The camera pans over a crowd that is chanting each of the remaining housemates names. It then comes to stop at a huge stage that has been assembled beside the large screen which is erected and shows the crowd a live feed of Alex, Laurie and Tess inside the house.

The camera then moves down the stage underneath the erected screen and moves up the gang-plank. As it passes the main gate it heads for the first one and former housemates can be seen standing along side the Big Brother house. The camera only stops once it comes to Wayne who is standing against the front door to the house.

"In here," Wayne gestures behind him as he speaks quietly. "The 3 remaining housemates have been pacing the house desperate to finally be let loose. One of them, however, will leave $250,000 richer!"

He then moves away from the door. "9 weeks ago we placed 10 people into the Big Brother house and we have watched as one by one they have left," He begins to walk forward and as he says each housemate's name they come into view and walk behind him. "We've said goodbye to Sean, Max, Michael, Maria, Liz, Brody, Kyle, and Isabel."

As the former housemates walk behind him they begin to clown around and grin into the camera. Maria and Liz grab Kyle and skip and he laughs. As Wayne gets to the first gate he stops and looks seriously into the camera while the others can still be seen to be laughing and joking.

"Tonight we will also say goodbye to Alex, Laurie and Tess. In what order? Nobody knows!"

He then runs down the gang-plank to the main gate and the former housemates cheer him on as he runs underneath the erected screen onto the main stage. As soon as the crowd see him they cheer loudly.

"We are live on Channel 11 and KROZ radio and this is the Finale of Big Brother!" Wayne bellows. "Tonight we declare the winner!"

The crowd give a massive, echoing cheer. Wayne laughs as he looks around at the massive crowd as they wave their banners and chant Alex, Laurie, and Tess' names.


As the camera pans the studio audience they cheer loudly. The camera comes to a stop at Wayne who is standing in front of the large screen in the studio that shows a live feed to the house.

Wayne grins into the camera. "Can you believe that it's already 64 days since they entered the house? If you look behind me," he gestures to the screen. "You can see that they all look excited but also nervous about leaving tonight."

Alex, Laurie and Tess are in the lounge area already wearing their eviction outfits. They are chatting and laughing, but at the same time fanning themselves from the heat with old instruction sheets.

Wayne then smiles again. "Now I can tell you that the nation has been voting all week and the numbers are the highest we have ever seen, but the votes are very very close." He then glances at the screen again then turns back to the camera. "It's so close that we cannot predict who is coming in third, second and first."

He then grins again. "If you have not yet decided who you want to win, then why not? Here is what Alex, Laurie, and Tess have to say to help you decide."

The screen changes to Alex sitting in front of a curtain looking slightly nervous. "Why do I want to go into the Big Brother house? Umm, to get discovered by a record producer who wants to offer me a million dollar contract?" He grins as he laughs gently before continuing, "I guess that would be nice but I think it will be an interesting experience, one that will hopefully teach me a lot about myself."

Alex then looks straight at the camera and grins. "Umm, I just want to say that I really hope you guys like me. I just want to go in there and be myself and with any luck you won't want to vote me out."

The image changes to Laurie sitting looking shyly into the camera.

"I think it will be a chance for me to get to know people intimately. I have never really had an opportunity to do anything remotely like this so it should be...different but hopefull good for me."

Laurie smiles as she continues. "What would I like to say to the public? I guess I just want to say I hope you will all understand how hard it is for me doing this and will give me a chance to open up. I hope you will all want to keep me in. Thanks!"

Laurie smiles and her image fades to show Tess sitting looking excitedly at the camera.

"Wow, I umm, I guess I want to go in because it's such a weird situation. I mean, I will be giving up my freedom voluntarily for 9 weeks to live in a house with 9 other people that I might not even like. I mean how weird and exciting is that?" She bounces slightly as she giggles lightly. "And I will be one of only a tiny ammount of people that will have experienced's just great that I'll have that chance."

She then smiles excitedly at the camera as she begins to speak. "I just want to say that I am really looking forward to getting in the house in the first place. The whole situation is sssooo surreal it's unbelievable and I am just going to go in there and be myself. I won't be playing any games and I hope that you all will want to keep me in. And here's hoping that I'll see you all in 9 weeks. Thanks!"

The screen changes back to Wayne who is laughing lightly. "Tess looked almost giddy there. Wow, Laurie has definitely came out of her shell these past 9 weeks, and I wonder if there are any record producers out there waiting to snap up Alex?"

He then smiles again. "Well, soon we will be talking to the housemates family and friends, but for now let's take a look at what has been happening in the house these past 24 hours."

Day 63 - 10:23am

Day 63 in the Big Brother house. After staying up into the early hours last night all the housemates are still asleep.

Laurie, Alex, and Tess lie sound asleep in their own beds.

This is Big Brother, will someone please change the batteries in the microphones.

None of the group move and are still sleeping.


All the housemates are now only just waking up.

Laurie sighs as she lies in bed. "What time is it?"

"I think we might have slept in," Alex tells her as he swings his legs off his own bed.

Tess walks into the girls bedroom and yawns. "Guys, we've really slept in. It's just after 11."

Laurie groans as she looks up at the ceiling. "We have never slept in this late before," she looks at Alex. "Have we?"

"Don't think so," Alex shrugs.

Tess grins at them both and jumps up onto Laurie's bed. "You do realise that this is our second last morning inside the Big Brother house?"

Laurie sits up and smiles. "And tomorrow's out last. You know this time on Saturday we won't be in here."

Alex smiles as he stands. "Nope, instead we'll be in a hotel."

"An expensive hotel," Tess grins.

"Not for us," Alex smirks. "We'll probably get a motel 6."

Tess and Laurie laugh and Tess bounces on the bed. "We're going home!"


The housemates have spent all morning on the decking sunbathing.

Alex looks around the garden as he sits on the deckchair. "Do you think we should take anything from the house?"

"What like a momento?" Laurie asks as she lies on a cushion next to Tess.

"Yeah," Alex nods. "Like a momento."

Tess raises her hand as she lies on her stomach. "I call the cushion."

Alex frowns as he looks at her then looks at Laurie as she rests on her elbows as she lies on her back. "And I call the other cushion."

"You can't call furniture," Alex tells them.

"Why not?" Tess asks as she sits up a little and looks over her shoulder.

"Because they will put it up for auction. They won't let us take it."

Laurie looks at him curiously. "You think?"

Alex nods. "Anyway if they do let us take it then I'm taking the Diary Room chair." He then smiles. "That'll be worth something...depending on how successful the show was that is."

Tess smiles as she lies back down. "Well, I'm definitely taking this," she says as she snuggles into the cushion that she lies on. "It's too cosy to give up."

Laurie nods in agreement as she lies back down while Alex shakes his head with a smirk.


Laurie and Tess clean out the chicken coop. Big Brother has called Alex to the Diary Room.

Alex looks up above the door and sees that the light is green. He walks into the Diary Room and sits down on the chair.

Hello, Alex.

"Hey, Big Brother."

How do you feel about leaving on Friday?

Alex smiles as he looks into the camera. "Ecstatic. I really can't wait to get out of here and I am literally counting the hours until I leave."

What do you hope to do when you leave?

"Um," Alex leans his head back against the chair and sighs. "Just spend time with my family. My friends. Everyone really."

What about the other housemates?

"I consider almost all the housemates to be my friends so I will definitely be spending time with them," Alex says sincerely. "Actually Laurie, Tess and I have been talking about doing something either on Friday night or Saturday with the others so..." he sits forward in the chair and looks directly into the camera. "Guys, you listening? You better be prepared to go out and have some fun this weekend. And don't worry whoever wins this will be buying, so the rest of us can just chill out."


The housemates relax in the lounge area. Big Brother calls Laurie to the Diary Room.

This is Big Brother, will Laurie please come to the Diary Room.

The 3 of them exchange a look and Alex smiles as she stands up. "What did you do?"

"Nothing," Laurie tells him.

"I think someone's in trouble," Alex sings.

Laurie picks up a cushion from the couch and fires it at him.

"Ow!" Alex says unconvincingly as he holds his face. "That hurt!"

Laurie looks at him and grins as she walks backwards. "Good."

Alex attempts to give her a wounded look but fails when he grins. Laurie grins back at him before she walks towards the Diary Room. Alex turns to Tess.

"Finger wrestle?"

Tess looks at him as if she is going to say no then shrugs. "Okay."

As Alex takes her hand he gives her a warning look. "This time don't try and pierce me with you nail."

"Wimp," Tess smirks as she rest her elbow on the couch as does he. "That's your excuse for getting beat last time."

Alex gives her a look. "You made me bleed!"

"Details," Tess smiles sweetly at him, and he gasps indignantly.

In the Diary Room Laurie sits down on the chair.

Hello, Laurie.

"Hi, Big Brother."

How do you feel about leaving on Friday?

Laurie smiles slowly. "Excited and a little scared."

Why do you feel scared?

Laurie pauses for a moment as she considers the question. "Its just...just a little scary because I've been in here for 9 weeks now, and I have absolutely no idea what I'm walking out to. But at the same time I'm excited because I miss the people who were in here, and some of them I really miss. So it will be good to see them again."

What do you hope to do when you leave?

"Um," Laurie thinks for a moment then smiles into the camera. "Spend time with some people close to me. And, just generally do things that I never really did before." She then looks away from the camera and her smile fades. "Because before I came in here I never really did certain things before and always felt like I didn't want to be involved in anything and just wanted to run the other way when it keep to stuff."

She then looks back into the camera with a small smile. "But now I've made new friends that know I'm going to stay in touch with, and I have more of an idea of what I want to do in life. I know where my life is heading and I'm really looking forward to it," she says grinning.


Big Brother has decided to provide the housemates with a special meal to celebrate being the final 3 in the house. The housemates have decided to have dinner in the conservatory.

Alex, Laurie, and Tess sit around a table provided by Big Brother as they eat their meal. Alex looks at the girls and smiles.

"Last meal in the Big Brother house," he smiles at them.

Laurie and Tess smile back at him and Tess shakes her head with a smirk. "No, it's the last dinner. Tomorrow we'll have breakfast and lunch in here."

Alex smiles back mockingly as Tess and Laurie laugh. "Funny. You know what I meant though."

"Yeah," Tess smiles before taking a bite of her pork.

"And tonight we have the party," Laurie reminds them.

Alex shakes his head. "Did we really have to choose disco as the theme?"

Laurie and Tess nod with as they exchange grins.

"C'mon, Alex, you know you'll look good with an afro," Tess smiles as she reaches over and rubs his short hair.

Alex gently brushes her hand away. "Get off! There is no way in hell am I wearing a wig!"

"Aw, go on, Alex," Laurie grins. "It will be a new look that I think your band might appreciate."

Tess shakes her head as she takes another bite. "Maria's band."

"My band!" Alex glares at Tess who laughs along with Laurie. "It's my band. The band is called The Whits. As in Whitman."

"You know the Deluca's sound good too," Tess grins.

"Yeah, it just rolls off your tongue better," Laurie smirks as she looks at Tess. "Like it's the perfect name for a band."

Tess nods. "Yeah. I mean The Whits? What's that about?"

"Hey, hey, hey!" Alex cuts in which causes the girls to laugh more. "The Whits is the perfect name for a band. And not just any band but the band that I formed and named. My band, not Maria's."

"Okay, Alex," Laurie nods while trying to stifle a laugh.

"Yeah, Alex," Tess nods trying to look serious. "We won't call it Maria's band anymore."

Alex looks at them both suspiciously then nods. "Thank you."

As he returns to his meal Laurie and Tess exchange a mischievous smile. Laurie turns around on her chair and looks up at camera.

"Maria, you really should consider naming your band The Deluca's."

Tess looks up at the camera. "Yeah, it has a nice ring to it."

Alex groans and drops his knife and fork onto his plate as he holds his head in his hands. "Big Brother see what I have to put up with," he mutters as the girls giggle.


The housemates are getting ready for their party which has a Disco theme. Big Brother has provided the housemates with outfits to suit the theme.

Laurie and Tess are getting ready in the girls bedroom. Alex walks out of the boys bedroom wearing flares, shirt and vest. He looks up at the mirrorball that is hanging in the conservatory and shakes his head. He examines himself in the mirror on the wall and sighs.

"Okay I now officially won't be able to live this down."

"Woohoo, Alex!"

Alex looks up to see Tess walk out of the girls bedroom towards him wearing a retro pantsuit. Laurie follows her out of the bedroom and is wearing a retro dress.

"Ladies, you look lovely as usual," Alex smiles at them.

Laurie smiles at him. "You look good too."

Alex looks down at himself. "I cannot believe that anyone would think that while I'm wearing this."

"Oh, c'mon," Tess says as she stands next to him. "Your too into those pants you wear all of the time."

Alex looks offended. "What's wrong with what I wear?"

Tess looks at the wig that sits on the deckchair in the conservatory. "I know how I could make you look better."

Alex looks at her then at the wig. "No! Do not even think about putting that anywhere near the vicinity of my head."

"It'll be fun," Tess presses with a grin. "You'll be remembered by everyone for doing it."

"By looking like a dork?" Alex asks her incredulously. "Thanks, but no thanks. I have some dignity that I would like to keep."

Tess looks at Laurie and nods towards Alex. Laurie looks back at her and nods as she slowly walks over to him.

"Tess, leave Alex alone," Laurie says as she looks at Alex innocently. "He said no."

Alex looks at her and smiles gratefully. "Thank you, Laurie."

"You're welcome, Alex," Laurie smiles sweetly at him.

Laurie and Tess exchange a look and Laurie attempts grab Alex by the arm while Tess rushes over with the wig. Alex jumps away quickly and laughs.

"Ah ha! You thought I wasn't onto you two!" he gloats. "The Master knows everything!"

"Please, Alex," Tess whines.


"Pretty please?" Laurie says sweetly.

Alex smiles at her. "Well, since you asked so"

He then runs towards the kitchen as the girls chase him.


The housemates party is in full swing.

Tess and Laurie dance to disco music that is blared into the house through the speakers by Big Brother. They look at Alex who is eating at the buffet. Tess grabs his hand.

"C'mon, Alex, you've only danced twice."

"It's disco," Alex complains.

Tess pulls him over to them and Laurie takes his other hand. Alex gives in and begins to dance along with them.

Alex grins at them. "Okay, we going to try the ultimate disco move."

"What this," Tess says as she imitates John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever by point her finger in the air.

Laurie laughs and Alex smiles. "Close but not quite."

He stretches out and Laurie smiles. "I know what means."

Laurie and Tess both stand back on their heels until they're all at arm's length. Alex looks at them and smiles wickedly. "Now I do have a tendency of letting people go while doing this."

"Or letting them drop," Tess smirks.

Alex cocks and eyebrow and nods. "And letting them drop. So if you get injured then don't blame me."

Tess and Laurie nod and Alex smiles. "Here we go."

The 3 of them begin to spin slowly and the girls laugh loudly as they pick up speed.

"Alex, we can't do this with three people," Tess says worriedly.

"Sure we can," Alex calls out before they go crashing to the floor.

All 3 of them laugh loudly as the stay on the floor. Alex is the first to sit up.

"Okay, maybe 3 can't do it as well as 2."

Laurie looks at him as she brushes herself down. "Maybe."

Alex bites his lip as he stands up. "Okay we're going to try it again in pairs."

He holds out his hands and both Tess and Laurie take the offered hand and stand. "Okay, who's first?"

Tess and Laurie look at each other and Tess nods to Laurie, who looks back at her with a smile. Laurie then turns to Alex who is smiling at her. He offers her his hand which she accepts. Tess watches as Alex and Laurie stand ready to spin.

"You ready?" Alex asks her.

Laurie nods and they begin to spin. As they pick up speed both laugh and Tess smiles as she watches them. After they stop spinning they keep a hold of each other's hands as they laugh.

Laurie looks at Tess and grins. "You have got to try this."

Tess nods as Laurie steps aside. Tess looks at Alex as he grins at Laurie then looks at her.

"Now, Tess, I'll try and not let go, but I can't promise anything," Alex smirks at her.

Tess looks at him horrified. "Don't you dare!"

Alex grins and they then begin to spin slowly. Tess closes her eyes as they pick up speed and Alex laughs loudly as he sees her.

"Okay, Tess, I'm now letting go."

"Alex, don't!" Tess screams.

Alex laughs again and Laurie calls over to him with a smile. "Alex, don't be cruel!"

"I can't help it," Alex calls back with a grin. "See what happens when she picks on me for days on end."

As the song comes to an end they begin to slow down. As they stop Tess opens her eyes again to see Alex grinning at her. Laurie walks over to them.

"How did you feel?"

"Terrified," Tess confesses. She then smiles at Alex. "Can we do it again?"


The party is now over. Alex and Laurie talk in the lounge area while Tess has been called to the Diary Room.

Tess sits down on the Diary Room chair and looks into the camera.

Hello, Tess.

"Hello, Big Brother," Tess smiles.

How do you feel about leaving on Friday?

Tess bites her lip as she considers the question. "Nervous and extremely happy all rolled into one."

Why are you nervous?

Tess lowers her gaze. "Because I know that I've done things in here in the early days that I'm not proud of, and I'm worried that people will hold that against me, rather than what I've become now."

What do you hope to do when you leave?

Tess smiles into the camera. "Spend time with some of the people in here. Spend time with my family. Continue to build on relationships that I made in here. Especially with Kyle. Basically look forward instead of to the past."

Day 64 - 8:21am

Day 64 in the Big Brother house. This is the housemates last day in the Big Brother house. Tonight one of them will win Big Brother. The girls are awake while Alex is still asleep.

Tess and Laurie stand in the kitchen drinking water. Laurie sighs. "I'm feeling nervous about tonight. Are you?"

Tess nods. "I'm filled with nerves."

Laurie nods and looks towards the girls bedroom. "How can Alex sleep in a time like this?"

"I know!" Tess agrees. "It's like he's Mr. Calm. I'm more like Miss. Ready To Lose It."

"Me too," Laurie nods. She then takes another drink of water. "But everyone's going to be there tonight." She then grins. "Kyle will be there."

Tess grins as she sighs contently. "Yeah. I can't wait to get out of here tonight."

Laurie nods as she raises her glass. "Our last day here."

Tess smiles as she clicks their glasses together. "Home here we come."


The housemates are sitting at the outside table talking about tonight's finale.

Alex looks at them both. "Seriously I want to go first."

Laurie shakes her head. "Alex, sorry for having to tell you this but you won't be going first. That honour will go to me and you or Tess will win Big Brother."

"Don't be so sure," Alex smiles at her. "I have pissed off enough people with my ways for them to hate me enough not to win Big Brother."

Tess smirks at him. "Alex, it doesn't count when you just piss off people in here."

Alex makes a face at her. "Ha ha, very funny."

Tess and Laurie giggle as Alex folds his arms.

"You two, will be in here panicking over the cameras while I'll be out there just chilling out."

"We don't panic," Laurie tells him, indignantly.

Alex rests his folded arms onto the table. "Oh, really? What time did you wake up at this morning."

Laurie and Tess exchange a look.

"And, who was it that was planning on putting on their eviction outfits at 9:30 in the morning?"

Tess looks at him seriously. "What's your point, Alex?"

Laurie looks at her. "I think he's trying to say that he's calmer than us about tonight."

Alex nods smugly. "That's exactly what I'm trying to tell you."


The housemates have just finished lunch. They now stand on top of the outside table in an attempt to see over the wall that surrounds the Big Brother house.

Alex, Laurie, and Tess stand on the table. Laurie looks at them both as they stand on either side of her. "Do you think it will break?"

Alex shakes his head. "Not if you don't topple me over again it won't."

Laurie raises an eyebrow and Alex smirks at her before they both look towards the wall. Tess leans forward a little to look past Laurie to Alex.

"Alex, can you see anything?"

"Just mountains. And a crane. Oh, and a huge screen."

"Really?" Tess asks excitedly.

Alex looks at her and nods. "Yeah." He then looks back out. "Hello?" he bellows.

He looks at the girls and they join him as they yell at the top of their voices in unison.


They pause for a moment then exchange grins when they hear people call back to them and they hear cheering.

"I guess some people turned up after all?" Alex grins at them.

Laurie and Tess nod as they grin back at him.


Big Brother has provided the housemates with hot water for the full day. The housemates are now changing into their eviction outfits.

Tess gets changed in the girls bedroom while Laurie comes out of the ensuite wrapped in a towel.

"Kyle, is going to love that dress on you," Laurie smiles as she walks over towards her own bed.

Tess smiles at her gratefully. "I hope so. I wouldn't be surprised if a certain guy is blown away when he sees you in your dress."

Laurie smiles at her. "No, fantasies remember?"

"Might not be a fantasy," Tess says softly.

Laurie smiles but doesn't reply. She then begins to dry her hair with a smaller towel. "It's good that they turned on the hot water all day. That bath felt really good."

"Yeah," Tess agrees. "They had to wait until the last day though, didn't they?"

Laurie nods with a smile. "Yep."

In the boys bedroom Alex looks at himself in the mirror and takes a deep breath. He is wearing a smart looking shirt and pants. He exhales and takes another deep breath.

"This is it," he whispers. "I'm going home."


The girls help apply each other's make-up while Alex sits in the lounge area.

Alex sits on the chair and drums his hands nervously against his legs. He then stands and begins to pace the lounge. He takes a deep breath as he looks out of the closed conservatory door. He sits down on the couch and begins to fidget nervously again.

Tess walks out of the girls bedroom and Alex turns around. "Wow, you look amazing," Alex compliments her.

Tess looks down at her dress and blushes as she smiles at him. "Thank you, Alex. You look pretty good too."

"Why thank you," Alex smiles back at her. He then looks behind her as Laurie walks out of the girls bedroom adjusting her bracelet.

Laurie looks up to see Alex looking at her intently. She blushes a little and then slowly smiles. "You look great, Alex."

Alex clears his throat shyly as he stands. "You look...beautiful."

Laurie smiles as she holds his gaze. She then turns to Tess. "Not long now before we leave."

Tess nods and smiles at Alex. "How many hours now, Alex?"

Alex is still looking at Laurie. "Hmm?"

Tess raises her eyebrows and Alex clears his throat as he blushes and quickly looks at the digital clock. Tess grins at Laurie who is watching Alex look at the clock on the kitchen wall.

"It's now 5:36 so that means that it's 4 hours and 54 minutes before the winner leaves." He then looks at them again and quickly sits down on the couch.

Tess and Laurie exchange a look and walk over to him. "Are you okay, Alex?" Tess asks with concern.

Alex rubs the palm of his hands on his pant legs. "Yep," he answers nervously. "Not long until we're out front of everyone...everyone including cameras."

Laurie sits down beside him. "Alex, you have to calm down."

Alex looks at her with a nervous smile. "I am calm. Have been all day."

Tess sits down at his other side. "But now the prospect of leaving is terrifying you."

"I've been in front of crowds before," he says looking at her.

"But not one like this," Tess tells him.

Laurie takes his hand. "You've just got nerves." She then looks down at his hand which is shaking. "Everyone will love you. You're still here aren't you?"

Alex smiles gratefully at her as Tess takes his other hand. "You made it to the final 3, Alex. We just got lucky but people really love you." She then smiles. "Remember we heard them say it."

Alex makes a face at her. "You had to bring that up again didn't you?"

Tess and Laurie giggle and Alex wraps his fingers around theirs. "We're going home."

Laurie and Tess nod as they echo his words and tighten their grip as he looks from one to the other. "We're going home."


Wayne is standing outside again at the barrier just outside of the studio. The crowd are blowing horns and cheering and chanting like crazy.

"Now as you can see we have a massive amount of people here tonight to see who wins Big Brother. There's over 1500 people all here to cheer on Alex, Laurie and Tess." He points towards the crowd. "Look at some of these banners. 'Tess marry Kyle!' and another one says 'Alex kiss Laurie again! You know you want to!', but it looks like we've still got people wanting Alex with Isabel as that one there reads 'Alex and Isabel staring underneath the stars!"

He turns back to the camera. "It's just crazy. People have chosen their favourites and there's a huge amount of banners out there showing their support for our three remaining housemates."

He walks over to the barrier and the crowd go crazy. "Who do you want to win?"

"Alex!" the girl screams.

"Why?" Wayne asks.

The girl leans closer into the microphone. "Because he's the best! He deserves to win it!"

Another girl then bellows, "He's gorgeous too! Laurie and Isabel were right, he is the whole package!"

Wayne moves on to another person in the crowd. "Who do you want to win and why?"

"Laurie! She's brilliant! Smart, gorgeous and funny!" the girl then bellows into the mic. "She's got to tell Alex that she loves him!"

Wayne laughs and moves further up. He comes to some people who are waving bottles of Tabasco sauce. "Let me guess," Wayne laughs. "You want Tess to win?"

"Yes!" The group of girls cheer. "She's been the best person in the house! Tess to win! Tess to win!"

Wayne laughs as he walks back towards the studio. "Now it's time to talk to the housemate's family and friends!"

The audience cheer loudly as he walks back into the studio. "Over here we have friends and family showing their support for Alex, Laurie and Tess!"

In the studio where the audience sits, on the wall behind them are large pictures of each individual housemates, including former housemates. Alex, Laurie, and Tess' pictures are larger and raised out.

Wayne sits down in the audience. "Now everyone is here tonight. We have Alex's family and friends which include former housemates Liz, Maria, and Isabel."

The audience applaud and Liz, Maria, and Isabel smile at the camera before looking at Wayne.

"Why should Alex win?" Wayne asks Liz.

Liz looks at him. "He's been through a lot in there. In fact he's been through the most I think. And really he's a deserving winner."

"What qualities make him a deserving winner?" Wayne asks Maria.

"He's smart, funny, sweet, caring, he is really everything that a girl can ever want," Maria grins. "All the girls watching this are probably in love with him while the guys would like to have him as a friend."

Wayne then points the microphone to Isabel. "Well, Isabel I think that you and Laurie fall under that category..."

Isabel blushes with a shy smile as Wayne smiles.

"Do you think that's true? That the reasons stated by Liz and Maria is why he should win?"

Isabel nods sincerely. "Yes, definitely. You could not find a kinder, loving guy anywhere in the world like Alex. He is one in a million and he deserves to win."

Wayne smiles at her then looks at Alan and a woman who sits beside him. "Now here we have Alan and Kate, Alex's mom and dad."

"Do you think that your son has what it takes to win this?"

Kate nods. "Alex has proved himself to be a real star in there. I think he could win it."

Wayne then looks curiously at her. "Now I have asked Alan about this, but I wanted to get your take on the triangle that Alex has found himself in?"

"That was a surprise," Kate laughs. "But, to be honest I'm not that surprised. Alex is a loving boy, and both girls realise what a catch he is."

Isabel looks at Kate as she continues to look at Wayne.

"Do you think that he is confused and has romantic feelings for both girls?"

Kate nods. "Yes. I think that Alex does have romantic feelings for both Laurie and Isabel, and that is something that he will have to deal with once he comes out of the house."

"Do you mean that he will have to choose?"

"Yes, but first he needs time on his own to examine his feelings," Kate says. "I think it would be best if he was given the space to do that."

Wayne nods and glances at Isabel who is looking at Kate who still doesn't look back at her. Wayne moves up a row to Kyle, Jim, Amy, Sean and Max. "Now you guys are here for Tess."

Kyle grins. "Yes we are."

"Now, Kyle, we know how close you and Tess became inside the house..."

Kyle nods as he smiles.

"Why should Tess win Big Brother?"

"There is no reason why she shouldn't. She's beautiful both on the inside and the outside, and she deserves to leave that house as a winner."

Wayne then looks at Jim. "Do you agree with your son's words?"

Jim nods. "Once you get to know her you see the real Tess. And the viewers have seen her at her worst and at her best, so like Kyle said there is no reason why she shouldn't win this."

"Okay, Jim, I've got to ask," Wayne grins. "Are you worried about what will happen when Tess leaves here tonight?"

Jim looks at Kyle who looks back at him with a sheepish smile. "I have nothing to worry about. I trust them both to be responsible about things."


Jim clears his throat and nods. "Yes, really."

Wayne smiles at him then moves onto Amy. "And here we have Amy, Maria's mom, Sean and Max."

Sean grins at the camera as the audience cheer. Amy smiles at Wayne. "I have to just clarify that I'm here to show my support for both Alex and Tess, and even Laurie who I have never met but who has been a sweetheart in the house these past 9 weeks."

The audience applaud and Michael smiles at Amy as he sits in the row across from her.

"Who do you think should win?"

"They all should," Amy says sincerely. "Those 3 have entertained everyone these past 9 weeks and they have been fun to watch. So I can't say who should win. They're all winners."

Wayne then points the microphone at Sean. "Do you agree?"

"Yeah," Sean nods. "Those 3 were a fun three to be left in the house, and I think they all deserve to win."

Wayne then looks at Max who looks at him sheepishly. "Now, Max, you had some problems with Tess..."

"Yeah," Max says shyly and Kyle leans forward to look at him.

"Why do you think she should win?"

Max looks at Kyle and the others who are looking at him. "Because she's been through a lot, and after week 2 you could see her starting to have fun in the house. That's what she needed most."

Wayne nods and walks over to Michael and Brody who sit across from Kyle. "Now Michael and Brody you are here for Laurie."

Both nod while saying "Yeah."

"Why do you think that Laurie should win?" Wayne asks Michael.

Michael scratches at his eyebrow as he answers. "She's been the best one in there. Being in there has allowed her to just be herself and open up. She's had fun and people have liked her otherwise she wouldn't have made it here now."

"Now you got voted back into the house last week?"

"Uh-huh," Michael nods.

"What did you think of how Laurie has been handling herself in the house since you last saw her several weeks ago?"

Michael shrugs. "I'd been watching it on tv since I left so I knew how she had been in there. I just gave her some advice, and I'm not sure if she took it though."

"You also spoke to Alex?" Wayne says looking at him.

Michael nods. "Yeah. I just took him aside and told him he has to watch what he's doing in there 'cause I know that once he gets out of there either Laurie or Izzy is going to get hurt. And I don't want to see that happen but now I think it's inevitable."

Isabel looks at him and bites her lip while Liz and Maria give Michael a stern look.

Wayne then points the mic at Brody. "But is Alex to blame for this?"

Brody shakes his head. "No, not at all. The girls just fell for him, and I think it's unfair for Alex to blamed for just being himself, which I'm sure that Liz and Maria will be able to tell you is that's all he's doing."

Michael shakes his head but doesn't say anything when he sees the look Maria is giving him.

"You spent most of your time in the house with Laurie and Alex..."

Brody nods. "Yes I did."

"Why do you think Laurie should win?"

"I think she's an amazing girl," Brody smiles. "I also think that Alex is a great guy and Tess is brilliant, but I think Laurie is the person that I saw change the most in there. She really came out of her shell and she deserves to win it."

Wayne nods and stands up. "Well, you have been voting for the past week and the poll is now going to close while I announce who has came in 3rd in Big Brother."

The audience cheer as Wayne walks over to the large screen in the studio. Outside the massive crowd also cheer wildly as they watch the screen that shows the live feed from inside the house.

Alex, Laurie, and Tess stand in the lounge area looking nervously at each other as they talk and smile.

Wayne presses the remote as he looks at the screen. "Big Brother House, this is Wayne. Can you hear me?"

The housemates cheer loudly as they laugh and giggle. The stand in a triangle and take each other's hand.

"You are live on television and radio so please do not swear."

The housemates nod and breath deeply as they exchange looks.

"The nation has been voting for the past week for who they want to win Big Brother and the voting has now closed. The results have been counted and verified by an independant ajudicator. The person with the least amount of votes will come in 3rd place. The person who has come in 3rd place in Big Brother is..."

The housemates look at each other nervously and tighten their grips on each others hands. Each of them can be seen mouthing their own name as they wait anxiously for Wayne to speak. The studio audience look at the screen anxiously as does the crowd outside. Some of the crowd begin to wave their banners, but it is still quiet.

Alex, Laurie and Tess exchange another look and smile nervously before Wayne's voice booms into the house through the speakers.


Tess looks at the others and grins as Alex and Laurie look at each other stunned. Tess jumps up and down happily and Alex and Laurie hug her as Wayne speaks into the mic.

"Tess, we're going to give you a minute before we start the countdown." He presses the button and looks at the camera.

"That means that Laurie and Alex are the final two housemates. Tess, actually seems really excited although Alex and Laurie seem more than a little shocked." He ushers to the screen where Laurie is looking at Tess who is grinning and shaking her head. He then looks back into the camera. "Tess received an amazing 24902 votes to win. Which was 32% of the overall vote."

Alex looks at the two girls and takes a deep breath as he shakes his head disbelievingly.

Wayne looks at the camera and smiles. "Okay, lets let her know that we are coming for her." He walks over to the remote and presses the button.

"Big Brother house, this is Wayne, can you hear me?"

Tess grabs Laurie and Alex's hands and jumps up and down excitedly as they cheer.

"Tess, I'm now going to activate the countdown. You have 30 seconds to say your final goodbyes and I'll see you at the bridge. Can I please remind the rest of the housemates that you are not allowed to step out of the house as you can be caught into the automatic door. This warning is for your own safety."

Alex and Laurie look at the camera and smile as Alex whispers to the others. "OOhh, never heard that before..."

Wayne grins as Tess hugs Laurie close. "Okay, activate the coundown."

30 seconds... *click to hear countdown music*

He runs over to the audience to where the other housemates are standing as the main doors open and grabs Kyle's arm and gestures to Jim. "Let's go bring Tess out."

Wayne, Kyle and Jim run out of the doors and past the large audience that are cheering wildly.

Laurie hugs Tess and takes a deep breath as she speaks. "Do you have any idea how weird this is? You should not be the one going!"

Tess grins at her. "You kidding? I am so glad to get out of this mad-house..."

Laurie hugs her again. "You will be seeing everyone...Kyle..."

Tess giggles slightly before nodding her head. "I'll see you in a few hours. Don't kill Alex..."

20 seconds...

Alex walks over to Tess and sighs. "Well, I'm not going to give you a speech, but remember their are weirdos out there..."

Tess grins at him. "Yeah, anyone who finds me attractive..."

Alex looks at her and grins as he pulls her into a hug. "Exactly. Just go out there and have fun. This is your night..."

Tess looks at him and then to Laurie. "No, it's our night. It's just a pity that the both of you can't win..."

Alex looks at her, "Technically if we were tied we could both win..."

Tess rolls her eyes. "Yeah, that will happen..."

10 seconds...

Tess begins to giggle as she throws her arms around both Alex and Laurie. "This is us...well, not us, I'm going!" She screams as Alex and Laurie begin to laugh.

She runs to the mirror and looks at herself. "Do I look okay? Oh god...this is so weird!"

Laurie smiles at her as her and Alex walk to the door. "You look great, you'll knock them dead..."

Tess takes a deep breath and walks over to them. She looks at them both and hugs them both quickly. "You guys are both great!"

Alex smiles at her. "You too, now go out there and enjoy yourself...and tell them all how great me and Laurie are..."

Tess nods her head. "Well, I'll tell them how great Laurie is..."

Alex playfully nudges her as they all look nervously.

Tess, you have came third. Will you please leave the Big Brother house.

Tess takes a deep breath as Alex and Laurie join hands to create a mini arch for Tess to walk through. She looks at them both nervously as the doors slide open and Alex and Laurie both edge her forward.

"Go on. Get out of here!" Alex grins as Tess looks at the door.

She nods her head and begins to walk forward. "Good luck guys, see you soon..."

*click to hear Tess' eviction song*

As she steps out the door Laurie and Alex both cheer loudly as the crowd begins cheering loudly. She looks at Alex and Laurie in disbelief and laughs as the doors slide shut.

Alex looks at Laurie and shakes his head. "I wonder what odds I would have got on being in the final two when this started..."

Laurie looks at him and shakes her head. "Can you believe that there is only us two in here?"

Alex grins at her and shakes his head as he walks over to her and puts an arm around her shoulders. "Nope, but look at it this way, at least we only have about 2 hours here..."

Tess begins to walk down the gang-plank happilly and grins when she hears Wayne call to her.

"C'mon Tess, run!"

Tess looks up and smiles as she sees Wayne, Jim and Kyle. She lets out a happy shriek as she runs towards them, past the security guards.

As Tess comes up to them Kyle grins as she looks at him happily. She wraps her arms around his neck and hugs him tightly. "Kyle! I missed you so much..."

Wayne grins at them as Jim stands uncomfortably beside him.

Kyle hugs her back and holds her close. "I missed you as well..."

She looks up at him and smiles. "Really?"

Kyle looks down at her and smiles as he nods his head. "Really."

She reaches up and kisses him tenderly as her hand moves it's way up into his hair. The crowd watching on the large screen begins to go absolutely crazy as Kyle kisses her back pasionately. Wayne looks at Jim who is looking down at his feet uncomfortably and grins as Kyle and Tess pull apart. Tess looks around before heading towards Jim and hugging him.

"Hi. I missed you..."

Jim smiles at her and hugs her back. "Hi, Tess...we missed you too..."

Wayne looks as Tess keeps a hold of Kyle's hand and grins. "Okay, Tess, how is it feeling to be out?"

Tess looks at him and smiles happily. "It feels so good to be out. I am so glad to be out..."

Wayne smiles and nods his head. "Now, both Jim and Kyle are here on the bridge for you..."

Tess nods her head and smiles happilly. "Yeah, they both are..."

Wayne holds the mic to Jim. "Jim, is there anything you would like to say to Tess?"

Jim looks at Tess and smiles proudly. "You did great, even when it was tough in there for you. You made me nothing but were great."

Tess looks at him happily and hugs him tightly again. "Thank you...."

Wayne smiles and looks at Kyle. "What about you, Kyle? You have anything you would like to say to Tess? Well, anything you would like to say live on air..."

Tess looks at Kyle and he looks shyly at the mic then her. "I just want to say, that I missed you like crazy while you were in really didn't have to worry about what anyone else was saying about us in there...we know where we stand..."

Tess looks at him and smiles and whispers to him. "Thank you..."

He looks at her and smiles reassurringly as he whispers back. "Thank you..."

Wayne looks at them and smiles. "Tess, I hate to have to pull you away, but, there is a lot of people out there who want to see you."

Tess looks at him and smiles nervously. "For me?"

Wayne smiles and puts his arm around her shoulders as they begin to walk. "For you, now you are going to have to leave Jim and Kyle for a minute but you can see them again in a little while. First, we have to go and introduce you to your audience. Don't worry, they all love you."

Tess looks at him excitedly and begins to walk as they come to the main gates. As the gates open the crowd can be heard going crazy and Wayne speaks to Tess.

"The press are here, they are going to want some pictures..."

She nods her head as they walk out and begins to smile broadly as photographers begin to take her pictures. She poses happily for photos and waves to the people who are shouting her name as she grins happily. After a minute Wayne walks over and takes her hand and leads her under the main screen. As they are stood there she grins happily as all the people cheer like crazy and Wayne walks forward and leads her up the stairs and onto the stage.

As she walks up the stairs she looks at the crowd and begins waving wildly and smiling happily. The crowd cheer loudly and wave banners about. Tess spins around and waves at them all as they begin chanting her name.

Wayne lifts his mic and begins to speak. "Well, here she is, she's beautiful, she's popular, and she is our third placed housemate. Everyone, lets here it for Tess!"

Tess grins as the crowd let out a loud cheer and Wayne takes her hand and leads her down the stage and into the studio. As they get into the studio Tess runs over to the other housemates and hugs them tightly as Wayne walks over to the camera.

"Whew, what a crowd we have here tonight. Now, it will probably take us a minute to calm Tess down as she's presently been engulfed by some of the other housemates." He leans into the camera and whispers. "To be honest, I think they are more excited than she is." He grins as he leans back.

"In a couple of minutes we will return with Tess, where I will be asking her about her time in the house, who she wants to win and about her relationships with some of the other housemates especially Kyle. Check back soon."

Commerical Break

Wayne is sitting in the seat in front of the monitors which are showing live feed from the house. "Welcome back, well, it took a while, but we finally got Tess over here..." He ushers to the seat across from him and Tess gives a small wave as she smiles nervously. "Everyone, here's Tess!"

The audience cheers and Wayne looks at her. "Hi, Tess, how are you doing?"

Tess smiles and looks at him. "Hi. I'm...I'm doing great. I'm doing really great, thanks..."

Wayne smiles. "You look nervous? You think I'm going to ask you awkward and embarrassing questions don't you?"

Tess giggles slightly as she shrugs her shoulders. "I hope not...are you?"

Wayne appears thoughtful and nods his head with a grin. "Probably...but I promise there won't be too many of them. Well, maybe a few...but I'll be gentle..."

Tess smiles as she nods her head and laughs gently. "That sounds fair..."

Wayne looks at her and smiles. "Okay, so it's the last night. You have spent 64 days in there. Are you disappointed that you made it that far but that you didn't win?"

Tess shakes her head. "No, to be honest, I thought I would have been out ages ago. I didn't ever, ever think that I would make it to the final day. I mean, look at some of the people that were evicted..."

Wayne nods his head. "Yeah, there had been 8 evictions before you left. Which one didn't you expect?"

Tess looks at the other housemates quickly before turning back to Wayne. "Most of them were unexpected. I figured that I would be out straight away. But, there was a few that surprised me. I mean, some of them I was sure that it wouldn't happen..."

Wayne nods his head and smiles. "Yeah, you took some of the evictions badly. Well, when I say some of, I really mean one eviction..."

Tess begins to smile and blushes slightly. "Yeah, I took an eviction pretty badly..."

"And what eviction was that?" Wayne asks with a knowing grin.

Tess looks over at Kyle who is now sitting with the other housemates and Jim in the audience before turning to face Wayne. "I took Kyle's eviction pretty badly."

Wayne smiles. "You did, now, I'm not going to ask why, because, it has been really obvious to everyone watching, well apart from Jim, that things have been progressing between you two..."

Tess smiles and looks at Kyle who is smiling at her. She nods her head before looking at Wayne. "Umm, yeah, I guess you could say that..."

"Could say that?" Wayne asks with a disbelieving tone.

Tess giggles slightly and nods her head. "Okay, you could definately say that. We did get a lot closer."

Wayne smiles and nods his head. "You did, but, you only got closer after a big argument you had in the house. You remember that?"

Tess nods her head. "Yeah, I got a little drunk at Sean's party..."

"Yeah, and you seemed a little upset about Max and Liz's relationship then..."

Tess looks down at her hands embarressed and Kyle shifts uncomfortably in his seat as he looks over at Max. Liz exchanges a look with Max and they both look at Tess intently.

Tess takes a deep breath and looks at Wayne and smiles. "I was a little confused about what I really wanted then...I thought things were supposed to happen in a certain way no matter what, and I just realised that they don't always happen like that, sometimes it's better just to let things go, especially if your heart isn't in it." She looks down and smiles a little. "I don't know if that made much sense..."

Wwayne nods his head and smiles reassuringly. "It did. Now, after the whole Max thing you and Kyle got "closer", now, I'm going to ask Isabel's question."

Isabel looks at a little uncomfortable as she looks at Wayne then at Tess.

"Do you think that it was a house thing? Or do you think that it's something that can continue out in the real world?"

Tess looks at Kyle and takes a deep breath as she answers. "I know it's something I want to continue out here..."

Tess smiles as Kyle mouths to her. "Me too..."

She grins and then turns back to Wayne. "So I guess, no. I don't think it was a house thing."

The crowd outside cheer and Wayne grins at her. "I think you might have just made a lot of people pretty happy there. Okay, we've dealt with Max and Kyle, I think it's time to deal with the other man in your life in there. Any ideas who?"

Tess looks confused and shakes her head. "Umm, I'm guessing it would be...Alex?"

Wayne grins and shakes his head. "Nope, we're coming to him but that's not who I'm referring to. You and Laurie had a loving relationship with a certain male in much in fact that the pair of you immediately announced your intentions to continue seeing him once you left the house..."

Tess begins to laugh as she brings her hand up to cover her face. "Wilson? Oh yeah, I loved him..."

Wayne begins to laugh. "Yeah, we all saw that. Poor Alex didn't though..."

Tess begins to laugh. "Yeah, but he was being silly about it. Wilson was truly adorable. We even asked Big Brother about keeping him..."

Wayne nods his head. "Yeah, we know about that. In fact, I should probably wait until both you and Laurie are here before telling you this, but I have it on good authority that Big Brother seemed pretty happy with your request. So, you and Laurie's friendship might be getting tested as to who the cat actually gets to live with..."

Tess grins in her seat and smiles happily. "You mean we're getting Wilson? That is so great!"

Wayne smiles. "Yeah. So, other than Wilson, and Kyle. You got pretty close to some of the other housemates in there didn't you?"

Tess nods her head. "Yeah, I did."

"For example, Laurie. You and her hardly spoke in the first week and then after Sean's party you two just gelled. Why do you think that was?"

Tess looks at the screen which she Laurie sitting beside Alex on the couch, both looking stunned. "I think that we are very similar in a lot of ways. We didn't really have a lot of friends growing up and we just got to do fun stuff together. Plus I can talk to her about anything and I think she feels the same about me...."

"You did talk a lot, in fact, you were one of the few people that she talked about her feelings for Alex with. What do you think is going on there..."

Tess grimaces slightly and looks over at Isabel before turning back to Wayne. "I have no idea what is going on there. I think Alex is maybe confused just now and needs time."

"So, you have no idea what his feelings are for Laurie and Isabel?" Wayne enquires with a smile.

Tess shakes her head. "I'm not going to guess, 'cause it will just hurt someone. And I like the people involved too much to do that."

The audience cheer and Isabel looks at Tess gratefully. Wayne looks at her and smiles. "You, Alex and Laurie. The three of you had some week in there. Not only some week, the three of you have been going at it for weeks now."

Tess begins to laugh. "I know, me and Laurie have been so bad to Alex. But he knows how to wind us up, he knows exactly what buttons to push to get a reaction..."

Wayne laughs lightly. "Have you any idea how many times you threatened to kill that poor boy?"

Tess laughs. "No, but if I did he deserved it for being evil..."

"Well, in Alex's defence, he was being picked on because he was the only boy left. Of course, he did give as good as he got. So level with us, what do you think about Alex?"

Tess looks at the screen. "He is a great guy, he is funny, friendly, smart, annoying as hell and he can be smug sometimes. Plus he keeps on teasing me...but I think he's great."

The crowd cheers again and Tess looks and smiles at the screen which shows Alex now talking with Laurie. Wayne looks at her and smiles. "Okay, this is where I am going to have to ask you an awkward question. Who do you think will win?"

Tess looks at him and says matter of factly. "I'm pretty sure that Alex has it sewn up."

The crowd cheer again and Wayne looks at Tess. "And, who do you want to win it?"

Tess looks at him. "I can't answer that!"

Wayne smirks at her. "Oh, but you've got to. Who do you want to win?"

Tess sighs and smiles. "I think it would do the two of them a lot of good to get the confidence that winning would create, but I think that Alex could use the money more...I really can't decide! Do I have to pick someone?"

Wayne nods his head. "Yup."

Tess looks at the screen. "I would like Laurie to win then, but I wouldn't mind if Alex won..."

Wayne stands up and kisses Tess on the cheek. "Tess, it has been a pleasure talking to you and in a minute I'm going to take you back outside to see the crowd. But first, lets all have a look at your finest moments in the house, and believe me, there has been a lot."

Tess cringes slightly as she turns to look at the screen and covers her face with her hands.

*click to hear Tess' Best Moments montage song*

On the screen we see Tess is standing beside Alex and Kyle at the chicken coop. Tess peers over Kyle's shoulder into the run. "We don't have to eat them do we? Because I'm not killing them..."

The scene fades to show Tess at Sean's Party

Tess shakes her head. "I know exactly what I'm saying! This wasn't how it was supposed to be! Nacedo said it would be different. That I would be wanted. But none of you want me around..."

Tess is sitting out in the den with Laurie.

Tess shakes her head defiantly. "No. No it won't, I've ruined...everything. Ever...everyone will hate me and...and I nearly got Kyle evicted..." She begins to sob openly. "And...and, I just, don't know why they don' me."

The image fades to show Tess sitting on her bed.

She takes the picture of Max out of her drawer and looks at it before quickly putting it away again. She then turns to above her bed and looks at the other pictures. As she looks at them she runs her fingers across the surface of one of her and Kyle and sighs before turning and lying down on the bed and closing her eyes.

The scene fades to show Alex and Tess swing dancing.

She nods her head and he smiles as they start dancing noisely. As she runs at him he catches her but his hands slip and she lands in a heap on the decking.

"Oww." She says painfully as she rubs her thigh.

The scenes fades to show the girls all out in the garden.

"Okay," Isabel interrupts. "What about Kyle?"

"9 bordering on 10, definitely," Tess states abruptly.

The other girls all look at Tess with amused expressions.

"What?" she asks.

Tess and Alex perform the dance task outside on the decking.

The others begin to clap along with the music as Alex and Tess dance flawlessly. A loud cheer is heard as Alex tosses Tess in the air and catches her perfectly.

Tess and Laurie stand in the girls bedroom.

Tess turns to her bed. "They've took J.C.!"

Laurie and Tess exchange looks and run out of the bedroom.

Tess and Laurie walk slowly towards them and gasp as they see what they are firing at. The two cuddly toys are tied to the beam with targets behind them.

The girls stand with dread as the egg just misses the toys. Tess shoves Kyle hard almost making him fall over.

Laurie and Tess sit in the lounge area hurdled underneath a cover holding their cuddly toys.

Tess smiles as she looks at Laurie. "Well, I think the only thing that would affect them would be humiliation...and I have the best idea for that..."

Laurie grins as she huddles closer to Tess to hear the plan. "How about a little bit of tree decorating?"

The boys see their underwear decorating the tree in the garden.

"Hey Kyle! I still approve of those Calvin Kleins, not so sure about the briefs though...."

Kyle turns to Tess who is smirking at him..."J.C say's hi by the way."

Kyle and Tess are in the kitchen as the Diary Room door opens and Brody appears.

Brody closes the door behind him and grins as he walks towards Kyle and Tess who seem to be oblivious to his presence. "Hello," he smiles.

Tess screams while Kyle jumps as he turns around with a yelp of his own. Brody looks bewildered and soon the others rush towards the kitchen.

The housemates are in the hot tub.

Tess clears her throat as she goes to the centre and dips her head backwards. Kyle smiles as he moves towards her and places a tender kiss on her lips. The others exchange looks as Kyle puts his hands on either side of her face, holding her gently.

Tess comes out of the water and brushes her lips with her fingertips. She sighs contently.

Maria clears her throat. "Who do you think that was, Tess?"

Tess looks directly at Kyle who smiles slowly. "Kyle," she says softly.

The housemates are still in the hot tub.

Tess looks at Kyle who seems embarrassed. She gently squeezes his hand which is just barely visable under the water. He looks down at her as both share a smile.

Tess and Laurie talk in the den.

Tess smiles at Laurie. " I want to follow my own feelings and take another path, one where my judgement about Max isn't clouded over with some misconception that me and him are meant to be together. I want to follow my own feelings..." She sighs loudly as she continues. "It's's just those feelings are becoming really confusing. Me and Kyle have gotton so much closer since we got in here,"

She looks at her hands and her voice grows wistful as Laurie looks at her with a slight smile. "It's just weird how much more I have seen of differently I have felt about him recently..."

Kyle and Tess pretend to be each other for a mini-task.

Tess looks at him and smiles before turning the expression to one of horror. "You wouldn't dare! Not all my sporting shirts? How would I play sports? I'd be thrown out of the teams? My popularity would plummit and I'd have to rely on my good looks to get dates instead of picking up the nearest cheer leader? NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"

Tess and Kyle playfight outside.

Brody and Laurie exchange amused looks as Kyle pounces on Tess and wrestles her to the ground.

"Give up Harding! Admit you were wrong!"

She grins at him as he allows her to roll him over easilly. "Never! Now give up to clearly the superior..."

As she stradles him he replies softly. "Never."

They look at each other intently and tenderly oblivious to Laurie and Brody.

The housemates hear the nominations.

As Kyle's name is said the colour drains from Tess' face as she clutches his hand tighter as she looks at him. Her eyes fill with tears. Tess looks on disbelievingly as a tear streams down her face as Kyle hugs her tightly. He wipes the tear away with his thumb and smiles at her.

Kyle and Tess sit in the girls bedroom.

Tess looks at him and smiles sadly. "I know that...I don't want you to go." Tess turns to him and looks at him seriously. "If you weren't here Kyle I don't know if I would want to stay, I would want to go, I would go..."

Kyle looks at her and puts a finger to her lips.

Tess looks at him and her eyes water again as she throws her arms around his neck and closes her eyes tightly to try and stop the tears escaping from them. As she hugs him tightly Kyle hugs her back and closes his eyes as well as they hug tenderly.

Tess is asleep in bed.

Tess turns again and groans loudly which causes Isabel and Maria to look at her angrilly. As she rolls over they hear her speaking.


As the 4 girls hear Tess say Kyles name they all look towards each other in the darkness and exchange amused glances.

As Tess smiles in her sleep she continues to speak. "This is nice..." before she sighs blissfully.

Kyle and Tess sleep in the den.

Kyle wakes and glances down to see Tess lying against him with her head resting on his chest and her arm around his waist. He notices that he has his arm around her and sighs as he rests his head back on the pillow. He begins to gently touch her hair with his fingertips and she snuggles closer to him.

Kyle and Tess talk.

He nods his head and she takes his hand and their fingers become entwined. "I will always be here for you Kyle. Always."

The girls sing on the outside table.

Tess who struts forward towards the edge of the table and begins to sing as she dances suggestively. She leans down and sings to Kyle seductively.

Tess has Kyle pinned down on the cushions in the den.

"Got you," Tess grins.

"Yeah," Kyle says quietly as rest on top of him. "You got me."

Tess looks from into his eyes to his lips before she meets his gaze again. "Yeah, I have," she says quietly.

Both gulp as they begin to move their faces closer and stop when their lips are only inches apart.

Kyle and Tess argue in the den.

Tess looks on the verge of tears as she responds, "I thought you were different but you're just like everyone else, ready to think the worst! If you got over your stupid issues about being inferior to Max you would be a lot happier! To hell with you both, I'm sick trying to prove myself. I shouldn't have to..."

She takes a deep breath as she pushes past him to get out the den as she continues. "Especially not to you!"

Kyle and Tess make up in the den.

"I wasn't prepared to feel like this about you, I wasn't prepared to feel like this about anyone."

She smiles genuinely as she replies gently, "Me neither..."

The two of them smile at each other and Kyle takes Tess' hand again before bringing it up to his lips and kissing it softly.

Kyle and Tess play spin the bottle.

Kyle puts his hand on the small of Tess's back and presses her closer to him. Tess reaches up and rests her hands on his shoulders as they look into each others eyes. As they lean in they stop a few inches away from their lips meeting. They again gaze at one another before their lips softly touch. Soon their lips part and they deepen the kiss. Kyle presses her even closer, while Tess brings her hands up to his neck and pulls him to her as the kiss becomes more passionate.

Laurie and Tess chat in the den.

"So how did it feel kissing Kyle?" Laurie asks her.

Tess smiles at her. "Good. Really good. Okay who am I kidding it was amazing!"

Tess and Laurie have the cat in the girls bedroom.

Tess, Laurie and Wilson are sitting on the bed. They are both stroking the cat who is purring happily and Tess whispers to Laurie.

"You think if we asked Big Brother, they would maybe let us keep him?"

The group are in the hot-tub talking about boybands.

All the other housemates are trying to stifle their laughter as Tess looks at him, "That is not true, we all know that they all contribute to the band..."

Alex looks at her, "What? You tell me what Boy Next Door, Tough Guy and Ugly and Talentless does?"

Tess looks at him, "They...they...they are...just be are wrong."

The group relax in the lounge area.

The others all look at Kyle as Tess comes out of the shower, wrapped in a towel and with ketchup in her hair. The boys begin to laugh loudly as Tess stands in front of Kyle and begins to talk to him.

"You...put ketchup in the shampoo!!"

Tess sees Kyle for the date.

The door opens and Tess walks out and smiles at Kyle who looks at her and exhales slowly, "Wow, you look..." He exhales again and she smiles at him shyly.

"You look really good, Kyle..."

Outside in the garden Kyle walks with Tess towards the den and as they arrive there he bends down and picks up something from the ground.

"Here..." He hands her a bunch of flowers and she smiles at him as he looks at her shyly.

She smiles happily as she takes the flowers and looks at them, "Where did you get these, they are beautiful..."

Kyle and Tess have their date in the den.

Kyle grins at her as he reaches across the table to sweep Tess' hair back of her face, "I am having a great time. You?"

Tess smiles at him as she puts her hand up beside her face and both their hands touch as he reluctantly pulls his hand away from the side of her face. "I've had a great time..."

She looks at him and they both take a deep breath before they both look away and look at their dinner before Kyle speaks, "It's weird how we ended up in here together isn't it?"

Tess smiles at him, "It's weird, but I'm glad that we did end up locked up in here."

He grins at her, "Me too..."

Kyle and Tess dance in the den.

They look at each other tenderly and dance for a few minutes before they both lean in closer and Tess' hand creeps to behind Kyle's head. As they get close the camera zooms in and the noise causes both of them to stop and look at each other and smile shyly.

The girls talk about Kyle.

Tess looks at her and smiles slowly. "Yeah. I could really fall for him."

"I think you already have," Isabel says as she looks at her with a small smile.

Tess blushes and her smile grows wider.

Tess sunbathes on the decking while Alex cleans the chicken coop.

Tess sighs, "You will write a real verse Alex," She sits up but doesn't realise that the chicken is next to her head. As she sits up the chicken starts to flap and she screams loudly causing all of them to turn to her.

"Oh My God!!" Tess screams as she jumps up and looks at the chicken and then to Alex who is looking at her in disbelief.

The group are performing the pop band task.

Tess sings and dances with the others. She then steps forward and begins to sing into one of the cameras while still moving to the beat.

Kyle and Tess play in the hot tub.

She leans close to him and smiles, "No, a promise.." As she finishes speaking she pushes him down under the water but instead of emerging straight away he reaches behind her and pulls her under as well. She ommits a small scream as he pulls her underneath the water and begins to laugh. "Kyle!"

Kyle and Tess lie on the cushions in the den.

Tess looks at him, "I'm serious, I have a really good feeling about this. I mean, if I was totally impartial, I'd want you to stay. I mean you are funny, you are sensitive, handsome, charming, smart..."

Kyle grins at her, "You think I'm charming?"

Tess and Kyle are asleep in the den.

In the den Kyle and Tess are both lying on the cushions. Tess has her back pressed against Kyle's chest and he has his arm underneath her holding her close to him. Their hands are entwined and so are their legs.

Tess opens her eyes and looks down and smiles gently as she moves slightly. Kyle moves slightly and she sighs contentedly and closes her eyes again as she leans against him.

Kyle and Tess are in the boys bedroom.

Kyle swallows and looks at her sadly as she begins to cry. He pulls her close and kisses her hair and closes his eyes as she sobs gently. He then pulls away and lifts her face to look at him. "Don't cry, Tess, please. It will only be for a couple of weeks..."

He brings his hands up to cup her face and uses his thumbs to slowly wipe the tears away. She smiles at him through her tears and whispers quietly. "I'm going to miss you so much..."

Kyle is about to be evicted.

Tess walks over to Kyle sadly and she immediately wraps her arms around his neck and hugs him closely. He looks at her and takes a deep breath before he pulls away slightly. He leans close to her and touches her face with his hand as he kisses her tenderly. Her hand moves up from his neck and goes to his head and holds him closer as the kiss turns to one of urgency.

After Kyle leaves.

As soon as the doors close Tess looks at it and breaks down in tears and begins to cry painfully. The other housemates immediately go over to her and try and comfort her. Laurie wraps her arms around her and hugs her close while Alex and Isabel stand looking at her.

Tess listens as Laurie and Isabel argue.

Tess gasps then slides open the door to the ensuite only to have Isabel and Laurie look at her in surprise.

"So tell me, Isabel," she says glaring at her. "How do I feel about Kyle?"

Tess sits on her bed while Laurie kneels beside her.

After a moment Tess looks at Laurie with the tears still falling down her cheeks. "I wasn't faking it. I've never felt this way about anyone before. Even Max."

Laurie nods sadly. "I know."

Tess shakes her head angrilly as she looks towards the bedroom door. "She has no right to say that I don't lov..." she trails off as more tears flow.

Laurie pulls her into a hug and Tess buries her face into her shoulder as she cries freely.

Tess and Laurie sit in the den.

Laurie looks at her and smiles. "Well, we could do something that doesn't require a lot of effort..."

Tess turns to her and grins. "We could go and torment Alex..."

Laurie looks at her and smiles. "That sounds good..."

Tess threatens Alex after he tricked her into have a cold shower.

Tess looks at the clock before pointing and gasping in disbelief. She then turns to him and glares at him angrilly. " are dead."

Alex grins at her. "Consider it character building shorty..."


Tess and Isabel talk in the kitchen.

Tess calls to her as she walks away. "Isabel? One other thing, I don't care if you, Max or Michael have a problem with Kyle, I want him in my life no matter what the three of you think."

Tess puts Tabasco sauce in Alex's drink.

Tess turns around on the couch to see him take a long drink. "Aw Alex, I'm sorry, you must have got the wrong cup..."

Alex glares at her as he takes another drink of water. "I am going to kill you for that one, Harding!"

Tess smirks at him. "Alex, you've turned a funny shade of purple, maybe you should go take a cold shower to cool off?"

Laurie and Isabel hold Alex down as Tess stands before him.

Tess looks at the girls and Alex looks unimpressed before Tess begins to sing "It's Gonna Be Me" by N*Sync loudly and deliberately out of key.

Alex looks at her in horror. "Stop it!"

Alex, Laurie, and Tess clown around in the house.

Alex begins to laugh only to stop when Tess throws a bucket of soapy water onto his back.

Alex turns to Tess and shakes his head. "That's it! Alex Whitman is not going to be picked on anymore!"

He races forward and Tess runs towards the lounge.

The girls now have the upper hand over Alex.

Tess laughs and Laurie tosses her another tomato. Tess rushes onto the table and proceeds to squeeze the juice of the tomato onto him. Alex holds onto Laurie and pulls her down as he falls onto the table, which also causes Tess to loose her balance.

The 3 of them are in a fit of laughter but soon stop when a creaking noise is heard and soon one of the legs of the table snaps underneath them causing them to roll onto the floor.

"Whoops," Tess winces as she looks at the table while lying on top of Alex's back.

Tess is playing on the snowboard simulator.

Alex reaches over and lifts Tess from the game. She screams a little and Laurie looks over from the kitchen.

"Alex! Put me down! I'm playing!!" Tess says indignantly as Alex carries her over to the conservatory.

As the video montage fades we see Tess looking embarassingly at the screen and Wayne stands up and pulls her to her feet. He kisses her cheek and picks up the mic. "Everyone, Tess!"

The audience all cheer loudly and Kyle grins at her as he claps his hands loudly.

The doors open up and Wayne takes Tess' hand and guides her out of the doors and onto the stage. As they stand on the stage the audience cheers wildly and Tess waves at them and looks at some of the banners and laughs.

Wayne grabs the mic and looks at the camera. "Earlier tonight Tess came out of the house and came in 3rd place. The poll has now reopened and you can vote for who you want to win Roswell's Big Brother! Alex or Laurie? You decide! Join us in Part 2 when we'll find out who the winner is!"

The camera moves upwards and we can see the large crowd and hear them chanting Tess' name, while on screen Alex and Laurie are now standing at the conservatory door trying to listen outside.