DAY 37 - 7:32am

Day 37 in the Big Brother house. Last night Maria and Liz became the fourth and fifth housemates to be evicted from the Big Brother house in a surprise double eviction. This morning the remaining housemates are still coming to terms with the shock evictions.

Alex lies awake in his bed staring up at the ceiling. He remains still as he watchs the studio lights above his bed while Brody and Kyle sleep. He sighs sadly and closes his eyes for a moment before reopening them. He slowly gets out of bed and checks that the other boys are still asleep. Seeing that they are he quietly leaves the bedroom.

He walks through the lounge towards the kitchen where he takes a glass of water and drinks it. He looks outside through the conservatory doors from where he stands in the kitchen and sighs sadly as he shakes his head.


Alex has returned to bed and is now asleep. All the other housemates are awake, and Brody, Isabel and Laurie are making breakfast.

Brody flips a pancake in the pan while Isabel and Laurie are busy mixing up incredients for more. Brody tilts the pan which allows the pancake to slide onto the plate. He then looks at the girls.

"Okay, time for another one."

Laurie pours some of the incredients into the pan and Brody begins to move the pan a little so that a circle is now shaped in the pan.

"You think he'll like this?" Tess asks from where she and Kyle are preparing the kitchen table.

"Yeah," Laurie nods.

Isabel nods in agreement. "He just needs to know that we're still here for him."

Brody shakes his head sadly. "I can't believe that he almost left last night."

"Can you blame him?" Kyle asks as he looks at Brody. "Big Brother basically screwed him over by pulling that double eviction."

Laurie stops mixing the incredients and shakes her head angerilly. "I still can't believe that they did that."

"I know," Tess agrees. "That was cruel doing that to them. It was hard enough when it was Maria leaving, but then Liz too..." she says trailing off shaking her head.

"I've never seen Alex that upset before," Laurie says sadly as she looks at nothing in particular.

"Neither have I," Isabel says quietly as she exchanges a sad look with Laurie.

"Well, c'mon, guys this is almost ready," Brody says as he cooks. "Who wants to wake up Alex?"

The rest of them exchange looks, and the girls exchange smiles much to Kyle and Brody's bemusement.

"We'll do it," Isabel says as she takes one of the plates that has pancakes on them.

Laurie grabs the mable syrup while Tess takes another plate before they follow Isabel towards the boys bedroom. As they enter the bedroom they see Alex lying on his stomach, sleeping soundly. Isabel and Laurie smile at the sight of him and pause as they look at him. Tess smirks at their reactions and walks forward holding a plate which has a pancake on it.

"Alex?" she says quietly as she sits down at the bottom of his bed.

As he fails to stir Isabel and Laurie also walk over and crouch down beside him.

"Time to wake up, Alex," Isabel says as she crouches by his nightstand near his face.

Alex stirs a little but doesn't move.

"Look, Alex," Laurie says softly as she crouches beside Isabel. "Pancakes with mable syrup. Yummm," she smiles as she pours some of the syrup onto the pancakes that Isabel holds.

Alex still doesn't open his eyes but begins to sniff the air as Isabel waves the pancakes under his nose. The girls begin to laugh lightly as Alex slowly opens his eyes.

He blinks as he looks at Isabel and Laurie. "Hmm, okay this is a first. I've never dreamt about the two of you together before."

Isabel and Laurie look at him in surprise.

"Excuse me?" Isabel asks curiously while Laurie says "what?" at the same time.

Alex's eyes widen as he sits up quickly. He looks from Isabel and Laurie to Tess who is laughing as she sits at the bottom of his bed.

"Hey, I'm awake and not dreaming," Alex says nervously. "And this is real."

"Very real," Tess grins.

Isabel and Laurie exchange an embarrassed look before looking at Alex who looks horrified at his blunder. Tess tries to hide her laughter as Alex looks sheepishly at the plate. Laurie playfully hits her which causes her to laugh more.

"Sorry," Tess giggles.

"Pancakes," Isabel says trying to change the subject.

"Yeah, pancakes," Laurie adds. "With mable syrup," she says holding up the syrup.

Alex reaches out for a pancake. "Thanks, guys..."

Isabel slaps his hand playfully and he frowns at her. "No, you have to get out of bed."

"I thought I was being treated to breakfast in bed?"

"No, you're being treated to breakfast," Isabel tells him. "But not in bed."

Alex frowns. "Why not?"

"Because that's you just being lazy," Isabel replies with a small smile.

"It is a very lazy thing to do, Alex," Laurie nods in agreement.

Alex shakes his head with a smile. "It's not lazy..."

"It is," Tess nods as she begins to pick pieces off the pancake she holds.

"Hey, that's my pancake!"

Tess stops as another piece is raised to her lips. She looks down at it then grins as she looks at him. "Sorry. But see what happens when you take your time arguing instead of getting out of bed!"

"She's right, Alex," Laurie grins. "She'll eat it all if you don't get up soon."

Alex sighs as he takes hold of his sheet. "Okay but give me time to get ready."

The girls nod then exchange smiles. The stand up and walk towards the bedroom door. Isabel and Laurie look back and smile at him before leaving the room. Alex sighs as he rubs his face with his hands and then gets out of bed.


After last nights events the housemates are worried over how Alex is handling life inside the Big Brother house. Kyle comes to the Diary Room.

Kyle walks into the Diary Room and sits down on the chair. "Hey, Big Brother."

Hello, Kyle.

"I just wanted to let you know that I am concerned about Alex," Kyle says as he looks into the camera.

Why are you concerned for Alex?

"Well, basically you really screwed him over last night," Kyle says frankly. "And he's not happy."

Housemates were warned to expect the unexpected.

Kyle nods. "Yeah, except expect the unexpected is different from let's really screw you over on national tv and throw out two of your friends."

How do you feel about last night's evictions?

Kyle shakes his head bitterily. "How do you expect me to feel? Mad. That's how I feel. Mad as hell."

What makes you feel mad?

"The way we were treated," Kyle states. "You guys had this planned all along and you couldn't have warned us? Not even once? We were all expecting one person to leave last night. One. And you knew that it wasn't going to be like that. You wanted to hit us with something unexpected just so you can boost your ratings which just sucks."

Kyle glares directly into the camera.


The boys are outside in the garden while the girls observe them from the decking as they sunbathe.

The girls watch the boys as Brody sleeps as he lays on a cushion while Kyle and Alex are sitting on the deckchairs talking.

"How has Alex been?" Tess asks the other girls.

Laurie and Isabel look at Alex as he continues to talk with Kyle. Laurie shakes her head as she turns to Tess.

"He says he's fine, but..." she trails off sadly.

"He's lying," Isabel finishes.

Laurie exchanges a look with her and nods before they all look back at him.

Kyle and Alex chat in the garden and Kyle holds out his hand.

"All you do is lock your fingers and then try and pin the other guy's thumb for 3 seconds."

Alex frowns at him. "That's it?"

Kyle nods. "Yep."

"It doesn't sound like much of a competition?"

"Yeah, but believe me it can become very addictive," Kyle smirks.

Alex puts his hand into a semi-fist and locks fingers with Kyle. "Okay."

They begin to attempt to pin each other's thumb as they thumb wrestle after a moment Kyle grins as he successfully pins Alex's thumb.

"Okay, let me try that again," Alex says as he sits forward in his chair.

Kyle shakes his head. "Okay, but you should know that you suck."

"Yeah, yeah," Alex smirks as he concentrates as they begin to thumb wrestle once more. After several moments both have determined looks on their faces and as Alex pins Kyle's thumb he counts as Kyle tries to wrangle out of his grip.

"Woohoo!" Alex grins as he raises his arms in the air to celebrate his victory.

The girls look over at him curiously as Brody looks up at him bewildered. He shakes his head with a smile and lies back down, while the girls smile as they watch Alex who continues to celebrate as Kyle groans as he rubs his face.


Today the housemates will find out what their new weekly task is. The group will have to gamble a percentage of their shopping budget on successfully completing the task.

The housemates are still in the garden and all of the group now sunbathe on the decking.

This is Big Brother, will someone please come to the Diary Room.

"I'll go," Laurie says as she stands.

The others nod