The camera moves quickly across the bridge and past the crowd who cheer loudly and stops when Wayne comes into frame as he stands at the main gate that separates the Big Brother house from the outside world.

"The housemates have spent 43 days in the Big Brother house," Wayne says as he begins to walk forward. "For Brody or Isabel it will be their last day in there as one of them will leave the house tonight."

He stops as he stands on the bridge and the crowd are waving their banners like crazy as they cheer. Wayne grins as he glances around him then looks directly into the camera. "It's Big Brother Eviction Friday live on Channel 11 and KROZ radio!"

The crowd give a massive cheer as the camera pans over them and moves up to reveal how large the crowd is, and the house can be seen in the background.


Wayne stands in the studio in front of the large screen which has the housemates sitting the lounge chatting nervously. He then looks to the camera.

"We are now onto our sixth eviction, and the housemates look nervous as to who's going to leave tonight," Wayne says as he gestures to the screen behind him. "Now if you haven't yet voted for who you want to see leave the house, or even decided who you want to stay in the house, then let's take a look at why Brody and Isabel think they should be in there."

An image of Brody appears on screen, and he is sitting in front of a curtain looking off-camera.

"Well, I think I'm a pretty mellow guy who, I hope anyway, won't rub anybody up the wrong way. I have a pretty good sense of humour and I'm not afraid to laugh at myself, which I'm pretty sure people will appreciate," he smiles. He then nods. "Well, after the initial shock has worn off I think it will be great! I have no doubt that it will be hard but the experience in itself should be worth the 7 weeks of pressure. I have no doubt I will miss my daughter a lot, but I think this will help me get a lot of things into perspective."

He then looks into the camera with a grin. "I, umm just want to say that if you vote me into the Big Brother house I will try and bring fun and energy into it with me. I hope that you will all give me the chance to experience this and all I want to say is please vote me in!"

A transition of a page turning appears to reveal Isabel sitting in front of a curtain looking at someone off camera.

"I think I'd be good to watch. And not only in a "eye-candy" sort of way. Sure I look good but there's a lot more to me and hopefully people will appreciate that when they see me in that kind of environment. I don't think it will be that hard. The only having one hour of hot water thing everyday will be tough, especially since there will be 10 people trying to get into have a shower but apart from that it should be ok."

She then looks into the camera. "I hope you will all give me a chance, what you see isn't always what you get and as the weeks go by I'm sure you will all see more than one side of me. I hope you all like it so please keep me in!"

As the screen returns to Wayne he now stands in front of the studio audience which has some former housemates in it. "Soon we will be talking to both Brody and Isabel's family and friends..." Wayne then grins. "As well as some former housemates, including the two who Brody beat to get into the house."

Max and Michael glare at Nicholaus as he smiles, while Maria and Courtney exchange icy glares.

"But before then," Wayne continues. "Let's take a look at what's been happening in the house the past 24 hours."

DAY 42 - 9:15am

Day 42 in the Big Brother house. Last night the housemates were treated to dinner dates as a gift from Big Brother after passing this week's task. Kyle and Tess shared an intimate dinner in the den and Tess has spent the last half hour sharing the details of the date with Laurie and Isabel.

In the girls bedroom Tess and Isabel sit on their own beds, while Laurie sits on Maria's bed that is next to Tess. Laurie and Isabel face Tess as she continues to speak as she holds her cuddly toy close to her.

"He was the perfect gentleman," Tess beams. "I honestly can't say enough good things about Kyle Valenti."

"Really," Isabel smirks. "You could have fooled me."

Laurie smiles at Isabel before grinning at Tess. "That's great, Tess. I'm glad you had a good time."

"It was amazing," Tess sighs wistfully. "He was charming and so nice. I couldn't believe how incredibly nice he was." Tess smiles to herself before she grins without looking at the other girls. "You know I could probably make a list of all his good qualities."

Isabel looks at Laurie and mouths, "She's going to..."

Laurie nods back and mouths, "I know."

Both grin and turn back to Tess as she begins to speak again. "He's charming, tender, caring, incredibly handsome..."

Isabel rolls her eyes as she begins to apply nail varnish to her toenails. Laurie shakes her head with a smile as she continues to listen to Tess.

"He has an amazing sense of humour..."

"Being immature isn't a sense of humour," Isabel mutters without looking up.

Tess ignores her and grins. "And he's open minded to other cultures and beliefs like Buddism..."

Laurie smiles. "You're really into him, aren't you?"

Tess looks at her and smiles slowly. "Yeah. I could really fall for him."

"I think you already have," Isabel says as she looks at her with a small smile.

Tess blushes and her smile grows wider.

"It's good that you both were able to come together in here," Laurie smiles.

"Yeah," Tess says wistfully. She then sighs. "I can honestly say that there isn't another guy like Kyle Valenti."

"Thank God," Isabel smirks.

Tess glares at her for a moment then smiles. "I mean it really. None of the other guys who have been in here match up to Kyle."

Laurie and Isabel exchange a look then turn to Tess.

"Well, I wouldn't say that..." Laurie says quietly, sounding offended.

"Alex could wipe the floor with Kyle when it comes to having good qualities," Isabel adds defensively.

"Yeah," Laurie nods.

Tess raises her eyebrows as she looks at them both. "O...kay," she says slowly.

"Alex is gentle," Isabel begins. "funny, caring, charming..."

"Talented," Laurie interupts.

Isabel looks at her and nods. "Extremely talented."

"Sensitive," Laurie continues. "gorgeous, a real gentleman..."

"Much more than Kyle," Isabel states.

"Definitely," Laurie agrees. "Much much more."

"Alex has it all," Isabel finishes.

Laurie nods in agreement as she looks at Isabel. "Yeah, he's got the looks, personality and talent all rolled into one."

Isabel nods as she looks at Laurie. "He's the whole package that every girl would die for. Every girl wants him."

"Yeah," Laurie agrees.

Tess is looking at them with raised eyebrows and has an amused look on her face. "And I thought I had been thinking about Kyle a lot."

Isabel and Laurie blush and exchange an embarrassed look before looking back to Tess who smiles at them. They sit in silence for a moment before Isabel winces.

"You know I just realised that we left someone out in our praise for the guys."

"Who?" both Laurie and Tess ask her.


Laurie and Tess exchange a gulity look. They sit in silence for a few moments more before Isabel clears her throat.

"You know Brody has good qualities too," she says.

The other two girls nod in agreement.

"Yeah," Laurie says. "He can be kind hearted..."

"Mischievous," Tess grins.

Laurie turns to her. "I still can't believe that he did those pranks."

"I know," Tess agrees. "I never knew he had it in him. I still think that he was doing Kyle and Alex's dirty work though."

Laurie nods in agreement.

"I don't know," Isabel says as she applies more varnish to her toenails. "I think he could have came up with it on his own."

"Really?" Laurie asks.

Isabel nods. "In here we're getting to see a different side to Brody."

"That's true," Tess nods in agreement. "He's also very gentle."

"Yeah," Laurie agrees.

They sit in silence for a moment once more. Tess then smiles.

"I wonder if Kyle is up yet?"

Isabel rolls her eyes as Laurie laughs.


All the housemates are awake. The group sit in the kitchen while Brody and Kyle make breakfast.

Kyle smiles as Tess looks at him and she smiles at him as her attention is on him, and not on the conversation between Isabel, Alex and Laurie. Kyle frowns when suddenly Brody's hand is in front of his face.


"I asked you if you could pass me the eggs," Brody tells him.

Tess grins as Kyle looks at her once more and he smiles at her slowly. Brody looks at them both and shakes his head with a smile as he takes the eggs from a distracted Kyle.

"What do you think, Tess?" Isabel asks her.

"Uh-huh," Tess nods still looking at Kyle.

Laurie and Alex look from Kyle and Tess and exchange knowing smiles.

"They're moving into Max and Liz terriortory," Isabel sighs.

"There is nothing wrong with gazing at the one you love," Alex says then grins. "As long as it's not obsessive."

Isabel smiles at him and looks at Laurie as she folds her arms on the table.

"I think it's sweet," Laurie says with a wistful smile as she looks at Kyle and Tess. "They both have fallen for each other and they seem so lost in one another."

"So much so that they haven't noticed a word we've been saying this past 5 minutes," Isabel says shaking her head.

Laurie laughs lightly as she looks at Alex and Isabel. "That's true."

Alex nods towards Tess and both girls frown at him before looking at Tess who is still watching Kyle.

"So, Tess," Alex begins with a wicked smile on his lips. "Boy bands should be sent to hell for preying on unsuspecting pop lovers like yourself?"

"Uh-huh," Tess says distractedly still not paying attention.

Isabel and Laurie laugh lightly along with Alex as he continues.

"And you won't mind me stringing up J.C. again then?" Alex smirks.

"Sure, go ahead."

This sends the three of them into a fit of laughter and Tess frowns as she now looks at them.


Alex shakes his head with a grin. "Nothing."

Tess looks at him suspiciously and Laurie turns to Alex. "Don't be getting any ideas," she warns him with a smile.

Alex holds up his hands. "Like I would?"

"Yes, you would," Laurie says knowingly. "You can't say that you didn't enjoy it anymore considering you listed it as your favourite moment last night."

Alex looks at her innocently with a grin. Laurie raises her eyebrow at him then smiles. Tess frowns and looks to Isabel.

"What moment?"

"Trust me," Isabel says with a smile. "You don't want to know."

Tess nods and looks back at Kyle who has now broken an egg accidently as he looks at her distracted from his work.


The housemates have decided to setup their very own fun and games outside in the garden. The group have split into pairs and are attempting to perform a three-legged race.

Kyle laughs as he pulls Tess closer as they try to race around the garden with his left ankle binded to her right one with a bandage. He glances behind him to see Alex and Isabel catching up.

"C'mon, Whitman, I thought you could do better!" Kyle grins.

Alex glares at him and looks down at his feet as he continues to race. "Shut up, Kyle."

Kyle laughs as he looks ahead again and Isabel shakes her head.

"Ignore him," Isabel tells him. "Don't look at your feet just look ahead," she says encouragingly.

Alex nods and looks ahead. He then glances behind him as he sees Brody and Laurie overtake him.

"Sorry, Alex," Laurie grins as she passes him.

Brody grins at him. "Man, are you slow."

"Hey!" Alex calls indignantly.

"C'mon," Isabel says as she tightens her hold on Alex's waist and they begin to speed up.

They begin to pass Brody and Laurie, and Alex smirks at them.

"Hey, now who's slow?"

As he still looks at them with a grin he loses his step which causes him and Isabel to fall to the ground. Brody laughs out loud.

"Hey, we might be slow but at least we're still standing," Brody smirks.

Laurie stops causing Brody to almost fall over and he holds onto her to keep his balance. He looks at her incredulously. "You do realise that this is a race, don't you?"

She nods not paying attention as she looks down at Alex and Isabel who are in a tangled heap on the grass. "Do you guys need help?"

"Yes please," comes Isabel's reply as she giggles as she tries to stand but is finding it difficult as her ankle is still binded to Alex's.

"Yeah, right, leave me in my time of need," Alex jokes as she takes Brody and Laurie's hands and rises. "Hey, wait, wait my leg!"

Isabel giggles more along with Laurie as they see that Alex's leg is raised in mid-air as it is strapped to Isabel's.

"Should we just leave him like that?" Brody smirks.

Laurie and Isabel pause as if thinking it over which causes Alex to call out again. "Hey, guys do you mind!"

The three of them laugh as Laurie kneels down between him and Isabel which causes Brody to move over with her. She begins to untie Alex and Isabel while Brody holds onto Isabel's arms to balance her.

"Thank you," Alex says to Laurie as she unties him. He puts his leg down as Isabel shakes off the bandage from her ankle.

Kyle and Tess laugh as they come up from behind them. Kyle lets out a cheer as Tess grins.

"We won!" Kyle grins.

Brody rolls his eyes as he looks down at Alex. "Just because he fell," he points to Alex then to Laurie. "And she had to help."

"Hey!" Alex calls to him. "You helped too!"

"Because I had no choice," Brody smirks. "That's what happens when your partner comes to an abrupt halt."

Laurie grins at him as she offers her hand to Alex who takes both hers and Isabel's hands and stands.

"If it were up to me I'd have left you there," Brody smiles wickedly.

"Thanks, man, nice to know who my friends are," Alex says attempting to put on a hurt look.

Brody folds his arms and cocks an eyebrow. "Well, that's what happens when you can't race and trip over."

The others laugh and Kyle shakes his head as he and Tess walk over still tied together. "Well, no excuse matters cause like I said...we won," he grins proudly.

"Yeah," Tess grins as she puts an arm around Kyle chest while keeping her other one around his waist. "We're good."

Kyle looks down at her with a grin. "Very good."

Tess smiles at him warmly and the others look on with amused expressions.

This is Big Brother, will someone please come to the Diary Room.

Isabel sighs as the others exchange looks. "I'll go."

As she walks off the others watch her and then exchange looks.

"I wonder what they want us for?" Brody ponders as he kneels down and begins to untie himself from Laurie.

"God knows," Alex says still looking into the house curiously.

Kyle looks down at Tess. "You want a snack?"

Tess looks up at him and smiles. "Yeah."

"I'll race you," Kyle smirks.

Tess giggles and they both walk into the house binded together.

In the Diary Room Isabel sits on the chair and looks into the camera.

Hello, Isabel.

"Hello, Big Brother."

Big Brother would like to remind the housemates that any equipment provided such as the first aid kit should only be used by the housemates if an accident occures, and only at that time.

Isabel nods. "Okay. We'll try and remember that."

Thank you, Isabel.

Isabel nods again and smirks as she looks into the camera.


As the housemates are not allowed to use the bandages from the first aid kit for a three legged race they came up with other games. This time they have decided to play dunking for apples.

Brody looks at them all as they stand in the garden next to the two basins from the kitchen and bathroom that are filled with water and have apples floating in them. "Now remember the rules. We pick two teams and once the first person takes off they have to come back here," he points to the decking, "and that's when the next person can run."

"And," Isabel adds as she stands beside him. "When you're dunking for apples you cannot use your hands. Keep them at your sides. Okay?"

The others exchange amused looks before nodding.

"Okay," Isabel smiles satisfied with their reaction. She turns to Brody. "Do you want to pick your team first?"

Brody shakes his head. "No ladies first."

"Hey, I thought it would be girls versus the boys kind of thing?" Alex asks them.

Kyle looks at him with a smirk. "If we had it that way then we'd get beat again because you're on our team."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Alex asks sounding offended.

"It means that everytime we've played girls versus boys we've lost because of you."

"Because of me?" Alex says shaking his head. "You've been on the team as well."

Kyle frowns at him. "What are you trying to imply, Whitman?"

Alex turns to him fully. "I'm saying that maybe you are the weakest link in this equation."

Kyle now turns to him while Tess and Laurie exchange looks. "Here we go," Tess mutters for only Laurie to hear.

"Hey, fellas," Brody smiles at them. "Calm down. We thought we'd give the girls more of a chance by mixing up the teams."

Kyle and Alex look at him and nod understandably.

"Actually it's the other way around," Isabel smiles sweetly. "We've beaten you so many times now it was getting tiring."

"Oh, really," Brody smiles as he turns to her. "I thought it was because you realised how tough the competition was getting."

Isabel rolls her eyes as she turns to face him. "Yes, beating you everytime was making us realise just how tough a competition you were."

Brody forces a smile as he faces off to her. "Well, then perhaps we should just keep it boys versus girls?"

"Yes, perhaps we should," Isabel says as she looks at him directly.

"Okay then," Brody nods.

"Fine," Isabel replies sweetly and then glances at the girls. "C'mon, girls."

Tess and Laurie exchange a look and raise their eyebrows at each other before walking over to Isabel. Brody slaps his hands together and rubs them as he walks towards Kyle and Alex.

"Well, fellas, it looks like it's us again," he says cheerfully and looks at them seriously as he gets closer and lowers his voice. "We can't let them beat us again."

Both boys exchange a look and then nod to Brody with determination. As Laurie and Tess stand beside Isabel she lowers her voice as she looks at the boys who are now whispering.

"Now we can't let them win," she says seriously. "After they pulled that prank on us during the week, and how smug they were being just now, they deserve to lose. And I mean lose...badly."

Tess and Laurie look at each other and Isabel looks at them seeing their nervousness. "We can do this," she tells them. "We will do this."

Tess clears her throat and forces a smile. "Okay, Isabel. Whatever you say."

Isabel looks at Laurie who nods. Isabel then smiles at them both. "Good."

As Isabel walks towards the boys Tess and Laurie exchange another look as they follow her.

"Are you ready, boys?" Isabel smiles at them.

Brody nods with a smile of his own. "Whenever you are."

"Okay," Isabel says as she walks over to the starting point and looks at each of the boys separately before her gaze settles on Brody who she looks determined at. "Let's get this over with."

"Yeah, lets," Brody retorts with the same look of determination. He then glances behind him. "Alex you're next then Kyle you run it home."

Both boys nod and Isabel looks at Tess and Laurie. "Tess you go next and Laurie beat Kyle."

Laurie looks at her startled then nods. "O...kay," she says unconvincingly.

Isabel gives her a sharp look and Laurie nods again and says "okay" this time with more conviction.

"On you're mark," Brody begins as he is in a runner's stance as is Isabel. "Get set...go!"

As he says this both he and Isabel take off quickly. They others begin to cheer them on and Isabel is the first to dip her head into the water as she tries to grab an apple with her mouth while keeping her hands on the grass. Brody does the same a moment later, and they both successfully take and apple from their basin and rise quickly dropping their apples into their hands as they both race back.

Tess and Alex are now ready to race as Isabel and Brody cross the decking at the same time. As Tess and Alex take off, Isabel and Brody exchange looks.

"Okay, I'll admit," Brody says as he's out of breath. "You can run."

Isabel grins at him as she wipes the water from her face and turns to cheer on Tess as the others cheer on their teammates.

Alex is the first to drop to his knees and dip his head into the water. Tess does it soon after him but picks up an apple in her mouth before he does. As she stands she grins after she drops the apple in her hand as she glances at him as he just picks up an apple with his teeth.

"C'mon, Tess," Laurie calls out, already waiting to run.

"C'mon, Alex," Kyle yells as Alex is lagging behind Tess by just a few feet as they race back to the decking.

Alex smiles as he leaps and manages to land on the decking before Tess does. Kyle grins as he takes off and soon Laurie follows him.

"Hey, that's cheating," Tess accuses Alex. She then looks at Isabel who is glaring at the boys. "He cheated!"

"Hey, the rules was that I had to land on the decking before you," Alex smiles. "It didn't say I had to run."

Brody nods with a smirk. "Leaping counts."

Tess looks to Isabel again who is shaking her head. "Let them have it," Isabel tells her. "We'll still win."

She then looks out at the garden where Laurie and Kyle are neck and neck as they race home.

"C'mon, Laurie!" Isabel and Tess call loudly.

"Kyle, go!" Brody calls out.

"You can do it," Alex adds encouragenly. "Unless you want to say that you were beaten by a girl!"

Both Laurie and Kyle land on the decking at the same time and the others look at where they landed.

"Laurie got there first," Tess says.

"She did not," Alex says making a face. "Kyle clearly won it by a mile."

Isabel shakes her head. "Laurie definitely landed there first."

"I don't think so," Brody smiles smugly.

Laurie and Kyle wipe the water from their faces as they walk towards them.

"So who won?" Kyle asks them.

"We did," the others say in unison.

Kyle and Laurie exchange frowns as the others glare at each other.


After playing games outside the housemates come indoors after having a mudslide in the garden.

The group walk into the house laughing as they are covered in mud. Kyle tickles Tess and she tries to run away from him but he soon chases her into the lounge.

"Don't sit on the furniture," Brody tells them. "We don't want it covered in mud."

Alex smirks as he looks at him. "And who's idea was it to make a mudslide?"

"It was a good idea at the time," Brody grins.

Alex laughs as Isabel walks over towards the kitchen. Brody then begins to wipe some of the mud of himself with his hand.

"Okay, who's first for the shower?"

The others exchange looks and after a moment Alex, Laurie, Kyle and Tess run towards the shower room. Laurie's hand reaches the doorknob first but Alex puts his hand on hers.

She looks up at him. "No," she tries to say firmly with a smile.

"C'mon, I'll toss you for it," Alex says with a smirk.

"We have no coins," Laurie replies and tries to turn the doorknob. "Anyway you deliberately aimed for me in that mudslide."

Alex stops her from turning the doorknob. "I did not!"

"Hey, what about us?" Kyle says as he stands with his arm around Tess' shoulders.

Alex and Laurie look at them. "You were too late in getting here," Alex tells them. "We got here first." He then looks at Laurie again. "How about rock, paper, scissors?"

Laurie thinks it over for a moment then nods. "Okay. But no cheating."

"Hey, I don't cheat," Alex smiles.

"Yeah, right," Tess says rolling her eyes.

Laurie and Alex use their spare hands to play the game. They keep their other hand on the doorknob and Alex begins to speak.

"On three," he says looking at her.

"Okay," Laurie nods.

"1...2...3," he looks at their hands and sighs.

Laurie laughs victoriously and grins at him. "My paper covers your rock so I win."

"Best of three?"

Laurie shakes her head with a grin. "Uh-uh, now if you'll excuse me," she opens the door as Alex lets go of her hand. "I'm going to take my shower."

Alex makes a face which she returns and both grin before she closes the door. He turns around and looks to the others.

"Who's next?" Tess asks.

"Rock, paper, scissors?" Alex says looking at them.

They both nod and Brody shakes his head with a smile as he watches them from the kitchen. "I can't believe them sometimes."

"Yeah," Isabel nods. "Me neither."

Brody looks at her as she washes her hands in the kitchen sink. "You're wishing that you ran over there now aren't you?"

Isabel sighs. "I had to walk in here instead, didn't I?"

Brody laughs and Isabel smiles as she glances over at the others and laughs when she hears Alex say once more "Best of three?"


Brody and Isabel make dinner. The rest of the housemates are outside in the hot tub.

Tess looks into the house and grins. "Does anyone else think that we might be the immature ones now left in the house?"

"Well, I know I am," Alex smirks and the others laugh.

"I mean it though," Tess says looking at them. "It feels like we're the kids of the house."

Laurie nods. "And Brody and Isabel are the mature ones."

Tess nods back at her. "Yeah. Like the parents of the house."

"Well, personally I think we're supposed to regress to a childlike state in here," Alex says as he lowers himself further into the hot tub so that the water is level with his shoulders. "We've got set rules to folllow which I think bites by the way..."

The others nod as they look at him.

"And in here we've not got any responsibility," Alex continues. "Only for ourselves and not to embarrass anyone on television."

Kyle grins. "Professor Whitman has spoken."

Alex smiles back at him. "Yes he has."

"How come Isabel and Brody still act like adults?" Tess asks him.

"Because they're generally more mature than us," Alex replies. "And if you look back on the past week you'll see that they have regressed a little."

Laurie smiles. "That's true. I think Isabel has had more fun this week then the rest of her time in here."

"Brody sure has," Kyle smirks as he looks into the house. "Plus they're older so that's why they act more mature."

"No they're not," Laurie says looking at Kyle. "I'm older than Isabel."

Tess looks at Kyle with a smile. "So how do you explain your theory there?"

Kyle thinks for a moment and looks at Alex as he answers for him. "That's simple," Alex says as he smiles at Tess. "You've rubbed off on her."

The girls giggle as the boys laugh. After a few minutes Laurie looks into the house.

"I think we should go help them."

The others nod and they all stand and get out of the hot tub.


The housemates have decided to have dinner outside on the patio table.

The group sit at the table as they finish off their meal. Alex smiles as he looks at Isabel then Brody.

"Compliments to the chefs," he smiles. "That was good."

"Thank you," Isabel smiles back. "But to be honest it was Brody who did most of the cooking."

Brody shakes his head. "No, you did. I just helped a little that's all."

"Either way it was good," Alex says looking at them both who smile at him in return.

"Yeah, guys," Laurie says as she takes her last bite. "This was really nice."

Isabel nods her thanks and then looks to Alex again as he talks with Brody. After a moment Isabel rises.

"Okay, who's for dessert?"

Brody nods as he looks at her while the others exchange looks. "Yeah, we still have ice cones left for us all."

Isabel nods as she picks up her plate. Laurie stands as does Tess.

"Let us help you with these," Laurie says as she takes her plate from her.

Isabel looks at her curiously then nods. "Thanks."

Tess and Laurie gather all the plates and walk into the house. Isabel watches them curiously and turns to Alex as he clears his throat.

"Isabel," Alex begins. "I've got a confession..." He then looks at Kyle. "Actually we have a confession to make."

"What?" Isabel asks him suspiciously.

"I know how you like us to all have dinner then eat our dessert afterwards..."

Isabel looks at him. "Yes?"

"Well, we kind of..."

"We kind of ate them earlier," Kyle interrupts him.

Alex looks to him then to Isabel again as she glares at Kyle. Brody clears his throat and looks at Kyle and Alex with sympathy. He then looks up as the girls walk out to the patio each carrying an ice cone.

"Here you go, Isabel," Tess smiles at her. She then gulps as Isabel gives her an icy stare.

Laurie sees this and sits down across from Brody and hands him his ice cone. "Here, Brody."

"Thank you, Laurie," Brody replies with a smile.

Laurie smiles back then looks to Alex and Kyle who are still watching Tess and Isabel.

"We have a schedule," Isabel says as she takes the ice cone.

"No, we have a routine," Kyle corrects her. "Which should change from time to time."

Isabel glares at him. "Routines at certain times can be helpful."

"No, they can be boring," Kyle smiles.

Tess looks at him and shakes her head sharply. Kyle sighs then looks back at Isabel.

"Was it really too much to ask that come dinnertime we follow the routine," Isabel asks them all.

They all lower their eyes and mumble like scolded children. "No."

"So we will have the dinner routine tomorrow?"

They all exchange a look and then lower their eyes again. "Yes."

"Good," Isabel says as she takes a bite of her ice cone.


Isabel and Brody talk in the garden. The other housemates come to the Diary Room.

Kyle sits down on the chair and Tess sits on his knee. Alex and Laurie stand behind them leaning on the back of the chair.

"Hi, Big Brother," all but Alex chorus.

Hello, Kyle, Tess, Alex, Laurie.

Tess smiles as she wraps her fingers around Kyle's. "We just came in to tell you that we have been very bad."

Why do you think that you have been bad?

"Because Isabel said so," Kyle smirks.

The others laugh and Alex looks into the camera. "To be fair though we did steal our dessert..."

Kyle glances up at him. "We didn't steal it. It was ours to take."

Alex glances down at him then looks back to the camera. "But we do have a routine that we should have kept..."

"He's whipped," Kyle says shaking his head.

"So technically it was our fault," Alex finishes ignoring him.

Have you tried talking to Isabel about this?

The others shake their head. "You're kidding right?" Tess says. "Isabel is hard to talk to when she is in her Christmas Nazi persona."

"Christmas Nazi?" Laurie asks bemused.

Tess nods and Alex turns to Laurie. "It's the way she gets at Christmas. She likes things organized."

"Very organized," Kyle grins.

"I didn't even know she had that name until she said it in front of everyone last Christmas," Tess says.

Alex shakes his head. "Me neither. I did hear Michael say something a couple of years ago but I didn't realise what he was referring to."

"Well, now we know first hand," Kyle laughs.

Alex looks into the camera again. "Isabel when you get out and if they show this on tv then I just want you to know that we're all very sorry about the ice cone incident."

Kyle and Tess try to stifle a laugh as Laurie nods looking into the camera. "Yeah, we promise we will be more considerate next time."

Alex and Laurie look down to Kyle and Tess who glance at the them then clear their throats. "We sorry," both say into the camera in unison.

After a moment they both laugh and Alex and Laurie shake their heads while trying to hide their smiles.


All the housemates relax in the lounge area. They have been talking about past holidays.

Kyle leans back on the couch and smiles. "I remember this one 4th of July when my dad bought all these different kind of fireworks and wow, the sky just looked amazing," he says wistfully.

Tess smiles at him as she sits beside him.

"Especially to a 7-year-old kid," he smiles.

The others nod with a smile of their own. Brody looks to Isabel. "That was a nice show that you put on with the kids at Christmas?"

"What show was that?" Alex asks.

Isabel shrugs. "Just the usual."

"Didn't you see it?" Brody asks Alex.

Alex shakes his head. "I was in Sweden last Christmas."

"You should have seen it," Brody says to him. "She did an amazing job."

Alex smiles at Isabel. "I'm sure she did."

Isabel smiles back at him and looks as Tess turns to Laurie. "Want a game of cards?"

Laurie nods as she leans back on the couch. "Okay."

Tess turns to the others. "What about you guys?"

Brody nods. "Yeah, I'm in."

"I'm out," Alex says. "I'm tired of getting beat today."

The others smile as Kyle picks up the cards and begins to shuffle them.

"I'm in for one hand," Isabel says as she sits at the table.

Alex watches them and walks towards the conservatory doors.

"Alex, you're sure you're out?" Kyle asks him.

"Yeah," Alex nods. "If I'm not losing then I'm cheating according to some people."

"Because you usually are," Tess says smirking at him.

The others laugh and Alex grins at her before walking out to the garden.


While the housemates are in the lounge playing cards Alex sits out in the garden.

Alex sits on a cushion on decking and looks up at the stars. He turns around as he hears Isabel's voice.

"Hey," she smiles warmly at him.

"Hey," he smiles back.

Isabel points to the cushion beside him. "Do you mind if I join you?"

"Sure, make yourself comfortable," Alex grins as he watches her sit beside him. He looks at her for a moment then up at the sky. "It's a nice night tonight."

Isabel looks at him and smiles slowly. "Yeah, it is."

"The sky is really clear tonight," Alex says still looking at the stars.

Isabel nods and looks up at the sky. "Yeah, not a single cloud."

Alex looks at her with a warm smile. "No, not one."

Isabel meets his gaze and both smile at each other. After a few moments Alex looks back up again.

"How do you feel about tomorrow night?" he asks her.

Isabel shrugs. "The same as before." As Alex looks at her she continues. "I've been enjoying myself in here though this past week so in that sense I will be sad to leave. But at the same time I'll be glad because I will be with my family again."

Alex nods understandably. "It will be good to see them again." He then looks at her shyly. "But I'm hoping it will be a while yet before you have to leave."

Isabel touches his arm and smiles. "Thank you."

Alex smiles back before looking away. "Well, I promise for now to try and take your mind off tomorrow night."

He lies down as Isabel does the same. "How?"

"Could you show me the stars, Miss Evans?"

Isabel grins and sighs happily. "Gladly."

Alex looks at her and both exchange a warm smile.

DAY 43 - 9:47am

Day 43 in the Big Brother house. The housemates sit in the lounge talking about tonight's eviction while Kyle and Laurie make breakfast.

Brody and Isabel sit on the couch while Tess and Alex sit on the other. Brody smiles as he looks at them all.

"You know I could be out of here tonight."

Isabel shakes her head. "Remember it could be either one of us."

"Nah," Brody smiles. "It's me. I know it is."

"You don't know that."

Brody looks at her. "If it's me then I'll be happy. Don't get me wrong I'll miss you lot..."

"You will?" Alex grins over at him.

Brody laughs. "Yes, I will. But the way I see it tonight I'll get to see my little girl and that's why I want to be the one to leave here."

Isabel nods. "I'd like to see my parents, Max and Michael."

Alex looks at her as she looks at the table.

"Well, if I go do you want to give me a message to pass along?" Brody asks her.

Isabel looks at him with a grateful smile. "Could you?"

Brody nods and looks up as Kyle and Laurie walk over with the breakfast plates. He takes his from Laurie as does Isabel, and Tess and Alex takes theirs from Kyle.

"Well, could you tell them that I really miss them, and that I hope I haven't done anything that will disappoint them in any way?"

Brody nods with a smile. "Sure."

"What do you want me to tell Sydney or anyone else?" Isabel asks him.

Brody smiles as he thinks about it. "Just tell her that her daddy loves her and he'll see her again soon."

Isabel nods with a smile. "I'll definitely tell her that."


The others watch them and only pick at their breakfasts. Tess sighs sadly.

"I hate Fridays."

The others nod and say words in agreement as they begin to eat their breakfast.


Wayne stands in front of the screen in the studio as the housemates can be seen behind him talking anxiously.

"Well, that's what's been happening inside. Now it's time to see the friends and families!"

The audience cheer as Wayne sits beside the two families and friends. "Now with us today we have Brody's family and friends including some special guests. We have Nicholaus and Courtney who spent 2 weeks with Brody before he entered the house, and we have former housemate Maria cheering him on."

All 3 smile for the camera but Maria and Courtney exchange glares as they sit beside one another before Courtney smiles at Michael who then looks at Maria as she gives Courtney a hard stare.

"Also down here," Wayne says as he points to the front row. "We have Eric and Joan, Brody's aunt and uncle." He holds the microphone out to Eric. "Now, Eric, you flew in from London for this."

Eric nods. "That's right."

"Have you seen any of the show yet?"

"Yes," Eric says. "We managed to get a look at the tapes that Joanne recorded for us when Brody went into the house, so we've been watching them this past week."

"How do you think he's been handling life in there?"

Eric thinks for a moment. "He's been enjoying himself I'd say. He's definitely been more happier this past fortnight than before," he says glaring at Michael who sits on the second row across from him. "So I think it will be a shame if he has to leave now."

Wayne points the microphone up to Nicholaus and Courtney. "Now you two spent 2 weeks with Brody before he went in there."

"Yep," Courtney nods.

"How do you think his chances are staying in tonight?"

Courtney shrugs. "Well, I think he can do it, because he's definitely got more going for him than the others in there."

Nicholaus interupts her. "Though it has to be said that he's up against some tough competition from Isabel. You have to remember she's survived twice already, and she's a very beautiful girl."

Max and Michael glare at him as he smiles at them.

Wayne sees the hostility and clears his throat as he now sits between Michael and Maria. "Now this is weird. Michael, you're here supporting Isabel, while, Maria, you're here showing your support for Brody. Does that seem strange to you?"

Michael and Maria exchange a look and Maria smiles. "Not at all. We just support our friends and that's all we're doing."

"But you both want the other friend's out, right?"

"Definitely," Michael says looking at Wayne. "Isabel deserves to be in there more than Brody and that's all there is to it."

Maria sighs as she looks at Michael. "Of course that depends on who you are rooting for. I have nothing against Isabel...well, not that much, but I think that Brody has a good chance of staying in tonight as he was voted in to begin with."

Michael rolls his eyes as he shakes his head. Wayne moves down to Philip, Diane, and Max. "Now, guys, you've become regulars here."

"Yes," Diane smiles.

"What do you think her chances are of surviving for a third time?" Wayne asks them.

Diane looks at Philip and Max before looking back to Wayne. "I think she has a very good chance. Yes Brody was voted in, but like that young man over there said Isabel has survived twice already and will be tough competition to beat."

Nicholaus smiles at her and grins as he sees Max's stoney face.

Max looks from Nicholaus to Wayne as he asks him a question. "Now Max do you think it's true that Isabel is having more fun now? Are we seeing more of the real Isabel?"

"Yes," Max nods. "She's more relaxed and more able to be herself which can be seen by how she interacts with the rest of the group."

Wayne then looks to Philip. "Do you think it's true that she and Brody have become the parental figures of the house?"

Philip nods. "Yes. The others have regressed a little to their childhoods while at times looking to Brody and Isabel to take charge of things. Whoever stays will have their hands full with the rest of them."

Wayne then stands as he looks into the camera. "Well, voting has now closed and I'm now going to announce who will be the next housemate to leave the house."

He stands and walks over to face the screen.

"Big Brother House, this is Wayne. You are live on television and radio so please do not swear."

The housemates cheer to the camera and Brody and Isabel sit on the couch while Alex sits on the chair while the others sit on the other couch looking at them nervously.

"The nation has been voting for the past week and the voting has now closed. The results have been counted and verified by an independant ajudicator. The sixth person to be evicted from the Big Brother House is..."

Brody takes Isabel's hand and both look at each other anxiously as they smile. Alex tightens his grip on the armrests to the chair and closes his eyes, while Laurie, Kyle and Tess look at Isabel and Brody.


Brody lets out a cheer and Isabel soon hugs him tightly. Alex's lets out a slow breath and exchanges a look with Isabel as she hugs Brody.

"I'm sorry, Brody," Isabel says quietly.

Brody shakes his head as he pulls back. "I'm going to see my little girl." He then grins up at the camera. "Hi, Sydney! Daddy is coming to see you."

"Brody, you have an hour and a half to get ready. Pack your belongings and say your goodbyes. I'll see you in 90 minutes, I'm now closing the mic."

The others stand and walk over to him as he smiles. Laurie hugs him tightly while Alex pats him on the back.

As he walks away from the screen Wayne points the mic to Maria. "How do you think he's taking it?"

"Very well," Maria nods with her eyes glazed over. She then smiles broadly. "He's looking forward to seeing Sydney."

Wayne nods with a smile of his own. He then points the microphone to Diane. "Well, that's Isabel survived a third eviction. What do you think is going through her mind right now?"

"Everything," Diane says. "I think she'll be surprised to stay in there for another week."

"Do you think she might be thinking she can win this now?" Wayne asks Max.

"I don't think so," Max says sincerely. "She might think she could go to the final week but I doubt she's even considering that she could win."

Wayne nods as he looks towards the screen that now has the percentages up. "As you can see, there wasn't really any doubt on who would leave tonight as we had a huge 47495 votes cast and Brody got 99% of the vote as he received 47134 votes while Isabel only received 361."

The camera looks down as Wayne begins to speak. "Tonight Brody became the sixth person to be evicted from the Big Brother House. Check back here on Channel 11 and KROZ radio in 90 minutes to see what he has to say about life inside the Big Brother House, his relationship with the other housemates and what he hopes to get out of the experience. All this when we come back on Part 2 of Eviction Friday!"