Day 41 - 4.47am

Day 41 in the Big Brother House. Yesterday, the boys arranged to play a prank on the girls. The girls are all in bed asleep while the boys are out in the garden collecting the containers that they had hid there earlier.

Alex, Brody and Kyle pick up the containers and walk in the house quietly as they whisper to each other.

"Okay, phase one is complete. Alex, you go and get the ketchup, Kyle, go and quietly get the Tess and Laurie's perfume." Brody whispers as the three of them stand in the kitchen.

Alex goes to the cupboard and takes out the bottle of ketchup while Kyle walks towards the girls room. Alex looks at the ketchup bottle and whispers to Brody, "Do you think that their shampoo will be in their room or in the ensuite?"

Brody replies quietly, "No, it's in the shower room, look for the strawberry stuff..." as he finishes he shrugs his shoulders, "Whatever that's all about, who wants their hair to smell like strawberry?"

Alex shakes his head, "That is such a girl thing...Maria went through this stage when she used orange stuff all the's weird, why do they feel the need to smell of fruit? Although it can be nice..."

Brody nods his head, "It can be nice..."

Both of them sigh before Alex walks away towards the shower as Kyle comes out of the girls room.

"What kept you?"

Kyle puts down 2 bottles and shakes his head, "Have you any idea how much stuff they have in there? They have bottles of this and bottles of that and Big Brother definately didn't let them bring all that stuff in, they must have smuggled it in..."

Brody nods his head, "I know, I went in there earlier and there was about 50 bottles..."

Alex walks out from the shower and smirks at Kyle, "Hey Kyle, we were starting to worry about you being alone in the girls room..."

Kyle glares at Alex as he whispers, "Funny Alex, I was just saying to Brody about all the junk they have in there..."

Alex lifts the lid up on the bottle and takes a sniff before making a face and handing it over to Brody who takes a sniff and mimics Alex's face before handing it back.

"That is horrible..."

Alex nods his head as Kyle twists the bottle tops of the perfume. Alex takes a container and turns the bottle upside down and begins to laugh as he squeezes the shampoo out, "We are so, so, so dead..."

As Kyle pulls the top off the bottle he grins, "They will make our lives hell for the next few days..." as he grabs a container and empties the contents of the bottle into it.

As the remnants of the shampoo leave the container Alex passes the bottle to Brody who starts to pour the ketchup into the bottle.

After a few minutes they all look at each other and nod their heads as Brody speaks, "Well, that's us done. Kyle, you take the perfumes back and put them in the same place and Alex you take the shampoo back. I'll take this stuff out to the garden." He ushers to the containers that are now full of perfume and shampoo.

The boys all walk off and Brody carries the containers out into the garden and into the tree's and puts them in amongst the plants so that they are out of sight.

Alex and Kyle walk over to him and the three of them grin as the look at the plants.

Brody smiles at them both, "Well, that's that. C'mon, lets get a couple hours sleep before they wake up so we can see their reaction."

The others all grin and walk towards the house.


The boys are sitting in the lounge talking as Tess walks over sleepily towards them as Laurie and Isabel make coffee in the kitchen.

"Hey guys." Tess says as she sits down.

"Hi Tess," Alex says cheerfully.

Tess looks at him and then to Brody confused, "What are you two doing up? We usually have to drag you out of bed for the hot water..."

Brody smiles, "Well, we decided to have an early night because of the task..."

Tess nods her head.

This is Big Brother, the hot water has now been turned on.

Tess stands up, "Any of you want in first?"

The boys all shake their heads and she shrugs her shoulders and walks towards the shower room.

As she disapears the boys all have to stifle a laugh as Isabel and Laurie walk over holding cups of coffee and handing them to each of them.

"What's up with you guys?" Laurie asks as she sits down beside Kyle and takes a drink of her coffee.

Kyle shakes his head and smiles. "Nothing, why?"

Laurie shrugs her shoulders, "No reason,"

Brody sighs and looks at them all, "So, task today. You think that we'll get it done?"

Kyle goes to speak but before he can both Alex and Laurie roll their eyes and reply at the same time. "Kyle hates the task..."

The two of them look at each other and grin before Kyle sighs, "Well, I do..."

As they all begin to talk about the task, Tess' voice can be heard screaming from the shower.


The others all look at Kyle as Tess comes out of the shower, wrapped in a towel and with ketchup in her hair. The boys begin to laugh loudly as Tess stands in front of Kyle and begins to talk to him.

"You...put ketchup in the shampoo!!"

The girls all look at her as she keeps a hold of her towel and dries off her face with her free hand.

Kyle holds his hands up and puts an innocent expression on his face, "I can honestly say that I didn't put any ketchup in the shampoo."

She glares at him and points her finger at his chest. "If it wasn't you then who?"

Kyle shrugs his shoulders and smiles at her innocently, "I don't know...?"

Tess looks at him angrilly, "You don't know?" As he nods his head she shakes her head and turns to Alex who is laughing alongside Brody as Laurie and Isabel are glaring at them both.

"Alex? It was you! You and Kyle plotted it together."

Alex smiles, "I can honestly say that I didn't put ketchup into the shampoo bottle. You suit being a red head, by the way..."

Tess glares at the both Alex and Kyle and sits down. "I know one of you did it, now tell me where the shampoo is."

Alex and Kyle look at each other and shrug their shoulders, "We didn't do it! Why would me and Kyle steal your shampoo?"

Isabel looks at them both before turning to Brody who is laughing at them, "You did it didn't you?"

The girls all turn to look at Brody with disbelieving expressions and Tess asks, "Brody?"

Brody smiles at her and shrugs his shoulders, "I don't know what you are talking about..."

"Brody?" Tess presses before turning to Alex and Kyle, "You got Brody to do your dirty work?"

She shakes her head before standing up and walking to the girls room. "I'm going to get more shampoo, and if there is anything in it then I will kill the three of you. And don't even think about going into the shower!"

Isabel and Laurie all stand up and walk towards the girls room, shaking their heads.

As the boys are left alone the boys all look at each other and laugh out loud. Kyle grins, "That was a classic..."

Alex nods his head and looks at Brody, "I think they think that we're a bad influence on you. If only they knew..."


All the housemates are in the lounge apart from Laurie and Tess, who are in the girls room.

Tess sits down on her bed and lifts her leg up so she can tie her shoe and talk to Laurie who is standing up and brushing her hair in the mirror.

"You know how lucky you are that you didn't get the ketchup? It took me long enough and my hair is a lot shorter than yours."

Laurie smiles, "Tell me about it, I can't believe the guys did it, I wonder when they had the time."

"They probably got up about 3am to do it."

Laurie nods her head, "That sounds like them. How do you think Brody has handled his nomination?"

Tess looks at her foot as she replies, "I think he's took it pretty well, he actually sounds like he wouldn't mind going."

Laurie nods her head as Tess continues to speak, "And at least we know only one will go this week."

Laurie sighs as she sits down and looks at Tess, "That was horrible last week, Alex was not prepared for it..."

Tess nods her head, "None of us was, but it was harder on Alex, and I believe him when he says that he won't nominate anymore..."

Laurie nods her head in agreement and looks down sadly, "Me too. I think that it would be hard for him this week if Isabel was to go..."

Tess sighs and nods her head, "It's going to be hard for him for the next three weeks anyway. I feel so bad about Isabel though...3 weeks..."

Laurie nods her head, "I know, it must be hard for her..."

Tess looks at her and whispers, "But I guess we have to nominate someone..."

Laurie nods her head, "It's hard when you are closer to other have no choice..."

Tess nods her head, "That's true...we are all closer to other's still a shame..."

This is Big Brother, will Tess please come to Diary Room.

As they hear Big Brothers voice both Tess and Laurie look at each other and Tess puts her hand to her mouth, "Oh God, they are going to shout at us, aren't they."

Laurie looks at her, "But we didn't say anything."

Tess stands up and walks quickly towards the Diary Room followed by Laurie. As they get to the door Alex call's over towards them, "What did you do?"

Tess shakes her head, "Nothing..." as she walks into the DIary Room as Laurie walks over to the kitchen.

In the Diary Room, Tess sits down and brings her knees up to her chest and waits on Big Brother to talk.

Tess, do you know why you have been called to the Diary Room?

Tess shakes her head and smiles nervously, "Not really..."

Tess, the rules of Big Brother forbids the discussion of nominations or nomination strategies, failure to abide by these rules can result in eviction from the house.

Tess brings her knees up higher as she replies quietly, "But we weren't talking about a strategy..."

Big Brother can see and hear everything and failure to abide by the rules will result in eviction, do you understand?

Tess nods her head. "Yeah, I understand..."

Thank you Tess, you may now leave the Diary Room.

Tess stands up quickly and walks out the door and heads straight towards Laurie. "They said we were talking about strategy and that if we do it again we will get evicted!"

Laurie looks at her shocked, "We weren't talking about strategy!"

"You two been bad girls?" Alex calls from the lounge as Tess and Laurie walk over.

"They think that we were discussing strategy and said that we might get evicted!" Tess says as she sits down.

"Where you talking about strategy?" Isabel asks as she looks at them both.

Laurie shakes her head, "No, we weren't."

Isabel shrugs her shoulders, "Then you have nothing to worry about."

1. 47pm

Every Wednesday the housemates have to perform their weekly task that is set by Big Brother. This week, they have to successfully put together a puzzle and guide a ball through it. If the pieces aren't in the correct position then the puzzle will not work. The housemates have gambled 20% of their budget on successfully completing the task. The only have 13 minutes left of their 2 hour time limit.

All the housemates are gathered around the puzzle and trying to fit the final pieces in.

"No, it doesn't go that way." Kyle says as he takes a piece from Isabel and turns it around and slots it into the puzzle.

Isabel looks at him, "I think you are wrong."

Kyle looks at her, "And I think I have spent about 20 hours practising this puzzle when you are lucky if you have spent 2..."

Isabel looks at him and shakes her head. "It's not my fault that you had nothing better to do..."

Kyle looks back to the puzzle and mutters, "Damn me for not filing my nails, and reading magazines every other day then..."

Alex clears his throat loudly and looks at the clock, "Okay, we have 8 minutes left, do you guys think that we can try this. Is all the pieces in?"

The others all look and nod their heads. Kyle makes sure all the pieces are in right and then takes a deep breath, "Well, here goes..."

He releases the ball and they manouveur it through the puzzle and after a few minutes the ball successfully makes it through the other end.

"Whoo-hoo!!" Kyle says as he jumps up and down. "We passed!"

The others all look at each other and smile. Tess walks over to Kyle and touches his arm and smiles at him, "Well done, Buddha Boy, you got it done."

Kyle smiles broadly and nods his head as he speaks, "Well, you guys helped, but I guess it's just a good job that we had nothing better to do." He smirks at Isabel as he finishes before turning back to Tess, "at least we can afford the tabasco..."

She smiles at him and adds sweetly, "And new shampoo..."

Kyle rolls his eyes as Big Brother's voice booms through the house.

This is Big Brother, this week's task is now over and the results will be announced later today. Could the group please take the equipment to the store room.

Brody smiles, "They couldn't just tell us that we have passed it?"

Isabel shakes her head as she picks up some of the task. "That wouldn't be Big Brother if they did that..."


The group have discovered that they have passed the task and they are all out in the garden. Big Brother has called someone to the Diary Room.

Brody is sitting in the Diary Room chair. "Hello, Big Brother."

Brody, under the chair there is a sheet of paper. Please take it out and read it to the housemates.

Brody nods his head and smiles confused as he picks up the sheet of paper, "Okay, thanks Big Brother."

As he stands up he walks out of the room and heads towards the other housemates in the garden. "Okay, Big Brother is being nice for a change. They want to give us 3 seperate "dinner dates" tonight. A pair will go in the Conservatory, a pair will go in the girls room and..." He looks at Kyle and Tess who are look at each other and grinning, "and the other couple will go in the den."

The housemates all look happy while Kyle and Tess both look towards the den and say simultaneously, "We'll have the den."

As they both speak they blush slightly and the other housemates begin to laugh as Brody grins, "Well, that's one of the locations wrapped up. Now all we have to do is work out the other two." All the housemates look at each other awkwardly and they sit in silence before Brody clears his throat and begins to talk again, "Can I tell Big Brother that we accept?"

Alex looks at Brody and then to Isabel and Laurie who are looking uncomfortable and nods his head, "Sure, why not, in fact, wait and I'll take it in."

All the housemates look at each other and then to Alex. Brody looks at him, "You want to go into Big Brother?"

Alex takes a deep breath and nods his head and shares a look with Brody and sounds relieved to get away, "Yes, yes I do..."

Brody nods his head in understanding and Alex grabs the list and walks in the house. As he's out of sight Tess looks at Laurie and Isabel, "Maybe, maybe I should have dinner with Alex..."

Kyle looks at her and and then to Lauie and Isabel and back to Tess.

Laurie shakes her head, "Don't be silly, you two have dinner together, we'll be fine won't we Isabel?"

Isabel nods her head, "Yeah, you and Kyle can go to the den, we'll all be fine."

Tess shakes her head, "It will be too awkward for you all...and Alex will have to choose..."

Brody sits down, "You know, there really isn't a problem. We will just join the two dinners together and make it a group thing."

Tess and Kyle smile, "You sure?"

Isabel and Laurie smile gratefully at Brody and nod their heads as Alex walks out of the house and sits down awkwardly. "Well, they said they will send us the menu's in about an hour." He drums his hands against his knee's as he avoids looking at Isabel and Laurie.

Brody looks at him and begins to speak, "Hey Alex, we made a decision about the dinners, you know who should eat with who?"

Alex gulps and looks at the three of them uncomfortably and forces himself to smile, "Really? Great, so? Who's eating with who?"

Brody smiles, "Well, we've decided to pull the two dinners together, so the four of us will be eating together. Is that ok?"

Alex looks visibly relieved as Brody speaks, "That sounds like a great idea," He turns to Isabel and Laurie and grins at them both, "You two ladies okay with it?"

Isabel smiles as she looks at Laurie and then to Alex, "I think we can handle it..."

Kyle looks at Tess and grins happily, "Well, that's that then, everyone happy?"

Tess smiles at him as she answers, "I think it will be great, this is so great of Big Brother..."

The other housemates smile at each other and begin talking. Alex looks at Brody and whispers to him quietly, "Thanks Brody, I owe you one..."

Brody shakes his head and whispers back to him as they both look at the others, "Don't worry about it, but if you insist on owing me one, I'll think of something..."


The boys are out in the garden playing with the soccer ball while the three girls are sitting in the conservatory watching them.

"What are you guys wearing tonight?" Tess asks as she watches the boys in the garden.

Isabel shrugs her shoulders, "No idea, I brought a couple of outfits for my eviction so I'll use one of them..."

Laurie sighs, "Me too, I have a few things there that could be okay, I guess..."

The three girls sit in silence before Tess squints her head, "You know, the boys hair is looking pretty long..."

Isabel looks out and nods her head, "They are looking pretty scruffy..."

Laurie looks out, "You know we have a hair-dressing kit for hair, I think Big Brother put that in for the guys to use. I don't think our guys have used it have they?"

Isabel looks serious as she thinks for a minute, "You know, we're going for these dinners tonight and we are going to look good, and they are just not..."

Tess makes an attempt to interupt, "Well, thats maybe a bit harsh, I mean Kyle..."

Isabel shakes her head and cuts Tess off, "I think we should cut their hair. I think we should cut all of their hair, I mean all three of them. Why should we make the effort and they shouldn't?"

Tess and Laurie look at each other and appear to think it over before they look out at the boys and turn back to Isabel.

Out in the garden Brody is attempting to bounce the ball in the air with his head.

"You know, you kind of suck at the ball tricks." Kyle says as the ball fall's to the ground, "I mean, you brought the ball in."

Brody picks the ball up and throws it at Alex who bounces it continually on one knee for 6 before hitting it up in the air and switching knee's and keeping it up for 4.

"All hail the "keepy uppy king!", that means you as well Kyle. " Alex says as he picks up the soccer ball and throws it to Kyle.

"You should be good at that, you've been practising it for 4 weeks..." Kyle says as he attempts to bounce the ball on his head.

Alex looks at him, "If you're going to be picky about the details...but you have been practising for 4 weeks as well and you can only manage 8 on the one knee..."

Brody grins as Kyle drops the ball, "He does have a point there, Kyle..."

Kyle looks at him, "I prefer real sports, not this girly game..."

Brody looks at him, "It's only a girls game if they can beat you, so I guess that would make it a girls game for you then..."

Kyle is about to reply when the girls walk out and stand beside them.

Alex turns to them as they look at them closely, "Umm, what's up?"

Tess turns to Isabel and nods her head and Isabel begins to speak, "We've been thinking and we are not going on any sort of "dates" with any of you while you look so scruffy."

Alex, Brody and Kyle all look at them clearly offended. Alex looks at them and runs a hand through his hair, "We're not scruffy..."

Kyle looks at the three girls as they stand looking at the boys and shakes his own head, "We are not "scruffy"...I mean, we'll change later for when we're going out."

Tess looks at him and smiles, "It's not your clothes..."

The boys look puzzled as Laurie adds, "It's your hair, it's too long..."

The boys look at them in horror and Alex is the first one to speak, "What do you guys want, we've been locked up for 6 weeks!"

Isabel walks up to him and smiles, "That's why we have come up with a solution, we'll cut your hair for you..."

The boys look at each other and then start laughing loudly as Brody tries to speak, " three, cut"

Laurie nods her head, "Well, actually, we'll shave your heads..."

Kyle looks at them and shakes his head adamantly as he walks in the house, "There is no way in hell, that I am letting any of you lose on my hair with a razor!"

Alex and Brody nod their heads in agreement and follow Kyle in the house as the girls follow them indoors, "Come on, we'll be careful...we'll make you look really good."

Kyle calls from the kitchen, "I already look good, so I'll just pass..."

The girls sigh and look at each other before Isabel begins to speak, "Well, its your choice, I mean, you three will have a good dinner together and we'll look really good and have a great time as well..."

Kyle looks at her and then to Tess, "You are not serious about not having dinners with us? Tess?"

Tess looks at Isabel and looks at Kyle and smiles desperately, "Sorry, but...I mean, I don't mind you're ha..."

Isabel cuts her off and gives her a disaproving look, "What she means is that she doesn't mind you having dinner with the other boys...right Tess?"

Tess nods her head and smiles at Kyle who is looking at Brody and Alex who are looking at each other and shaking their heads, Brody stands up and walks over.

"Okay, we've decided that we'll shave our heads, but we don't want it too short, just shorter..."

The girls all grin and Laurie leads Brody over to the chair and the girls follow them over, "That was an excellent decision..."

Kyle walks over to Alex and stands, "You know, she would have been happy with my hair like this if Izzy hadn't opened her big mouth..."

Alex looks at him, "Hey, be nice...Tess is her own girl, I'm sure she can make her own decisions...besides, they'll do Brody's hair and then get bored..."

The two boys look over at the chair as Brody sits nervously looking in the mirror, and the girls are giggling as Laurie starts to shave Brody's hair.

"You girls know what you're doing don't you?"

Laurie nods her head and begins to shave his head, "Of course we do, it's easy...whoops!"

Brody's eyes widen and he looks up, "Whoops?"

Isabel smiles reasuringly in the mirror at him, "Don't worry, it was nothing major...."

Alex looks at Kyle and begins to laugh, "Nothing major does not sound good..."

They both look at Brody who has his eyes closed tightly as Isabel takes over from Laurie. "Whoops."

Kyle nods his head and grins, "There is no way that they are doing that to me..."


The girls have finished shaving Brody and Alex is now sitting in the seat with Tess hovering behind him with the razor.

"Okay, this is what I want. I want it short but, and this is very important, I want a flick of hair at the front."

The girls all begin to laugh and Tess looks at him through the mirror, "You want a what?"

Alex looks at her, "I want a flick of hair at the front..."

Isabel grins, "You mean a tuft?"

Alex rolls his eyes, "No, I mean a flick...but, if you girls can't do it..." Alex stands up from the seat but Tess and Laurie sit him back down.

"We never said that we couldn't do it." Laurie says as Tess starts up the razor and begins to shave his head.


The girls finish off Alex and Kyle hangs back towards the back of the kitchen looking apprehensive.

"Well, that's you done Alex." Isabel says as she rubs his head and pulls his tuft of hair a little.

Tess walks over to examine the work and smiles as she pulls his tuft of hair, "We did a good job on you Alex, you and your tuft looks good, doesn't it Laurie?"

Laurie walks over and smiles at him as she responds to Tess, "Yeah, we did a good job..."

Alex smiles and tries to get up, "Okay, you did a good job, now let me up already..."

Tess ignores him and continues talking to Laurie, "Go on, test out the tuft..."

Alex sighs, "It's not a tuft, it's a flick..."

Laurie gives it a little tug and the girls all begin to giggle as Alex stands up and walks over to Kyle, "You're up," He then whispers to him quietly, "Run for it, don't let them near you..."

Kyle looks at him and looks at the door longingly before Tess and Laurie walk over to him and march him over to the chair.

"You know, I really like my hair this length..."

Tess smiles at him, "I promise we'll be gentle..."

Kyle sighs and sits down, "Okay, but you girls better make a good job of this..."

The girls all look at each other wickedly and then to Kyle's head before they begin to grin and shake their heads and say "nah..." at the same time.

Kyle turns round horrified and looks at them, "You are up to something! You guys are not cutting my hair!"

He makes an attempt to leave the chair before Tess stops him, "Kyle, I promise you that we are not up to anything, are we?" She turns to the other girls who nod their heads in agreement before she continues, "We'll make you look good..."

Kyle looks at her and sighs before he sits down on the seat and Laurie walks up to him with the razor and smiles at him in the mirror, "Don't worry, Kyle, this won't take long..."

Kyle looks at her, "Well, just remember that you can take hair off, but it can't go back on again..."

Laurie rolls her eyes as she starts the razor, "I'll try and remember that..."


The housemates are now getting ready for their dinners that are due to be served at 7.30pm. Tess has spent nearly an hour getting ready in the girls room.

Tess is standing in front of the mirror, "Okay, do you guys think the blue or the pink dress?"

Laurie looks at her and shakes her head, "You already picked the pink dress Tess...that looked really good."

Tess looks at her, "Are you sure?"

Isabel nods her head as she applies her make up, "I like the pink..."

Tess nods her head and quickly grabs the dress and puts it on. "I sometimes wish I hadn't cut my hair as short..."

Isabel shakes her head as she walks over to her, "Your hair looks fine."

Tess looks at her and smiles, "Thanks, Isabel."

Laurie looks at her, "You know? I have never seen you with long hair."

Isabel smiles as she walks away, "You should go into the boys room, Kyle has a picture of him, Tess and his dad up on the wall."

Laurie nods, "Thanks."

Tess smoothes her hair down and Laurie shakes her head in amusement, "Will you please calm down, I thought this was just a dinner? You said you were taking things slow."

Tess smiles, "I am calm...we are taking it slowly, but I just want to look good, I mean you guys are dressing up."

Laurie looks at her and looks at her disbelievingly, "We are dressing up a little, we haven't tried 3 outfits on and spent an hour getting ready."

Tess looks at her nails, "Oh God, I need to do my nails! And my make-up!"

She looks panicked as Isabel rolls her eyes and walks over to her, "Tess, sit down. Laurie, are you finished getting ready?"

Laurie nods her head and Isabel continues speaking, "Can you do Tess' nails and I'll do her make up, that way she can sit down and stop pacing holes in the floor?"

Laurie smiles and sits down in front of Tess, "No problem..."

Tess looks at them both and smiles, "Thanks guys..."

In the boys room Alex, Brody and Kyle are all looking in the mirror.

"I cannot believe I let them loose on my hair...tonight of all nights. I mean, it does look okay, but..." Kyle says as he walks over to his bed and unfastens the top button on his shirt.

"Kyle, you got it lucky, they had two attempts to perfect it...I had to go first."

Kyle sits down on his bed and quickly stands up again and walks towards the mirror again. He looks at his reflection and then again takes a deep breath as he looks in it. Brody looks at Alex and they both start to laugh as they shake their heads.

"Kyle, is this a real date for you two?" Brody asks as Kyle touches his hair and straightens his collar.

Kyle looks at him in the mirror, "I have no idea what you are talking about. This is just a dinner...I mean, you guys are making the effort."

Alex pats him on the shoulder as he walks towards his own bed, "We might be making the effort, but we haven't took to trying on three different shirts and complaining about our hair yet..."

Kyle shakes his head, "I don't know what you are talking about..." and walks away towards the door of the boys room, "It's just a we always do, it's no big deal..."

As Kyle disappears out of the room Brody turns to Alex and grins, "Sure it's not..."

Kyle walks out through the lounge and into the garden and walks over towards the wall.

In the girls room, Tess is looking in the mirror and smiling, "You guys did great. Thank you."

Isabel and Laurie stand looking at her and smiling, "Well, hopefully you can relax now." Isabel says as she walks over and puts her heels on.

Laurie looks at Tess and smiles, "Well, remember, you said you were taking things slowly in here."

Tess nods her head and smiles back, "I know, and we are, don't worry. You two look great by the way."

Laurie blushes slightly but nods her head, "Thanks..."

Isabel walks over to them and smiles in the mirror as she checks her hair. "You think that they might be ready?"

Tess turns and looks at them and shakes her head as she walks over towards the table with all their toiletries on it, "Those boys? I don't think so..."

She picks up her bottle of perfume and looks at it, "I'll kill them, this is water...they stole my perfume!"

Isabel and Laurie walk over to her, "They must have done it last night as well!" Laurie picks up her own bottle of perfume and looks at it, "They did mine as well..."

Isabel looks at them and picks up her own bottle, "Mines was a sealed top so they couldn't get into it," She looks at Tess and Laurie who are looking at their own bottles, "Give me a second to go and see them, they will hand them over just now and if they don't you can both wear mine and you can kill them tomorrow."

Isabel walks out the girls door and heads straight towards the boys room and knocks the door loudly, "Guys, we have discovered your other little prank, and it's 7.20 just now, so if you know what's good for you I would return the perfume to us right away. Okay? Good."

As she finishes she walks towards the girls room again without waiting on the boys reply.

In the boys room, Alex and Brody look at each other.

"Oh God, we forgot to give them back their perfume!" Alex looks at Brody and they both make a run for the door of the boys room and outside.

In the girls room Isabel is standing beside the other girls as they hear a chap at the door and Brody's voice calling in quietly, "Umm, we have your stuff, so we've left it here at the door, sorry about that. Also, Alex told me to remind you..."

"I did not!" Alex can be heard saying to Brody on the other side of the door.

"That its 7.25 and that dinner is due to be served right about now...but it's okay, we're just going to go and get ready...see you later."

The girls begin to laugh as Laurie walks to the door and opens it and collects the two containers of perfume, She opens one of them and sniffs it before handing it to Tess who pours it into her now empty bottle and Laurie does the same with her own bottle.

Kyle walks in from the garden and looks at the clock and takes a deep breath before walking towards the girls room.

As he stands outside the girls room his hand hovers over the door and he chaps it gently, "Tess? You ready?"

The door opens and Tess walks out and smiles at Kyle who looks at her and exhales slowly, "Wow, you look..." He exhales again and she smiles at him shyly.

"You look really good, Kyle..."

Kyle smiles and clears his throat as he looks at her and offers her his arm, "You look...really...beautiful. Umm, shall we?"

Tess smiles and takes his arm, "Yes, we shall..."

He grins at her and they both begin to walk slowly out of the house as Laurie and Isabel walk out after them and stand in the conservatory as Alex and Brody come walking over. As Brody sees them he immediately walks over to them grinning, "You ladies look fantastic."

Alex walks over to them and smiles, "Wow, you both look great," He looks at Isabel and then at Laurie, "Really great."

Isabel and Laurie both smile and Isabel replies, "Well, you two look good as well..."

Brody blushes slightly as he looks at them and then outside to where Kyle and Tess are walking slowly towards the den.

Alex looks out at them, "So? Do you think they will remember that they are taking things slowly?"

Laurie smiles, "I have my doubts..."

Alex walks over to the table and pulls the seats out for the two girls and sits down and looks at them awkwardly as they all sit down in silence.

Brody sits down and smiles awkwardly, "Well, it certainly looks really nice."

Alex smiles at him and nods his head in agreement, "That it does."

They all sit in an awkward silence for a minute before Laurie speaks, "You know, I think that this could be fun tonight..."

Isabel nods her head in agreement, "I agree, I think we should just treat it like it is, a dinner between 4 friends..."

Brody nods his head, "That sounds like a great idea, I mean, this could be a really fun night."

Alex smiles, "That sounds like a great idea, so, lets just have fun tonight and forget all the crap that's been happening in the past week."

The others all nod in agreement and smile and Brody picks up a bottle of wine and opens it up, "Anyone want wine?"

Isabel shakes her head and Alex smiles at her, "I think I'll just have some water thanks..."

Alex looks at Laurie and whispers to her, "Here's hoping Tess will remeber not to touch the wine..."

Outside in the garden Kyle walks with Tess towards the den and as they arrive there he bends down and picks up something from the ground.

"Here..." He hands her a bunch of flowers and she smiles at him as he looks at her shyly.

She smiles happily as she takes the flowers and looks at them, "Where did you get these, they are beautiful..."

Kyle shrugs his shoulders, "I picked them out the garden."

She looks at him tenderly, "They are great, thank you."

He smiles at her and opens the door to the den and lets her walk in. As she walks in she looks at the table with the candles and the first course laid out and she smiles, "Wow..."

Kyle walks in and stands behind her and looks at the table, "They are really laying it on aren't they?"

Tess smiles as she turns to him, "I think I love Big Brother...."

As he walks over to her seat and pulls it out she grins at him and walks over, "Thank you..."

He shakes his head and walks over to his own seat and sits down and looks at her, "You're welcome..."


All the housemates are having their dinners. As Alex, Brody, Isabel and Laurie have all decided to join their dinners together they are seated in the conservatory.

Alex takes a drink from his water and smiles as he looks at the others, "You know, I'm glad that we decided to put the tables together."

Isabel nods her head as she smiles, "Yeah, it's been pretty good..."

Brody smiles at Laurie who has been talking about the likely events that are going on in the den.

"They are probably just having a nice quiet dinner..."

Brody shakes his head, "You think?"

Isabel shakes her head, "They know that they have cameras on them 24/7...they aren't stupid."

Alex sighs, "They are taking things slowly, and I'm sure that they realise that the Sheriff will probably not appreciate seeing anything on tv..."

Brody looks at him, "Do you really think that they will be thinking about the Sheriff?"

The others begin to laugh as Alex shakes his head, "Well, no...but...Kyle's not stupid and he wouldn't do anything that would...embarass anyone..."

Isabel giggles lightly, "Apart from his dad..."

Alex laughs lightly, "Apart from his dad..."

They sit in silence for a minute before Laurie begins to speak, "Have you guys enjoyed your time in the house?"

Brody answers immediately, "Yes," while Alex and Isabel look at him like they are thinking about it.

"If you take out a couple of days when I really hated it, then yes, I have enjoyed it." Isabel replies.

Alex looks thoughtful, "I enjoyed it a lot for a while but, recently...I haven't had as much fun as I did..."

They all look at him and nod their heads before Brody begins to speak again, "What has been your favourite thing that has happened in the house?"

Alex smiles, "Personally? I enjoyed it when we stole the cuddly toys..."

Laurie glowers at Alex as he smirks at her, before she replies, "Well, personally I enjoyed seeing Michael's reaction when Liz walked in on him in the shower..."

Isabel shakes her head, "Michael's, Maria's and Max's reaction to that...was hilarious..."

They all begin to laugh as Brody begins to talk, "I thought that your dance on the table outside was a real good high point personally..."

Alex takes a bite from his fork and nods his head in agreement, "I have to agree with that whole heartedly!"

Laurie smiles, "Well, we have to put your dancing down as a high point as well..."

In the den, Tess and Kyle are smiling at each other as they eat their meal.

"So, are you having fun Kyle?" Tess asks as she takes a drink of her water.

Kyle grins at her as he reaches across the table to sweep Tess' hair back of her face, "I am having a great time. You?"

Tess smiles at him as she puts her hand up beside her face and both their hands touch as he reluctantly pulls his hand away from the side of her face. "I've had a great time..."

They sit in silence for a minute and smile at each other as Tess takes a deep breath and reaches over and touches Kyle's arm gently, "I like your's really nice..."

Kyle looks at her and smiles shyly as he looks at her hand, "I got it just before we came know at the hotel?"

Tess nods her head as she blushes slightly and reluctantly moves her hand from his arm, "I remember the hotel I was in...that's where I got my hair cut..."

Kyle looks at her and shakes his head, "That was weird when we walked in here...I expected you to have long hair..."

Tess blushes a little and runs her hand through her hair, "I wish I hadn't cut it..."

Kyle looks at her shocked, "Why? I love it...I mean, I liked the other one as well, but I like this one too..."

She smiles at him gratefully, "You don't have to say that..."

Kyle looks at her seriously, "I know I don't, that's why I'm saying it..."

She looks at him and they both take a deep breath before they both look away and look at their dinner before Kyle speaks, "It's weird how we ended up in here together isn't it?"

Tess smiles at him, "It's weird, but I'm glad that we did end up locked up in here."

He grins at her, "Me too..."


The housemates have finished their dinner and in the conservatory they have taken to playing games. Just now they are playing charades.

Isabel and Laurie have taken their shoes off as Brody stands in front of them and Alex. Brody makes movements and the others start describing them.

"Okay, 2 words...and it's" Laurie says as she looks at him confused.

Brody nods his head as he starts to describe the first word.

"Okay, you'r water, your drinking water? You're swimming? You're...really bad at the game..." Alex says as he shakes his head.

Brody makes a face and waits on the girls to guess and when they didn't he indicates that he is going to describe the second word. As he goes down onto his knee's Alex begins to laugh.

Laurie looks at him and squints her eyes in confusement, "Are you an animal?"

Brody indicares yes and Isabel tries, "Are you a swimming fish?"

Alex looks at her, "Is there a film called swimming fish?"

Isabel shrugs her shoulders, before looking at Brody, "There is a film called Shooting Fish though, is that it?"

Brody looks exasperated and shakes his head and indicartes that he has ears.

Aex looks at him, "Are you some kind of pet? Oh wait, I got're a dog!"

Brody stands up again and smiles as Laurie looks at him, "That was supposed to be a dog?"

Brody ignores her and indicates that he is describing the first word again.

Isabel shakes her head, "I can only think of one movie that ends in dog. Resevoir Dogs?"

Brody smiles, "Finally, god, I couldn't make it any clearer..."

The other three look at him, "That was supposed to be resevoir? You are really bad at this game Brody..." Alex says as he smiles at Brody.


In the conservatory, the group have now decided to take part in an oragami tournament which was suggested by Laurie.

Laurie looks at the clock as she folds her napkin up, "Okay, we only have a minute left..."

Brody looks at Alex's attempts and shakes his head, "That is truly a pathetic attempt at making anything..."

Alex glares at him as he continues to fold the napkin furiously. Isabel looks over at Brody and then down at her own and then folds some more.

Laurie looks at the clock, "Okay...that's the time up, everyone show what you have made."

The others all look at each other and Laurie sighs as they all continue to fold, "Time up. Okay, who wants to go first?"

She doesn't get a reply and Laurie sighs as she picks up her own piece of oragami, "Okay, this is a swan. See..." She points to the neck, "You can see the long neck and its round body...and even it's wings..."

The others all look at it clearly impressed, "Oooohh, that's very nice." Brody grins.

Laurie smiles and looks, "Okay. Who's next?"

Brody lifts up his napkin, "I have made a boat...see, it has a little mast."

Alex looks at it enviously as Brody grins at him.

The girls applaud the effort and Isabel holds up her own attempt, "Well, this is a water lilly, see, I put lots of petals on it..."

The others all look at it and Laurie looks impressed, "That's really nice."

Isabel puts it down and smiles, "Thank you."

Alex shrieks down and Brody turns to him a grins mischievously, "So, Alex? What have you got to show us?"

Alex glares at him and then looks at the girls, "I um...I have made a pirates hat!"

He lifts up the hat and shows it off, "You like?"

The rest of them are all trying to stifle a laugh apart from Brody who is laughing out loud, "I think that you should stick to charades Alex..."

In the den Kyle and Tess are still sitting at the table talking about their time in the house, they are holding hands under the table.

"It's weird that we've been in here for 6 weeks, isn't it?" Tess asks as she looks at the candle.

Kyle nods his head, "It's weird, but it doesn't seem that long to me..."

Tess looks at him and smiles, "It doesn't?"

He shakes his head, "I guess it's true what they say about time flying when you're having fun..."

She smiles at him as she squeezes his hand under the table and they both sit in silence. Kyle abruptly stands up and looks at Tess and holds out his hand.

"Umm, would you like to dance?"

Tess looks at him and grins as she takes his hand, "I'd love to."

She stands up and he takes her over to the middle of the floor and holds her close, "You do realise Tess, that I failed the dance, I'm really not much of a dancer..."

Tess smiles as she puts her hand on his shoulder and allows him to pull her closer, "You seem to be doing just fine..."

They look at each other tenderly and dance for a few minutes before they both lean in closer and Tess' hand creeps to behind Kyle's head. As they get close the camera zooms in and the noise causes both of them to stop and look at each other and smile shyly.

Kyle sighs loudly and Tess looks at him, "Slowly...huh?"

Kyle looks at her and then to the camera, and sighs as he leans down and kisses her head before leaning down to whisper in her ear, "Slowly..."

She smiles at him and lays her head on his chest and they continue to dance slowly.


The rest of the housemates other than Kyle and Tess have went to their beds. Kyle and Tess are out in the garden.

Kyle holds Tess' hand as he walks her into the house as she holds the flowers he picked her in her hand.

"I had a really, really great time tonight, Kyle."

Kyle sighs as he stops at the door of the house and turns her to face him, "Me too, I hope we can do it again sometime...maybe after we are out of the prying eyes of the cameras?"

Tess smiles at him happily and he squeezes her hand, "I would love to, anytime..."

Kyle looks at her and brushes her face with his hand and adds quietly, "So...we'll call that a date then..."

Tess nods her head, and whispers back to him, "A date..."

He takes a deep breath and sighs as he takes her hand and walks into the house. They walk reluctantly to the girls room where he takes her hand and kisses it gently and smiling softly, "Thank you for a great night, Ms. Harding."

She giggles gently and replies, "Thank you, Mr. Valenti...I can't remember enjoying myself as much..."

Kyle looks at her and then at the door and sighs before letting go of her hand, "Goodnight, Tessie..."

She looks at him and sighs, "Goodnight, Kyle..." Before opening the door to the room.

She stands at the door as he reluctantly walks away from her and heads towards the boys room. She closes her eyes and call's out to him as he walks away, "Sleep well, Kyle."

He spins around and grins at her, "I honestly don't think that will be a problem tonight. I'll see you in the morning..."

Tess smiles at him, "I'll see you tomorrow, Kyle..." before disappearing into the girls room.

Kyle watches her disappear and turns towards the boys room and sighing happily as he walks off.