The camera looks down over the crowd who are cheering loudly and chanting. The camera then stops at Wayne as he stands on the gang-plank.

"Earlier tonight a staggering 70% of you voted for Michael to be the third housemate to leave the Big Brother house. In just under 10 minutes he will be walking out of this gate," he points behind him. "and back into the real world to tell us his feelings for Maria, what he really thinks of Brody and Kyle, and what he thought of life as a housemate."

He then bellows into the microphone. "This is Big Brother Eviction Friday!"

The crowd go crazy as the wave and cheer madly as the theme tune begins.


The audience cheers as the camera pans to them then stops at Wayne who is now standing in front of the large screen that has the live feed into the house.

"Welcome back to Big Brother for the second part of eviction Friday." Wayne then claps his hands together. "This week the poll line has been crazy as you voted who you wanted to see leave the house tonight. We had a staggering 24344 votes and 80% of you voted Michael out."

He then looks seriously into the camera. "Here is how the housemates took the news after we left them."


In the boys bedroom Michael lies on his bed and Maria is beside him, her head is resting on his chest. He is gently stroking her arm with his thumb and after several moments pulls her closer to him as she begins to cry again.

In the lounge area Isabel holds the pendant that is around her neck as she paces at the bedroom door.

"It should have been me," she says as she continues to pace.

Alex looks up at her. "Don't say that."

"It's true," Isabel states as she looks at him. "Michael came in here for all the right reasons. All I wanted to do was take things easy. How selfish is that!"

Liz sighs. "We all came in here for selfish reasons then, Isabel."

Alex stands and put his hand on Isabel's shoulder, stopping her from pacing. "Sit down. You're not doing yourself any good by getting worked up like this."

Isabel holds his gaze and then reluctantly sits down next to Laurie who seems oblivious to her as she looks up at the ceiling sadly.

"I just can't believe he's going," Isabel sighs as she sniffs a little. "First Max, now Michael..."

Alex kneels down beside her and takes her hand gently. "You've still got me."

Isabel smiles sadly as her voice becomes a whisper. "I know."

Alex smiles gently at her then looks at Tess as she speaks.

"Laurie, are you okay?" Tess asks with concern as she sits beside her.

When Laurie doesn't respond Tess says her name again. Laurie's head snaps around and looks at Tess.

"Are you okay?"

Laurie nods. "Yeah," she says weakly.

Tess watches her as she looks back up at the studio lights hanging on the ceiling.

"I just...thought that he would win, you know," she says as her voice breaks.

Tess lowers her eyes and Isabel turns to Laurie.

"Me too."

Laurie looks at her and both exchange a sad smile.

Alex, Tess, and Liz exchange guilty looks while Brody stands and walks over to Kyle who is standing at the conservatory doors.

"You think they'll be okay?" Brody asks him.

Kyle looks over at the group sitting in the lounge area then looks back outside as he stands at the closed door.

"I don't know," he says quietly.

Maria fiddles with the button on Michael's shirt as she speaks.

"When I get out we can go somewhere...just me and you."

Michael nods as he looks up at the ceiling. "Yeah."

"No cameras or mics..." her lower lip begins to tremble. "At least that's a good thing won't be watched all of the time."

Michael kisses the top of her head as she curls his shirt in her hands. "Remember, Maria, you and me came in here without knowing the other would be here. We've got to look at it that way."

Maria sits up a little to look at him. "That doesn't help."

Michael holds her gaze, and using his thumb wipes her tears. "I know."

Maria closes her eyes and takes his hand that touches her face.

"But it has to."

Maria kisses his hand and lies back down. Michael closes his eyes as he pulls her to him.


Isabel, Laurie, and Maria are now in the boys bedroom watching Michael as he packs his belongings. Laurie sits on the bed opposite his, Maria sits on Michael's bed next to the suitcase, while Isabel stands at the door.

"It's a good thing I did a Maxwell and pack most of my stuff already," Michael says as looks at the almost packed suitcase.

The girls remain silent and as Michael is about to shut the case Maria stops him.


Michael frowns at her. "What?"

"I want that t-shirt," she says looking at the black t-shirt then at him.

He holds her gaze and then nods. He takes the t-shirt out of the case and hands it to her. As soon as she takes it she wraps her arms around it pulling it to her.

After he closes the case he looks at them all. "I've left some stuff 'cause I thought you'd need it." He looks down at it. "It's just shampoo, soap, junk like that."

The girls nod and continue to look sombre.

"I guess that's everything." Michael sighs as he looks at them. "I know I said this once already but I want you 3 to be the last ones in here."

The girls lower their eyes and look on the blink of tears.

"You deserve it more."

Maria stands slowly and wraps her arms around him. He closes his eyes as he tightens his hold on her.

"I want you to win though." He looks at Laurie and Isabel. "They know that so I'm not being two faced."

Laurie and Isabel smile sadly at him as they nod.

Maria kisses him as she pulls back. As the kiss lasts for a few minutes Laurie and Isabel exchange a look before looking everywhere in the room apart from the kissing couple.

As the kiss finishes Maria smiles sadly at him.

"I love you, spaceboy."

Michael gives her a small smile. He leans down and whispers into her ear. "I love you too."

She kisses him again that lasts for several moments. They reluctantly part and Michael looks to Laurie and Isabel. Laurie looks to Isabel who nods and she steps forward and hugs Michael tightly.

"Remember you've got a place in Roswell," Michael says as he returns the embraces.

Laurie smiles sadly. "I know. I'll be there once I get out."

Michael nods with a smile. "Good."

Laurie nods as she steps aside for Isabel. Isabel pulls him into a warm embrace and tightens her hold on him.

"I'm going to miss you, Michael."

"I'll miss you too," he replies as he holds her close.

Maria glares at Isabel and after several moments looks away.

Isabel finally pulls back and smiles. "Say hi to Max for me. And my mom and dad."

Michael nods with a sad smile. "I will."

Isabel nods as she kisses Michael on the cheek. As she turns around she sees Maria glaring at her. She looks at her with a frown and quickly avoids her gaze.

"Okay get out I need to get ready."

Laurie and Isabel smile sadly as they walk out of the door. Maria stands beside him and kisses him one last time. He smiles at her as she walks towards the door. She looks back at him and he holds her gaze before she turns and walks out the door.

Michael sighs as he sits own on his bed rubs his face with his hand.


Liz and Alex sit beside Maria as she shakes her head.

"How could anyone have voted him out," Maria says weakly.

Alex and Liz exchange guilty looks as Maria continues.

"It's not fair."

Liz pulls Maria to her and lets her rest her head against her shoulder. Alex gently strokes Maria's arm as he looks over at Isabel who watches them. He smiles at her softly which she sadly returns. He then sees Laurie sitting with Tess. She is looking sadly down at the floor with her legs pull up to her chest. Alex sighs sadly as he turns his attention back to Maria.

Brody walks towards the bathroom. He stops as Michael comes out.


Michael looks at him without moving. "Brody."

Brody looks at him uncomfortable. "I'm sorry that you're going."

"Sure you are."

"No, I am," Brody nods. "Maria is going to miss you..."

Michael steps forward to him. "I'm telling you this now, Brody. I'm already going out. If you touch her once I will kill you. I will find a way to get back in here and cause you so much pain you won't know what's hit you."

Brody looks at him as Michael continues to glare at him.

"You might think I'm a man of threats but I promise you if you touch Maria I'll show just how much of my words I'll put into action."

Brody gulps and nods.

Michael gives him a small smile. "Good. We've came to an understanding. And people thought we wouldn't."

He walks away with a slight smile as Brody looks after him.


The housemates are in the lounge area. Michael stands as he raises his glass.

"Well, I don't have much to say. Just that I had hoped I would go far but that wasn't meant to be," he shrugs.

The girls glance down as Michael continues.

"But I was in a place with people that I liked," he smiles at the girls. "And some that I basically didn't," he says glaring at the boys.

"So all in all I'm glad I did it. So I guess that's it."

The group clap, some more than others as Michael downs his drink.

Kyle turns to Alex. "What a charmer, huh?"

Alex raises his eyebrows. "Oh, yeah, definitely."


Wayne stands in the studio in front of the screen that has the live feed to the house. He looks into the camera. "Well, things are definitely emotional in the house tonight. I'm now going to speak to the house."

He turns to the screen and his voice comes through the speakers in the house.

"Hello, Big Brother house, this is Wayne."

The housemates cheer as Michael cheers the loudest.

"Michael, you are the third housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house..."

Michael nods as Maria grabs his hand.

"In several moments the countdown will be activated and I will be waiting to meet you at the bridge. Can I please remind the rest of the housemates that you are not allowed to step out of the house as you can be caught into the automatic door. This warning is for your own safety."

"Oh, my, god," Maria says tearfully. The others begin to say their goodbyes.

"Activate the countdown."

40 seconds... *click to hear countdown music*

"Let's go get Michael!" Wayne bellows as he begins to jog out of the studio. As he passes the crowd they begin to roar with delight.

Liz and Tess hug Michael. As Alex shakes his hand both nod, before Kyle and Brody shake his hand quickly.

30 seconds...

Laurie gives Michael a long hug which he returns.

"Be careful out there," she tells him.

"You be careful in here too," he replies.

Laurie nods as she steps aside.

20 seconds...

Isabel bites her lip as she tenderly hug him. He sighs as tightens his hold.

"Stay strong, Isabel."

"Take care of yourself out there, Michael."

Michael nods as she squeezes his hands after they pull away. His eyes then fall on Maria who is looking at him sadly.

10 seconds...

She embraces him tightly and Michael buries his face into her shoulder.

She pulls back and kisses him.

"I love you, Michael."

He sighs sadly. "I love you too."

"You're going to be late and miss getting out of here," she says as her voice breaks.

He looks at her and shakes his head. "I don't care."

Maria hugs him again.

The other stand with their arms raised above their heads, making the arch for Michael to step through.

Michael, you have been evicted. Will you please leave the Big Brother house.

Michael is still holding onto Maria and she cries into his shoulder. They part as the door slides open and Maria wipes away her tears as Michael picks up his suitcase. Maria joins hands with Isabel and Michael looks at them both then at Laurie who is looking at him with tears in her eyes as she stands beside Maria.

He sighs as he looks back at Maria and walks through the arch to the sounds of the housemates cheering him on.

*click to hear Michael's eviction song*

He glances back into the house and Laurie puts her arm around Maria as Isabel forces a smile through her tears. He sees them all wave as the door slides closed. He glances at the security guard who stands at the door and then begins to walk down the gang-plank.

Maria covers her mouth with her hand as she begins to cry. Liz soon engulfs her in an embrace, while Tess hugs Laurie, as Alex embraces Isabel tightly as she cries on his shoulder.

Michael smirks as he hears the song playing as he leaves.

Wayne stands at the gate with Max and Hal. "C'mon, Michael, run!"

Michael hands his suitcase to the the security guard at the first gate and sprints towards the other. Wayne claps him on the back as he embraces Max in a brotherly hug. He then shakes Hal's hand and hugs him too.

Wayne gives them a moment before gently tapping Michael on the arm. As he turns around he looks at him.

"Michael, how does it feel to be out in the open again?"

"Weird," Michael says as he nods. "I wish I was still in there though."

Wayne nods and looks to Max and Hal.

"Hal, is there anything that you want to say to Michael?"

"You've got girls lining up for you..."

Michael blushes as Max laughs.

"You did good, kid," Hal says sincerely.

Michael nods at him with respect as he shakes his hand again. "Thank you."

"Max, do you have anything you want to add?" Wayne asks him.

Max nods. "It's a madhouse out there. This thing was bigger than we could have ever imagined."

Michael nods as Wayne gently pulls on his arm.

"Michael, I'm going to have to take you away from these guys for a few minutes as the press and an amazing crowd are out there waiting to see you."

"See me?" Michael asks with a frown.

Wayne nods with a smile. "To see you."

Michael nods. "Okay."

As the 2 big gates open Michael puts his hand up to block the flashes of light that are aimed at him as the photographers take pictures. He then walks with Wayne until he stands on the middle of the gang-plank. He turns around as someone calls his name from behind the barrier.

Wayne steps forward to talk to him. "Just take it easy they just want some pictures."

Michael nods and then looks at the cameras. Wayne smiles before taking his arm and leading him further down. As soon as they see him the crowd go wild. Michael looks at them curiously and begins to smile as they begin to chant his name.

"Everyone, the man who really needs no introduction..." Wayne begins to laugh as Michael begins to grin at the crowd. "Michael!"

The crowd become even louder and Michael puts up his arms in salute, which causes them to chant again. He looks at some of the signs and shakes his head with a disbelieving smile. Michael calls Wayne over and points to a sign that reads "Maria, Keep Flirting With Brody - I Heart Jealous Michael!" Wayne grins as Michael shakes his head with a grin.

As Michael continues to woo the crowd Wayne shakes his head as he looks into the camera.

"Well, there's no chance of getting this guy into the studio anytime soon, so we'll have a break and when we come back we'll be asking Michael what he thinks will happen between Isabel, Alex and Laurie? And if he thinks that Brody will make a move on Maria? All this when we come back!"

Commerical Break

Wayne sits in the studio in front of the big screen. 2 smaller monitors sit beside him and the chair across from him.

"Welcome back, everybody. We have Michael!" he says gesturing to the chair across from him.

The audience cheer as the camera swings across to Michael who sits in the leather chair opposite Wayne. He gives a small smile to the audience as Max and Hal sits amoung them.

Wayne smiles at him. " seemed to be enjoying your fans out there."

Michael nods with a slight smile. "I figured I might as well enjoy it there before it fades in the morning."

"I doubt that will happen," Wayne laughs.

Michael shrugs as he looks at him.

"Now you have been the center of some great drama within the house..."

"Have I?" Michael asks him.

Wayne looks at him and nods. "Yes. What was it like being in there?"

Michael thinks for a moment. "It was weird. I didn't like being watched all of the time as I value my privacy, but I was in there for the money so I figured I'd sweat it out and see how far I'd get."

"There was a lot of tension in there wasn't there?"

"Yeah," Michael nods. "But what do you expect when you lock 10 people up with no way out."

Wayne nods. "Now you have been involved in some of the tension which I'm going to ask you about in a minute, but first I want to show you who nominated you and why."

Michael nods as he looks at the screen.

Alex sits in the Diary Room chair and looks into the camera. "My first nomination is for Michael. I just feel that he's causing too much tension in the house."

Michael glares at the screen and grips the armrest of his chair as the scene changes from Alex to Brody.

Brody clears his throat as he looks down at his hands. "My first nomination is for Michael. Um, we just haven't gotten along since I came in here. He seems to have a problem with me and there's nothing I can do to change that."

Michael continues to glare at the screen as Kyle now sits in the chair.

"My first nomination is definitely for Michael. He's been treating me like crap since Friday and to be honest I don't think I deserve it. So I wouldn't want to live another 5 weeks with him."

Michael then has a blank expression as Liz sits in the Diary Room.

Liz sits on the chair with her legs pulled up to her chest. "Um, my first nomination is for Michael. The reason I'm nominating him is that he sometimes...makes it hard...he can sometimes be hard to live with."

Michael's expression then turns to surprise when Tess is on screen.

"My first nomination is for Michael. I just don't like the way that he is acting towards Kyle this week. He is blaming him for Max leaving which is just...wrong. Kyle deserves better."

The screen then changes back to the live feed from the house.

"Now, seeing your reactions there I want to ask you what you think of the 5 housemates that nominated you."

Michael looks directly at him. "Sure."


"I lost a lot of respect for Alex in there," Michael replies. "Personally I think he's using both Isabel and Laurie and I don't like that."

Wayne nods and then looks at him. "Brody?"


The audience cheer while others go "ooooh."


"The same. I think Tess can do better than him."

Wayne shakes his head with a smile at Michael's frankness. "Liz?"

Michael thinks for a moment, as Max looks at him as he sits in the audience.

"She's...okay. We had our moments but she could tell me what she thought of me and I respected her at times."

Max nods as Michael continues to look at Wayne.

"And finally Tess?"

Michael thinks again. "I was surprised that she nominated me. I didn't expect that. Tess has came out of her shell more, and I just hope that she isn't taken advantaged of by some people."

"Do you think that Alex really is taken advantage of Isabel and Laurie?"

Michael thinks for a moment. "Maybe not intentionally. But, he is going to hurt one of them and I'd rather he didn't. Isabel and Laurie mean a lot to me and I can see that they are falling for him. So I know that someone is going to get hurt."

Wayne nods. "Now we all know how you feel about Brody. And we saw what you said to him before you left."

Michael nods as he sits looking agitated.

"Would you really try and get back into the house?"

"Definitely. If he tries anything with Maria nothing will stop me."

The audience cheer again as does the crowd outside.

Wayne looks at the screen which shows Maria being comforted by Liz and Alex as she sits on Michael's bed. "As we can see Maria is still upset over your eviction."

Michael glances at the screen then forces himself to look away quickly.

"It's obvious that you love her..."

Michael doesn't say anything only nods slightly.

"Will you be waiting for her on the bridge when she comes out?"

Michael nods. "Of course."

The crowd cheer again.

Wayne grins at him. "What about the chickens."

Michael rolls his eyes with a slight smile.

"Will you miss them?"

Michael sighs with a grin. "I hope they eat the damn chickens."

Wayne laughs along with the audience. He then clears his throat. "Now who do you think will win?"


The crowd outside cheer again as they begin to chant.

Wayne smiles at him. "Who do you want to win?"

"Maria," Michael nods again. "If not her then either Isabel or Laurie because they are the only ones who deserve it."

Wayne extends his hand. "Good luck to you, Michael."

Michael shakes his hand. "Thanks."

The audience clap as Wayne looks to them. "Everyone...Michael!"

Michael sits looking at them in a bit of a daze as they cheer.

As Wayne stands and walks towards the studio door, Michael walks over to his Max and Hal. Wayne catches a microphone that a member of the crew has passed to him and jogs outside into the crowd. As soon as the crowd see him they go wild.

He walks over to a couple of girls in the crowd. "Why do you want to win?"

" I realllllyy want Liz to win because when Max left he siad he wanted her to win and she's the second best person to win!"

Wayne grins as he moves onto the next girl beside her. "Who do you want to win?"

"Alex!" she screams with a grin.

Both girls begin to wave banners in front of them that reads "MAX 4 LIZ...YOU GO GIRL!!!!!" and "ALEX Rocks MY World Like His Band Does!"

Wayne walks over to the other barrier. He holds out his microphone to another girl.

"Who do you want to win?"

"I want Laurie to win! She's such a nice person! There needs to be more people like her in the world!"

Wayne grins at her and moves to the middle of the gang-plank and points out signs.

"Look at some of these banners! This one here says "Michael Is the Best! Maria Rocks TOO!! I *heart* you guys!" While that one over there says "LAURIE AND ALEX sweethearts 4EVA!"

Wayne looks back at the camera with a grin. "These guys out here definitely know who their favourites are! But as usual there can be only one winner on Roswell's Big Brother!"

As he says that the crowd give a massive cheer while some blow party horns and chant.

"Tune in next week to see who is the next housemate to leave!"