Day 60 - 9.54am

Day 60 in the Big Brother house. The housemates only have 4 days to go before they all leave the house. Today, is the day that the housemates would normally nominate their other housemates for eviction, but, as it is the final week, the housemates no longer have to nominate.

Alex is sitting on the floor with his feet on the exercise ball while eating an apple. Tess is lying on the floor with her feet pointing towards the ceiling as she sits against the wall. Laurie is slumped along the couch looking between Alex and Tess as they talk.

"You know, we would usually spend today nominating, or worrying about nominating, or feeling guilty about nominating...our whole day would revolve around nominating..." Alex says between bites of his apple.

Tess turns her head to the side. "How many times did you just fit nominating into the conversation?"

Alex smiles. "I'm just happy that we don't have to nominate anymore."

That's true, but at least we don't have to worry about it today..."

Alex nods his head. "Tess? Why have you got your feet sticking in the air, that cannot be comfortable..."

"My legs are leaning against the wall. It's actually really relaxing..."

Alex looks at her. "Ah. Well, maybe I should give that a shot after last night..."

Laurie smiles and shakes her head. "Well, I thought last night was good..."

Alex sighs and smiles at her. "Yeah, it was..."

Tess yawns as she turns her head. "You guys know, this is the last Monday in the house,"

Laurie laughs at her and shakes her head. "You haven't just realised this?"

Tess rolls her eyes. "Of course not, but just saying it out loud. Just saying that today is our last Monday in here just makes it more...real."

Alex sighs and leans back on the cusions. "I hear that. We only have have 5 days to go. 4 nights. Hmm, what time is it?"

Laurie lifts her head and looks at the clock. "Just after 10."

Alex nods his head. "And what time does the winner walk out at?"

"10.30pm, Friday, I think." Laurie says as she looks at him.

"So, say 12 and a half hours today, plus 4 days, so that's 4 times 24..." Alex says as he lifts his hand. "So, 48 plus 48 is 96 plus 12 and a half is..." Alex smiles as he continues. "108 and a half hours. We only have 108 and a half hours in here!! Or less, because we'll get out earlier..."

Tess smirks as she replies. "You want to work out the minutes on that as well? I thought it was Liz and Max that were into figures and stuff?"

Alex makes a face at her and Laurie stifles a laugh as he replies. "Well, some numbers are important. Let me think, Laurie? What time is it now?"

Laurie shakes her head before lifting it up and looking at the clock. "It's 10.10..."

"Right, so that is 108 hours 20 minutes, which is...well, 6020 minutes straight away, then 8 hours is 60, 120, 240...480 minutes..."

Tess groans loudly as Alex counts out loud. "Alex. Please stop..."

Alex continues. "So, 480 plus 6020 is...6500 minutes!"

Laurie begins to laugh. "You are really desperate to get out of here aren't you?"

Alex grins at her. "You think?"

Laurie shakes her head as he takes another bite from his apple. "No, you don't make it too obvious..."

They sit in silence for a minute before Alex looks at Tess. "You are not going to be able to walk if you stay like that much longer..."

Tess yawns and swings her legs away from the wall before turning to look at Alex and Laurie. "So, what do you think they will make us do today?"

Alex looks at her and shakes his head. "Hopefully it won't be anything physical because you will have Bambi legs for the rest of today..."

Tess raises an eyebrow. "Bambi legs?"

Alex rolls his eyes. "You know how Bambi was when he first tried to walk?"

Tess shakes her head. "I've never seen it..."

Alex's eyes widen and he sits up. "You never saw Bambi?"

Tess shakes her head. "I have never seen it."

Alex sighs sadly. "Well, Liz has it on video. You need to borrow it off her. It is a coming of age movie. If you can get through it without feeling a ping then you can handle anything life throws at you..."

"A ping?" Tess asks confused.

Laurie smiles at her. "It is really sad in places..."

"Kinda like the Lion King, or The Land Before Time, or Never Ending Story...all of these movies are "supposed" to be for children, but in reality they are much too traumitizing for children to handle..." Alex says with a nod.

Tess squints. "I have never seen any of them, should I?"

Laurie looks at her and nods her head. "I've seen some of them, and yes. They are all really sad in places though."

Alex sighs. "Yeah, me, Maria and Liz re aqauinted ourselves with them a few months ago and Maria and Liz were crying like babies..."

Tess looks at him. "And you want me to watch them? I don't think so..."

Alex sighs and looks at Laurie. "Will you please explain to her how big a part depressing kids movies play in persons development? They prepare you for life."

Laurie nods his head. "Yeah, he's right..."

Tess doesn't look impressed as she responds. "I'm not going to watch something that depresses me..."

Alex stands up and walks over and sits beside Tess. "But it's supposed to depress you. Trust me, when we get out of here we'll all have a movie day and just watch all these movies..."

Tess looks at him and shakes her head. "No. I'm not watching anything that poor deer get's barbaric..."

Laurie looks at her and nods her head. "It is, but it does teach you some valuable things..."

Tess looks at her. "What? Never be friends with the cute main character in movies?"

Alex looks at her. "Close, it tells us never be the parent to one of the cute little main characters in movies..."

Tess sighs and stands up. "Well, I'm not watching it."

She walks away and Alex turns to Laurie. "So, if either of us win a movie you want to start her education?"

Laurie looks at him and nods her head with a false seriousness. "I think that would be for the best as she's clearly in denial."


As the housemates don't need to fill in a shopping list again they no longer have a weekly task. Instead, Big Brother will be giving them 3 seperate 1 day tasks which, if they are completed successfully, will give the housemates a daily reward. Big Brother has called one of the housemates to the Diary Room.

Tess is away into the Diary Room while Laurie and Alex are sitting in the dining area. Alex is sitting on the table.

"So, what do you think it is?"

Laurie looks at him. "I don't know...there isn't a lot they could give us to learn in only a few hours..."

Alex nods his head. "Yeah, but rememeber that they have a wicked sense of humour. They probably think it would be funny to watch us struggle for four hours over something we have no chance of passing..."

Laurie shakes her head. "They wouldn't do that, they want us to pass..."

"No they don't."

"Of course they do, they get more stuff to film if they give us something fun to do. I mean, they don't want to show half an hour of us moaning..."

Tess walks out the Diary Room and walks towards them. "Well, I have our new task here..."

Alex looks at her and she continues. "Well, not here, we have to go and collect it from the store room."

"What is it?" Laurie asks as Tess walks over to the store room and opens the door. Tess walks in and pulls a box out as she calls out. "Well, Big Brother said it's a task to test our architectural and our organisational skills."

Alex and Laurie groan as Tess pulls the box out. She stands up and grins at them. "We have to build a house of cards."

Alex begins to laugh. "Is that it?"

Tess grins as she nods her head. "Yeah, we have to build a house of cards of a certain height using only a certain ammount of cards. We also have a time limit. But I figure that it should be easy. I mean, the three of us can build a tiny little house between us."

Laurie reaches into the box and pulls out a meter stick. "Tess, this has to be a metre high. Have any of you ever built anything from cards that was more than a metre?"

Alex looks at her and shakes his head. "No, but it'll be easy. I mean, lets face it, its just a house. We can build a house."

Tess grabs a few decks of cards and tosses them to Alex and to Laurie and they walk over. "Exactly. I mean, between the three of us, I figure it will take an hour."

Laurie shakes her head and walks over to the table. "Okay, but I think an hour is maybe a little bit optimistic."

Tess smiles at her. "Oh ye of little faith..."


The housemates have been working on the task for just over 30 minutes. So far, they haven't been able to build the house above 2 levels without it collapsing.

Tess looks at the house and shakes her head. "It's not looking sturdy. I think you need to bend that card a little more."

Laurie looks at her. "If I bend the card anymore it won't stand up."

Tess sighs. "I know, but it's not looking sturdy, it looks like it's ready to..."

As Tess speaks the house collapses down on itself. "Collapse."

Alex looks at the house and shakes his head. "Okay, that's it. Everyone stand back and lets think about this. First, it has to be 1 metre high. How many layers will that take?"

Tess and Laurie shrug their shoulders and Alex sighs as he picks up the cards. "8 or 9? Okay, we'll say 9 layers. Right, so we have 9 layers and we need to make it in just under 90 minutes."

He sighs and looks at the pile of cards on the table. "Right, Tess, you have the steadiest hand so you will be reponsible for putting the cards on the house..."

"You know that might not be..." Tess tries to interupt before Alex lifts his hand to signal her to stop.

"Laurie, you have pretty much worked out the angles that we need so you get to do all the folding."

"And what are you going to be doing?" Laurie asks as she looks at the pile of cards.

Alex turns to her and Tess. "I'll be supervising and checking that it's not looking dodgy like it's ready to fall..."

Tess looks at him. "Supervising? You want us to build it while you supervise?"

Alex nods his head. "I'll also be keeping the card count as well so that we don't use too many. You know what they say, too many cooks spoil the broth..."

Laurie shakes her head. "Okay, I've never heard that but okay, I guess we could give it a shot..."

Tess exhales slowly as she picks up a card. "Okay, lets start then."


The housemates have been working on the task for an hour and a half.

Tess carefully places a card on the house before slowly taking a step back and exhaling slowly. She looks at Alex and shakes her head. "Alex, this was a really bad idea. Look at my hand...that isn't steady!"

Alex looks at her reassuringly. "You are doing great, isn't she Laurie?"

Laurie nods her head and smiles. "Yeah, I would have caused it to collapse about 4 layers ago."

Tess looks at them. "Guys, we have one layer to go. Do you really think it's a good thing to let me put it on?"

Alex looks at the clock and then to Tess. "Okay, everyone outside."

"Outside?" Laurie looks at him.

"Yeah, listen we have 30 minutes left, if we mess up then we don't have time to rebuild it anyway, so why should we stress out over it? We'll go out and chill out for 5 minutes and then come in and worry about it."

He walks out and Tess and Laurie shrug their shoulders and follow him out. "You are really into this supervising thing aren't you?" Tess says as she walks out and sits on the outside table.

Alex turns to her and grins. "What can I say? I'm an excellent man-manager. Or woman-manager as the case may be at this point in time."

Laurie walks over to the grass and kicks her shoes off and walks onto the grass. "Yeah, you could have a career in that if it doesn't work out as a rock-star..."

Alex sighs and sits down on a seat. "Yeah, call it continuency plans. Besides, I'll need something to do when I'm 40 and an aging rock star with my then mega successful band the Whits..."

Laurie stands on one foot and looks at him. "You know that guys aren't supposed to refer to themselves as aging. My grandpa said that guys got distinguished and it was women that aged..."

Alex's eyes widened in horror. "If I said that I would be strung up, Liz and Maria would kill me. If I was to go in 20 years time and tell them that I was distinguished and they were looking old..." He shudders. "I would be so, so SO dead..."

Laurie smiles at him. "I know, I said that to my grandpa as well, that any modern woman would be upset if they said that."

Tess grins. "What is the deal with guys not being able to say they are looking old?"

Alex turns to look at her. "It's to go with because of our inability to admit that we look old, because we can't say that we are balding, or wrinkly, or any of that other stuff that comes with being old."

Tess smiles. "Maybe you should start practising now so you are totally comfortable in 10 years time."

"10 years! Why, do you think I'm going bald?" Alex says in horror.

Tess grins. "Well, I didn't want to say anything, but we all noticed it a little when we were giving you the hair cut. It's only a little bit, I mean, you can hardly notice it..."

Alex stands up and looks at her. "You are kidding? Laurie?"

Laurie tries to keep a straight face and shrugs her shoulders as Alex runs into the house.

As Alex disappears into the house Tess grins at Laurie as she walks over to Tess shaking her head. "That was cruel, we didn't see a bald spot..."

Tess looks at her inocently. "I know that, but it was kind of fun..."

Laurie begins to laugh and shakes her head as Tess stands up and they both begin to walk in. "It was...but you should maybe tell him or he's going to get all paranoid."

They all walk in and walk over towards the table as Alex comes out the boys room wearing a hat. Both the girls look at him and begin to laugh. Alex looks at them. "What?"

Tess laughs as she looks at him. "Nothing. Nice hat..."

Alex looks at her. "Thank you. Okay, lets try and finish this..."

Tess smiles at Laurie and takes a card and walks over to the table. She looks at Alex and begins to laugh again. "I'm sorry, but you really need to take the hat off..."

Alex looks at her sternly. "No. I am not inflicting my newly baldy head on the viewing public..."

Tess whines. "But I can't concentrate when you have the hat on!"


Tess sighs. "Okay, I lied. We didn't see a balding spot. Happy?"

Alex looks at her and shakes his head. "You are only saying that to make me feel better..."

Tess shakes her head. "No, I'm not. Ask Laurie..."

Laurie nods her head. "She's right, she was only teasing you..."

Alex looks at them both and shakes his head. "You were teasing me? Me?"

Laurie begins to laugh as Alex takes the hat of and throws it to the couch. "Okay, lets finish this...

Tess picks up the card and walks over and places the card on the house.


The housemates successfully passed the task and Laurie is now taking the cards to the store room.

Alex is sitting taking a drink from a glass. "You know what would be funny? If the reward was a game book about how to play card games..."

Tess shakes her head. "I think I would have to kill them then..."

Alex sighs. "You would have to get in line..."

Laurie comes walking over to them and sits down. "So, what should we do for the rest of the day?"

Tess looks thoughtful. "Hot tub?"

Laurie nods her head and looks at Alex. "What about you, Alex?"

Alex sighs and looks at them and smiles. "Yeah, I guess I'll come in. But I think I'm going to go bug Big Brother for a while."

Alex stands up and walks towards the Diary Room. Tess watches him go and calls after him. "Everything okay, Alex?"

Alex turns and smiles at he as he presses the button. "Yup. I figure I may as well take advantage of them in the remaining...104 hours in here..."

Tess shakes her head as she smiles at him. "Please tell me you will revert to talking about days at one point soon?"

The light on the Diary Room door turns green and Alex opens the door as he smiles at her. "Nope. It's hours and minutes for me from now on."

The door closes behind him and Tess turns to Laurie. "You think he's alright?"

Laurie turns around and sighs. "I know, Alex hates Big Brother..."

Tess sighs and stands up and walks with Laurie towards the girls room.

Alex sits on the Diary Room chair and sighs as he waits on Big Brother to talk to him.

Hello Alex.

"Hey, Big Brother. How's it going?"

How are you today?

Alex sighs and looks at the camera. "It's okay. I've actually been enjoying myself, which is surprising. It's strange how well me Laurie and Tess have been getting along. Of course, I knew Tess before we came in here but not that well." He smiles. "It's just been weird how great the three of us have got on especially since we are so un used with each other, in un used is even a word. But you know what I mean right?"

Big Brother understands.

Alex smiles at the camera. "My only problem with my time in here this week is how much I miss some of the others. I really wish Liz and Maria were in here, I miss them a lot. This has got to have been the longest I have went without talking to them since I was 12. It's's lonely without them. You know who else I would bring in? I would bring Kyle and Isabel back in. Kyle, I would bring in just for some moral support." He grins as he speaks. "The girls wouldn't be so quick to pick on me if I had an ally..."

Alex takes a drink from the glass that he's holding and sighs. "And Isabel...I really miss Isabel. I mean, I miss some of the others as well, you know, Kyle and Brody but it would have been great if the four of us would have been able to make it to the final week."

Why do you wish the four of you were in the final week?

Alex leans his head back against the chair and sighs. "Because, it would have been too hard for me to evict any of the other housemates and it would have been a lot of fun if the four of us were in here. I...I was just really close to Izzy and it was natural that I would always miss her, but, if anyone deserved to be in the final week it was her." He looks at the camera and smiles. "I just hope she's out there having fun, I also hope that Max and Michael are looking out for her. I know they will be...and for Liz and I'm not too worried."

Are you looking forward to leaving the house on Friday?

Alex looks and smiles as he nods his head. "I would be lying if I said I wasn't terrified about going out. I mean, I have no idea what people think of me. I hope they don't hate me, but I don't know that. I also hope that my mom and dad aren't too disapointed in me. I really hope that I've made them proud."

He takes a deep breath and looks sadly at his hands for a second before continuing. "I don't think I have done anything that would upset them too much, I mean, they are used to me so I hope that they will be proud of would be horrible if I walked out of here and realised that people hated me and I had somehow inadvertently managed to embarass myself and my parents. I think that's what I am scared of most...I mean, have you guys shown me doing anything really embarrassing?"

Big Brother cannot reveal what has been shown on television or the internet.

Alex looks and smiles as he shakes his head. "Why am I not surprised?" He laughs gently and stands up. "Thanks, for letting me talk Big Brother."

Big Brother is always here to listen, Alex.

Alex turns and smiles at the camera. "I know, but thank you anyway, it means that I don't need to go and unload on Laurie and Tess."

Alex turns and walks to the door and pushes it open and walks out.


Big Brother has gathered the housemates in the girls room while they take their reward into the house.

Alex is pacing the floor. "I wonder what they are giving us..."

Tess reads her book as she replies. "What's the bets it's an obstacle course?"

Laurie makes a disgusted face. "They wouldn't do that. Not after what happened to Alex the last time there was an obstacle course..."

Alex sighs. "One tiny little slip and I never get to live it down..."

"Alex, you nearly broke your hand." Laurie says matter of factly.

Alex rolls his eyes and walks over to Isabels old bed and sits on it. "Details..."

Laurie smirks at him and picks up her cuddly toy. "So, what do you think tomorrows task will be?"

Alex sighs. "If the reward isn't good today they can take a run and jump before I do another task."

Tess looks up and clears her throat loudly and Alex grins as he adds. "Or before I make Tess do another task..."

Tess smiles and looks back down at her book.

This is Big Brother, the housemates may now leave the girls room.

Alex jumps up from the bed and runs for the door. The girls follow him quickly out into the conservatory and they all look as Alex stops. He looks at the arcade game that is sitting there.

"Whoo-hoo! I love this game." He says as he runs over to it. Tess and Laurie look at him confused.

"What is it?" Laurie says as she walks over to look at the game that is a snowboarding simulator.

Tess walks over as Alex presses the button. "Alex? Have you played this before?"

Alex begins to move the board. "Not this one exactly, I have tried the skiiing one and the water surfing one..."

"What do you do?"

Alex looks at her. "Its a simulator. You just pretend you are on the slopes and move your body so that you can direct yourself and don't crash." As he finishes speaking he begins to move the board from side to side as he plays the game.

Tess and Laurie stand on either side and grimace as he crashes into a wall. He laughs as he jumps down of the board. "It takes practice I guess. One of you want to try it?"

Laurie nods her head and jumps on the board and presses the button. "And I just move from side to side?"

Alex nods his head. "Yeah. That's all you have to do."

Laurie begins to move tentatively from side to side before moving more forcefully as she tries to turn one of the sharper corners. She grits her teeth as she manouveurs over one of the jumps and cheers as she lands. She grins at the others but as she stops paying attention to the screen she crashes into a wall. "Dammit!"

Alex smirks at her. "You need to keep yourself more focused?"

Laurie junps down and looks at Tess and grins. "You need to try it, that is a lot of fun! They have a fan that blows cold air into your face..."

Tess smiles as she walks onto the board. "Really? Okay, lets see how it handles..."

"Just keep your eyes on the screen after you make the jump...or you're libel to crash into the wall like I did..."

Tess presses the button and begins to move the board. "Wow, this is pretty good..."

Alex nods his head. "It is, almost like the real thing..."

Tess doesn't look around as she speaks. "How would you know?"

Alex tilts his head and sighs. "What? Did you all think I spent my time in Sweden reading? I skied, I boarded..."

"You got a girl..." Tess says as she crashes into a wall. "But I don't believe for one minute you boarded..."

Alex looks at her and walks onto the board. "I'll prove it to you, I bet I make a clean run this time..."

Tess shakes her head. "There is no way you will make it down cleanly."

Alex reaches for the button and grins. "Watch and see..."


The housemates have been playing with the arcade game all afternoon. Alex, has just issued the girls with a challenge to see who will progress furthest. He has already beaten them both once, and so far he has managed to beat Tess.

Alex looks at Laurie and shakes his head. "You are going pretty badly. You are not going to beat me like that..."

Laurie grits her teeth and moves her body to avoid the pole. "Shut up, Alex!"

Alex holds his hands up and smirks. "My lips are now sealed. I don't want to give you an excuse for being bad at this..."

"Alex!" Tess says as she elbows him.

"What?" Alex says innocently as Laurie crashes into a wall causing her shot to be over.

Alex looks at her and smiles sympathetically. "Don't worry, Laurie, you did a bit better there. Wait and I'll show you how it should be done."

Tess stops him and shakes his head. "No way, sorry, Alex. But I'm going to have to ban you from playing this until me and Laurie get a chance to practice."

Laurie looks at him and nods her head as Alex looks at them disbelievingly. "You are both banning me because I'm too good?"

Tess sighs and nods her head. "That's exactly it. Sorry, this is one of those times when it doesn't pay to be the best..."

Alex sighs and walks away towards the kitchen. "Fine, I'll let you both practice, but just remember that it was the two of you that called me the best."

Laurie jumps on the board again and smiles at him. "Yeah, Alex. You are the best..."

"And you two are inferior at this game?" Alex says with a grin.

"Don't push it." Tess says with a smile.


Alex is watching from the kitchen as Laurie and Tess are now on the snowboard at the same time.

"You two are going to break it..." Alex says wearilly.

Laurie shakes her head. "No, we're not..."

Alex looks at her and whines. "C'mon, let me get a shot!"

"Alex, you are banned..." Tess says as her and Laurie move the snowboard so hard that both of them fall of the side.

Alex rolls his eyes. "But guys..."

Tess glares at him. "You are ruining our concentration..."

"You have no concentration, you both suck!"

Laurie shakes her head. "You know, insulting us isn't the best way to get us off the game."

Laurie is now standing on the snowboard and Alex walks over to the game. "C'mon!"

"Alex, no. Now, we're practising and if you keep on annoying us it will take us longer to practice." Tess says as Laurie begins to make the machine move.

Alex shakes his head and walks over towards the kitchen muttering. "I'm going to tell Big Brother on you two...after all that work I put into the task today..."

"You put in?" Tess says before she turns to Laurie and shakes her head. "He's got really whiney hasn't he?"


Tess is on the game while Laurie is watching her.

Alex walks over from the kitchen and sighs. "Do you guys not think you have practised enough?"

Laurie shakes her head. "You want a challenge don't you? I'm going to get a drink, does anyone want anything?"

"Fruitjuice, please." Tess says as she looks at the screen.

Laurie looks at Alex and smiles. "Alex?"

Alex smiles at her. "Umm, I'll have some soda please."

Laurie nods her head and walks to the kitchen as Tess finishes her shot. Alex watches as Tess presses the button again and smiles mischievously. "Tess? Can I get a shot yet?"

Tess shakes her head as she concentrates on the game. "In a little while...just practising..."

Alex smirks and walks over behind Tess. "You sure you don't want to give me a shot?"

Tess shakes her head but doesn't turn around. "Practising..."

Alex sighs. "Well, sorry about this then." Alex reaches over and lifts Tess from the game. She screams a little and Laurie looks over from the kitchen.

"Alex! Put me down! I'm playing!!" Tess says indignantly as Alex carries her over to the conservatory.

"No can do, Shorty. Desperate times call for desperate measures..." He says as he puts her down gently and runs over to the game and stands on the board.

Laurie comes over from the kitchen and looks at Alex who is grinning at bothe her and Tess. "Alex! You cheated!"

Alex looks at her innocently. "Me? Cheat? I just decided that you two had practised enough, I mean, you did need the practice. But if we're all honest, it'll take longer than we have left in the house before you guys will win."

Laurie and Tess both gasp indignantly and Alex smirks as he turns around and presses the button. "Now you can watch how it should be done..."

Laurie walks over to him and stops him from pressing the button. "We challenge you again!"

Alex looks at her sympathetically. "But you will just lose..."

Tess walks over and nods her head determined. "No, we won't! What's up? Are you afraid of challenging us?"

Alex smirks. "Fair enough then...who wants to face me first?"

Tess looks at Laurie and smiles. "I'll take it."

Alex looks at them and grins as he presses the button. "Bring it on."


The housemates are still playing the arcade game. Alex has beat the girls 3 times already and he has already beaten Laurie again.

Alex grins as Tess desperately tries to avoid crashing. "Tell you what, after you crash here I'll let you practice some more... and then you can try and beat me again. You know, losing to me 6 times in the one night is not that embarrassing."

"Shut up, Alex. You haven't won yet." Tess says as she crashes into the wall.

Alex grins as she looks at the screen desolately. He pats her on the back reassuringly. "You have now. Don't worry, it's no shame to lose to the Snow King. 6 times."

Tess sighs and jumps of the board. "6 times, we lost to Alex 6 times!"

Alex stands up on the board and grins at them both. "I am the Snow King!"

Laurie looks at Tess and sighs. "We really suck at that don't we?"

Tess nods her head as Alex takes a bow at them. "We do..."

Alex jumps of the board and walks over to them both. He throws an arm around each of them and smiles. "Don't worry, not all of us can be blessed with talent, good looks and a wicked sense of humour..."

Tess turns to him and raises an eyebrow. "No, people like you are blessed with a sarcastic and smug streak?"

Alex laughs gently. "Don't worry, Tess, you still have the potential to learn. You're still young...sure, you're crap just now, but everyone has to start somewhere..."

Tess rolls her eyes and walks away from him. "I'm going to bed."

Alex looks at her go and smirks. "What? No rematch?"

Laurie shakes her head and looks at him. "You aren't a very gracious winner..."

Alex looks at her and nods his head. "I have a bit of a competitive streak...but you girls did suck..."

Laurie smiles and shakes her head and walks towards the girls room. "Goodnight, Alex."

Alex looks at her and smiles. "You don't want a rematch either?"

Laurie lifts her hand and waves. "Goodnight, Alex."

He sighs and turns around and walks back over to the game. "Goodnight Laurie." He takes a deep breath and shouts loudly. "Goodnight, Loser!"

He begins to laugh when Tess shouts at him loudly from the ensuite. "Bite me!"

Alex grins and begins to sing loudly as he presses the button. "'Cause I am the champion, I am the champion! No time for losers, because I am the champion...dun dun dun...of the world! 'Cause I am the champion, my friends. And I'll keep on fighting to the end...dun dun dun...'cause I am the champion, I am the champion! No time for losers, because I am the champion...dun dun dun...of the world!"

Laurie walks into the girls room and shakes her head as Alex can be heard still singing. Tess slides under her covers and shakes her head. "If he doesn't stop singing I think I'll smother him tonight..."

Laurie grins as she gets changed. "But he is the "Snow King." by his own declaration."

Tess begins to laugh. "Oh yeah, I forget that...we'll have to see how regal he feels tomorrow."

Laurie grins. "That should be fun."

Tess nods her head and grins. "It should be, well, goodnight..."

Laurie smiles as she turns the light out. "Goodnight."