DAY 31 - 7:14am

Day 31 in the Big Brother house. All the housemates apart from Maria are asleep. She comes to the Diary Room.

Maria waits at the Diary Room door, and she is still wearing her nightclothes that consists of shorts and a black t-shirt. She looks up at the lights above the door and when it turns green she enters the Diary Room.

She sits down on the chair and sighs as she looks into the camera.

"Hi, Big Brother."

Hello, Maria.

"I just wanted to come in and talk a little," Maria says looking down at her hands.

Big Brother is here to listen to the housemates.

Maria nods and then sighs. "Well, things have been a little bit crazy lately." She looks at the camera briefly before looking away. "Basically I never expected Michael to be the one who was evicted on Friday night. I thought that Isabel would have gone for sure."

She sighs sadly. "I just wish that Michael had stayed longer. Alex and Liz have been amazing, but I can't help thinking about him. You know things like what's he doing? Is he missing me?" She then smiles. "Is he suddenly famous and living the life of tv star."

Maria then looks back down at her hands. "Crazy stuff like that."

Have you talked to the other housemates about how you feel?

"I've talked a little with Liz and Alex," Maria nods before shaking her head. "I haven't really talked to anyone else about it."

What about Isabel?

Maira gives a bitter smile. "Isabel...I haven't really wanted to talk to her about anything. Things are kind of..." she pauses before answering as she looks into the camera. " the moment. So no I haven't talk to Isabel...nor do I want to."


As part of this week's task the housemates have to train a cat to eat out of a dish with it's paw. The housemates will only have Wilson for 4 hours a day, 8am to noon.

This is Big Brother, could someone please come to the Diary Room.

"I'll go," Liz says as she stands with Maria in the kitchen as she makes a sandwich.

Maria nods to her as Kyle walks over to the kitchen. He grins as he looks at the sandwich and Maria slaps his hand away as he reaches for it.

Liz licks her finger that has jelly on it. She walks into the Diary Room and smiles as she sees a bald cat sitting on the chair. She coos at it as she picks it up and sits down on the chair.

"Hi, Big Brother," she smiles as she tickles the cat which purrs.

Hello, Liz. Big Brother has provided this cat for this week's task. Big Brother would like to remind all housemates that they have to care for Wilson and any mistreatment will not be tollerated.

Liz nods as she looks into the camera. "Sure. We totally understand." She then glances down at the cat before looking into the camera curiously. "You do know that Alex is scared of bald cats, don't you?"

Big Brother has provided the housemates with a suitable animal to train for the task.

Liz raises her eyebrows then nods. "Okay."

Thank you, Liz. You may now leave the Diary Room.

Liz stands and holds the cat close as she walks out of the Diary Room. Maria and Kyle look up as she leaves the Diary Room.

"Oh, my, god," Maria grins. She then walks towards Liz who meets her halfway. "He's so cute!" She says as she begins to pet the animal.

Kyle frowns as he stays in the kitchen looking at them with his arms folded. "It looks weird. Is that even a cat?"

Maria's eyes widen as she looks from the cat to Liz. "Liz, what about..."

"I know," Liz says as she looks at her. "I already asked Big Brother and they basically refused to change it."

"Alex will have a fit when he sees this," Maria states.

Kyle walks over to them. "Why?"

Liz and Maria give him a look and after a moment Kyle grins.

"Oh, because he's got a thing about cats."

"Not cats, Kyle," Liz corrects him.

"Bald cats," Maria adds.

Kyle laughs as Liz and Maria glare at him.

"Kyle, it isn't funny," Liz tells him.

"Yes it is," he grins.

"Kyle!" Maria scolds him.

Kyle holds his hands up in defeat. "Okay, okay! I won't make fun of Whitman's pathetic fear of cats."

Maria glares at him as he walks away with a grin. "It's bald cats!"

Kyle laughs as Maria and Liz look at each other.

"Alex isn't going to like this," Liz says.

Maria nods as both pet the cat once again which purrs.


All the housemates are now awake apart from Alex and Brody.

Laurie rubs the sleep from her eyes as she comes out of the girls bedroom.

"Hey, you're up," Tess grins.

Laurie nods as she walks towards her as she sits in the conservatory with the cat in her lap. Laurie frowns as she sees the cat.

"Has anyone told..."

Tess shakes her head. "Not yet."

Laurie then bends down to pet the animal. "What's your name?" she says cooing to the cat.

"He's called Wilson," Tess says as she stroke's the cat's head.

Laurie grins as she pets the cat one more time before straightening up. "Is there anyone in the shower?"


Laurie nods and puts her hand up to her mouth as she yawns. "If anyone heads towards the bathroom can you tell them I'm in?" she asks as she begins to walk away.

"Sure," Tess nods.

As she walks away Laurie nods her thanks. Tess continues to pet Wilson and looks up as Liz stands at in the kitchen.

"Is Alex still asleep?"

"I think so."

Liz sighs. "He's going to miss the hot water again."

Tess puts down the cat which runs towards the lounge area. "Do you want me to go wake him? Brody's still in bed too."

"Could you?" Liz asks.

Tess nods. "Sure."

"I'll do it," Kyle calls from the lounge area.

Tess looks at him suspiciously as he grins at her. She then shrugs as she begins to help Liz in the kitchen. Kyle smirks as he kneels down and quietly calls Wilson over to him. He picks him up and walks towards the boys bedroom.

"It's time for you to meet Uncle Alex," he whispers quietly as he enters the bedroom.

Laurie walks back into the girls bedroom and looks over at Maria who is putting on her microphone.

"Have you seen the cat yet?" Laurie asks.

Maria nods. "Uh-hmm."

Laurie picks up her towel from her drawer. "Alex isn't going to be happy."

"Alex is going to have a fit over this one," Maria adds. "He will explode I know it."

In the boys bedroom Kyle puts the cat gently onto Alex's bed. Wilson walks along the bed until it is face to face with Alex.

Isabel enters the girls bedroom with a towel wrapped around her as she dries her hair with a smaller one. "That's the shower free if you need it."

Laurie looks up at her. "Thanks."

Isabel, Laurie and Maria jump with a start as they hear a scream come from the other room. Maria rolls her eyes as she follows Isabel and Laurie out of the bedroom.

"I guess Alex has met Wilson," she mutters.

"Kyle!" Tess yells angrilly as she rushes towards the boys bedroom with Liz in tow.

They both stop as Alex comes running out into the lounge only wearing his boxers, and manages to stop before he knocks over Tess. Kyle comes out laughing holding the cat as Brody follows him with a bewildered look on his face just as the rest of the girls enter the lounge area.

"Kyle, that was cruel!" Tess says as she glares at him.

"What?" Kyle asks innocently. "I was just introducing him to our new housemate."

"Housemate!" Alex yells looking at the others. "What does he mean by housemate?"

Liz holds onto Alex's arms as he looks wide eyed at the cat. "Alex, this is Wilson, the cat that we have to train for the task."

Alex looks at her bewildered as his hair is still a mess from sleeping. "We've to train that thing? I thought we were getting a cat?"

"Alex," Liz says soothingly. "It is a cat."

Tess walks over to Kyle and hits him on the arm. He looks at her as he goes "Ow." He turns to see the other girls glaring at him. He clears his throat as he turns away from their disapproving looks.

"That is not a cat!" Alex states glaring at Wilson. "It''s..."

"A cat that you are going to have to help train," Kyle grins.

Alex glares at him as he lets go of Liz. "You son of a..." he begins accusingly.

"Now now," Kyle laughs lightly. "Watch your language in front of the ladies."

Alex continues to glare at him before he walks around him keeping his distance from the cat that Kyle holds, as he enters the boys bedroom. "I'll pay you back for this one, Valenti."

"Just like to see you try," Kyle smirks. "Has anyone ever told you that you scream like a girl?"

He chuckles as he hears Alex mutter as the door is slammed behind him. Brody clears his throat in an attempt to cover up his laughter and Kyle grins at him.

"He really does scream like a girl."

Brody nods with a grin. "I heard."

He then notices the girls turn their glares on him. He clears his throat again and his smile fades.

This is Big Brother, will Brody, Laurie and Isabel please put on their microphones.

Isabel rolls her eyes as Brody opens the door to go back into the boys bedroom. Isabel glares at Kyle before walking away.

"That was cruel what you did to him, Kyle."

Laurie then glares at him. "So very cruel," she says before following Isabel towards the girls bedroom.

Kyle raises his eyebrows non-chantingly but then gulps when Tess, Liz and Maria continue to give him disapproving looks.

"That was mean, Kyle," Liz says as she walks towards him with her hands on her hips.

"Very very mean," Maria says in the same tone as she also walks towards him.

Kyle takes a step back as the girls move closer.

"Would we have even considered doing something as insensitive to you?" Liz asks.

"No, we wouldn't," Maria answers glaring at Kyle. "As that would be a mean spirited thing to do."

Kyle clears his throat as he backs up more until he is standing with his back pressed against the bedroom door. The girls move a step closer and Kyle winces under their glares.

"Okay, guys," Tess says as she manages to step in front of Kyle with her hands held up to stop the girls from stepping forward. "I think Kyle has learned his lesson that what he did to Alex was a jerk type thing to do." She then glances over her shoulder at him. "Haven't you, Kyle?"

He looks down at her and she indicates with her eyes for him to go along with her.

"Yeah, sure!" he says looking from Tess to Liz and Maria.

Tess gives him a small smile and nods before tunring back to the others. "See! He's very sorry for what he's done."

Maria and Liz look at him curiously as he nods. They then exchange a look and then look at Tess.

"Okay, then," Liz nods. "But I mean more trick and it's payback."

As Liz walks away Maria glares at him. "Oh, and believe me payback is a bitch."

Kyle gulps and Tess sighs with relief before she turns to face him.

"Thanks, Tess, for getting me out of that," Kyle says as he watches Maria and Liz walk away.

"Kyle, that was cruel," Tess states. "And you owe me for that one."

Kyle nods as she takes the cat from him. "I owe you."

Tess smiles up at him. "You owe me big!"

Kyle nods again and watches as she walks away petting the cat that she holds.


Alex has been to the Diary Room to discuss the cat that was given to the housemates for this week's task. Big Brother has refused to replace the cat.