The camera moves quickly across the bridge and past the crowd who cheer loudly and stops when Wayne comes into frame as he stands at the main gate that separates the Big Brother house from the outside world.

"Tonight all of the housemates will be facing the public vote. Everyone apart from Isabel has never faced the prospect of eviction, but Isabel more than makes up for that as this is her 5th time facing the public vote!"

He begins to walk forward and we can see the crowd cheering and waving banners. "The housemates have spent 57 days in confinement and there has been a lot of tension in the past week between the three ladies of the house. To find out if this has a bearing on the public vote you better stay at this channel..." He stops and looks up at the camera. "You are watching this live on Channel 11 and KROZ radio! It's the last eviction Friday!"

The crowd cheer loudly as the camera moves upwards.


Wayne is standing in the studio in front of the screen that is showing the housemates sitting around the outside table. He turns and we can see the audience which includes the family and friends of all our housemates, in fact, we even have all of our former housemates here tonight.

"Well, the housemates all look pretty relaxed tonight which is surprising. In fact, Tess actually looks excited at the prospect of walking out of here." He grins at the camera and nods his head at Tess' friends, and Kyle. "I wonder why that is?"

The audience began to laugh as Wayne looks at the screen. "But, just in case you haven't decided who should go, lets have a look at what the remaining housemates have to say."

The screen behind Wayne fades and we see Alex sitting in front of a curtain looking slightly nervous. "Why do I want to go into the Big Brother house? Umm, to get discovered by a record producer who wants to offer me a million dollar contract?" He grins as he laughs gently before continuing, "I guess that would be nice but I think it will be an interesting experience, one that will hopefully teach me a lot about myself."

Alex then looks straight at the camera and grins. "Umm, I just want to say that I really hope you guys like me. I just want to go in there and be myself and with any luck you won't want to vote me out."

Alex's image fades and we see Isabel sitting in front of the camera.

"I think I'd be good to watch. And not only in a "eye-candy" sort of way. Sure I look good but there's a lot more to me and hopefully people will appreciate that when they see me in that kind of environment. I don't think it will be that hard. The only having one hour of hot water thing everyday will be tough, especially since there will be 10 people trying to get into have a shower but apart from that it should be ok."

She then looks into the camera. "I hope you will all give me a chance, what you see isn't always what you get and as the weeks go by I'm sure you will all see more than one side of me. I hope you all like it so please keep me in!"

Isabel's image fades and we see Laurie sitting looking shyly into the camera.

"I think it will be a chance for me to get to know people intimately. I have never really had an opportunity to do anything remotely like this so it should be...different but hopefull good for me."

Laurie smiles as she continues. "What would I like to say to the public? I guess I just want to say I hope you will all understand how hard it is for me doing this and will give me a chance to open up. I hope you will all want to keep me in. Thanks!"

Laurie smiles and her image fades to show Tess sitting looking excitedly at the camera.

"Wow, I umm, I guess I want to go in because it's such a weird situation. I mean, I will be giving up my freedom voluntarily for 9 weeks to live in a house with 9 other people that I might not even like. I mean how weird and exciting is that?" She bounces slightly as she giggles lightly. "And I will be one of only a tiny ammount of people that will have experienced's just great that I'll have that chance."

She then smiles excitedly at the camera as she begins to speak. "I just want to say that I am really looking forward to getting in the house in the first place. The whole situation is sssooo surreal it's unbelievable and I am just going to go in there and be myself. I won't be playing any games and I hope that you all will want to keep me in. And here's hoping that I'll see you all in 9 weeks. Thanks!"

The screen fades and we see Wayne standing in front of the audience. "In a few minutes we will talk to all the housemates friends and families and we will also be talking to the housemates that were closest to them in the house to find out their opinions on the latest events in the house and who they want to think about the people they were closest to."

Kyle grins at his dad while Maria and Liz wave little banners that show support for Alex.

Wayne walks forward to the screen and indicates towards it. "But before that, we'll find out what happened in the house in the last 2 days."

Day 57 - 8.27am

Alex is the only housemate awake. Isabel, Tess and Laurie are all still in bed.

Alex looks at the clock and smiles mischievously at it before picking up his cup of coffee and whisteling happily as he grins and walks towards the girls room. He walks over to Tess' bed and leans down and whispers. "Hey Tess? Sorry, I know you're sleeping but I thought you might want to know that you are going to miss the hot water."

Tess opens her eyes and groans at him before pulling the covers up to her head. "Alex? What time is it? Go away..."

Alex smiles and shakes his head. "Tess, it's 9.56am, we've all over slept but I thought you might want a hot shower. Fine, I'll just go and see Isabel..."

Tess sits up and looks at him panicked. "9.56? Dammit!"

She gets out of the bed and grabs a towel and runs towards the shower room. Alex walks out behind her still holding his cup of coffee and walks back over to the clock. He looks expectantly at it when he hears Tess scream.

"Owww! Alex!!!!"

As he hears her voice he begins to laugh wickedly as he takes another drink of his coffee. "Ah, life is sweet..."

Alex grins as Tess comes running out towards him with her hair soaking wet. "Alex! You said I had time for a shower!"

Alex looks at her innocently. "You do, it's not 10am yet..."

Tess looks at him in surprise. "What? Did they turn the hot water off early?"

Alex steps away from in front of the clock and grins at her. "Not exactly..."

Tess looks at the clock before pointing and gasping in disbelief. She then turns to him and glares at him angrilly. " are dead."

Alex grins at her. "Consider it character building shorty..."


Alex begins to laugh as Tess' face becomes red with anger. "What? Does it not work? Tess? Are you alright? You're turning very purple...maybe you should take a cold shower to cool off?"

Tess walks over to him and sticks a finger hard in his chest. "You are going to pay for that one, Whitman!"

Alex backs off and looks at her with a smile. "You and Laurie need to learn not to mess with the master, because there can be only one winner in that war..."

Tess looks at him and shakes her head. "We'll see about that, oh master..."

Alex grins at her. "You know, you really should bow when you do that..."

Tess gasps again but turns away from him and walks towards the girls room. "You shouldn't take us on Alex, remember, we can and will beat you."

Alex watches her disappear and shouts loudly. "Bring it on, Shorty!"

He then walks over to the lounge and sits down. "Let the games begin..."


All the housemates are now up and in the lounge area. Tess has told the rest of the housemates about what Alex had done earlier.

Laurie looks at Alex and shakes her head. "Alex, I can't believe you did that..."

Alex looks at her and grins. "What can I say, I thought it would be character building."

Laurie shakes her head and Tess shoots an icy look at Alex before turning back to Laurie and smirking. "He said that we shouldn't mess with "the master", he thinks he's the master."

Laurie begins to laugh along with Tess and turns to Alex. "You're the master? What in, poker? Soccer? Volleyball?"

Alex nods his head. "Maybe not in those games, but when it comes to this? You will all be amazed at my cunning. Isabel? Tell them both that they are amateurs in comparison..."

Isabel looks at him and holds her hands up. "Nope, there is no way I'm getting involved in that..."

Alex shakes his head and rolls his eyes. "Why am I surrounded by girls? What would I give for an ally in here..."

Isabel looks at him and smiles reassuringly. "Oh, Alex, you have allies..."

Alex raises an eyebrow. "No, I have people who like to torment me, those two," He points to Laurie and Tess, "Used to be so nice...but now, they are like little sociopaths..."

Tess looks at Alex. "Alex, you know we both like you, but we need something to keep us amused. And you're our project..."

Alex sighs and looks at Isabel. "Do you see what I have to put up with? That's why I have to give them a lesson from the master..."

Tess shakes her head and stands up. "You can show us then, but prepare for retaliation."

Alex nods his head and grins at Laurie as she stands up. "Retaliation doesn't scare me."

Laurie doesn't reply and Alex turns to Isabel when Tess and Laurie are out of earshot. "Okay, help me. I need to get back at them before they think of something."

Isabel smiles at him and shakes her head. "I thought you were the master?"

Alex looks at her. "Yeah, but I'm big enough to admit I need help." He looks at her and makes a pleading action. "I need help!"

Isabel shakes her head and smiles. "I can't do that."

Alex looks at her and sighs. "Fine, be part of the group picking on a person because he has a Y chromosome..."

Isabel smiles at him and touches his arm lightly. "You can give out as good as you take."

"I know that. In fact, I have nothing to worry about...they are amateurs."

Isabel nods her head. "There, now you have the right attitude. Just keep telling yourself that."

The pair of them sat in silence before Isabel turns to Alex. "So, how are you feeling about tomorrow night?"

Alex leans his head back and smiles. "I am a little excited if I'm honest. A little nervous, a little scared, but mainly excited."

Isabel smiles as she looks at him. "You have nothing to worry about, no one in their right mind would vote you out of here."

Alex looks at her gratefully. "You don't have to say that you know."

Isabel smiles and takes his hand. "I know I don't, but it's true. You deserve to win this."

Alex smiles. "You deserve to win it as well, in fact, I could make a case for everyone in here to win it. You know Izzy? I never thought I would miss things in here. But it's gave us all a lot of time to get to know people's gave us time for friendships to grow."

Isabel sighs as she looks up at the ceiling. "Yeah, some of us have got really close in here..."

Alex smiles at her. "Yeah, that's something I'm glad about. But it does make some problems...I mean, when I get out of here, what if those two just do not stop?"

Isabel smiles at him. "You will have Maria and Liz on your side then."

Alex raises an eyebrow and looks at her. "You don't honestly believe that they will help me? I will have to recruit Kyle..."

Isabel looks up again. "You four have got really close."

Alex smiles as he looks at the ceiling. "Yeah, I guess we have..."

Isabel sighs. "Do you think that you guys will remain close on the outside? Kyle, Tess, Laurie and you?"

Alex looks thoughtful. "I'd like to think so, but then again I'd also like to think that all the friendships and understandings we've built up in here will continue out in the real world. Don't you?"

Isabel smiles sadly before turning to look at him. "Yeah, I'd like to think that..."


Isabel is sitting in the conservatory while Alex naps on the couch. Laurie is reading alone in the garden while Tess is making something to eat in the kitchen.

Isabel looks out at the garden and sighs before standing up and walking over towards the kitchen.


Tess looks at Isabel. "What?"

Isabel sighs and looks at her. "I think we should talk."

Tess shakes her head. "What have we got to talk about? I think you said everything that you wanted to."

Isabel shakes her head. "You know what we have to talk about. I think we should try and clear the air."

Tess looks at her angrilly. "After what you did?" Before looking towards Alex and lowering her voice so as to not disturb him. "You do remember what you said, on national tv, don't you?"

Isabel nods her head. "I want to apologise for that. I shouldn't have said that in here."

Tess looks at her desperately. "You shouldn't have said it at all. Kyle will be watching it! You have no right to discuss my feelings, and make false assumptions."

Isabel looks at her and shakes her head but tries to keep her voice calm. "As I remember it you didn't have a problem doing that about my feelings. What makes it different for you?"

Tess sighs and shakes her head. "It doesn't..." She shakes her head sadly and looks at her. "But what you said really hurt..."

"What you said hurt me too. But we have to get over it, because we will always have to get along outside of here." Isabel says softly.

Tess looks at her. "I know that, but you are are..." She trails of sadly as she looks down at her hands.

Isabel sighs as she looks at Tess. "Maybe...but I don't want us to be weird because of it. I might not like Kyle, but I care about you."

Tess sighs and takes a deep breath. "I will not let you let the world think that Kyle is some rebound guy who doesn't matter."

Isabel looks at her. "I wouldn't do that to you. You know how you feel..."

Tess lifts her head and looks at her. "That's right, I do know how I feel."

Isabel sighs. "I just wanted to try and get things cleared up, maybe I was wrong, because I am not going to make all the effort."

Tess looks at her and sighs. "Isabel? I think you are right, we need to try and work something out. But, you need to realise that you really don't know me, so please don't persume to know what I'm feeling. But, for what I said to you on Sunday, I'm sorry."

Isabel smiles gently at Tess. "You don't have to apologise. But, thank you."

Tess smiles softly before looking at Isabel. "We need to talk about a lot of things when we get out of here."

Isabel nods her head. "Yeah, we do." Before walking away towards the conservatory again.

Tess calls to her as she walks away. "Isabel? One other thing, I don't care if you, Max or Michael have a problem with Kyle, I want him in my life no matter what the three of you think."

Isabel nods her head but doesn't say anything as Tess continues, "And that also means that none of you will be allowed to treat him the way you treated him in here."

Isabel turns to look at Tess who is looking at her determined. "Okay."

Tess nods her head and looks at Isabel before turning back to the sink. "Good."


Alex is in the lounge with Isabel and Laurie while Tess makes coffee in the kitchen.

Laurie looks at Alex and smiles. "So, how are you feeling, Alex?"

Alex looks at her and smiles. "Yeah, I'm doing good. Of course, I slept for about 4 hours today so I will probably never get to sleep tonight..."

Tess looks at him with a wicked expression before calling over cheerily. "Anyone want anything with their coffee?"

Alex looks at her ad smiles, "Umm, I think I'll have a chocolate bar..."

Tess smiles sweetly at him before looking at Laurie and Isabel. "You two?"

Isabel nods her head and smiles at Tess. "Sure, why not."

Laurie shakes her head and turns back to Alex. "So, you were sleeping for hours, why? Boredom?"

Alex grins as Tess walks over with the four cups. "Well, I had to get up early this morning..."

Tess looks at him and smirks before handing Laurie a cup. She also hands Isabel her cup before sitting down and handing Alex his cup.

Alex sniffs the air and shakes his head. "You guys sure have a lot of tabasco in it tonight. You can really smell it."

Tess looks at him innocently and smiles. "I might have put too much in it I guess...sorry."

Alex shakes his head. "No, don't worry about it."

She smiles at him thankfully before turning to Laurie and sharing a mischievous look.

Laurie tries to stifle a laugh as she looks at Alex who is talking to Isabel. "So, this is one of our last nights in the house."

Tess smiles happily. "Yeah, I hope I go tomorrow..."

Laurie looks at her sadly. "I hope you don't go, I want you to be in the last week."

Tess smiles at her. "I'd like you to be in the last week as well..."

Alex looks at them both and grins. "It will be an all girls final three, I have a feeling."

Isabel shakes her head. "Will you two tell him that he won't be going?"

Alex picks up his cup and looks at them all. "I'm half hoping that I go to avoid you two again..."

Tess tries to look disappointed but smiles as Alex takes a drink from the cup. As he drinks his facial expression changes to one of distaste and he spits out the liquid while the girls laugh loudly.

"You put Tabasco in it!" He yells as he looks at Tess and he runs over to the sink and pours a drink of cold water.

Tess turns around on the couch to see him take a long drink. "Aw Alex, I'm sorry, you must have got the wrong cup..."

Alex glares at her as he takes another drink of water. "I am going to kill you for that one, Harding!"

Tess smirks at him. "Alex, you've turned a funny shade of purple, maybe you should go take a cold shower to cool off?"

Alex walks over to her and looks at her as he declares loudly. "This...this is war!"

Laurie begins to laugh as Tess looks at him innocently and offers him her coffee cup. "Drink?"

Alex shakes his head and looks at Laurie and Isabel. "Did you two know about this?"

Isabel and Laurie nod their heads and Alex looks at them clearly disappointed. He gasps and shakes his head before walking away towards the garden muttering. "All the time they target me...but I will get my revenge...on all of you! Don't think you are getting off with it, because I mean it, this is war!"

As he disappears outside the girls all look at each other and begin to laugh. Laurie sighs as she looks outside. "That was cruel..."

Tess shrugs her shoulders and smiles. "He deserved it..."


All the housemates are in the lounge discussing a topic that Big Brother has set them. The housemates must talk about what they would change about their time in the house.

Alex is lying on one of the couches looking across at Isabel who is sitting on the chair. Laurie is lying long the cushions while Tess is sprawled over the other couch.

Alex looks at Isabel and then adjusts his head slightly so he can look at Laurie and then Tess. "If I could change one thing about my time in the house? Hmm, I guess I wouldn't have taken any Big Brother's crap. I guess I also would have took less crap from certain former housemates. Oh, and most importantly I would have dropped more references to The Whits into everyday conversation. You know, The Whits who are available to hire for $250 a night...The Whits who play a wide variety of good music."

Isabel grins at him. "Who was that, Alex? I never quite heard..."

Alex smiles. "That was The Whits, the best band in Roswell..."

The others all begin to laugh before Isabel sighs. "Hmm, I don't know what I would change about my time in the house. I think I would have been more tactful in certain occasions with certain people..."

Alex grins at her, "Isabel Evans lacking tact? Surely not..."

Isabel smirks at him. "Well, as hard as it is to believe I have done so a few times in here..."

She then turns and looks at Tess and Laurie. "Although, in my own defence, I think some people occasionally took things the wrong way."

Neither Tess or Laurie reply as Isabel continues. "I guess I would have also lightened up more in the beginning, for the first few weeks I let the events of the house determine how I acted..." She looks at her hands and sighed. "If that makes sense."

Alex nods his head and looks at her. "Yeah, I think we've all felt like that at one point or another. Especially after some of the evictions..."

Isabel smiles at him. "Yeah, some of the evictions were really hard. Well, Max and Michael's were hard for me, and I know that the rest of you took other ones hard. Eespecially when they did the double eviction..."

Alex sighs and nods his head sadly. "Yeah, that was really hard. But I think we've all been there..." He looks at Tess and smiles at her gently.

Tess nods her head and smiles sadly at her hands. "Yeah, I think we've all been there..."

Isabel sighs and looks at Laurie. "What about you, Laurie? What would you change about your time in the house?"

Laurie thinks for a minute before sighing. "I think I held back a lot in the first few weeks. I didn't really get to stand out and I blame myself for that, I sat back too much and I think I expected everyone else to make the first move..."

She smiles at Alex and Tess. "But, after a few weeks it got so much easier, I discovered that I could mix with people...and I made some really really great friends. So, I guess I would have made the effort sooner..."

Alex lifts his head and smiles at her. "Better late than never, huh?"

Laurie nods and sighs as she looks at Tess. "What about you Tess? What would you have done differently?"

Tess sighs and looks at the ceiling. "I would have done a lot different...I wouldn't have wasted the first few weeks in here. I would have made sure I had said everything I had to..."

Laurie sighs. "Well, I guess we all wish we had done things differently..."

Isabel nods her head. "Yeah, but if we had how would things be different now?"

The others all sit in silence while they think. Tess is the first to speak with a grin. "Well, Alex's band might have been discovered by now if he had name dropped a little more..."

The others all began to laugh as Alex looks at them. "Hey, I might be walking out of here to a $1 million contract. I promise if I do get one I will bye you all a nice holiday. Even you, Tess. How does a trip to nothern Siberia sound?" He asks innocently.

Tess smirks at him and pulls a cushion from under her head and lobs it at his head. "I think I could deal with northern Siberia, because I'm sure that Maria will have her band singing bouncy pop songs...since you did such a good job at the task."

Alex groans as he picks the cushion up and puts it under his head. "It's my band...and trust me, that task should never, ever be mentioned again."

Laurie looks at him innocently. "What task?"

Tess replies to her. "The one that Alex dressed up in a shiny yellow suit and a bandana to sing in..."

Laurie nods her head. "Yeah, he was good at that. You should consider it as a career path, Alex."

Alex sighs and pulls a cushion over his head. "We are not a pop band!"

As Alex's muffled voice comes through the pillow the girls begin to laugh.


The girls are all in bed. Alex, is in the kitchen raking through the cupboards.

Alex looks through the cupboards and pulls out all the bottles of tabasco sauce from the cupboards. After he takes all the bottles out he smirks as he grabs them and carries them all to the Diary Room. He waits as the light turns green before walking in.

Hhe sits down on the seat and grins at the camera. "Hey Big Brother."

Hello Alex.

"I don't really want to talk, I just need your help for a second..." He stands up from the chair and gets down on his knees and starts putting the Tabasco bottles under the chair so they are hidden from view. After a minute he gets up and smirks at the camera as he sits down. "So, would it be okay if you didn't tell the girls what I've done?"

Big Brother will not volunteer any information to the housemates.

Alex begins to snigger as he looks at the camera. "I would just like to say for the record that I am not evil, but they all deserve it."

Big Brother has noted that, Alex.

Alex looks at the camera in surprise. "Big Brother? Are you laughing? Because that's kind of cool..."

Alex looks in at the camera as Big Brother doesn't answer. "Okay, I figure that would be a no then. Okay, I have to go and put the rest of my plan into action. I'll see you later, Big Brother. Thanks."

He stands up and walks out the door. As the door closes behind him he walks over to the kitchen and picks up a bucket. He then walks into the girls room and walks quietly over to the cupboard where the girls keep their cosmetics. He sniggers quietly as he grabs all the makeup and perfume from the cupboard and quietly puts it into the bucket. As he removes all of their makeup and perfume from the cupboard he walks quietly out of the room and heads towards the garden. He goes over to the den and opens it up and begins to sing quietly as he takes the stuff out of the bucket and hides it around the various places in the den to hide it. He then takes the bucket, which still has a lot of the make up in it and walks back into the house and into the boys room.

He whistles happily as he puts the rest of the make-up and perfumes out of sight. As soon as all the other make-up is away he walks out the room and puts the bucket back. He then walks over to the camera and smiles up at it. "I'm not evil, they deserve it. And if they apologise then I might give it back before the eviction night. But if they don't, and I go...well, they might just have to find it themselves..."

He then walks over to the girls room and tip toes over towards his bed. He is about to go in when he see's Loco sitting on the end of Laurie's bed. He shakes his head before sniggering wickedly and grabbing the dog and running back out of the room. He runs to the boys room and grabs a tie from his clothes. He grabs the dog and then ties the tie around it's neck and walks into the shower. He ties the tie around the shower leaving Loco hanging there and he laughs before walking away shaking his head. "I am dead...I am a dead man..."

Day 57 - 9.16am

Day 57 in the Big Brother house. Alex is asleep in bed while the girls are sitting awake in their beds.

Laurie yawns as she looks at Tess. "I guess I should go and get a shower..."

Tess nods her head. "Yeah, before we lose the hot water..."

Laurie swings out of the bed and sighs. "This is one of our last days in here."

Isabel sighs. "Three people will be in here for only one more week."

Laurie smiles as she grabs her towel and walks out of the door and heads towards the shower.

Tess sighs as she looks at the door. "I hope I get out of here tonight..."

Isabel sighs. "No you don't...if you stay you'll have a great final week."

Tess smiles as she looks at her. "Maybe, but I wouldn't mind going..."

Isabel nods her head but is interupted by a piercing scream coming from the shower room. Isabel looks at Tess and they both jump out of their beds and run to the door to see Laurie running out of the shower room holding the tie with Loco attached.

"He...he...I'm going to kill him!" Laurie runs for the girls room and Tess and Isabel both jump out of the way to let her past. Laurie runs over to the bed Alex is sleeping in and shouts at him loudly.


Alex opens one eye and grunts something before rolling over. She nudges him hard and he looks at her. "Laurie! Go away..."

"Alex! Wake up right now or I swear I will get a glass of water and pour it over your head!"

Alex sighs and sits up and looks at Laurie in annoyance. "What?"

Laurie glares at him but tries to speak calmly. "I went in for a shower, and guess what I found?"

Alex looks at her innocently. "I don't know? A spider?"

Laurie glares at him and shakes her head. "No! This!" She holds up Loco who still has the tie tied tightly around his neck and Alex sniggers loudly.

"Oh...that. Hmm, I wonder how that got there? Hmmm?"

Laurie looks at him. "You put him there!"

Alex sits up and looks at her with a false sense of sympathy. "Now, Laurie, would I do that to you? After you warned me about touching your teddy? Would I be that stupid? No, so maybe it was one of those two. Or...maybe it was Big Brother! We know they have a wicked sense of humour..."

Laurie looks at him through gritted teeth. "It wasn't Big Brother it was you."

Alex looks indignant and folds his arms. "If it was me I want proof..."

Laurie looks at him and shakes her head. "It's your tie!"

Alex looks at her with a smirk. "Prove that as well..."

Laurie looks at him and shakes her head in disbelief before walking back over to the girls. "I am going for my shower and then I am going to kill him if he doesn't stop being smug and apologises..."

Alex looks at her with a smile. "Maybe I want to apologise just now..."

Laurie looks at him. "You want to apologise?"

Alex looks at her and grins. "I am sorry you think I strung up Loco..."

Laurie looks at him exasperated before walking out of the girls room. "That's not even a right apology!"

Alex sniggers again as Isabel and Tess look at him. Tess looks at him and he grins at her. "What is it, Tess? Worried?"

She immediately looks at her bed and see's JC sitting under her covers. "Have you done anything else?"

Alex looks at her innocently. "Moi? I don't know what your talking about..."

Tess looks at him. "What have you done."

"Nothing. Trust me, it isn't like I believe in extracting cold, hard revenge or anything..."

Tess looks at him and walks over and grabs JC. "If you touch JC I promise I will use your guitar as a baseball bat...."

Alex gasps as he lay back down in bed. "Where has the trust gone?"

Tess doesn't respond and walks out of the room as Isabel looks at Alex suspiciously. "What time did you go to bed at last night?"

Alex looks at her and smiles. "Hmm, I don't know. You know, I got caught up in what I was doing..."

Isabel looks at him nervously. "What did you do?"

Alex pulls the covers up. "Nothing...wake me up in half an hour please..."

Isabel looks at him and walks out the room.


Alex is making coffee while the others sit at the kitchen table.

Tess and Laurie keep glaring at Alex who grins at them happily. Isabel looks at Alex and shakes her head. "You know, if you apologised they might trust you a little more."

Alex looks at her. "Why would I apologise? I apologised earlier and they didn't take it."

"That's because it was the most sarcastic apology ever!" Laurie says as she looks at him.

Alex shrugs his sholders. "If you want to be all persnickity about details like that..."

Laurie sighs as she looks at him. "You used to be such a nice guy..."

Alex looks offended as he pours hot water into a cup. "Here, let me make it up to you all. I'll make you coffee."

Tess reluctantly nods her head and looks at Laurie and Isabel who smile at Alex.

Alex grins and pours four cups of coffee and hands one to each of the girls. Isabel looks at him. "Could you pass us a tabasco sauce over?"

Alex nods his head and smiles. "Sure, where are they?"

Tess looks at the counter. "I must have put them away last night, can you check the cupboard?"

Alex nods his head and bends down. "This cupboard?"

Tess nods her head as she looks over. Alex shakes his head. "Nope, not in here. Anywhere else? The other cupboard?"

Tess looks at him and sighs as she walks round the other side of the counter. "If you are lying..."

Alex stands up and holds his hands up. "I swear they aren't there. You must have put them somewhere else..."

Tess looks through the cupboard before looking at Isabel. "I swear I thought I put them in there!"

Isabel looks at her. "You just must have put them in another cupboard, check one of them."

Tess nods her head and moves to the other cupboards and looks. "They aren't here!"

Isabel stands up and walks round. "They must be here, 6 bottles of tabasco sauce don't vanish into mid air."

Tess stands up. "Fine, look then but they are not there." She turns around to look at Laurie. "Can you remember where I sat them last night?"

Laurie nods her head. "You sat one of them on the work surface but that's it."

Alex smiles and takes a drink from his cup. "Never mind, only a couple of days before we get more shopping."

Both Isabel and Tess stop and turn to look at him. Tess looks at him accusingly. "You hid it didn't you?"

Alex looks at them both. "Why would I do that? I mean, I liked it so much last night why would I hide it?"

Tess gasps as Isabel walks over to Alex. "Alex, you've had your fun. Now, tell us where you have put the bottles?"

Alex smiles at her and shakes his head. "I would, but...I can't."

Isabel takes a deep breath and smiles at him sweetly. "Alex, I know that you are waging this little war against Laurie and Tess, but I am not involved in it. Now, why don't you do the right thing and tell us where the bottles are."

Alex appears to be considering it before turning to Isabel and shaking his head. "Sounds good, but you are involved in it, you were an accomplice last night."

Isabel grimaces and grits her teeth as she tries to continue smiling. "Alex...where is the tabasco?"

Alex shrugs his shoulders before walking out of the kitchen clutching his cup. "Revenge is sweet, but not so spicy at the moment isn't it?"

He laughs loudly as he walks out into the garden and the three girls look at him before turning to each other and shaking their heads.

"I think we should kill him..." Isabel says as she takes a deep breath.

"I agree." Tess says as she clenches her fist. "Lets do it now."

Laurie sighs. "Yeah, that way it will be just us tonight...sounds good."


The girls have discovered that Alex has also hidden their make up and perfume and are now searcing the house for the items while Alex is in the den playing his guitar.

The girls are looking all around the house. Isabel is in the lounge, Laurie is in the garden and Tess is looking all over the girls room.

After a few minutes Alex comes out of the den and walks towards the house. The girls notice this and converge upon him.

He sits down on the couch and they all sit next to him. He turns to them. "What? You know it was kinda scary how you are all following me."

Isabel sits down beside Alex and takes his hand. "Alex," She smiles at him. "Alex, we've all learnt our lesson. You did a good job in beating us, but, the joke is over, so please, tell us where all our stuff is..."

Alex looks at the three of them and begins to laugh. "You have been searching the house for the past two hours and you haven't found any of it?"

Laurie sits down the other side of Alex and takes his other hand. "Alex, we need to get ready for going live on tv in a few hours and we have no make up. Tess and Isabel have had no coffee because they don't have tabasco. You are making us a little bit stressed."

Alex sighs and looks at her. "But you guys deserve it."

Tess leans close to Alex and whispers. "Alex? We are all a little stressed and we could do something crazy if we don't get our things back..."

Alex smirks at her. "What, crazy like singing the macarena?"

Tess nods to Isabel and Laurie who each grab Alex's arm and pull him back. "Whoa, ladies, may I first remind you that we are on national television. Any blood you shed will be seen by lots and lots of people."

Tess looks at him. "This is your last chance, tell us where they are?"

Alex looks at her and shakes his head. "No, you find it, after all you started it. Will you two please let me go already..."

Tess sighs. "Fine. We did warn you."

Tess looks at the girls and Alex looks unimpressed before Tess begins to sing loudly and deliberately out of key.

"You might've been hurt babe
That ain't no lie
But you seem to mark up and go, whoa
I remember you told me
That it made you believe in no man, no cry
Maybe that's right

Alex looks at her in horror. "Stop it!"

Tess grins and nods to Isabel and Laurie who both join in while still clutching Alex's arms to prevent his escape.Ev

"Every little thing I do
Never seems enough for you
And you don't want lose it again
But I'm not like them
Baby when you finally
Get to love somebody
Guess what?
It's gonna be me

You got no choice babe but to move on
And you know there ain't no time to waste
The future's too bright to see
But in the end you know it's gonna be me
And you can't deny
So just tell me why

Every little thing I do
Never seems enough for you
And you don't want lose it again
But I'm not like them
Baby when you finally
Get to love somebody
Guess what?
It's gonna be me

Alex looks at them pleadingly. "Please just stop it! I'll tell you everything you need to know!"

Tess looks at the girls and smirks. "Okay, oh master..." She bows theatrically. "Tell us everything..."

Alex sighs and looks at her. "You are evil..."

Tess pouts slightly before smiling wickedly. "Oh, I know that, but I also know so many more songs to torment you spill all Whitman..."

Alex looks up at the camera. "Are you going to let this happen? Big Brother? Help? Anyone?"


Alex is out in the garden while Isabel and Laurie are in the kitchen. Tess is in the girls room packing her suitcase.

Alex sighs as he picks up his guitar and starts strumming it softly. "Why does it always rain on me? Is it because I lied when I was 17? Why does it always rain on me? Even when the sun is shining, I can't avoid the lightning..."

He sighs and lifts his mic up. "Big Brother, the girls have banned me from being within 10 foot of them for the rest of the day so if you could maybe call us all inside that would be great."

He waits a second and hearing nothing shrugs his shoulders. "Fine, take their side...but I am going to say nothing but bad things about you when I get out tonight..."

In the house, Isabel looks at Laurie as she chops a carrot. She sighs. "Laurie? I think we should talk."

Laurie nods her head and looks at her. "Yeah, I noticed you and Tess had cleared the air. I take it you apologised?"

Isabel nods her head. "I shouldn't have said what I said on national tv, I don't know if I was wrong but I should have timed it better."

Laurie looks at her and sighs. "You know, I don't agree with you."

Isabel nods her head. "I know you don't, but we don't have to agree with everything to be friends do we?"

Laurie looks at her and shakes her head. "No, we don't..."

"And we will be involved in each others lives to one extent or another. So we should make the effort."

Laurie looks at her and nods her head. "You're right." She sighs and sticks her hand out. "We need to make the effort. We will be seeing a lot of each other."

Isabel nods her head and smiles. "Okay then." Before taking Laurie's hand and shaking it.


Wayne stands in front of the audience and we see him laughing. "As you can see it's been a pretty light hearted house for the past few days, poor Alex has been getting picked on no end." He smiles as he walks in among the audience. "That's one of the few times it doesn't pay to be the only guy in a house of girls."

He sits down and looks straight at the camera. "Here we have, the housemates friends and families. As you can see we have a lot of people here to speak to; on my right we have Tess and Alex's supporters."

They cheer loudly as Wayne turns to his left. "And over here we have Isabel and Laurie supporters. Wave guys."

The crowd cheer again and Wayne grins at the camera. "First up, lets talk about Tess, with a former all might recognise him, Kyle!" The crowd cheer and Kyle waves slightly at the camera as Wayne looks at him. "So, Kyle, how's the first week out the house been?"

Kyle smiles. "A little weird..."

"Lonely?" Wayne asks with a grin.

Kyle blushes and smiles. "I've been watching a lot of tv..."

Wayne smirks. "I bet you have, now Tess was clearly devastated when you left and she's not been having an easy week considering a rather vocal argument she had with Isabel earlier in the week. What's your thoughts on that?"

Kyle sighs. "My thoughts on that is that Isabel had no business talking about things she clearly doesn't understand."

Wayne smiles as the crowd outside cheer loudly and Max and Michael both glare at Kyle. "So, you're not worried that she might be right?"

Kyle shakes his head. "Not even close to being worried!"

Wayne grins as he looks at him. "I think a certain housemate would be glad to know that. Anyway, we also have Jim here."

Jim smiles sheepishly at the camera and looks at Wayne.

"Now, Jim, have you and Kyle had a chance to talk about his now differing relationship with Tess who also lives with you?"

Jim looks at Kyle then back at Wayne. "Well, we have been talking about it and it is something that we will have to continue to discuss once Tess leaves the house."

Wayne nods and looks at Sean who sits beside them. "Now, Sean, you're here for Tess. Why should she stay in there?"

Sean shrugs with a smile. "She's having fun in there. Sure she's missing Kyle but she's making up for it by bugging Alex."

The audience laughs and Wayne then looks at Maria and Liz who grin at him as they in the row behind Kyle, Jim and Sean. "Now you two have been campaigning for Alex to not only stay in the house but also to win. That's right?"

Both nod and Liz grins broadly as Wayne points the microphone at her. "Yes. We think that Alex is a really unbelievably sweet and amazing guy, and he has a very good chance of winning."

"Yeah," Maria adds with a grin and looks into the camera. "He's the best! Alex is already a winner and he should definitely come out of there as the housemate who has won Big Brother."

Wayne smiles at them then looks at Alan. "Now, Alan, you're Alex's dad. How do you think your son has faired inside the house? He's been involved in a lot of drama lately as well as comical events."

Alan nods as he looks at him. "Yes, Alex has had some tough times in there but I think he's come through them and lately has just been having fun, which is why he wanted to go in there for to begin with."

"Now I remember back in our first live show I asked you what you thought of a potential love triangle involving Alex, Isabel and Laurie. What do you think of that now?"

Alan pauses for a moment as he considers the question. "I think that when Alex leaves the house he will be wanting to consider his future. Things have definitely evolved in the house for him, and I think he needs some time to himself to really consider if he wants to become involved with either girl."

Wayne nods and moves across to the other side of the audience. "Over here we have both Isabel and Laurie's family and friends. Now Michael and Brody are here to support Laurie."

Both nod and Michael looks at Wayne. "I'm here supporting both Laurie and Isabel."

Wayne nods. "Is it strange seeing those two argue? Because they had a big fight on Friday night that continued on Sunday morning."

Michael sighs as he looks at the screen which is now showing Isabel and Alex sitting on one side of the outside table, while Tess and Laurie sit on the other.

"It is, but I think they are going to try and get along as they agreed to that today."

"Do you think the truce will last though? They seem to have strong opinions which both are reluctant to back down on," Wayne says. "Plus there's Alex."

Michael shakes his head. "Everyone has strong opinions. I have different opinions from them and I get along with them both fine. And Alex is only a minor problem..."

He looks past Wayne and sees Maria shaking her head as she looks at him. "Okay maybe a little more than minor but he won't stop them from getting along in the future."

Wayne then smiles at Brody. "Now this is weird seeing you two showing your support for the same person. Have you two managed to get past your differences?"

Michael looks at Brody who sits beside him and Brody looks back at him before he looks at Wayne. "Um, not exactly," Brody smiles. "But we're both here for Laurie, and I'm also here for Alex as those two definitely deserve to be in the final three. But saying that everyone in there deserves to be in there until the end. They're all winners."

The audience applauds and echo words of agreement.

Wayne moves down to Max, Diane, and Philip. "Now you guys have been here for the past 5 weeks. Do you think that Isabel will survive another eviction?"

Diane looks at him and nods. "I think she can do it. People have still to see what makes her everything that we love about her, and without seeing that they have wanted to keep her in there for the past 4 weeks. So I hope that they will keep her in again."

Wayne nods and points to Max. "She's had some problems in there since last week. Do you think she really does regret her actions?"

Max nods. "Yes. I think she realised that a couple of the things would not have been appropraite to do on television, and she would want to take them back as she wouldn't have wanted to hurt Tess."

"She and Tess seemed to have made up. And she has called a truce with Laurie. Do you think it will last?"

"I think so," Max nods sincerely. "I think Isabel wanted to mend some bridges before anyone left tonight."

Wayne nods and then looks into the camera. "Well, I hope you voted for who you wanted to evict because now the polls have closed."

He stands and walks towards the screen. "I'm now going to announce the 8th evictee in the final Eviction Friday," he says before picking up the remote.

He turns to the screen and presses the remote. "Big Brother House, this is Wayne. You are live on television and radio so please do not swear."

The housemates cheer and the quickly join hands. Isabel takes Alex's hand and reaches across for Tess' while she takes Laurie's. Alex's reaches across and take Laurie's other hand.

"The nation has been voting for the past week and the voting has now closed. The results have been counted and verified by an independant ajudicator. The eight person to be evicted from the Big Brother House is..."

The group exchange nervous looks and smiles and their hands tighten as they wait for the announcement which seems to last for more than a minute.

In the audience the friends and families look at the screen intently and also are holding their breathes waiting for Wayne to finally speak.


Isabel nods knowingly while the others look at her in shock. She smiles sadly at them and Alex pulls her into a warm embrace and hugs her tightly. Laurie and Tess look sadly at them and both stand and walk around the table to them.

"Isabel, you have an hour and a half to get ready. Pack your belongings and say your goodbyes. I'll see you in 90 minutes, I'm now closing the mic."

Alex and Isabel pull back and smile sadly at each other. Isabel looks up as Tess touches her shoulder. Isabel stands and Tess hugs her. Alex watches them and sighs sadly. As Tess and Isabel part, Laurie then hugs Isabel.

"I'm sorry, Isabel."

"Don't be," Isabel smiles at them all as they separate. "You guys have made it to the end."

The other three nod sadly as they continue to look at her.

Wayne walks over to Isabel's family and sits down beside them. "Well, Isabel's luck finally ran out. How do you think she took the news?"

Diane continues to watch the screen. "She took it well. I think she took it really well."

Wayne looks at Philip. "Do you think she'll be glad to be leaving?"

"I think she'll be glad and sad to go," Philip replies looking at him. "Even though things have been tense lately she's been in there for 8 weeks and now she's going to go."

"Do you think she'll be sad to go?" Wayne asks Max.

"Yeah," Max nods. "She had already mended some bridges and I think she was hoping to spend the rest of her time in there just having fun."

Wayne nods and looks into the camera as he stands. "As the statistics show Isabel received 20773 votes which was 58% of the overall vote. Tess received 13027 votes which accounted for 37% of the vote, while Laurie came in third with 1523 votes which was only 4% and lastly Alex only received 220 which was a mere 1% of the overall vote. We had a huge 35543 in all."

Wayne then smiles into the camera. "Now before you leave us remember that you can still vote for which former housemate will go back into the house on Sunday morning and spend 12 hours with the 3 remaining housemates but will not be allowed to tell them of events that are happening on the outside world."

"So if you haven't voted yet then vote now as the poll closes tomorrow."

He then looks at another camera which is moving towards him. "Join us in Part 2 when we'll be talking to Isabel about her relationship with Alex, and what she really thinks of Laurie's feelings for her former boyfriend and Tess' for Kyle. All this when we come back in Part 2 of our final Eviction Firday!"