Day 46 - 10.14am

Day 46 in the Big Brother house. All the housemates are sitting out in the garden having their breakfast. Today, the housemates will nominate for the 6th time since they entered the house.

Alex and Kyle sit on the deckchairs as Isabel, Tess and Laurie talk about their eviction outfits. Alex and Kyle are listening intently and are occasionally sharing disaproving looks.

"I brought two outfits with me just in case anything happened to one of them...2 dresses, one is a long one with a thigh high split, and the other one is a shorter strappless one, although I have a shawl with me to go with that..." Isabel says as she looks at Laurie and Tess.

Alex looks at her and tries to sound cheerful, "Yeah, but you brought other outfits as well, just in case, you case it's would want something a little more...more, you know?"

The girls ignore him as Tess nods her head, "Me too, I brought 2 dresses, one is kind of strappy and the other one is pretty close fitting...I'm not sure if I could get away with that..."

Kyle looks at Alex and shakes his head.

Laurie looks at her, "Is that the aqua one? That's really nice though..."

"You think? I like the the other one because it has a tie up back..."

Isabel looks at her and smirks, "You want to show off a bit of skin, huh?"

Kyle sits up and looks slightly worried as they talk and coughs loudly as the girls continue.

The girls ignore him and Tess continues, "Not so much showing more skin, but I want to look good, you know?"

Laurie looks at her and nods her head, "Yeah. See, I brought 2 outfits in, one was a dress and one was pants..."

Alex sighs relieved, "Pants are good..."

Isabel looks at her as she takes a drink from her glass, "What colour is your dress?"

Laurie looks at her, "It's blue, with a little bit of embroidery on it..."

"What's embroidered on it?" Isabel asks curiously.

Laurie looks thoughtful, "Honestly? I can't think of what is on it..."

Tess looks at her, "Could you show us?"

Laurie looks at her, "If you like, I'll bring it out..."

Isabel stands up, "No, we'll come in, that way we can all see what we're wearing..."

Alex looks at them, "I take it this is a girls only thing?"

Tess rolls her eyes, "You guys get bored with talking about clothes..."

Kyle looks at her, "No we don't, do we Alex? We'd love to see what you'll be walking out of here wearing..."

"To face all the press..." Alex adds as he looks at Isabel and Laurie who are standing looking at them.

"And all those....guys..." Kyle says with false cheer as he looks at Tess.

Alex nods his head, "Yeah, all those guys who will be there to see you all...after watching you for 6 weeks..."

"Yeah, 6 weeks...constantly..." Kyle says as he looks at Tess more intently.

Alex and Kyle look at each other and share a look of nervousness before turning back to look at the girls. Alex asks cheerfully, "So, can we see what you are wearing?"

The girls look at them with a disbelieving look. Before Isabel looks at them and shakes her head, "So? Lets go see the leaving outfits..."

Laurie and Isabel walk a few steps away from the boys with an amused expression as Kyle call's after them, "Seriously, you can show us, we won't get bored! Plus we'll give you a completely objectionate opinion..."

Tess looks at him, "You hate clothes..."

Kyle looks at her and replies, "I'm interested in what you wear, is that wrong?"

Tess looks at him and shakes her head, "No, but you two are starting to sound slightly...shall we say..."

"Obsessed? Jealous? Crazy?" Isabel says from behind them.

Alex shakes his head slightly indignantly, "We're not crazy, or jealous, or obsessive, we just want to make sure that you girls look good...but that national tv won't make you appeal to all those crazy people out know, those guys who are, well, lusting after you..."

Kyle looks at Alex and shakes his head as Isabel, Laurie and Tess all slap him around the head as Tess looks at him, "So? Only crazy people would lust after us?"

Alex holds his head, "I didn't mean they were crazy to lust after you...please, no more slapping..."

Kyle looks at her and stands up, "What Alex is trying to say, other than he's an idiot, is that some people might be slightly obsessed by you, I mean you are a really, really beautiful girl Tess..."

Alex coughs loudly as Kyle looks at Tess and Kyle sighs and continues, "I mean, you two are as well of course," Kyle turns back to look at Tess, "And I just want you to go out of here and have fun, without having to worry about other people..."

Tess smiles at him and nods her head, "Kyle? I'll be wanting to walk out of here looking as good as I can, and as for other people, so what? I'd hope people would think I looked ok...I mean, you and Alex aren't going to be going out of here hoping that no one finds you attractive..."

Kyle looks at her frustrated and Laurie adds, "You guys do want girls to like you?"

Isabel smirks at Alex, "I mean, you would be open to having a large following wouldn't you?"

Alex stands up and looks at her, "Ah, but that's different..."

The three girls look at him as Isabel asks, "Why?"

Kyle looks at them all, "You know why it's different..."

Tess, Laurie and Isabel all look at them with amusement as Laurie looks at them, "No we don't, please tell us why?"

Alex and Kyle share a look with each other and shake their heads as Kyle looks at her, "You know why, Laurie..."

Tess grins at them both, "If you guys aren't going to tell us then we're just going to go in and try on our outfits..."

Isabel looks at them and smiles mishievously, "And we'll make sure that we look really good for our public...all of our public..."

Kyle and Alex look at each other exasperrated and they both exhale. Alex looks at Kyle, "Are you going to tell them why it's different?"

Kyle looks at the girls and then shakes his head, "I'm not telling them..."

The girls look at them before looking at each other, "They aren't going to say it, so lets go see the outfits." Isabel says as she walks in towards the house.

Tess looks at Kyle and Alex before smiling slightly and walking in with Laurie, "Yeah, lets see if we can appeal to anymore crazy people..."

Laurie begins to laugh gently as the boys look on. As the girls leave the garden Kyle looks at Alex, "You had to say crazy people, didn't you?"

Alex looks at him and rubs his head, "I've been punished enough for that one, thank you."

Kyle looks at him, "No, you haven't, we had a good start before you opened your big mouth..."

Alex rolls his eyes and walks back over towards the deck chair, "Well, look on the brightside, now that we're in the girls room we could accidentally spill some stuff over their outfits..."

Kyle looks at him, "Yeah, if we really want to die..."


Alex is cleaning out the chickens while Isabel washes some clothes in the shower. Laurie, Tess and Kyle are all lying on the grass.

Alex is ushering the chickens in as he closes the gate behind him as he takes the brush in, "Come on you go..."

As he walks in he walks over to the coop and cleans out the inside of it. He starts humming gently as he brushes the inside of it out, but isn't paying attention to the gate that has opened up behind him causing the chickens to walk out out.

"So, Tess? When do you want to practice the task? I have new lyrics...I'm sure you would approve..."

Tess sighs but doesn't look up as she replies, "I am not listening, I'll write your verse for you after what you came up with last time..."

Alex grins as he sweeps the coop some more, still not noticing the chickens escape, "Now, now, that's totally against the rules of the have to let me sing my verse...let me see, what rhymes with shoot me?"

Tess sighs and groans loudly, "If you write anything remotely wrong I'll ask Big Brother to take you off the task."

Alex smiles, "Is that a promise? Because in that case I have so many lyrics that are wrong..."

"If he's not doing it, I'm not doing it." Kyle says without looking up.

The chicken walks over towards Tess' hair as she sighs, "You are both doing it."

Alex grins as he puts some hay in the coop, "Hmm, let me see...I love your smile, although it causes bile..., no, that doesn't work. How about, I want to give you a ring, if you show me your thing? Nope, doesn't work either. I know...I hate all things to do with these boyband twits, at least I don't have to sing this crap with the Whits..."

"Shut up, Alex." Tess says as Kyle begins to laugh.

"Shh, I'm composing here...Baby, come on over and sit on my knee, then do me a favour and put me out my misery...shoot me in the head, make sure I'm gone, that way I don't have to sing this stupid song..."

Tess sighs, "You will write a real verse Alex," She sits up but doesn't realise that the chicken is next to her head. As she sits up the chicken starts to flap and she screams loudly causing all of them to turn to her.

"Oh My God!!" Tess screams as she jumps up and looks at the chicken and then to Alex who is looking at her in disbelief.

"What's wrong?" Kyle asks as him and Laurie stand up abruptly.

Tess looks at him and rubs her hair, "I didn't know the chickens were out! And it was at my hair and it flapped it's wings!"

Alex quickly walks over beside her and Tess glares at him, "You!"

Alex grabs the chicken and backs away as Tess advances on him slowly, "Tess, I'm really...really sorry. I didn't know the gate was open..."

Tess glares at him and lifts her finger to him, "You let the chickens escape..."

Alex holds the chicken up in front of him desperately, "C'mon Tess, I have a chicken here, you can't kill me in front of it. It would traumatise it more...since you have already deafened it with that really loud scream..."

Tess looks at him, "Well put the chicken down then..."

Alex puts the chicken in the coop and grins at her as Kyle and Laurie begin to laugh, "You are a deadman, Alex." Kyle says as Tess continues to look at Alex angrilly.

"Tess, what if I swore I was really, really sorry?"

"It wouldn't work..." Tess says as she stabs a finger into his chest.

"Ow, whats with all the violence today, can't we all just get along?" Alex says as Laurie and Kyle continue to laugh.

"You do have a very short attention span, you know that? First in the kitchen and now in at the chickens..."

Alex nods his head and tries to look serious, "Yes, yes I do. I get bored easilly and my mind wanders..."

Tess continues, "I don't mind your mind wandering when your cooking, but when it causes chickens to flap at people heads I have a little problem..."

Alex rolls his eyes and mutters quietly, "A little problem? Whew, I would hate to see you over react..." Tess looks at him disbelievingly and he immediately continues with a guilty smile, "And that was not what I meant to say there. You have handled the situation so well..."

Tess continues to glare at him and talks through clenched teeth, "You owe me."

Alex nods his head, "I'll clean the chickens out for you tomorrow?"

Tess shakes her head and he thinks for a minute, "I know, I'll cook you breakfast for the rest of the week?"

Tess looks at him with a smirk as Kyle calls over, "You are supposed to be trying to make it up to her not poison her..."

Alex rolls his eyes, "Shut up, Kyle. How about it Tess?"

Tess shakes her head and says seriously, "No. But now that I think of it there is something you could do that would make me feel so much better..."

Alex shakes his head, "No. No, I can't do it. If that's what you are thinking then just don't. I'd rather eat grass for a week than work on that task..." Tess smiles at him and he backs away, "No. No, I can't do it..."

"Please? You do owe me...and I promise that I won't hold it against you when we get out of here..."

Alex looks at her desperately, "But Tess...It was only a really small chicken, even if it had flapped in your face the damage would have been really small..."

Tess gasps as Alex talks and he shakes his head again, "Okay, I really didn't mean that either..."

Tess looks at him and smiles, "That is the only thing that you can do that will make it up to me."

Alex looks at her, "And if I don't make it up to you?"

Tess looks like she's considering it, "I'll buy myself a bald cat if we don't get Wilson and take him everywhere when we get out of here, inside here I will put a chicken in your bed every morning to wake you up, I will get Laurie and we will sing pop songs constantly and I will beg Big Brother contantly to play a song into the house."

Alex shakes his head, "Please, Tess..."

Tess looks at him determined, "That's the only thing you can do to make it work."

Alex rolls his eyes, "Fine, Tess, I will try and take the task seriously..."

Tess looks at him happily, "And that means you will come up with good lyrics and dance properly?"

Alex looks at her, "Do I have to?" As she nods her head he sighs and continues, "I will come up with "good lyrics" and do the dancing...."

She grins at him and hugs him before pulling back, "Thank you. Apology accepted. That wasn't so hard was it?"

Alex looks up at the sky, "You have no idea..."


Big Brother has gathered the group in the lounge before the nominations.

The 5 housemates are sitting in the lounge. Kyle is sitting in the chair, while Isabel, Laurie and Tess all sit on the couch. Alex is sitting on the exercise ball.

"Well, this is the second last nominations everyone..." Isabel says as she looks at the others.

Tess nods her head, "Unless there are 3 of us up. Then they will throw two of us out again..."

Alex bounces on the ball, "Well, I'm not nominating. I'll let Big Brother name names, there's no way I can go in there and say who I want out...well, apart from Kyle..."

Kyle smirks at him, "You've just started to nominate me? I've been naming your name for the past 7 weeks and you are still here..."

Alex looks sat him, "What can I say? Everyone else has great taste..."

"Either that or Big Brother loves you..." Kyle says as he looks at Alex.

Alex looks like he's considering it, "Well, I think that they probably love torturing me with their stupid that's hugely possible..."

Laurie looks at him, "They just know that they will get a reaction out of you. It's not that they have anything against you personally..."

Alex looks at her disbelievingly as Kyle continues, "You know what started it Alex? It was in the first couple of days in here when you complained about everything. Plus you kept talking into your mic, bugging them..."

Alex nods his head, "You're right! That is what started it, they were fine to me in the first week or two and then they just became evil..."

Kyle looks at him and grins, "You were just too damn opinionated..."

Alex sighs, "Damn me for not taking everything they give us..."

Isabel looks at him, "You should have known that it doesn't pay to think for yourself in here..."

This is Big Brother, will Alex please come to the Diary Room.

Alex stands up and smiles, "They are going to hate me again in a minute."

Kyle looks at him, "They will probably give us Wilson again if you do that, you know?"

Alex walks over to the Diary Room and smiles, "Probably..."

Alex walks in the Diary Room door and sits down in the chair.

Hello, Alex.

"Hey," he says.

Can you please give the name of your first nomination?

Alex looks at the camera seriously, "No, I can't give any names, because I'm not nominating anyone."

Big Brother rules state that you must nominate two housemates for eviction, Alex. Or else Big Brother will choose the names of the two people closest to you in the house.

Alex looks at the camera and nods his head, "I'm aware of that, but I can't nominate this week. I refuse to do it. Maybe you can choose who I'm closest to, but I can't."

The rules state that Big Brother will choose the two people closest to you in the house if you fail to nominate, do you understand and accept the rules?

Alex looks at his hands and then takes a deep breath. "I understand and accept the rules."

Thank you, Alex, you may now leave the Diary Room.

Alex looks straight at the camera, "Who are you picking for me?"

Big Brother will pick the two people closest to you in the house.

Alex looks at the camera, "But who?"

Big Brother will choose the two people closest to you in the house, we won't tell you who.

Alex looks away from the camera and sighs, "Please tell me who you have chosen."

Big Brother will not tell you who they have chosen. You may now leave the Diary Room.

Alex nods sadly, "I can take a hint...thanks a lot Big Brother." And he rises from the chair and leaves the Diary Room.

As Alex has chosen to abstain from nominating Big Brother will choose the two people closest to him in the house. At this point in time, in Big Brother's judgement, Alex is closest to Kyle and Isabel. So that is the two people that have been chosen for his nominations.

As he walks out he looks at the others and shakes his head, "They really hate me now. They wouldn't even tell me who they chose for me."

Laurie looks at him and smiles reassuringly, "They probably just haven't chosen anyone for you yet, they'll let you know later."

Alex sits down on the ball and looks at them all, "Yeah, I'll find out once I'm out of here..."

This is Big Brother. Will Isabel please come to the Diary Room.

Isabel stands up and sighs, "Well, at least we only have one more nomination to do after this..."

The others all nod as she walks into the Diary Room.

Hello Isabel.

She sits in the chair and looks at the camera, "Hi, Big Brother."

Can you please give the name of your first nomination?

Isabel nods. "My first nomination is Kyle."

Can you please give the reason for this nomination?

Isabel looks straight at the camera as she talks, "I do not get along with him. We clash too much and he irritates me. He is pretty immature sometimes and out of everyone else in the house I can honestly say that I wouldn't miss him."

Can you please give the name of your second nomination?

Isabel thinks for a second before she answers. "My second nomination is for Laurie."

Can you please give a reason for your second nomination?

Isabel sighs as she responds. "I feel pretty bad about nominating Laurie this week because we have been getting on really well recently. But I have to name someone and I think I get along with Tess better than I do with Laurie. So, she has to be my second nomination..."

Finally, can you please give the name of your 2 nominations?

Isabel nods. "Kyle and Laurie."

Thank you Isabel, you may now leave the Diary Room.

Isabel stands up and walks towards the door, "Thank you Big Brother."

Isabels nominations now mean that both her and Laurie have one nomination each and Kyle has two. If he is nominated by anyone of the remaining housemates he will definately face the public vote.

Isabel walks over to the couch and sits down, "Well, thats that done for another week."

Laurie looks at her, "Was it hard?"

Isabel nods her head, "It's hard because we have spent so much time together, but you just have to think about who you would want to be locked up with in the last two weeks, or in other cases, who you wouldn't want to be locked up with." She looks at Kyle as she finishes speaking and he looks at Tess and nods his head and gives her a smile.

This is Big Brother. Will Kyle please come to the Diary Room.

Kyle sighs and stands up and looks at Tess before walking otowards the Diary Room. "Oooh, my turn, I wonder who I wouldn't want to be locked up with? Hmmm..."

Isabel rolls her eyes and looks at Alex who is still bouncing up and down nervously.

He then proceeds to the Diary Room and sits down and looks straight into the camera.

Hello Kyle.

"Hey, "

Can you please give the name of your first nomination?

Kyle nods his head and begins to speak, "Well, this one really isn't too hard. It's for Isabel."

Can you please give the reason for this nomination?

Kyle shrugs his shoulders, "Well, for starters, we don't get on, she is really stuck up and she's the person in here I wouldn't want to be locked up with for another 2 weeks. Call it a personality clash."

Can you please give the name of your second nomination?

Kyle sighs and looks at the camera, "This is not an easy nomination, but it has to be for Laurie..."

Can you please give a reason for this nomination?

Kyle looks down and exhales slowly before looking up, "Because I have to choose someone and unfortunately only 2 of the people I'm closest to in here can avoid me nominating them. I can't, no, I won't nominate Tess or Alex so it has to be Laurie. That's all...I feel bad about it though..."

Finally, can you please give the name of your 2 nominations?

Kyle looks at the camera and sighs, "Isabel and Laurie."

Thank you Kyle, you may now leave the Diary Room.

Kyle stands up and walks out the Diary Room door and heads towards the others.

Kyle's nominations now mean that him, Isabel and Laurie all have 2 nominations each and if any of them recieve another nomination they will definately face the public vote. Alex and Tess have not recieved a nomination yet.

Kyle walks over to the seat and sits down and sighs loudly. Laurie looks at him and smiles, "I take it it was tough?"

Kyle looks at her sadly and nods his head, "One of them was..."

This is Big Brother. Will Laurie please come to the Diary Room.

Laurie sighs loudly and looks around, "Well, I guess that's me..."

Tess looks at her and smilesreassuringly, "Good luck, Laurie."

Laurie walks over to the Diary Room as she answers, "I'll probably need it."

She opens the door and walks inside it and sits down. She pulls one leg up and clutches her hand around it as she looks at the camera.

Hello, Laurie.

"Hello, Big Brother."

Can you please give the name of your first nomination?

Laurie looks into the camera as she speaks, "My first nomination is for Isabel..."

Can you please give the reason for this nomination?

"This is pretty hard as we have been getting on pretty well recently, but of all the people in the house she is the one I get on with least. So, she kinda has to get my vote."

Can you please give the name of your second nomination?

Laurie sighs and looks down as she begins to speak, "I've thought about this, and my second nomination is for Kyle."

Can you please give the reason for this nomination?

Laurie avoids looking at the camera as she begins to speak, "It's's just because he's the one out of the other three housemates that I don't get on with as well...but I really like him, I wish I didn't have to nominate him. But I have to nominate someone and..." She looks into the camera and smiles sadly, "And that is the only reason I have..."

Finally, can you please give the name of your 2 nominations?

"Isabel and Kyle."

Thank you Laurie, you may now leave the Diary Room.

Laurie stands up and walks out of the Diary Room.

Laurie's nominations mean that both Isabel and Kyle will both face the public vote on Friday. Laurie has 2 nominations and is the only other housemate that could also face the public vote. Alex and Tess still haven't been nominated.

Laurie walks over and sits down on the couch wearilly. She looks at Tess and sighs, "That was horrible. I honestly don't think I could do it again..."

Kyle looks at her, "I think it would be hard for us all to do it again...I mean, we all mostly get on..."

Alex looks at them, "Big Brother would love that, all four of the remaining housemates showing some attitude."

This is Big Brother. Will Tess please come to the Diary Room.

Tess sighs and looks at them as she begins to walk towards the Diary Room door, "Well, I'm the last one..."

Alex looks at her, "While your in there ask them if I can drop out of the task."

Tess looks at him and smirks, "I'll ask them to give us outfits for you to perform the task in okay?"

Alex shakes his head, "You wouldn't dare."

Tess steps in the room but sticks her head out to reply, "Watch me, you do owe me."

As she disappears into the Diary Room Alex calls out loudly, "Take a pound of flesh, it would probably hurt less..."

As Tess sits down in the chair she continues to laugh before Big Brother speaks.

Hello, Tess.

"Hi, Big Brother," Tess replies as she suddenly turns serious.

Can you please give the name of your first nomination?

Tess sighs and nods her head, "My first nomination is for Isabel."

Can you please give the reason for this nomination?

"The reason I am nominating Isabel is that I get on with the others a lot better and she causes a lot of tension with...certain members of the house. It's not that I don't like her, it's just I get on with the others better."

Can you please give the name of your second nomination?

Tess looks down and she is quiet for a few minutes before she takes a deep breath and looks up, "I..I really hate doing this because I like him so much, but...but, my second nomination has to be for Alex."

Can you please give the reason for this nomination?

Tess sighs and sinks down in the chair, "I have no reason, I think he is great, he is so funny and I get on with him really well. But I can't vote Kyle or Laurie out, so Alex is the only other person I can vote. I wish I didn't have to nominate him, but there's no one else I can choose..."

Finally, can you please give the name of your 2 nominations?

"Isabel...and Alex.."

Thank you Tess, you may now leave the Diary Room.

Tess' nominations mean that only Kyle and Isabel will face the public vote on Friday. Isabel received 4 nominations, while Kyle received 3. Laurie recieved 2 nominations while Alex only received 1. Tess was not nominated by any of the housemates

Tess nods her head and stands up and walks out the Diary Room door and sits down. The group all sit in an awkward silence as they all look at each other guiltilly.

This is Big Brother, this weeks nominations are now over, the results will be announced later in the week.

Tess exhales slowly, "I feel so bad..."

Alex looks at her and smiles, "Well, we all know that we have to nominate someone, so no one will hold it personally..."

Kyle nods his head as he looks at Laurie, "We all have to nominate someone..."

Alex stands up, "It's ok for you guys, I still don't know who I nominated..."Big Brother will choose the two people closest to you in the house." What is that supposed to mean?"

Kyle sighs as he stands up, "It means that two people in here are getting voted because they like do know that we all hate you don't you?" He finishes with a grin.

Alex looks at him with a raised eyebrow, "Kyle, I only said that I asked Big Brother to nominate for me. Trust me, they only picked one of my nominations, you, my man, got my vote!"

Kyle smirks, "I'd be wounded if I believed you, but you're a bad liar..."

Alex looks offended, "I am not..."

Kyle turns to the girls, "Ladies of the jury, your verdict on this mans ability to lie?"

Isabel looks at Alex, "Pathetic."

Laurie looks and stands up, "Doesn't really pull it off..."

Tess stands up and stands next to Laurie, "I couldn't buy him as a liar..."

Alex shakes his head and smirks. "Ba Ba, little sheep who follow Kyle..."

Kyle looks at the girls, "He can't handle the cold hard truth..."


The housemates are all out in the garden eating their dinner.

Kyle and Alex are sitting on the deck chairs while the girls are sitting on the cushions.

"Kyle? What did you do with the tabasco?" Tess asks as she tastes her food and makes a "blah" expession.

Kyle grins as he looks at her, "It's over on the table..."

Tess stands up and walks over to the table, "We really need to buy more of this..."

Laurie looks at her, "That's because you all take it with everything, I don't know what they have in the water in Roswell but you all like your food spicy..."

Alex holds his hands up, "Hey, I'm normal. I don't like tabasco in everything."

Kyle looks at him, "Hey, don't knock it until you've tried it."

Alex and Laurie share a look before Alex looks at Kyle, "I don't see the appeal personally."

Kyle looks at him, "Here? Try this and see, I bet you like it."

Alex shakes his head, "Funnily enough I think I'll decline your kind offer, but thanks..."

Tess walks over and Laurie watches in horror as she pours a lot of tabasco sauce onto her food. "Does that not burn your mouth?"

Tess takes a bite and shakes her head, "No, it tastes good..."

Laurie looks at her and Kyle smirks, "You want to try it Laurie?"

Laurie shakes her head, "I think I'll pass...thanks though..."

Alex smiles at her as he takes a bite of his food, "Excellent choice."

Isabel looks at Alex, "So, did you go into Big Brother again and ask them to tell you who they picked?"

Alex nods his head, "They were like a stuck record so I left the, I figure I'll be able to work it out tomorrow..."

Laurie smiles at him, "Yeah, maybe all of us will be up. 2 votes each."

Tess looks at her, "That would be weird...really weird."

Kyle stands up abruptly, "Did you guys hear that?"

The others all sit in silence and listen and voices can be heard from the outside wall. Tess looks at Laurie and grins as they both stand up. "What are they saying?" Tess asks.

Laurie shakes her head as a voice can be heard coming over the wall calling Tess' name. Tess looks at Laurie and grins, "What did they say?"

Kyle looks at Alex and shakes his head and whispers, "If he says anything else I swear I'll kick his ass when we get out of here..."

Alex nods his head in agreement as the girls strain to hear anything else. After a few minutes of silence they all sit down again and Laurie smiles at Tess, "I wonder what they were going to say?"

Kyle and Alex look at them seriously as they talk. It's then another male voice can be heard shouting in very clearly, "Alex! I love You!"

The housemates all pause and look at Alex who is sitting in the chair as the others all begin to laugh.

Alex looks slightly embarrassed, "That, was weird. A girl shouting in for me..."

Kyle looks at him and shakes his head, "That was no girl..."

Isabel looks at Alex and smiles, "Alex, that sounded like a guys voice..."

Alex smiles hopefully, "Well, when they say love...they mean personality. They love my personality, or my bass guitar..."

Tess looks at him, "Or they think your a stud..."

Alex looks at her, "Are you still paying me back for the chicken thing?"

Tess looks thoughtful before she answers, "Yes, yes I am...stud."

Kyle looks at Alex and grins, "You have a whole following now Alex."

Alex sinks down in his seat, "Shut up..."

Laurie looks at Alex, "Leave him alone, he can't help it if people find him irresistable..."

Alex looks at her gratefully before she continues, "He just appeals to all people..."

Isabel nods her head as she grins at him, "All people..."

Alex looks at them all, "You guys are wrong."

Tess looks at him, "Look at it this way, it's good to be someone who is a hit in all the social groups."

Kyle nods his head and adds jokingly, "I mean, you need more votes and the gay vote will help since you've managed to offend the cat lovers and the teeny boppers already..."

Alex nods his head, "But I don't hate all cats..."

Isabel smiles, "But you did hate certain kinds...that kind of stands against you."

Alex looks at them and they all start to snigger again, "What?"

Laurie shakes her head, "Nothing..."

"He loved my personality!"

Kyle pats him on the back, "Sure he did..."


Isabel is getting ready for bed in the ensuite. Alex and Laurie are in the lounge discussing the days events while Kyle and Tess are out in the garden doing the same thing.

Alex is lying on one couch while Laurie is lying on the cushions on the floor.

"Well, Alex. One more round of nominations to go." Laurie tries to say hopefully.

Alex sighs, "Yeah, well, I won't be doing it next week either if I'm still here."

Laurie nods her head as she looks at him, "I think if I stay I will do the same. It was so awful today..."

Alex sighs, "Well, a maximum of two weeks left and then we'll get back to real life. You looking forward to it?"

Laurie looks at him and smiles, "Honestly? I think I'll miss being in here. I'll miss being able to fool around with you guys, I'll miss being surrounded by friends 24/7. I won't miss the cameras, but I'll be sad going back to Arizona."

Alex looks at her, "Well, you'll be back in Roswell in no time. You already have a place to stay and a job, plus you already have friends who will be glad that you are there. I'd miss you if you were in Arizona."

Laurie smiles at him from the cushions, "Thanks Alex, I'd miss you too."

They look at each other for a second before Alex turns around and looks at the ceiling. "So, are those two still out there?"

Laurie lifts her head up and looks out. "Yup, you think we should bring them in?"

Alex looks at her, "Uh-uh, there is no way I am getting on Tess' bad side again today. I've been pushing her too far today," He begins to snigger, "But she's so easy to get a reaction out of..."

Laurie looks at him, "That's mean."

Alex looks at her, "And it's not mean what she's making me do?"

Laurie begins to laugh, "But you deserve it."

Alex looks at her, "What did I do?"

Laurie looks at him with a raised eyebrow, "You let a chicken escape, and it flapped at her head..."

Alex rolls his eyes, "If you're going to be all picky about the details, then yes. Yes I did."

Laurie gins as she lies back down, "Beside, I think you and Kyle will look good dancing about singing to a pop song. Consider it charater building..."

Alex looks at her, "I consider it torture..."

Laurie yawns and looks at him, "Well, only 1 more task to go."

Alex smiles, "I can't wait to get out of here..."

In the garden Tess and Kyle are sitting at the outside table. "2 weeks left Kyle, you getting excited?"

Kyle looks at Tess and shrugs his shoulders, "I'll be glad to get out of here for some reasons, but I'll miss it in other ways. Does that make sense?"

Tess nods her head, "Yeah, that makes perfect sense. That was kind of funny what happened to Alex today wasn't it?"

Kyle grins, "That couldn't have happened at a better time."

Tess smiles as she looks in at Alex and Laurie, "I felt bad teasing him but he deserves it..."

Kyle looks at her, "You two certainly do know how to annoy each other..."

Tess smiles at him, "It's weird, I never thought that me and Alex would get on as well as we have been in here...'course, I never thought that I would meet someone who I could like so much so quickly like I have with Laurie, so it's been pretty good for me in here..."

He looks at her, "It's been good for me too..."

The share a look for a moment before Kyle sighs and looks in at the house, "What do you think those two are talking about?"

Tess looks in as well, "I have no idea...probably talking about nominations...or the task."

Kyle looks at them, "They haven't spent as much time together recently have they?"

Tess nods her head, "I think they felt weird staying up late without Brody being there, but your right, they haven't really been doing much together."

Kyle looks at her, "Maybe we should leave them alone for a little while..."

Tess looks at him disaprovingly, "Kyle, no active match making. You can't get involved in their relationship."

Kyle looks at her, "I know that. I won't be getting involved, I just think that we should stay out here for a little while longer, if that's okay with you of course..."

Tess looks at him as he smiles at her, "Well, when you put it like that, how can I refuse?"

Kyle stands up, "I think we still have some games in the den, you want to play something?"

Tess puts an thoughtful expression before she stands up and smiles at him, "Yeah, why not, since we do have time to kill...since we're letting Alex and Laurie spend some time alone..."

Kyle grins at her, "You think they'll thank us for this if they end up together?"

Tess shakes her head, "They will probably fail to see what we did to help them out."

"And here we are being so selfless?" Kyle sticks out his hand for her to take.

She smiles at him tenderly and takes his hand and wraps her fingers around his as they walk towards the den, "I know, it's such an inconvenience...I hope they thank us..."

In the house, Isabel is sitting alone in the girls room reading a book. She reads the one page over and over again before putting the book down and turning around to look at her pictures. She looks at them for a few minutes and she occasionally smiles sadly. She reaches up and pulls a picture down of the wall and smiles sadly. The picture is one of her parents and Max. Her hand hovers over her mom and dads face and she sighs sadly as she slides the picture under her pillow and stands up and walks over to the light to turn it out. As she turns the light out she walks slowly over to her bed and gets in before sliding down under the covers.

She sighs again and whispers gently, "Goodnight, mom, goodnight dad. I love you. See you soon..."