Wayne stands outside of the front door to the Big Brother house. He smirks as he nods towards the house as he begins to walk down the gang-plank.

"In there is our 8 housemates who are unaware that tonight we are having a double eviction and not 1 but 2 of them will be leaving the house."

As he gets to the first gate he smiles. "You've been voting in your thousands for who you want to see out tonight and in just a little over 20 minutes we will show you who will be the first housemate to leave tonight."

He reaches the main gate and walks through to the massive crowd that has gathered outside in front of a huge screen that is erected and shows a live feed into the house.

"We are live on Channel 11 and KROZ radio, and it's..." he gestures to the crowd as he bellows. "Double Eviction Friday!"

The crowd goes crazy and waves to the cameras as it pans over them.


Wayne stands in the studio with the large screen behind him which shows the live feed of the housemates sitting in the lounge area, where Isabel, Alex, Maria and Liz have managed to squeeze onto the one couch.

"As you can see behind me the housemates are already gathered in the lounge, and Isabel, Alex, Maria and Liz all look nervous over tonight's results." Wayne looks into the camera. "If you haven't decided yet who you are going to vote for then lets take a look at what Isabel, Liz and Maria have to say."

The screen changes as Isabel appears sitting in front of a curtain.

"I think I'd be good to watch. And not only in a "eye-candy" sort of way. Sure I look good but there's a lot more to me and hopefully people will appreciate that when they see me in that kind of environment. I don't think it will be that hard. The only having one hour of hot water thing everyday will be tough, especially since there will be 10 people trying to get into have a shower but apart from that it should be ok."

She then looks into the camera. "I hope you will all give me a chance, what you see isn't always what you get and as the weeks go by I'm sure you will all see more than one side of me. I hope you all like it so please keep me in!"

A transition of a page turning appears on screen to reveal Liz now sitting in front of the camera.

She looks at someone off-camera. "I'm pretty easy going so I think I would maybe be a calming influence on the house, plus I know how to organise and have fun so I'm probably a bit of an all-rounder. I just hope people appreciate that."

She then smiles shyly. "It will be ok I think. Scary but ok. With any luck I'll get on with everyone there and there won't be any tension to begin with...it'll be great to be able to get away from all the hassels of everyday life."

Liz then looks into the camera. "This is really different for me but I am so looking forward to it. I hope you will all like me ok and I hope you will all want to keep me in!"

Another transition of a page turning appears on screen to reveal Maria now sitting in front of the camera.

She looks at someone off-screen. "I think it will be so good! When I heard about it I just had to apply, sure the money is good but can you imagine being broadcast to the nation 24 hours a day? Wow! I can bring fun, energy and most of all music. They will all need someone like me to lighten the atmosphere and I am just the girl to do it!"

She then looks serious for a moment. "I'll miss my mom, but other than that I will love every minute of it. I just hope I 'm not too loud and bubbly because I've been told that can be irritating but I'm just going to be me and if they can't handle it, that's really their problem.."

She then smiles into the camera. "I promise I will just be myself in there so all you will see is the real me. You don't need to worry about me hiding anything. The house needs me in it so please, for all their sanity's...keep me in!"

As the screen changes back to Wayne he now stands in front of the studio audience. "Soon we will be talking to Isabel, Liz and Maria's families and friends. But before then lets find out what has been happening in the house the past 24 hours."

DAY 35 - 9:43am

Day 35 in the Big Brother house. All the housemates are awake. While the others are inside the house Alex, Liz and Maria talk in the den.

"You know even though some of it has been less than enjoyable," Maria says as she sits with Alex and Liz on the cushions. "I've really enjoyed my time in here."

Liz nods. "Me too."

"I wish there are some things that I could change," Alex says as he leans his arms again the rim of the cushions that are pressed up along the wall.

"Nominations," Maria nods. "I'd change them."

Alex nods in agreement.

"I hate nominating," Liz confesses. "It's like I'm stabbing someone in the back or something."

"I know," Maria says looking at them both. "I wish I could just tell Big Brother that that's it. That I'm not going to nominate anyone anymore."

Alex shakes his head. "I already tried it."

"You did?" Maria asks in surprise.

"What did they say?" Liz asks him curiously.

"That they'd nominate for me," Alex tells them. "The 2 people closest people to me."

Liz and Maria exchange a shocked look and shakes their heads.

"That's cruel," Liz says as she shakes her head sadly.

"That's not right," Maria adds.

Alex nods. "I know."

They sit in silence for several moments before Liz begins to speak.

"You know if I go on Friday..."

"Liz," Maria interrupts. "Don't talk about it."

Liz looks at her. "We're going to have to. It's a good possibility that I will leave..."

"No," Maria cuts in. "I might go. Or Isabel even."

Alex looks down sadly as he listens to them talk.

"Okay..." Liz begins. "You and I have a one in three chance of leaving on Friday."

Maria nods in agreement, as Liz continues.

"If I do leave then I want you two to be the last ones in here."

Maria bites her lip as she looks at Liz. "Liz, you probably won't go."


"No, Liz, it's true. Everyone will love you. And if they don't then there's just stupid. If Isabel doesn't leave and I do then you two had better be the last ones in here cause I want one of you to win."

Liz smiles slowly at her and they both then look at Alex who is still sitting with his head bowed.

"Alex?" Liz asks gently.

Alex up at them with a sad expression.

"What's wrong?" Maria asks him with concern.

Alex shrugs. "I know someone has to leave, but...I guess I'm just selfish as I don't want any of you to go."

Liz and Maria look at him sadly before they both engulf him in a long lingering embrace.

"We'll be okay," Liz says as she rubs Alex's back gently. "If one of us do leave you'll have the other two still here with you."

Alex nods. "It's not the same though."

"We know," Maria says as she pulls him closer.


Yesterday the housemates played a game of volleyball which the boys lost. They asked for a rematch and the score is 17 to the boys and 20 to the girls.

Kyle tries to reach for the ball and manages to get to it in time as he hits it up in the air for Brody to smash it across the net. Laurie bounces the ball in the air and Isabel strikes it hard sending the ball crashing to the ground on the other side of the net.

The boys groan while the girls hug and cheer. Brody shakes his head along with Kyle, while Alex holds his sides. All the boys are out of breath.

"This sucks," Kyle states.

"No, Kyle," Alex says as he looks at the girls who are now performing a victory dance. "We do."

Brody shakes his head. "Beaten by a bunch of girls on television..."

"Is bad I know," Kyle finishs for him.

"Very very bad," Alex adds.

Brody looks at them with a worried expression. "What do you think they'll make us do this time around?"

"Probably be their slaves again," Alex answers.

Kyle shakes his head as he turns to them. "No. That's too easy. They'll be vindictive and make us do something much more humiliating than that."

Alex and Brody look at him and they all turn as they girls call out to them.

"Okay, guys, are you ready for your forfeit?" Liz grins at them.

"Not really," Alex replies looking at her. "But go on."

Liz smiles at the others and nods to Isabel who calls out to them. "Tonight you've got to sing Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves!"

The boys raise their eyebrows and exchange looks.

"That doesn't sound that bad," Brody says.

"There's a catch," Alex warns them. "There's always a catch."

Kyle turns to the girls. "What's the catch?"

The girls exchange looks and Maria giggles as she calls to them. "You've got to perform it in drag!"

The boys groan in horror while the girls fall into a fit of laughter.

"This sucks," Kyle says simply.

"It so does," Alex groans as the girls continue to laugh at their expense.


The group has decided to play another game. This time they are preparing to play a game of spin the bottle in the lounge area.

As the group sit on the cushions and floor around the table in the lounge area, Maria sits an empty plastic bottle in the middle of the table.

"Now the rules are simple," Maria says as she stands looking at them. "Whoever spins the bottle has to kiss the person that it points to."

She smiles as the group look at her nervously. "It has to be boy/girl so no one has to worry."

The group breathe a sigh of relief and Kyle then smiles as he looks at the girls.

"Hey, I wouldn't have really minded seeing some girl on girl action."

The girls glare at him as they try to stifle their smiles. Maria also rolls her eyes.

"I know that, Kyle, that's why the rule is in there."

The others laugh lightly as she continues.

"Now to make it more interesting there is going to be a 30 second time limit imposed, meaning that you must kiss that person for 30 seconds. No less."

"Won't that be a little uncomfortable leaning over a large table?" Liz asks.

Maria smiles at her. "That is why whenever you kiss you have to be standing. No pain involved."

The others exchange sheepish looks while Maria grins as she sits down.

"Hey, won't Michael have something to say about this?" Alex asks her.

Maria waves the thought away with her hand. "Aw, he'll know it's only a game."

Alex nods and exchanges a look with Liz. "Uh-huh."

"Okay, then," Maria says as she claps her hands together. "Who's first? How about you Liz and we'll work clockwise?"

Liz looks at her startled then reaches out for the bottle. "Thanks, Maria," she says with sarcasm.

"No problem, babe," Maria says back cheerfully.

Liz spins the bottle and they all watch to see who it lands on. It stops at Isabel.

"Okay, spin it again," Maria tells her.

Kyle gets more comfortable on the floor. "This could be a long game."

Liz spins the bottle again and this time after 20 seconds it finally comes to a stop pointing at Alex.

"Woohoo, Alex," Maria grins.

Alex and Liz exchange a sheepish smile as they both stand. They walk to the side in front of the couch and the others watch them as they stand close facing each other.

"Remember it has to last for 30 seconds," Maria instructs them.

Both look at her before turning back to each other. They look awkward as they lean in as Liz rises on her toes while Alex leans down. As the lips press against each other the other watch them as they begin to share a closed lip kiss. Maria begins to count to herself as she watches them, while both Isabel and Laurie look uncomfortable watching them.

The others smile and Maria begins to do a countdown.

"5...4...3...2...1. That's..."

Before she can finish Alex and Liz part.

"...it over." Maria looks at them curiously. "How was it?"

"Um..." Liz begins. "That was um..."

"Weird," Alex finishes.

Liz nods as she looks up at him. "Definitely weird."

"Would you do it again?" Kyle asks with a smirk.

Liz and Alex look at him then at each other. Both shakes their heads.

"No," Liz smiles shyly.

"That was like kissing my sister," Alex adds.

Both laugh lightly as they return to their positions in the circle.

Maria looks at Isabel. "Okay, Isabel, you're next."

Isabel leans forward and spins the bottle. As it spins the others watch and she smiles as it points to Alex.

"God, Alex, you're proving to be popular," Brody smiles.

Alex looks at Isabel with a shy smile and both soon stand. As they walk over to the spot that Alex had only shared with Liz they both smile at each other.

"30 seconds, no longer than that," Maria warns them.

Alex nods as he glances at her and then turns to Isabel again. They exchange a smile as they lean in for the kiss. As soon as their lips touch Alex holds onto her waist while Isabel puts her hands on his shoulders. Their lips part and they begin to deepen the kiss, as Isabel's hand now moves to his neck pulling him closer. Alex's hand moves up her back and pulls her closer.

Laurie watches them for several moments then lowers her gaze slowly before looking at the cushion that she sits on. Tess sees this and puts her arm on her shoulder. Laurie looks up and they exchange a sad smile.

Alex brings his injured hand up to rest on her shoulder while the other remains on her back. Maria looks at them then exchanges a look with Liz, who is then looking from Laurie to Alex and Isabel.

"5...4...3...2...1," Maria says firmly. "That's it guys, you're over with."

Alex and Isabel slowly part and exchange a sweet smile. They then look at the others as they blush a little.

"Do we even have to ask what it was like?" Kyle smirks.

Alex blushes as he looks at him. "Shut up, Kyle," he says with a smile.

He then looks at Isabel before they finally return to their positions in the circle. Isabel smiles across the table at him and Alex returns her smile. He then looks at the others and his smile fades when he sees Laurie avoid his gaze.

Maria looks at Brody and grins. "Okay, Brody, you're up."

Brody clears his throat as he spins the bottle. As it comes to the end of it's spin it points at Laurie. Brody looks at her with a shy smile which she returns. They soon stand and walk over to the spot and face each other.

"30 seconds, guys," Maria calls to them.

They look at her and nod as they lean in and kiss softly. The others watch them and Isabel looks at Alex who is looking at them with an unreadable expression. She watches as he then turns away and looks at the table. Isabel looks at him sadly before she looks back at Brody and Laurie.

"5...4...3...2...1," Maria says giving the countdown. "Time up, guys."

Brody and Laurie part and smile shyly at each other.

"How was it?" Tess asks.

"Nice," Laurie smiles. "It was nice."

Brody nods in agreement. "Yeah, it was nice."

"Okay, then," Maria says as Brody and Laurie sit back down. "Laurie, it's your turn."

Laurie spins the bottle and they wait for it to stop. When it does it points at Kyle. Both Laurie and Kyle's eyes widen in horror as Tess continues to look at the bottle shocked. The others raise their eyebrows.

"Okay, Laurie," Maria says stunned. "I guess it's you and Kyle."

"Does it have to be?" Laurie asks. She then looks to Kyle who's sitting at the other side of Tess. "No offence, Kyle."

Kyle shrugs. "None taken."

Tess looks at Laurie. "It's okay. It's just a game."

"It is?" Kyle asks shocked.

"Yeah," Tess nods as she looks at him.

Laurie studies her. "Are you sure?"

Tess turns to her with a small smile. "Yes, I'm sure. Now go kiss Kyle."

"That sounds weird," Laurie laughs lightly.

"So weird," Kyle adds as they both stand.

They walk over to the spot and stand nervously facing each other.

"Remember guys..." Maria begins.

"We know," Kyle interrupts her. "30 seconds."

They then both clear their throats as they stand still for several moments more.

"Closed lips," Laurie says.

Kyle nods. "Definitely."

They then gently let their lips meet without applying any pressure.

Isabel grins at Liz and Maria. "Is that even kissing?"

Maria shakes her head with a smile. "No, but we'll let them off with it."

Tess looks up at Kyle and Laurie and looks away uncomfortable. She glances at Alex and sees he is watching them to with some discomfort. He then realises that she is looking at him and both exchange a small smile.

"5...4...3...2...1," Maria says as she looks at them. "Okay..."

Kyle and Laurie part quickly and exchange an embarrassed smile before looking at Tess who smiles shyly up at them.

"How was it?" Isabel asks curiously.

"Strange," Kyle answers quickly.

"Very," Laurie adds with a nod. She then frowns as she sees Alex looking at her strangely.

Tess laughs lightly as they both sit down. They see her amused expression and they smile with her.

Maria looks at Tess with a grin. "You're next, Tess."

Tess reaches out and spins the bottle. As it stops it points to Kyle. Both smile and look at each other for a moment.

"I guess it's you and me this time, Buddha Boy?"

Kyle smiles at her as he stands and holds out his hand which she takes. As they both now stand they walk over to the spot where the previous kisses have taken place with their fingers interlaced. They turn to face each other and Kyle gently thumbs the back of her hand and she smiles at him.

The others smile as they watch them and Alex turns to see Isabel looking at him. He smiles at her and she smiles shyly at him. He then looks to Laurie and both exchange a knowing look he nods to Kyle and Tess. Isabel watches this with a curious expression as she looks at Kyle and Tess again.

Kyle puts his hand on the small of Tess's back and presses her closer to him. Tess reaches up and rests her hands on his shoulders as they look into each others eyes. As they lean in they stop a few inches away from their lips meeting. They again gaze at one another before their lips softly touch. Soon their lips part and they deepen the kiss. Kyle presses her even closer, while Tess brings her hands up to his neck and pulls him to her as the kiss becomes more passionate.

The other exchange looks before returning their gaze on the kissing couple.

Kyle brings both his hands up to caress her face and Tess gives a deep moan from the back of her throat. At this the others exchange a stunned look, and Maria gasps as she watches them. After several moments Brody frowns and looks at the others.

"I'm sure that's longer than 30 seconds."

"Yeah," Liz nods distractedly as she continues watching them. "Maria..." she says not looking away.

Maria is watching Kyle and Tess and doesn't hear her.

Liz nudges her. "Maria."

"What?" Maria frowns as she looks at her.

Liz raises her eyebrows. "30 seconds remember?"

"Oh," Maria says with a nod. "It's a shame to break them up isn't it?"

Liz nods in agreement. "Yeah."

Maria then clears her throat as she looks at them. "Um, guys?"

Kyle and Tess don't respond as they continue to kiss.

"Guys?" Maria says louder.

Kyle and Tess slowly stop kissing but keep themselves in the same position.

"Your 30 seconds are up."

They open their eyes and look at each other with their lips inches apart. They slowly smile at each other and Kyle caresses her cheek with his thumb. Tess closes her eyes at his touch and he softly kisses her forehead. As she reopens her eyes he smiles at her before he speaks to the others.

"Guys, I'm quitting the game."

Tess smiles at him as she speaks. "Me too."

"Why am I not surprised," Maria grins.

The others exchange smiles as Kyle and Tess walk over to the couch and sit down. Kyle puts his arm around her shoulders and Tess leans against him.

Maria looks to Alex. "Well, Alex you're next."

Alex looks at the others and sees Isabel smiling at him. He spins the bottle and they all wait for it to stop. Once it does it points at Laurie. Isabel's smile fades as Alex and Laurie exchange a shy look.

Maria raises her eyebrows as she grins. "Laurie. It seems it's you and Alex."

Laurie looks at Maria then back at Alex who is still looking at her. They both exchange a shy smile before standing. Isabel looks uncomfortable as they stand in the same spot that Kyle and Tess had just occupied. Laurie glances at the others before she looks at Alex nervously. He seems to be as nervous as she is.

"Remember 30 seconds," Maria calls to them. "Not one second less. Okay?"

They both look at her curiously.

"Okay," Alex says humouring her. He then sees Isabel looking at him and he clears his throat as he looks down.

Laurie sees this and looks at him gently as she speaks quietly. "We don't have to do this..."

"No," Alex interrupts her. "We do. It's part of the game." He then smiles at her. "Plus I've already kissed two girls already..."

Laurie smiles at him and Alex holds out his hand. She looks down at the offered hand and smiles as she places her hand within his and steps closer to him. He smiles down at her as their eyes meet. He then leans down and she rises a little and their lips touch.

Isabel looks away and looks at the others who are smiling as they watch Alex and Laurie.

Alex wraps his arms around Laurie's waist as he pulls her closer to him as their lips part and they deepen the kiss. Laurie slides her hands up his chest and wraps her arms around his neck pulling him to her.

Maria smiles at them and looks to Liz who is also smiling at them. Liz smiles as she looks at Maria but then notices Isabel who is looking away. Liz's smiles fades and she nudges Maria.

"I think that's 30 seconds."

Maria looks at her with a frown and sighs as Liz gives her a stern look.

"5...4...3...2...1," Maria says reluctantly. "That's it guys, kissing time is over."

Alex and Laurie slowly part and look at each other with surprise. Kyle and Tess exchange a look before looking back at them.

"How was it?" Maria asks with a grin.

Isabel looks at her before looking at them expectantly.

Alex clears his throat as he turns to Maria. "It was..." He then exchanges a look with Laurie who looks as startled as he is.

"Different," Laurie says as she looks at Alex. She then smiles slowly at him. "It was different."

Alex gives her a small smile which she returns. "Yeah. It was different."

Maria looks to Liz with a smile as Alex and Laurie sit back down. Isabel watches them as they share a look and she looks at Alex sadly as he notices her looking at him. He looks down guiltily and Isabel then glares at Maria.

"Well, Maria, it seems that it's your turn now," Isabel says to her.

Maria nods and spins the bottle. As they all watch for the bottle to stop spinning Maria gulps as it comes to a stop pointing at Brody. Maria looks at him and he looks at her shyly.

"Well, Brody," Maria says sheepishly. "It's you and me."

Brody nods with a small smile and both of them stand. Liz watches them curiously as does Isabel. Alex and Laurie exchange a look with Kyle and Tess, and Alex frowns as Maria and Brody stand uneasy facing each other.

"Remember 30 seconds," Isabel calls out to them. "And not a second less."

Maria glares at her before she turns and smiles at Brody. "Are you ready?"

"We don't have to do this if you don't want to," Brody says sheepishly.

"Of course I want to," Maria smiles at him. "I'm kissing a friend, so why wouldn't I?"

Brody shrugs sheepishly and Maria touches his arm. He looks at her with a smile and she gently presses her lips against his. Brody puts his hands on her waist and Maria puts her hands on his shoulders.

Alex and Liz exchange a look and look back at them as it looks like the kiss has deepend a little.

Liz clears her throat as she begins the countdown. "5...4...3...2...1. That's it guys."

Maria pulls out of the kiss and looks at Brody stunned. He looks at her and they both turn to the others as they hear Isabel's voice.

"How was it?" she smiles.

Maria and Brody look at each other and clear their throats before looking back at the others.

"It was good," Brody says sheepishly.

"Yeah," Maria agrees. "Good." She then looks at Alex and Liz who are looking at her curiously.

Liz stands and picks up the bottle. "Okay, guys, I think that should be it."

Maria nods. "Yeah. That's us done."

Brody puts his hands in his pockets as Maria looks at him before walking towards the kitchen.

"Well, that was an interesting game," Kyle says to Tess as they sit on the couch.

Tess watches as Alex, Laurie and Isabel try to avoid looking at each other. "Yeah, it was."


Earlier the boys lost another game of volleyball to the girls. Now they have to perform a song dressed in the girls clothing.

Alex walks across the boys bedroom wearing one of Isabel's dresses and wearing make-up. Kyle laughs at him.

"Man, you are one ugly girl."

"Look who's talking," Alex says looking at Kyle who is wearing one of Tess' dresses. He then rubs his ankle. "Man, these heels are killing me."

Brody looks at him as he sits on his bed reading a book wearing a dress that belongs to Maria. "Yeah, I almost went over on them a minute ago."

Alex sits down at the bottom of Kyle's bed. "Why couldn't they make us do something more dignified. Like gauge our eyes out."

"Because that would be too tame for them," Kyle mutters. "They want to humiliate us."

They look up as they hear a knock on the door.

"Can I come in?" Liz calls to them.

"No," the 3 men say in unison.

"You'd just laugh," Alex calls to her.

Liz opens the door and walks in. She laughs as soon as she sees them.

"I thought we said no you couldn't come in?" Kyle says to her.

Liz looks at them as she continues to laugh. "This is hiliarious."

"For you maybe but not us," Brody mutters.

She then calms her laughter. "Now you guys do know how you're going to perform don't you?"

The others groan and nod.

"Good." Liz walks towards the door. "We expect you out there in 5 minutes."

Kyle and Alex make a face at her and she giggles. She opens the door and as she is about to close it she looks at them with a wicked grin. "By the way guys you all look very pretty."

Lhe giggles as she sees 3 pillows come flying towards her. She closes the door just as they make impact against it.


The girls have been waiting in the lounge area for over 15 minutes. The boys have yet to emerge from the bedroom.

"C'mon, guys," Liz calls out as she sits on the couch with the other girls. "We are starting to get impatient."

"Yeah, we wanna see what you are made of," Maria adds with a smile.

The girls look up as the bedroom door slowly opens. As the boys come out the girls begin to laugh loudly.

"Oh, my, god," Maria giggles.

Tess attempts to look at Kyle seriously. "Kyle, you wouldn't believe how hot you look right now."

Kyle shakes his head as she then laughs. "Very funny."

"Alex, you look so cute," Maria teases him as she walks over to him.

"Shut up," he says as he walks away from her.

Maria follows him. "No, you do. Doesn't he, Liz?"

Liz gives him the thumbs up. "That's a new look you should keep."

Alex glares at her and the girls begin to whoop and whistle at them as they sit back down and the boys stand before them.

As the boys begin to sing the girls begin to get louder as they cheer them on.

Alex and Kyle look at each other.

"This is humiliating," Alex whines.

"We're going to have to pay them back for this," Kyle says quietly as Brody begins to sing.

Alex looks at him curiously. "What could we do?"

"I don't know but I'll think of something."


The housemates have separated into 2 and are scattered around the house. They are discussing their reactions to the game of spin the bottle that they had played earlier.

Maria sits on her bed in the girls bedroom and Liz sits with her.

"He's going to see this and think that I'm into Brody," Maria says worriedly.

Liz shakes her head. "No, he won't. Michael won't think of it as anything other than a friendly kiss between the two of you."

Maria looks at her. "Liz, this is Michael we are talking about."

"Maria," Liz says as she holds onto her arms. "It was a game. That's all it was...right?"

Maria looks at her and nods. "Right."

Liz nods and then takes Maria by the hand leading her towards the mirrors.

"Liz, what are you doing?"

"You'll see," Liz replies. She stands Maria in front of the mirror and looks into it. "There's a camera behind this mirror, and you're going to tell Michael that the kiss with Brody meant nothing to you."

Maria glances at her and at Liz's look turns and faces the mirror. "Michael, I promise you that the kiss with Brody meant nothing. It was just a kiss a part of a game. That's all."

Liz smiles at her reflection. "Now, doesn't that feel better?"

Maria nods with a sigh. "A little bit." She then looks at Liz's reflection. "I just hope that he believes me."

"He will," Liz says as she leans her chin against Maria's shoulder.

Outside on the patio Brody sits at the table along with Isabel.

"I do like her," Brody says as he looks out into the garden. "But I'm not stupid. I know that she's in love with Michael. And I don't want to do anything that will embarrass her on national television."

Isabel nods understandably as she leans her arms on the table.

"What about you?" Brody asks her. "I noticed that you and Alex..."

"That's a bit..." she trails off as she searchs for a word.

Brody looks at her for a moment. "Complicated?"

Isabel nods slowly. "We used to date about a year ago. I couldn't commit to a relationship and broke it off with him."

"What about now?" Brody asks her curiously.

"Now, I think it might be too late. He's moved on."

Brody shakes his head with a smile. "I don't know. That kiss you two had seemed pretty intense to me."

Isabel smiles but then lowers her eyes sadly. "I wasn't the only one he kissed."

Brody looks at her and nods as Isabel sighs as she traces her finger along the wooden surface of the table.

In the den Tess and Laurie are sitting at the cushions with a blanket wrapped around their laps.

"So how did it feel kissing Kyle?" Laurie asks her.

Tess smiles at her. "Good. Really good. Okay who am I kidding it was amazing!"

Laurie laughs as Tess sighs.

"It was a long time coming."

"Was it everything that you hoped for?"

Tess nods with a small smile. "That and more."

Laurie smiles at her as she continues.

"I just hope that what we have can continue to grow once we leave here."

Laurie nods and Tess then looks at her.

"What about Alex? Was your kiss with him everything that you imagined?"

Laurie gives a small smile as she leans her head against the pillows.

Tess grins at her. "I take that is a yes then?"

Laurie looks at her with a smile but doesn't say anything.

"You really like him don't you?"

"Yeah," Laurie nods. "I don't think anything will happen though." She then looks down at the cup she holds. "I know that he still has feelings for Isabel. You just had to look at the way they kissed tonight to see that."

Tess looks at her curiously. "Laurie?"

Laurie looks up at her and waits for her to speak.

"He kissed you too."

Laurie smiles sadly at her. "But it wasn't the same."

"No," Tess admits. "But it wasn't that different either. I saw how you two were and trust me...everyone tonight could see that he isn't just feeling something for Isabel. He's feeling it for you too."

Laurie looks at her then looks away as she considers what's been said.

In the boys bedroom Kyle sits on his bed watching Alex as he paces the room.

Alex rubs his face with his hands and groans. "God, this is so very weird. When did my lovelife become so complicated."

"Since you met Isabel Evans," Kyle smirks.

Alex stops pacing and glares at him. "That's not funny."

"It wasn't meant to be."

Alex begins to pace again before he stops and drops onto his bed and lets himself fall backwards onto the mattress. "This is becoming very confusing."

Kyle turns to look at him. "Alex, how do you feel about Isabel?"

Alex looks up at the ceiling and sighs before answering quietly. "I love her."

"Really?" Kyle asks as he raises his eyebrows.

"Yes, really."

"Well, why aren't you with her?"

Alex looks down at his hand. "I got burned badly last time. I'm not sure if I could go through that again. I don't think she would do it again but...you can forgive but never forget, you know?"

Kyle nods. "Okay then how do you feel about Laurie?"

Alex sighs again. "I'm starting to really care about her..." he trails off.

"In a you're a good friend way?" Kyle asks him.

Alex sighs as he rests his injured hand on his stomach. "In a non-friendly way."

Kyle nods again and smirks. "Well, I could just say that you're screwed...which you might want..."

"That's not helping, Kyle."

"But instead I'm going to offer you a piece of advice," Kyle says sincerely. "You've got to get your head around what you really feel for who."

Alex looks at him as he sits up.

"You've got to figure out if what you feel for Isabel is still really love or if it's just a lingering feeling from last time you were together."

Alex lowers his eyes and looks back up as Kyle begins to speak again.

"Also you've got to figure out if you really do care for Laurie. Or is it just excitement that someone other than Isabel is interested in you."

Alex looks at him indignant. "You do realise that I have been with Leanna as well, don't you? So I know what it's like to have someone interested in me."

Kyle smirks at him. "And how long ago was Leanna? Have you had anyone since?"

"Point taken," Alex nods.

"All I'm going to say is that when I was with Liz I thought that I had fallen for her," Kyle says with a blush.

Alex frowns at him. "Really?"

"Yeah," Kyle nods. "But now...honestly I couldn't see myself with anyone other than Tess."

Alex smiles at him. "That's great, man."

Kyle grins at him. "Thanks."

Alex then thinks for a moment. "I wish I could see things as clearly as you right now."

"Well, that's what you've got to figure out," Kyle shrugs. "Who do you want to be with? Isabel or Laurie?"

Alex lies back down on his bed. He then sighs as he looks up at the ceiling deep in thought.

DAY 36 - 8:43am

Day 36 in the Big Brother house. The girls are awake while the boys still sleep. They are planning to ambush the boys in a pillow fight.

Standing outside the boys bedroom Maria turns to the rest of the girls and puts her finger up to her mouth gesturing them to be quiet. She points at the door and then holds up her pillow with a wicked grin. The other girls try to stifle their giggles and nod, holding their pillows close.

Maria slowly opens the door and peers inside. The boys are still asleep and she turns to the others. As they look in they smile as they see the boys lie in their beds. Maria points the girls to the bed, and they all slowly tiptoe into the room.

As they stand over the beds they exchange smiles.

"Attack!" Maria bellows.

The boys all wake groggily at the noise and yelp as they find themselves being attacked by pillows.

"Hey, this is not fair," Alex calls out as Liz and Maria pound him with their pillows.

Brody rolls out of bed managing to escape the pillow that Isabel brings down at him. He grabs his own pillow and begins to fight back. Kyle does the same but lands at Laurie's feet while avoiding Tess's pillow. He grabs his own pillow and quickly uses it as a shield as Laurie attacks him. Tess soon rushes around to the other side of the bed and both girls now lay their assault on him.

"Help!" Alex calls out as he tries to dodge the attack from Liz and Maria.

"Help yourself," Kyle calls back as he manages to slide away from the bed and stand. He now finds himself in a better position to fend off Tess and Laurie.

Brody looks over to Alex's bed and sees Maria and Liz on either side of the bed, battering Alex with their pillows. He counteracts Isabel's blow that is aimed at him and rushes over to help Alex. Isabel soon pursues him as Liz and Maria look up as they hear Brody call out with a battle cry.

Their eyes widen and Liz quickly protects herself and Maria rushes around to help her. Alex grins as he gets up quickly and grabs a pillow.

"Ha ha, you thought you could beat us..."

He's interrupted as Isabel hits him with her pillow. Giggles soon fill the room as all the housemates battle it out.


The housemates sit in the lounge talking about tonight's eviction.

"Well, at least one of us is going to be in a classy hotel tonight," Maria says as she looks at Liz then Isabel.

Alex looks at the three girls sadly as Kyle, Tess, Laurie and Brody watch the exchange.

"And we'll get to see our families again," Liz adds with a smile.

"Along with Max and Michael," Isabel smiles.

"And Sean," Maria adds. She then thinks for a moment. "I wonder what they've been getting up to since they got out?"

Liz shakes her head and shrugs and looks at Isabel as she speaks.

"They're probably enjoying the limelight if the show is successful enough."

Liz gives a small smile. "I'm not sure if Max would enjoy the attention."

"No," Isabel smiles as she shakes her head. "But Michael would."

"And, Sean would," Maria grins. "Michael and Sean would be playing the crowd."

The others laugh and Alex forces himself to smile.

Isabel sighs. "Well, one of us will get to be a part of the madness tonight."

Liz and Maria nod in agreement and Alex again looks at the three girls sadly.


Wayne stands in front of the screen in the studio as the housemates can be seen behind him talking anxiously.

"Well, that's what's been happening inside. Now it's time to see the friends and families!"

The audience cheer and Wayne sits down between two families. "Now as it's a special eviction we also have 3 former housemates with us today...Max, Michael and Sean."

The audience cheer as Max gives a small smile which Michael and Sean look less nervous.

"Now with us again we have Philip and Diane who are Isabel's mom and dad, and beside them is former housemate Max who is Isabel's brother."

Max smiles shyly at him as he points the mic at him. "Now, Max, how do you think Isabel is handling her second time up for eviction?"

"She's handling it well," Max replies. "Like she said earlier in the week now she just wants to enjoy her time in the house so this might have been a wake up call for her."

"How do you think Liz is handling it?"

Max smiles at the mention of Liz's name. "She's been amazing. She took the news in her stride and I think she's more worried about Maria and Alex than she is about herself. And she'll be devasted that if she stays Maria will probably go."

Wayne nods and looks to Diane and Philip. "Now Isabel has had a tough time in there..."

"Yes," Diane nods.

"Do you think she's coping well?"

Diane nods. "I think she's coping very well. There has been some confrontations with Maria which she's faced up to..."

"And the whole Alex and Laurie situation?" Wayne adds.

"Yes, she's had to face her feelings for Alex, and I thought it was unwise for them all to play a game like spin the bottle with everything that has been happening lately."

Wayne smiles. "That was a very surprising game." He then looks at Michael who sits next to Amy. "How did you feel when you saw Maria kiss Brody?"

Michael shrugs. "It was only a game. It didn't mean nothing to her and I know that, so I haven't anything to be worried about."

"Seeing it though, did it make you want to break into the house like you said you would last week?" Wayne grins at him.

Michael smiles as he thinks about it. "Yeah. But I know Maria isn't someone who would cheat on me," he says seriously. "I know how she feels about me and she knows how I feel about her so I've nothing to be worried about. Also I think that tonight is unfair and that if you want to have a double eviction then you should tell them."

Sean and Max nod in agreement along with the rest of the audience.

"Yeah, tell them," Sean echoes.

Wayne then looks to Amy who is giving him a disapproving look. "Now, Amy..."

"Yes, Wayne," Amy says looking at him.

"How do you think Maria has coped with being up for eviction?"

"She's been fine," Amy says. "She was shocked but she's more worried if Liz is the one to leave. She'd rather go first before she sees Liz or Alex leave the house."

Wayne clears his throat. "Do you think that she'll be surprised with the shock eviction?"

"Yes," Amy sighs. "They'll all be shocked and I have to say that Big Brother should be ashamed of themselves for putting those poor kids through this."

The audience clap as they say words in agreement.

Wayne nods as he points the microphone at Sean. "Sean, how do you think the housemates will deal with the evictions?"

"Badly," Sean says and then looks at Amy. "Like Aunt Amy said Big Brother should be ashamed of themselves as they could have done this a better way by telling them."

Wayne moves up to a man and a woman who sit behind Amy. "Over here we have Jeff and Nancy, Liz's parents."

"Hello," Jeff says shyly.

"How do you think Liz has been coping with life inside the house?"

Jeff looks at Nancy before he answers. "She's been doing fine. She had a tough few weeks but she's came through it."

Nancy nods as she speaks. "After the whole thing with Tess died down the only other problem she had was when Max left."

Max turns around and looks at them as they speak to Wayne.

"But now she seems to be one of the most grounded people in the house."

Wayne frowns a little. "Now you mentioned Tess. Do you think they are getting along better now?"

Jeff nods. "Definitely. They seemed to have moved on from their problems, but even though they are nominating each other still I think it's more out of reluctance than anger or anything else."

Wayne nods. "She does seem to have a competitive streak doesn't she? We saw that on Wednesday with the volleyball match."

Jeff and Nancy laugh as does Max who still looks at them.

"Yes," Jeff answers. "She can be competitive but in a good way."

"Plus the boys deserved to lose," Nancy smiles.

The audience laugh as Wayne stands and walks down the steps.

"Okay if you haven't voted then you are too late. The voting has now closed and I'm now going to talk to the housemates. Can I please have quiet from the audience as announce the first evictee of the night," he says as he turns to the screen.

"Big Brother House, this is Wayne. You are live on television and radio so please do not swear."

The housemates cheer and Alex, Maria and Liz tighten their grip on each others hands. Liz puts her arm over so that she is now also holding Alex's hand which Maria already holds. Alex turns to Isabel and takes her hand. Both exchange smiles and Alex closes his eyes as Wayne begins to speak.

"The nation has been voting for the past week and the voting has now closed. The results have been counted and verified by an independant ajudicator. The fourth person to be evicted from the Big Brother House is..."

Maria and Liz both close their eyes and Isabel bows her head as she tightens her grip on Alex's hand. Alex squeezes the hand that Isabel holds, and also the hands that both Liz and Maria hold.


The Alex and Liz open their eyes and look at Maria who smiles back at them sadly. Isabel quietly lets out a breath of relief and then looks to Alex who is watching Liz hug Maria tightly. Brody watches them sadly.

"Maria, you have an hour and a half to get ready. Pack your belongings and say your goodbyes. I'll see you in 90 minutes, I'm now closing the mic."

"You get to stay, babe," Maria smiles as she hugs Liz.

As Liz pulls back we see tears crawl down her cheeks, Alex soon pulls Maria into a warm hug and Liz wipes away her tears as Alex hugs Maria tightly.

Wayne walks over to the audience and sits down next to Sean, Amy and Michael.

"How do you think she'll handle it?" he asks Amy who's eyes have glazed over.

"She'll be fine," Amy nods sadly. "She'll just be glad that Liz is still in there."

"What do you think, Sean?"

Sean nods slowly as he looks at the screen. "She's a good girl. Maria will handle this in her own way, and she'll love the crowd out there."

Wayne nods as points the microphone at Michael. "Do you think she'll enjoy the attention of the crowd?"

Michael nods sadly still looking at the screen where Maria, Liz and Alex are now having a group hug while Isabel has moved over to the others as they watch them sadly.

"Yeah. She'll love it," Michael says distractedly. "But personally I think she should have stayed in there. The house will be dead without her."

Wayne nods as he stands and walks towards the screen while looking into the camera. "I can reveal that Maria received 29049 votes which was 48% of the votes. Tune in to part 2 of our special Double Eviction Friday when we will talk to Maria about missing Michael, her friendship with Brody, her hostile relationship with Isabel, and playing matchmaker to Alex and Laurie."

He then says with excitement. "Also tune in to see who will be the fifth housemate to leave the Big Brother house! All this in part 2 of Double Eviction Friday!"