DAY 58 - 8:45am

Day 58 in the Big Brother house. Last night Isabel became the eighth person to be evicted from the house. This means that Alex, Laurie and Tess have made it through to the final round, and one of them will win Big Brother on Friday. Alex is the only housemate out of bed.

Alex pours himself a cup of coffee and stands in the kitchen looking out of the conservatory doors. He takes a drink of his coffee as he leans against the counter and sighs as he looks thoughtful.

In the girls bedroom Laurie lies awake in her bed staring up at the ceiling. She seems lost in thought but glances over to Tess who stirs in her sleep but doesn't wake. Seeing that she is still asleep Laurie looks back up at the ceiling.

Alex hums to himself as he continues to look out of the conservatory doors to the garden, but looks over his shoulder as he hears footsteps coming from the girls bedroom. "Hey, good morning."

"Good morning," Laurie nods as she walks towards the kitchen. "How long have you been up?"

Alex shrugs. "Not long." He then looks down at his cup as he stirs it a little. "It was hard trying to sleep last night."

Laurie nods understandably as she rests against the counter opposite him.

Alex looks at her. "You want a coffee?"

"Yeah, thanks," Laurie replies. "I'm just going to the bathroom, so I'll just be a sec."

"Okay," Alex nods with a smile and watches her leave. He then takes another cup from the cupboard and looks up to see Tess walk out of the girls bedroom. "Morning."

"Morning," Tess says as she yawns.


Tess nods as she walks towards the bathroom. "Yes, please."

Alex nods and pulls out another cup. "Laurie's in there."

Tess stops then walks back towards Alex. She leans her arms against the kitchen counter and yawns again. Alex notices this and looks at her curiously.

"I guess you didn't get much sleep last night?"

"Nope," Tess says resting her head against her arms. She then looks up at him. "It's weird isn't it?"

"Being in the final 3?" Alex asks her knowingly.

Tess nods. "Yeah. It just seems strange that out of everyone it's us who is still in here."

Alex nods as he returns to making the coffee. "That is definitely weird."

"What is?" Laurie asks as she strolls towards the kitchen.

Tess turns to look at her. "Us being in the final 3."

Laurie nods as she stands beside her and rests her arms on the counter. "I never thought I'd be here."

"Me neither," Alex echoes.

"And here we are," Tess says quietly and the others nod.


The housemates have been chatting in the lounge for the past 30 minutes about their time inside the Big Brother house.

The group sit in the lounge. Alex sits on the chair and Tess sits on the couch beside him while Laurie sits on the couch opposite him.

"Okay be honest," Tess begins as she looks from Alex to Laurie. "When you first came in here who did you think would be in the final 3?"

Alex and Laurie consider the question before Laurie answers.

"I thought it would honestly be Michael, Maria, and Isabel."

Alex shakes his head. "I figured it would be at least 2 of the people you said. But I thought it would be Liz instead of Michael."

Laurie nods and then looks at Tess. "Who did you think would be in here in the final week?"

"Kyle," Tess smiles and Laurie smiles back at her. She then sighs as she thinks about it. "Maria and Isabel."

"Well, it seems like we were all wrong," Alex sighs sadly. "Especially about Maria and Isabel."

Laurie and Tess nod sadly as the lounge fills with silence. Tess looks at them again. "Who did you think would be in the final as the weeks went by?"

"After Michael left I thought it would still be Maria and Isabel," Laurie says and looks at Alex. "And Alex."

Alex looks at her curiously. "You thought I would be in here now?"

Laurie nods. "Yeah. You had that quality that some people would like. You know like a puppy?"

Tess giggles as Alex looks offended. "Oh, so you see me as a dog?"

Laurie laughs and blushes. "No! I meant..."

"That I'm like a pet," Alex says attempting to sound offended.

Tess and Laurie fall into a fit of laughter as Alex looks at them both. "That's great," he mutters for them to hear which causes them to laugh more.


Tess is in the girls bedroom gathering her laundry. In the lounge area Alex and Laurie discuss Isabel's eviction.

Alex looks at Laurie as she sits on the couch next to him. "I think that the friendships in here will last outside of the house. Well, at least I hope they do."

"Me too," Laurie nods. "It's strange with some people gone."

"Yeah," Alex sighs. "I want to keep the friendships I built in here with you, Kyle, Tess and Brody."

Laurie smiles at him. "Well, I think that won't be a problem."

Alex smiles at her. "Yeah, it won't be." He then looks up at the ceiling. "I hope I can keep what I've built between me and Isabel."

"You two are really close."

Alex nods. "It wasn't always like that. After we broke up things were kind of awkward. But since we came in here things have been better. I miss her not being here."

Laurie nods understandably. "Well, we've only 1 more week and then you'll get to see her again."

"Yeah," Alex sighs. He then thinks for a moment. "I didn't expect her to go."

Laurie nods as she looks at him. "Me neither."

Alex looks at her. "I didn't mean that I expected either you or Tess to go..."

"I know," Laurie reassures him.

Alex nods as he lays his head back on the chair. "I thought it would be me to be honest."

Laurie looks at him for a moment. "You really can't wait to leave here can you?"

Alex smiles at her. "I really can't. I'm even hoping that I go third just to so I can leave here sooner."

Laurie smiles at him. "Well, I don't think that will happen. I think it's safe to say that you will definitely be in the final 2. Along with Tess."

Alex shakes his head. "No you and Tess will be in here. I'll be out there rooting for you both, telling everyone that you both deserve to win but at the same time reminding them how evil you can be."

Lauries laughs lightly. "Says the guy who strung up poor Loco!"

"Like I said before you have not got any proof that I was involved in that in any way."

"Alex, I will have my proof as soon as I leave this house," Laurie tells him. "One of the cameras in here must have caught you at some point."

Alex smirks at her as he slouches on the chair. "We'll see."

"Yeah," Laurie grins. "We will."


The housemates have been told that today they will not be given a weekly task, and instead will have to perform a 3 day task which begins on Monday. The group have decided to clean the house. Tess cleans the kitchen while Alex and Laurie clean out the chickens.

Alex cleans out the hut while Laurie sweeps the coop. Alex glances at Laurie and then looks back down at what he is doing.

"You know, I wouldn't mind calling a truce over the weekend?"

Laurie looks at him and smirks as he looks up at her. "Alex, it wouldn't be fair of me to agree to anything without first consulting Tess."

"C'mon, you guys are making me feel like I'm an easy target."

Laurie stops and smiles. "You're only beginning to feel that now?"

"Very funny," Alex replies as she grins. "You know it would be an national outcry if it were 2 guys picking on a girl."

"Alex, we are not picking on you," Laurie says as she begins to sweep again. "Like we've said before you are our..."

"Don't even say it," Alex warns her.

Laurie smirks as she looks at him. "Project."

Alex fires an egg at her without warning which just misses her. She laughs and shakes her head.

"You really are a bad shot."

"Oh, really," Alex says as he stands up holding another egg.

Laurie's eyes widen and she holds up the broom as she backs away. "This isn't fair, Alex, I don't have anything to protect myself with."

"Isn't that a shame," Alex smirks as he continues to walk towards her.

Laurie looks at the gate to the chicken coop and then to Alex who grins at her. She then rushes towards the gate with Alex chasing her. Laurie tosses the broom over the gate and tries to unlock the hinge but Alex reaches her and she lets out a small scream as he grabs her and turns her around to face him.

"Okay say I'm not a project," he tells her as he raises the egg above her head.

Laurie giggles as she raises her hands above her head to protect herself. "No."

"Say it otherwise the egg will get it," Alex grins down at her.

"Okay, okay," Laurie says quickly then looks at him. "You are not a project."

Alex nods satisfied not noticing that Laurie has reached behind her and unlocked the gate.

"You are our project," she grins before running out of the chicken coop.

Alex chases after her but then stops and runs back to close the gate. Laurie looks back at him and laughs before she rushes into the house. Tess looks up as Laurie runs into the house and rushes over to the kitchen.

"What is it?"

"Laurie!" Alex bellows from outside.

Both exchange a look and then turn to the conservatory doors where Alex stands looking at them.

"That was a sarcastic attempt..."

Laurie grins as she interupts him. "Well, now you know what it's like."

Alex walks into the house and fires the egg at her which hits the wall behind her as she ducks.

"I just washed there!" Tess tells him.

She then picks up a wet soapy cloth and fires it at him. The cloth hits him in the face and Tess and Laurie laugh. The girls high-five as Alex takes the cloth and aims it at them.

"Alex, you don't want to start a war that you know you won't win," Tess grins at him.

Alex doesn't reply and throws the cloth which hits Tess on the chest and he rushes forward to grab a basin of water which sits on the kitchen counter, and both he and Laurie reach it at the same time. Both struggle for the basin and water begins to spill out of it.

"Let go! I won't pour it over you," Alex says innocently.

"No!" Laurie replies as they continue to struggle. "I know what you're planning to do."

As they jerk the basin the water spills out onto Alex's stomach and waist. Laurie laughs loudly and Alex looks at her and smirks as he tilts the basin towards her spilling water onto her. She gasps and Alex begins to laugh only to stop when Tess throws a bucket of soapy water onto his back.

Alex turns to Tess and shakes his head. "That's it! Alex Whitman is not going to be picked on anymore!"

He races forward and Tess runs towards the lounge. She runs behind the chair and Alex jumps onto the table in the lounge area.


"Oh, you're going to pay for that one, Harding," Alex warns her as he stands wet on the front and back of his t-shirt and pants.

Tess glances behind him and grins broadly. Alex frowns and looks behind him only to see Laurie standing on top of the table holding a tomato which she rubs into the side of his face.

"Agghhaa!" Alex yelps at the feel of it.

Tess laughs and Laurie tosses her another tomato. Tess rushes onto the table and proceeds to squeeze the juice of the tomato onto him. Alex holds onto Laurie and pulls her down as he falls onto the table, which also causes Tess to loose her balance.

The 3 of them are in a fit of laughter but soon stop when a creaking noise is heard and soon one of the legs of the table snaps underneath them causing them to roll onto the floor.

"Whoops," Tess winces as she looks at the table while lying on top of Alex's back.

Alex and Laurie hold each other's gaze for a second as their faces are extremely close as she lies underneath him. They then avoid looking at each other and look at the table. Tess moves off Alex to allow them to sit up. They all sit looking at the broken table.

"Do you think Big Brother will hold us responsible for this?" Alex says looking at the girls who sit on either side of him.

Tess and Laurie look at him with an amused look and then look back at the broken table.


After breaking the table in the lounge area, Big Brother calls one of the housemates to the Diary Room.

This is Big Brother, will someone please come to the Diary Room.

Alex, Laurie and Tess exchange worried looks.

"Okay who's going?" Tess asks.

"You are," Alex says grimly.

Tess looks at him anxiously. "I am?"

Alex begins to laugh. "And they say that I'm the easy target."

"I'll go," Laurie says as she stands.

Alex shakes his head as he touches her arm. "I'll go. Big Brother hates me anyway."

Laurie smiles at him gratefully as he walks towards the Diary Room.

"Of course I'm going to say that it was you two to blame," Alex grins as he walks away.

Laurie grins while Tess makes a face which Alex returns before they both smile.

Alex looks above the Diary Room door to see if the light is green. Seeing that it is he enters the Diary Room and sits down on the chair.

Hello, Alex.

"Hey, Big Brother."

Do you know why you have been called to the Diary Room?

"Because we broke something?" Alex replies looking into the camera.

Big Brother asks that the housemates be more careful in the future, and that anymore breakages will result in Big Brother confiscating part of the housemates weekly shopping which covers the cost of any broken Big Brother property.

Alex nods slowly as he listens. "Okay, that sounds fair." He then smiles into the camera. "We'll just be more in the future otherwise we'll starve."

Thank you, Alex.

Alex stifles a laugh as he nods.


Big Brother has ordered the housemates to go into the girls bedroom while the table is being replaced. They have now been in there for 10 minutes.

Alex begins to pace the room while Laurie and Tess sit on Isabel's double bed.

"Alex, you're going to wear out the floor," Tess tells him.

"I can't help it," Alex says as he runs his fingers over his hair which is slowly growing back. "I hate being locked up."

Tess grins at Laurie. "And yet you entered the Big Brother house?"

Alex stops and gives her a look. "Smart ass. You know what I meant."

Tess grins back at him as he walks over to Laurie's bed which is opposite them and flops down onto it. As he lies on his back he looks up at the ceiling.

"See what happens when you break stuff."

Tess and Laurie exchange frowns and look over to him.

"Yeah, cause we were the only ones on top of there," Tess says with sarcasm.

Alex sighs. "It held my weight just fine."

Tess gasps. "Alex, are you calling us fat?"

Alex sits up quickly and looks panicked. "What? I didn't call you fat!"

"It sounded like it to me," Tess says glaring at him.

"No, no," Alex smiles nervously. "I would never call you ladies that."

Laurie shakes her head as she sighs sadly. "See he's trying to charm his way out of calling us fat."

"Wait..." Alex says looking at her.

"I think we should continue with our project," Tess adds looking at him.

Alex looks at them nervously and then sighs as they begin to grin. He lies back down on the bed. "Why do I have to be the only guy in here?"

Laurie stands and walks over to him and sits beside him. "Because it would be no fun without you here." She then pauses and smirks. "Who would we torture like we do you?"

Alex gives her a look which causes her to laugh. Tess then walks over to them and sits on the other side of Alex.

"It's true, Alex," she says gently. "We really like to torture you."

"I'm so glad that I'm in here for a reason then," Alex sighs.

Both girls laugh as they lie down beside him. Tess lies with her head resting on his arm as he puts his hands behind his head. She then shakes her head with a smile.

"Oh my God, we're going to be out of here on Friday!" she says excitedly. "Not just one but all of us."

"Yes, it's the end of an era," Alex sighs with a smile of his own.

Laurie looks up at him as her head rests against his chest. "What are we going to do when we get out?"

"Go somewhere without any cameras," Alex grins.

"Or microphones," Tess adds with giggle.

Laurie nods. "We should all do something on Friday night. Meet up and go out somewhere."

"Do you think we'll have time?" Tess ponders. "Won't we be getting interviewed and stuff?"

"Yeah but we should still have time afterwards."

Alex thinks for a moment. "We should see our families as well though. Maybe spend some time with them then just go out afterwards."

Tess and Laurie nod in agreement. Alex then smiles.

"We're going home!" he calls out. "Woohoo!"

Tess and Laurie laugh as they join in. "Yeah! Woohoo!"

Alex then holds up his hand. "The final 3."

Laurie looks at his hand that is raised in the air and then covers his with hers. "The final 3."

Tess does the same and smiles. "The final 3."

They exchange a look and sigh contently.

"We're going home," Alex smiles sincerely.

Laurie and Tess wraps their fingers around his as they all tighten their hold on each other's hand.


All the housemates are in the kitchen eating dinner.

This is Big Brother, will Alex please come to the Diary Room.

Alex looks incredulously up at a camera. "When I'm eating dinner?"

When he doesn't receive a reply he sighs as he takes another mouthful before he stands. He then looks at Tess. "Don't even think about putting Tabasco sauce onto anything that's on my plate."

Tess gives him an innocent look. "Alex, I'm hurt."

Alex shakes his head knowingly and begins to walk away. Tess and Laurie exchange a mischievous look and Alex stops and looks back at them.

"And because I said that she hadn't to, doesn't mean that you do," he looks at Laurie.

Laurie gasps. "The trust in this house is unbelievable."

"So unbelievable," Alex comments before walking towards the Diary Room.

Tess and Laurie look at each other and shrug.

"He knew what we were thinking," Laurie says before she takes a drink of water.

"Yeah," Tess nods. "It's not fun when he's prepared."

Alex walks into the Diary Room and sits down on the chair.

Hello, Alex.

"Hey, Big Brother."

As you enter the final week inside the house, what do you think your chances are of winning Big Brother?

Alex laughs lightly. "I'm not deluded enough to think that I even stand a chance of winning. I was prepared to leave yesterday, so I'm doubting that I will win. The best chance I have now is coming in third."

Who do you think will win Big Brother?

"Um," Alex looks up at the wall that's behind the camera as he considers the question. "That's a hard one because I think both Laurie and Tess have the potential of winning this. They're very likeable..." he smirks.

He then grins. "Really they're great and if one of them doesn't win this then the world is crazy. They are two incredibly beautiful girls," he says as he begins to stratch the armrest with his nail. "Who are amazing to be with, and..." he looks back into the camera. "Any guy would have to be crazy if he didn't think so."


The housemates relax in the lounge area. Big Brother has called Laurie to the Diary Room.

Laurie sits down on the Diary Room chair and looks into the camera.

Hello, Laurie.

"Hi, Big Brother."

As you enter the final week inside the house, what do you think your chances are of winning Big Brother?

Laurie smiles slowly as she answers. "None." She then glances away for a moment. "I never expected to get this far. To be honest just being chosen to appear on Big Brother was an amazing feat for me so being in the final 3 just really blew me away."

Who do you think will win Big Brother?

"I think either Tess or Alex could win it," Laurie replies sincerely. "They have this quality about them that I know people just love. I personally think that those two deserve to be in here until the end. I'm just grateful that I got to be in here with them as I got to spend more time with them."

She waits for Big Brother to speak but when they don't respond she clears her throat. "But if I have to say who might win then..." she clasps her hands together and looks down at them. "I think Alex will. He's this brilliant guy that every girl out there will just love," she says looking into the camera.


The housemates relax in the conservatory as they play games.

The 3 housemates sit around the board which is on the floor in the conservatory. Alex smirks as he shakes the dice in his hand. "I am on a winning streak."

"No," Tess tells him as she sits opposite him. "You're on a losing streak."

Alex shakes his head. "I'm making a comeback."

"Alex, you have almost all your properties in mortgage," Tess says incredulously.

"Almost," Alex says smugly. "Almost means that I'm on my way back up."

Tess grins. "No, what it means is that you're on my side of the board. Everything here I own."

Alex looks down at the board and gulps. "I will not lose. If I get into trouble..." He looks at Laurie and she shakes her head.

"Forget it, Alex," Laurie tells him. "I've learned my lesson and know now to ignore your 'bail me out' pleas that you always make at this game."

Alex shakes his head and sighs. "I have no allies in this house."

"So you've said," Tess smirks. "Now roll the dice."

Alex gives her a look and rolls the dice. He winces and Laurie laughs as Tess cheers.

"You so don't want to know how much you owe me," Tess grins.

Alex holds his head in his hands. "Dammit."

This is Big Brother, will Tess please come to the Diary Room.

The 3 of them look up and Alex smiles gratefully but it soon fades as Tess grins at him.

"You can pay me when I get back," she grins.

Alex sighs as she stands and begins to walk away. Tess looks at Laurie. "Make sure he doesn't cheat."

Laurie nods and Tess walks towards the Diary Room. Alex reaches over towards Tess' money pile and Laurie slaps his hand away. "Don't cheat!"

Tess walks into the Diary Room and sits down on the chair.

Hello, Tess.

"Hello, Big Brother."

As you enter the final week inside the house, what do you think your chances are of winning Big Brother?

Tess smiles as she nods. "Well, I know that technically I have a 3 in 1 chance of winning. But at the same time I also know that it's more likely that either Laurie or Alex will win it." She then shakes her head. "So I don't think I have any chance of winning Big Brother."

Who do you think will win Big Brother?

"Either Laurie or Alex will definitely win this," Tess replies sincerely. "They haven't done anything that could upset anyone on the outside world, while I know I've had my fair share of things to deal with. People will like those two more I think."

She then thinks for a moment. "But I do think that Alex might clinch it. He's been everyone's friend in here, and I really appreciated how he didn't back away after the night of Sean's party. He could have but he didn't." She looks back into the camera. "He's just a great guy."


The housemates are still awake and are outside in the hot-tub.

The 3 housemates laugh as they splash in the water. Each of them sit against the wall of the hot-tub and look at each other.

"Okay," Tess smiles. "If you could not nominate someone in here who you did nominate then who would it be?"

Laurie frowns. "Are we allowed to discuss this now?"

Tess nods. "Big Brother said it was okay as we won't be nominating anyone anymore."

Laurie nods and sighs. "I think I'd want to make amends with some people once I get out of here."

"Me too," Alex moans as he sinks down into the hot-tub so that the soapy water is level with his shoulders.

"I'd also like to make amends with you two."

Tess looks at her with surprise. "You nominated us?"

"No!" Laurie says with surprise. "But I did nominate people that were close to you."

Alex looks at her understandably. "I think we all did that."

Laurie looks at him and nods.

"So who did you nominate, Laurie?" Tess asks her.

Laurie sighs. "Well, in the first round I nominated Sean and Kyle."

Tess raises her eyebrows and Alex looks from Laurie to Tess.

"But that was because I hadn't spent much time with them," Laurie continues then sighs sadly. "Which was my own fault."

Tess nods understandably as she bites her lip. She then looks to Alex. "Who did you nominate in the first round, Alex?"

Alex looks uncomfortable as he looks at Laurie then looks up at the sky. "Um, I think if I say it might be awkward in here from now until Friday."

Laurie looks at him with understanding. "It's okay, Alex. We all nominated someone that was close to one of us at one point in here."

Alex looks at her and slowly nods. "Well, in the first round I nominated Michael and Sean."

He looks at Laurie again who holds his gaze then nods.

"See that wasn't so bad," Laurie says with a small smile."

Alex raises his eyebrows. "You okay with that?"

"Yeah," Laurie nods. "It's only a gameshow."

Alex smiles and leans back again and exhales a breath of relief.

Laurie looks at him gently before turning to Tess. "Who did you nominate, Tess?"

Tess looks worriedly at Laurie then Alex. "Um, sorry guys but I nominated Liz and Michael."

Alex nods knowingly. "I think we all guessed that you two were probably nominating each other."

Laurie looks at Tess. "Don't worry about it."

Tess looks at them both. "Really? You're not mad?"

Alex and Laurie shakes their heads with a smile. Tess smiles back at them.

"Well, if I'm going to be honest and make amends I might as well tell you everyone that I nominated," Alex says grimly. "I nominated Michael 3 times, Brody 3 times, Sean once, Max once..." Alex trails off as he looks at Tess sadly. "And, I nominated you twice."

Tess holds his gaze then nods slowly.

"I'm sorry, Tess," Alex begins apologetic.

"Alex, forget about it," Tess tells him. "I had to nominate you as well."

Alex leans back and smiles. "Thank God."

Tess laughs lightly as Laurie looks between them with a smile. Tess then sighs.

"Well, I also nominated Michael twice," she looks at Laurie who nods understandably. "And I nominated Liz 3 times," she looks at Alex who gives her the same nod as Laurie had. "And I nominated Maria twice," she keeps looking at Alex who still looks at her. "And Isabel 3 times."

Alex clears his throat and gives her a reassuring smile.

Tess gives him a grateful smile as she continues. "The only other person that I voted for was Brody."

"I hated nominating Brody," Laurie sighs sadly. "I hated nominating at all, but it was worse when it was Brody because we had gotten so close," she says looking at Alex who nods.

"I hated nominating him because of that too," Alex tells her.

Laurie then looks at Tess and bites her lip. "There was one more nomination I hated more than that."

Tess nods understandably. "Kyle?"

Laurie nods. "After I nominated Kyle I couldn't nominate the following week. It was too hard after that."

Tess looks into the water and sighs. "Yeah."

Laurie touches her arm and Tess looks up at her and gives her an understanding smile.

"We both nominated people close to us," Tess says as she looks over at Alex who is looking at them both.

Laurie nods then looks at Alex. He looks back at her and smiles understandably. "I know that you nominated Liz and Isabel." As Laurie holds his gaze he nods slowly. "It's okay."

She smiles gratefully at him and he smiles back.

"Like you said it's only a gameshow."

"Which is coming to an end," Tess replies.

The 3 of them exchange a look. Alex smiles. "Just think this time next week we'll be out of here."

The girls nod and Laurie sinks into the water so her shoulders are at water level. "I think we're in for a quiet week."

"You don't think we'll get any surprises?" Tess asks her.

Laurie shakes her head and they both look at Alex who shrugs. "There's nothing that Big Brother can really surprise us with now. For once I'm going to be naive and look forward to the quiet life."

Tess and Laurie exchange smiles.

Alex sits up and picks up his glass of soda from the ledge of the hot-tub and raises it out. "To the quiet life."

Laurie and Tess do the same and touch their glasses with his. "To the quiet life," both echo.

Alex leans back and sighs contently. "This should be fun."