Day 40 - 10.13am

Day 40 in the Big Brother house. Today the group will find out who has been nominated for eviction. The girls sit in the lounge discussing this while the boys are in their room getting ready.

Brody is laying on his bed and looking at the ceiling while Alex ties his shoes and Kyle combs his hair in the mirror.

"You know, we should mess about with the girls a little..." Brody says as he looks at the ceiling.

Alex nods his head, "Yeah, it's been too long since we did that."

Kyle yawns as he walks over to his bed and sits down, "What do you suggest? Because I'm not sure they would thank us if we stole their underwear and trimmed the tree outside with it."

Brody lifts his head, "Excuse me?"

"They did that to us just before you came in the house, they raided our bedroom at night and then threw our underwear over the tree."

Brody begins to laugh as he lets his head fall back down against the bed. "What made them think of that?"

Alex sits down on his bed and looks at them both, "Well, we did start it..."

Kyle nods his head in agreement, "Ours was ingenious, I never thought that Evans had it in him..."

Brody looks at them both puzzled and Alex adds, "Max came up with the whole plan, it was pretty complex..."

Brody sits up and looks at them curiously as Alex continues.

"It involved a series of ellaborate traps..."

"All of them in the girls room, like a bucket of water over the door..." Kyle adds.

"And removing the panels in the beds, and soaking some of the pillows in mud..." Alex continues as Brody looks on amused as both Alex and Kyle look at each other and begin to laugh as Kyle begins to speak.

"Plus, we had our very own kidnapping...J.C and Loco..."

Brody begins to laugh, "You two kidnapped Tess and Laurie's cuddly toys? God, I bet they wanted to kill you..."

Kyle nods his head, "Yeah, that's what the whole revenge thing was about..."

Alex nods his head as he stands up, "That's what we've been paying for, for the last 6 weeks."

Brody nods his head as he looks at them both, "Well, from what I've heard and seen I agree, it is really about time that the boys strike back..."

Kyle looks at him and shakes his head, "The Boys Strike Back? You're a Star Wars fan aren't you?"

Alex sniggers slightly as Brody clears his throat and looks slightly embarrassed, "Well, I um...I might be a bit of a fan..."

"A bit?" Kyle says as Alex walks over towards them.

"Well, I've seen them all a few times..." Brody says shyly.

Alex sits down on her bed and smiles, "Okay, here's the ultimate test, how many ewoks died in the trilogy?"

Brody smiles nervously, "One died."

"And what is the link between the original series and the new ones? Not counting George Lucas..."

"Um...Denis Lawson who was a rebel fighter in the original trilogy is Ewan McGregor's uncle who is in the new trilogy as Obi Wan..."

Kyle shakes his head, "You two are bordering on the scary here..."

Alex looks at Brody. "Okay, final question, name the other big block buster that the guy who played Darth Maul was in?"

Brody shakes his head, "That's easy, he was toad in X-Men..."

Alex shakes his head and pats Brody on the shoulder. "Congratulations, you are officially in the obsessed club..."

Kyle looks at them both. "I cannot that I am sharing a room with two people who are freaks about Star Wars, I mean it was great movie but..."

Alex looks at Kyle, "I'm not a freak about Star Wars, I was just a little obsessed by it when I was a kid...I still remember everything about the movies..."

Kyle sits down and looks at them both, "Every boy was obsessed by it growing up, but I couldn't tell you squat about the new movie..."

Brody looks at Kyle as he talks, "The new movie got a lot of really bad press, but it was good...apart from..."

"Jar Jar Binks." The three boys finish at the same time.

They sit in silence before Kyle begins to talk, "So, what was the best out of the four?"

"Star Wars." Brody replies without thinking before he continues, "That's what started it all off..."

Alex shakes his head, "It has to be Jedi...that had everything in it, plus it got rid of that freaky Luke/Leia thing at last..."

Kyle nods his head, "Although, I loved the fight between Vader and Luke in Empire, my vote would probably go with Jedi, if for no other reason than when they are at Jabba's palace..."

Alex rolls his eyes, "Why am I not surprised? She's a little old for you..."

Kyle grins as he continues, "Hey, I appreciate things of beauty...and you have to admit, she's a thing of beauty."

Alex shakes his head and sniggers slightly, "No kidding? I mean, I agree that the gold bikini idea was an ingenious was, it was great marketing idea."

Brody nods his head, "Definately a good idea."

The three boys sigh in unison as Kyle continues, "Was that on the actual posters?"

Alex nods his head, "From what I saw, it seems to be that they shoved her on down the bottom."

Brody nods his head and the three of them sit in silence for a minute before he begins to speak, "Anyway, back to business, here's what I was thinking..."

The boys all lean in as Brody begins to talk.

In the lounge Isabel is sitting on the couch brushing her wet hair through while Laurie speaks.

"You don't think that they'd do another double eviction if there was three of us up?"

Tess nods her head, "I think that they will and they'll just not bother with the last round of nominations..."

Isabel looks at them, "That will leave 4 in this week, so there would be one more nomination on Monday and that would be it..."

Tess smiles, "That would make it easier in a way, and at least it wouldn't be a surprise when they called two of us out..."

Laurie nods her head, "Yeah, they can't shock us anymore..."

Isabel shakes her head, "They will try something else...they probably got really good tv out of Friday...they'll try something else like that. Probably a mid week eviction or something, something that will catch us unaware..."

Tess looks at her. "You think they would do something like that to us? Again?"

Isabel nods her head and smiles sadly, "Bet on it..."


The boys are sitting out in the garden while Isabel sits in the conservatory and reads and Tess and Laurie get ready to go in the hot tub.

Alex looks at Brody and Kyle and whispers. "Okay, so whats the plan? We can't waste all the stuff, do we have anything we could put them in?"

Brody nods his head, "Under the sink there is containers that we could put the shampoo in, the perfume is going to be harder..."

Kyle shakes his head, "Nope, I know that Tess and Laurie have both brought stuff with open necked bottles with the spray that you screw on they will pour out pretty easy into some container, we just have to make sure that we don't mix them up or else we'll be killed..."

"The only problem is that we will have to find out what kind of perfume Isabel uses and how we can get into it..." Brody says as he looks at them.

Alex looks over towards Isabel who is reading her book and sighs, "I have no idea, someone will have to go and see..."

"Brody, that has to be you. Me and Alex have been banned from the girls room when they're not there...Tess and Laurie think we're trying to steal their toys again..."

Brody nods his head as he tries to stifle a laugh, "Okay, I guess I could take a look when you are all out here..."

Alex nods his head, "Good. So, when should we make our move?"

Brody looks at Kyle and then to Alex, "I think it has to be an early morning effort, maybe about 4am..."

The others nod before Kyle groans, "That means an early rise...probably should try and catch a few hours today..."

Alex nods his head and lies down on the grass, "Good idea..."

Laurie and Tess walk out the girls room and stop beside Isabel, "You sure you don't want to come in the hot tub, Isabel?"

Isabel smiles at them both, "Thanks, Tess. I just want to finish reading this bit and then I'll come out."

Tess nods her head and links arms with Laurie and they both walk out towards the hot tub. As they both get in Laurie nudges Tess and ushers towards the boys. "What do you think they are up to?"

Tess shakes her head and whispers quietly, "Probably talking about nominations, they look like they are being pretty serious..."

"Do you think Isabel is right? Do you think they will do something else?"

Tess smiles sadly, "I think they'll do another double eviction again, but only if there are more than two up..."

Laurie sighs as she sinks lower in the water, "Big Brother has a nasty streak..."

Tess looks over at the boys and nods her head, "I think we can assume that's true..."


Big Brother has gathered the housemates together in the lounge to announce the results of this weeks nominations.

Laurie, Kyle and Tess are all sitting on one couch while Brody, Isabel and Alex all sit on the other sofa.

"How many do you think is up?" Brody asks.

"Maybe it will be us all?" Laurie replies as she smiles at Brody.

"I hope I'm up, finally get out of here..." Alex says quietly as he looks down sadly. The other housemates all look at each other in concern before looking at Alex who is looking at his hands.

Isabel takes his hand as Kyle calls over, "You wanting rid of us, Whitman?"

Alex takes a deep breath, "You bet. The possibility of another week locked up with you threatens to take what little sanity I have left..."

He raises his head and forces himself to smile at Kyle. Kyle responds with a smirk, "What sanity is that?"

Alex grins at him, "The sanity that stops me smothering you every night when you're asleep.Then again, maybe I should stay..."

Kyle puts a wounded expression on as the others all smile relieved, "You wouldn't do that, besides, maybe you should go. At least then we wouldn't have your cooking inflicted on us..."

"Hey, my cooking is...well...crap, but, I at least try..."

Kyle shakes his head, "You try, but you lose concentration when you get near the vicinity of the kitchen. You have the Homer syndrome..."

Laurie looks at him confused as the others laugh, "Homer syndrome?"

Alex looks at her as he replies, "He means that my mind wanders, and I'm basically slow on the uptake like Homer Simpson..."

The others all laugh as Kyle interupts, "I couldn't have written a better analysis of you myself..."

Alex smirks at Kyle. "What can I say? Cooking is just not my forte."

Isabel smiles at him, "That's an understatement..."

This is Big Brother, the housemates nominated for eviction this week are...

Alex glares as he looks at the nearest camera, "How many are you throwing out this week?"

Brody smiles at everyone, "Good luck guys..."

Tess smiles nervously and clutches Kyle's hand. "Good luck, everyone..."


Alex takes a deep breath as Isabel smiles at him reasuringly and squeezes his hand. The others all sit in silence as the look around at everyone.

And Brody.

Brody nods his head as he hears his name and smiles. "Well, that was a long time coming..."

As the group sit in silence after Big Brother has finished talking all the housemates stand up. Alex hugs Isabel as Kyle claps Brody on the shoulder.

"Bad luck, man..."

As Alex lets Isabel go she smiles at him, "Come on, we all knew it would probably be me. I'm pretty much used to it by now..."

Alex smiles at her sadly as Brody walks over to hug Isabel, "Yeah..."

Brody and Isabel hug and as they seperate she smiles at him, "So, first timer? How does it feel?"

Brody grins at her, "Well, it's slightly strange, but kinda exciting. I could be out here on Friday!"

Isabel shakes her head, "I wouldn't count on it..."

Tess and Laurie walk over towards Isabel and Brody and hug them both gently, "Well, good luck guys..."

Both Isabel and Brody smile at them gently before Isabel walks away towards the kitchen. Brody sighs and walks away towards the garden.

Alex, Kyle, Laurie and Tess all look after the two of them.

Laurie sighs, "Anyone else feeling even a little guilty?"

Tess nods her head as she replies, "It would have been better if we were all up..."

They stand in silence for a minute before Kyle walks outside. "We have to nominate someone..."

Alex sighs as he heads towards the boys room, "No, we don't...and I won't anymore, to hell with Big Brother..."

"Watch what you're saying, Alex. They'll call you in..." Tess says concerned.

Alex looks at her, "To be brutally honest, I don't really care. But, thanks..."


All the housemates are outside, the group are all in the hot tub.

Brody sighs, "You know, this week couldn't get much better. I don't have to clean out the chickens and I might get to see Sydney on Friday..."

Alex smiles at him, "Well, its good for the Sydney thing but as for the sure you still want to go with the results of that stupid game?"

Brody nods his head as he grins at Laurie, "See, Laurie backed a winner so she's in the same boat as me this on easy street."

Isabel looks at Alex, "Yeah, me and Tess thought one of you two would walk it..."

Alex smirks at her, "I was doing well until I choked under the pressure..."

Kyle grins at him, "When was that, as soon as you put the blades on?"

Alex rolls his eyes, "Ignore him, he thinks that the best way to win a race is to push everyone out the way..."

Kyle nods his head, "Well, I had to do something because you were continually slamming into me to try and knock me down."

Alex puts an innocent expression on, "I did not."

Kyle looks at Brody who answers, "It looked to me like you might have been trying to knock him over..."

Kyle smiles, "I had no idea you were as competitive until we were in here..."

Alex scoffs, "I'm not competive!"

Brody and Kyle nod their heads in unison as Brody replies, "Sure..."

They all sit in silence before the boys look at Brody and gesture with their eyes, unseen by the girls, towards the house. Brody nods his head and Alex begins to talk.

"So, that's this weeks nominations finished with. And no matter who goes, "He looks at Isabel and smiles sadly, "At least it's only another 3 weeks before we see them again."

Brody nods his head, "Plus we have Laurie's party, you still throwing one Ms. Du Pree?"

Laurie nods her head and smiles. "Yeah, I have even recruited some people to help organise and to make sure that there are plenty of people."

Tess and Kyle both hold their hands up to indicate who Laurie was talking about. Alex grins, "Well, you know that I can sort you out with music...a live band? And they will be involved for a very good price."

Tess looks at him, " We want fun music, Maria said that she had to basically force you guys to play fun music..."

Alex looks at her and shrugs his shoulders, "Maria, who I love, has really bad taste in music. We play good's just not quite as crap as the stuff in the charts..."

Tess looks at him, "The stuff in the charts is not crap, they earn millions of dollars..."

Alex nods his head, "From teenyboppers and lets face it, half of their success is due to their record companies. They probably buy up enough records to get a song in the top ten and then they leave things to the poor deluded teenager. It's a very ellaborate conspiracy..."

Tess sits forward as Brody stands up, "I'll just be a minute guys, try not to kill each other while I'm away..."

Kyle, Isabel and Laurie all smile at him as Tess glares at Alex. "A conspiracy? Uh-huh, people are too smart to be duped..."

Alex grins at her, "Okay, lets take the average boyband okay? Don't worry, I won't say ay names. There is a basic formation of 5," He holds up his hand and spreads his fingers, "One, we have the sweet guy, the boy next door type..." He puts down one of his fingers. "Two, we have the apparent hunk of the group..." He puts down another finger as the other housemates begin to laugh.

"Three, we have the actually talented singer, he'll do most of the lead vocals...four, we have the "tough guy" who tries to come across as a bit of a rebel but who probably knits hats or something at the weekend, and finally, we have the obsolete member, who dances around a lot and is probably pretty ugly and no one really knows what he does...remind you of anyone, Tess?"

All the other housemates are trying to stifle their laughter as Tess looks at him, "That is not true, we all know that they all contribute to the band..."

Alex looks at her, "What? You tell me what Boy Next Door, Tough Guy and Ugly and Talentless does?"

Tess looks at him, "They...they...they are...just be are wrong."

Alex smirks at her and then to the others who are now laughing.

Inside the house Brody is in the girls room looking at the perfumes. "Okay, screwy tops are Laurie and Tess', hmm, perfume, perfume...dammit, why do they use so much stuff?"

He picks up a bottle and looks at it, "Hmm, okay, probably this one. And it is a...damn, it's a sealed top...Oh well, Tess and Laurie get it then..."

He sits the bottle back down and walks towards the door and heads to the kitchen. He pours himself a drink and walks outside to see Tess ignoring Alex.

"Tess, Tess, Tess, Tess, Tess, Tess, Tess..." Alex is saying as she continues to ignore him.

Kyle is laughing loudly and turns to him, "You pushed her too gave her evidence of the boy band making machine..."

"Tess, Tess, Tess, Tess, Tess..." Alex continues.

Brody walks over, "What's going on?"

Isabel looks at him, "Tess isn't speaking to Alex..."

Brody looks confused for a second before shrugging her shoulders, "Okay..."

He starts to climb into the hot tub but before he sits down Big Brother call's through the speakers,

This is Big Brother, will Brody please come to the Diary Room.

Brody sighs, "They wait until I'm back in the hot tub? They couldn't have called me when I was in the kitchen?"

Laurie smiles, "Do they ever make things easy?"

Brody shakes his head and gets back out of the tub and walks towards the Diary Room as Alex continues to try and speak to Tess.

Brody walks to the Diary Room door and walks in and sits on the seat. "Hello, Big Brother."

Hello Brody, how do you feel about the results of this weeks nominations?

Brody smiles, "Really? I knew that I would be nominated eventually and I honestly wouldn't mind walking out on Friday, I've done what I came in here to do. And if I went, I would be glad to go..."

How do you think the other housemates have taken the nominations?

Brody sighs and smiles slightly, "I think that they feel guilty more than anything, but, I think that Alex is upset that Isabel was nominated for eviction again. In a way, as weird as it sounds, I wouldn't mind going because of Alex. I'm not sure it would be fair for him to lose someone else he cares so much about straight after last weeks evictions...I don't know if that makes any sense," He smiles shyly as he continues, "Plus, I would get to see my little girl." He smiles broadly, "So, I'm actually looking forward to going. Because, I don't think anyone expects Isabel to go..."


Alex and Isabel are in the garden, while Kyle, Tess, Laurie and Brody are all practising the task in the lounge.

"I hate this task!" Kyle growls as he tries to fit a piece of the puzzle together.

The other three housemates all roll their eyes as Tess replies, "I think we gathered that after the first 10 times you said it."

Kyle makes a face at her and she responds by mimiking it. Laurie shakes her head and smiles. "What time are we at?"

Brody looks towards the clock, "1 hour, 37 minutes..."

Laurie smiles, "There we have lots of time to finish it..."

Tess looks at her, "You are way too perky about this task..."

Laurie nods her head, "It's because it gives us something to's a little boring when there is no task..."

Brody nods his head, "I wish they would give us a movie, or music or something..."

Laurie smiles, "Anything apart from that stuff they play on Friday's..."

Brody nods his head, "I agree, that stuff is chronic..."

"I mean, a little variety would be good occasionnally..." Laurie adds.

"You bet it would..." Brody smiles as he fits another piece into the puzzle.

"Dammit! I really..."

"Hate this task..." Brody, Laurie and Tess all finish the sentence for Kyle who looks at them and shakes his head.

"Funny. But we'll see how funny it is when we can't afford any luxuries next two will have to do with out your weekly quota of chocolate and we probably won't have enough for tabasco..."

Tess and Laurie both glare at him as Tess speaks, "You use the tabasco as well..."

Kyle grins at her, "I could live without it..."

Brody looks at the clock, "Come on guys, you can argue about the budget in 15 minutes as soon as our time limit is over..."

Kyle, Laurie and Tess all smile at each other and smirk at Brody who looks at them in confusion. "What?"

Kyle smirks as he gets back to the puzzle, "Nothing "dad", just getting back to the puzzle..."

Brody looks at them and blushes as Kyle finishes and Laurie and Tess laugh loudly.

Isabel and Alex are sitting opposite each other on the deck chairs.

"So, is Tess talking to you yet?" Isabel asks as she smiles.

"I think she's forgiven me, hopefully anyway, or else I might be forced to listen to her attempts to convert me when we get out. That's why I apologised, she threatened to play all her songs the first time I visit..."

Isabel begins to laugh, "And you gave into that?"

Alex shakes his head and smiles, "Nope, I gave into the fact that she threatened to get Maria to play the tapes and if that didn't work, she threatened to start playing them outside my bedroom window...she's pretty obsessive about them..."

Isabel continues to laugh, "It was probably a good idea to apologise then..."

Alex grins as he nods his head, "Yup, damage limitation..."

Isabel smiles, "So, how are you doing today?"

Alex nods his head and sits back in his chair and looks at her, "I'm good...I wanted them to call my name today but..."

Isabel looks at him, "You are serious aren't you?"

Alex smiles, "Yes, I won't walk out of here, basically because I wouldn't give them the satisfaction, but it would be nice for things to be back to normal, you know?"

Isabel smiles, "I know what you mean, I miss my mom and dad so much, and it's been so hard knowing that they are out there on a Friday and not have been able to see them..."

Alex smiles at her, "I can't imagine how that must feel, I think if we could talk to our parents, even once it would help...I miss my mom and dad, I hope that I haven't done anything that would make them...I don't know, emabarrassed, I guess..."

Isabel smiles at him, "You haven't done anything to make them embarressed, they will be so proud of you..."

Alex smiles at her, "I hope so..."

Isabel looks at him, "I guarantee it, although, they might have wished that you hadn't dressed in drag, but..."

She begins to laugh as she finishes and he smiles deeply as he laughs gently, "I'd forgot about that! How are me and Kyle going to be able to show our faces at school again?"

Isabel smiles, "Well, maybe they didn't show it...although seeing you three like that might have been one of the things to make the front page of the paper..."

Alex looks horrified as he smiles, "I cannot believe I did that..."

Isabel reaches over and pats his knee's gently, "It could be worse, at least your mom and dad don't have to put up with what Sheriff Valenti has to put up with. I mean, he thought they had sibling feelings for each other!"

Alex grins. "He sure got that one wrong, didn't he?"

Isabel smiles, "Yeah..."

They both sit in silence and Alex smiles at her, "I hope you stay's not that I want Brody to leave, I just want you to stay..."

Isabel smiles at him, "If I do go, I will be rooting for you...but I want you to enjoy the rest of your time in here no matter, it's only 3 weeks left...3 weeks and our lives are our own again. I am actually pretty excited about not being filmed 24/7..."

Alex sighs and smiles broadly, "Me too actually, it is kinda exciting to be so close to being free..."

Isabel smiles, "What's the first thing you will do when you get out?"

Alex grins, "That's easy, I'll go and spend about a week with my family and friends, that is if you are all free.." He smiles at her.

"Well, I'm sure I can squeeze you in somewhere..."


All the housemates are in the lounge apart from Kyle and Brody who are in the kitchen.

Isabel looks over at the kitchen, "What are you two doing?"

Brody looks at Kyle who is busy getting containers out of the bottom of the sink and then to Isabel, "W're looking for a...a cake tin. We were thinking of attempting to make a cake!"

"A cake? You and Kyle are making a cake?" Isabel asks.

Brody nods his head, "We were thinking it would be a nice surprise for you girls, since you do all the cooking and stuff..."

Isabel looks at them suspiciously before shrugging her shoulders and turning back to Laurie and Tess.

Alex smiles and looks down at his book before distracting the girls. "So, do you think we'll pass this task?"

The girls all turn to look at him and Brody ushers to Kyle to hurry up. As Kyle pulls the containers out, Brody indicates for him to take them outside. Kyle quickly walks outside while hiding the containers as bothe Alex and Brody distract the girls attention.


All the housemates apart from Laurie, Brody and Alex are in bed. For the past few weeks the three of them have been staying up late talking.

Alex, Brody and Laurie are all sitting in the lounge. Brody and Alex look at each other and nod their heads as Laurie talks about the task.

"Do you think that we'll pass it?"

Alex looks at her and smiles, "Yeah, you guys have spent a lot of man hours on it."

Brody nods his head, "But you know, if we're going to pass it we should probably have an early night..."

Alex nods his head and stands up and smiles warmly at Laurie, "That is a good point, we can't afford to be up late in the morning. So I guess I'll be off to bed then, goodnight Laurie..."

He smiles conspiringly at Brody before walking towards the boys room, "You know, maybe you two should have an early night as well?"

Laurie looks at him confused as he walks away and turns to Brody, "Okay, that's weird..."

Brody looks after him and nods his head, "He is a weird boy, but you know, I think he's right." Brody stands up and looks at Laurie, "Ii think I'll have an early night as well, I'll see you in the morning Laurie, goodnight."

He smiles at her before walking away. Laurie sits alone in the lounge and looks at the boys room. She looks confused and begins to hum gently and picking up a magazine and reading it. After a few minutes she puts the magazine down and shakes her head as she stands up, "Okay, it's not much fun being up alone..."

In the boys room the boys are siting on each of their beds.

"All the stuff is outside, all we need to do is make sure that they aren't awake..." Kyle says as he looks at them.

Brody walks over to the door and opens it up to look out towards the lounge, "I think Laurie is away to bed..."

Alex lies down on the bed, "So we'll call it 4.30am that we get things going?"

Brody nods his head, "We just need to hope that we wake up in time..."

Kyle looks at them, "Don't worry about it, I'll get us up...we just have to be quiet..."

Brody grins as he walks over to the lights, "The girls will have no idea what has hit them tomorrow..."

The boys all begin to laugh as Brody walks over to his bed, "Of course, neither will we but...tomorrow will be fun no matter what..."

"Goodnight guys..." Alex calls as he pulls his covers up.

Kyle yawns as he replies, "Good night."