DAY 47 - 9:22am

Day 47 in the Big Brother house. All the housemates are awake apart from Kyle & Tess. Alex, Isabel and Laurie are making breakfast.

Alex sits on the counter as Isabel and Laurie work around him. "You know I can help?"

"Not after last time," Isabel tells him as she begins to pour incredients into a pan.

"What do you mean last time?" Alex asks her.

Laurie begins to mix eggs in a bowl with a fork. "She means the unedible dinner we made a few nights ago."

"Yeah, we made," Alex says looking at Laurie. "Remember the we in this and not just I made."

Laurie rolls her eyes and then smiles as she continues to stir the eggs. Alex looks towards the girls bedroom.

"Those two are sleeping in late, aren't they?"

Isabel and Laurie both look towards the bedroom and nod.

"They must have been up late," Isabel says as she turns back towards the pan.

"I know that they definately stayed up longer than us," Laurie says as she looks at Alex who nods.

This is Big Brother, will someone please come to the Diary Room.

Laurie nods as she looks at the others. "I'll go."

Alex watches Laurie leave then looks to Isabel. "You went to be bed pretty earlier last night. Everything okay?"

Isabel looks at him and smiles gently. "Yeah. I was just a little homesick."

Alex nods understandably. "I've been like that. I'm just itching to get out of here to be honest."

"Me too," Isabel agrees. "But at the same time I'm enjoying it too you know?"

"Yeah," Alex smiles. "I think I won't miss being in here because of how it restricts everything, but I will miss being with everyone." He then looks off into nothing. "I already miss some people that have left here. I really miss Liz and Maria."

Isabel looks at him sadly as he pauses for a moment.

"But I know that when this is over I'll miss being with you guys," he says as he smiles at Isabel. "That's the one thing I can say I enjoyed about this whole thing. Being around everyone, well, almost everyone..." He pauses his lips before continuing. "I'm really going to miss being around you, Laurie, Kyle and Tess."

Isabel nods with a smile. "I'm going to miss being around you too."

Alex looks at her and smiles slowly. They look at each other for a moment and Alex looks at Laurie as she comes out of the Diary Room smiling down at a sheet of paper that she carries. Isabel turns around and looks at her.

"What did they want?" Isabel asks.

Laurie looks up and smiles. "We're getting a baby!"

"Excuse me?" Isabel frowns.

"What?" Alex says at the same time and jumps off the counter and walks over towards Laurie as she reaches the kitchen.

Laurie looks at him and then back down at the instructions. "Big Brother today will give the housemates a mini-task. At 11am Big Brother will provide a doll that will simulate a real-life baby."

Alex and Isabel exchange a laugh and Isabel returns to stirring the pan.

"Each housemate will have to care for the baby's needs for 1 full hour," Laurie continues to read aloud. "Each housemate will be able to gather points for how well they care for the baby by using an electronic card that is linked directly to the doll. The housemate that gathers the most points will get to choose a movie for the housemates to watch at 8pm tonight."

Isabel smiles clearly impressed by the idea while Alex grins. "So it's a competition," he says looking at them. "Well, I know I've got it in the bag as I'm good with babies."

"Oh, really?" Isabel smiles at him.

"Yeah," Alex says as he looks at her. "I used to babysit for my neighbour when I was a kid."

Isabel raises an eyebrow. "And when was the last time you looked after a baby, Alex?"

"Um," Alex thinks it over as Isabel exchanges a smile with Laurie. "Maybe 3 or 4 years ago."

"That's an awful long time," Laurie smiles exchanging another look with Isabel.

Alex looks at Laurie and grins. "Well, it's like riding a bike. Once you've learned you never forget. I've got a knack for it."

Isabel rolls her eyes while Laurie shakes her head with a smile.

Alex looks at them both. "I have! You'll see when you're watching a movie of my choice."

"We're not watching Star Wars," Isabel states as she turns back to the cooking.

Laurie walks past Alex and hands him the sheet of paper. "Or Return of the Jedi," she says as she walks into the kitchen.

"Or any other Star Wars movie," Isabel adds, and Laurie nods in agreement as she stands beside her mixing the eggs again.

"Hey, what's wrong with Star Wars movies?" Alex asks defensively.

Isabel looks at him and shakes her head. "What is not wrong with them?"

"They're okay," Laurie says as she looks at Alex. "But only when they're watched in moderation."

"Which means not every week," Isabel smiles.

Laurie laughs and looks at Alex as he shakes his head and walks towards the lounge. She giggles with Isabel as they hear him mutter before lying down on the couch.


All the housemates are now awake. The group are relaxing in the lounge area.

Kyle and Tess sit together on one couch while Isabel and Laurie sit on the other. Alex sits on the chair.

"So they're actually giving us a baby to care for?" Tess asks incredulously.

"A simulated baby," Alex corrects her.

"Yeah," Tess says looking at him. "But it will still basically be a baby if it's programmed to react like one."

Kyle looks at them all. "I think it will be easy enough."

Tess looks at him with a raised eyebrow. "You do?"

"Yeah," Kyle shrugs. "There's nothing to it. It's just a baby for an hour."

"Uh-huh," Tess smirks unconvincingly. She then looks at them. "What is it with guys thinking that they can do anything?"

Isabel nods in agreement. "I know. After 10 minutes they'll be begging us for help."

"Or asking us to take over," Laurie smiles as she looks from Alex to Kyle.

"Hey!" Alex says which causes her to laugh. "What makes you think that we will be the ones to come begging?"

The girls look at him amused expressions.

"Yeah," Kyle adds. "For all we know you could come running to us."

Tess looks at him with a grin. "Yeah, that will happen."

"We'll see," Kyle grins back.

"Okay, then, yeah," Tess beams. "We'll see."


As the housemates have been giving a simulated baby for their mini-task, Big Brother calls one of them to the Diary Room.

This is Big Brother, will someone please come to the Diary Room.

The group exchange looks and Laurie stands. "I'll go."

As the others watch her walk towards the Diary Room, Kyle smiles. "Does anyone else think that she might be excited about this?"

Alex smiles as he watches her enter the Diary Room. "Definitely."

"This might make her broody," Kyle smirks as he looks at Alex.

Alex nods then grins. "She might not want the hellcat then."

Tess looks at him with a scrowl. "Stop calling it that! And no matter how much you say it we're going to try and adopt Wilson!"

Alex rolls his eyes as Kyle laughs, while Isabel watches the exchange.

In the Diary Room Laurie smiles as soon as she sees the doll in