Day 33 - 10.17am

Day 33 in the Big Brother house. Alex is in the shower and the rest of the housemates are sitting in the lounge. Kyle is trying to train the cat for the task in which the housemates have gambled 45% of their weekly budget.

The girls are looking at Kyle disgusted as he tries to teach Wilson to eat the cat food using his paw. Kyle lifts a piece of the meat with his finger as he looks at the cat.

"C'mon, Wilson! All you do is lift it like this and then put it in your mouth like this."

As he puts the meat in his mouth the rest of the housemates all look on in horror.

"Eugh!" Liz says as she looks away.

"Kyle! That is revolting!" Tess says in horror.

Kyle looks at them all. "What? What did I do?"

Brody shakes his head. "The food is for the cat, not for you!"

Kyle sits up and looks at them. "I'm trying to teach the cat how to do it. How's it supposed to know how to do it without lessons?"

Laurie shakes her head. "It kinda helps if you let the cat eat the food. How can you eat that?"

"God, even Sean wouldn't eat that." Maria adds as she smiles.

Kyle sits up as Wilson jumps up on the couch beside Tess and Laurie. "I'm just trying to pass the task!"

Alex walks out from the shower and shaking his head. "Stupid Big Brother with 1 hour of hot water..."

Maria calls over to him smiling. "I tried to wake you, Alex. Again."

Alex mutters something as he walks over. "You have my permission to drag me out of bed by whatever means necessary tomorrow."

As he walks over towards the boys room he stops and notices the cat. "I see the damn hell cat is still here..."

Wilson purrs loudly as Tess strokes it. "Don't call Wilson a hell cat! He's sweet, here give him a stroke..."

Alex glares at the cat and shakes his head as he begins to walk towards the boys room. "You can't stroke him, he has no fur!"

The housemates all laugh as he disappears in the room and Kyle sits up on the couch opposite Tess. The two of them smile at each other and Liz watches them as Maria nudges her and smiles. "Poor Alex hates Wilson."

Liz nods her head as she watches Tess and Laurie play with the cat.

Maria turns to Brody who is yawning on the cushions. "What do you three do all night?"

Brody yawns again as he looks at her. "We talk...we have very irregular sleep patterns..."

Maria nods her head and smiles. "You realise when you get in the real world that the three of you will never be able to adjust to real world again. Me and Liz will be forced to wake Alex everyday for school, Max will have to open the UFO centre for you..."

Brody smiles at her. "Trust me, Sydney will no doubt wake me up at an ungodly hour as soon as I'm out of here so there is no fear about me having any problems adjusting to the real world."

As Brody mentions his daughters name he looks sad and lies down on the cushions and looks up at the ceiling. Maria smiles at him sadly before sitting down beside him.

"Well, we'll all make sure that the three of you get back in the way of things quickly. I mean, we'll all see each other constantly..."

Brody smiles at her as she takes his hand. "Yeah, it will be fun when we all get out of here..."


Maria is in the kitchen with Isabel and Brody making bread. Tess and Liz are in the girls room getting ready. Kyle is laughing at Alex as he stares at the cat.

"It's staring at me."

Kyle rolls his eyes. "It's not staring at you, stop being so paranoid."

"It's not paranoia if they're really after you. Didn't the X-Files teach you anything?" Alex says as he watches Wilson walk up and down happily beside Laurie.

"The X-Files taught me that you could have something really strange going on but as long as Scully is there she will always find a scientific explanation for it."

Alex shakes his head as he watches Wilson walk away. "Do you see that, it thinks it owns the place?"

Kyle smirks as he gets up. "Okay, it's time to be honest. The cat's in here to gain our trust and then commit the mass murder of all the housemates with it's razor sharp talons...starting with you because you know the truth."

Alex looks at him. "You mock, but that could happen!"

Laurie looks at Alex and stifles a laugh as he looks at her. "It could!"

She nods her head as she looks at Wilson. "Uh huh, I know it could..."

Kyle laughs as he walks over to the clock. "Okay, 5 minutes and we can start training it again. Where's Tess? She said she wanted to give it a try?"

"I think she's in the girls room, Kyle." Maria call's over from the kitchen as she kneads the dough.

"Thanks." Kyle replies as he walks over towards the girls room. As he gets close he slows down as he hears voices and lifts his arm to chap the door but as he listens to what they are saying he lowers it again.

In the girls room Tess is sitting on her bed alongside Liz talking.

"So, what's going on with you and Kyle?" Liz asks gently.

Tess blushes slightly as she answers. "We're...we're friends..."

Liz looks at her. "Tess, you and Kyle are not just friends."

Tess smiles shyly as she replies quietly. "I know we're not..."

Outside in the hallway Kyle smiles as he hears Tess talk about him and stands listening to the rest.

Back in the room, Liz looks at Tess and asks gently. "Are you sure what's going on is real?"

Tess nods her head as she answers sadly. "I know that Kyle is the rebound guy..."

Kyle's expression changes to one of sadness to one of anger as he hears Tess say this and he walks away from the room angrilly before he hears Tess continue.

"according to some of the people in here. But he's not, he's just not the rebound guy. It's weird how I feel about him, but in so many ways it's better than how I felt about Max. He is so not the second best..." Tess smiles shyly as she talks before blushing slightly as she looks at Liz.

Liz smiles at her warmly. "Good, I'm glad, because I don't want him to get hurt."

Tess smiles awkwardly. "Neither do I."

The two girls sit in silence for a moment before Tess stands up and smiles at Liz. ", I have to go. I said I'd help train Wilson. I'll see you later, Liz."

Liz smiles at her as she leaves.

Alex, Laurie and Brody are all looking outside as Kyle has just stormed out angrilly. He is pacing up and down outside and Alex turns to Laurie. "What is going on there?"

Laurie shakes her head and looks out concerned as Tess comes walking out of the girls room. She smiles as she looks at Laurie. "Hey Laurie, where's Kyle?"

Laurie looks at Alex and then to Brody who is still looking at Kyle. "He's um...he's outside."

Tess smiles at her but looks puzzled as she looks at them and then outside. She walks over to Alex and sighs. "So who said what to him?"

Alex shrugs his shoulders. "No one said anything to him..."

Tess leans against the couch. "He looks a little...upset."

Alex nods his head and Tess walks towards the conservatory doors.

"Where are you going?" Brody asks her.

She turns to him. "I'm going to see if he's alright."

Brody looks over at Alex and Laurie and they both shrug their shoulders as she looks at them, clearly confused.

"Okay, what's going on? You guys want to tell me something?"

Brody smiles at her, "No, nothing."

She nods her head and smiles as she walks out. As she walks outside the door she looks at Kyle who is still pacing up and down. As she looks at him confused she begins to speak, "Hey Kyle, what are you doing?"

Kyle has his back to her and tenses when he hears her voice. He looks ahead angrilly and takes a deep breath before speaking slowly. "I'm getting some air."

Tess looks at him and walks over to him and touches his arm. "Are you okay?"

As she touches his arm he immediately pulls his own arm away and takes a few steps away from her. "I'm fine."

She looks slightly hurt but takes a deep breath and tries to speak happily. "You want to train Wilson again?"

He turns to her and looks at her coldly. "I think you can manage on your own."

She looks at him hurt and backs off slightly. "Okay, I'll...I'll see you later..."

He doesn't reply and she walks in the house. As she disappears his expression changes to one of hurt and he walks over and sits on the deck chair and leans his head back and closes his eyes.

Tess walks in the house and Laurie call's over to her concerned, "Is everything alright?"

Tess forces herself to smile as she walks over towards the cat-food and picks it up to take over to Wilson.

"Umm, sure...everything is fine."

Laurie looks at her as Alex stands over beside Brody and the two of them observe Kyle.


Big Brother has gathered the group in the lounge to announce the results of this weeks nominations.

Isabel is sitting on the chair while Liz, Maria and Brody sit on one couch. Alex is lying on the cushions and Kyle and Laurie are sitting on the other couch while Tess is bringing over a glass of orange juice. She sits down on one side of Kyle and smiles at him. Kyle ignores her and stands up.

"Move over, Alex. I think I'll try sitting there for a change."

Alex sits up and looks over at Tess who is looking upset and Laurie slides over to sit beside her and takes her arm and smiles at her before looking disaprovingly at Kyle.

The rest of the housemates sit in silence as they watch Kyle avoid Tess' gaze.

Brody looks at Kyle and clears his throat. "So, it should be soon that they announce who's up."

Maria takes the hint and adds, "Yeah, any minute now. It's weird sitting here waiting on them just to announce it."

No one responds and Tess continues to look on hurt as Kyle avoids looking at her.

This is Big Brother, the housemates nominated for eviction this week are...

Alex sighs and looks at everyone guiltily. "Good luck, everyone."

Brody and Laurie give him a reassuring smile, as he smiles at Liz and Maria.


Isabel smiles knowingly and nods her head as she looks at the others. Alex smiles at her reassuringly as the next name is spoken.


Maria looks slightly shocked but begins to smile as Liz takes her hand. Alex sits up quickly and kneels beside her.

"There's another one again..." Laurie says as she looks at Tess, who looks expectantly. Kyle glances at her anxiously as he waits on Big Brother to speak.


As Liz's name is said Alex looks at her and Maria sadly before forcing himself to smile as he hugs Maria and her quickly. "You feeling okay, Lizzie?"

Liz nods her head as the other housemates all move to comfort the nominee's. As Liz and Maria are being hugged by Laurie and Brody, Alex walks over to Isabel and hugs her.

"At least now I won't have to act like a complete slime ball, huh?" He asks her and she begins to laugh gently.

He lets her go and smiles at her reassuringly as he walks over to Maria and Liz and hugs them both again. Liz and Maria smile at him.

Tess looks at Kyle who is standing apart from her and shakes her head before walking quickly to the girls room. Laurie notices this and after quickly talking to Isabel, Liz and Maria she follows her.

Alex sighs as he pulls away from Liz and Maria. He forces himself to smile and laugh as he looks at them.

"Well, look on the brightside, if one of you go you will get 24 hours of hot water a day."

Liz smiles at him. "Yeah, and music..."

Maria hugs into him and grabs Liz's hand, "And tv..."

Alex smiles down at them. "Don't start that, you'll make me want to walk out there alongside you..."

Brody stands beside Isabel and smiles. "How are you feeling?"

Isabel looks at him and smiles. "I'm actually fine, surprisingly."

Brody smiles at her and pats her arm. "Good, that's good..."

Tess sits in her bed and hugs JC tightly as Laurie walks in. Laurie looks at her concerned and sits down beside her.

"Are you okay?"

Tess shrugs her shoulders sadly. "I'm fine..."

Laurie looks at her intently and shakes her head.

Tess sighs sadly. "It's Kyle, I think he's mad at me and I can't think why..."

Laurie looks at her, "Well, he has been acting weird from this morning."

Tess hugs JC tightly. "Maybe it has something to do with what happened last night..."

Laurie looks at her confused. "Last night?"

Tess smiles sadly, "We nearly...we nearly kissed and maybe he regrets it..."

Laurie looks at her and nods her head. "What, did you try and kiss him or...?"

Tess shakes her head. "No, was both of us. We were...we were pretty close to it as well..."

"What happened?" Laurie asks gently.

Tess shakes her head. "One minute we were in the den and the next we were...but we didn't, I think we both realised that it would change things..."

"But things have been changing between you two, Tess."

Tess nods her head sadly. "I know they have...but now it's ruined everything..."

Laurie puts a hand on Tess' shoulder as she hugs JC closer to her chest. "You need to talk to him, Tess. Clear the air..."

Tess smiles bitterly. "I don't like him hating me..."

Laurie smiles at her reassuringly, "He does not hate you, God, of all the people in this house you are the one person he will never hate..."

Tess smiles reluctantly, "I hope so..."


The housemates are all out in the garden apart from Kyle, who is reading in the boys room and Isabel who is speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room.

Isabel sits in the Diary Room chair looking at the camera.

How do you feel about being nominated?

Isabel smiles a little. "I expected to be nominated again, I haven't been the most...well, the most fun person in the house recently..."

Why do you think you were nominated?

"I think I clash with some people in here. But you know what the weird thing is? This, this has made me realise that I haven't been having fun in here. I haven't, ever since Max left..."

She looks at her hands before she continues. "But I want to enjoy the rest of my time in here, so I figure I better relax. I don't think I will win this now, but I want to at least have some fun..."

Outside in the garden, Maria and Liz are busy un-tying the washing line. Alex is watching them from the grass.

"What are you two doing?"

Maria smiles at him, "We are..." she stops when she begins to laugh gently and Liz has to finish for her.

"We decided we were bored..."

Alex rolls his eyes. "Guy's I've told you about sharing the one brain both don't decide that you are bored at the same time..."

Liz smirks at him as she continues, "So, anyway, Maria and I had this idea that we would use this rope as a..."

Alex looks at them suspiciously. "A...?"

Maria bounces over beside him. "A skipping rope!"

Alex looks at them disbelievingly. "You are going to play skipping?"

Both of the girls nod their heads as Maria continues. "We haven't played it in forever and it would be something fun..."

Alex looks at both of them and shakes his head. "No. Before you ask, definately no. Ask Laurie, Izzy or Tess."

Liz sits down beside him and smiles. "We are going to ask them and Brody, but you'll play too won't you?"

Alex looks at them with a desperate expression before reluctantly nodding. "But only if Brody plays as well..."

Maria hugs him quickly before walking over towards Brody, leaving Liz and Alex alone.

He looks at Liz and smiles, "How are you?"

Liz smiles back. "I'm fine, it's a little weird being up with Maria but it's fine."

Alex smiles at her as he looks at her. "You'll be fine..."

Liz smiles as she stands up. "I know I will, so will Maria."

As Liz walks away towards the other girls Alex stands up and walks in the house.

"Hey Alex, no making a bid for freedom."

Alex smirks at Maria, "I need to go and prepare..."

As Alex walks in the house Maria turns to Brody, "Do you want to go and prepare as well?"

Brody nods his head furiously and jumps up before walking quickly into the house.

Alex is walking slowly into the boys room as Brody walks up to him quickly. "Hey, Alex."

Alex forces himself to smile as he replies. "Hey Brody, you been recruited as well?"

The both of them walk into the boys room Brody calls over to Kyle. "Hey, Kyle."

Kyle looks up at them. "Hey."

Alex sits over on his bed as Brody continues talking, "How about the nominations, three people up..."

Alex shakes his head. "I can't believe that the three of them are up."

"You okay about that, Alex?" Brody asks concerned as Alex looks at them both.

Alex nods his head and sighs, "I'm okay, a little disappointed I guess..."

Kyle looks at them both. "It's weird..."

Alex nods his head as Maria calls in the house loudly. "Are you guys coming? And drag Kyle out here as well!"

Alex stands reluctantly and looks at them both, "It'll only get harder after Friday no matter who goes..."

He walks towards the door and turns to the Kyle and Brody, "You two coming?"

Brody nods his head and turns to Kyle, "What about you? The girls are making us play skipping ropes..."

Kyle rolls his eyes and shakes his head. "No, I don't really feel like being out there with some of them today..."

Alex and Brody exchange a bewildered look.

"Everything okay, Kyle?" Alex asks from the door-way.

Kyle nods his head but doesn't look up. "I'm fine..."

Alex shakes his head and walks out the room followed by Brody, leaving Kyle alone in the bedroom. As they walk out towards the conservatory Alex turns to Brody. "What is going on there?"

Brody shakes his head, "I have no idea, him and Tess have clearly had a disagreement..."

Alex walks over to the conservatory where Maria, Liz, Tess and Laurie are all jumping in the ropes. Tess looks at them hopefully but turns away disappointed when she notices Kyle isn't there. Alex turns to Brody and shakes his head. "Something major..."


All the housemates, apart from Kyle are in the house playing with the last of Liz's tattooing kit. Tess is cleaning up the kitchen and watching Kyle.

Kyle is sitting out on the deck chair staring at the wall. Tess is watching him sadly as she half heartedly dries the same dish for more than 5 minutes. She turns abruptly when Isabel calls over from the lounge.

"Tess? You keep rubbing that there is going to be a hole in the middle of it..."

Tess looks at the sofa and smiles shyly, "Sorry..."

Alex calls over to her gently, "You not wanting to come over? We'll finish up the dishes later..."

Tess shakes her head and sits the plate down before looking outside. She sighs and walks towards the conservatory doors. "Kyle?"

Kyle doesn't respond to her voice and she tries again. "Kyle."

He sighs out loud and turns to her and looks at her harshly. "What?"

She looks at him and walks towards him and stands in front of him. "Can I talk to you?"

"You're talking to me."

Tess grabs his arm and pulls him up and drags him reluctantly to the den. "This is not talking."

As they get in Tess turns to him. "Okay, what the hell is going on?"

Kyle glares at her, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Tess looks at him intently, "You've been acting weird ever since this morning."

Kyle smiles bitterly, "Maybe it's because I have to don't like being the "rebound guy" to help you get over Max Evans. At least Liz had the decency to dump me when she was getting over him!"

Tess looks at him and shakes her head. "I have no idea what you are talking about..."

"I heard you, Tess! I heard you talk to Liz!" Kyle yells at her.

She looks at him hurt before composing herself and speaking angrilly. "You have no idea what you are talking about! I can't believe you would think that about me!"

Kyle looks at her and shakes his head. "Why not? I heard you say it...why would you lie?"

Tess looks at him and digs her nails into her hand. "I wasn't lying but you didn't listen to what I was saying!"

Kyle looks at her bitterly. "I heard everything I had to!"

Tess looks on the verge of tears as she responds, "I thought you were different but you're just like everyone else, ready to think the worst! If you got over your stupid issues about being inferior to Max you would be a lot happier! To hell with you both, I'm sick trying to prove myself. I shouldn't have to..."

She takes a deep breath as she pushes past him to get out the den as she continues. "Especially not to you!"

As she leaves him alone he closes his eyes sadly and takes a deep breath before running a hand through his hair.

Tess runs out of the den and heads towards the house. As she enters it she takes a deep breath and heads directly to the girls room. Alex nudges Laurie and nods towards Tess who looks upset and she stands up.

", I'm going to go guys, I'll be back later."

The others nod as she goes before they begin talking. Liz watches after her and turns to Alex. "Do you think Tess' okay?"

Alex shrugs his shoulders as he looks outside at Kyle who is now standing out in the garden looking in the house. Alex stands up and smiles at the others. "I'll be back in a little while."

Alex walks out to the garden. "Kyle?"

Kyle doesn't respond vocally but turns around. Alex walks over to him and sighs.

"What's going on?"

Kyle shakes his head and sighs sadly. "I think I might have blown everything..."

Alex walks over beside him. "What did you do?"

Kyle shakes his head. "I think I got it wrong...I think I got it really wrong..."

Alex looks at him understandingly, "With Tess?"

Kyle nods his head and sighs sadly.

In the girls room Tess is sitting on her bed covering her eyes with her hand as Laurie walks in. Laurie immediately shakes her head sadly and walks over to her bed and puts her arm around her.

"Tess? Are you okay? Don't cry..."

Tess leans into Lauries shoulder and shakes her head. "I'm okay...I'm not crying..."

Laurie shakes her head and smiles sadly. "Okay, what happened?"

Tess sits up and looks angry, but hurt. "Me and Kyle had an arguement..."

Laurie nods her head as Tess continues. "It wasn't even about last night, it was about him over-hearing a stupid thing I said!"

Laurie looks at her. "What did he over hear?"

Tess smiles bitterly but answers quietly. "He thought I called him a "rebound guy" and that I was using him to get over Max."

Tess stands up and looks at her sadly. "I can't believe he thought that about me, I can't believe he thinks that I would use him like that."

She looks at her and shakes her head as she wipes her eyes before adding. "I thought he knew me better than that, but when push comes to shove he see's me like everyone else does: Like a cheap tramp who doesn't give a damn about other people."

Laurie looks at her sadly before standing up and hugging her tightly. "I'm sure he didn't mean it..."

In the lounge Isabel is looking out in the garden. "Do you think that they are okay?"

Maria and Brody look out as well. Maria sighs, "Looks like Kyle might have put his foot in it."

Brody sits back down and looks at Liz in an attempt to change the subject. "So Liz, what did you think of the bread? We got it down well didn't we?"

Liz smiles at him and answers. "Yeah, you guys did a good job."

Maria is still watching outside as she adds, "That was down to my expert kneading."

Brody grins at her, "You certainly beat that dough well..."

Maria turns to him and smiles, "You didn't do too badly yourself..."


All the housemates are in the dining area playing cards apart from Kyle who is sitting in the conservatory and Tess who is sitting alone in the lounge. The two housemates have avoided each other since their argument.

Kyle looks over towards Tess and sighs sadly. Tess looks at him sadly and appears hurt before reading her magazine again.

Kyle shakes his head and stands up and walks straight over towards her. He stands beside her and looks awkward as she looks up at him.

"Tess? I really need to talk to you...please?"

Tess looks at him and smiles bitterly. "You are talking to me."

Kyle looks apologetic, "I deserved that, but I need to talk to you. Please, Tess."

Tess looks at him and stands up and lets him usher her outside towards the den. As they step in she stands expectantly looking at him. He walks over to the back of the den before walking over to her and looking at her.

"Tess, I am so sorry for how I reacted. I...I was totally in the wrong and you were right with...well, with everything you had said about me."

Tess looks at him sadly as he continues. "You do not have to prove anything to anyone and I do not need you to prove anything to me..."

Tess interupts him gently, "I...I wasn't right, Kyle...I said somethings to you that were unfair, but you didn' didn't give me a chance to explain what I said."

Kyle takes her hand and nods his head. "I know, I know I didn't and I am so sorry. I just...I was just hurt..."

Tess nods her head sadly as she looks at him, "I don't want to hurt you, Kyle. I don't want you to think I said that..."

Kyle looks at her sadly and adds quietly. "I shouldn't have been listening...but, is it true? I know I shouldn't ask but..."

Tess looks at him slightly embarrassed as she answers quietly, "I was telling Liz how everyone that thought you were the rebound guy was wrong, I was telling her how different I feel when I'm with you. That's what I said, you can ask her if you..."

He cuts her off as he puts a finger to her lips. "I do believe you, Tess."

She smiles at him as he looks at her tenderly. She whispers up to him, "So, I'm forgiven?"

Kyle smiles at her. "You have nothing to be sorry about, Tess. I was the idiot, like usual..."

Tess shakes her head, "You are not an idiot, Kyle."

He smiles at her and looks at their hands that are now entwined and he guides her over to the cushions and they both sit down.

"You know that things have got different between us in here, Tess?"

Tess nods her head as she allows him to carress the back of her hand with his thumb as he continues shyly.

"I wasn't prepared to feel like this about you, I wasn't prepared to feel like this about anyone."

She smiles genuinely as she replies gently, "Me neither..."

He smiles at her and she squeezes his hand gently, "When we get out of here, I don't want to go back to how things were before. I don't think I could do that..."

She smiles tenderly as she replies, "I don't want things to go backwards either..."

He exhales deeply as he smiles, "Good..."

She smiles at him and holds his gaze as she whispers, "Good..."

The two of them look at each other before Kyle pulls her into a tight embrace. Both, of them cling tightly to the other and close their eyes as they hug for a few minutes before reluctantly pulling apart.

The two of them smile at each other and Kyle takes Tess' hand again before bringing it up to his lips and kissing it softly. "I'll always be here for you, Tess. Both inside and outside of this house and I don't give a damn about what anyone else thinks...I only care about this, about us..."

She smiles happily at him and sighs gently as she leans into another lingering embrace. "Me too..."