The camera zooms in and we see Wayne standing outside the studio surrounded by screaming fans holding banners. Wayne looks up at the camera and smiles excitedly as he begins to speak.

"For the past 3 days you have been voting on the two housemates you want to see evicted from the Big Brother house."

He begins to walk forward as he continues to speak. "Earlier tonight we revealed who the first housemate to be evicted was live but, in little under 10 minutes we will go and bring Maria out to the studio. Once we are in there..."

He stops and grins at the camera, "We will anounce to the house and to everyone here..."

He spins 180 and the crowd goes crazy before he looks at the camera again, "Who the second evictee is. Plus, if that wasn't enough, we will also find out what the two latest evictee's have to say about life in the Big Brother house."

The camera zooms out and we now look down on Wayne as he looks up. "It may be cruel, and it may be emotional but one thing we know for sure..."

He turns to the crowd and yells. "It's a Double Eviction Friday!!!"

The crowd go crazy and the theme tune begins.


The camera zooms in and we see Wayne standing in the studio in front of a screen. He grins at the camera.

"It has been absolutely crazy with the voting this week with an incredible 60177 people voting! I can confirm that Maria, recieved 29049 of all the votes cast, which is the equivelant of 48% of the vote! But, the question tonight is..."

The camera comes in closer, "Who will the second person evicted be?"

The camera zooms out and Wayne ushers to the screen as he speaks, "All will be revealed in a few minutes, first, lets see what the housemates have been doing in the last 90 minutes."


Liz and Maria are in the girls room and Alex is standing alone in the kitchen. Laurie walks over to him as he looks out towards the garden.

"You okay, Alex?" She looks at him concerned.

He forces himself to smile and turns to her, "Yeah, I'm fine. Liz and Maria have thrown me out of the girls room."

Laurie watches him as he looks at Isabel and smiles sadly, "I'm sure that Maria will be ready soon."

Alex nods his head and smiles. "Yeah, she will be."

Laurie walks of and he walks towards Isabel. He stops as he stands behind her and begins to speak.


She turns to him and smiles sadly. "Hey, Alex. I'm sorry about Maria..."

Alex nods his head and smiles sadly. "Me too..."

They look at each other for a second before Alex sighs and forces himself to smile, "How are you doing?"

Isabel nods her head and smiles at him, "I'm are you?"

Alex nods his head as he turns towards the girls room before turning back, "I'm okay. It's weird that someone is was always going to be horrible tonight..."

She smiles at him sadly and rubs his arm reassuringly. He smiles at her appreciatively as Maria can be heard from the other room.

"At least it's over for another week..." Alex says quietly as he looks towards the room.

He smiles at Isabel and walks away leaving her on her own.


Isabel is sitting at the kitchen table looking outside. Brody and Tess walk over to her.

"You okay, Isabel?" Tess asks gently.

Isabel smiles as she nods her head slightly. "I'm fine thanks. It's just weird, I though for sure I was going this week."

Brody sighs as he looks at her and then looks towards Maria who is walking into the girls room wearing her dressing gown. "I guess we never know..."


Maria, Liz and Alex are all in the girls room as Maria finishes putting her make up on in the mirror.

Liz and Alex look at her sadly as Liz tries to speak happily, "You look really good, Maria."

Alex nods his head sadly and smiles at her weakly, "You look really beautiful, Michael's jaw will drop."

Maria looks at them both and tries to smile reassuringly. "This is going to be great, guys. Don't be sad."

The three of them stand in silence before Liz looks at Maria and says quietly, "This is horrible..."

Alex nods his head sadly as he looks at them both, "I can't believe you're going..."

The three of them look at each other for a second before they all hug tightly. Maria and Liz both begin to cry gently before Maria pulls away and wipes her eyes.

"You see what you two have done? Now I need to do my make up again..." she smiles sadly as she wipes her eyes.

Alex and Liz smile as they look at her and she continues. "Look on the brightside, I'm going out to my Mom and Sean and Michael! I'm really happy in a way. And you two..."

She indicates to them both before she continues, "You two have still got each other. I mean, none of us will be alone...and I'll be out there making sure everyone knows how much you two deserve to win."

Alex and Liz nod their heads sadly and smile at her as she smiles broadly at them. "Course, I'll expect a small token of thanks when one of you win it."

Alex smiles at her before sighing, "There's always a catch..."

Liz looks at her and smiles, "I'll get out of here and you won't be wanting to associate with me because you'll be so popular."

Maria walks over to her and hugs her tightly. "Hopefully I'll be popular..."

Liz smiles at her. "Of course you'll be popular. I mean, me and Alex are excellent judges in character. Aren't we Alex?"

Alex smiles and nods his head. "Of course."

The three of them stand in silence and Alex sighs as he looks at Maria. "Enjoy yourself out there Maria, watch it and defend us when everyone says how bad we look...and make sure all the beautiful, available girls are there for my eviction."

Alex forces himself to grin at her and keeps his voice light as the two girls laugh and they hug again.


All the housemates are gathered in the lounge and Maria smiles as she stands up and raises her glass.

"Okay guys, I guess it's my turn to do this."

The other housemates all look at her intently and smile as she begins.

"Well...since I came in here...all of 6..."

Alex shakes his head and laughs as he calls up helpfully, "5 even..."

Maria grins at him before continuing, "All of 5 weeks ago, it hasn't always been easy. I had a few rough days but thanks to my friends..."

She looks at Alex and Liz who are holding hands as she speaks.

"They helped me get through it. I've had a lot of fun in here and what Alex said in the hot-tub was right. I couldn't have picked a better group of people to be in here with," She grins lightly as she looks at them, "Although I would maybe have thrown some of you out earlier."

The others all begin to laugh gently as she continues. "All I want to say is that you guys have all, in your own way made this memorable, so thank you for that...but I hope that none of you will take offence when I say that I want Liz and Alex to be the final two."

The others all smile at her reassuringly and Liz and Alex look at her sadly as she looks at them and takes a deep breath and smiles sadly.

"So I guess that's it...good luck guys."

The others all clap and Liz and Alex stand and hug her quickly before the others all take a chance. Brody walks up to Maria and smiles at her.

"You'll knock them dead out there."

She nods her head sadly and smiles. "I hope so..."

They both hug and Brody closes his eyes as he buries his head in her shoulders. When they part they exchange a smile, and Maria rubs his arm reassuringly before he steps aside sheepishly.

Alex and Liz stand together and look sadly at her before trying to smile. Alex walks over to her and hugs her gently.

"Smile, you're getting out of this mad house. It could be worse, you could be stuck in it like we are."

She laughs at him gently as she looks at the others, "Now I get to watch you on TV, so don't go making fun of me or I'll hear it Whitman."

He sighs as he hugs her closer, "Damn, I guess I need to stop now then..."


The video footage of the house fades to reveal a very excited looking Wayne standing in front of the screen showing the housemates sitting in the lounge. He looks into the camera and smiles, "Well, things certainly seem emotional in the house just now, but, what the housemates don't know is that it will get a whole lot more emotional before the night is over as we throw them a surprise double eviction!"

He grins as he looks at the camera, "Now, I'm going to talk to the housemates. I will go and collect Maria and bring her to the studio and then, once we are in here we will announce live to the house, who the second evictee is."

Wayne walks over to the chair and picks up the remote to the house. He turns to the audience behind him and says quickly.

"I must ask that you guys don't try and warn the housemates about what's happening."

The families in the audience look angry and disgusted but they nod their heads reluctantly.

He turns to the screen and presses the button that allows him to speak to the house. His voice booms through the speakers of the house.

"Hello, Big Brother house, this is Wayne."

The housemates cheer half heartedly but Maria smiles nervously as Alex and Liz clutch her hand.

"Maria, you are the fourth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house..."

Maria smiles at the camera. "I know!"

"In a few seconds the countdown will be activated and I will be waiting to meet you at the bridge after you come out. Can I please remind the rest of the housemates that you are not allowed to step out of the house as you can be caught into the automatic door. This warning is for your own safety."

The others all nod sadly and they all stand up as Maria hugs them all starting with Liz and Alex.

"Activate the countdown."

40 seconds... *click to hear countdown music*

Wayne walks over to the audience and smiles at Amy, Sean and Michael as they all stand and follow him down. "Let's go get, Maria!"

As the family walk past Wayne, Amy and Sean look at him angrilly and Michael shakes his head and mutters. "This is out of order..."

The doors open and the 4 of them jog out and the crowd go crazy.

In the house Maria hugs Brody tightly and he whispers in her ear gently, "Go knock them dead..."

She then hugs Isabel quickly, and Iasabel whispers to her. "Tell Max and Michael that I miss them will you?"

Maria nods before moving onto Tess. As they pull out of the hug Maria smiles.

"Good luck, to you and Kyle."

Tess grins at her. "Thanks, Maria."

30 seconds...

Maria looks and hugs Kyle. Kyle whispers to her quietly. "Tell my dad that I miss him..."

Maria smiles at him sadly and nods her head. "I will, you and Tess don't be getting up to anything, you are on camera."

Kyle blushes as he smiles at her. "We're not that stupid...Be careful out there, Maria."

Alex and Liz look at each other sadly before walking over to Maria.

20 seconds...

Maria smiles as she looks at Laurie before giving her a quick hug.

"You've done really well in here Laurie..."

Laurie smiles at her. "Say hi to Michael for me."

"Will do."

Laurie squeezes her hand and quickly steps aside as Liz walks over. Maria and Liz hug tightly.

10 seconds...

Maria looks up sadly at Alex as the countdown is said. "Oh God, Alex. Get over here before there's no time."

Alex walks over quickly and hugs both her and Liz tightly.

"You go out there and have fun. We'll be fine." Alex says as he hugs her tightly.

Maria nods her head and her eyes water. "I'll miss you two..."

Liz hugs her tightly, "We'll miss you as well..."

Brody looks at them and sighs. "Guys? Come on, it's nearly time..."

Maria pulls away from the others reluctantly and sighs. "Oh god..."

Liz looks at her and smiles reassuringly. "It will be great. Smile."

They all walk over to the door and Liz and Alex join hands along with the others and raise their arms above their heads to make the arch.

Maria, you have been evicted. Will you please leave the Big Brother house.

Maria takes a deep breath as she picks up her suitcase and the others all cheer loudly as the door slides open. She looks at the others and smiles as Alex and Liz both smile at her.

"Go have fun!" Liz says as Maria looks at her sadly.

Maria looks reluctantly and quickly hugs her and Alex one more time before she runs through the arch to the applause of the others.

*click to hear Maria's eviction song*

She looks back briefly to see the other housemates waving her on and she smiles at them before walking forwards as the door closes. As she walks she turns round quickly and calls goodbye loudly to the house and she waves at the security guard before walking quickly down the gang plank.

Liz looks at Alex who hugs her tightly and they both look sad as Liz cries gently.

"At least we have each other..." Alex whispers to her quietly while the others look at them sympathetically.

Wayne looks at Maria and smiles as he call's to her. "C'mon Maria, run!"

As she spots Michael and her mom she begins to run quickly as she carries her suitcase. Wayne calls again to her. "Leave your suitcase there, Maria."

She smiles as she does and runs quickly towards the gates and is immediately hugged by Amy as she arrives.

"Oh my God, Mom. I am so glad to see you, this is crazy!"

"I know, baby," Amy grins as she hugs her tightly.

Wayne grins at her and smiles as she now hugs Michael. Michael leans down and whispers to her. "I missed you..."

She smiles at him and kisses him as Wayne begins to speak to her. "Maria? How are you feeling?"

Maria pulls away from Michael and looks at Sean who she quickly hugs before answering.

"I...I'm feeling great. Really happy!"

Wayne smiles as he nods, "Well, this is where I take you to the studio. Sean and Michael, you two have already done this walk before. You want to tell Maria what to expect?"

Michael nods his head. "It is full of people, it is really huge."

Maria loooks nervous as Sean speaks. "Just go out there and enjoy it!"

Maria grins at him as Wayne now points the microphone at Amy. "Amy, do you have anything you want to tell your daughter?"

"We are all so very proud of you," Amy smiles holding her again. "You were a star."

Maria smiles at her and looks at Wayne who is beginning to speak. "Now, I'm going to take you through now, now I should warn you that there is a whole crowd of people out here to see you. So prepare to be photographed."

She smiles happily and follows Wayne as he takes her hand and leads her to the front of the two gates. They open and all that can be seen is flashing camera lights as Maria steps out of the gates. She looks a little stunned but as she takes a few steps she begins to smile broadly and begins to pose for the cameras. As she gives the cameras a turn she grins as some of them call her name. Wayne smiles as he takes her hand and leads her up past the photographers and into the crowd who begin to chant her name. She looks at them and grins happily.

"Oh my God this is so good!"

She walks over to the barrier as some fans call her name and she smiles. The fan tries to tell her something but Maria is ushered away before she can hear and she call's to the woman. "I'm sorry. I can't hear you!"

As they get to the studio doors Wayne turns to the crowd and grins as he ushers to Maria who is still posing for photographs. He talks into his mike.

"Everyone, may I present, the beautiful, the bubbly, the popular....Maria!!!"

The crowd go crazy and Maria smiles excitedly as she points out a banner that shows her and Michael on it. She waves at the crowd as she jumps up and down which causes them to start screaming louder.

Wayne ushers her inside quickly and she runs towards the audience and Max as Amy, Michael and Sean come in after her. Wayne turns to the camera excitedly. "Unfortunately we have to bring Maria in a little pre-maturely tonight because there is something else important we have to do."

Maria looks at him still smiling as he walks over to the screen where Alex and Liz are sitting holding hands in the lounge. Maria looks at them and holds her heart sadly. Amy hugs her gently as Wayne picks up the remote to the house.

"Hello, Big Brother House, this is Wayne."

Maria looks at him in confusion as Amy and Michael both put their arm around her as they begin to whisper in her ear.

All the housemates look at each other in confusion and horror as they hear Wayne's voice. Tess looks confused as she looks up. "What's going on?"

The others all freeze where they are and look up confused and worried.

"The 5th person to be evicted from the Big Brother house is..."

Maria screams shocked from the audience. "No! That's not fair!"

Liz looks up and stands as she hear's Maria's voice in the house, "Maria? Maria, what's going on?"

Alex looks up angrilly and shocked as he speaks. "What the hell is going on here!"

He quickly looks at Liz and then to Isabel who is sitting alone.

Liz whispers to them, "They're doing a double eviction..."

Alex quickly takes her hand and reaches over to get Isabel's who looks nervous as Wayne speaks.


Maria looks at Wayne and starts screaming, "That's not right! You can't do that!" She is crying slightly as Michael, Amy, Max and Sean all stand around her. Max bows his head and shakes it in anger.

Alex looks at Liz shocked before he stands up, clearly upset and angry. "What are you doing? This isn't fair!"

Isabel looks at Liz shocked and walks over to her and hugs her as Kyle and Brody are screaming.

"What the hell do you think your doing! We already evicted someone!" Kyle screams as Tess and Laurie walk over to Liz.

Tess looks in shock as she quickly takes Liz's hand as Alex looks at her sadly. "You're leaving too..."

"Liz, you have 20 minutes to get ready and say your goodbyes before I come and get you. I'm now closing the mic."

Liz nods her head in shock and smiles sadly as she looks at Alex. "Wow..."

Alex quickly takes her in his arms and hugs her tightly. Isabel looks up at the camera. "We need more than 20 minutes!"

In the studio, Wayne looks at the camera and sighs loudly, "Well, we knew it would be hard for them but in the end it really wasn't close with Liz receiving 25604 of the votes cast which was 43%. Isabel has survived her second eviction vote as she only received 5524 votes which was 9% of the vote. This poll had a massive 60177 votes in total."

The camera shows the house where Liz is in the girls room with the other girls getting ready and Alex, Kyle and Brody are standing looking angry. As the camera spins to Wayne we see him standing in front of the audience which looks really angry.

"After the comercial break we will have the reaction of Liz's family and friends, Maria's interview and of course, we will be bringing Liz out of the house on this special edition of...Eviction Friday!"

Commerical Break

Wayne sits on a chair and looks at the camera as live footage of the house plays in the background on the monitors. Sitting across from him on the chair is Maria.

"Well everyone, welcome back. I'm here just now with tonight's first evictee..." He ushers to Maria, "Maria!"

The audience clap and cheer as Maria tries to force a smile but glares at Wayne.

"Maria, I think it's safe to say that you are upset about tonight's events. How do you feel about them?" Wayne asks as he looks at Maria.

Maria glares at him, "I think what you did tonight was cruel and unfair. I cannot believe that you would do that to them," She looks at the screen at Liz who is busy trying to do her make up while Isabel and Tess do her hair before turning back to Wayne, "None of them deserved that."

Wayne sighs as he looks at Maria sympathetically, "Well, Big Brother did warn the housemates to expect surprises..."

Maria sighs as she looks at him, "You should have gave us...gave them a warning."

The audience begins to clap loudly at that statement and Wayne nods his head and holds up his hands.

He smiles at her as he asks, "You have some great friends in there, don't you?"

Maria smiles and nods her head as she looks at the screen again to see Alex standing looking at the main door sadly. "The best."

"Obviously Liz is leaving tonight, but how do you rate Alex's chances?"

As Wayne says Alex's name the crowd outside cheers loudly which causes Maria to smile.

"I don't think there could be a better winner of that competition than Alex. He's had to put up with a lot in there and he's tried to keep a lot of people happy." Maria says sadly as she looks at the screen.

Wayne smiles as he tries to get her attention. "Alex has been involved in some of the tougest moments in the house and the most talked about, what do you think of his relationship problems?"

Maria sighs as she looks away from the screen, "I think that Alex deserves the best girl on the planet and who ever he decides to date they better treat him right."

Wayne nods his head as he looks at her as she smiles weakly at Max and Michael. "Maria, before Michael left things became complicated between you two when Brody entered the house. After Michael left did you feel awkward?"

Maria looks at him and shakes his head before looking at Michael and smiling, "I like Brody a lot as a friend, but I am not interested in him like that. I already have a boyfriend."

Michael smiles at her and the crowd cheers outside again.

Wayne grins at her, "How do you think you got along with the others in the house?"

Maria looks back at Wayne but her attention is caught by Liz who is hugging the girls in the girls room tightly as she finishes getting ready.

Maria turns to him sadly, "I think I got on okay..."

Wayne smiles at her reassuringly, "This must be hard for you so I promise that we'll only have a couple more questions. You had a bit of a spat with Isabel on more than one occasion, didn't you? What happened there?"

Maria sighs as she looks at Max and Michael before turning back to Wayne, "Honestly? She treated Alex really badly more than once and I honestly believe that he can do better. But, I was a little unfair to her earlier in the week. I was really upset for Michael leaving and I think I took it out on her..."

Wayne looks at her, "Do you want to know who nominated you?"

Maria sits back on her seat and nods her head sheepishly as she looks at the screen that now shows Isabel sitting on the Diary Room chair, Maria nods her head knowingly as Isabel begins to speak.

"My first nomination is Maria." Isabel clasps her hands together. "I'm just finding it hard to connect with Maria. I know that she thinks that I should have left on Friday instead of Michael...and there's nothing that I can do that will change her mind."

Maria smiles and nods her head but she looks slightly surprised when Kyle appears in the Diary Room.

"My second nomination is going to have to be for Maria. I like Maria. But it's just that I really get along with everyone else. It's just bad luck that she's the only other one that I can nominate."

As Kyle finishes Maria nods her head in understanding as Tess appears sitting in the chair.

"My first nomination this week is going to be for Maria. Well, last week I thought that Michael and Isabel were being horrible to Kyle because he stayed and Max left. Isabel apologised for her behaviour yesterday but Maria has been treating her the way she treated Kyle and I don't agree with it."

Maria smiles as she nods her head and the screen fades to black before showing live coverage of the house again. Wayne looks at Maria.

"Any surprises there?"

"Umm, I didn't think that I would have been nominated by Kyle and Tess as I've been getting on better with them but their reasons were good ones so it makes sense." Maria says as she looks at Wayne. "Plus I nominated Kyle so fair is fair."

"Okay, now I want you to tell me what you think about the three people who nominated you."

Maria nods her head as Wayne looks at her. "Isabel?"

Maria smiles as she speaks. "Isabel is not a girl that I think I could live with, me and her just clash."


"Kyle is a great guy who is funny and sensitive. Him and Alex have been bouncing comments off each other for the past 5 weeks and its so funny to watch. Plus him and Tess are so good to watch," She begins to laugh as the crowd outside the studio goes crazy.

"And finally Tess?"

Maria smiles as she looks at Wayne, "I didn't really like Tess when we went in but I can honestly say that I never really knew her. She's just got a whole new attitude and her and Kyle are just so sweet together..."

The crowd cheers again and Maria looks at the screen again sadly as Liz makes a quick toast in the lounge. Wayne notices this and turns to Maria,

"Maria, final questions, who do you think will win?"

Maria looks at him. "Alex."

"Who do you want to win?"

"Alex," Maria nods with a smile. She then looks at the camera quickly. "Remember guys vote Alex to win!"

Wayne laughs. "Thank you, Maria. You can go talk to your family just now if you like."

Wayne stands up and looks at the screen. "Will you all just look at that?"

The screen shows Alex and Liz hugging tightly in the dining area. Liz is crying slightly and Alex's eyes are watery and as they pull apart Liz wipes away a tear from Alex's cheek and they share a sad smile. As she turns to the others he walks over to the bathroom wiping his eyes.

Wayne looks guiltilly at the camera as he sits down in the audience, "I can honestly say that I feel bad about this. They all look shell shocked."

He holds the mic to Max as he speaks, "Max, are you surprised that Liz was the second housemate evicted?"

Max shakes his head angrilly, "I'm surprised that any of them were evicted, I don't think it was fair."

Wayne smiles sympathetically at him and holds the mic to Jeff Parker. "Jeff, how do you think your daughter will handle this?"

Jeff smiles, "Liz is a strong girl and she'll get through this fine."

Wayne holds the mic over to Nancy, "How do you think Alex will handle this shock eviction?"

Nancy shakes her head sadly, "I think that no matter who went tonight it would have been too hard on Alex, but the fact that it was his two best friends and they have been saying all week how glad they were that there was still going to be two of them there? I think it's cruel what you are doing to him if I'm honest."

Wayne sighs as he looks at her, "Well, they have always said that they came in seperately and they would leave like that."

Wayne stands up and picks up the remote to the house. We see Liz and Alex are hugging again while they sit on the couch while Isabel sits sadly beside them.

"Hello, Big Brother house, this is Wayne."

None of the housemates cheer instead Kyle looks up and says loudly, "Don't tell me, someone else is going as well?"

"Liz, you are the fifth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house..."

Alex squeezes Liz's hand tightly and she forces herself to smile.

"In a few seconds the countdown will be activated and I will be waiting to meet you at the bridge after you come out. Can I please remind the rest of the housemates that you are not allowed to step out of the house as you can be caught into the automatic door. This warning is for your own safety."

The housemates all stand up and none of them acknowledge Wayne. Tess walks over and hugs Liz tightly. "Don't let them get you down, go out there and have fun."

"Activate the countdown."

40 seconds... *click to hear countdown music*

Wayne walks back over to the audience and ushers for Liz's family and Max to follow him. As soon as they get up the doors open and the crowd cheers loudly as they jog towards the bridge.

Liz hugs Kyle and then Brody quickly and they both wish her luck.

"Make sure Alex is okay..." Liz whispers in Kyles ear as they hug.

Kyle nods his head and they part.

30 seconds...

Tess smiles shyly and Liz pulls her into a hug. Both hug tightly and smile as they pull back.

"I'm sorry for everything that happened before," Tess tells her.

"Me too," Liz nods.

"Good luck, Liz."

Liz smiles at her and pats her shoulder. "You too, Tess."

Tess nods and Liz sighs and looks at Laurie and hugs her quickly and they share a smile as Isabel walks over.

"I'm sorry, Liz..." Isabel says as she hugs her.

Liz smiles at her and shakes her head. "You don't have anything to be sorry for..."

20 seconds...

Liz pulls away from Isabel and walks over to Alex and hugs him tightly. Her eyes are watery and he takes a deep breath and smiles down at her.

"You remember all that stuff I said to Maria?"

She nods her head and smiles at him.

He nods his head sadly, "Good, then I won't have to say it again..."

10 seconds...

Liz tightens her embrace on him, "I hope you win, Alex."

"I'll see you soon..." Alex says weakly.

Liz seperates from the hug and wipes her eyes quickly, "I'll miss you."

Alex nods his head, "I'll miss you two as well, tell Maria not to kill Wayne on national TV..."

Isabel looks at them both and sighs sadly, "Come on, you want to make a big exit to show them that they can't screw that over."

Liz nods her head as her and Alex walks over to the door. Isabel takes Alex's hand and smiles reassuringly as they all look at Liz.

Tess looks at Liz and smiles sadly. "Remember what you told Maria, go out there and smile."

All the housemates raise their arms above their heads and make an arch and Liz picks up her suitcase as Big Brother begins to speak again.

Liz, you have been evicted. Will you please leave the Big Brother house.

Liz looks nervous before she looks at them and smiles reassuringly before walking out. As she passes through the arch quickly she looks in at them who are all trying to look happy.

"Go have fun, Liz." Brody shouts at her as she looks in.

*click to hear Liz's eviction song*

"Goodbye guys!" Liz call's in as the door closes. She looks at the door for a second sadly before she begins walking up the gang plank.

As the doors close all the housemates look at each other sadly. Alex looks really upset as he stands alone and Kyle walks over and puts a hand on his shoulder as the girls walk over and begin to hug him.

Wayne stands at the gate with Max, Jeff and Nancy. "C'mon, Liz, run!"

Liz begins to run and smiles as they suitcase slows her down.

"Leave the suitcase," Wayne calls out to her.

Liz does so and sprints as best she can in her dress to the first gate. She looks at the security guards and smiles at them. "Hi."

They don't answer and Liz grins as she runs to her family. Jeff and Nancy engulf her in a hug and Max smiles shyly as he stands sheepishly beside Wayne. Liz then pulls out of her parents embraces and goes to Max.

"Hi," she smiles up at him.

Max looks down at her with a shy smile. "Hi."

As they kiss Wayne exchanges an amused look with Nancy while Jeff looks on slightly embarrassed. As they break the kiss Liz wraps one arm around Max's waist while the other is wrapped around her father's.

Wayne smiles at her. "How does it feel to be out?"

"Weird," Liz nods. "Really really weird."

"Jeff, Nancy, do you have anything you want to say to your daughter?"

Both nod and smile at Liz. "We are very proud of you," Nancy smiles.

Liz smiles sheepishly as she bows her head a little.

"We couldn't have been prouder," Jeff adds.

"Thank you," Liz smiles as she looks up at them and hugs them both again.

Wayne looks at Max. "What about you Max? Do you have anything you want to tell Liz?"

Max nods and Liz parts from her parents and looks up. "Everything out there is a little bit crazy. There's a huge crowd..."

Liz's eyes widen.

"But they'll love you," Max smiles.

"Sorry but I have to take you away from Max and your parents for a moment," Wayne smiles as he takes her hand and begins to lead her down towards the main gate. "There's some people who are waiting to see you."

As the gates open Liz looks stunned as lights from camera's flash at her. She looks at the press who are calling her name as she slowly walks forward. Wayne goes to her and takes her hand leading her out more to the full view of the press.

"Don't be scared," he says soothingly. "These guys just want to take your picture."

Liz nods and then smiles and waves to the cameras and turns around as people call her name from the other sides of the barriers.

Wayne then takes her hand and leads her further down the gang-plank. The crowd see her and begin to go wild. As they cheer and wave they begin to chant her name. Liz shakes her head as she steps out to them.

"Everybody the girl who has won your heart...Liz!" Wayne bellows which causes them to cheer loudly.

Liz waves to them and smiles as she looks around. The crowd chant again and Liz grins at them and laughs as she sees some of the banners.

Wayne takes her hand again and smiles at her.

"How was that?"

"Weird," Liz smiles at him as they walk towards the studio.

As they enter the studio Liz sees Maria who rushes to her and they both hug tightly while screaming with delight. Sean and Michael stand at either side of them and Liz pulls back from Maria.

"This is so unbelievably crappy what they did to you," Maria says and Liz nods with a sad smile.

"Hey, Parker," Sean smiles shyly.

"Sean," Liz grins and pulls him into a hug.

Wayne looks into the camera and smiles. "While these guys say their hellos we're going to take a commercial break. When we come back we'll be asking Liz what she thought of life inside the house, if she and Tess have really called a truce, and what she thinks of her shock eviction. All this and more when we come back."

Commerical Break

Wayne sits in the studio in front of the big screen. 2 smaller monitors sit beside him and the chair across from him.

"Welcome back, everybody. We have Liz!" he says gesturing to the chair across from him.

The audience cheer and clap and Liz gives them a shy wave.

Wayne looks at Liz. "Now, Liz, this was a bit of a shock..."

"Yes," Liz smiles. "A big shock."

Wayne nods. "What was running through your mind when you heard the announcement?"

"Um," Liz thinks for a moment. "Everything really. I just wasn't expecting it. Not because I didn't think that I would be the one to leave, but it because we never had any idea that there would be a double eviction."

"You were the first one to realise what was happening weren't you?"

Liz nods. "Yeah. At first we were all just stunned at hearing your voice, then when we heard Maria I knew something was up..." She looks at Maria who sits in the audience next Amy, Michael, Max and Sean. "That's when it dawned on me that either me or Isabel was going to leave too."

"Now Alex seemed upset," Wayne begins.

"Alex was very upset," Liz nods sadly. "I'm actually worried about him."

Wayne nods as he looks to the screen which shows Alex sitting alone in the boys bedroom with his head in his hands. "As we can see he seems to be taking it badly."

Liz bites her lip as she looks at the screen while in the audience Maria's bottom lips trembles as she looks at him. Liz looks at Maria and both look sadly at one another as their eyes glaze over.

"How do you think he'll handle the rest of his time inside the house?" Wayne asks gently.

"He'll come through it," Liz says as she looks back at the screen. "He has people in there that really care about him and they will give him the support that he needs."

Wayne nods and clears his throat. "Now, Liz, we're going to show you who nominated you this week, and afterwards I'm going to ask you about the housemates."

Liz nods as she looks at him then back to the screen as it changes to this week's nominations.

Brody sits in the Diary Room chair and looks to the camera. "Um, my first nomination this week is going to be for Liz." Brody sits forward as he clasps his hands together and looks away from the camera. "Um, I've just connected more with everyone else basically. It's a shame that I have to nominate Liz but..." he trails off as he shrugs sadly.

Liz nods understandably as she watches the screen. It then changes to Laurie sitting in the Diary Room.

Laurie nods and plays with her hands while still looking into the camera. "My first nomination is Liz. The group is now getting smaller and I can only nominate the people that I'm least closest too. So that is why I'm nominating Liz."

Liz nods again and gives a small smile as Tess comes on screen.

Tess looks away from the camera. "My second nomination is going to be for Liz. We've been getting along better this week than ever before, but there's still this awkward atmosphere between us that we haven't been able to get around yet."

The screen changes back to the live feed which is now showing the housemates minus Alex sitting in the lounge area. Isabel, Laurie and Kyle stand at the closed door to the boys bedroom while Tess and Brody look on sadly.

"Now, I'm going to ask you what you think of the housemates that nominated you."

Liz looks from the screen and nods weakly. "Okay."

"Are you okay?" Wayne asks gently.

Liz looks at the screen again then clears her throat as she looks at Maria who has both her hands just covering her lips and looks sadly. She then looks at Max who gives her an encouraging smile.

"Yeah," she says as she looks at Wayne.

"Okay," Wayne says softly. "Brody?"

"Brody was nice," Liz nods with a small smile. "I got to see another side of Brody which I had never saw before, and it was a side that I liked."


Liz thinks for a moment. "Laurie really came out of her shell in the last few weeks. But I think she found it easier to bond with some people than others."


Liz smiles. "Tess is the one person I can say for me has changed the most. This past couple of weeks I've been able to get along with her better and that is a good thing. A really good thing."

"So are you and Tess past your differences now?" Wayne asks curiously. "Because it seemed that you two had problems before going into the house?"

Liz nods as she glances at Max who looks at her sheepishly. "We did, but we have managed to get along better which is hopefully the step in the right direction."

Wayne smiles at her. "Now this past week we have seen another side to you, Liz."

Liz laughs. "Really?"

"Yes," Wayne nods with a smile. "Did you enjoy making the boys be your slaves?"

Liz laughs loudly and nods shyly. "Yes that was a lot of fun. They had been being smug and to see them lose was excellent."

"Now when Max left a couple of weeks ago you were upset..."

"I was upset," Liz nods.

"So you two are definitely back on then?"

Liz looks to Max who is smiling at her. "I would say so, yes."

"Do you hear that folks?" Wayne grins and the audience claps and the crowd outside cheer loudly.

Max and Liz exchange shy smiles and Liz turns back to Wayne as he asks another question.

"Liz, final questions. Who do you think will win?"

"I really do think that Alex has a chance of winning this," Liz says sincerely.

Maria nods in agreement as Wayne smiles.

"And who do you want to win?"


Maria claps as does the rest of the audience. The crowd outside cheer loudly at Alex's name, and Liz smiles in amazement.

Wayne holds out his hand. "Liz, you've been amazing, and I'm sorry for tonight."

"Thank you," Liz says as she shakes his hand.


The audience claps and Wayne stands up and catches a microphone as he jogs outside. As soon as the crowd see him they go wild and begin to cheer loudly, blow horns, and wave banners and their hands like crazy.

"Wow, what a night it has been," Wayne says into the camera. He then walks over to the barriers. "Who do you want to win?"

"Alex!" the girls scream in unison.

Wayne laughs as he moves on. He goes to someone else. "Who do you want to win?"

"Kyle!" the girl yells with enthusiasm.

Wayne begins to point out some banners. "Look at some of these banners here. That one there says "Kyle & Tess together forever!" While that other one says "Laurie Be Mine!" Here's one that says "Alex choose Isabel!"

He then walks over to a couple of guys who stand at the barrier next to 2 girls.

"Who do you guys want to win?"

"Isabel," one replies while at the exact same time the other says "Tess."

Wayne laughs as he turns back to the camera. "Well, these guys know who they want to win, but do you know who you want to come out of the hosue as the Big Brother winner? Tune in next week when we will be seeing another housemate leave the Big Brother house. There can only be one winner on Big Brother!"

The crowd cheer as the end title music comes up.