Day 38 - 9.44am

Day 38 in the Big Brother house. Alex and Brody are the only housemates still in bed after staying up late on Saturday night. Kyle, Isabel, Laurie and Tess are all out of bed and are sitting in the lounge having breakfast.

Tess looks over at the clock on the wall before turning back to the others.

"Do you think we should wake Alex and Brody up for the hot water?"

Isabel shakes her head, "Better letting them sleep on, I don't think Alex has been sleeping that well over the past few nights so it's probably good that he gets some sleep."

"What about, Brody?" Laurie asks as she takes a drink of her coffee.

Isabel yawns as she shakes her head, "Just leave them can blame me if they are upset about the cold water."

They sit in silence before Tess looks at Laurie. "Did you hurt your leg?"

Laurie smiles embarrassed and nods her head, "I slipped coming out of the hot tub last night."

Kyle looks at it and smirks. "You should have injured your arm and you could have maybe got out of the task."

"I would have been glad to have got out of some of them, but I actually really like this one." Laurie says as she looks out towards the garden.

"Me too, it's a lot better than the stupid cat task." Isabel says as she sits her plate over on the table.

Laurie and Tess stop and look at her in shock as she speaks. Tess turns to her and sounds surprised,

"You didn't like Wilson? I loved that task...I thought it was great!"

Laurie nods her head in agreement, "I thought he was great as well, I thought that was the best task Big Brother has given us so far."

Isabel shrugs her shoulders, "The cat was nice enough, it was a ridiculous task though, I is impossible to train a cat like that. He was too stupid..."

Tess and Laurie gasp simultaneously before Tess speaks, "Wilson was not stupid, he just didn't see the point of eating with his paw."

Kyle stands up and sighs as he walks towards the kitchen. "You started them both on the damn cat again..."


All the housemates are now up. Alex is sitting with Isabel and Brody watching Kyle practise the task. This week the housemates must successfully build and navigate a complex puzzle in under 90 minutes. They have gambled 20% of their weekly shopping budget on successfully completing the task.

Kyle fits a piece in the puzzle as Alex yawns and rubs his face, "How long has he been at that?"

"About an hour." Brody replies.

Isabel watches his amd shakes her head, "He does realise that we get to do it together?"

Alex nods his head, "I think he thinks that if he beats it we won't have to do it again."

They sit in silence as Isabel turns to Alex, "So Alex, how are you feeling today?"

Alex shrugs his shoulders and answers weakly, "I'm fine..."

Isabel looks at him disbelievingly and smiles reassuringly before turning away, "Okay...thats good."

"Dammit!" Kyle yells from the puzzle.

"What happened?" Alex call's over.

Kyle takes a deep breath as he answers, "No, nothing, I just put this piece in wrong. It's okay, I got it now."

Alex shrugs his shoulders and turns back to Isabel and Brody. "You think we should offer to help him?"

Brody sighs unenthusiastically and Isabel shakes her head, "We have plenty of time before we have to beat the task. Let him play with it..."

Alex grins at her, "You know, if we fail this week it will be down to us, again."

Isabel shakes her head, "Well, you and Brody were only responsible for one task going wrong, and you failed it on a stupid question. I always said Michael should watch more tv..."

Alex nods his head sadly, "I miss tv..."

Isabel sighs as she nods her head sympathetically, "Tell me about it..."

Brody looks at them both and stifles a smile, "I can live without tv, I just wish I had access to my computer."

Alex leans his head back, "Please, don't mention computers. I miss my computer as well...I cannot wait to get out of here..."

"But, Alex. You won't get near a computer for days once your out of here..." Isabel smiles mischievously.

Alex smirks at her as he answers knowingly, "No, you have to do a web chat, so I'll be in the chat and surfing in another window...finding out exactly what I've missed."

Brody raises an eyebrow as he looks him, "You think they'll let you do that? Do you not think they will be making sure you give the chat your full attention?"

Alex looks at him and shakes his head, "You seem to be under the illusion that a lot of people will show up for my chat. I bet you can count them on one hand, and that will include my Mom, Liz and Maria."

Isabel rolls her eyes, "You will have lots of people going to your chat...I bet you anything that you're the nations favourite."

Alex blushes slightly as he looks down, "I wouldn't think so."

Brody smirks, "Of course you will be, people like the innocent, what you see is what you get look, you know, like a puppy dog..."

Alex looks aghast, "Puppy dog? Please tell me that people won't be thinking I'm a puppy dog? That's not what I come across as is it?"

Isabel looks disaprovingly at Brody before turning to Alex, "Of course you don't, Brody didn't mean puppy dog in the literal sense."

Brody looks at them both and smirks while replying insincerely, "Oh, of course I didn't mean it in the literal sense. I mean there is so many other ways to mean it..."

Alex looks at him and frowns before turning to Isabel and speaking loudly, "You know? I don't think I'm liking Brody anymore..."

Brody puts a hurt expression on his face as he replies, "Oh, I'm hurt...I thought puppy dogs liked everyone..."

"You know? I used to think you were less sarcastic than some people..." Alex responds while trying to hide his smile.

Brody tilts his head, "As opposed to someone like you his is not sarcastic?"

Alex looks shocked, "I'm not sarcastic! Really, I'm not even close to being sarcastic. Am I, Isabel?"

Isabel looks at him and smiles as she doesn't respond.

Alex ushers to the silent Isabel and continues, "See, she agree's with me."

Brody sighs loudly as he replies, "Well, with that kind of defence who am I to argue..."


The housemates are all sitting down in the lounge apart from Kyle who is still working on the task.

Tess looks over at Kyle, "You want some help?"

Kyle doesn't look up as he calls over, "Nope, I'm almost done."

Tess shrugs her shoulders as she turns to the others, "How long has he been working on that?"

"About 2 hours, he is pretty obsessive about it." Brody replies as he shuffles the playing cards before dealing them out to the rest of the people in the lounge.

Tess shakes her head, "He hates puzzles, I'm surprised he's shown any patience with this one."

Te rest of the housemates all look around to see Kyle still busy looking at the puzzle. Tess turns round first and sighs, "But you could be right, he is being obsessive."

Alex turns to Laurie and looks at her leg, "How are you feeling?"

Laurie smiles as she answers, "My leg is fine," She turns to Brody and smiles, "Thank you for the piggy back ride last night, totally unneccessary but..."

Brody grins. "Hey, least I could do..."

Tess and Isabel look confused at Brody before Laurie notices, "It was Brody's suggestion to go in the hot tub at 1am..."

Isabel and Tess nod their heads in understanding as Laurie explains.

"Whoo-hoo! You guys want to come see this task completed on the second day?" Kyle calls over to them happily.

"But we only have 9..." Alex begins to call over before he is silenced with a sharp look from Tess and Laurie as they all walk over.

"You finally worked out how to put it together?" Brody asks as he walks over and stands beside Kyle.

Kyle nods his head and smiles confidantly, "What can I say? It only takes a little bit of dedication."

The others all look at him amused as he picks the ball up and puts it in the puzzle that he has built. He concentrates on the puzzle and after a few minutes he looks at the puzzle.

"What's up?" Tess asks as she walks over.

Kle shakes his head and begins to move the puzzle board violently which causes some of the pieces to fall apart.

Brody and Alex begin to laugh loudly as Kyle continues to shake the puzzle board loudly.

"Dammit! Come on you stupid piece of junk!!" Kyle yells as he begins to hit the top of the board which causes all the housemates to begin to laugh.

" doesn't seem to have worked..." Alex calls to him as Kyle continues to hit the top of the board which just causes more pieces to fall apart.

Kyle turns to Alex and glares at him, "Shut up, Whitman."

Alex grins at him and continues to laugh as Kyle hits the board one more time before turning to the others, "This stupid, useless, piece of crap needs thrown out. To hell with this stupid task!"

Kyle walks away towards the conservatory before turning back and hitting the puzzle board again and looking at the others who are still laughing, "I refuse to practise this task anymore because it is impossible! You could bring Lizzie in here and she would even have a hard time with it! It is the worst task ever! Even worse that the stupid cat task!!"

He hits the board one more time before smiling at the others and walking out.

As the others look at each other they all begin to laugh loudly again.


All the housemates other than Brody are out in the garden in the hot tub.

Brody makes himself a cup of coffee before walking over to the Diary Rroom door and pressing the button. As he waits on the light to turn green he takes a drink from the cup. The light turns green and he walks in and sits on the chair.

"Hi, Big Brother." He smiles shyly.

Hello, Brody.

Brody looks awkwardly at the camera before sitting back in the seat and sighing loudly. "I guess I just wanted to talk a little."

Big Brother is here for you to talk to, Brody.

Brody smiles a little as he sits, "Thanks."

How are you feeling today?

Brody exhales shaply as he answers, "Okay, I'm feeling okay..."

How has the house been since the last eviction?

Brody looks at the camera seriously, "Evictions. Since the last evictions things have been, well, things have been...tough. I know, that this sounds weird but..." He looks down shyly, "I kinda miss Maria. Plus, the house has been kinda forced since Friday, we've all been trying to keep things happy and light, but, I think Friday night made it hit home, that we have no say over anything in here. That's...thats's hard to take."

Big Brother informed the housemates to always expect the unexpected.

Brody sighs and rubs his arm with his hand as he looks into the camera, "Yeah, you did. But we didn't expect surprises like that. It just reminds you that you have no control of your life. That's hard for me."

Why is that hard for you?

Brody looks into the camera bitterly. "Because I didn't have to answer to anyone other than myself outside of this house. The others in here, no matter how great and smart they are, they all answer to their parents." He laughs sadly, "They don't have the degree of freedom that I am used to, so they don't feel it as badly in some ways."

In what ways do you feel badly?

Brody looks down sadly and whispers quietly, "I feel badly that I chose to go on this stupid show rather than spend the time with my little girl. I love her, so much, but it's's hard knowing that I have been living in a bubble for the past 3 weeks and Ii have no idea what is going on with her."

Brody sniffs loudly and his hand goes to his face as he continues, "I wonder if she watches this and thinks that I don't miss her, because I miss her so much and I'd hate to think that she didn't know that."

Brody continues to look down and sits in silence for a few minutes before taking a deep breath and looking up at the camera. "She is, the best girl in the world, I am so proud of her and I know that her mom will be looking after her so well. You know, she has a dance rehearsal later this week. It isn't a main part or anything but she was practising like crazy even before I came in here, so God only knows what she'll be like now. She is probably too busy to even miss me..."

He smiles sadly, "Probably...her mom has promised to tape the rehearsel for me. So I'll get to see it when I get out."

Brody sits in silence again.

Brody, is there anything you would say to Sydney if you had a chance?

Brody looks at the camera and smiles, "I would tell her how much I miss her and love her, and I would tell her to go and have fun on Wednesday night."


Big Brother has set the group a mini task. The housemates have been given 7 traffic cones and basket ball and the instructions that they must form a relay team that will manoeveur the basket ball through the cones in under 4 minutes. If they succeed, Big Brother will provide the housemates with games and a dinner of their choice.

Kyle bounces the ball up and down and manouveurs successfully through the cones. As he finishes he throws the ball at Brody who starts to bounce it.

"Come on Brody!" Laurie shouts enthusiastically as Brody quickly gets through the cones. He tosses the ball to Laurie who starts to bounce it slowly as she tries to manouveur the final leg of the relay.

"Come on Laurie!" Tess shouts excitedly as Laurie finishes slowly.

All the group turn to each other as Isabel checks the stop watch and shakes her head. "Four minutes and 12 seconds."

Laurie sighs, "I'm sorry guys, I keep slowing us down."

Alex walks over to her and pats her shoulder, "You're injured, we'll get through it fine. Don't worry. We have another 90 minutes to get this right. Isn't that right guys?"

The other housemates all nod and give general sounds of agreement as Tess starts to bounce the ball.

"Come on, let's try it again." Isabel says as she resets the clock.


Big Brother has asked the group to perform the task.

The housemates are all huddled together.

"Okay, should maybe go first." Isabel says as she hands her the ball.

Laurie looks uncertain, "Maybe someone else should go first?"

Isabel shakes her head, "You are a little slower because of your injury. We'll know what we have to do then. Don't worry, we'll pass this easy."

Laurie looks unsure but nods her head anyway. The housemates all stand up and Laurie bounces the ball at the start of the task as the horn goes.

She quickly starts to bounce the ball around the cones as the other housemates cheer loudly,

"Come on Laurie!" Alex call's as she makes her way back slowly.

Tess gets ready to take the ball as Laurie finishes and quickly gets to work through the cones. Alex walks over to Laurie, "Well done."

Laurie looks at him and shakes her head as Tess finishes and passes the ball to Isabel, "I must have took about a minute..."

Alex nods his head and call's enthusiastically for Isabel as Brody gets ready to catch the ball as Isabel finishes.

Brody quickly gets through the cones as Isabel checks the watch and Alex gets ready to catch the ball. He calls to Isabel as he starts to bounce the ball, "How long?"

Isabel looks at him and then to Kyle as Alex quickly works his way back, "Kyle has about 20 seconds..."

Kyle looks shocked, "Gimme the damn ball!!" As he starts bouncing the ball up and down through the cones quickly.

"10, 9, 8, 7..." Isabel counts down as Tess and Laurie call to Kyle as he reaches the end of the task.

"5, 4, 3..."

Kyle lands at the finishing point and looks up to check the time. "Well? Did we make it?"

Isabel, Alex and Brody all look at the clock and grin as they nod their heads. Kyle stands up happily and Laurie and Tess hug him happily.

"Way to go, Kyle." Tess smiles as she looks at him.

"Well done, Kyle..." Alex says as he pats him on the shoulder.

Kyle shrugs his shoulders as he accepts the compliments. "It wasn't that difficult..."

This is Big Brother, the housemates have successfully completed the task. Will someone please come to the Diary Room.

The group cheer for a second before they stand in silence and look at each other.

"Which one of you wants to go?" Alex asks.

Tess looks at the others and nods her head, "I'll go." Before walking away into the Diary Room.

The others all stand in silence before Isabel picks up the basket ball. She begins to bounce it up and down as she looks at the others. "What do you think they will give us?"

Alex takes a deep breath and forces himself to smile, "I think we will get twister again, so they can get their money out of it."

Laurie shakes her head, "There is no way I'm playing twister again with you two, " She points to Kyle and Alex, "You two make it a dangerous game..."

Alex shakes his head, "That wasn't my fault, Maria sat on my back!"

Kyle sniggers as he adds, "Yeah, I know...I felt it. Poor Liz got the brunt of it though. She had no idea what was going on."

Isabel smiles as she adds, "I thought Max was going to have a heart attack when he walked over and saw you all in that heap."

They all begin to laugh and Brody smiles sadly, "That was on my second seems so long ago."

They all look at each other sadly.

"The place seems so empty now doesn't it?" Laurie says quietly.

They all nod their heads and look at her sadly. "It does..."

Tess walks out the Diary Room clutching a piece of paper. "Okay, we have to let Big Brother know what kind of food we want plus we have to gather up the traffic cones and take them to the store room where the rest of our reward is."

This is Big Brother, the store room door is now open.

The housemates all roll their eyes as they gather the cones up and walk towards the Diary Room.

"What kind of food do you guys want?" Alex asks as they stand outside the door.

"Anything is good with me..." Brody calls as he drags out a box from the store room.

"What's in there, Brody?" Isabel asks as she looks in the box.

"No idea, have a look. I think that there's something else in there as well..." Brody replies as he walks into the store room again.

The others all look through the box and smile broadly as Brody pulls out a basket ball net. "Kyle, go make yourself useful and grab the base for this will you?"

Kyle looks at the net excited and nods his head and goes into the store room.

"So, what else did we get?" Brody asks as he looks into the box.

"Swing-ball and rollerblades!" Tess calls happily as she grabs a bat and hands it to Laurie as she pulls the swingball out of the box.

Kyle emerges from the store room and drags the base outside into the garden. "This is great! You think they'll let us keep all this stuff indefinately?"

Alex shakes his head, "This is Big Brother that you're talking about..."


The housemates decided to have an oriental meal, so Big Brother has provided them with a selection of dishes from all over the far east.

Alex takes a bite of sushi, "You know, this is the first time I've tried this..."

Isabel looks at him as she takes a bite of her own piece. "My mom went through this period when she was obsessed with trying different dishes so we kept on trying all thsi sort of stuff..."

Brody looks at it suspiciously, "I refuse to eat that on the basis that it isn't cooked..."

Kyle looks at him, "That's the basis of sushi, Brody, its raw fish..."

"Exactly! Why would I want to eat raw fish?"

"To expand you're culinary taste?" Laurie asks as she offers him a piece.

Brody shakes his head, "I think I'll stick to my Cantonese chicken..."

The others shrug their shoulders as they all continue to take samples from the different dishes.

"Kyle? Are you still refusing to take part in the task again?" Tess asks as she takes a drink.

Kyle nods his head as he answers, "The task is evil and unbeatble and I refuse to waste any more hours of my life working on it."

"Oh come on, that was only because you worked on it yourself, next time we'll all help. Won't we?"

Kyle turns to the others and shakes his head. "I hate that task..."

Alex looks at him and shrugs his shoulders, "I hated the other task..."

Kyle looks at him and smirks, "You didn't do anything to do with the other task!"

Alex nods his head in agreement, "It wasn't my fault that the hell cat hated me."

Lauris and Tess look at him disaprovingly and Kyle begins to laugh. "Okay, fine. I'll help out with this task..."

Tess looks at him seriously, "Promise you won't beat up the puzzle board again!"

Kyle looks at her and answers reluctantly, "I promise I won't attack the board again."

Brody looks around and then to Kyle and Alex. "You guys nearly ready?"

They both nod their heads as they stand up from the table.

"What are you three doing?" Laurie asks as the boys walk over towards the box and pick up a pair of roller blades each.

The boys grin at each other as they put them on, "We're rollerbalding..."

Tess looks at them, "I think that's obvious..."

Brody stands up and smiles, "We are having a race. First to do two laps around the house doesn't have to clean the chickens out or do the garden for the rest of the week."

Isabel looks at them, "Why can't we be involved in this?"

Alex and Kyle both stand up as Kyle answers, "Because you are girls and we don't trust any of you when it comes to competitive games."

Tess looks at Kyle, "I'm hurt!"

Kyle smiles at her before he turns to the other boys, "You guys ready?"

Brody and Alex nod their heads as they take their postions, "On your mark, get set, go!"

The three boys take of and start racing around the house as the girls look on at them. "Okay who do you think will win? My money is with Kyle..."

Isabel rolls her eyes as she takes another piece of sushi, "There's a surprise...I think I'll go with Alex..."

Laurie looks in at the house and see's Brody leading. "I think I'll go with Brody..."

"So what does the winner get?" Isabel asks as she looks in the house.

"How about the winner doesn't have to clean up the rest of the week?" Tess says as she watches the boys complete the first lap.

"Plus, they don't have to go near the chickens..."

Iisabel and Tess both nod their heads in agreement. "Sounds good. Come on, Kyle!!!"

Isabel moves over so she can see the race more fully, "Come on, Alex...push him out the way!"

Tess glares at Isabel before shouting louder, "Come on, Kyle! Cut in front of him!"

Laurie looks at both of them and shakes her head as she tries to stifle a laugh, "Faster Brody!!"

The boys near the end of the race. "Come on Kyle..."

Brody and Kyle are in the lead and Isabel squints her eyes as Alex falls away behind the other two. Tess grins at her before calling louder, "Come on, Kyle!"

Kyle and Brody reach the end of the race and they both reach for the door to signal the end of the race. "Come on, Brody! Reach!"

Brody touches the door before Kyle and Isabel and Tess look at each other in disbelief as Laurie hugs Brody.

Alex and Kyle both walk out and Tess and Isabel both shake their heads at them.

"You lost." Tess says as she walks over to Kyle.

Kyle nods his head. "Yeah, I lost."

Alex walks over to the table and looks at Isabel, "What's up?"

Isabel looks at him, "You lost..."

Alex nods his head, "Yeah, I did."

"I bet that you would win..."

Alex looks at her apologetically, "Oh, sorry then, what did you lose?"

Isabel sighs, "Me and Tess have to cover Laurie's chores for the week..."

Alex smiles, "Okay, that's not good..."

Brody grins at the other housemates as he picks up the basket ball. "Okay, who wants to take shots?"

Kyle walks over to Brody and steals the ball off him and shoots it through the net.

"That's one, you want a game of double or nothing Brody? You win, I'll do all the crap you usually do for the week and if I win we'll be even?"

Brody looks at him, "Umm, I don't think I like those odds when Ii'm playing against someone who plays basket ball for their school team."

Kyle throws the ball in the net again. "Oh come on, I'm not that good..."

He picks the ball up again and throws it in the hoop again. "Honestly..."

Brody rolls his eyes, "I don't think so...maybe I'll just try playing swingball..."

Tess and Laurie look at each other guiltilly as they walk over to him, "Umm, Brody?"


"You can't play swingball..."

Brody looks at her puzzled. "Why? Are you two playing it?"

Laurie looks at him embarrassed and shakes her head as she hands him the bat she's holding. He shrugs his shoulders and walks over to the game.

Alex, Isabel and Kyle walk over to them puzzled.

"What's going on?" Kyle asks as the five of them watch Brody take a shot at the ball. As he hits the ball it goes flying of the rope that attaches it.

"Whoops! Umm, guys? I think I might have broke the swingball..."

The others all laugh as Tess and Laurie walk over to him as Tess speaks, "It wasn't you, we, umm, we um kind of broke it..."

"How do you break swingball?" Kyle asks as he looks at them.

Laurie looks embarrassed, "We umm, we got too into the game and we hit it too hard..."

"So you stuck the ball back on the end of it?" Brody asks as he looks at the rope.

Laurie nods her head, "We thought Big Brother might be mad..."

Alex, Isabel and Kyle all laugh as Brody looks at them amused, "Well, I guess it will be basket ball then."

Laurie and Tess smile at each other as Tess quickly retrieves the ball and sticks it on the end of the rope as the others all walk over towards the net.