Day 34 - 10.13am

Day 34 in the Big Brother House. All the housemates are in the lounge discussing the strategy of the task that they will have to perform in a few minutes. This week the housemates have gambled 45% of their weekly shopping budget on successfully teaching a cat, called Wilson, how to eat with its paw.

Isabel is sitting on the chair while Liz, Alex and Maria sit on one of the sofa's. Laurie, Kyle and Tess sit on the other sofa while Brody sits on the floor.

Maria looks at Brody, "You know that we could maybe squeeze up and you could fit on the couch if you want?"

Brody shakes his head and smiles at her as he answers. "Nah, it's alright. I like it down here..."

"So, who's taking charge of the hell cat?" Alex asks cheerily as he looks over at Kyle who is touching Tess' hand gently with his own.

Tess looks at Alex disaprovingly, "Wilson is not a hell cat, Alex."

Alex grins at her, "That's because he's not a real cat. Cats have fur...Wilson looks like he has been turned inside out..."

Maria nudges him harshly. "Alex! He is the difference between us failing and passing the task so you have to be nice to him when he comes in!"

Alex nods his head, "Fine, I'll be nice if he passes the task...if not..."

Brody smirks at him and calls up to Maria, "Lets leave that to the girls imagination, Alex. At least until after the task."

Laurie looks at him and shakes his head. "Brody! Don't humour him, Alex is serious about hating Wilson."

Alex looks at her and nods his head. "Of course I'm serious! He's evil!"

Kyle rolls his eyes, "Give it up, Alex. He is seriously ugly but I don't think he's evil."

"So, who is taking charge of the task?" Isabel asks as she tries to stifle a smile.

Liz looks at Tess and Laurie and looks at them both. "You two have got to give it a go, Wilson likes you two. It would either be one of you or Alex." She grins at Alex as he smirks at her.

Alex grins at her, "Yeah, I'll give it a know how much the cat loves me."

Tess looks at Laurie and grins, "We can do it, we've had him eating already."

Kyle looks at them confused, "When?"

Tess blushes slightly as she looks at Laurie and it's Brody who calls over, "That was right about when you were being a pain in the ass yesterday morning."

Kyle looks slightly embarrassed as he looks at Brody, "Oh, then..."

The other housemates all exchange amused looks as they look at Kyle and Tess.

This is Big Brother, the task will begin in 5 minutes. Will one of the housemates please come to the Diary Room to collect Wilson.

Tess looks at Laurie and they grin as both of them stand up and walk over to the Diary Room.

As they walk over Kyle shakes his head, "I have no idea what those two are going to do when that stupid cat goes. They'll probably be more upset at that than they would if one of us were to leave."

Maria smiles, "Well, it is important to have something nice in here."

Brody looks at her and grins, "Hey, we're nice!"

Maria shakes her head, "But not as nice as Wilson."

Tess and Laurie walk over happily holding Wilson. "Okay guys, Wilson's ready to pass our task for us."

Isabel looks at her intently, "Has he been fed? He looks kind of fat..."

Laurie and Tess look at Wilson as they sit him down.

"He doesn't look fat, does he?" Laurie says as she looks at the others.

"He probably ate a small child before he came in here, that's why," Alex says quietly which causes Brody and Kyle to laugh and the girls to look at him harshly.

"What?" He asks as the girls begin to glare at him.

Tess fixes the food out and takes Wilson to behind the sofa on the floor. The other housemates all gather around them and look at the cat as they wait on Big Brother to talk.

This is Big Brother, the task will now begin.

A horn can be heard and Laurie passes Tess the food and sits it down in front of Wilson.

"C'mon Wilson, we all know you can do it." Tess says enthusiastically as she watches the cat hopefully.

Wilson looks at her and walks over to her and rubs himself against her hand purring.

Kyle immediately calls to her. "Get over here, the cat thinks that you want to play with it!"

Tess stands up and Liz and Laurie call encouragingly over to Wilson as the cat sniffs over at the food.

Brody looks at him, "That cat has no interest in eating that with his paw."

Isabel looks at the cat and calls over. "Come on Wilson, just one little paw of food."

Wilson begins to sniff the food before turning away and the boys roll their eyes as Laurie looks desperately.

"Come on Wilson!"

Alex looked at the cat and Tess walks over to him. "Alex, you tell Wilson that you want him to pass the task!"

Alex sighs reluctantly and looks at the cat who is now sitting cleaning his paw. He calls over feebily, "Wilson, you can pass the task, please eat the meat!"

The cat doesn't respond and Alex turns to Kyle, "Kyle, go demonstrate how it should eat the meat."

Kyle walks over towards the cat and Maria stops him before he can go further, "No. We're desperate but not that desperate."

The group sit and try and encourage the cat to eat the food but he doesn't move and after 5 minutes the horn sounds again.

As the horn blows all the housemates groan as the girls all sit down beside the cat and stroke it encouragingly. Kyle looks at the girls disbelievingly, "What are you doing with him? He failed us the task!"

Tess looks at him disaprovingly, "He didn't fail the task deliberately! He feels bad about that."

Alex shakes his head, "He's not upset, he's just sorry that we didn't lose more money so that we would starve!"

Brody shakes his head as he walks over towards the girls and peers at the cat. "He does look like he's smirking, maybe Alex was right about him having a grudge against us."

Liz shakes her head. "You guys need to relax about this, so we lost 45%. That still leaves us with about $40 and that is more than enough for 7 people to live on next week."

Alex shakes his head as the boys walk away. "Well, on the brightside, we don't have to look at him anymore."

Tess and Laurie exchange horrified looks as the look at Wilson.

"They'll be taking him back!" Tess says sadly.

Laurie looks at Tess and then the other girls. "They wouldn't mind if we took him into the girls room."

The others all shake their heads and Tess gently picks up Wilson and heads towards the girls room.

As they disappear Isabel smiles at Liz and Maria. "If things go on like this, Big Brother will have to get the counsellor in for those two..."

In the girls room, Tess, Laurie and Wilson are sitting on the bed. They are both stroking the cat who is purring happily and Tess whispers to Laurie.

"You think if we asked Big Brother, they would maybe let us keep him?"

Laurie looks at her and then to the cat. "Maybe not in here, but maybe they would let us adopt him after we leave the house?"

Tess looks at her, "That would be great, but who would he live with?"

Laurie looks at her, "Well, I'm moving to Roswell and I'll be living with Michael until I get my own place..."

"And I'll be staying with Kyle," Laurie smirks at Tess as she blushes before continuing. "And his dad..."

"So? We could work that out nearer the time?" Laurie asks her as they stroke the cat.

Tess smiles and nods her head. "Yeah."

This is Big Brother, the group have failed this week's task. Could someone please bring Wilson to the Diary Room.

Laurie and Tess share a sad look and each of them take a turn to cuddle Wilson. Laurie looks at Tess and sighs. "Do you want to take him in?"

Tess sighs and nods her head as she picks up Wilson and carries him sombrely out the room. As they arrive at the Diary Room door Alex turns to them.

"Goodbye, Wilson." He calls happily from the lounge before turning to the others. "Good riddance you psycho cat from hell..."

Tess takes the cat into the Diary Room as Laurie comes over and sits beside the others. "We've decided we're going to ask to adopt it."

Alex, Kyle and Maria all look at her disbelievingly. "You are not adopting that...thing!"

Maria looks at her and smiles. "Ignore Alex, where are you two going to keep it?"

Laurie shrugs her shoulders. "We don't know yet..."

Kyle shakes his head. "It can't stay with us...I'll end up sleeping on the floor."


All the housemates are out in the garden playing volleyball using Brody's soccer ball and the washing line as a net.

Isabel is bouncing the soccerball up and down like a basket ball and looking at the washing line which is now doubling as the net.

"Okay, I think that we should maybe make this interesting," Isabel says as she looks over the line at the boys who are waiting expectantly on the ball to be hit over.

Kyle looks at her expectantly. "Don't even think about making this another "strip game", I refuse to play you girls at anything that involves casting off clothes."

Maria smirks at them. "I bet if we were to say all you had to do is beat us then we'd strip off all of you guys would jump at it?"

Alex puts on an innocent expression and Brody calls over. "We'd be too scared that you girls were planning something."

Isabel shakes her head. "No, I don't mean that. Lets make it a real game. Girls versus the boys."

Kyle looks at her unimpressed. "How is that fair? There's 5 of you and only 3 of we have Alex..."

"Hey!" Alex calls indignantly to Kyle.

"I didn't mean that to be totally insulting but, you are injured so it would be like playing 2 on 5." Kyle says matter of factly.

"Still resenting that, Kyle. My hand's nearly better..." Alex says as he obligingly stretches his hand and only grimaces a little. "See, good as new."

Liz walks over to the front of the make shift court. "What's up Kyle, are you afraid of losing to a bunch of girls again?"

Kyle smirks as he turns around to look at Brody and Alex who are looking at him expectantly. He shakes his head and rolls his eyes as he answers. "Fine, we'll take you on. But we won't be taking it easy on you because you're girls."

The girls all look at each other and smile as they get into position. Liz looks around and see's Tess standing at the back of the court.

"Tess, get over here towards the front. "

Tess looks at her confused as she walks over. "What?"

Liz smiles. "We're a little bit shorter than the others, so it would maybe help if we stayed at the front."

Alex, Brody and Kyle have huddled together in the corner of the garden. Kyle is whispering strategies quietly.

"Okay, Liz and Tess are basically the shortest players so if we keep the ball high we totally negate them."

Alex and Brody nod their heads as Alex adds, "Yeah, and Maria is totally hopeless at sports so she won't get to the ball that often..."

"The only two we have to worry about are Laurie and Isabel," Brody says as Kyle and Alex nod.

"Isabel is very athletic so she will cover a lot of ground but she can get a little competitive so if she has to do a lot of chasing she might start making mistakes...and yelling at the rest of the girls," Alex says as the three guys lean back to look at the girls who are waiting eagerly.

"So that leaves Laurie. We have no idea what Laurie can do..." Kyle says as he looks back at the other boys.

Brody shakes his head. "So? Even if she is a half decent player that will be two on three, we can beat them."

The boys nod and walk over to their starting positions.

Isabel looks at the boys and then smiles at the girls as she tosses the ball over the other side of the net. "Here, you guys serve first. Maybe that will balance out the team deficit."

Kyle catches the ball and tosses it to Alex to serve. Alex looks across the net and see's Liz and Tess stand at the front of the net and has to stifle a laugh as he uses his bad hand to throw the ball up and his good hand to smash the ball high over the net, where it floats over a jumping Liz and Tess' head and lands between them. As the ball lands Alex smiles and begins to laugh as the girls throw the ball over the net hard. He shakes his head and serves the exact same way again with the same result.

The girls look at Liz and Tess who look embaressed at the ball lying just behind them. Brody calls the score over the net and Isabel picks the ball up and throws it over the net again.

Alex serves the ball again and this time Laurie runs quickly and keeps it up in the air long enough for Isabel to get it over the net. Brody dives for the ball theatrically and Kyle smashes the ball hard over the net directly at Maria who attempts to keep the ball up in the air doesn't reach the other four girls.

As the ball drops in the girls half the boys cheer loudly and Isabel and Liz look at each other and rearrange the formation around.

Alex whispers loudly to Brody. "This could be over in ten minutes..."


The housemates are still playing volley ball. The two teams have won 2 games each and are now in the middle of a tie-breaker.

"You know what would make this interesting?" Liz asks competitively as she glares at the boys.

"What?" Alex asks from the back of the court.

"The losers have to be the winners slaves for the rest of the day." Liz says as she continues to look at them.

The girls look at her disbelievingly and the boys burst out laughing.

"Liz, you do not want to bet us...not that we wouldn't want you girls to be our slaves..." Kyle says as he looks at her.

Isabel walks over beside Liz in an aggressive pose. "You would have to beat us first."

Kyle sighs as he looks at the other guys who nod their heads and he says. "Fine, we'll take the bet!"

Liz nods her head and grins at the other girls as she picks up the ball. "Good, prepare to hand over the rest of your day to us."

"Yeah, right. We're worried," Alex says as he grins at the girls.

"You should be." Liz looks at him and grins as she serves the ball right at his weak side which causes him to look at her as he makes a weak attempt to get to the ball.

Brody and Kyle shake their heads at Alex.

"You could have hit that a bit harder," Kyle says as he picks up the ball and throws it over the net.

"Hey, I'm injured!"

Kyle looks at him and rolls his eyes. "That's a poor excuse. Besides, you said you were better..."

"Are you two going to sit there and bicker like children or are you ready to play again?" Liz calls over.

"We're ready..." Brody calls over as the boys all get in position.

The girls serve the ball and Alex immediately sets the ball for Kyle to smash over the net. It is saved by Liz who sets the ball for Isabel, who smashes the ball at Brody who hits the ball up in the air so that Alex can smash it hard over Liz's head to Laurie who attempts to set up Maria who misses the ball as it lands on the ground.

The boys see this and they all begin to cheer and laugh.

Liz looks at the ball and then glares at Alex. "You deliberately hit that over my head!"

Alex looks at her innocently but with a smirk. "Did I? Oh, I'm sorry..."

Liz glares at him as he begins to laugh with the other boys. She turns around and looks at the girls.

"Okay, I've had it with them blasting balls over my head! Isabel, Laurie? You keep getting it over Kyle and smacking it at Alex's weak side."

Tess looks at her a little worried. "Isn't that maybe a little unf..."

Liz and Isabel both glare at her and she stops talking and smiles at them before looking at the boys who are working out there own strategy.

"That sounds good," Maria says as she walks over to postion and throws the ball over at the boys.


The score is tied and both the boys and girls are discussing their strategy for the final point, which the girls are serving.

Alex, Brody and Kyle are huddled in the corner looking suspiciously at the girls.

"Okay, we have a fair idea what they are going to do here," Brody says as he looks at both Alex and Kyle before continuing. "They'll smash the ball over Kyle's head and direct it at you."

Kyle and Alex both nod their heads as Brody continues. "So, considering you two are, no offence, the two weak players."

Both Kyle and Alex look at him indignantly as he immediately smiles and continues.

"What we'll do is switch things around. Kyle, you go stand where Alex was standing, I'll take your position and Alex can take my position so that his weak side isn't exposed."

The boys nod as the girls look at them. Liz looks at them and then turns to the other girls. "They're changing formation, they realise that we're going to win it now."

Maria leans backwards to look at where the boys are standing. "So, what are we going to make them do?"

Isabel shakes her hand and takes the ball. "Everything. But we need to win the game first."

Liz looks at Maria and Tess and smiles reasuringly. "Maybe you two should stay back here..."

Maria and Tess look at her and reluctantly nod their heads as they walk to the back of the court.

"Everyone ready?" Isabel asks as she prepares to serve the ball. Everyone nods and she smacks the ball over the net straight at Kyle.

Kyle reaches the ball and sets it up for Alex, who hits the ball hard over the net straight at Liz who looks at the ball competitively before setting it up high for Isabel to smash straight at Brody. Brody keeps the ball from touching the ground and Alex runs in to get the ball over the net. The ball quickly heads towards Isabel who sets it up for Laurie. Laurie jumps and smashes the ball hard downwards towards Brody who doesn't reach it in time before it falls to the ground.

As the ball rests on the grass in the boys end of the court, the girls look and cheer loudly as they hug. Alex and Kyle walk over to Brody and shake their heads.

"We're the weak players?" Alex asks him as Brody looks at them apologetically.

Kyle walks over to the net. "We want a rematch!"

Liz looks at the girls and they nod their heads. "Fine, we'll play you again tomorrow. Now, you three should come over. I'm pretty sure we have stuff you can do."

The boys look at them desperately and groan loudly as they head towards the girls as they walk in the house.


The group are all in the hot-tub relaxing after the volley ball game. They are talking about their time so far in the house.

All the housemates are sitting around the hot tub.

"Kyle? Will you go get us all a drink?" Maria asks sweetly.

Kyle looks at her and shakes his head. "No."

Maria looks at him as he sits beside Tess and he looks straight back.

Maria looks at him seriously. "You aren't going to make me bring up the whole "slave" thing are you?"

He looks at her desperately. "Maria. Get Alex or Brody to do it!"

"But I want you to do it," Maria says with a slight hint of amusement.

Kyle glowers at her as he reluctantly gets out the tub. "Fine."

He walks in the house and the girls begin to laugh.

"Poor Kyle, it's going to get so much worse before it gets better." Liz smiles as Alex and Brody look at them nervously.

Kyle returns a few minutes later with a tray of drinks and hands them out with a forced smile before sliding back down beside Tess.

"So, that's us more than half way through. It's been weird so far hasn't it?" Alex asks.

The other nod as Isabel speaks. "It's been really weird, things haven't been how I thought they were going to be in here."

"Well, lets face it, none of us knew we were all going to get in here together," Liz says as she looks at her.

Tess looks at Brody and smiles gently. "Brody? Can you go and get us some sunscreen out?"

Brody looks at her and then at the sun. "It's not really that sunny..."

Maria looks at him and shakes her head. "Do you really want to let us burn?"

Brody sighs and gets out the tub and heads towards the house.

Tess looks at Liz. "Do any of you regret coming in here?"

Liz smiles and shakes her head. "No, not for a second."

Tess smiles at her and looks at Kyle and blushes slightly. "Me neither..."

Alex nudges Laurie and shares a knowing smile as they both look at Kyle and Tess. Maria grins at her before adding. "I'm glad I came in as well..."

Alex sighs as he looks up at the sky. "I think this is the exact group of people we would have chosen to do this with..."

Brody walks out the door holding a couple of bottles of sunscreen. He hands one to Tess who smiles at him gratefully as she takes it and squirts a blob of it onto the palm of her hand. She looks at Kyle and smiles.

"Could you maybe?" She asks shyly as she passes him the sunscreen. He smiles at her and nods his head as he reaches for the container.

"Kyle? Can you go get me my sunglasses?" Liz asks as she notices Kyle smiling at Tess intently.

Kyle looks at her disbelievingly. "It's Alex's turn!"

Liz smiles at him sweetly, "We're not playing it in turns."

Kyle glares at her and stands out the water. "Fine!"

As he walks in the house Liz turns to Tess and smiles apologetically. "Sorry, but we have to make him suffer after the way he was acting during volley ball."

Tess sighs and nods her head in agreement as she passes the sunscreen to Laurie who begins to rub it into her back. Kyle walks out the house and glares at Liz as he climbs back in the hot tub. "Anything else?"

No one responds. Laurie looks at the others and sighs. "How do you think it will be out there?"

Maria leans in beside Liz and whispers into her ear. "Well you can bet that at least one of us will have different living arrangements."

As she pulls back she grins at Tess and Kyle as he takes over from Laurie by massaging the lotion into Tess' back.

Alex sighs and smiles. "I think it will be weird out there. Maybe at first, but then I'm sure things will get back to normal..."

Isabel nods her head and looks at him. "Things might get better..."

Maria grins. "Yeah, and you might be famous and have to beat record producers off with a stick..."

Liz sighs. "I just hope we can get back to normal quickly, I don't want us to be under constant scrutiny..."

They all sit in silence before Laurie sighs. "I guess it's time for dinner..."

The others nod their heads as Isabel looks at Brody and then to Kyle. "So, what are you making?"

Kyle looks at her and shakes his head. "What do you mean? It's your turn to cook."

Isabel grins at him. "Not anymore."

Kyle sighs loudly. "You are trusting the three of us to cook dinner? Alone?"

Maria shakes her head. "No, we are trusting the two of you to cook dinner."

Brody looks at her and shakes his head. "Your kidding? Why is Alex getting off with it again?"

Alex is smiling innocently as Kyle and Brody glare at him.

"Because we don't trust him in the kitchen. Besides, he's not getting off with it," Liz says as she looks at them.

Alex looks panicked. "Why?"

All the other housemates look at him amused before Tess speaks. "Because you lost as well. You are our slave for the day as well..."

Alex goes to make a comment but Maria stops him. "Don't bother trying to talk us out of it."

Alex looks at her hopefully. "Would it work?"

The girls all look at him and shake their heads simultaneously.


The housemates have finally got out the hot tub. Brody and Kyle are in the kitchen making baked potatoes and salad for dinner. Alex and the girls are all in the lounge.

Brody and Kyle are sniggering in the kitchen as they watch Alex. "There's a new profession for you there, Alex."

"Shut up, Kyle!" Alex calls angrilly from the lounge.

"No, Alex. You have to go backwards and forwards not up and down," Isabel says as she looks at Alex who is filing Maria's nails.

"Yeah, Alex. You need to get the technique right," Brody calls helpfully from the kitchen.

"Shut up, Brody!" Alex yells from the seat as he looks down angrilly.

He looks at the 5 girls who are looking at him amused. "This is unfair, I will help in the kitchen."

Tess shakes her head. "But we want to be able to eat the food..."

He looks at her desperately. "I promise I won't burn anything...I'll concentrate."

Maria nudges him to encourage him to continue filing her nails as she speaks. "No, I think Kyle and Brody can handle it over there themselves. But, if they need help..."

Laurie looks over at Kyle and Brody who are still sniggering as Alex looks at them pleadingly.

"Guys, do you need help over there?" Laurie calls over to them.

Kyle and Brody look at each other and look at Alex who is looking at them pleadingly.

"Brody, do you think we could do with an extra pair of hands over here?" Kyle asks obligingly.

Brody looks at Alex and then to Kyle. "It might be useful, but I think we could manage without them."

Alex's eyes widen and the girls begin to laugh. "Guys? You could do with help..."

Kyle grins at him and shakes his head. "You are doing such a good job over there..."

"Guys! Come on!"

They both shake there heads and Brody smiles at the girls. "We don't need any help."

Alex looks at them both shocked as Maria holds her hand out for Alex. "I think after you finish there you can put the warm amber nail polish on."

He looks down and sighs loudly. "This sucks."


Maria, Isabel and Liz are all getting ready for bed while Brody is in with Big Brother. Kyle and Tess are sitting in the garden alone while Alex and Laurie are sitting in the conservatory watching them.

Laurie and Alex watch as Kyle reaches his hand over to touch Tess' arm lightly. Tess responds by smiling at him and laughing gently.

"What do you think is going on there?" Alex asks Laurie as he looks at them both.

Laurie shakes her head and sighs wistfully. "I have no idea, but things seem a lot better than they did yesterday."

Alex nods his head. "A lot better. I would say that they got things all out in the open."

Laurie smiles as she looks at him. "They are good together. I think that they will work."

Alex nods his head as he turns to her. "Kyle's dad is going to be pulling his hair out, it's amazing how much their relationship has changed since they came in here."

"Do you think it will change once they are out of here?" Laurie asks as she turns to face him fully.

Alex shakes his head and laughs gently as he answers. "No way, if anything it will just get stronger. I wouldn't be surprised if you have to put Tess up once we're out of here...either that or the Sheriff will be forced to patrol the hallways at night."

Laurie smiles at him happilly. "I wouldn't mind that."

"At least that would solve the Wilson argument. You know, I'm surprised at how well we've all got on in here. You didn't know anyone in here."

Laurie smiles. "Well, I knew some of the people, but I didn't know Sean, Kyle, Brody, Tess or you."

He turns to look at her. "Well, I'm glad that you got to know us. I'm glad that we got to know you."

She nods her head and smiles at him gently. "I'm glad as well."

Alex looks at her gently. "You know, I hope that once we are out of here that we can continue to do stuff together, I hope that we can still be friends."

Lauris nods her head and smiles. "Me too, I don't want us to stop being friends just because we're not in here."

Alex takes her hand and squeezes it gently before letting it go. "That won't happen."

She smiles at him warmly and looks at him. "Good."

They sit in silence for a minute before Alex laughs gently. "Of course if you have that cat I expect him to be locked away from me if I visit!"

Laurie rolls her eyes. "Wilson will not be getting locked up."

Alex looks indignant. "You value that cat above me?"

Laurie looks at him like she's considering what he said before grinning as she nods her head. "Yes, yes I do."

Alex puts on a hurt expression before laughing gently. "Well, that means I won't be visiting you."

Laurie sighs loudly as she looks at him. "I guess that's a fair price to pay..."

He smiles at her gently. "You would be missing out on a good thing then..."

Laurie returns his smile and replying gently. "I don't doubt it, but the cat would still stay."

Alex sighs and lies down on the cushion. "Your loss..."

Laurie sighs and smiles at him. "Yeah, it would be..."