DAY 6 - 7.42am

Day 6 in the Big Brother house. Most of the housemates are still in bed asleep. Max has just woke up and is getting ready in the boys bedroom. Tess, Alex and Kyle are outside in the garden looking after the task. The housemates had agreed to switch shifts after 6 hours but they have been minding the task for nearly 8 hours and no one has came to relieve them yet.

Tess is asleep in the deckchair as Kyle and Alex look at the water cooler. Kyle whispers quietly to Alex.

"We should get them out here. They harp on about taking this seriously yet they expect us to look after this all night? You know why it is don't you? It's because they think the three of us will take it. If this was Maria, Michael, Max, Liz or Isabel out here they would have relieved them already. But because it's only us they think they can get away with it. It's a joke."

Alex yawns as he walks over towards the water cooler and adds a little more water. "I hear you was Michael's big idea to rota things yet no one wants to stick to it. Maybe one of us should go in and wake them up?"

Kyle shakes his head firmly as he takes his blanket and puts it over Tess gently before walking over towards Alex. "There's no way I'm playing into their hands by begging them to come out. They want to play it this way? Thats fine...but we can play it as well as they can."

Alex shakes his head at Kyle. "I don't think it's a major conspiracy...but you're right. We shouldn't go in and make them think that we need them." He scratches the side of his head as he continues. "I just really want to get to bed and sleep for about 10 hours..."

Kyle walks over to the chair and sits again. "I should would keep me awake, but I don't think I have the energy to do it."

Alex walks over to his seat and slouches in it. "Maybe if I got my guitar and started playing it loudly they would get the message?"

Kyle smiles as he looks at him. "Man, don't you dare mention the guitar after what happened the other day. The girls have a lot to answer for...and you caved? Pop music..." He shakes his head as Alex blushes slightly.

"They can be very persuasive!"

"Sure they can...but only if you're dating them. It's then that they have all the powers over you..."

Alex smiles at Kyle. "Well, what about you and Tess? You do what she wants..."

Kyle holds his hand up. "Listen, I don't do everything Tess wants...but she needs a friend after all the crap she's had to put up with..."

"No offence Kyle, but you and Tess are more than friends."

Kyle looks at him with an eyebrow raised. "Of course we're more than friends. She's like family, in a weird weird way. She's a great girl...I just wish people would give her a chance. I seem to be the only one that cares what she thinks, or how she's feeling. And that's hard for me to watch."

Alex looks at him earnestly. "I've seen a new side of her in here if that counts for anything. I really like her...It's kinda like I just got to know her in here."

Kyle looks towards her as he answers. "Well, that's two then..." He turns towards Alex. "What about you? You and Isabel cleared up that little mis-understanding yet?"

Alex sighs as he lies down futher on his chair. "I have no idea what's going on there...we were getting on ok outside of here, well, nearly ok. And's just...she's just been a bit...quiet."

"Sean said he'd seen glaciers give out more warmth than she did the other night there..."

Alex looks at him. "I honestly don't know what I can do. What I should do. I mean if she doesn't want to make the effort...then why should I?"

Kyle stifles a yawn as he replies. "Because, you'd feel bad? You know what the problem is don't you? Isabel's feeling a bit threatened. No, hear me out. You went away to Sweden idolising her...then you came back and you were all confidant and she couldn't turn your head anymore? So, she's thinking about things and she realises that maybe she won't always have you to fall back on..."

"You think she see's me as the "fall-back" guy? Great..."

Kyle quickly responds. "No, I mean...she's in here and she realises that outside of here, women are going to be seeing you and maybe you will have more options...and I think she's jealous."

Alex shakes his head and begins to talk when Max walks out. "There's no way Isabel is jealous that I might have "options"...she will have guys queing around the block for her. I might get one mad stalker girl...or guy even. God, what if I only appeal to guys?"

Kyle begins to laugh before he notices Max who is now standing beside them looking apologetic.

"Hey look Alex, the Land of the Rested now has one less resident. Maybe if we give it a couple more hours we might get to go to bed today?"

"What are you guys still doing up? I thought Michael and Maria had the morning shift?" Max asks.

Alex yawns as he replies. "So did we..."

Max looks at them both. "I'm really sorry, I'll go and get them up."

He walks towards the house.

"I'll make some coffee ok? And I'll get Michael and Maria out here."

As he walks away Kyle calls after him. "Don't strain yourself Evans..."

Max stops and clenches his fist before walking in the house without acknowledging he heard anything.

Alex leans over to Kyle. "That was a bit's not his fault."

Kyle looks at him before looking at Tess. "No, that might not be his fault...but he's to blame for other stuff..."

Alex looks at him looking at Tess. "Kyle. Max isn't to blame for the crap that happened with Tess either..."

Kyle stands up. "You know what Alex? Neither was she..."


Alex, Kyle and Tess are all now in bed. The other housemates are all up with Liz, Max and Sean sitting in the lounge. Laurie and Isabel are in the kitchen while Michael and Maria are in the garden minding the task.

Michael and Maria are both lying on the ground looking up at the sky when Maria sits up and looks at Michael.

"Michael? Are you glad that I'm in here with you in here?"

Michael looks at her. "What kind of question is that?"

Maria looks hard at him. "I mean it. Are you happy that you might be locked in a house with me for a potential of 64 days? Don't try and not give me an answer..."

Michael sighs. "Maria, is this one of those questions that I can't possibly give the right answer to? You know, I say yes and I'll be too needy or I'll say no and I'll be an insensitive jerk who a dummy can beat in the boyfriend stakes?"

Maria looks at him softly "Just give me an honest answer..."

Michael answers earnestly as he sits up fully to look her in the eyes. "Maria, I am glad you're in here...I could have done without about 7 of the other people in here...but, at least you're here."

"Awww, Michael!" She hugs him tightly and kisses him gently. "Thank you!" As she pulls back to look at him she grins. "See? That wasn't so hard..."

As he lies back down she leans her head against his chest and smiles. "No, it wasn't that hard..."

Inside Isabel and Laurie stand in the kitchen in silence as Sean walks over and begins to talk to Laurie.

"So, are you?"

She smiles shyly as she replies. "I'm good thanks, how are you?"

Sean grins as he jumps up on the counter. "Great, thanks. So, how's the guitar lessons going? I see you and Alex had another one the other night there."

Isabel bangs her cup down as Sean speaks and he stifles a laugh as Laurie winches at the sound. "It's going great actually. Alex is a great teacher..."

Isabel grabs the coffee from in front of the fiercely and bangs it down on the worksurface.

Sean continues to talk over the noise she's making. "So, what do you think of the rest of the housemates?"

Laurie looks at Isabel. "I guess...I guess I get on better with some people than I do with others..."

As Isabel barges past them with a weak apology Sean turns to Laurie. "I can see that..."

Isabel walks past them and turns into the girls room with her cup. As she walks towards her bed she stops next to Maria's bed and looks at her photo of Maria, Liz and Alex. As she looks at it she sighs loudly before walking over to her own bed and lying on top of the covers. She leans her head against the wall and closes her eyes and sighs again. She stays like that for a moment before sitting up and taking a drink of her coffee.

In the lounge, Max and Liz are playing snakes and ladders. "You know, I really...really hate this game." Max whispers.

Liz smiles as she whispers back. "Why are we playing it then? We can..."

"There's nothing else to do...we can't go out into the garden as I think those two," He points outside. "Want some time alone after what happened yesterday."

Liz smiles at him and rolls the dice. "Well, I guess snakes and ladders it is then..."


The housemates have just completed their first task in the house. At 12 o'clock Big Brother asked the housemates to return the equipment to the diary room and they will reveal to them later if they have passed. If they pass they will have an extra 40% to spend on their shopping. All the housemates, apart from Alex, Kyle and Tess, who are still in bed, discuss whether they were successful or not in the lounge.

Michael sits in the chair and the others sit on the couches next to him. Laurie and Sean sit on one couch and Max, Liz and Isabel sit on the other. Liz begins to talk.

"Well, how do you guys think we done? I think we done well..."

Max nods his head in agreement as Michael replies. "I'm not so was close a couple of times. I don't think we passed it if I'm honest."

Maria stretched her arms out as she begins to talk. "Well, I am just glad it's over. No more early morning rises or all-nighters..."

Max looks at her and Michael. "You guys know that Alex and Kyle weren't happy you were late this morning don't you?"

Michael shrugs his shoulders and Maria smiles. "Aww, they're pussy cats...I'll make it up to them later."

Michael whispers. "Just don't cook for them..."

She turns and glares at him as Laurie and Sean smile.


Alex, Kyle and Tess are all now up out of bed. Tess is sitting with Laurie in the lounge as Sean and Kyle try and make dinner in the kitchen. Liz, Maria and Max are all out in the garden and Michael is back in bed. Alex is in the den playing his guitar.

Isabel smiles at Max as she walks towards the den. Maria call's to her. "Hey, Alex is in there."

Isabel turns and looks at her. "I know that." Before walking to the den. She pauses and takes a deep breath before opening the door and walking in. Alex looks up at the sound of the door opening and as he see's who it is put's his guitar down.


She looks at him awkwardly. " it ok if I come in? I'd like to talk..."

He gives her a smile and pats the cushion next to him. "Sure...take a seat."

She lets out a breath and sits down beside him. "So...what do you want to talk about Isabel?"

She takes a deep breath before speaking. "It''s...I'd like to apologise for what happened the other night there...I was wrong to behave like that. And I'm...I'm really sorry."

He looks at her intently. "Did I do anything to upset you that day? Or any other day? I know I can sometimes be...annoying I guess." He runs his hand through his hair as he continues. "I mean, before we were in here...things were...ok. I mean, we were friends..."

She shakes her head sadly. "I didn't treat you like a friend before we went in here...I...I wasn't...rea...I just didn't treat you the way you deserved to be treated. And, and now I realise that I don't want to risk losing you because of that. The other night was so...akward, and I realised that was because I did feel...bad about things..."

He looks at her earnestly as she looks at her hands. "What sort of things?"

She sighs. "The Grant thing, not making more of an effort before we came in here, not spending enough time with you, not...not..."

He stops her before she can continue. "Hey...not all of that was down to you. I could have made more of an effort. It was just...awkward. So we're both to blame for some of that." She looks at him with a weak smile as he continues. "But I agree, I don't want to risk losing you either."

She smiles hopefully as he takes her hand gently and gives it a quick squeeze before putting his arm round her shoulder. "You know? Despite everything Ms. Evans. I still care about you, crazy as that may be. I don't want to lose your friendship..."

He hugs her closer as she looks down disappointed as she quietly whispers. "Yeah...I miss you're...friendship...too..."

Outside, Maria looks at Max and Liz. "What do you think they're doing in there?" She asks loudly as she looks at the den.

"Maria. They're just talking...give them a break." Liz replies sternly.

"But Liz! Alex can't go back to her, no offence Max, but she's just...wrong for him! I think I'm going to go in there...I'll...I'll..."

"Just leave it. Alex is a big boy and can look out for himself, don't you agree Max?"

Max looks at both of them. "I'm sorry, I'm just ignoring this conversation because I am not interfering in my sisters love life..."

Liz turns and looks at Maria. "See, you've even made Max want to sit out of it. Just leave it alone, no one will thank you for it if everything blows up."

Maria looks at her and begins again. "But.."

"Maria, no." Liz says firmly as Maria lies back down again.

"Fine...but if he get's his heart broke again you know who's to blame..." she mutters quietly.

Inside, Sean and Kyle have now recruited Laurie and Tess as cooks, as the four of them attempt to successfully make spaghetti bolognese and strawberry cheesecake.

"You know, we really should have just bought one of those ready made sauces." Sean complains as he tastes the sauce. "This is very...very... here, taste it Tess, tell me what you think." He sticks the spoon towards Tess who is busy creating the filling for the cheesecake. "Sean, I really can't leave this so give Kyle, he's not doing anything."

"Hey! I resent that...I'm trying to get the strawberry's to look right."

Tess turns to him and looks at him. "Kyle...they're out of a tin! They don't look any better than that! Laurie...tell him."

She looks at the strawberry's as she stands next to Sean. "She's right...thats as good as they get."

Kyle lifts up the tin and points to the picture. "They don't look anything like they do there..."

"Your kidding me? Maybe they didn't want to advertise them as a syruppy mess?" Sean smiles as Laurie adds tomato puree to the sauce.

Kyle grimaces as he taste's the strawberry's. "Gah..."

Tess leans over his shoulder. "That good?"

"For everyone in this kitchen, I strongly suggest that we have plain cheesecake...lets not eat these." He ushers to the strawberries.

Sean, Laurie and Tess look at each other before reaching over and trying the strawberries for themselves. Kyle watches as the 3 faces refelct his own earlier. "So?"

Sean recovers quickest. "Man, they're evil! So, I suggest that we four have it plain, we'll let the others enjoy them. Deal?"

As all the others nod in agreement he smiles as he gets back to work on the sauce and Tess and Laurie take long drinks to try and get rid of the taste.


After dinner, the housemates decide to play Monopoly, which Isabel brought in. Michael, Sean and Laurie are the only housemates who aren't playing. The three of them are playing poker in the lounge as the others play monopoly in the dining area.

As Isabel roll's the dice Big Brother call's into the house.

This is Big Brother. Big Brother has reviewed the weekly task and can reveal that...

Michael begins to speak. "C'mon, we know we failed it. Put us out our misery."

The housemates have successfully completed this week's task.

As Big Brother finishes speaking all the housemates jump up and cheer.

"Whoo-hoo! We passed it!" Maria calls as she runs to Michael and hugs him.

Tess hugs Max who looks akward as he turns to Liz and smiles.

"So what are we going to spend the extra money on?" Sean asks as he stands alone.

"Hmm, how about...chocolate?" Maria asks as she walks back over to the table. Which is greeted by nods of approval from the rest of the housemates.

"You know? We'll all get a full nights sleep for once." Liz says.

"I can't wait! I am still recovering from last night..." yawns Tess.

Kyle add's. "Yeah...I think we all are...huh Michael?"

Michael replies with an icy glare as he sits back down and deals the cards.


All the housemates are getting ready for bed after deciding to have an early night. All the boys apart from Kyle are already in bed. Kyle is standing in the kitchen . Tess, Liz and Laurie are in bed talking and Maria and Isabel are alone in the ensuite.

Isabel brushes her hair in the mirror as Maria brushes her teeth. As she finishes she turns to Isabel.

"So...what happened with you and Alex today?"

Isabel replies curtly. "None of your business."

Maria looks at her. "He's a friend that makes it my business."

"He's my friend too. So deal with it. Get over whatever problem you have with me. We all have to live here..."

As Isabel walks through the doors quickly Maria mutters after her. "Well, here's hoping it won't be for too long..."

Kyle walks to the door of the girls bedroom and call's in. "Goodnight Tessie."

"Goodnight Buddha Boy." Tess smiles as she replies.

Laurie turns to Tess and smiles. "Tessie?"

Tess shrugs her shoulders and smiles shyly. "It's just something he call's me sometimes..."

Maria call's loudly to him. "Hey Kyle! You not going to say goodnight to us?"

"Goodnight Maria! Goodnight Isabel! Goodnight Laurie! Goodnight Liz!" He call's in loudly as he walks away.

All the girls call to him in unison. "Goodnight Kyle!!!!" as he laughs quietly as he walks to the boys room.

As he walks in he turns out the light and walks towards his bed. As he gets in he hears Alex whisper over to him.

"Guess what? Me and Isabel talked today and managed to clear the air."

"Did you figure out what was going on?"

"Kinda... Things are going to be better now I think."

Kyle sighs as he akes his mike off. "Good for all you gotta do is hope it lasts."

Alex rolls over and yawns. "Here's hoping. Anyway, goodnight."

"'Night." Kyle replies as he lies down and closes his eyes.