The camera looks down over the crowd who are cheering loudly and chanting. The camera then stops at Wayne as he stands on the bridge at the main gate.

"Earlier tonight a staggering 99% of you voted for Brody to be the sixth housemate to leave the Big Brother house. In just under 10 minutes he will be walking out of this gate," he points behind him. "and back into the real world to tell us about life inside the Big Brother house, what he thinks of his fellow housemates, and what he hopes to get out of the experience."

He then walks down the gang-plank until he is in full view of the crowd. He then bellows into the microphone. "This is Big Brother Eviction Friday!"

The crowd go crazy as the wave and cheer madly as the theme tune begins.


The audience cheers as the camera pans to them then stops at Wayne who is now standing in front of the large screen that has the live feed into the house.

"Welcome back to Big Brother for the second part of Eviction Friday." Wayne then claps his hands together. "This week the poll line has been crazy as the man you voted into the house gathered the most votes for a housemate to be evicted. Brody gathered an unbelievable 47134 votes which was 99% of the overall vote."

He then looks seriously into the camera. "Here is how the housemates took the news after we left them."


In the boys bedroom Brody is smiling as he packs his suitcase. Kyle and Alex watch him as they sit on their beds.

"I can't tell you how happy I am to be going out there tonight," Brody grins as he folds a shirt and places it into the suitcase.

Alex smiles at him sadly. "I think you might have mentioned that once or twice, Brody."

"Yeah," Brody nods as he continues to pack.

Alex and Kyle exchange a sad look, and Brody looks at his stuff before turning to them. "You know I don't really need any of this. You guys can have what you want if you like?"

Both boys smile and walk over to him.

"Brody, you really don't have to do this," Alex says as he looks at him.

"I know, but I want to," Brody replies. "I can get whatever I need on the outside. You guys still have a few weeks left in here."

Alex nods as Kyle looks down at the suitcase. "In that case can I have your soccer ball?"

Brody laughs and pats Kyle on the back. "Sure. You need to play a real game of football anyway."

"Now, Brody," Kyle smirks. "Don't push it."

Brody laughs again and turns when he hears a chap on the bedroom door.

"Are you guys decent?" Tess calls in.

"We'd better be," Alex calls back with a smirk.

The girls walk into the bedroom and walk towards Brody. They smile sadly at them and Brody puts on a smile of his own.

"I'm going to miss you, Brody," Laurie smiles sadly as she hugs him tightly.

Brody returns the embrace and looks at the other girls. "I'll miss you too."

Laurie sighs as she pulls out of the hug and takes a step back. She looks at Alex and Kyle who have the same sad look on their faces. Tess steps towards Brody and engulfs him in a tight embrace.

"I can't believe that you're leaving us," she says sadly. "It seems like you just got here."

Brody laughs lightly. "I know." He then pulls back and smiles. "But you know what they say...all good things must come to an end."

Tess smiles at him and gives his forearms a gentle squeeze before standing beside Laurie. Isabel smiles sadly and hugs him tightly. "I can't believe this, you're going too soon."

"Better me than you," Brody grins as he pulls her close. "That's what I say."

Isabel pulls back and smiles at him. "Remember this is your night. Enjoy it."

"Yeah, go knock them dead," Laurie smiles at him.

Brody grins at them. "I will." He then looks at the girls. "I was just telling the guys here that they can have whatever they want that belongs to me as I can buy new stuff out there. Now I know that you might not want the clothes..."

The girls laugh at this.

"I don't know," Alex smiles. "I think some of these could look good on them."

The girls laugh again as Kyle picks up a pair of pants. "Yeah, these pants would look great on one of you."

"Shut up, Kyle," Tess giggles.

Brody turns back to them again. "Really if there's anything you want then just take it."

Tess and Laurie exchange looks. "Can we have the soccer ball?" Tess asks.

"Too late," Alex grins.

Kyle holds up the ball. "We've already bagged it."

"And if you ask nicely enough we might let you play with it," Alex smirks.

"But only once in a while," Kyle adds.

Tess and Laurie shake their heads and exchange a grin. "I bet we could win it off you," Tess says.

Alex and Kyle look at her and Kyle begins to toss the ball lightly in the air. "Really," Alex says with sarcasm.

"Well, we've already bet you at everything else already," Laurie smirks.

"Yeah," Tess nods in agreement. "Why shouldn't soccer be any different?"

Kyle and Alex exchange a look before turning back to the girls. "Okay you're on," Kyle says.

As the girls nod Isabel looks at Brody. "Do you see what you're leaving me with."

Brody grins at her. "I'm sure you can handle it."


The group sit in the lounge and Kyle pours the juice into the glasses. Brody comes out of the boys bedroom now dressed smartly. The girls look at him and voice their approval.

"You look great, Brody," Laurie tells him. "Very handsome."

"You definitely have good dress sense," Isabel smiles.

Tess then looks at Alex and Kyle. "Better than these two definitely."

"Hey," both boys chorus in unison which cause the others to laugh.

Isabel taps her glass. "Speech!"

The others chorus Isabel and Brody smiles shyly as Kyle hands him his glass. He walks to the front of them all and clears his throat. "Well, I guess I just want to say that I've really enjoyed being in here with you all."

The others smile as they look at him as he continues. "I had absolutely no idea what I was walking into 4 weeks ago..." he then looks at Kyle and Tess. "And I just wanted to apologise to you two for scaring the living daylights out of you when I came in here."

This causes the others to laugh, and Brody looks down at his drink. "But really I just want to say thank you to you all for accepting me in here after coming in late, and letting me be a part of this whole experience."

The rest of the group applaud him and Brody looks at them shyly. He then raises his glass. "Now I know I should say who I want to win, but really I can't. I think you are a terrific bunch of people and all of you are winners."

The group applaud once more and give him words of approval. The girls then stand and hug him once more in a group embrace.


Wayne stands in the studio in front of the screen that has the live feed to the house. He looks into the camera. "Well, it seems it's now getting harder for them to say goodbye as the numbers go down. But as we all know there will only be one winner. I'm now going to speak to the house."

He turns to the screen and his voice comes through the speakers in the house.

"Hello, Big Brother house, this is Wayne."

The housemates cheer with Brody cheering the loudest.

"Brody, you are the sixth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house..."

"Hi, Sydney!" Brody grins into a camera.

"In several moments the countdown will be activated and I will be waiting to meet you at the bridge. Can I please remind the rest of the housemates that you are not allowed to step out of the house as you can be caught into the automatic door. This warning is for your own safety."

The housemates stand and begin to say their goodbyes.

"Activate the countdown."

40 seconds... *click to hear countdown music*

"Let's go get Brody!" Wayne bellows as he begins to jog out of the studio. As he passes the crowd they begin to roar with delight.

Tess hugs Brody tightly and steps aside as Kyle gives him a manly hug. Afterwards Kyle puts his arm around Tess's shoulders and pulls her close.

30 seconds...

Isabel pulls him into a hug. "Remember to enjoy yourself tonight."

Brody nods and looks at her. "You sure there's nothing else you want me to tell your parents?"

Isabel shakes her head. "No they'll know everything else I'd want to say."

"Okay," Brody smiles.

20 seconds...

Alex gives him a hug and pats his back afterwards. "Our third nighthawk is leaving us," he smiles as he pulls back to let Laurie hug Brody.

"We will really miss you, Brody," Laurie says as she hugs him tightly. "Who's going to tell us to keep it down so that we don't waken the others?" she smiles as she pulls back.

Brody looks at them both. "I'm sure you'll be able to control yourselves."

Alex and Laurie exchange a look then look away shyly.

10 seconds...

Alex then smiles at Brody. "Yeah, after the rest of them kill us for being too loud."

Brody laughs and picks up his suitcase as the others get in line in front of the main door. They raise their hands above their heads and make an arch for Brody to step through.

Brody, you have been evicted. Will you please leave the Big Brother house.

The others call to him encouragingly as the main door slides open. Brody walks through the arch as the housemates continue to call out to him.

*click to hear Brody's eviction song*

As he walks out of the door he looks at the security guard who is waiting outside then looks back in to see the others still calling and waving to him before the main door slides closed.

Inside the house the group sigh sadly as they look at each other. Kyle puts his arm around Tess's shoulders and kisses the top of her head, while Alex puts his arms around both Isabel and Laurie's shoulders and walks them towards the lounge.

Brody begins to walk down the gang-plank and smiles as he hears the music being played around him.

Wayne stands at the gate with Eric and Joan. "C'mon, Brody, run!"

Brody begins to sprint down the gang-plank and looks to the 2 security guards as he reaches the first gate. "Shall I just leave my bag here?"

As the security men nod Brody then runs towards the other gate. He sees Eric and Joan and smiles. Wayne claps him on the back as he reaches them and hugs his aunt and uncle.

"Uncle Eric and Aunty Joan," he smiles at them. He then looks around them. "Where's Sydney?"

"She's in the studio," Wayne tells him. "We didn't want to bring her out to this crowd."

Brody nods looking dazed. "All right."

"Brody, how does it feel coming out after being locked up in there for 4 weeks?" Wayne asks him with a smile.

"Strange," Brody nods. "Very strange. But I'm excited to be out here and I can't wait to see my little girl," he says with his eyes glazed over.

Wayne nods. "Now Eric and Joan flew in from London."

"Yeah," Brody smiles as he puts his arms around their shoulders.

"Do you have anything that you want to say to your nephew?"

Eric nods. "Your mum and dad wished they could be here..."

Brody nods and lowers his eyes and Joan tightens her hold around his waist.

"But they're proud of you, son," Eric says with emotion.

Brody smiles at him as he lets out a deep breath. "Thank you," he says quietly.

Eric nods and Brody hugs them both again. Wayne taps Brody on the arm and he looks up at him.

"Brody, I'm going to have to take you away from your aunt and uncle for a few minutes as the press and an amazing crowd are out there waiting to see you."

"Okay," Brody smiles as he allows Wayne to lead him down the gang-plank. He looks back at his aunt and uncle before looking ahead again as comes to 2 giant gates.

As the 2 big gates open Brody stands dazed as flashes of light that are aimed at him as the photographers take pictures. He looks at them all cautiously and then walks with Wayne until he stands on the middle of the gang-plank. He looks out at the barriers as people call out his name.

Brody then looks at the cameras and gives a small wave and a smile. Wayne smiles before taking his arm and leading him further down. As soon as they see him the crowd go wild. Brody looks at them stunned and begins to smile as they begin to chant his name.

"Everyone, the man who you wanted into the Big Brother house..." Wayne begins to laugh as Brody begins to grin at the crowd. "Brody!"

The crowd become even louder and Brody waves to them which causes them to chant his name louder. He looks at the signs and grins. He then turns and waves to the crowd on the other side of him and they whistle and cheer.

Wayne then takes his arm and leads him into the studio. Brody sees Maria, Max, Nicholaus and Courtney waiting for him. He pulls Maria into a warm embrace and she hugs him tightly.

"You were great in there," Maria grins as she pulls back.

"Thank you," Brody grins shyly at her. He then shakes Max's hand.

"You did really well, Brody," Max smiles.

Brody then sees Nicholaus and Courtney and smiles at him. "Look at you, guys," he smiles as he pulls them into a hug. Max and Maria exchange a look and watch them with a hard stare.

Wayne looks into the camera as the reunion continues. "In a few minutes we'll be asking Brody what he thought of his time in the house and what he thinks of the rest of his housemates. All this when we come back."

Commerical Break

Wayne sits in the studio in front of the big screen. 2 smaller monitors sit beside him and the chair across from him.

"Welcome back, everybody. We have Brody!" he says gesturing to the chair across from him.

The audience cheer as the camera swings across to Brody who sits in the leather chair opposite Wayne. He gives a small smile and a small wave as he looks at the studio audience.

"Now, Brody, you were voted into the house..." Wayne begins.

"Yeah," Brody smiles at him.

"Did you expect to get this far in the game?"

Brody shakes his head with a smile. "No, not at all. I was surprised to get voted in there to begin with and I thought I'd just make the most of it, and see how far I go."

Wayne looks at him. "So you didn't expect to win?"

"No," Brody replies. "I never once thought that I had any chance of winning. And to be honest I didn't really want to win."

"Why is that?"

"Um," Brody begins as he thinks about it. "I can honestly say I was just in there for the experience. Things out here have been tense these past year or so and I wanted to do something different. Something that I could look back on and say hey I did that and I enjoyed it."

Wayne smiles at him. "Did that include letting the girls shave your head."

Brody laughs as he feels his head. "Yeah. That was definitely an experience. I did get a little worried though when I sat down in the chair then like 10 seconds into it Laurie said whoops."

The audience laughs and Maria grins at him while Michael looks at her then at Brody with an unreadable expression.

Wayne points to the screen which has the housemates sitting in the lounge looking on sadly as they talk.

"As we can see they are already missing your presence."

"Yeah," Brody says sadly. "I'll miss them too."

Wayne nods. "Now, Brody, we're going to show you who nominated you this week, and afterwards I'm going to ask you about the housemates who nominated you."

"Okay," Brody nods as he looks at the screen.

The screen changes to this week's nominations and Brody clears his throat as he watches the screen.

Alex sits on the Diary Room chair and glares into the camera. "My first nomination is for Brody." He then lowers his eyes and sighs. "It's hard to nominate him as we have gotten closer over the past few weeks but it's a case of having to nominate someone, and I have no choice."

Brody nods understandably as he looks at the screen. He then watches as the image changes to Kyle.

Kyle sits on the Diary Room chair and looks into the camera. "My second nomination this week is for Brody. He's a great guy but I get along with the others better. So that's why I'm voting for Brody."

Brody nods again and Laurie appears on screen.

Laurie sighs sadly as she looks into the camera. "My second nomination is for Brody. I hate having to nominate him as we get along really well, but I can't nominate anyone else."

Brody looks at Wayne before looking back at the screen which now shows Tess.

Tess looks at her hands and then looks into the camera. "My second nomination is Brody." She then looks away from the camera. "I just can't vote anyone else. It's going to be harder next week when I'll have to nominate again as I get along really well with everyone left in the house."

As the screen changes back to the live feed Brody looks at Wayne.

"Now, I'm going to ask you what you think of the housemates that nominated you," Wayne says.

Brody nods. "Okay."


"He's a good bloke," Brody says sincerely. "He had a hard time nominating as he had a rough few weeks in there, but he is a really good bloke and he deserves all the luck in the world."

Wayne nods. "Kyle?"

Brody smiles. "He's a funny guy. There some tension still there between him and Isabel but he's plowing along and getting on with it and just having some fun, which is the right way to do things."


"She's really really nice," Brody smiles. "A real down to earth kind of girl. These past few weeks she and Alex would spend almost every night up talking with me, and I'd have to say that I got to know them the most in the house."

Wayne smiles at him. "What about Tess?"

Brody smiles once more. "She's a fun girl. She manages to bounce off people well which is a good thing. Like she could be doing something with Laurie, and then reacting to something that Alex has said. She and Kyle are wonderful together, and I hope they go the distance."

"Do you think that the housemates were looking to you and Isabel as the parental figures of the house?"

Brody laughs lightly. "Yeah, they were a bit and that was weird. I'm not exactly sure how that happened, but on Monday there I started to notice things. Like Alex saying to me 'Brody, Tess hit me,' and then a little while later Kyle going 'Brody, Laurie's stole my potato chip' and I found myself telling them off for doing it like a parent does."

Wayne smirks at him. "This week you became a bit of a prankster, didn't you?"

Brody laughs. "Yeah, I thought it was about time the boys got one up on the girls after all the things that we've been getting since I've been in there."

"Like dressing up in drag?"

Brody laughs out loud. "Yeah, like that for one thing."

Wayne nods. "Now you've had your own fair share of drama as well as fun in there."

"Yeah," Brody says cautiously.

Michael and Maria exchange a look.

"How did that affect your time in the house?"

Brody thinks for a moment. "It affected me a lot. But I just got on with it which is the only thing that you can do really."

Wayne grins at him. "Now we know that you've been waiting to see your daughter..."

"I've been dying to see my little girl," Brody smiles sadly.

"We didn't want to bring her out to the bridge because of the crowd and she is waiting back stage for you..."

Brody brightens and sits up more on his chair. "Is she?"

"And we're going to bring her out."

Brody turns around as Sydney comes from behind a curtain holding onto her mother's hand.

"Angel," Brody grins and holds out his arms.

The audience applaud as Sydney runs into her father's open arms and hugs him tightly. Maria wipes away a tear as Brody buries his face into his daughter's shoulder. Max smiles as he watches them as does Eric and Joan as Joanne walks over to Brody and Sydney.

After a minute Brody pulls back and it can be seen that he is crying. "I missed you, princess."

"I missed you too, daddy," Sydney says shyly.

Brody takes Joanne's hand and gives it a gentle squeeze as he keeps his other arm around Sydney. "Hi."

"Hi," Joanne's replies with a smile.

Wayne looks to him with a grin. "Only a couple of more questions, Brody, then you can enjoy your reunion with your daughter."

"Okay," Brody nods as he wipes at his eyes.

"Who do you think will win?"

"I can't really say," Brody says clearing his throat. "They all have a really good chance of winning it."

Wayne looks at him curiously. "But if you could choose one person, then who do you think has the best shot?"

Brody thinks for a moment. "Um, probably Isabel. She's already survived three evictions so she could go on to win it I think."

Wayne nods then smiles. "And who do you want to win?"

Brody smiles at him. "Now that I really can't say."

"Oh, yes you can," Wayne grins.

"No, really I can't," Brody laughs. "They're all deserving winners as far as I'm concerned."

Wayne nods and then holds out his hand. "Brody, you've been brilliant."

"Thanks," Brody smiles as he shakes his hand.


The audience claps and Wayne stands up and catches a microphone as he jogs outside. As soon as the crowd see him they go wild and begin to cheer loudly, blow horns, and wave banners and their hands like crazy.

"Okay we're now down to the last 5 housemates," Wayne says into the camera. He then walks over to the barriers. "Who do you want to win?"

"Kyle!" the girls scream.

Wayne walks down a little. "Who do you want to win?"

"Tess!" the girls calls out. "She and Kyle are perfect together!"

Wayne laughs as he looks at the banners. "Look at what we've got here. We've got devided opinions with that one there saying 'Alex kiss Isabel already she loves you' while another says 'Alex and Laurie are in perfect tune together'."

He then walks over to the other barrier. "Who do you want to win?"

"Isabel!" one shouts while the other calls out "Laurie!"

Wayne laughs again as he points the microphone a little further down. "Who will win this?"

A group of girls waves their banners and scream loudly. "Alex!"

Wayne turns back to the camera with a grin. "We've now got 5 housemates left in there, and they certainly have their fans out here. Only one of them can be a winner. Who will it be? You decide on Big Brother!"

The crowd cheer as the end title music comes up.