Day 27 - 9.51am

Day 27 in the Big Brother House. All the housemates are awake. Tess, Liz and Alex are all sitting outside in the garden as Maria and Michael make breakfast. Kyle is getting ready in the boys room and Brody is sitting in the lounge while Laurie is in the girls room.

Isabel walks out the shower and call's over to Brody. "Hey Brody, there's the shower."

Brody smiles at her gratefully. "Thanks." As he stands up and walks over to the shower. "Do you know what I would give for running hot water 24 hours a day?"

Isabel nods her head and walks towards the girls room. "Tell me about it, I always thought it was bad fighting with Max in the morning."

Isabel walks in the room and see's Laurie sitting on her bed putting her shoes on. Isabel stops at the door and walks over to her own bed. The two of them sit in silence for a minute. Isabel takes the towel of her hair and begins to brush it as Laurie continues to avoid her gaze.

They continue to sit in silence until Isabel stands up and walks over to Laurie's bed and stands awkwardly.


Laurie looks at her but doesn't say anything.

Isabel looks uncomfortable and continues talking. "I um...I wanted to apologise for what happened on Monday. I...I over-reacted about nothing, and I said things that I...maybe shouldn't have. I was, I was out of line."

She breathes deeply and looks at Laurie who is looking at her still in silence. Isabel shakes her head and walks away. "Whatever, I just wanted to let you know."

Laurie stands up and calls to her. "Isabel? I should apologise as well, I said things that was unfair. We both over-reacted...we both...we were both out of line."

Isabel turns and looks at her and walks over towards her again. "I want us to get along, Laurie. It's just hard in here..."

"There's no place to hide in here, that's what makes it so hard. But I agree, I really don't want us to have all that...tension."

Isabel nods her head and smiles sadly before she looks at her. "I know, but sometimes...that's easier said than done."

Laurie nods her head and replies quietly. "I know..."

Isabel smiles at her. "But I want to try. I want us to try and be friends in here."

Laurie smiles at her. "Yeah, me too."

The both of them stand in silence and Isabel smiles as she walks over to her bed to get her hairbrush. As she brushes her damp hair she picks up the towel. "You know what would be nice right about now?"

Laurie smiles at her a little. "A hairdryer?"

Isabel nods her head and sits down on her bed.

Out in the kitchen Maria is sitting on the work-top talking to Michael. "Why is it that it's always you and me that make the breakfasts?"

Michael looks at her. "No, I always make sit there and distract me."

Maria looks at him seriously. "Hey! I supervise...that's an important thing to be able to do."

Michael nods his head. "Sure it is."

He pours out a cup of coffee and hands it to her. She smiles at him gratefully. "Thank you spaceboy."

They stand in silence and Michael looks at her closely for a second. "Maria?"

"Yuh-huh? What is it?"

Michael looks at her. "I might be going out on Friday."

She looks at him. "I know that, but I think you'll stay again."

Michael shakes his head. "I don't think so. If I go..."

Maria sighs and shakes her head. "Don't. I don't want a "be strong" speech, you won't be going on Friday."

Michael looks at her and lifts her chin so that she looks at him. "I won't give you the speech, I just want you to know that, if I go...I'll miss you and I'll be watching you."

She bites her lip and looks at him. "You won't be going..."

Michael smiles at her and stands up and kisses her on the forehead. "Maybe...but just in case, I wanted you to know that."

He takes her hand and she looks down and smiles sadly. He moves his head forward so both their heads are touching and they both stay like that for a minute. He takes a deep breath and moves away from her.

"Come on, we better get this ready so we can get some practice of the task, or else you guys could be eating egg's all week, and I know how much you would enjoy that."

He walks away and she looks after him sadly before taking a deep breath and forcing herself to smile. "Well, we do have some chickens out there if it gets really tough."

Michael keeps his back to her and smiles sadly as he looks at her carefully through the mirror. "I take it they would have to be really tough if you were going to consilder the mass slaughter of the chickens."

She grins at him. "Things wouldn't have to be tough for you to slaughter them would you?"

He looks at her through the mirror. "What makes you think that?"

She smiles at him. "Well...the fact that you hate them kinda indicates that."

He smiles at her innocently. "Why would you think that I hate them?"

Maria rolls her eyes and jumps down and walks over to him. She leans up and whispers in his ear. "Because you can lie to the others Spaceboy, but it doesn't roll with me."

He turns to her and forces himself not to smile. "Oh really?"

She grins at him as she wraps her arms around his waist. "Really."

He bows down and kisses her gently before pulling away. "Come on, we really need to get to work."


The girls are all sitting in the conservatory while Alex, Kyle, Michael and Brody are out in the garden playing poker at the outside table.

Tess looks at them and smirks. "You know Laurie? We should probably accept the "lessons from the masters at one point." It's fun to watch Alex and Kyle try and explain the rules over and over and over again."

Laurie grins at her. "Do you think they have any idea?"

Liz looks at them both. "Any idea of what?"

Laurie shares a conspiratory look with Tess before she turns to Liz and smiles shyly. ", well, we actually know how to play poker."

Liz looks at them confused and Maria and Isabel look at them interested. "You know how to play? So why do you need lessons?"

Tess looks at them and smiles. "Because it's fun watching them try and teach us stuff and them thinking that they are the "masters" when in reality we could take them. Plus it's hard for them to not get mad at us when we fool around."

Maria grins at them both. "You two have got a wicked sense of humour you know that?"

Tess nods her head and Laurie looks down blushing as Maria continues. "You know, I think this could be a prime opportunity for a little bit of girl fun."

The others all look intrigued and lean in closer to Maria who whispers quietly. "Well, I know that me and Lizzie know how to play, and Laurie and Tess know how to play, what about you Isabel? You know how to play poker?"

Isabel nods her head. "I grew up with Max and Michael playing it constantly, I know just about all the tricks, if you know what I mean."

Maria, Liz and Tess all nod their heads and Maria continues quietly. "Well, what if we were to challenge the boys to a little game? Only with the stakes a little...higher?"

Tess and Isabel smile as she continues. "We have everything on our side, it would be interesting to see how they would deal to losing everything to a bunch of girls."

Liz looks at her. "Maria, is that good idea?"

Isabel, Laurie, Tess and Maria all look at her disbelievingly and she looks at them defensively. "What? I'm just thinking what happens if we're not as good as we think we are. We are on national tv..."

They all look at each other and nod their heads in agreement before Isabel speaks. "Well, in that case we take procautions."

They look at her confused. "Well, we know that we will generally beat them mostly, but just in case, we should wear as many layers as we can. I mean, I could go into my clothes just now and put a strappy top on, then a crop top, then a long shirt, then a pair of shorts then my trousers. Not counting my shoes, my socks, and a bandana or something. They would have to get through all that before they got close to seeing anything and they wouldn't even know."

The girls all grin and nod their heads in approval. Maria grins at them all. "So are we on?"

The girls all look at each other and nod their heads and laugh gently. "Yeah, lets do it. It's about time they got the smug grin of their faces." Liz says.

Tess looks outside. "Me and Laurie will ask for a game and we'll invite you guys to play and one of you can make the suggestion to up the stakes."

Maria nods her head. "Yeah, they'll be less suspicious then."

Outside, Kyle turns and looks in the conservatory to see the girls all huddled together and laughing. He looks puzzled and turns to the others. "Do you think the girls are up to something?"

Alex, Brody and Michael all turn to look at them and the girls all smile innocently at them. They sit back and Brody speaks. "No, they're okay, just doing that girly stuff..."

Alex looks at Kyle, "Maybe they are planning to do another dance?"

Kyle looks at them suspiciously. "They don't act like that unless they are planning something."

Michael looks at him. "Valenti, the girls know we will be looking out for any tricks, so just relax."

Tess and Laurie walk out the house. Tess smiles at Kyle and Alex. "What are you guys doing? Ooh, you have the 3 kings!"

Kyle looks at her disbelivingly and the other boys all throw their hands in. "Tess!"

Tess looks at him apologetically and puts her hand to her mouth. "Oh Kyle, I'm so sorry, I forgot I wasn't supposed to say! I'm sorry."

He looks at her and then to Alex and Brody who are stifling a laugh and he sighs. "It's ok..."

Tess looks at him and smiles at him. "I'm really sorry. I was just wondering whether or not you and Alex would maybe want to play me and Laurie later? We could ask the rest of the girls and you guys would play wouldn't you?"

Brody and Michael look up and she smiles at them hopefully. Brody smiles at her. "Sure, I'll play later."


Michael sighs loudly and nods his head. "Sure thing, you can't be any worse than some of these guys."

Tess hugs Kyle quickly and smiles broadly. "Thank you! We'll do it after dinner!"

She grins at them before walking over and picking up the soccer ball and throwing it over to Laurie.

Inside Maria, Liz and Isabel watch the scene outside. Maria lets out a low breath. "She's good, she had me convinced that she didn't know anything."

The other two nod their heads in unison before Isabel stands up. "Let's hope she really does know what she's doing, or else this could be very embarrassing."

Liz and Maria nod their heads.


It's time for the group to perform their weekly task. The housemates have been asked to remeber 20 facts about each of their fellow housemates, in which they will be asked 5 random questions relating to these facts. The group are only permitted to get 1 question wrong. They have gambled 75%of their weekly shopping budget on the tasks successful completion.

The group watch the monitor on the wall, where they can see the person in the Diary Room.

Tess sits in the Diary Room and taps her hands nervously against her knees.

What is the name of Liz's mum?

Tess smiles at the camera. "Nancy."

What does Alex want most in life?

"He wants to live a long and happy life with his friends and family near by." She grins at the camera and Alex nods his head in agreement as Big Brother asks her her final question.

What did Brody study at college?

"Brody studied software production and computer..." She closes her eyes and concentrates and Brody look at her on the screen. "Come on Tess..."

She takes a deep breath and starts again. "Brody studied software production and computer aided design. Or CAD."

Thank you Tess, you may go.

She jumps out the chair and walks quickly out the Diary Room. As she reaches the others she look at them expectantly. "Well, did I screw up? Brody?"

They all grin at her and she jumps up. "Whoo-hoo!"

Michael is the next housemate called to the Diary Room for his 5 questions.

Who was the first person that Maria kissed?

Michael looks directly at the camera. "John Langley."

Maria blushes and keeps looking as Michael is asked another question.

What would Kyle buy first if he had a million dollars?

Michael rolls his eyes as he answers. "He would buy tickets to every major sporting event and travel the world to see them all."

If Liz had a time machine what period in time would she go back to?

Michael smirks. "Liz wouldn't use it as she doesn't believe in changing the past."

Liz looks down shyly and Maria nudges her as Michael walks out.

Brody is the next housemate called to the Diary Room.

He sits in the seat as Big Brother asks him the questions, which he answers the first 4 of correctly.

What was the name of Liz's childhood pet?

Brody looks up and his eyes widen. "Umm...she had a...hamster called..."

Liz bites her lip and her and Maria both bounce up and down. "Come on Brody..."

Brody closes his eyes in concentration. "Umm, her hamster was called...Ernie?"

Liz closes her eyes and grimaces. Brody walks out and looks at Liz. "It wasn't Ernie was it?"

She shakes her head. "It was called Einie. After Einstein..."

Brody bows his head. "Sorry guys..."

The housemates look at him and some of them smile at him. Alex pats him on the back. "Don't worry about it of us was always going to get one of them wrong."

Big Brother call's Laurie into the Diary Room.

What is Alex afraid of?

Laurie smiles as she answers. "He is scared of bald cats."

Alex looks down and the rest of the housemates start to snigger. He looks up at them. "What?"

Kyle shakes his head. "You're scared of cats?"

Alex shakes his head. "No! I'm scared of bald cats...there is a diffence. Normal cats are fine, bald cats are evil!"

What is Isabel's favourite band?

Laurie smiles. "It's Matchbox 20."

Thank you Laurie, you may now leave.

She smiles and walks out to the others.

Maria is called to the Diary Room.

What was Lauries favourite subject at school?

Maria looks and bites her lip before answering. "I think it was...english?"

Laurie smiles as she nods her head as Maria leaves the Diary Room.

Maria walks out and looks at Laurie. "Please tell me that your favourite subject at school was English..."

Laurie nods her head as Liz is called in.

Liz sits down and smiles.

What is the name of Brody's daughter?

Liz smiles. "His daughter is called Sydney."

How old was Laurie when she broke her arm?

Liz smiles again. "She was 11 when she broke her arm."

Thank you Liz, you can now leave the Diary Room.

She walks out and looks at Maria and Alex. "Guys, they haven't been asking any of us questions about the three of us!"

Maria nods her head. "I think Big Brother is cheating us!"

Alex nods his head. "Well, they might ask me something about one of you guys."

Only Alex, Isabel and Kyle to answer the questions. Kyle is called to the Diary Room.

He sits down and smiles at the camera.

Who is Liz's hero?

"Liz's hero is her Grandma Claudia."

What would Michael like to do when he leaves school?

Kyle sighs. "Michael would like to travel around America on his bike for a year."

Where is the one place in the world that Tess dreams of visiting?

Kyle smiles as he answers. "She dreams about visiting Paris and then Rome."

Tess smiles at the screen as he answers the question right.

What is Laurie's favourite colour?


If Isabel could only take one thing to a desert island, what would it be?

Kyle sits forward as he answers. "She would take a photograph of her friends and family."

Thank you Kyle, you can now leave the Diary Room.

Kyle walks out towards the others and they all smile at him. Isabel is called to the Diary Room.

She sits down and looks at the video.

What is Michael's favourite book?


What is Alex's favourite food?

She smiles confidently at the camera. "That would be warm pancakes with hot maple syrup."

What is Kyle's favourite song?

"Umm, I think it's Time of Your Life by Greenday."

How old was Tess when she had her first kiss?

Tess looks down shyly as the others watch Isabel on the screen.

"She was 16."

Thank you Isabel, you can now leave the Diary Room.

"Thanks Big Brother."

As Isabel has answered all her questions correctly, Alex must get all his questions correct in order to successfully pass the task.

Alex is called to the Diary Room. As he sits down on the seat he waves into the camera before he bounces his legs nervously.

What sports team does Brody support?

Alex grins. "He supports Arsenal, a soccer team."

What is Isabel most scared of?

Alex looks into the camera and answers quietly. "She's afraid of being alone."

Isabel looks down and Michael looks at her reassuringly.

Who does Kyle admire?

"Kyle admires his dad."

What is Tess' favourite band?

Alex rolls his eyes and laughs gently as he answers. "It's unfortunately N*Sync."

What is Michael's favourite tv show?

Alex looks up and his eyes widen. He bites his lip and closes his eyes as he thinks. He sighs loudly and looks into the camera. "Umm..."

Outside in the lounge all the housemates are focusing on the screen. Kyle turns to Michael. "What is your favourite tv show?"

Michael looks at him. "Win Ben Steins Money."

Kyle shakes his head. "No wonder he's having it game show is the same as the next."

Alex is still concentrating on the chair. He bites his lip and then speaks. "I...I think, it's...Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?"

Outside the others all groan and sit down dejected as Alex walks out. He looks at them and sighs.

"I got it wrong didn't I? I'm sorry guys..."

He walks over and shakes his head. "That's it...75% gone." He leans his head back against the chair. Maria and Liz walk over to him and sit down either side of him.

"Don't worry about it Alex, that was a hard question. None of us would have got it right, would we guys?" Maria says.

All the housemates apart from Michael nod in agreement. Kyle looks at him. "Don't worry about it, it was a hard question."

Alex looks at him. "But it was the last question...we were so close."

Tess shakes her head. "It doesn't matter, we'll be fine."

Michael adds quietly. "Yeah, we'll all be fine, but you and Brody will be eating the crap out the garden..."

All the housemates look at him disbelievingly.

Maria smiles as she pats Alex's knee. "That's him just being humourous, you know Michael..."

Alex nods his head and looks at her. "Yeah, I do..."

Brody walks over to him and smiles reassuringly. "You weren't the only one who messed up...if I hadn't got the first one wrong..."

Isabel walks forward. "Okay, that's enough from you two. No one's to blame, so we failed it. We'll manage."

She looks at them and Brody and Alex both take a deep breath and force themselves to smile.

This is Big Brother, this week's task is now over and the results will be announced shortly.

Alex looks up at the camera. "Is there any point in extending the agony. Just tell us what we already know."

Kyle walks over to him. "C'mon Whitman, come outside and display your formidable soccer skills."

Alex groans as he gets up. "That'll be fun..."


The group have spent the last hour together in the garden talking about what they want to do after they come out of the Big Brother House.

Michael and Kyle are sitting on the deckchairs while the others all sit on the cushions that they brought outside. Alex is talking.

"What would I want to do personally? Umm, live life like an international rock star? You know, millions of dollars, fast cars even faster women?" He grins at them.

"Seriously Alex...what do you want to do?" Liz asks seriously.

"What do you mean seriously? Maybe I am being serious..."

Liz looks at him and he squints under her stare. "Okay, I'll play nice just turn of the death stare already."

Maria bursts out laughing and Liz grins at him.

"After this, I want to study music. I would like to think that maybe one day I'll get a break and become this really famous bass-guitarist. If not, I guess I'll do something idea what yet...but I'll think of something."

Maria smiles at him. "You'll make it, if for no other reason than because you have a beautiful, talented lead singer."

Alex looks at her and smiles mischievously. "Really? Who is that?"

Maria pouts and turns away and Liz grins at Alex. Laurie turns to Tess.

"What do you want to do after this Tess?"

Tess smiles shyly and looks at them. She shrugs her shoulders and sighs. "Honestly? I have no idea. I always thought my future was mapped out for me." She looks at Liz and smiles slightly before turning to Kyle as she continues. "But being in here, I've had a lot of time to think about what I want from the future." He holds her gaze and she smiles at him before turning back to Laurie.

"I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Maybe I'll go to college or something like Isabel is doing."

Isabel looks at her. "Yeah, college helps sort out your future apparently."

Laurie turns to her. "Are you looking forward to it?"

Isabel smiles slightly. "I'm a little bit scared if I'm's...weird. I was going for all the right reasons, but now...I'm not going to get the whole thing with my friends. I'm not going to have a senior prom, I'm not going to have a graduation party with some of you guys. I'm missing all that..."

Alex smiles at her. "You'll be fine. You'll be there 2 minutes and you'll have charmed the pants of them as much as you had at High School. It's our loss not having you there in the final year."

Liz nods her head and smiles at Isabel. "At least you'll be able to fill us all in on what to expect when we finally get to college."

Isabel nods her head and smiles. She turns to Laurie. "What about you Laurie?"

Laurie looks at her. "I...I'm moving closer to Roswell. I want to be close to my family." She smiles at Michael warmly. "Also, it will be nice to be closer to some of the people i've met in here." She looks at Tess, Kyle and Alex and smiles before she continues.

"But other than that, I want to go to night school, I want to try and get a career for myself at one point. I think it would be nice to have a job."

Brody smiles at her. "Well, if you ever get stuck you can work in the UFO centre during the holidays. We always get busy then and I think Max would appreciate the help."

Laurie smiles at him gratefully. "Thanks."

Brody shrugs his shoulders and smiles before turning back towards Maria.


All the housemates are inside. The boys are sitting at the dining table waiting to play poker with the girls. The girls are getting ready in their room.

The girls are all putting on extra layers underneath their clothes.

"Okay, do I look chunky?" Maria asks as she stands in front of the mirror.

Isabel walks over to her. "You look fine, how many layers have you got on?"

Maria grins at her. "Well, I have this cardigan, a t-shirt, 2 vest tops, a bikini top and a bra on. Lower torso, I have my jeans, my tight black pants, my shorts and my underwear. Plus I have socks and shoes as well."

She gets a round of applause from the rest of the girls who are busy making sure that they have as much on as possible. Tess looks at Laurie. "Come on, we better go or else we'll never get started."

Laurie nods her head and the two of them walk out and head over towards the table. "Hey guys, you ready to play?"

Laurie smiles at them. "Yeah, we're thinking we might win today."

Alex and Kyle exchange a look and smile at them. Kyle says "Sure, ok, lets get started."

Before he gets a chance to deal Tess stops him. "Is it okay if I see if the other girls want to play? We could make it the team thing, girls versus the boys?"

The guys look and shrug their shoulders. Kyle looks at her. "Maybe we should mix the teams up a little? Make it a bit fairer?"

Tess smiles at him. "No, it's okay, me and Laurie have been teaching the other girls how to play. Well, Isabel already knew how to play but we'll do well."

Kyle rolls his eyes and sighs. "Sure, fine it your own way."

Laurie smiles. "I'll go see if the girls want to play."

She runs into the girls room and smiles at the rest of the girls. "Come on guys, we're on."

The girls all look at each other a little apprehensively. "They better be as good as they said they are."

"Don't worry Maria, as I said earlier, I know all the tricks." Isabel smiles as they walk out.

The girls all sit down and they play normal poker for a few games, which the girls lose. The boys grin at each other before Alex asks.

"Come on, we'll mix the teams up and that will give you more of a chance.."

Maria shakes her head. "You know what it is? We aren't playing for anything so there's no desire to win...maybe if we upped the stakes?"

Alex looked at her puzzled. "Maria, we have no money..."

Maria smiles. "Well, maybe if we were scared of losing something if we lost? You know, maybe our clothes?"

The guys all collectively look at the girls. Tess turns to Maria. "Maria! What if we loss...we'll be..."

"Naked. Yes we would." Maria smiles at her and Tess hrugs her shoulders. "I hope you know what you're doing...."

Alex clears his throat and looks at the girls seriously. "Guys, we're on national you really want to lose...everything?"

Maria looks at him. "We won't lose everything."

Michael looks at her. "Maria, no offence but you guys suck. You'll be wearing nothing pretty soon."

Isabel joins in. "We don't mind, as Maria said, we need to up the stakes."

Michael shakes his head and looks at the other boys. "They want to play let them play, they're big girls."

The girls all smile nervously and the boys look at them. "Are you girls sure? Because we won't be taking it easy on you?"

Kyle looks at them all individually but his eyes rest on Tess as he asks. They all smile and he shuffles the cards. "Okay then."


The housemates are still playing poker at the table.

Kyle looks at his hand nervously as Tess looks at hers. Kyle and Alex have lost most of there clothes apart their boxers. The rest of the boys are in various states of undress with all of them having lost their shirts and shoes. Alex looks over Kyle's shoulder to inspect his hand. The girls do the same with Tess's hand. The girls have lost a few layers of clothing but are still relatively clothed. Isabel is wearing a long shirt and Tess is wearing lycra shorts and a t-shirt.

Kyle whispers to Alex. "They cheated us, we've been teaching them to play and they pretended they sucked."

Alex looks at the girls. "They lured us into this, they've lost as many games as we have but they were..."


Tess looks at him. "You gonna show Buddha boy?"

Kyle glares at the girls. "You are a bunch of cheats you know that?"

The girls all look like they are considering what he's saying before nodding their heads in agreement. Tess smiles at him. "I know...but it's only because we wanted to impress the "masters", has it worked?"

Kyle takes a deep breath and looks at Alex, Brody and Michael who are now behind him. Brody looks at him. "I don't think she can beat that."

Kyle looks at him and exhales sharpy. "You better be right." As he puts his hand down. "Full house."

Tess looks over at the hand and sighs. She smiles at him warmly. "Well played Kyle. You beat me, I only had a flush."

The girls smile at her and take their seats and the boys cheer at Kyle. As Tess takes her t-shirt off to reveal a crop top, Kyle looks down awkwardly. Tess smiles at him. "Kyle? You ok?"

Kyle looks at her shyly. "Yeah. I was just thinking that maybe we should quit this, you girls are getting down a little far and you know what some guys are like..."

Tess smiles at him tenderly. "No, we're fine. We can handle ourselves..."

Michael looks at Maria, Laurie and Isabel. "I agree with Valenti, we can call it quits."

Maria sits down and deals the cards. "No way, we're winning. You guys are too sensitive."


The housemates are still playing poker.

Alex and Kyle are still as they were previously, with Kyle avoiding looking at Tess as they play. Him and Alex are the only two boys still in the hand and they are playing against Tess and Liz. Isabel, Laurie and Maria are all looking over their shoulders and Kyle and Alex exchange a look. Kyle whispers very quietly to Alex. "I don't like this, we are going to get creamed."

Alex nods his head and asks for 2 cards. He takes his cards and shakes his head before throwing his hand in and walking behind Kyle to see his cards. Kyle asks for 1 card which Maria deals him. Liz and Tess whisper quietly and they both take one card each. Tess looks at her hand and then to Kyle who is looking at her and she smiles slightly. She looks at him and she bites her lip and her expression changes gently and she throws her hand in the deck. Maria and Isabel look at her.

"What are you doing?" Maria asks loudly.

Tess shrugs her shoulders as she avoids looking at Kyle. "I couldn't have beaten him, he would have beat me."

Isabel is about to say something before Liz calls them over. "Okay, I'm going with this..." The other girls nod and the boys all look at Kyle.

"Come on Kyle, this is not the time for you to lose."

Kyle turns to Alex and shakes his head. "You think? I'm only wearing boxer shorts here."

Liz puts down her hand and the girls look on exitedly. "Full house, 3's over 7's."

The colour drains from Kyle's face and the rest of the boys take a step back sadly. He looks over at the cards and then lays his own cards down. "Flush..."

The girls all cheer loudly and he looks on embaressed. Tess stands up and smiles. "Okay, we know we we can let Kyle away with it. We know that he lost. He doesn't have to..."

The girls shake their heads. "You can't back out the game." Isabel says as she looks at Tess.

Tess smiles and tries again. "Yeah, but this is on national tv...the guys wouldn't have made us do it."

Maria looks at her as she looks desperately at Kyle. "They would have."

Kyle looks at her and smiles awkwardly. She smiles at him shyly and turns away and walks over to the kitchen. "I'm going to get something to drink, you want anything Kyle? Or any of you?"

They shake their heads and Kyle closes his eyes as he stands up. Alex looks on awkwardly as the Isabel and Maria watch him. Laurie and Liz look embaressed and Tess is still standing with her back to them and she has her eyes shut tightly.

This is Big Brother, will Kyle please come to the Diary Room.

As Kyle hears the voice he almost runs to the Diary Room. He cuts through the kitchen and accidently knocks into Tess knocking a can of soda out of her hand.

"Tess, sorry. You ok? I didn't hurt you?"

She smiles at him as he holds her two arms gently. "I'm fine, thanks."

He looks at her. "You sure?"

She smiles at him gently and whispers back. "Yeah, I'm great..."

They look at each other for a second before he takes a deep breath and lets her go and heads to the Diary Room. Tess watches him go and sighs as she picks up the can of soda that she dropped.

Laurie looks at this and walks over to the table. "Okay guys, I think that's that for the night."

Alex, Liz and Brody nod in agreement as the start putting their clothes on. Maria looks at Laurie. "Well, that was fun. I can't believe Big Brother ruined our fun like that..."

Liz whispers quietly. "Maybe they realised that it might not have been fun for some other people." She indicates with her head to Tess.

"She was doing fine until he went all weird on her."

Liz nods her head. "It would have been weird for them both Maria..."

Maria sighs as she picks up her own clothes. "Yeah...would have been weird."


Brody and Alex are out in the lounge. Brody hasn't went to bed yet and Alex couldn't sleep.

Bbrody and Alex talk quietly when they hear a noise behind them and they see Laurie walk out of the girls room with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. She looks surprised to see them and she walks over to them.

"What are you doing up Laurie?" Brody asks concerned.

She smiles. "I couldn't sleep."

Alex smiles at her. "Seem's to be a trait, I can't sleep either."

Brody leans against the back of the couch. "Maybe it's the stress in here?"

Alex looks at him. "Maybe, how have you found it this week?"

Brody sighs loudly. "I didn't expect my first nomination to knock me the way it did. It's...hard looking people in the eyes when you nominated them for eviction you know?"

Alex nods his head and Laurie smiles knowingly as Brody continues. "I just didn't expect to feel as guilty."

Laurie smiles at him. "I know that feeling...I felt bad before, but this week, it was just harder." She looks at Alex as she talks before looking down guiltily and leaning against the couch.

Alex sighs sadly. "This week has been horrible. I'll be glad when we don't have to nominate any more, I can't handle it. I like everyone in here more or less."

The three of them sit in silence before Brody speaks. "I miss Sydney,"

Laurie looks at him and smiles sadly. "Did you see her before you came in?"

Brody nods his head. "Yeah, she was at the studio...she was crying..."

Brody bites his lip and the three of them are quiet again. He sighs before speaking. "When I get out of here I am taking her anywhere she wants to go and I'll buy her whatever she wants, I don't care what it is..."

Alex sighs. "When I get out of here I am going to tell everyone in here that I've nominated why I did it and beg their forgiveness..."

Laurie purses her lips before talking. "When I get out of here I am going to throw a large party to get rid of the crap that happened in here. Of course, I don't know that many people but..."

Brody smiles at her. "You need to make it bring a guest of a guest party. That soon fills those things up."

Laurie smiles at him. "Yeah, but how do you talk to someone you don't know?"

Alex grins at her. "Well, it's customery to stick your hand out and go "Hi, my name is..."

Laurie rolls her eyes. "I know that..."

Brody smiles at her. "Then what are you worried about? Besides, we'd all be there, assuming we got invited of course..."

Laurie grins at him. "I think I could squeeze a couple of invites your way."

Alex smiles as he lies back. "So, so far I have a party to look forward to, groveling for forgiveness...I'm looking forward to getting out of here more and more..."