The camera looks down over the crowd who are cheering loudly and chanting. The camera then stops at Wayne as he stands on the gang-plank.

"Earlier tonight 96% of you voted to evict Kyle from the house instead of Isabel. He will become the seventh evictee to walk through those doors and face their adoring public. In less than 15 minutes we will bring him out and finally find out what has really been happening in the house for the past 7 weeks," He then looks into the camera, "And, what is really happening between him and Tess."

The crowd cheer and Wayne looks up at the camera and smiles; "This is Big Brother Eviction Friday!"

The crowd go crazy as the wave and cheer madly as the theme tune begins.


Wayne stands in the studio and looks at the camera and sighs as he ushers to the screen behind him showing the live footage. "Well, I can tell you now it has been a really emotional last 90 minutes in there after they received the news."

He then walks forward and smiles, "Now, an unbelievable 96% of you all voted Kyle out of there, so before we bring him out. Lets have a look at what his last moments in the house have been like."

He then leans into the camera and whispers, "You all might want to get some tissues out if you're easilly's been very emotional."


Kyle is hugging Tess and Alex is looking at them sadly as he puts a reassuring hand on Tess' back.

Tess pulls away from Kyle and Alex smiles at him as he wraps an arm around Tess' shoulder. "Don't worry, Kyle. I'll keep an eye on what she's up to...what she's wearing and stuff..."

Tess tries to smile and playfully elbows Alex as she speaks softly. "The rules still can't get in the room yourself..."

Kyle looks at him and nods his head gratefully and sighs as he runs a hand through his hair. "I guess I better go get ready."

Tess looks at him and nods her head and she clenches her fist tightly by her side as she looks at Kyle.

Laurie watches this and turns away to look at Isabel who watches Kyle and smirks slightly. Laurie looks at her angrilly and shakes her head as Isabel turns away.

"You should probably go get ready, Kyle." Alex says as he allows his arm to drop from Tess' shoulders.

Kyle nods his head and smiles at him and walks off, Tess watches him disappear and follows him slowly.

Alex turns to Isabel and smiles. "You stay again. You'll probably out stay us all in here..."

Laurie is still glaring at Isabel from where she is standing but Isabel and Alex aren't looking at her. Isabel smiles at Alex, "I don't know about that, but I guess I'm glad I stayed."

Alex nods his head sadly and turns around and looks at Laurie. "How are you doing?"

Laurie sighs and looks at the room and nods her head. "I'm fine, I'm just...I'm just really sorry that it's happened."

Alex nods his head and says quietly, "I think we all are..." Before picking up his guitar and walking away towards the girls room.

Laurie watches him go before looking towards Isabel and adding quietly. "I know some of us are."


Laurie and Isabel are alone in the lounge as Alex sits in the girls room holding his guitar but with his head against the wall and his eyes closed.

Laurie looks at Isabel. "You're pretty quiet Isabel. Feeling bad?"

Isabel looks at Laurie puzzled. "What about?"

Laurie takes a deep breath and shakes her head, "That Kyle has went. Are you feeling bad?"

Isabel shrugs her shoulders. "I guess, but someone has to go."

Laurie laughs slightly and lowers her voice. "It's just a bonus that it's Kyle that you beat?"

Isabel looks at her and shakes her head. "I don't know what you're talking about, Laurie."

Laurie looks at her and speaks angrilly. "Don't treat me like an idiot Isabel. I saw you! I saw you smirk. I know that you are happy, and I know that none of the others know."

Isabel looks at her and shakes her head as she stands up. "I don't know what you think you saw Laurie, but you seem to be the only one who saw anything."

Laurie stands up beside Isabel and grabs her arm, "I was the only one who looked. Alex was too busy trying to comfort Tess. Now, you can say what you want, but I know what you did, and I know what you are thinking. If you say or do anything else that shows Kyle or Tess what you think and makes this harder on them, I promise you I will tell them what you did."

Isabel shakes her head and smiles at Laurie, "I suggest, Laurie, that you take your hand off me and don't try and make idle threats. Maybe you should think about what you are doing and what you think you saw, because I guarantee you that you don't know what you're talking about."

Laurie moves her hand from Isabel and glares at her. "I meant what I said Isabel."

"So did I." Isabel replies as she looks at Laurie angrilly.

Tess is watching from the bed as Kyle quietly packs his bags. He looks at her occassionally and tries to smile happily but can only manage to look at her sadly.

"Umm, I don't know if I have anything here that you could use...but, if you want's yours..."

She stands up and walks over towards him and looks at the stuff he has on the bed and looks at it. Her fingers dance over his clothes in the case and he takes a deep breath as her lip starts to tremble. She reaches over and takes a bottle from the bed and looks up at him with tears in her eyes. "I um, I'll just take this..."

Kyle swallows and looks at her sadly as she begins to cry. He pulls her close and kisses her hair and closes his eyes as she sobs gently. He then pulls away and lifts her face to look at him. "Don't cry, Tess, please. It will only be for a couple of weeks..."

He brings his hands up to cup her face and uses his thumbs to slowly wipe the tears away. She smiles at him through her tears and whispers quietly. "I'm going to miss you so much..."

Kyle looks at her and takes a deep breath. "I'm going to miss you too, everyday..." He then takes her hand and looks at her. "But I'll be out there waiting on you when you win this thing..."

Tess smiles at him and shakes her head, "I don't care about winning it now..."

Kyle looks at her seriously, "I want you to enjoy the rest of your time in here. I don't want you to be too sad, I don't want you to cry..."

Tess looks at him and nods her head, "I'll try..."

Kyle looks at her for a minute before turning away and smiling sadly. "I should probably get ready..."

Tess nods her head and smiles at him sadly as she takes a few steps away. "Get ready to face the adoring public..."

Kyle looks down. "I guess..."

"You know, you will have girls falling over themselves to see you..." Tess says as she looks at him.

Kyle looks up at her and sighs sadly. "Doesn't matter. There's only one girl I care about seeing..."

Tess smiles sadly before turning quickly and walking out the room. As she leaves the room she stops at the wall and leans against it. She wipes her eyes with her hands and takes a few deep breaths as more tears fall. She takes another deep breath and wipes her eyes again before walking out towards the lounge.

In the boys room Kyle watches Tess disappear and closes his eyes and covers them with his hand for a second before taking a deep breath and looking down at the clothes sitting on the bed and saying quietly. "Only two weeks..."


Tess is sitting in the lounge with Laurie and Isabel as Alex and Kyle sit in the boys room.

Alex looks at Kyle as he looks in the mirror. "Don't worry, Alex. I'm not going to ask your opinion..."

Alex nods his head as he looks at him. "Good, because I don't think Tess would be impressed with it. You nervous?"

Kyle turns around and looks at him. "Yeah, nervous, sad, happy...all of that stuff."

Alex looks at him and sighs. "You realise you are leaving me alone in a house full of girls don't you?"

Kyle smiles, "I was aware of that. Alex?"

Alex looks at him and Kyle sits down on the bed across from him. "I just...I um...I just wanted to tell you what a good guy you've been in here. You've had to put up with more shit than any of us and I know that deep down you are glad that this worked out the way it did tonight..."

Alex shakes his head, "No, I didn't want either of you to go..."

Kyle nods his head and smiles. "It doesn't matter, what I mean is, I've liked the way we've related in here, and I've liked that we can have fun...I just...I hope we can hang out more when we get out of here."

Alex smiles as Kyle sticks out his hand. "I'd like that." Alex shakes his hand and the pair sit in silence for a second before Kyle stands up and looks at Alex.

"Of course, I still expect you to watch out for Tess..."

Alex grins and nods his head as he stands up. "There's a surprise."


Kyle is sitting in the chair ready to give the traditional toast. He looks at them and raises his glass. Laurie and Alex are sitting on either end of Tess and Isabel is sitting beside Alex.

"Well, I'll keep this short guys. I...I have had a blast in here. And to be honest, if I had the choice of winning this thing but have my time in here being different, I wouldn't take it." He looks at Tess and smiles at her as he continues. "But as it stands, I have got everything going out of here that I could have ever wanted...more even."

He takes a deep breath and looks at Laurie and Alex who look at him sadly. "I mean, I made some half decent friends...and things have just got better in so many ways. I have just had fun, and that is down to you all. So thank you." He then turns to Tess and smiles at her as he finishes. "Thank you."

She takes a deep breath and forces herself to smile as the others all clap.

The housemates all stand up and Laurie walks over to Kyle and hugs him as Tess watches him sadly. Kyle hugs Laurie and then walks over to Tess and wraps his arm around her and pulls her close. She leans her head into his chest and he sighs as he whispers to her quietly, "I want you to promise me you'll have fun in here..."

Tess doesn't respond vocally but nods her head against his chest and sighs. He looks down at her and closes his eyes as the other three housemates turn away and look at each other sadly.


Wayne is standing in front of the camera and sighs loudly. "I told you it was sad."

He then walks forwards and smiles. "Well, tonight Isabel survived her 4th eviction against Kyle and, now is the time where I have to go and get him."

Wayne picks up the remote and looks at the screen, "Hello, Big Brother house, this is Wayne."

The housemates all cheer weakly and Kyle puts his arms around Tess shoulder and pulls her close.

"Kyle, you are the seventh housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house..."

Kyle smiles sadly and looks up at the ceiling, "I know..."

"In a minute I will be activating the countdown and I will be waiting to meet you at the bridge. Can I please remind the rest of the housemates that you are not allowed to step out of the house as you can be caught into the automatic door. This warning is for your own safety."

The other housemates all nod their heads sadly as Wayne continues.

"Kyle, I am about to activate the countdown, say your goodbyes and I'll see you in a minute. Activate the countdown."

40 seconds... *click to hear countdown music*

Wayne walks over to the audience and grabs Jim. "Come on, lets go get Kyle!" Wayne and Jim run out the studio as the crowds cheer and wave their banners.

The housemates stand up and smile at Kyle as he walks over to the door. Laurie walks over to him and hugs him tightly. "Go out there and enjoy yourself, Kyle."

Kyle hugs her and smiles. "I will, you look after yourself in here Laurie. I'll see you in a couple of weeks."

Laurie smiles and takes a step back and looks at him, "It won't be the same without you. We'll miss you."

Kyle smiles, "I'll miss you guys too."

30 seconds...

Isabel walks up to Kyle and stands awkwardly. He hugs her quickly and quickly lets her go. She looks at him, "Have a good time out there."

Kyle nods his head and looks at her. "Thanks, Isabel."

Alex walks over to him and smiles at him as he shakes his hand and hugs him quickly.

20 seconds...

Kyle looks at Alex and grins, "Remember what we talked about."

Alex nods his head and smiles. "I'm already on it. Look after yourself out there."

Kyle nods his head as Tess walks over towards him, "I will..."

10 seconds...

Tess walks over to Kyle sadly and she immediately wraps her arms around his neck and hugs him closely. He looks at her and takes a deep breath before he pulls away slightly. He leans close to her and touches her face with his hand as he kisses her tenderly. Her hand moves up from his neck and goes to his head and holds him closer as the kiss turns to one of urgency.

The other housemates look at each other and Alex looks at Kyle and Tess sadly. "Guys..."

Kyle pulls away from Tess reluctantly and looks at her as she brings her fingers up to touch her lips as she looks at him breathlessly. He bites his lip a little and looks at her as Tess' eyes fill with tears. He takes a deep breath and takes her hand as they walk to the door. The others all put their arms up to make the arch for him to walk through.

Kyle, you have been evicted. Will you please leave the Big Brother house.

Kyle looks at Tess and leans down and kisses her again as the door opens. She kisses him quickly before pulling away and whispering to him, "Goodbye, Kyle..."

"I'll be waiting for you out there." Kyle whispers as he looks at her before walking away through the arch. Alex and Laurie smile at him sadly.

"Go on, get out of here! This is your night, we'll all be fine." Alex says as Kyle stands at the door.

Kyle looks at them all and smiles sadly before walking out the door.

*click to hear Kyle's eviction song*

Kyle looks back at the house and looks at Tess who has her hand over her mouth. He takes a deep breath and begins to walk away from the house quickly as the doors close.

As soon as the doors close Tess looks at it and breaks down in tears and begins to cry painfully. The other housemates immediately go over to her and try and comfort her. Laurie wraps her arms around her and hugs her close while Alex and Isabel stand looking at her.

As Kyle walks down the gang-plank he smiles a liitle as he see's his dad and Wayne at the gate.

Wayne shouts towards Kyle. "Come on Kyle, run! Leave your cases at the gate."

Kyle runs towards the gate and hands the case to the security guard and runs over the bridge towards the gate and his dad. As he gets there he hugs Jim tightly and Jjim mutters something in his ear as Wayne gives them a moment to themselves.

As Kyle pulls apart from Jim he is smiling and Wayne holds the mic at him. "Kyle, you have just come out of the house, what are you feeling right now?"

Kyle sighs and shakes his head. "I am feeling so much just now...I don't know, I don't know how I feel about being out here."

Wayne nods his head and smiles, "It'll be a little strange."

Kyle nods his head and smiles. "You have no idea..."

Wayne smiles as he pats his arm, "Now, Kyle, I think your dad has something he's like to say to you."

Wayne holds the mic to Jim and Jim looks at Kyle. "I just want to say, that no father has been prouder of their son than I am."

Kyle smiles and hugs his dad again as Wayne takes his arm. "Kyle, I'm sorry, but I need to take you away from your dad for a minute, as you have a lot of people out there waiting on you."

Kyle smiles nervously, "Umm, okay..."

They walk through the gates and we see a large crowd cheering like crazy. Kyle smiles broadly as he walks beside Wayne.

"Now Kyle, the press is up here. They will want a picture of you..."

Kyle nods his head as he walks and hears people call his name. He grins as photographers take his picture and waves at them a little. Wayne takes his arm and they begin to walk again. As they get towards the crowd they start cheering like crazy and begin to chant Kyle's name. Wayne holds up the mic and begins to speak, "Ladies and gentlemen, here he is, our latest evictee, Kyle!"

The crowd goes crazy and Kyle smiles broadly as he looks around at the various banners. He begins to laugh when he see's a girl with a banner that reads, "Tess, if you change your mind about Kyle, I'll take him!"

Wayne smiles and guides Kyle into the studio where he see's his friends and family. He goes over to them quickly and hugs them tightly and they all begin to congratulate him loudly. Wayne walks over to the camera and smiles. "In a few minutes we will be talking to Kyle and getting his opinion on everyone else in the house, his feud with Isabel and what is really going on with Tess. Join us in a few minutes."

Commerical Break

Wayne sits in the studio in front of the big screen. 2 smaller monitors sit beside him and the chair across from him. Kyle sits opposite Wayne and looks at the monitor.

"Welcome back, everybody. We have Kyle!" he says as he gestures to Kyle.

The audience cheer Kyle smiles as he looks at the camera.

Wayne looks at Kyle and smiles, "Kyle, how are you feeling?"

Kyle exhales and looks at Wayne. "I feel weird, like one half of me is happy to be out and the other..." He looks at the screen and see's Tess standing with the others.

Wayne looks at him sadly, "I guess it must be hard watching it now?"

Kyle looks away from the screen and nods his head. "You have no idea..."

"Did you expect to go out?"

Kyle thinks for a second before nodding his head. "If I'm honest, then yes. I thought I'd be out tonight, but I had hoped that I'd stay."

Wayne nods his head and looks at the screen where Tess is now standing alone at the conservatory doors. "I don't think you are the only one who hoped that."

Kyle nods his head and sighs as he looks at the screen.

Wayne looks at him and smiles, "Okay, before we talk about Tess I'd like to talk a little about the other housemates. Do you have any idea who nominated you?"

Kyle nods his head, "I think it was pretty obvious, because some of us didn't really have a choice..."

Wayne nods his head and smiles, "Well, we'll have a look and see."

The screen changes to this week's nominations and Kyle turns to look at the screen.

Alex looks at the camera seriously, I can't give any names, because I'm not nominating anyone."

Big Brother rules state that you must nominate two housemates for eviction, Alex. Or else Big Brother will choose the names of the two people closest to you in the house.

Alex looks at the camera and nods his head, "I'm aware of that, but I can't nominate this week. I refuse to do it. Maybe you can choose who I'm closest to, but I can't."

The rules state that Big Brother will choose the two people closest to you in the house if you fail to nominate, do you understand and accept the rules?

Alex looks at his hands and then takes a deep breath. "I understand and accept the rules."

Kyle smiles slightly as Wayne turns to him, "Big Brother decided that both you and Isabel were the two people closest to him."

Kyle nods his head and the screen changes to Isabel.

Isabel looks straight at the camera as she talks, "I do not get along with him. We clash too much and he irritates me. He is pretty immature sometimes and out of everyone else in the house I can honestly say that I wouldn't miss him."

Kyle rolls his eyes and smiles as the screen changes to Laurie.

Laurie avoids looking at the camera as she begins to speak, "It's's just because he's the one out of the other three housemates that I don't get on with as well...but I really like him, I wish I didn't have to nominate him. But I have to nominate someone and..." She looks into the camera and smiles sadly, "And that is the only reason I have..."

As the screen changes Kyle smiles and turns to Wayne.

"Okay, now it's your turn to tell us what you think of the housemates who have nominated you."

Kyle nods his head as Wayne continues, "Okay, Alex."

Kyle smiles, "I think Alex is a great guy, we got really close in there and we see things on the same level. We know what's important. I'm a little surprised that Big Brother thought I was close to him though."

Wayne nods his head as the crowd can be heard going crazy outside. "Okay, now Isabel."

Kyle looks over at Isabel's family and sighs. "Me and her do not get along and...and we clashed too much for me to ever see us getting along. She thought she was better than I was..."

"That was some argument you guys had yesterday."

Kyle nods his head, "You guys saw that? Well, it was really over nothing but she just went over board, but that's really all I want to say about her."

Wayne nods his head and smiles, "Okay, finally, lets talk about Laurie. She really didn't want to nominate you."

Kyle nods his head, "I know what she was going through. I had to nominate her as well and I felt really bad."

Wayne looks at him, "What do you think about Laurie? What about her chances with Alex? Especially with the Isabel complication."

Kyle grins and looks back. "I'm not sure that I should be saying anything about that, but, if it was down to me I would rather he went with Laurie. Basically, he's too good for Isabel."

Max and Michael glare at Kyle and he shrugs his shoulders defiantly.

Wayne smiles, "Well, Alex, Laurie, Tess and yourself became pretty close in there. Do you think that friendship will continue out here?"

Kyle smiles and nods his head, "I'd like to think so."

Wayne looks at Kyle and grins, "You know what I need to ask you now. Tess. What do you think about her?"

The audience cheers and Kyle begins to grin as he takes a deep breath. ", Tess is great."

Wayne looks at him, "Great? You two definately got on great..."

Kyle blushes slightly as he looks at the screen. "We did."

"So...come on, tell us what happened. It started of pretty simple..."

Kyle looks at his dad in the audience. "We just got closer, it wasn't anything that we had planned."

"That was some kiss between you two, it looked like you had seen stars....and that was after you had said you were taking things slowly!"

Kyle looks at him and blushes as he nods his head. "It was hard, because I knew I wouldn't see her for about 2 weeks..."

Wayne looks at the screen. "So, will you two be continuing things when she gets out of here, because if not I'm pretty sure there's more than a few people interested..."

Jim looks at them and Maria and Liz sigh as Kyle answers with a grin at Wayne, "No, no, I'm definately wanting to continue things. Definately."

The crowd goes crazy and Wayne looks at Kyle. "Looks like that's a popular decision. Well, maybe not with your dad who has been in denial for weeks."

Kyle looks over at Jim and smiles. Jim looks embarrassed but smiles at his son.

Wayne turns back to Kyle who is now looking at the screen sadly. "Kyle, just a few more questions. Would you go back in there just now if we let you?"

Kyle looks at the screen and sighs, "Definately. You wouldn't be able to stop me."

Wayne smiles, "Who do you think will win?"

Kyle thinks for a second. "I think Alex, he is just too nice a guy and I think people will like him."

Wayne grins as he asks the next question, "And this is probably a ridiculous question but...who do you want to win?"

Kyle looks at him and grins as he answers. "I want Tess to win."

The crowd cheer as Wayne shakes his head and begins to laugh, "Why am I not surprised?"

Wayne stands up and looks at Kyle, "Kyle, it has been a pleasure. I'm going to let you go talk to your family and friends."

Kyle smiles at Wayne. "Thanks."

As Kyle stands up Wayne ushers to him. "Everyone, our latest evictee, Kyle!"

The audience claps as the doors open and Wayne grabs a mic and runs outside to the crowd who are cheering loudly.

He runs over to a girl at the railing, "Okay, now that we're down to the last 4, who do you want to win?"

"I want either Alex or Isabel to win, Alex because he's such a nice guy, and Isabel because she's been nominated so many times and stayed in that she should be there!"

Wayne smiles as he looks at the banner the girl is holding. "Alex and Izzy Forever!, you really are a fan."

He then runs down the line and points out another banner. "There's one there that says "Alex, forget the other two, you can have me!" aww, and theres a Kyle and Tess one that says, "Stop taking it slow!", these people all have their favourites."

He goes to a girl and holds out the mic. "Who do you think should go next?"

"I think Isabel has to go, that stuff tonight was terrible. And then she smirked..."

Wayne nods his head as he walks into the middle of the gang plank and looks at the camera. "As you all can hear, everyone here has their own opinions on who should stay and who should go. But there can only be one winner and it's down to you! Tune in for the latest news from the house and be back here next Friday when we will find out WHO the final 3 will be on Roswell's Big Brother!"

The crowd begin to cheer loudly as the camera moves upwards and shows the house and the crowd.