The camera pans over the crowd that cheer loudly outside at the stage and the huge screen that has been erected for them. The crowd are blowing horns and chanting for Alex and Laurie, and the sound they are making is deafening.

The camera stops at Wayne who stands on the stage looking up into the camera. "64 days in the Big Brother house and we are now down to just 2 housemates," he says holding up 2 digits. "Alex and Laurie are the final 2!" he bellows and the crowd go crazy.

Wayne laughs as it takes the crowd a couple of minutes before they calm the noise down to a level that he can talk over. He grins into the camera. "Who will win? You decide!"

The crowd let out a thundering cheer and the camera rises to show how massive the crowd is, and shows Alex and Laurie inside the house on the screen erected at the stage, and then shows the house in the background behind the gates as the theme music starts up.


Wayne is still standing on the stage as the crowd cheer wildly around him and wave banners. "Tonight Tess left the Big Brother house and came in 3rd place on the show. Now only Alex and Laurie remain and you can still vote who will win. I'm telling you so far it is very close, so if you haven't voted yet then do it now!"

He then smiles into the camera. "Let's take a look at what our dynamic duo got up to after Tess left the house."


Alex and Laurie sit in the lounge area. Both look stunned and overwhelmed by the situation.

"I can't believe it," Laurie says quietly.

Alex shakes his head slowly. "Me neither." He then leans his head back against the couch. "I'm still here!" he calls out. "Why?!"

Laurie smiles at him. "Because people love you."

Alex turns his head to look at her, and then slowly smiles. "They love you too."

Laurie blushes and smiles as she looks away. "I was just lucky."

"Don't cut yourself short," Alex says sincerely. "You're here because the people out there like you." He then smiles. "Of course the people in here liked you too."

Laurie laughs lightly as he continues.

"You know what I meant," he smiles sheepishly.

"Yeah," Laurie nods gratefully. "I know." She watches him for a moment as he looks at his feet which rest on the table. "You know you are going to go out there a winner, don't you?"

Alex looks at her and shakes his head. "I'm not deluded enough to believe that."

"Well, you'd better start believing it because it's going to happen," Laurie tells him sincerely.

Alex holds her gaze for a moment and smiles. "Thanks, but I don't think that will happen. Now you on the other hand," he says sitting up so that he is now fully facing her. "You have this in the bag."

Laurie shakes her head as Alex continues.

"There is no way that people would vote me to win over you," Alex says sincerely. "And if they did then they're idiots."

Laurie looks at him and holds his gaze for several moments. She then grins. "I think you've just insulted all your fans out there."

Alex shrugs and then smiles. "You know, we're the final 2?"

"I know it's unbelievable!" Laurie says in amazement.

Alex then thinks for a moment and Laurie sits listening to the music that is blaring through the speakers in the house.

"I wish they would turn off the music," Laurie sighs. "They've played the exact same thing every Friday night for the past 8 weeks."

"Well, tonight is the last time we'll have to put up with it," Alex grins.

Laurie looks at him and smiles. "Yeah. We're going home."

"Yes we are," Alex grins back at her.


Alex and Laurie stand at the conservatory doors and press their ears to the glass and listen intently. They face each other and exchange looks as they try to listen outside.

"We could open the door a little bit?" Alex suggests.

Laurie shakes her head as she moves her head away from the glass. "They won't let us."

"But, it's too hot in here," Alex gripes. "And they could shut of that damn music. We know that people are out there."

"I know," Laurie agrees. She then sighs as she walks away from the door. "I just want to go now."

Alex follows her towards the kitchen. "I know. Me too."

"Not that I'm not enjoying your company..." Laurie glances at him as she reaches the counter.

"Of course you're not," Alex smirks.

Laurie smiles as she pours a glass of water. "Drink?"

Alex nods and she pours another glass. She then hands him one and he smiles as he takes it from her.

"You know," Alex says after he takes a drink. "We're going to have to make sure that being the winner and runner-up in Big Brother doesn't go to our heads once we get out of here."

"You wouldn't let it go to your head would you?" Laurie asks him with a frown.

Alex takes another drink and shakes his head. "I wouldn't like to think that I would. But how many people have said that..." he trails off.

Laurie nods understandably. "Well, I think Michael will keep me in check, and I'm sure Maria and Liz will keep your feet on the ground."

"True," Alex nods. "But as a precaution in the event that Liz and Maria allow me to get away with anything, which I highly doubt they will," he smiles, and Laurie smiles back. "You'll have my permission to do whatever it takes to put me back on the right track again."

"Anything?" Laurie smirks while raising an eyebrow.

"Almost anything," Alex returns with a smile.

Laurie nods and looks at him coyly as she takes another drink. "Just clarifying."


Alex drums his hands against his legs as he sits on the couch while Laurie paces the lounge area.

"Laurie, it might be better if you sit," he says to her.

Laurie shakes her head. "Can't sit. If I sit then I'll think about tonight, and thinking leads to worrying..."

"And worrying leads to suffering which is what's going to happen because you've been walking around for the past 10 minutes in a circle wearing heels."

Laurie sighs as she sits on the chair.

Alex glances at her. "Well, tonight we'll be nervous as hell, but at least everyone is going to be out there."

"Yeah," Laurie smiles as she thinks about it. "Michael, Tess, Kyle, Brody..."

"Maria, Liz, Isabel, Max, Sean," Alex finishes for her.

Laurie looks at him for a moment and smiles. "You're really looking forward to seeing them, aren't you?"

Alex looks at her then nods. "Yeah, I missed them. Especially Maria, Liz, and Isabel."

Laurie nods as she looks down at her hands.

"I can't wait to see them tonight," he sighs thoughtfully.

Laurie glances at the clock. "Well, it won't be that long now."

Alex nods and sighs. "Then we'll be home free."


Alex stands in the lounge looking around him. He looks over his shoulder as Laurie walks out of the girls bedroom. "Do we have everything?"

Laurie nods. "I think so."

"Are you sure?"

Laurie thinks for a moment. "Did you pack Brody's soccer ball?"

Alex nods. "Yeah."

"What about Isabel's exercise ball?"

"Got that," Alex says as he looks around again. "Did you remember the snakes and ladders?"

Laurie nods as she walks into the lounge. "Uh-hmm. Also got Sean's cards."

Alex clicks his fingers. "Monopoly. Isabel would probably kill me if I forgot to take it."

Laurie nods as he walks towards the conservatory and picks up the board game. "What about Brody's backgammon?"

"I already packed that," Alex says as he walks towards his suitcase that is sitting in the lounge next to Laurie's.

"It's a good thing that we don't have to carry these out with us," Laurie smiles.

"Yeah," Alex says as he opens his suitcase. "Big Brother is being good to us."

Laurie nods. "Yeah."

Alex closes his case again and smiles at her. "Well, I think that's everything. We're ready to go."

"Yep," Laurie grins. "Outside world here we come."


Alex and Laurie sit in the lounge chatting.

"If we have time are we all still going out tonight?" Laurie asks him.

"Definitely," Alex nods. "We should have enough time after you, me and Tess do the press conference."

Laurie sighs. "It's a bit frightening at the thought of being bombarded with questions."

"Well, I'm pretty sure that Wayne will do that once we leave here."

"Yeah, but everyone watching has seen us for the past 9 weeks, so why ask us questions when they know what we're like?"

Alex looks at her. "To get our point of view on things." He then looks away as he continues. "How we felt about being in the house and about the people in here. It's that saying from the Truman Show they can put cameras everywhere but they never had a camera in your mind."

Laurie nods and they sit in silence for several moments. "You getting nervous?"

"Oh, yeah," Alex nods. He then glances at the clock. "Only another 4 minutes to go and then we're back on live tv."

"What kind of questions do you think they'll ask us in the Diary Room?" Laurie asks anxiously.

Alex shrugs. "Just what we thought of being in here. Stuff like that."

Laurie nods and sits nervously. Alex looks at her and takes her hand.

"You're shaking," he tells her.

"So are you," she replies.

"We need to calm down," Alex says after taking a deep breath.

Laurie does the same. "Yeah, we need to calm down."

They look at each other then laugh.

"C'mon, Big Brother, let us out!" Alex calls out with a grin.

"Yeah, please let us go!" Laurie grins as she joins him.

This is Big Brother, we will be going live to the nation in 1 minute.

Alex turns to Laurie with a smirk. "See annoying the hell out of Big Brother always works."

Laurie smiles. "I wish I had done that more."

"I think I done it enough for the both of us," Alex grins which causes Laurie to laugh.


Wayne stands on the stage and the crowd go wild again. They begin to chant both Alex and Laurie's names and wave banners. As one chant gets louder the other rises until both chants of Alex and Laurie's names are almost deafening.

He asks for quiet and gesture with his hands. It takes almost 30 seconds before the crowd comply and Wayne grins into the camera.

"Now we have seen what our twosome have been getting up to these past 90 minutes, and the polls are still open for you to decide who wins. I'm now going to speak to the house and both Alex and Laurie are going to be called to the Diary Room where they will be speaking to the nation as they are asked 3 questions to help you decide who should win."

He turns to the erected screen and looks at the crowd. "Can I please have silence as I talk to the house."

The crowd go quiet and Alex and Laurie are standing in the lounge holding hands.

"Hello, Big Brother house, this is Wayne, can you hear me?"

Alex and Laurie cheer loudly and wave to the camera before they take each other's hands again.

The crowd cheer lightly and Alex and Laurie exchange smiles as they hear them through the speakers.

"Alex and Laurie in a moment you will be called to the Diary Room to be asked 3 questions, and you will be talking live to the nation."

Laurie takes a deep breath and Alex smiles at her as he wraps his fingers around hers.

"Then soon afterwards we will be announcing the winner of Big Brother. Do you understand?"

"Yes!" both call out with grins.

"I am now switching off."

Wayne turns back to the camera and smiles. "Now it's time to hear what they have to say."

Inside the house Alex and Laurie look at each other as they still stand holding hands.

"We're speaking live to the nation?" Laurie says worriedly.

Alex nods. "Don't worry they won't ask us anything embarrassing."

"I hope not," Laurie says taking another deep breath.

This is Big Brother, will Alex please come to the Diary Room.

Alex and Laurie exchange a look, and he takes a deep breath. Laurie squeezes his hand.

"You'll do great," she smiles.

Alex smiles at her gratefully and begins to walk towards the Diary Room.

"Good luck," Laurie calls out to him.

"Thanks, I'll need it," Alex smiles back at her.

Laurie smiles and as Alex enters the Diary Room, she then sits down and closes her eyes and she takes a deep breath.

In the Diary Room Alex sits down on the chair and looks into the camera.

Hello, Alex.

"Hey, Big Brother," Alex says cheerfully but nervously.

How do you feel about being one of the final two housemates on Big Brother?

Alex shakes his head with a smile. "Amazed to be honest. I had no idea that I would last this long and I expected to leave earlier tonight. The fact that Tess left and I stayed just shocked and scared the hell out of me."

How would you describe your time inside the Big Brother house?

Alex considers the question for a moment. "Different to what I thought it would be. I've had some low points inside here but at the same time I've also had fun and I've gotten close to some people that I really hadn't on the outside as well as getting close to new people as well."

What do you want to say to everyone who has been voting for you?

Alex grins as he sits forward on the chair and looks directly into the camera. "I just want to say thank you to everyone who has voted for me. I'm not sure why you did, but I guess I must have done something that made you all like me. So thanks for that."

Thank you, Alex, you may leave the Diary Room.

Alex nods and stands and opens the Diary Room door. Laurie is standing watching the screen in the lounge and turns around and smiles at him.

"You saw that in here?" Alex asks her as he walks towards the lounge area.

Laurie nods. "Yeah, they put it on just as you went in." She then grins excitedly as he reaches her. "You should have heard the crowd outside when you were talking in there."

"You heard them?"

"Yeah!" Laurie grins. "Now I know why they put music on to drown out the noise once someone leaves. When it's off you can really hear the crowd." She takes his hand and smiles. "They loved you out there."

Alex looks at her disbelieving and glances towards the conservatory door. "You're kidding right?"

"Honest, Alex, they really did go wild for you," Laurie tells him sincerely. She then grins. "They even began chanting your name!"

Alex smiles slowly and has a dazed look on his face. "Really?"

Laurie grins at him. "Really!"

"Wow," Alex smiles as he looks back at Laurie.

This is Big Brother, will Laurie please come to the Diary Room.

Laurie's eyes widen and Alex squeezes her hand. "Remember just relax, there's nothing to it."

Laurie nods and Alex smiles at her as she walks towards the Diary Room. Alex looks at the screen which shows the empty Diary Room chair, and then turns back towards Laurie as she reaches the room.

"I'll let you know what the crowd is like," he calls out to her.

Laurie looks at him and nods. "Thanks!"

Alex nods and watches her as she enters the Diary Room. He then looks to the screen again which shows her sitting down on the chair and looking into the camera nervously.

In the Diary Room Laurie clears her throat as she looks into the camera.

Hello, Laurie.

"Hi, Big Brother," Laurie smiles nervously.

How do you feel about being one of the final two housemates on Big Brother?

Laurie grins into the camera. "Shocked. I'm just surprised to be here as I never expected it. Never once did it occure to me that I would get this far, so I'm just really really blown away by it all."

How would you describe your time inside the Big Brother house?

"It's been wonderful," Laurie smiles sincerely. "It has been everything that I hoped for, and I've enjoyed these past 9 weeks. This is the experience that I initially came into the house for, and I've loved it. I've made new friends, made decisions about where my life is heading, and I'm now looking forward to going out there and seeing what happens."

What do you want to say to everyone who has been voting for you?

Laurie grins as she looks directly into the camera. "I just want to say thank you to everyone who has voted for me and supported me throughout this experience. To be here now is amazing and I have you all to thank for that, so thank you."

Thank you, Laurie, you may leave the Diary Room.

Laurie smiles into the camera and stands and leaves the Diary Room. As she walks out she sees Alex grinning at her while he stands in the lounge.

"What?" she asks curiously.

"I saw what you meant about the crowd," Alex grins. "They were wild!"

"You're kidding!" Laurie says with a dazed smile as she walks towards him.

Alex shakes his head. "From the moment you went in there they began chanting your name."

Laurie looks shocked and Alex grins at her. She then looks outside then at Alex again. "What are we going out to?"

"Definitely a night that neither of us will forget," Alex smiles as he leads her to the couch and sits her down.

Outside the crowd go crazy as Wayne stands on the stage grinning into the camera. He is trying to shout over the crowd as they cheer around him as Laurie and Alex can be seen on the huge screen that is erected at the stage.

"You've heard what Alex and Laurie have to say, and you can still vote for who you want to win! At the moment it is very very close so every vote counts to decide who is the winner!" He then turns to the crowd. "These people who have shown up here already know who they want to win and I'm going to take a walk over to the crowd.

Wayne walks down the steps and rushes over to the barriers which cause the crowd to cheer louder. He points the microphone at a girl. "Who do you want to win?"

"Alex!" the girl calls out as the crowd cheer around her.


"He deserves to win for just being him." She then looks into the camera and waves her banner. "Go Alex!"

Wayne grins as he looks at her banner which reads 'i heart alex! you're the best'. He then moves across to the other barrier. "Who do you want to win and why?"

"Laurie!" the girl calls out and the crowd begins to cheer. "She's the best! She's got spunk and stopped taking crap off Isabel."

Wayne steps back to look at her banner which reads 'Laurie kicks ass!" He then grins as he races back up onto the stage. He looks at the crowd and bellows into the mic. "Who wants Alex to win Big Brother?"

The crowd give a thundering cheer and wave their banners madly - some for Alex, while others have messages on them supporting Alex with Laurie and Alex with Isabel.

"And who wants Laurie to win Big Brother?" Wayne bellows.

The crowd give another thundering cheer and wave banners wildly that support Laurie, and support her with Alex. Both sets of fans also waves cut-outs of bass guitars.

Wayne laughs as he looks into the camera. "Everyone here knows who they want to win, but now it's time to bring out the 9 former housemates!" he yells which cause the crowd to go wild.

"First up we have the first 2 housemates out of the Big Brother house," Wayne smiles. "Everyone it's the guys who kept you wondering about their feelings for Liz...Sean and Max!"

The crowd cheer loudly as Sean and Max walk onto the stage. Sean puts his arms in the air and the crowd begin to chant his name, while Max shakes his head with a dazed smile as the crowd also chant for him.

Wayne stands between them. "Who do you two think should win?"

"Laurie," Sean says to Wayne and smiles as the crowd begin to chant Laurie's name. "She's been in there and really has came out of her shell compared to when I was in there. So she deserves to win."

"Max?" Wayne asks as he points the microphone at him.

Max looks at the crowd and then smiles shyly as Wayne. "I think Alex should be the winner." He blushes and his smile widens as the crowd now begin to chant Alex's name. "He's been through a lot in there and he's also entertained us, which Big Brother is really about."

Wayne nods and smiles. "Everyone Sean and Max!"

Max waves to the crowd and Sean grins as the crowd cheer once more. They walk over to the front row of the audience that is seated outside at the stage with a barrier surrounding them from the crowd.

Wayne grins into the camera. "Next we have the two housemates who became the parents of the house in the last few weeks...Brody and Isabel!"

The crowd cheer as Brody and Isabel walk onto the stage arm in arm. They wave to the crowd as they chant their names. Wayne stands between them and both look at him with a smile.

"Now, Isabel, I don't think I even have to ask this," Wayne smiles as Isabel blushes and smiles shyly. "Who do you want to win?"

Isabel smiles as she looks at Wayne. "Alex should definitely win." She grins as the crowd cheer loudly. "He's a deserving winner in all this. Like Max said he's been through the most, and he has entertained us and that is why he will come out of this a winner."

The crowd cheer again and Wayne points the microphone at Brody. "Brody, who do you think should win tonight?"

"Laurie," Brody says firmly. He then smiles as the crowd begin to cheer. "She's been in there for 9 weeks and has really came out of her shell especially after the footage that I saw of the first 2 weeks. She's went in there and did what she wanted to do which was basically have a good time."

The crowd cheer as Wayne grins. "Everyone Brody and Isabel!"

Brody and Isabel wave to the crowd as they get louder and walk to the audience where Max and Sean stand.

Wayne grins as he looks at the camera. "Now our next former housemates captivated us for weeks, but not with a will-they-or-won't-they romance, more of a question of when-will-they romance..." He gestures to the steps of the stage and the crowd are already begin to cheer. "Everyone Kyle and Tess!"

The crowd go wild and Kyle and Tess grin as they walk onto the stage arm in arm. It takes a minute for the crowd to calm down to an acceptable level after chanting their names, and Wayne stands next to them.

"Okay there is no way that I can stand between you two, not after waiting so long for you to get together," Wayne grins.

Kyle and Tess laugh as the crowd cheer again.

"Now, Kyle, like Brody you were friends with both Alex and Laurie?"

"Yeah," Kyle nods.

"Who do you want to win?"

Kyle looks at Tess then back at Wayne. "Alex." He grins as the crowd cheers. "He's been through hell in there but he still came out fighting. Laurie's excellent but Alex does need the money more. Plus he's the Snow Board King!" Kyle calls out as he puts up his arms.

The crowd go wild and Tess and Wayne laugh. Kyle turns back to them with a grin.

Wayne looks at Tess. "Tess, you said earlier that Alex could use the money more, and you were close to both of them, so who do you want to win?"

"Like I said I wouldn't mind if Alex won it because there is the money issue, but I do want Laurie to win." She grins as the crowd goes crazy. "There's money involved but most of all this is a popularity contest and I think that while the 'Master' can do with some self-confidence I really think Laurie needs it more in those areas."

Wayne nods with a smile. "Everyone the couple we all loved, Kyle and Tess!"

Kyle and Tess grin and wave madly to the crowd who cheer at them loudly as they begin to chant their names again. They walk towards where the other housemates are waiting with Tess' arm wrapped around Kyle's waist while his is around her shoulders.

Wayne grins into the camera. "And finally we have the 3 housemates that know our 2 finalists the best...Liz, Michael, and Maria!"

The 3 of them walk onto the stage with Michael escorting both girls. The crowd cheer loudly and begin to chant their names. Wayne smiles at them.

"Now you guys are close to our final 2," Wayne smiles. "Now, girls who do you think is going to win this?"

"Alex!" both Liz and Maria call out at the same time and laugh as the crowd cheer wildly.

Liz grins at him. "Alex has just been the sweetest guy in there, and he's been funny and sensitive, he's the all-round perfect guy."

"Yeah," Maria nods as she looks at the crowd. "He's the greatest guy and he's already the winner. He was a winner the day he entered the Big Brother house!" she calls out and the crowd go crazy.

Wayne grins and looks at Michael. "Now, Michael I think it's just as obvious who you want to win?"

Michael nods. "Yeah, Laurie's definitely the winner in all this." He grins as the crowd cheer. "She's been amazing to watch and she's going to go on to win, otherwise you know...she wouldn't be here now," he then bellows to the crowd. "And it's because of you guys that she is!"

The crowd cheer wildly and wave their banners. Michael holds up his arms and gets them cheering even more. Wayne laughs along with Liz and Maria at his antics.

"Everyone Liz, Michael and Maria!"

The crowd cheer them as they walk towards the other housemates. A crew member hands Wayne a card and Wayne looks into the camera. "If you haven't voted then you are now too late. The polls have now closed and it is time to announce the winner." He looks at crowd. "Okay everyone I'm now going to announce the winner of Roswell's Big Brother!"

The crowd go crazy as Wayne continues. "I'm going to have to ask you all to be quiet as I talk to the house."

After several moments a silence comes over the crowd with only a few people cheering. Wayne turns to the screen which shows Laurie standing in the lounge and Alex running over towards her from the bathroom. He reaches her and both laugh as he takes her hands.

Wayne presses the remote. "Hello, Big Brother house, this is Wayne, can you hear me?"

"Yes!" Alex and Laurie cheer while laughing and giggling.

"Alex and Laurie you are the final 2 housemates in the Big Brother house..."

Alex and Laurie cheer loudly while holding up their joined hands. Cheers can be heard coming from the crowd but the sound is very light. A silence comes over the crowd again as Wayne begins to speak again.

"The nation has been voting for the past week for who they want to win Big Brother and the voting has now closed. The results have been counted and recounted and verified by an independant ajudicator."

Alex and Laurie take a deep breath and then look at each other with a smile.

"I can now tell you that there is only 2% separating the runner-up from the winner."

Laurie and Alex look astonished at each other as Wayne continues.

"I can reveal that the runner-up has 25180 votes, while the winner has 26961 votes."

Alex and Laurie share a stunned look and then grin at each other.

"You're the winner," Laurie grins at him.

"Nope, that honour definitely goes to you," Alex grins back.

"The winner of Roswell's Big Brother is..."

Complete silence overcomes the crowd and everyone is looking up at the screen that is erected by the stage. In the audience each of the former housemates look at the screen anxiously as they stand together holding onto each other. Behind them also sits their families.

Alex and Laurie look at each other and wraps their fingers around each other's and tighten their grips. As they wait for the name to be announced each whisper's the other's name and shakes their heads and nod as they playfully argue who it is that has won.


Alex looks at Laurie stunned as she grins and cheers. Outside the crowd let out a thundering cheer and in the audience almost all the housemates cheer, with Liz and Maria cheering the loudest as they jump up and down holding onto each other. Isabel smiles proudly up at the screen as she cheers loudly while Michael smiles and begins to applaud sincerely.

"I won?" Alex says incredulously.

Laurie nods with a smile. "You won!!!"

She hugs him and Alex still looks stunned as he returns the embrace.

Wayne grins as his voice comes through the speakers in the house along with the cheering outside. "Alex, you are the winner of Roswell's Big Brother!"

Laurie pulls back and Alex smiles at her. "I won!"

Laurie nods and Alex jumps up and down.

"I won!!!" he yells loudly as he jumps onto the lounge table.

Laurie giggles as she watches him celebrate and grins at him proudly. Alex begins to punch the air as he jumps on the table. "I won!!!"

He then jumps back down and races over to Laurie and picks her up as he swings her around. She wraps her arms around his neck and he kisses her cheek hard. He stops spinning and puts her feet back on the floor and grins at her as he holds her hands.

"God, I can't believe I won!" he says in a daze.

Laurie grins at him. "I can!"

He smiles at her and pulls her into a warm embrace. He buries his face into her shoulder as they hug tightly.

"Laurie," Wayne's voice booms into the house.

Laurie tightens her grip on Alex then lets go. They both smile warmly at each other and Laurie looks up at the speakers in the lounge.

"I'm coming to get you," Wayne says.

"Okay," Laurie says in a daze. She then turns to Alex. "You deserved to win you know that don't you?"

Alex smiles at her as he pulls her into another hug.

Wayne turns to the camera. "Activate the countdown."

30 seconds... *click to hear countdown music*

He races over and takes Michael and Tess from the audience. "C'mon, guys, let's get her."

As the 3 of them rush towards the gate the crowd cheer loudly.

Laurie and Alex rush over towards the front door of the house, and Alex touches her arm.

"Remember be careful," he says sincerely.

Laurie looks at him and smiles. "I will."

20 seconds...

Alex glances up at the speakers with annoyance and then looks back at Laurie. "Make sure you are."

Laurie smiles at him warmly then rises and kisses him gently on the cheek. She smiles proudly at him. "Congratulations, Alex."

He touches the side of her face tenderly for a moment and smiles. "Thank you."

Laurie nods as she holds his gaze.

10 seconds...

Laurie takes a deep breath and grins. "Well, this is it."

Alex nods and kisses her head gently. "Show them what you're made of."

Laurie smiles at him and nods. "I'll see you in 20 minutes."

"Hey, I want to be out before then," Alex smirks. "I'll even come out with you."

Laurie laughs. "Stay," she tells him with a grin.

Alex nods and hols up his hands. "Okay, but just remember I wanted to go!"

Laurie laughs and both exchange a look as a voice fills the house.

Laurie, you have came second. Will you please leave the Big Brother house.

Laurie looks to Alex as he puts his arm across the top of the door.

"Well, I had to make some kind of arch," he smirks.

Laurie laughs as she walks under his arm. "I'll see you soon. Enjoy your moment," she says before she walks past the threshold.

"You too," Alex smiles back at her.

Laurie smiles at him before she walks out of the door.

*click to hear Laurie's eviction song*

Laurie looks back in to see him waving shyly at her as he smiles. The door slides closed and she glances at the security guard before she walks down the gang-plank.

Alex closes his eyes as he leans against the wall and takes a deep breath. He then opens his eyes and shakes his head. "I can't believe I won," he whispers.

Laurie blushes as she hears the song that is being played. She grins when she hears Wayne call out to her.

"C'mon Laurie, run!"

Laurie grins as she sees Wayne stand beside Michael and Tess. As she rushes up the gang-plank Tess begins to squeal with delight.

Inside the house Alex walks towards the lounge and lets out a scream. "I won Big Brother!"

Laurie reaches the gate and Michael and Tess both hug her tightly. After several moments they pull back and grin at each other.

"Oh, my, God!" Tess shrieks which causes Laurie to giggle.

Wayne grins as he points the microphone to Laurie. "Laurie, you came second place. How do you feel to be out of the house after 64 days?"

Laurie grins at him and she looks distracted as she hears cheering coming from further down. "It's um, very strange but in a good way."

"Are you disappointed that you didn't win?"

Laurie shakes her head. "I never expected to win. Alex was the winner and I knew that he would do it."

She grins as the crowd cheer loudly. Wayne then looks at Michael and Tess. "Now you guys have been through this before and you know what the crowd is like out there, do you have anything that you want to say to Laurie?"

Michael nods as he puts his hand on her shoulder. "You did great. You don't need to worry about the crowd because they've been going crazy for you."

Laurie shakes her head in disbelief as she grins. She then looks at Tess who grins at her.

"Oh, my, God, the crowd is wild," Tess beams. "They are huge, and they just love you and Alex!"

Michael pulls Laurie into another hug and Wayne gives them a moment before he touches Laurie's arm. "I'm sorry, Laurie, but you are going to have to leave these two for a moment while I take you to your adoring public."

He puts his arm around her shoulders and Laurie looks back at Michael and Tess who smile reasurringly at her. She then looks at Wayne as he leads her down to the main gate.

"Now, Laurie, like Michael and Tess said you have a huge crowd waiting for you out there," Wayne smiles at her.

"Really?" Laurie asks nervously.

Wayne nods. "Really."

As they reach the main gate it opens up and the lights of the cameras flash at her. Wayne give her shoulder a comforting squeeze and she looks at him and smiles gratefully. As they walk out he lets her go and as the press call out her name she grins and waves with more confidence. She turns around to the other barrier as they call out to her. A banner is thrown over the barrier and lands at her feet. She picks it up and reads it and begins to laugh. Wayne walks over to her and she shows him the banner, he begins to laugh as Laurie grins.

He then leads her to the steps of the stage. As they reach the steps the crowd begins to cheer loudly. Once the crowd sees Laurie they begin to chant her name and waves banners. She grins as she walks up onto the stage and Wayne bellows into the microphone.

"Everyone, she's beautiful, she's sweet, and she's definitely gave the others a run for their money...our runner-up Laurie!"

The crowd go crazy and chant louder to an almost deafening noise. Laurie grins in a daze as she waves to them. She then sees the other housemates standing in the audience and grins at them. Maria, Kyle, and Brody are cheering the loudest and begin chanting her name along with the crowd.

Tess and Michael walk back onto the stage and walk towards the other housemates as they grin at Laurie. Wayne takes her hand and points out banners. "Look at these banners that support you," he grins.

She grins in a daze as he points them out. "That one there says 'Laurie forget Alex - Marry Me!'"

Laurie laughs at this and looks as Wayne points out another. "While that one there says 'Laurie the RBB Queen!"

She then blushes as Wayne grins at another banner which shows a picture of Alex and Laurie on a cardboard cut-out of a bass guitar. "And look at that one 'Alex and Laurie they tug at each other's heart strings!"

Wayne takes Laurie's hand and leads her into the studio. He sits her down on a leather chair and sits on the chair opposite her. The other housemates follow them into the studio and take their place in the audience.

"Now usually we have a commercial break right about now," Wayne tells her. "But that's a little bit impossible at the moment."

Laurie nods as she looks at him and grins. "Yeah, I think Alex will be tearing down the walls now to get out here."

The audience laughs and she looks at the audience. She smiles as she sees her former housemates.

"Now, Laurie," Wayne begins. "I've already asked you this question but here it goes again. Are you disappointed in losing to Alex after coming this close to winning?"

Laurie shakes her head. "No. I really didn't believe that I would last this long, so I never expected to win."

"Now the crowd out there loved you," Wayne smiles. "How do you feel about being out there?"

Laurie grins as she answers. "Overwhelmed is the only word I can think of at the moment."

"Yeah, it was some crowd," Wayne nods. "We had over 1500 people turn up to support you, Alex, and Tess."

Laurie's eyes widen. "Really? Wow!"

Wayne nods. "You've had a very interesting time inside the house. You know what I'm going to have to ask you, don't you?"

Laurie looks at him shyly and nods. "I think I've got an idea."

"Well, it would be hard not to have an idea after what some of those banners said."

Laurie laughs lightly and sits nervously. "Yeah, that kind of gave it away."

"So," Wayne begins with a smile. "Let's cut to the chase...Alex?"

Laurie nods as she looks at him anxiously. In the audience Isabel watches her intently.

"Now you have never really said inside the house what exactly it is you felt for him, but you have said that you do have feelings for him..."

Laurie nods as she bites her lip.

"Do you want to elaborate on that?"

"Not really," Laurie smiles shyly.

Wayne grins at her. "C'mon, we're all dying to know...just how deep are those feelings? Do you have feelings for him as a friend or is it something more..." Wayne seaches for a word then smiles. "Romantic?"

Laurie blushes as she glances at the screen which now shows Alex sitting in the lounge area taking a deep breath as he leans his head against the back of the couch. "I don't want to ruin anything or make things difficult..."

"I think things are already complicated from what we've seen," Wayne grins.

Laurie looks at Wayne curiously. "Um..."

"C'mon, Laurie, everyone has been on tender hooks watching you two and Isabel."

Laurie glances at Isabel in the audience and then sees Tess who smiles at her reassuringly and nods. Laurie takes a deep breath and looks at the screen again that shows Alex looking thoughtful as he stares up at the ceiling.

"I do have feelings for Alex," Laurie confesses. "I care very deeply for him."

"But not in a just good friends kind of way?"

Laurie shakes her head with a shy smile. "No, not in a just good friends kind of way."

The crowd outside cheer loudly and Laurie looks amazed as she smiles. Maria and Tess grin broadly as Kyle grins and nods his approval.

"Now another thing that we have to talk about is Isabel..."

Laurie nods as she looks at Isabel who sits in the audience watching her.

"You two seemed to know each other before you entered the house?"

"That's right," Laurie says nervously.

"But you didn't know Alex before going in there?" Wayne asks curiously.

Laurie shakes her head. "No. I only met him for the first time in there."

"So it's safe to assume that your relationship with Isabel seemed to go off the rails as both your feelings for Alex grew?"

"Um," Laurie pauses for a moment. "I don't think that's fair to say since Isabel's feelings for Alex didn't just grow in there," she says glancing at Isabel. "Her feelings were already there since they'd dated before. So it's not like she was only now just having feelings for him."

Isabel smiles gratefully at Laurie as the crowd cheer outside.

"So why do you think you two clashed?"

"We didn't clash that much..."

"But you did also have a disagreement over Kyle and Tess, didn't you?"

Laurie looks at Kyle and Tess who smile proudly at her. She then nods. "Yeah. We just had a difference of opinion."

"But do you think that you'll get along better out here?" Wayne asks her before glancing into the audience. "Because I think Michael will be hoping that you might."

Laurie grins at Michael in the audience and nods. "Yeah, I think we will get along better out here."

Wayne looks at Isabel. "What do you think Isabel? Is there a chance that you two can just get along?"

Isabel laughs lightly and nods. "Being out of the house will help us get along better I'm sure."

Laurie smiles back at her and then turns to Wayne as he speaks. "Another person who you got along famously with was Tess."

Laurie grins as she looks at Tess. "Yeah!"

"Did you expect that you would become friends with anyone like you did with her?"

"No," Laurie smiles shaking her head. "That was something that just happened."

"Do you think that this friendship will last outside of the house?"

"Yeah, definitely," Laurie smiles. "I'm hoping that all the friendships I made in there last out here."

The audience cheers and Laurie looks dazed as she smiles at them.

Wayne looks at her seriously. "What for you was your lowest point inside the house?"

"Um," Laurie thinks for a moment. She looks at Isabel then back at Wayne. "Probably week 2 'cause things seemed kind of tense in the house. But I was really at a low when Michael left. I never once thought that he wasn't going to be there in the final week, so when he left that was a shocking blow for me."

Wayne grins at her. "And what would you say was your highest point?"

"That's hard," Laurie smiles. "There was lots of them, so it's hard to choose just one."

"What about you and Tess having Alex as your project?"

Laurie laughs. "Yeah, that was a good one. But, really there were lots of times when I just enjoyed being in there so it's hard to choose one specific moment."

"Now before we take you back out to the crowd, I have some good news that I have to tell you," Wayne smiles. "But I must confess that I already shared the news with Tess."

Laurie frowns and looks at Tess who stands next to Kyle grinning at her.

"You may not have won Big Brother, but you were granted a request that you asked Big Brother several weeks ago?"

Laurie still frowns. "Really?" She then pauses for a moment and grins excitedly. "Wilson?"

Wayne nods. Laurie grins as she looks at Tess who looks just as excited.

"Big Brother has decided that you and Tess could provide a good home for Wilson, but the only problem you face is who he gets to live with!"

Laurie looks from Tess to Wayne with a smile. "He can stay at both places. We'll work something out."

Wayne nods and stands and walks over to her and kisses her on the cheek. "Laurie, you've been wonderful."

She smiles shyly at him as he sits back down. "Now like I said I'm going to be taking you back out to the crowd in a moment, but first let's have a look at your finest moments in the house, and believe me you've had many."

Laurie grins at him and looks at the screen as she bites her lip.

*click to hear Laurie's Best Moments montage song*

On the screen we see Laurie and Liz are standing looking at the others fighting over the double bed. Laurie asks, "Are they always like that?"

Laurie and Isabel talk on the decking.

"There's so many new people here that I have never met before. Kyle, Sean, Alex. But I spoke to Alex earlier and he was really nice. He's so funny. He said he's going to teach me how to play the bass guitar while we're in here."

Alex gives Laurie her first lesson on the bass guitar.

Alex and Laurie laugh loudly as she tries to learn the fingering techniques he's showing her on the guitar.

Laurie, Max, Liz and Michael talk while sharing the nightshift on the water task.

"I think I came in just really to meet people, it's all so new to me, this getting to know people."

"Couldn't you have met people on the outside?" Max asks.

"Yeah, probably. But in here I have no choice but to get to know people, out there" she gestures with her hand "I don't have to.

Laurie talks in the Diary Room.

How do you think that you have settled into the house?

"It's been a bit overwhelming at times. I'm just not used to having all these people around me. But I'm glad I did it. I'm glad I'm here."

Laurie and Maria talk about Alex in the garden.

Laurie smiles. "I really like him as a friend, Maria, but I don't really know him. And, to be honest...I'm not ready for anything else. And Alex really isn't my type..."

"Oh, really? And what is your type?"

"I don't know," Laurie sighs as she thinks about it. "I've never really thought about it."

"Well, then how are you sure that Alex isn't the guy for you?"

Sean and Laurie talk in the kitchen where Isabel is banging items on the counter.

Sean continues to talk over the noise she's making. "So, what do you think of the rest of the housemates?"

Laurie looks at Isabel. "I guess...I guess I get on better with some people than I do with others..."

Laurie is restless in bed.

Laurie moves about restlessly, She begins to moan slightly before letting out a piercing scream that makes all the girls wake up.

"Nooo!" She screams as she sits up quickly breathing deeply and soaked with sweat.

Laurie talks to Michael, Isabel, and Maria about the nightmare.

Laurie nods her head vigourously. "I just...I just sometimes can't forget it. It's been nearly a year and I can't get over it..."

Laurie and Michael talk in the garden.

She pulls back and smiles at him with tears in her eyes. "Thank you, Michael. And, Michael? You don't ever have to feel inferior to me...I accepted you a long time ago..."

The group sunbathe outside.

Laurie turns to the boy who is lying face down beside her asleep. Her eyes widen when she sees how red his back and the back of his legs have become.

"Kyle, wake up," she shakes him gently.

Maria and Alex sing at Sean's party.

Maria takes Laurie's hand and gets her to join in. Laurie smiles as she sings along and Alex leans closer to her ear to whisper something to her.

Laurie and Isabel talk about Alex.

Isabel nods. "You like him don't you?"

Laurie looks at her cautiously. "Um..."

"It's okay. It's obvious that you do."

Laurie blushes as she looks down at the drinks.

Laurie and Tess talk in the den.

Laurie looks at her sympathetically as she begins to talk. "Tess, they do like you. I mean, Kyle thinks the world of you, you only have to look at tonight to see that." Tess turns to her and starts to talk before Laurie cuts her off. "And Alex? He...he really likes you. You two have so much fun together. And, Sean, and me...I like you."

Laurie and Kyle perform the dance task.

Kyle raises his eyebrows and smirks as Laurie returns his smile. The music begins and they perform the Salsa. Kyle makes a wrong step but quickly recovers. As soon as the music fades, the rest of the group give the usual claps and cheers.

The girls rate the boys. Now they rate Michael.

They look at Laurie. "I'm not even going to rate him! God, he's family!"

Alex and Laurie talk in the den.

Alex nods. "I've been enjoying our friendship, Laurie, and I wouldn't want to lose it."

"Me too," Laurie gives him a genuine smile.

Laurie and Isabel talk in the kitchen about Alex.

Laurie interrupts. "I know that things might seem..." she glances at Alex then looks back to Isabel. "It's not. Alex and I are just friends."

Laurie nods as she gives a slight smile. Isabel holds her gaze and then carries two cups of coffee over to the group. Laurie watches her then looks at Alex who smiles when Isabel says something to him. She looks down and busies herself by pouring another cup of coffee, before taking another look at Alex.

Laurie and Tess discover their toys are missing.

Laurie smiles at Tess as she looks at her bed. Laurie's smile fades as she notices something is missing. "Hey, where's Loco?"

Tess and Laurie walk slowly towards the boys and gasp as they see what they are firing at. The two cuddly toys are tied to the beam with targets behind them.

Michael raises his catapult but Laurie grabs onto his arm. "Okay, we're sorry! Please take them down."

Tess and Laurie talk about the prank.

Laurie looks down at her toy dog and then to Tess. "You call that creative? I call that cruel and they should be made to pay-back!"

Maria and Laurie talk in the kitchen.

Laurie cuts her off and turns to face her fully. "Will you please let it drop and back off? If you don't you will ruin things for me and Alex. Please, just leave it alone. He's a friend and I don't want anything other than that from him."

Maria looks at her and sighs as she turns the gas on underneath the pot. "Sure...if you're sure that's what you want."

As Maria leaves the kitchen Lauries expression changes to one of sadness and she sighs loudly as she finishes chopping. "It is..."

Laurie and Michael talk after Brody moves into the house.

Laurie shrugs. "Well, you're gonna have to have this conversation with someone and since technically I'm your sister in a weird sort of way, I'm not going to let you wallow in self-pity."

Alex teaches Laurie the guitar.

Laurie nods and Alex crouches down beside her placing her fingers on the correct strings. Laurie looks at him for a moment then looks down at the chords as he glances at her.

The housemates play games in the hot tub.

Laurie leans her elbows against the rim of the hot tub. Her back is to the others and she waits nervously as it is now her turn in the game. Alex moves behind Laurie then begins to lick up her spine. Laurie shivers as she gasps. Maria grins as Alex doesn't stop as he skips over her bikini strap and only stops when he reaches her shoulders.

Tess and Laurie talk in the den.

Tess looks at her. "You definately have feelings for him?"

Laurie nods her head sadly. "I don't know what I should do with it Tess...I don't want to get in Isabel's way but...but it's hard. But I'd feel so bad...she was heart-broken and I might not know Isabel that well....but she doesn't seem like the kind of girl who would cry for nothing."

Laurie and Michael argue over Kyle.

"That's enough Michael. It's not his fault." Laurie says quietly but firmly. "He can hear all these snidey comments you know."

Maria, Laurie, Liz, and Alex discuss breakfast.

Laurie sighs. "We're having pancakes?" She then sees Alex's look and forces a smile. "Good, we're having pancakes...again!"

The housemates have an egg fight.

Alex takes the opportunity and throws his own egg at Laurie who is trying to defend herself from an attack from Isabel and Alex. Laurie looks at him and smiles. "Now who's double teaming?"

Alex grins at her warmly. "Well, I am injured..."

The girls sing on the outside table.

Laurie walks forward. She dances suggestively and Michael shakes his head and looks down uncomfortably. She smiles at Alex briefly and he smiles back as she begins to sing.

Laurie and Tess discuss Laurie walking in on Alex and Isabel.

Laurie looks at her. "Yeah, didn't see it. They both looked at me like I was this intruder. Alex was shocked and Isabel just looked unhappy. Do you have any idea how that made me feel?"

Laurie and Alex have just discussed the earlier incident.

He nods his head and smiles. The pair of them stand together for a second looking at each other before Laurie looks away and walks over to the fridge to get the soda out it.

The group discuss their future.

Laurie looks at her. "I...I'm moving closer to Roswell. I want to be close to my family." She smiles at Michael warmly. "Also, it will be nice to be closer to some of the people i've met in here." She looks at Tess, Kyle and Alex and smiles.

Alex, Brody, and Laurie talk at night.

Laurie purses her lips before talking. "When I get out of here I am going to throw a large party to get rid of the crap that happened in here.

Laurie reacts to Michael is to be evicted.

Tess watches her as she looks back up at the studio lights hanging on the ceiling.

"I just...thought that he would win, you know," she says as her voice breaks.

Alex and Laurie talk in the girls bedroom the day after Michael leaves.

She turns to him and looks at him with her eyes glazed over. She doesn't say anything but he takes her hand and gives it a squeeze before letting it go.

"It will get easier Laurie..."

She nods her head and smiles at him as she whispers. "I know it will..."

Kyle gets banned from the kitchen by Tess and Laurie.

"Sorry, Kyle, but you are now officially barred from the kitchen," Laurie smirks at him.

Kyle, Laurie, Alex and Maria who are lying on the couch with their legs on the back of it.

Laurie makes a face and blinks. "Is anyone else starting to feel like they're going to throw up?"

Alex runs after being caught taking Loco.

The others sitting in the lounge exchange amused glances as Laurie chases Alex around the lounge. Alex trips on a cushion and Laurie smirks as she picks up hey soft toy.

"See what happens when you try and hurt Loco?"

Brody, Alex, and Laurie chat at night.

Laurie looks at Alex seriously as she lies on the cushion beside him. "Everyone in here will understand that you had to nominate someone." Alex looks at her intently. "You don't have to worry about upsetting anyone, Alex."

Tess and Laurie talk about Wilson the cat.

"You think if we asked Big Brother, they would maybe let us keep him?"

Laurie looks at her and then to the cat. "Maybe not in here, but maybe they would let us adopt him after we leave the house?"

The group play volleyball.

The ball quickly heads towards Isabel who sets it up for Laurie. Laurie jumps and smashes the ball hard downwards towards Brody who doesn't reach it in time before it falls to the ground.

Laurie and Alex chat in the conservatory.

Alex looks indignant. "You value that cat above me?"

Laurie looks at him like she's considering what he said before grinning as she nods her head. "Yes, yes I do."

Alex sighs and lies down on the cushion. "Your loss..."

Laurie sighs and smiles at him. "Yeah, it would be..."

The group play spin the bottle, and Alex and Isabel kiss.

Laurie watches them for several moments then lowers her gaze slowly before looking at the cushion that she sits on. Tess sees this and puts her arm on her shoulder. Laurie looks up and they exchange a sad smile.

They still play spin the bottle. Laurie has to kiss Kyle.

"Okay, Laurie," Maria says stunned. "I guess it's you and Kyle."

"Does it have to be?" Laurie asks. She then looks to Kyle who's sitting at the other side of Tess. "No offence, Kyle."

Kyle shrugs. "None taken."

It is now Alex's turns to spin the bottle.

He spins the bottle and they all wait for it to stop. Once it does it points at Laurie. Isabel's smile fades as Alex and Laurie exchange a shy look.

As they are about to kiss.

Laurie smiles at him and Alex holds out his hand. She looks down at the offered hand and smiles as she places her hand within his and steps closer to him. He smiles down at her as their eyes meet. He then leans down and she rises a little and their lips touch.

Laurie and Tess talk in the den.

"I saw how you two were and trust me...everyone tonight could see that he isn't just feeling something for Isabel. He's feeling it for you too."

Laurie looks at her then looks away as she considers what's been said.

Brody gives Laurie a piggyback ride after she slips coming out of the hot-tub.

Laurie giggles as Brody carries her into the girls bedroom. As he places her down onto her bed, he and Alex begin to pull the blanket over her and tuck her in. They then sit down on either side of her and grin as she laughs quietly not to waken the other girls.

Laurie shaves Brody's head.

"You girls know what you're doing don't you?"

Laurie nods her head and begins to shave his head, "Of course we do, it's easy...whoops!"

Isabel and Laurie list Alex's good qualities.

Laurie nods in agreement as she looks at Isabel. "Yeah, he's got the looks, personality and talent all rolled into one."

While observing Kyle and Tess.

"I think it's sweet," Laurie says with a wistful smile as she looks at Kyle and Tess. "They both have fallen for each other and they seem so lost in one another."

The group are about to race. It's boys vs girls. Isabel instructs the girls.

Isabel looks at Tess and Laurie. "Tess you go next and Laurie beat Kyle."

Laurie looks at her startled then nods. "O...kay," she says unconvincingly.

Alex and Laurie play rock-paper-scissors for the shower.

Laurie laughs victoriously and grins at him. "My paper covers your rock so I win."

"Best of three?"

Laurie shakes her head with a grin. "Uh-uh, now if you'll excuse me," she opens the door as Alex lets go of her hand. "I'm going to take my shower."

Alex makes a face which she returns and both grin before she closes the door.

Laurie and Alex talk in the lounge area.

Laurie looks at him and smiles, "Honestly? I think I'll miss being in here. I'll miss being able to fool around with you guys, I'll miss being surrounded by friends 24/7. I won't miss the cameras, but I'll be sad going back to Arizona."

Alex looks at her, "Well, you'll be back in Roswell in no time. You already have a place to stay and a job, plus you already have friends who will be glad that you are there. I'd miss you if you were in Arizona."

Laurie smiles at him from the cushions, "Thanks Alex, I'd miss you too."

Laurie sits on the couch holding the simulated doll.

"How does she do it?" Tess asks amazed as she sits with Kyle and Alex.

Laurie smiles at her and then grins at Alex and Kyle. "So it looks like it's Romeo and Juliet tonight then, huh guys?"

Laurie and Alex talk in the kitchen at night.

Alex's smile widens. "So will you please join me in a late night chat, Miss DuPree?"

Laurie smiles slowly and nods. "Okay, Mr. Whitman. But remember that Brody isn't here to tell us to keep it down, so we'll have to do that ourselves."

"I'll try and remember that," Alex grins as Laurie returns his smile.

Laurie performs the pop band task.

Laurie sings into the camera as she dance to the music.

Kyle's eviction night as Kyle and Tess talk after his name is announced.

Laurie watches this and turns away to look at Isabel who watches Kyle and smirks slightly. Laurie looks at her angrilly and shakes her head as Isabel turns away.

Laurie confronts Isabel.

Laurie stands up beside Isabel and grabs her arm, "I was the only one who looked. Alex was too busy trying to comfort Tess. Now, you can say what you want, but I know what you did, and I know what you are thinking. If you say or do anything else that shows Kyle or Tess what you think and makes this harder on them, I promise you I will tell them what you did."

Laurie defends Kyle and Tess's relationship to Isabel.

"But it grew. That's what happens when you fall in love with someone. You should know that."

Laurie and Tess talk in the den.

Laurie looks at her and smiles. "Well, we could do something that doesn't require a lot of effort..."

Tess turns to her and grins. "We could go and torment Alex..."

Laurie looks at her and smiles. "That sounds good..."

Isabel and Laurie argue.

Laurie shakes her head. "It is personal. You're questioning her feelings for Kyle. And you're doing it in front of everyone who is watching this. Plus you didn't have to show how pleased you were when Kyle was leaving."

Alex sings Your Song outside.

Laurie stands at the conservatory door and watches Alex sing softly. Both Laurie and Isabel seem to drift into thought as they lower their gaze as he continues to sing. Laurie looks back up at him as he looks down at his guitar as he strums.

Alex catches Tess and Laurie planning a prank against him.

"Look you can't even deny it without grinning!"

Laurie gasps with a laugh. "It's because of the way you're looking at me!"

Laurie plays the bass guitar.

Laurie begins playing a little before sitting the guitar down. Tess claps enthusiastically and Isabel looks at her and smiles. "You've learned that pretty good, Laurie."

Laurie blushes as she hands the guitar back to Alex. "I had a good teacher..."

Alex smiles and gives her a quick hug as he grins. "Well, when excellent pupil meets with an excellent teacher it can't help but work..."

Tess and Laurie talk about Alex.

"You know the look that you said that I had whenever I saw or talked about Kyle."

Laurie blushes again as her smile widens.

"It's obvious that you've fallen for him," Tess smiles gently.

Laurie tries to get Alex out of bed.

He tries to hold onto the sheets and soon they both tug at them. Laurie raises an eyebrow as she looks at him.

"I'll get Tess to help me," she smirks. "Then it will be 2 against 1."

The housemates discuss regrets in the house.

Laurie thinks for a minute before sighing. "I think I held back a lot in the first few weeks. I didn't really get to stand out and I blame myself for that, I sat back too much and I think I expected everyone else to make the first move..."

Laurie finds Loco hanging in the shower.

Isabel nods her head but is interupted by a piercing scream coming from the shower room. Isabel looks at Tess and they both jump out of their beds and run to the door to see Laurie running out of the shower room holding the tie with Loco attached.

"He...he...I'm going to kill him!" Laurie runs for the girls room and Tess and Isabel both jump out of the way to let her past. Laurie runs over to the bed Alex is sleeping in and shouts at him loudly. "Alex!"

The group discuss who they thought would be in the final 3.

Laurie nods. "Yeah. You had that quality that some people would like. You know like a puppy?"

Tess giggles as Alex looks offended. "Oh, so you see me as a dog?"

Laurie laughs and blushes. "No! I meant..."

Alex threatens to throw an egg at Laurie.

"Oh, really," Alex says as he stands up holding another egg.

Laurie's eyes widen and she holds up the broom as she backs away. "This isn't fair, Alex, I don't have anything to protect myself with."

Alex and Laurie struggle over a basin of water.

As they jerk the basin the water spills out onto Alex's stomach and waist. Laurie laughs loudly and Alex looks at her and smirks as he tilts the basin towards her spilling water onto her. She gasps and Alex begins to laugh.

Alex, Laurie, and Tess playfight in the lounge.

Alex frowns and looks behind him only to see Laurie standing on top of the table holding a tomato which she rubs into the side of his face.

After the 3 of them fall of the table.

Alex and Laurie hold each other's gaze for a second as their faces are extremely close as she lies underneath him. They then avoid looking at each other and look at the table.

Alex whines about being the only boy left in the house.

Laurie stands and walks over to him and sits beside him. "Because it would be no fun without you here." She then pauses and smirks. "Who would we torture like we do you?"

Alex gives her a look which causes her to laugh.

Laurie tries the snowboarding game.

Laurie begins to move tentatively from side to side before moving more forcefully as she tries to turn one of the sharper corners. She grits her teeth as she manouveurs over one of the jumps and cheers as she lands. She grins at the others but as she stops paying attention to the screen she crashes into a wall. "Dammit!"

Laurie talks in the Diary Room.

She waits for Big Brother to speak but when they don't respond she clears her throat. "But if I have to say who might win then..." she clasps her hands together and looks down at them. "I think Alex will. He's this brilliant guy that every girl out there will just love," she says looking into the camera.

As the screen fades to the live feed of Alex inside the house. Laurie turns to Wayne with a shy smile. Wayne grins at her as he gestures to her as he looks at the audience.

"Everyone, our runner-up...Laurie!"

The audience cheer and applaud as Laurie smiles at them. Wayne stands and takes her hand as she rises. They walk out of the studio back onto the stage and the crowd go crazy, waving banners, cheering, blowing horns, and they begin to cheer Laurie's name.

"Everyone, let's hear it for our runner-up in Roswell's Big Brother...Laurie!" Wayne bellows.

Laurie grins at the crowd who are cheering and chanting wildly. She waves to them which makes them cheer louder, and turns around and waves to the other side of the stage.

As the crowd continues to cheer for Laurie, Wayne grins into the camera. "For now we're going to go to the commercials, but when we come back we'll be bringing out our winner of Roswell's Big Brother."