crap with the Whits..."

Alex accidently lets a chicken escape which flaps at Tess.

Alex looks at her desperately, "But Tess...It was only a really small chicken, even if it had flapped in your face the damage would have been really small..." Tess gasps as Alex talks and he shakes his head again, "Okay, I really didn't mean that either..."

The group sit outside.

It's then another male voice can be heard shouting in very clearly, "Alex! I love You!"

Alex looks slightly embarrassed, "That, was weird. A girl shouting in for me..."

Kyle looks at him and shakes his head, "That was no girl..."

Alex and Laurie chat in the lounge area.

Alex looks at her, "Well, you'll be back in Roswell in no time. You already have a place to stay and a job, plus you already have friends who will be glad that you are there. I'd miss you if you were in Arizona."

Laurie smiles at him from the cushions, "Thanks Alex, I'd miss you too."

Alex is now caring for the simulated doll.

Alex smiles smugly at the others. "What can I say? Some have it and some don't," he grins and the others roll their eyes.

Alex and Kyle playfight.

"Either thou or I or both must go with him!" Alex calls out dramatically. He then turns around to the girls with a smile. "Hey I was pretty good! I do make a great Romeo if I do say so myself."

Kyle smirks at him. "Shame you're not a modest one."

Alex and Laurie discuss staying up late to talk.

Laurie looks at him for a second. "Alex, I thought we agreed..."

"One more night alone together won't set the gossips off," Alex smiles at her. "Anyway what are they going to say? Those two are definitely having an affair because they talk at night?"

The group perform the pop task.

Alex slides down onto his knees and grins into a camera as he sings.

Alex and Isabel talk about their argument.

Alex sighs and looks at her. "Isabel, I can be on your side without agreeing with you all the time. I should be able to say if I think you've done something wrong without you taking it personally. That's what friendship is all about. You shouldn't let stupid disagreements change things because things didn't go your own way."

Alex and Kyle talk before Kyle leaves the house.

Kyle nods his head and smiles. "It doesn't matter, what I mean is, I've liked the way we've related in here, and I've liked that we can have fun...I just...I hope we can hang out more when we get out of here."

Alex smiles as Kyle sticks out his hand. "I'd like that." Alex shakes his hand and the pair sit in silence for a second before Kyle stands up and looks at Alex.

Alex hugs Tess the morning after Kyle leaves.

Alex nods his head and smiles understandingly at her. "You know, as much as it hurts just now Tess, it will get easier...and that probably seems pretty unlikely just now..."

She smiles at him and nods her head and says weakly. "Yeah...I know it will."

Alex talks to Tess in the garden.

Alex puts his hands up in defence. "Me, sexist? God no...I mean it's me? My two best friends are girls, you think they would let me away with being sexist? Nope, I had that particular male trait beaten out of me at a very young age..."

The girls play a prank on Alex.

Alex nods his head and sits down on the bed and promptly falls through it. "Whoa!"

Isabel looks up as he looks around and Tess and Laurie begin laughing loudly as they walk out of the ensuite.

Alex glares at them. "You!"

After Laurie and Tess announce that Alex is their project.

Tess smiles at him. "You'll thank us for this later in life..."

Alex looks at her and shakes his head. "No, I won't. Because I'll probably become a sociopath!"

Alex plays the guitar alone in the den.

Alex stands in the back of the den with his foot resting on a ridge on the wall as he holds his guitar and strums a tune as he sings lightly.

Alex babbles while talking to Isabel.

Alex blushes furiously. "No, I mean. You definately don't look like that in look really good in the flesh..." He turns away and looks embarrassed. "Umm, please don't take that in the literal sense as I of course do not know anything about your flesh..."

Isabel begins to laugh affectionately as Alex babbles and Tess looks at him. "Alex? You should maybe stop talking now..."

The girls describe Alex in one word.

Alex shakes his head again and Tess looks at him. "Hmm, I don't know. Annoying? Sarcastic?"

Alex looks at her. "You are next. Okay, I am, according to you three, Handsome, Irressistable and talented...thank you ladies."

Laurie is praised for her new guitar skills.

Laurie blushes as she hands the guitar back to Alex. "I had a good teacher..."

Alex smiles and gives her a quick hug as he grins. "Well, when excellent pupil meets with an excellent teacher it can't help but work..."

Laurie and Tess paint Alex's face.

Alex looks in the mirror and sees the tiger face that has been painted onto him. He growls and turns around quickly and pounces on Laurie and Tess. The laugh as the 3 of them lay on the floor in a tangled heap.

Alex tricks Tess into taking a cold shower.

Alex grins at her. "Consider it character building shorty..."


Alex begins to laugh as Tess' face becomes red with anger. "What? Does it not work? Tess? Are you alright? You're turning very purple...maybe you should take a cold shower to cool off?"

Alex and Tess talk.

Alex backs off and looks at her with a smile. "You and Laurie need to learn not to mess with the master, because there can be only one winner in that war..."

Tess looks at him and shakes her head. "We'll see about that, oh master..."

Alex grins at her. "You know, you really should bow when you do that..."

Tess tricks Alex.

Tess tries to look disappointed but smiles as Alex takes a drink from the cup. As he drinks his facial expression changes to one of distaste and he spits out the liquid while the girls laugh loudly.

"You put Tabasco in it!" He yells as he looks at Tess and he runs over to the sink and pours a drink of cold water.

Alex declares a prank war on the girls.

Isabel and Laurie nod their heads and Alex looks at them clearly disappointed. He gasps and shakes his head before walking away towards the garden muttering. "All the time they target me...but I will get my revenge...on all of you! Don't think you are getting off with it, because I mean it, this is war!"

Alex talks in the Diary Room late at night.

"I don't really want to talk, I just need your help for a second..." He stands up from the chair and gets down on his knees and starts putting the Tabasco bottles under the chair so they are hidden from view. After a minute he gets up and smirks at the camera as he sits down. "So, would it be okay if you didn't tell the girls what I've done?" Alex looks at the camera in surprise. "Big Brother? Are you laughing? Because that's kind of cool..."

Later that night.

He then walks over to the camera and smiles up at it. "I'm not evil, they deserve it. And if they apologise then I might give it back before the eviction night. But if they don't, and I go...well, they might just have to find it themselves..."

Laurie confronts Alex over her toy which was strung up.

Laurie glares at him and shakes her head. "No! This!" She holds up Loco who still has the tie tied tightly around his neck and Alex sniggers loudly.

"Oh...that. Hmm, I wonder how that got there? Hmmm?"

The girls discover Alex has hid the tabasco.

Isabel grimaces and grits her teeth as she tries to continue smiling. "Alex...where is the tabasco?"

Alex shrugs his shoulders before walking out of the kitchen clutching his cup. "Revenge is sweet, but not so spicy at the moment isn't it?"

Laurie and Isabel hold Alex down while Tess sings pop songs.

Alex looks at her in horror. "Stop it!"

Tess grins and nods to Isabel and Laurie who both join in while still clutching Alex's arms to prevent his escape.

Alex has been banned from the house.

He sighs and lifts his mic up. "Big Brother, the girls have banned me from being within 10 foot of them for the rest of the day so if you could maybe call us all inside that would be great." He waits a second and hearing nothing shrugs his shoulders. "Fine, take their side...but I am going to say nothing but bad things about you when I get out tonight..."

After it's announced that Isabel is being evicted.

She smiles sadly at them and Alex pulls her into a warm embrace and hugs her tightly.

Alex sees Isabel's eviction outfit.

Alex walks through the door and looks at her. He exhales sharply as she stands up and smiles at him.

"Well? What do you think?"

Alex looks at her and smiles. "I think you will knock them all out. You look really beautiful, Isabel. Really..."

Alex and Isabel talk in the girls bedroom.

Isabel nods her head and takes a deep breath. "Alex? No matter what happens after we're out of here, I want you in my life one way or another. I don't expect anything, but I would like us to be friends..."

Alex looks at her amd smiles. "Me too. I wouldn't want us not to be friends. I would miss you too much..."

Alex threatens to throw an egg at Laurie.

Laurie looks at the gate to the chicken coop and then to Alex who grins at her. She then rushes towards the gate with Alex chasing her. Laurie tosses the broom over the gate and tries to unlock the hinge but Alex reaches her and she lets out a small scream as he grabs her and turns her around to face him.

Alex and Laurie struggle over a basin of water.

As they jerk the basin the water spills out onto Alex's stomach and waist. Laurie laughs loudly and Alex looks at her and smirks as he tilts the basin towards her spilling water onto her. She gasps and Alex begins to laugh only to stop when Tess throws a bucket of soapy water onto his back.

Alex turns to Tess and shakes his head. "That's it! Alex Whitman is not going to be picked on anymore!" He races forward and Tess runs towards the lounge. She runs behind the chair and Alex jumps onto the table in the lounge area.

Alex, Laurie, and Tess playfight in the lounge area.

The 3 of them are in a fit of laughter but soon stop when a creaking noise is heard and soon one of the legs of the table snaps underneath them causing them to roll onto the floor. Alex and Laurie hold each other's gaze for a second as their faces are extremely close as she lies underneath him. They then avoid looking at each other and look at the table.

As the 3 of them sit looking at the broken table.

"Do you think Big Brother will hold us responsible for this?" Alex says looking at the girls who sit on either side of him.

Alex, Laurie, and Tess lie on a bed together.

"We're going home," Alex smiles sincerely.

Laurie and Tess wraps their fingers around his as they all tighten their hold on each other's hand.

Alex and Tess playfight in the kitchen.

Tess smiles as she throws a piece of food at him. Alex looks at her. "Now that's just being childish." Tess grins and Alex picks up the spoon that has mixture on it. He flicks it and a little bit of the mixture lands on her face. Tess gasps as Alex laughs.

Alex argues with Michael over Isabel and Laurie.

"I'm not stringing anyone along," Alex says angrily. "I really care very deeply for them both and I don't appreciate you accusing me of using them. I would never do that."

Alex and Tess talk in the den about Laurie and Isabel.

Alex lies staring up at the ceiling while Tess sits beside him. He then sits up and faces her. "What do you think? Do you think I'm playing with Isabel and Laurie's feelings?"

Tess shakes her head slowly. "You're not that kind of guy. But, I think you will really need to consider how you feel about them both. And I mean really consider how you feel. Who do you want to be with?"

Alex looks at her for a moment then lowers his eyes as he considers her question.

Alex and Laurie talk in the lounge area after Michael leaves.

"I'm not planning to drop our friendship no matter what anyone says," Laurie says seriously.

Alex slowly smiles at her and holds out his hand. "Me neither."

Laurie looks down at his hand then back at him. She smiles as she takes his hand and they wrap their fingers around each other's.

Alex talks to Laurie and Tess outside.

Alex's eyes widened in horror. "If I said that I would be strung up, Liz and Maria would kill me. If I was to go in 20 years time and tell them that I was distinguished and they were looking old..." He shudders. "I would be so, so so dead..."

After being banned from the snowboard simulator.

"Alex! Put me down! I'm playing!!" Tess says indignantly as Alex carries her over to the conservatory.

"No can do, Shorty. Desperate times call for desperate measures..." He says as he puts her down gently and runs over to the game and stands on the board.

Later that night.

Alex stands up on the board and grins at them both. "I am the Snow King!"

Alex jumps of the board and walks over to them both. He throws an arm around each of them and smiles. "Don't worry, not all of us can be blessed with talent, good looks and a wicked sense of humour..."

After the girls have gone to bed he is on the simulator again.

Alex grins and begins to sing loudly as he presses the button. "'Cause I am the champion, I am the champion! No time for losers, because I am the champion...dun dun dun...of the world! 'Cause I am the champion, my friends. And I'll keep on fighting to the end...dun dun dun...'cause I am the champion, I am the champion! No time for losers, because I am the champion...dun dun dun...of the world!"

The screen fades to a picture of Alex, and he turns back around to face Wayne who grins at him.

"What did you think of the song we had for that?"

"A boyband song?" Alex cringes. "Oh, God," he says as he covers his face.

Wayne laughs and stands and offers his hand. "Alex, you've been great. You really entertained us all."

Alex shakes his hand with a smile as he stands. "Thanks."

Wayne turns back to the crowd. "Everyone our Roswell's Big Brother winner..." he then bellows into the microphone. "Alex!"

Alex turns to the crowd and they give a thundering cheer. Alex grins at them and smiles as he sees the banners which include 'Alex the Snowboard King!' and 'Alex: He's the Master!'"

Wayne gestures to the other housemates and they come back onto the stage. The crowd cheer even louder as Alex turns to them and hugs them again. He closes his eyes as he gives Isabel and Laurie a lingering warm embrace. He hugs Kyle and Tess, and he then jumps hugs Maria and Liz tightly.

Wayne turns to the camera and smiles. "Well, Alex is our winner of Roswell's Big Brother. It's been an amazing 9 weeks, and a gripping grand finale with only 3% seperately our final 3 housemates. We've had a staggering amount of votes cast these past weeks and it's all down to you. Even though the show has now finished check out the official Roswell's Big Brother website for coming events where fans can become even more interactive with the Roswell's Big Brother experience."

He then grins. "Also, check out for Roswell's Big Brother Reveals More which will be coming to you soon on Channel 11 and KROZ radio. But for now we have a winner who is celebrating with the other housemates behind me. There was only 1 winner on Roswell's Big Brother! Goodbye," he smiles as the theme music begins.

The camera moves up slowly to reveal Alex celebrating with the other housemates on stage as the crowd cheers loudly. We then see the Big Brother house in the background as the camera rises to reveal the fireworks that have now bagan again, lighting the night sky with a dazzling display to mark the end of the show.