DAY 4 - 6:37am

Day 4 in the Big Brother house. The group has been given a task to watch over a water cooler, and to make sure that it never goes above or below the set water levels. To do this they must keep a constant watch at all times. Last night Isabel and Alex were rotered to watch the task throughout the night. Tess and Sean stayed with them, and now Sean makes bread in the kitchen.

Sean kneads the dough as he sees Kyle come out of the boys bedroom.


"Morning," Kyle yawns as he walks past him towards the bathroom.

Sean glances outside where he sees an exhausted looking Tess, Alex, and Isabel chatting.

He turns around when he hears another voice come from behind him.

"Morning," Liz says rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"Morning," Sean smiles. "I take it you and Kyle have the morning shift?"

Liz nods. "Yep." She stands resting her elbows on the kitchen counter. "I'm used to wakening early but today I just want to crawl back into bed."

"It's this house," Sean looks back down at what he is doing. "Being in here with nothing really to do. Even with the task all you have to do is top it up every once and a while."

"Yeah, I guess."

Sean looks back at her and smirks. "C'mere."


"You might not think anyone noticed, but I saw how you were making the bread yesterday. And believe me you need to practice your moves."

Liz raises her eyebrows. "My moves?"

"Yeah. In case you haven't noticed there's an art to making bread."

Liz smiles. "Oh, really."

"Yes. C'mere and I'll show you."

"I..." Liz glances outside to where the others sit. "Really should get dressed to take over from Alex."

"They can spare you for a couple of minutes. Trust me I've been out there with them all night."

Liz tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. "Okay."

Sean steps to the side allowing her to stand beside him at the counter. "Now what you need to learn is that you have to really go at it when kneading the doe."

He shows her as he puts his strength into the task at hand. "Now you try it."


As Liz begins to knead the doe, Kyle walks past them and shakes his head.

"No, you're being to gentle, you have to put your strength into it."

Liz looks up at him with an amused look, and begins to press down on the doe with her palm.

"Like this?"

"Yeah, that's better," Sean smiles.

He then looks at the bag of flour. "You might need more flour."

As he pours a handful onto the doe he sprinkles the flour that is left on his fingers at Liz.

"Hey!" she giggles.

Sean smiles innocently. "Sorry."

Liz picks up a touch of flour and flicks it at his face. "Yeah, me too."

She screams when Sean attempts to put his flour coated palm onto her face.

Max walks out of the boys bedroom and sees Sean and Liz playfighting. He looks on sadly before clearing his throat to let them know of his presence.

Liz and Sean turn to see him and Liz backs away from Sean.

"Hi, Max."

"Morning," Max replies.

Liz begins to wipe her hands with a dish towel. "Um, I have to get dressed and take over from Alex and Isabel."

Max nods, as Liz holds his gaze for several moments. She then hurriedly walks away.

Sean holds Max's deadly stare, before he lifts a glass. "Juice?"

Max shakes his head. "No, thanks."

As Sean glances at Max as he walks past him towards the bathroom, he notices Tess watching them from the conservatory doors.

"Is everything okay?" she asks.

Sean sighs returns to making the bread. "Just another typical day in the Big Brother house."


While Liz and Kyle watch over the task in the garden, the other housemates relax and sunbathe on the decking.

Max lies on his stomach with his head resting on his arms. He looks at Liz. Sean is sitting on a cushion also watching Liz. Tess glances at them both and shakes her head.

"Who's my favourite band?" Alex asks. At Laurie's nod, he answers. "Oasis, definitely."

"Oasis?" Michael looks at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah," Alex says defensively. "They changed the way of music today, as it was getting filled with crap."

"Oasis is just a rip-off of the Beatles," Michael declares.

"No," Alex sits up abruptly. "They idolised the Beatles. They did not rip them off."

Michael rolls his eyes.

Maria eyes Alex. "What do you mean by crap?"

"You know, teeny pop crap."

Tess gasps. "There's nothing wrong with teen pop."

"There's nothing right with it either," Sean smirks.

"You guys need to learn to expand your musical tastes," Maria states. "Like moi."

Michael scoffs. "Like Christina Agu whatever."

Maria hits him on the arm. "Hey, at least I don't just listen to an aging depressing metal band thingy."

"Hey, in 10 years Metallic will still be known compared to stuff like N'Sync. It's cause they're legends."

"No, Michael, they're depressing."

This is Big Brother. Will someone please come to the Diary Room.

"I'll go," Laurie says as she stands.

Tess looks at Isabel who is sunbathing with her eyes closed. "Isabel, what do you think?"

"I think Michael has no account for good taste in music," she says without looking up.

Maria laughs. "Thank you!"

Laurie looks above the Diary Room door to check if it is green. Seeing that it is she enters the Diary Room.

"Hi, Big Brother," she says cheerfully before noticing the object sitting on the chair.

Hello, Laurie.

She frowns as she picks up a camera and sits down on the chair.

Big Brother has given the housemates a camera until 4pm, and would like the housemates to take pictures to make a calendar for the Big Brother house.

Laurie smiles as she looks at the camera in her hands. "Great!"

Big Brother expects the housemates to come up with a theme for the calendar and take pictures that match that theme.

"This is cool, Big Brother. Thank you."

How do you feel the group has settled into the house?

Laurie thinks for a moment. "Well, this is only our fourth day inside the house and I think people having been getting along quite well. Even though there has been some strained relationships between certain people, on the whole I think that everyone is making the effort to get along."

How do you think that you have settled into the house?

"It's been a bit overwhelming at times. I'm just not used to having all these people around me. But I'm glad I did it. I'm glad I'm here."

How have you been getting along with the other housemates?

"I think I've been getting along with them really well. I already knew Michael and Maria before coming in here. And I had met Max and Isabel. But now I'm getting to know them well too. I've really gotten to know Alex. He's a funny person, and I enjoy spending time with him. The only people that I still have to get to know more of is Kyle, Sean, and Tess. But I don't think that will be a problem.

Thank you, Laurie. You may now leave the Diary Room.

"Thank you, Big Brother," she smiles before leaving the room.

As she walks out to the garden she holds the camera up as if taking a picture and points it at the group.

"Hey, guys, smile!"

The group turns to her, and Maria is sooning standing beside her. "Where'd you get a camera?"

"Big Brother wants us to take pictures to make a calendar!"

All the group are now gathered around Laurie, as Liz refills the water cooler and walks over to the others.


The group has decided that Alex and Max will be the photographers for the calendar. They have also decided that they will go with the theme - sexy. Only Isabel and Kyle have still to be photographed.

Kyle stands in the boys bedroom wearing a pair of pants with an unbuttoned shirt.

"Woohoo, Kyle!" Tess calls out while she claps. Maria follows this up with whistling.

Kyle smiles sheepishly while he blushes. "Cut it out, you guys."

"Go, Kyle!" Liz encourages him, joining in on the fun.

Maria turns to the girls and begins to sing. "Whatta man, whatta man..."

Tess grins and sings with her.

"Whatta man..."

Liz and Isabel join in.

"Whatta mighty good man."

Maria performs solo. "Whatta mighty mighty good man..."


The girls laugh, as Alex stands in front of him.

"Okay, Romeo, how do you want to pose?"

"Ooo, Kyle, put your hand behind your head!" Tess suggests eagerly.

"Yeah, then we can get a good look at the bod," Maria smiles wickedly.

The girls laugh as Michael rolls his eyes.

"And they call us sexist."

Maria calls to Michael as he leaves the bedroom. "Aw, c'mon, Michael, you look yummy too!"

Michael shakes his head as he walks out into the lounge.

"Those girls cannot label us as being sexist pigs anymore," he says as he sits down on the chair.

Sean nods. "They will though."


Both looked up as they hear more cheers and whistling. A chant has now begun, but the words are muffled when heard in the lounge.

Sean and Michael look at each other, and Sean stands.

"This should be fun to watch."

Michael shakes his head as Sean walks into the boys bedroom.

Max carefully pours the water from the small jug into the water cooler's valve. Closing the valve again he sits back on his deckchair.

"This has been fun, hasn't it?" Laurie asks.

"Yeah," Max nods. "It gave us something else to do which was fun."

"Do you think the pictures will turn out okay?"

"Yeah," Max says as he fixes the microphone around his neck. "We got some good poses," he then smiles as he looks at Laurie. "And some funny ones too."

Laurie laughs. "Yeah. I wonder if they will use them."

"If they do, then it will be funny for us to see how they turned out."

Laurie looks up to the sky, and then closes her eyes for a moment. She opens them again as she hears Liz's voice.

"Here, guys, I thought you could do with some juice."

"Thanks," both Laurie and Max echo at the same time.

Liz sits down on the cushion beside Max's chair.

Laurie sighs. "It's really nice and peaceful today. It would be great if it could stay like this."

"Yeah," Liz agrees as she looks at Max who smiles at her.


As the group discuss what they will have for dinner, Isabel is called to the Diary Room.

Isabel sits down on the Diary Room chair.

Hello, Isabel.

"Hello, Big Brother."

How do you feel you have settled into the group?

Isabel sighs as she thinks it over. "Well, I think I've fitted in pretty well. I mean, I already know most of these people that I'm living with, and it isn't that hard to fit in when you have been around them constantly for the past two years."

Do you think that there is any tension within the group?

"Definitely," Isabel nods as she rests her elbow on the armrest. "There's always been tension within the group and forcing them together is going to create more not lessen it. I can see problems arising between certain members of the group, and that's to be expected to be honest.

Do you think that problems could arise between you and any of the other housemates?

Isabel looks away from the camera and begins to play with her hands.

"Maybe. Alex and I have had our problems in the past which I was to blame for...but now I'm hoping to rebuild a friendship again like we had. He seems to be moving on which is great..."

She looks around everywhere except the camera in front of her. "He deserves someone who will treat him better than I did. But it's true when they say you don't realise how much you have until it's lost. I can see that him and Laurie are getting closer and whatever happens there," she looks back into the camera. "I'll just have to wait and see."


Michael and Maria watched over the task. While the rest of the group relax in the lounge, Liz, Isabel, and Tess make dinner.

Isabel chops up onions while she watches Alex; Laurie and Max talk. Each time she looks away from them she chops harder.


She turns around. "What?"

Liz frowns. "I asked are the onions ready?"

"Um, yeah."

Liz looks over to Laurie and Alex and then takes the onions.

Isabel looks back to the threesome as she hears them laugh. She sighs and turns away to concentrate on the cooking.

"Liz, is this ready yet?" Tess asks as she points to the rice.

Liz looks into the pot and shakes her head. "Just give it a few more minutes."

"Okay," Tess nods.

Sean walks over to the counter. "Need any help?"

"No," Tess smiles. She then looks over her shoulder. "Um, do we, Liz?"

Liz looks back at her then at Sean. "No, we're fine. Thanks."

Sean nods and moves away from the counter. Liz notices Max looking at her, then he looks away in the direction of Tess. Kyle watches them.


The group sit down to dinner of stir fry chicken and rice. All are at the dinner table inside the house apart from Michael and Maria who eats theirs outside.

"I've been noticing some things in this house," Maria says as she takes a bite of her chicken.

"Really," Michael says nonchantly.

Maria nods and waits until she swallows before continuing. "I've noticed that there could be some new romances in the house."

Michael grunts as he tucks into the chicken.

"I think Laurie would be great for Alex!"

"What?" Michael asks looking at her.

Maria rolls her eyes. "C'mon, Michael, you could not have noticed. Those two have been as getting close."

"They hang out together, so what? It doesn't mean anything."

"When you're stuck in this house it means everything."

Michael shakes his head and holds up a fork filled with rice. "You've taken too much of that oil stuff."

"Firstly it's not oil stuff. It's aromatherapy oil to help calm my nerves, which," she glances at him as he ignores her to eat his meal. "I really need sometimes. And secondly, you are blind not to see that those two have amazing chemistry together."

"Maria, they've only known each other for 4 days."

"4 days is enough time to realise that you like someone."

Michael shakes his head. "Laurie has been through enough in her life without you trying to matchmake her up with a guy on tv."

"Who says I'm trying to matchmake them up! I'm just saying..."

"And, I'm just saying leave it alone." He then turns back to his food. "Anyway I think Izzy will have something to say if you try anything."

"Oh, Isabel had her chance and blew it!" Maria says with disgust. "She broke Alex's heart and didn't give a damn about his feelings afterwards."

Michael turns towards her. "Maria, I mean it... leave them alone."

Maria holds his gaze for several moments. "Okay."

"I'm serious," Michael stressed.

"So am I." She turns back to her food. "Fine. I'll leave them alone and let the chemistry that is Alex and Laurie grow on it's own."

Michael gives her a hard stare which she doesn't meet. He turns back to his own food, as Maria glances at him, and gives a knowing smile.

Gathered around the kitchen table the housemates finish their meal.

"Man, I'm tired," Alex stretches before resting his arms on the table.

"That was good, Liz," Max says to her as she begins to clear the table.

"Thanks," Liz smiles back.

Tess watches the exchange and begins to clear her side of the table. Max turns to her.

"Here, let me."

"No, it's okay I can do it."

Max frowns at her, and Liz & Kyle watch as Tess walks over to the kitchen with the dishes. Liz looks back at Max before following Tess.

Kyle glares at Max who holds his stare.

Liz sits the dishes into the sink as Tess stands looking into the mirror.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Tess looks away and begins to wash up.

Liz watches her scrub away at the dishes and then begins to clear the counter.

Tess watches Liz through the mirror above the sink as Max comes to the counter and begins talking.

"Can we talk?"

Liz nods.

Max meets Tess' eyes in her reflection. "In private."

Liz turns around and looks at Tess in the mirror who is now furiously washing up. "I'll just be a minute."

"Take 10."

Liz shakes her head and walks toward the girls bedroom with Max in tow. Sean watches them leave.

Tess blinks back tears as Kyle comes up behind her.

"Are you okay?"

She looks up at him and nods slowly, biting her lip.

"C'mon, let me do that," he says as he takes a plate from her and moves her gently away from the sink.


"Make some hot chocolate and we can go out into the den."

Tess smiles shyly as she nods. "Thanks."

Kyle looks at her over his shoulder and smiles. "No problem."

Tess holds his gaze before she turns to make the hot chocolate. Kyle continues to watch her through the mirror.

Liz sits down on her bed as Max sits down on the bed beside her.

"I just... want to say that I hope that it doesn't get too difficult being in here."

"Why would it?" Liz asks.

"Because..." Max glances at the bedroom door. "Things have gotten a bit complicated, and it's hard to run away from anything when you're in here."

"Running away?"

Max looks at her. "No. That's not what I meant." He lowers his gaze before meeting hers. "I just...I want to remain friends. I don't want to lose that. No matter what happens in here."

Liz nods slowly. "I don't want to lose that neither, Max."

Max smiles slowly.

"Our friendship means a lot to me."

"It means a lot to me too."

Liz smiles back at him, as the two remain in silence.


Tess and Kyle have been in the den for 40 minutes. The discussion is Max and Liz.

Tess takes a drink of her hot chocolate. "No matter what I do I know I will never got along with Liz. She will always blame me for what happened between her and Max."

Kyle nods as he opposite her on the cushions.

"And he will always see me as this thing who came into his life and screwed it up!"

"Well, if he thinks that then he's an idiot."

"But it's true," Tess begins to cry. "I did screw it up. I screwed everything up. I'm trying to so hard to be what I was told I should be, and everyday... it's getting harder to be that person."

Kyle crawls beside her and puts his arm around her shoulders. Tess buries her head into his chest. He makes comforting noises as he squeezes her closer to him.

Liz shakes her head as she sits on the deckchair. She sighs heavily.

"I think... it's getting hard to try and connect with Tess."

"No kidding," Maria rotorts. "I didn't see that one coming."

Liz sits up and looks down at Maria who is lying on the ground with Alex looking up at the stars. "I mean it, Maria, it seems like everytime I try to be friends with her she brushes me off."

"Well, Lizzie, what do you expect when the both of you want the same thing," Maria says as she sits up.

Liz looks at her for a moment before resting back on the deckchair. "I don't want to talk about this on national tv."

Maria lies back down. "C'mon, Liz, everyone knows what the problem is."


"Okay, okay, I won't mention the M word on television."


Maria laughs. "Okay!"

She then looks at Alex who is staring off into the space. "Alex, what're you thinking about?"

"What?" Alex frowns at her. "Um, nothing."

Maria rolls her eyes as she glances up at the stars. "I'm the lucky one to have an uncomplicated love life."

"What?" Alex asks again.

"Nothing," she smiles.

She glances at Liz who at first glares, then smiles back at her, as Alex is oblivious to their actions.


All the housemates apart from Sean and Isabel are in the lounge area. Alex is playing the guitar.

"C'mon, Alex, please play it just this once!" Maria pleads.




Tess sits beside him. "Alex, just one song!"

Alex shakes his head. "I'm not playing BBMak and that's final!"

As he stands up, Maria and Tess follow him still pleaing for him to change his mind.

Kyle looks at the rest of the housemates. "You know he'll give in don't you?"

"He always does," Liz laughs. "He can never stand firm with Maria."

"Don't I know it," Michael mutters which cause the others to smile.

They look up as they hear Alex walk back into the lounge area.

"Okay! Just one song and that's it!"

"Thank you," Tess and Maria chorus in unison.

Alex sighs as he picks up his bass guitar and sits down. "It won't sound the same on bass."

"It doesn't matter! Really!" Tess grins.

Kyle turns to Alex. "You gave in too soon."

Alex rolls his eyes as he begins to strum. Maria and Tess begin to sing the song.

"Baby set me free, from this misery, I can't take it no more..."

"I know how he feels," Michael mutters.

Maria slaps him on the arm as she continues. The other girls soon join in as Kyle and Max shake their heads at the antics.

Isabel listens to the singing coming from inside the house. Sean looks at her.

"If you want you can go inside and one of the guys can come out here?"

Isabel shakes her head. "It's okay I'm fine."

Sean nods as he looks down at the water cooler. "So how long do you think all this harmony will last?"

"Um," Isabel smiles as she thinks about it. "I give it until tomorrow tops. Then all hell is going to break loose, I can feel it."

Sean looks at Isabel and agrees. "Me too."