DAY 23 - 7:23am

Day 23 in the Big Brother house. Last night Max became the second housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Liz sits in the garden while the others are still in bed.

Liz sits on a deckchair in the garden holding a cup with a blanket wrapped around her lap. She seems to be staring out at nothing and after a minute takes a drink from the cup. Isabel stands at the conservatory doors watching her.

Isabel watches her for several moments and then turns away and walks back inside the house. Liz continues to stare out sadly, unaware that she had been watched.


All the housemate are now awake. Liz and Alex are in the girls bedroom. The others sit in the lounge area while Michael and Maria make breakfast.

Maria watches Michael as he whisks the eggs in the bowl with a fork.

"Do you miss Max?"

Michael glances at her before his eyes return to the eggs.

Maria moves closer to him. "You know it's okay to admit it. I miss him."

"Pass me the milk," Michael orders.

Maria sighs as she takes the milk from the fridge and hands it to him. As he pours the milk his jaw sets.


Maria looks at him. "What?"

"I miss Max," Michael says as he looks at her. "Out of all the people in here he was someone I could talk to."

Maria nods. "I admit it blew me away that he went."

"Me too," Michael says as he glares over at Kyle who is sharing a joke with Tess.

Maria looks at him then looks to Kyle. She then sighs as she looks back at him.

"Michael, you can't blame Kyle."

Michael looks at her firmly. "Try me."

Maria watches him sadly as he pours the eggs into the pan. She glances at Kyle and bites her bottom lip.

In the girls bedroom Liz is sitting on her bed and Alex is sitting crossed leg across from her.

Liz sighs as she glances down. "It's weird him not being here. I know it's only a gameshow and people have to get voted off, but..." she trails off.

"You just didn't expect it to be Max," Alex says softly.

Liz looks at him and shakes her head slowly.

Alex nods. "I know what you mean. I'm so sorry, Liz."

"It isn't your fault, Alex," Liz reasures him.

Alex is about to say something when Maria enters the room carrying 3 plates.

"Breakfast in bed," Alex says with a smile. "Nice."

Maria hands them the plates. "Yeah, I figued we could all do with it."

"Thanks, Maria," Liz says with a forced smile.

Maria sits down on the bed next to Liz. "So how are you doing, babe?"

Liz looks at her and nods. "Okay."

Maria raises her eyebrows and glances at Alex who shakes his head.

"Liz," Maria says softly. "Just think, Max, will probably be watching you right now."

Liz nods to her sadly. "Yeah."

Maria puts her arm around her shoulders and Liz leans against her. "It's only a few more weeks 7 weeks you might walk out of here with $250,000 and go straight into Max's arms."

Liz sighs sadly. "That's too long...I wish he was here..."

Alex puts his hand on Liz's shoulder. "Things will get easier soon, Max will be out there waiting on you..."

Maria smiles happily. "You never know...he might be breaking in here as week speak."

Liz laughs gently. "Maybe..."

Alex nudges her gently. "Let's hope he brings in some decent food then."

Maria looks at him indignant. " cooking has improved!"

Liz smiles gently as Alex looks at Maria. "Okay, I won't mention the fiasco of the stir-fry then, okay?"

Maria smiles. "That was as much Kyle's fault as it was mine you know? Besides, "Mr. I can only make pancakes": you haven't cooked one meal in here."

Alex looks indignant. "Hey, Liz...will you please tell blondie there why you banned me from cooking alone in here?"

Liz smiles and turns to Maria. "He is totally incompetant in the kitchen. No offence Alex,"

Alex smiles smugly. "None taken..."

"That's a poor, poor, poor excuse..." Maria shakes her head.

"Maria, he nearly blew up the kitchen. For a guy who's best friends are girl's he is horribly un-co-ordinated..."

Maria grins. "And that's just his fashion sense..."

"And he fell of the task..."

"I mean Alex, have you not learned anything from all those dances to pop songs we made you do?"

Alex stands up and looks at them. "I never ever danced to pop songs! Tell everyone..."

Maria grins at Liz wickedly. "Tell them what? That the three of us danced to..."

"No! We did not! I never danced to that...crap, you listen to!"

Liz smiles sweetly at Alex. "But have to remember, you know. Up at my porch?"

Alex looks around in mock horror. "Okay, since when did that "Let's Insult and Embarass Alex" brigade get in here?"

"Since you couldn't cook..." Liz says helpfully.

"And you were accident prone..." Maria adds smiling.

Alex shakes his head and walks to the door muttering. "That's what I get for being being nice...and I never danced to boybands..."

Maria grins at Liz as Alex disappears. "He is so easy to get a reaction out of..."

Liz smiles. "Do you think we should clarify things with..." She ushers to the camera's. " Them?"

Maria sighs. "Okay, but lets not tell him." She walks over to the mirror and looks in it. "I would just like to say to all the single girls and all the guys who are probably laughing just now, that Alex never did the dance to boyband songs. We did try to make him but he threatened to jump off Liz's porch so we let him off with it. He did go through a period when he sung them constantly though..."

"Maria, that's too much information." Liz smiles as she walks over to her.

Maria smiles into the camera. "He said that we brain-washed him...but that's just not true. Is it Liz?"

Liz shakes her head. "Of course not."

Liz walks over to her bed again and sits down as Maria continues to talk to the camera. As Liz sits down she pulls a picture off her bedside table. As she looks at it Maria walks over and looks at the picture.


Liz sighs and puts the photo down as she smiles sadly at Maria. "I know, 7 weeks... I just wish he had stayed..."

"I know you do..." Maria says quietly as she pulls Liz to her feet. "But you didn't come in here for Max, you came in for you. So you have to try and enjoy your time in here. There will be plenty of time for you and Max outside here."

Liz smiles. "Yeah..."


The group are all out in the garden apart from Alex who is in the boy's room and Michael and Isabel who are talking in the kitchen.

Michael is looking outside towards Kyle and Tess who are sitting in the garden with Maria, Liz and Laurie. Isabel walks over to him to see what he's looking at.

"What are you looking at Michael?"

Michael continues to stare. "I don't get it personally...why would they keep him in?"

Isabel looks out at Kyle. "They obviously like something about him that we can't see in here."

Michael looks at her. "What is there to like? I mean seriously? Is it some girl thing? Do they find that attractive? Was it a bunch of 14 year olds that wanted him in?"

Isabel shakes her head, "I don't get it...I...I don't get why Max didn't stay."

Michael sighs as he walks away. "Well, with any luck it will only be for another week."

Isabel nods her head as Michael walks away. She stands by and sighs as she pours herself something to drink.

As she stands in silence she begins to talk quietly into her microphone. "Hey Max, how's life on the outside? I don't know how it's going to be in here without you. I wish you had stayed...I don't really have anyone else in here I can talk to..."

Alex walks over to the kitchen and hears Isabel talk quietly as she is oblivious to his presence. He looks at her sadly for a second before he walks over to her.

"Isabel?" He asks gently.

Isabel jumps slightly as she hears his voice and turns around and looks embarrassed. "Alex? I'm...I'm sorry, I didn't know you were here..."

Alex smiles at her reassuringly. "You don't have to apologise. How are you?"

Isabel looks down sadly before forcing herself to smile. "I'm...fine."

Alex looks at her intently but sympathetically. "Okay, now, how are you really?"

Isabel looks at him. "You aren't going to let me away with the line?"

Alex looks at her seriously. "I would hope you wouldn't need a line with me."

Isabel smiles at him. "I don't. I...I guess, I guess it's just strange being in here on my own."

Alex puts a hand gently on her shoulder. "You are not in here on your own, Isabel."

She looks at him gratefully and whispers with a slightly shacky voice. "Thank you..."

He smiles at her reassuringly. "You don't have to thank me Isabel, just remember what I said."

She nods her head and smiles again at him. "I will..."

He smiles and goes to speak as Maria walks in.

"Alex you need to go out is so nice. Oh..." She looks at Isabel and Alex and her voice becomes dis-approving. "You and Isabel are here..."

"Maria?" Alex says as he looks at her awkwardly.

Alex look's at Maria who is looking at him seriously and his hand drops from Isabel's shoulder. Isabel looks at his hand as it fall's away before turning to look at Maria who is still looking at them.

"Alex? Since you're not busy anymore with...Isabel, could you come out here? I think Liz needs cheered up."

Alex looks at Isabel and then to Maria. "I'll be out in a few minutes, Maria. I'm talking to Isabel just now."

Isabel smiles downwards before looking back to see Maria's reaction. "Okay then, when you and Isabel are finished in here, could you come out?"

Alex nods his head. "Sure thing."

Maria takes a final look at the two of them before walking back out into the garden, shaking her head.

Isabel turns to Alex. "Thank you again."

Alex smiled. "And again, you don't need to thank me. So, you'll remember what I said? You can talk to me anytime about this or anything else. And I mean anytime...if you wake up at 4am and need to talk you can talk to me"

She nods her head. "Okay."

Alex smiles at her for a second and they stand in silence as they look at each other. He sighs and looks at her and smiles before he looks outside.

"Come on, we better go on outside...we can't stay in here all day."

Isabel looks down and then looks out into the garden. "I guess..."

They walk away from the kitchen and he puts his hand on her back. "Things will get better in here."

She smiles sadly at him as she turns to face him. "Yeah. I'm sure they will."

She walks in front of him and heads towards the garden leaving him alone in the house watching her walk away. He watches her for a second before he sighs and follows her out.

As Isabel walks out into the garden she sits down beside Michael and she smiles at him reassuringly as Alex walks out. Michael glares at Alex who notices this and glares straight back at him as he sits down on the grass between Maria and Kyle.

Kyle continues what he was saying. "Alex, I was saying to Tess and Laurie that we could try and teach them how to play poker later? They won't learn unless it's in a competitive environment."

Alex nods his head as he smiles at Tess and Laurie. "You girls don't honestly want to take on the masters do you?"

Tess looks unimpressed. "Alex, me and Laurie could beat you blindfolded, couldn't we Laurie?"

Laurie looks at Tess puzzled who indicates with her eyes that she has to agree. "Yeah, we could...definately beat you two."

Kyle looks at Alex and they both roll their eyes and begin to laugh. "Tess, you really need to know how to play it before you can win it."

Kyle looks at the other girls. "What about you girls? You all want to learn how to play? We could try out playing in teams?"

Maria nods her head and Liz smiles sadly as Isabel looks at Kyle harshly. "How can we play teams Kyle? There's only 9 of us here, they would be uneven."

She shakes her head as Kyle replies. "Well, there are more girls in here than there are guys so we could play mixed teams..."

Michael rolls his eyes as he cuts him off. "Yet no matter how you arrange the teams there will still be 9 people there." Michael looks at Isabel and add's quietly. "Well, we can assume they know he's an idiot and they didn't keep him in for his brains."

Laurie and Tess both look angrilly at Michael, as they over-hear what he said. Kyle looks down at his hands as he takes a deep breath before looking at Michael and speaking again. "As I was saying Michael, we could play mixed teams with 4 to a team and 1 dealer. That's our 9 housemates all accounted for. Or, we could play it singles..."

Isabel looks at Kyle. "I don't want to play, thank you."

Michael nods his head as he glares at Kyle. "Me neither, I have things to do."

Kyle looks at the others who have all become quiet and shakes his head. "Maybe we'll do it later in the week then...I don't really feel like it now."

"God, forbid that Kyle shouldn't feel like doing something..." Michael mutters loud enough for everyone to hear. Maria looks at him sadly before smiling apologetically at Kyle who is shaking his head as Alex, Tess and Laurie look angrilly at Michael again.

This is Big Brother, could someone please come to the Diary Room?

The group give a collective groan as Kyle stands up to go get the task. "I'll go get it."

As he walks in the house he overhears Michael. "Finally, he manages to make himself useful. It's only taken 3 weeks."

"That's enough Michael. It's not his fault." Laurie says quietly but firmly. "He can hear all these snidey comments you know."

Michael looks at her. "Good. Maybe he'll take the hint then."

Laurie looks right back. "Just stop it. We all have to live here and you are not endearing yourself to a lot of the public with acting like this."

Michael shakes his head. "I don't really care."

Laurie's look softens a little. "You clearly must do if you feel so threatened by Kyle."

Michael looks at her and opens his mouth to reply but instead sighs loudly and rolls his eyes. "You don't know him Laurie, so trust me when I say that Max should have stayed."

Tess looks at him and goes to say something but Alex's hand goes to her arm and she looks at him and he shakes his head. She sighs and doesn't say anything and Alex looks at Laurie and then to Michael. He takes a deep breath and changes the subject obviously.

"So guys, what do you think the task will be?"

Inside Kyle is waiting outside the Diary Room. He is standing against the door with his head pressed against it waiting on the light to turn green. As it does he walks in, picks up the instruction sheet and sits down.

"Hi Big Brother, you wanted one of us?"

Yes Kyle, the instructions for the weekly task are sitting on the chair, please read it out to the group.

Kyle sighs. "No problem."

He doesn't make a move for a minute and looks into the camera sadly.

Is there anything you would like to talk about Kyle?

Kyle sighs and looks at the camera. "Umm, is it okay to talk about it just now? Or do I have to go read them the task first?"

Big Brother is always hear to talk to Kyle, you can do whatever you like.

Kyle smiles slightly. "It's just, if I go out and then come back in they would know that I was speaking to you and I would rather they didn't see that it was bugging me you know?"

Big Brother understands.

Kyle takes a deep breath. "The others think I should have went out the house last night. Some of them don't make it obvious like some of the others but I know that most of the people in here would have rather I had went."

Has anyone said that to you?

Kyle smiles and laughs bitterly. "They don't have to spell it out for me. It's been just over 12 hours since Max has left and since last night I have been getting dirty looks and they've been talking under their breath thinking I don't hear what they are saying."

How does it make you feel?

Kyle rubs his head and looks down at the piece of paper in his hands. "I don't care...really, I mean if they want to play it that way that's fine, I have friends in here even if some people don't think so. As long as I have Tess, Laurie and Alex on side the rest can go to hell."

Are all the others making things difficult for you?

Kyle shakes his head. "No, Liz feels bad about her and Max so she is just feeling bad because of that, Maria was close to Max and Michael so she was obviously wanting me to go, but she's been okay. And Brody has been fine. It's really just been Michael and Isabel...I understand why they are angry. But I didn't make anyone vote him out."

Have you tried talking to them?

Kyle shakes his head. "There's no point. It would be like battering my head against a brick-wall. I'll give them a little while." Kyle stands up and looks over the chair and back into the camera. "Thanks a lot Big Brother."

Big Brother is always here for any of the housemates to talk to Kyle.

Kyle nods his head. "Thanks." Before he walks out the door and heads towards the garden. As he steps outside he takes a deep breath. "You guys will not believe the task this week? It will be so easy!"

Michael mutters something from the chair but Kyle ignores it as he sits down and begins to read. "Okay, it's a memory task. Each day Big Brother will ask the housemates to remember 5 facts from each of the other housemates. On Wednesday, the housemates will be tested at random with 5 questions about 5 different housemates. That will be pretty easy, what do you guys think?"

Maria groans loudly. "It's like school, but it will be easy as we all already know each other. I say 70%"

Michael nods his head as he looks at Maria. "I agree, we can go high on this. Let's make it 75%"

Kyle looks around at everyone. "You guys all okay with that?"

They all shrug their shoulders and nod their heads.

"That will be lots extra next week, maybe Big Brother will let me buy some beer if we can afford it?" Brody asks hopefully as Tess blushes.

"Okay, I'm taking this back in. 75%?"

As they all nod Kyle walks in the house.


Michael has went back to bed. Isabel sits alone and reads a book as Kyle, Brody, Tess and Laurie kick the soccer ball around outside. Alex, Maria and Liz are in the den alone.

Alex sits down and sighs as the three of them sit in silence. "Come on guys! This is embarrassing...I refuse to do it."

Maria looks hurt. "You did it before."

Alex looks at her. "I was 12 and I was impressionable then."

Liz smiles as she sits down beside him. "But it was your idea to cheer me up Alex..."

Alex looks at her desperately. "What is it with you two and wanting to totally smash my rep today?"

Maria sits down beside him. "Come never had a rep."

"Hey, I had 5 beautiful women in a hot-tub! I had a rep!"

Maria shares a look with Liz and whispers into his ear. "Well, what if you were to do that again? We could square it with Tess, Isabel and Laurie you know? And this time it wouldn't because we felt sorry for you..."

Alex looks at both of them. "You two are cruel, you do realise that don't you?"

Maria giggles at him. "You think I would make a good negotiator if my pop career doesn't take?"

Alex nods his head. "When you put terms like that to any guy...."

Liz grins at him and then looks at Maria. "See, underneath it all...he's just like every other male on the planet."

Maria stands up and helps Liz to her feet before turning to Alex who is looking longingly at the door.

"No use trying to escape Alex, there is no escape. Now get up here..."

"Maria!!!!" Alex says whining.

"Alex!!!!" Maria replies in the same tone.

Liz laughs as Alex gets to his feet. "Well, I refuse to do it until I have the right equipment, so if you'll excuse me. Oh wait," he turns around and smiles shyly. "I need to steal one of you, i can't carry the gear out myself." He sticks his arm up in the air.

Maria and Liz walk out after him. "Okay, you guys get some sheets and I'll raid the garden for some wood."

They nod and head into the house giggling as Alex hums as he picks up pieces of wood. Brody notices this as the girls come running out of the house carrying sheets and head into the den. As Aalex selects 3 thin pieces of wood Brody call's over to him.

"Alex? What are you three up to in there?"

Alex smiles at them. "We're regressing to keep Liz occupied."

Brody nods his head as Alex walks away before he turns to the others. "Regressing? I worry about that boy sometimes..."

Kyle call's over to him. "To hell with that, just get the damn ball of Tess before she..." as Kyle call's over Tess fires a shot past Brody and she jumps up and down and hugs Laurie. "scores..."

Kyle shakes his head at Brody. "This is supposed to be your game! How can you let them..." Kyle ushers to Tess and Laurie who are now working on a goal celebration dance as he continues. "Score? They're girls!"

Brody looks at him and nods. "I was distracted."

Kyle shakes his head as he walks towards the ball and Laurie and Tess begin their celebration again.

Inside the den, Alex, Maria and Liz have all wrapped their sheets around them like they are a cape. Alex is sitting quietly as Maria applies a fake moustache to Liz with eye-liner.

"Don't think I've forgot about you Alex, as soon as Lizzie is all butched up it's your turn!"

Alex shakes his head. "You're all right, I look butch enough as it is..."

Liz smiles as Maria finishes up with her and she walks towards Alex.

"No, I said I'd do it but I refuse to put the fake moustache on."

Maria turns to Liz. "Look at Liz, Alex. Liz, would Alex putting the fake moustache on make you feel better?"

Liz smiles sweetly as she waks towards Maria. "Yes...but," she sighs dramatically as she turns away to hide her smiling face. "If he doesn't want to...that's fine. But it just won't be the same."

Maria looks at Alex. "Ssee what you did? Liz would feel better if you had it on."

Alex stands abruptly. "Nice try, but you both forget that I know all your tricks and that one won't work!"

Maria stands and puts her hands on her hips. "Dammit Alex!"

Alex copies her and stands with his own hands on his hips. "Dammit Maria!"

The pair stand like that for a few seconds before Alex rolls his eyes. "Okay, I give up. But I only want a small one ok? None of this Mexican Bandit look that you have going on with Liz."

Maria nods as she quickly goes and draws on the moustache.

As they finish the 3 of them look at each other and start laughing. "Oh god, I can't believe we are doing this!"

Liz smiles. "I know, what has it been, 6 years? No, 5 years."

Alex looks at his feet and mutters quietly. "On national tv! I'm doing this on national tv!"

Maria nudges him and he passes them all a piece of wood. "This is so embarassing..."

"Alex, come on...girls love guys that can have fun. Isn't that right Maria?"

Maria nods her head as Alex groans as he walks forward and poses with his piece of wood as a sword.

"I am Alex of the clan Whitman, draw your sword or face the consequences!"

Liz and Maria laugh at Alex's fake English accent. Maria walks forward. "I am Maria! You have only moments to live Sir Alex if you do not surrender your sword!"

"Ha! You and who's army little girl? I have my trusty steed outside and you are all alone!"

Liz regains her composure and walks in front of the scene. "She is not alone! I will give you but one warning Sir Alex, me and Lady Maria will pummel you with our excellent sword play. I see you aren't much of a are aleady injured."

Alex looks at his injured arm and turns to them. "What looks like an injury to you is not as it seems. Under this bandage there is the arm of the world, world, WORLD famous swordmans that I cut off and attached to my own to make me a better swordsman!"

Maria and Liz try to stifle a laugh as Liz continues. "Well...well, in that case, en guard!"

She sticks out her piece of wood and he grins as he does the same. As Liz attacks him Alex yawns loudly. "You are a poor swordsman. I would cut off my trusty steeds left foot and it would put up a better fight."

Maria grinned as she lifted her "sword" and laughed. "You will suffer now Lord Alex."

Alex grinned at her. "Why? Are you planning on singing that crap again?"

Maria lunges forward to him and he runs outside followed by Liz and Maria. The three of the become embroiled in a fake sword fight as they are watched by amused Kyle, Brody, Tess and Laurie.

"What...are you guys doing?" Kyle asks slowly.

As Alex is attacked with both the girls he laughs as he retreats to behind Laurie. "I'm trying to stop these two maniacs attacking me."

He looks at Liz and Maria and calls from behind Laurie. "I have a human shield here and I'm not afraid to use her."

Maria looks at Laurie and then looks at Liz who nods her aproval as the both move behind Brody and Tess. Maria call's over towards Alex. "Well, guess what? We also have human shields that we're not afraid to use. So what do you think of that Lord Alex?"

Brody looks uncertainly as Maria stands behind him. "Umm, what exactly is the job description of a human shield?"

Kyle looks between all them and smiles as he shakes his head. "The 3 of you have went crazy..."

Alex looks at Kyle and then to Maria and Liz. "Hmmm, that is possible...

Kyle looks at Alex, Liz and Maria and their hostages who are looking at each other strangely and shakes his head. "There is no "possible" guys have cracked up. When you've finished with your hostages give me a call so we can finish the game." He laughs gently as he walks away.

"You are just going to leave us here?" Tess call's. "You could at least try and save us."

Kyle looks at her and call's back. "I would but...well, you guys seem to it covered. See you later."

Tess looks at Laurie and Brody and laughs as she gasps. "Can you believe that?"


Kyle, Brody, Michael, Isabel, Tess and Laurie are all sitting out in the garden. Maria, Alex and Liz are still in the den.

Isabel sits looking up at the sky as Brody talks. "Okay, what is your guys favourite band or muscian?"

Michael replies bored. "Mettalica."

Isabel sighs. "Anything apart from the damn Counting Crows."

Brody smiles. "Max can't possible play that at home as much as he plays it at work. For a while last year he had me regretting having a cd player in the office."

Isabel continues to look up at the sky. "He plays that when he feels sorry for himself."

The group sits in silence for a minute before Laurie speaks. "My favourite band is Savage Garden."

Brody nods and Tess looks at her happily. "I love Savage Garden. But my favourite band is..."

She is cut off before she has a chance to answer by both Laurie and Kyle. "N*Sync?"

She grins at them. "You guys know me so well."

"Well, you didn't call your teddy bear J.C for nothing did you?"

She shakes her head. "Okay, what about you Brody?"

Brody smiles at her. "Well, I like good music so I'm usually good with most things. Although, for the sake of the task I will say that I think my favourite just now would be the Stereophonics."

The others nod and Brody looks over at Isabel. "What about you Isabel? You didn't answer."

Isabel sits up and looks at Brody. "I guess I like normal stuff, my favourite band is Matchbox 20. So you can put that down."

Brody nods his head and smiles. "Matchbox 20. Okay, do we know what the other's are?"

Isabel sighs. "Alex's favourite band is Oasis, Liz's favourite singer is Dido and I have no idea what Maria's is."

The group look at Michael expectantly. "What? I don't know...she likes a tonne of stuff. Probably be Christina Whatever You Call Her."

"We'll ask them when they come out ok?"

The others nod and Brody asks again. "Okay, favourite movie?"

In the den, Maria, Liz and Alex are all sitting talking. They are no longer wearing their fake moustaches or outfits.

"I cannot believe you guys made me do that!" Alex smiles as he looks at Liz and Maria.

"Oh Alex, you care too much what people think. Doesn't he Liz?"

Liz nods her head as Alex smirks at them. "You two do realise that we should be practising the task, don't you?"

They both nod their heads. "Yeah, but, we already know each other's answers to all the questions..."

Alex sighs at Maria. "Maybe Maria, but the others don't know ours and we don't know there's."

Maria looks at him. "That's rubbish, I could guess what some of there's are. Okay, Michael's band is Metallica, obviously. Tess' is N*Sync..."

"And? Who's the others?"

"I'm trying to think here...okay, Isabel's...Isabel's is..."

Alex looks at her. "And before you say anything bad just don't."

Maria gasps. "Would I say anything bad about Isabel? Me? I'm hurt...I haven't said anything to Isabel."

Aalex shakes his head. "No, I just thought you were going to turn me and her to stone earlier when you walked in. She is upset about Max."

Maria looks guiltilly at him. "I wasn't going to turn you to stone. I just think..."

Before Maria can add to what she was saying both Alex and Maria turn as they hear Liz crying.

"Oh Liz..." Maria says as she quickly goes to Liz and wraps her arms around her. "It will be ok..."

Alex goes over beside them and squeezes Liz's shoulder. "Come on, Max wouldn't want you to cry..."

Liz tries to smile through her tears. "I...I kn...know he wouldn't...but...I miss him..."

Alex and Maria share a look and Alex smiles softly at Liz. "Hey, you know that he's probably feeling the same way right about now, and think, he'll be watching this..."

Maria tightens her hug as she adds. "Exactly, and trust me, no guy but especially one like Max wants to think that there girlfriend is crying over them."

Liz nods her head and wipes her tears. The three of them sit in silence for a couple of minutes before Liz pulls away and wipes her eyes that are still glistening.

"Thanks for today guys, I know that you would probably have rather done something else."

Alex and Maria both shake their heads. "Like what?"

Liz smiles as she shrugs her shoulders. "I don't could have had fun with some of the others?"

Maria rolls her eyes and Alex walks over to Liz and says jokingly. "That's true. But, I take heart in the fact that you and Maria over there owe me big for today..."

Maria smiles at Liz as she joins them. "What Alex is trying to say, unsuccessful as usual, " she leans down and whispers in Liz's ear. "And we really need to train him up again to be the perfect guy, he's starting to lapse." Liz laughs gently as Alex looks on puzzled before Maria continues. "Is that you can always count on us...the three of us can get through any eviction."

Alex nods his head and Liz smiles at them both. "Thanks guys..."


Alex and Brody are talking in the boys bedroom. Liz and Maria are already in bed while Tess and Laurie are practising their earlier goal celebration in the conservatory. Kyle has just locked the chickens up for the night and Isabel and Michael are sitting outside.

Kyle walks over to the seat and picks up his book and Michael and Isabel stop talking as he walks near. As he stoops down he takes a deep breath and quickly picks the book and walks away. As soon as he's taken a few steps Isabel and Michale begin talking again. Kyle stops and his expression turns to one of anger. He quickly turns and takes a few steps towards Michael and Isabel.

"Okay, what the hell is your two's problem?"

Michael smirks and Isabel answers. "Nothing."

Kyle looks at them both. "It isn't "nothing", you two have been acting like this all day. If it's just because Max has went..."

Michael stands up and looks at them as Tess walks to the door to see what's going on.

"This has nothing to do with Max and everything to do with you...we all know that only one person should have walked out of here."

Kyle smirks. "What? You? Yeah, maybe it should have been you...I mean you were up for eviction as well. Maybe it should have been you that went."

Isabel quickly stands up. "Michael should not have went anymore than Max should have."

Kyle looks at her disbelievingly. "What? Because you get on with those two they should have stayed?"

Tess walks out and pulls Kyle back as Michale begins to speak again. "Well, at least she knows what to judge people on...and nothing to do with appealing to 14 year olds."

"Will you three please stop it? God, what are you two doing? It's the nature of the show, someone goes and guess what, this week it was Max. Deal with it! This has nothing to do with Kyle so stop looking for someone to blame. If you feel bad, fine. But for gods sake get over yourselves, this house doesn't revolve around your opinions."

As she finishes she takes Kyles arm and leads him to the conservatory. Laurie looks at the two of them and indicates to Tess silently that she's leaving before she walks over towards the girls room.

Tess looks at Kyle who is still looking out at Isabel and Michael. "You shouldn't let them get to you."

He nods his head and doesn't say anything as he walks over to the wall and kicks it hard twice. She looks at him.

"That make you feel better? Breaking your foot?"

He shakes his head as he walks over to the lounge and sits down on the couch and sighs. She looks at him before she walks over towards him. "Tell me."

"Ttell you what?"

She looks at him. "What you want to tell me."

He smiles at her gently. "What? Are you a mind reader now?"

She nudges him gently with her elbow as she answers. "No...but I can tell that you want to talk about something."

He sighs and looks at her intently. "Do you think the wrong person went? And before you answer, I don't expect you to sugar-coat it for me."

She smiles at him reasurringly. "I won't sugar-coat it. I would probably have prefered if someone else had went..."

His face falls and he looks down at his hands before she quickly continues. "but only if that meant that you stayed in still. I was sad that Max went in a way, but it would have been 100% worse if you would have went."

He looks at her and smiles as she continues. "I would have missed you too much."

He nods his head and she takes his hand and their fingers become entwined. "I will always be here for you Kyle. Always."

He smiles at her warmly and the two of them sit in silence for a minute looking at each other as he strokes the back of her hand with his thumb.

"Thanks, you don't know how much that means to me, Tess." He says softly.

"You're welcome, Kyle..." She smiles at him and he tilts his head back as he sighs loudly.

"What a day Tess...everyone was going crazy."

She nods her head as she leans back as well and leans her head on his chest gently. "Tell me about it, with any luck things will be back to normal tomorrow."

He rolls his eyes as he replies. "I doubt it..."


DAY 24 - 10:24am

Day 24 in the Big Brother house. All the housemates are awake. Liz and Alex make breakfast while the others relax in the lounge area and in the garden.

Maria walks up to the counter as Alex assists Liz making breakfast.

"Guys, I was wondering can we have anything other than eggs today?" Maria asks.

"Uh-huh," Liz nods as she continues to cook.

Alex grins at Maria. "We're having pancakes!"

Maria rolls her eyes as she groans. "If we're not having scrambled eggs then we have omelates, and if we're not having that then we have pancakes! It's a vicious loop we're in."

Alex frowns at her. "Hey, what's wrong with pancakes? They are the best start to a day. They're everyone's favourite..."

"No, Alex, they're your favourite food," Maria says firmly.

Alex glares at her as he continues to help Liz. Maria turns to Laurie as she walks to the counter and stands beside her.

"Laurie," Maria begins. "What do you think of having eggs for breakfast?"

Laurie makes a face. "We're having eggs?"

"No," Alex answers. "We're having pancakes. There's a big difference."

Laurie sighs. "We're having pancakes?" She then sees Alex's look and forces a smile. "Good, we're having pancakes...again!"

Alex rolls his eyes as he turns away. Laurie shrugs as Maria giggles.

"Nice try at cover up there, babe."

"You could have tried harder," Alex calls to them as he puts a bowl into the sink.

Maria and Laurie laugh lightly as Liz shakes her head with a smile.

"I promise we'll have something different tomorrow," Liz says to them.

Laurie and Maria nod. Laurie then seems lost in thought. Maria notices this.

"What is it?" Maria asks.

"Nothing," Laurie says thoughtfully then turns to Liz. "Liz, if we don't have eggs for a couple of days do you think we'd have enough food to have something else?"

Liz nods to her. "Yeah, we've got enough in our shopping to go the rest of the week without them."

Laurie smiles. "Great."

Maria watches her curiously as she walks out into the garden. Laurie talks to Tess and Kyle who grin at her.

"What do you think she's up to?" Maria wonders aloud.

Liz looks out at them as they laugh. "I'm not sure. You can never tell what those 3 are going to get up to these days."

Maria sighs dramatically. "I think Laurie might be getting led astray by those 2."

Liz smiles at her and turns as Alex begins to speak.

"She's just opening up more," he says as he turns to them. "Personally I see that as a good thing."

Maria exchanges an amused look with Liz, and Alex walks outside.

As he walks into the garden he sees Laurie and Tess standing at the chicken coop looking in, while Kyle is inside the hutch.

"How many do we need?" Kyle asks.

Tess looks to Laurie who shrugs. "Just get them all," Tess replies.

Alex frowns as he walks over to them. "What are you guys doing?"

Laurie and Tess turn to him and then exchange smiles.

"We're going to have an egg fight!" Tess grins.

Alex raises his eyebrows. "Excuse me?"

"Laurie came up with this great idea for us to do this competition where we act like we're having a duel then turn and fire the eggs."

"Oh, did she," Alex says as he looks at Laurie who looks at him with a smile.

"We need a judge to make sure that everything is fair," Laurie tells him. "And I was hoping that you'd be it?"

Alex nods with a small smile. "Sure. This should be interesting so I'm definitely in."

Kyle comes out of the coop and hands Tess some eggs.

"This isn't just a ploy to get out of having pancakes is it?" Alex asks Laurie with a smile.

Laurie grins as she looks away. "Well..."

"We love your pancakes, Alex," Tess smiles.

"But there's only so much we can take before we start going nuts," Kyle adds with a grin.

Alex fakes a hurt expression. "Hey, pancakes are..."

"...the best start to the day," Laurie, Tess, and Kyle finish in unison.

They then laugh as Alex rolls his eyes. "Okay I'm in," he says as the girls smile at each other.


All the housemates apart from Michael and Isabel are out in the garden. The group organize the egg dueling competition.

Alex sits on a deck chair in the garden. Tess and Laurie stand back to back to each other while the others look on.

"Now according to the rules you've got to walk 10 paces about turn and fire," Alex tells them in an official voice.

Maria frowns as she watches him. "He's really taking this whole judge thing seriously isn't he?"

"Yep," Liz grins.

Kyle tosses an egg lightly and catches it. He looks down at the egg that he holds and smirks. Liz sees him as he then looks mischievously at Alex.

"Kyle..." she says in a warning tone.

"What?" Kyle grins innocently at her.

"I know what you're thinking."

"Hey, I'm just going to help him lighten up," Kyle smiles.

Brody laughs while Liz sighs.

"Well, just make sure you don't hit him too hard," Maria tells him.

Liz's eyes widen. "Maria!"

"Well, he's right!" Maria says defensively. "He sounds like Big Brother over there!"

Liz looks at Alex who looks serious as he tells the girls the rules.

"Okay but remember not too hard and make sure his hand isn't touched," Liz orders him.

Maria turns to Kyle. "Yeah if his hand gets hurt then I will be kicking ass!"

Kyle nods to them both as he walks away. Liz, Maria, and Brody watch as Kyle slowly slips around to the back of Alex without being noticed. Tess looks at him with a frown and Kyle holds up the egg and points to Alex. She giggles lightly and nods. He moves around a little more so that he is in Laurie's view. She looks at him curiously and again he holds up the egg and points to Alex. Laurie laughs lightly as Kyle grins.

Alex frowns as he sees the girls attempt to stifle their giggles. He looks at Maria and Liz who are watching him curiously. He shrugs as he continues.

"You know I think they're all going to turn on him," Liz says to Maria.

Maria nods. "Well, if they do we've got plenty of eggs sitting here to make it more of a fair fight."

Both girls exchange wicked smiles as Brody folds his arms as he watches with a grin.

"Okay," Alex says looking at Tess and Laurie. "Let's begin. 1..."

Tess and Laurie begin to step away from one another with their weapons held up. Kyle now raises his egg as he stands behind Alex in the perfect postion as he is close enough to get a good aim, but far away enough so that the egg won't hurt once it makes impact.

"7..." Alex continues as he watches both girls.

Maria takes 3 eggs from the bucket beside her and hands one to Liz and Brody.

"9...10. Fire!"

The girls turn and Alex's eyes widen as they aim their eggs at him. He yelps as he feels the impact of an egg hitting him on the back of his shoulder, while an egg hits him on the front of his leg, and another hits him on the chest.

"Ready," Maria commands as she, Liz, and Brody aim their eggs. "Fire!"

They fire their eggs at an unsuspecting Kyle, Laurie and Tess who put their arms up to protect themselves as they are fired upon.

Kyle looks at them as he dives for more eggs. "Hey, you guys weren't playing!"

He grabs a handful and fires them at Liz, Maria and Brody before quickly retreating to stand beside Laurie and Tess. He hands them a couple of eggs each and they stand looking at the others.

Alex looks at them and shakes his head. "You turned on the judge! That's against the rules..."

Kyle throws the egg up in the air and grins at him, "You were a lousy judge. You were just begging to be pounded."

Alex looks at him and raises an eyebrow. "I was not a lousy judge."

Kyle looks at him and smiles. "You had bored us before we had even started pacing!"

Alex picks up an egg and throws it at Kyle who easilly ducks out the way but it hits Laurie who looks shocked. Alex smiles shyly and Laurie grins at him before throwing an egg back at him, which he jumps out the way of as the egg flies past him and smashes into Brody.

Brody looks at her and grins. "You guys looking for a war? Because you will lose..."

The others reply is to send another egg flying over towards Brody's head which smashes on impact. Liz looks at them disbelievingly and see's Kyle, Tess and Laurie cheering. Liz picks up some eggs and smiles at Maria as she sends an egg over straight at Kyle.

They all look at each other and they begin to move about trying to get into postion to get a clear shot. Egg's fly all over the place and all the housemates are laughing loudly as they get covered in eggs. Michael walks out and he see's the others all scowering about the garden. Maria immediately dives behind him as she is pursued by Laurie. Michael looks at Laurie as Maria tries to stay behind him.

"What are you doing?"

He steps around and Maria asks pleadingly. "Michael...please."

Micheal smiles at Laurie before turning to Maria. "Please what? I'm just trying to sit down..."

Maria holds onto his side. "Michael! Laurie's trying to hit me with an egg!!"

Michael looks at Laurie and she nods her head and grins. Michael smiles back and looks at Maria. "So, I'm here as basically a shield?"

Maria nods her head and smiles. "Yes! That's what you know you could play the whole "brother" thing and demand she doesn't hit your girlfriend."

Michael nods his head and looks at Laurie with a grin. "I could...Laurie?" He takes a deep breath and puts on an insincere voice. "Could you please not hit my girlfriend with the egg..."

Laurie looks at him and he indicates with his eyes to give him the egg. She looks confused and hands him the egg she's carrying before backing off and grinning as she says. "Okay, fine. Maria, I won't hit you with the egg..."

Maria ducks her head up and smiles. "Really? Great."

Michael walks away from her and smiles before he turns quickly. "Glad to be of help. Oh, Maria?"

Maria looks at him as he fires the egg he was holding at her. "I really don't make a good shield."

Maria looks at him disbelievingly and Laurie laughs loudly as Maria grabs an egg and runs towards Michael. "Prepare to suffer Michael."

Michael runs backwards and easilly avoids her throw before he picks up an egg and looks at it and then to Maria who is charging at him. "Bring it on Maria..." Before he grins at her mischievously and he runs at her.

Isabel walks out and looks around puzzled. "What..."

An egg lands at her feet and she looks down to see Alex running over to pick it up. He grins at her. "Hi Izzy."

She smiles at him but he quickly gets up and runs towards Laurie where he backs her into the corner and holds the egg a loft with his good hand. "Okay Laurie, I'll give you one last chance to surrender."

Laurie squints as he prepares to fire.

"You aren't even going to defend yourself?"

Laurie looks behind him and then to him and smiles sweetly. "Why would I want to surrender?"

Alex looks at her puzzled as Tess walks behind him and throws an egg at him allowing Laurie to escape.

He turns to look at them both and shakes his head. "You double teamed on an injured man?"

Laurie and Tess smile and nod their heads before they corner him. He looks around desperately before looking towards Isabel. "Hey Izzy? You want to help out? I really could do with some assistance right about now..."

Isabel smiles and picks up an egg and throws it over at Tess. It smashes on impact and Alex cheers. "Nice throw!"

Alex takes the opportunity and throws his own egg at Laurie who is trying to defend herself from an attack from Isabel and Alex. Laurie looks at him and smiles. "Now who's double teaming?"

Alex grins at her warmly. "Well, I am injured..."

Isabel watches Alex smile at Laurie and turns away sadly before turning her attention to Brody who has just thrown an egg at her.


Liz is out in the garden walking along the edge of the decking trying to keep her balance as Maria and Michael lie down on the cushions trying to sunbathe. Kyle, Tess, Brody and Laurie are all in the lounge while Isabel is alone in the den. Alex is sitting reading on a deck chair.

Alex looks towards the den and bounces his leg nervously before looking back towards his book. He looks over the same page for a few minutes before looking back towards the den and sighing. He looks at his page again and shakes his head before putting it down and standing up and walking over to the den. He chaps the door lightly before walking in.


Isabel looks up from the back of the den where she has a book reading it. She smiles at him. "Alex, hi."

He walks in and stands inside the door and looks at her. "Hi, what are you doing in here by yourself?"

Isabel looks at him and smiles sadly as she moves forward towards the edge of the cushions. "I...just thought that it would be easier in here..."

He looks at her and sits down. "You want to be alone?"

She shakes her head. "No, it's just weird without Max in here...I'm just feeling a little bit...alone in here, I guess."

She looks down shyly and he takes a deep breath and says gently. "You aren't alone in here..."

She smiles at him. "I know I'm not, I have Michael...but he has his own problems in here..."

He puts his arm around her shoulder and hugs her close to him. "You also have me, I want you to realise that. No matter what happens, you can lean on me..." He blushes slightly as he looks at her. "Please tell me that didn't sound as cliched to you as it did to me?"

She laughs gently. "Well, maybe a little..." She looks at him gratefully and leans her head into his shoulder as she adds. "I know you'll be there Alex, you have no idea how grateful I am that you and I can still be friends after everything that has happened."

He smiles tenderly as he leans his head over to the side slightly and their heads touch. He squeezes her shoulder gently and she smiles as he begins to talk. "I'm glad that you know that I'm here for you, Isabel. No matter what happens..."

She nods her head and sighs as she closes her eyes. "I know..."

He pulls her a little closer and sighs deeply as he closes his own eyes for a second before lifting his head reluctantly away from hers.

Outside in the garden Liz is still busy with the decking. She has her arms extended on either side and she is singing gently as she walks along. Maria lifts her head and looks at her amused.

"Lizzie? You have been walking along that decking and singing that song for nearly an hour...are you not bored yet?"

Liz looks up and smiles at her before losing her balance and falling off the decking. "Maria, I was close to completing it that time."

Maria looks at her and grins. "What song are you singing?"

Liz smiles. "Dancing in the moonlight."

Maria nods her head. "Brody has been singing that all day. Okay, we have the song, now why are you walking the decking?"

Liz looks at her like its obvious. "I haven't reached the end yet."

Maria nods her head before she looks at her again. "You've been doing it for an hour and you haven't reached the end yet?"

Liz starts again. She speaks slowly as she takes careful steps. "It's curved and it's a lot of decking..."

"So you're going to walk that until you get right around it?"

Liz nods her head. "Uh-huh..."

Maria looks at her and smiles before laying back down next to Michael. She stays like that for a minute before sighing and standing up and walking over to the decking. She kicks her sandles off and stands with her arms extended and taking slow steps.

"Lizzie? I bet you I will get round all this before you do."

Liz stops half way round and looks at Maria. "What do you bet?"

"Hmm, if I win you give me your sunglasses, and if you win...I'll cook you dinner and I'll cover the first night shift at the Crashdown when we get out of here. That'll let you and Max have a little alone time?" Maria grins at her.

Liz looks at her. "You have been after my sunglasses since we came in here. I can't believe you forgot yours."

Maria looks at her. "But I sunbathe more than you do! C'mon, I'll cover the first 2 night shifts..."

Liz looks like she's considering it before she call's back. "You cover the first night and then the first weekend nightshifts, plus you give me that belt."

Maria looks at her disbelievingly. "Oh come on! All that for a stupid pair of sunglasses?"

Liz lifts the sunglasses of her eyes and sits them on her head. "You know what's great about these sunglasses? They double as a very fashionable hair accessory."

Maria looks at her with her mouth open. "Liz! Come on..."

Liz rolls her eyes. "Fine, if you win you get the sunglasses and I'll work the first night."

Maria grins. "Okay, let's try it. You need to start again."

Liz jumps off and walks over. "You should know that I'll win, I have been practising and I really want the belt."

Maria smirks at her. "You'd like to think that you'd win."


Laurie and Michael are outside in the garden. Tess is drying some washing using the mangle. Isabel, Alex and Liz are all preparing dinner. Maria is sleeping in the lounge. Kyle is in the boys room alone and Brody is playing a card game alone on the kitchen table.

Liz is wearing the belt she earlier won of Maria and is chopping tomatoes as Alex laughs with Isabel. He sighs and yawns loudly as he rubs his injured arm. "Man, I'm tired today..."

Isabel looks at him concerned. "Is your arm still giving you pain?"

He smiles weakly and nods his head. "Just a little sometimes...I think I might have jerked it earlier when we had the egg fight."

Isabel nods her head. Liz looks at him. "Alex? You really don't need to help out..."

Alex looks at her and puts a sad expression on. "You're throwing me out the kitchen? Again?"

Liz smiles at him. "No, what I meant is if you need to go lie down. Me and Isabel can make dinner."

Alex jumps down and hugs her lightly. "Thank you Liz..." Before smiling warmly at Isabel as he walks out the kitchen. He walks a few steps before turning around. "You guys need any help...there's your man." He indicates towards Brody who looks up from the table.

"You what?"

Alex taps him on the shoulder as he passes. "Make sure the girls don't burn the kitchen down, you know what like they are when I'm not with them."

Alex grins at the girls as he disappears. Isabel smiles at him broadly before getting back to to chopping the herbs. Liz looks at her.

"How are you feeling Isabel?"

Isabel doesn't move. "I'm...okay, I feel a bit better today than I did yesterday. Alex has been great."

Liz nods her head. "Yeah, he's a great guy. Both him and Maria have been great..."

Isabel looks down at her knife sadly. "What do you think Max's first couple of nights back in the real world were like? I hope my mom and dad are ok."

Liz smiles sadly and sighs as she answers. "I bet he was having fun..."

Isabel nods her head sadly.

Alex walks in the bedroom to lie down and see's Kyle. "Hey Kyle, what's up?"

Kyle looks up from his book and smiles at Alex. "Hey Alex, just reading. What are you up to?"

Alex holds up his arm and sits on his bed. "My arm is a little sore. I think I might have hurt it this morning pummeling you guys."

Kyle puts his book down. "You'd like to think you pummeled us wouldn't you?"

Alex nods his head. "Well, you guys got hammered but it became a bit of a free for all at the end."

Kyle nods in agreement. Alex sighs loudly. "So what are you doing in here by yourself?"

Kyle shrugs his shoulders. "At least in here I can get a little peace without the nippy comments from Isabel and Michael."

Alex looks at him. "They still at it?"

Kyle nods his head. "After I made the coffee earlier, Michael was his usual quiet self when he said to Isabel that a trained monkey could make a better cup."

Alex shakes his head. "They're just upset. I mean, Michael is "Mr. Personality" at the best of times, but Isabel is just upset."

Kyle looks at him. "I was thinking of hiding the tabasco sauce, but that wouldn't be good since then Tess couldn't have it." He smiles shyly as well. "Plus, I must admit to liking it as well."

Alex screws his face up in a horrified expression. "Please tell me you're kidding?"

Kyle shakes his head. "Nope...I'm kinda hooked..."

Alex shifts uncomfortably. "I tried it once, just out of curiosity. was the most disgusting thing."

They sit in silence before Alex looks at Kyle. "So, are you going to talk to them?"

"Not if I can help it."

Alex looks at him. "That's not going to help."

Kyle looks back at him. "I tried to talk about it last night but you know what they are like sometimes..."

Alex shakes his head. "I'll talk to Isabel if you want? As I said she's just upset and venting..."

Kyle looks at him seriously. "Maybe, but it's not you that she's venting on. I don't care anyway, as I said to Big Brother, I only really care what certain other people in here think of me..."

Alex nods and smiles at him. "You don't have to put up with crap of anyone, if they dish it out they should be prepared to take it."

Kyle gets up of his bed and walks towards the door. "Yeah, they should. I'll see you later, better go face the music..."

Alex lies down on his bed as Kyle disappears out the door leaving him alone.

Outside in the garden Laurie is talking to Michael. Tess is still busy drying her clothes.

Laurie looks at Michael as she talks. "How are you feeling today?"

Michael looks at her and sighs. "I'm fine."

She looks at him awkwardly. "Are you still upset about Max?"

Michael shrugs his shoulders and looks at her. "I would have rather Kyle went out...he deserved to go."

Laurie sighs at him. "Michael..."

"Laurie you can think what you want, but he should have went and not Max."

Laurie shakes her head. "Fine, you can think what you want, but I don't want us to argue over it."

Michael nods his head. "Me neither..."

Laurie smiles at him and they sit in silence. She turns to Tess and call's her over.

Tess walks over. "Yeah?"

Laurie looks at her. "Are you busy? Because if you're not then I was hoping I could talk to you both about an idea I've been having."

Tess smiles and sits down and Michael sits forward expectantly. "What do you want to talk about Laurie?"

Laurie smiles at Michael and then at Tess as she takes a deep breath. "Well, you both know that I live out in Arizona, the thing is that..."

She looks at both of them and smiles shyly. "The thing is that I don't think I have anything left that's worth living there for, you know, all my family is no longer there..."

Michael nods his head and asks gently. "What do you think you might want to do then Laurie?"

Laurie takes another deep breath as she continues. "Well...I was thinking that I might move, and I was considering maybe moving to Roswell..."

Tess smiles at her broadly and a slow smile spreads over Michael's face. Laurie looks at this and smiles.

"So...what do you two think? You think it could work?"

Tess smiles at her. "I would love you to move closer, it would be horrible if you were living away in Arizona."

Laurie smiles at her gratefully and then turns to Michael who is looking at her happily. "Well, I'm not going to pretend that I wouldn't be happy to see you closer, so you could say that I think it's a good idea."

Laurie leans up and hugs him tightly before sitting back down. "Whoo, so I could become a Roswell resident. That's...weird."

Tess smiles at her reassuringly. "I wouldn't worry about it, I travelled right around the country with my guardian as I grew up and that was harder, Roswell was my first real home and it was hard at first, but I soon got used to it." She looks down and rubs her head before she continues shyly. "Well, maybe not that soon, it took a while for people to accept me. But you've already got a whole load of people who like it should be easier for you."

Michael looks at them. "Well, I'm not going to say that Roswell is the most exciting place on the planet." He sighs as he continues. "I wanted to leave it for years...I wanted to go and find things...but now..." His voice becomes quieter. "Now, I'm not so sure. Now, I couldn't really see myself any place else..."

Laurie looks at him and smiles. "So you both think that it might be a good idea?"

Tess nods her head in affirmation. "Definately!"

Michael smiles at her. "If your sure...then I think it's a good idea."


Alex, Kyle and Tess are all talking quietly in the conservatory. Brody and Maria are talking in the lounge as Michael watches from the dining table as him, Laurie, Isabel, and Liz all play monopoly.

Brody is listening as Maria talks loudly. "And she took my belt!"

Liz call's over from the table without looking up. "You lost the bet, Maria."

Maria looks at her. "But you took my favourite belt!"

"You wanted my favourite sunglasses!"

Brody smiles at Maria. "You didn't bring sunglasses with you?"

Maria looks at him. "If you're going to be technical then no, I didn't...but I thought Liz would share more!"

"Maria, you've wore the glasses more than I have...just accept that you can't keep your balance as well as I can and I'll maybe let you borrow my belt sometime." Liz smirks.

Maria turns to Brody. "She was practicing for an hour."

"How long did it take for Liz to win?" Brody asks.

Maria sighs. "She got to the end after what, 50 minutes?"

"Give or take..." Liz call's over.

Michael roll's his eyes. "You two must really suck at that."

Maria looks at him. "It's's very curvy!"

Brody smiles sympathetically. "Maybe you should try and win the belt back? Liz would give you a re-match."

"No she wouldn't, unless it was for that purple top you have in with you," Liz call's over.

Maria shakes her head and puts on a whiny voice. "Liz!!!"

Michael sighs as he looks at her. "Liz, agree with her before she does that super-sonic thing..."

Liz looks at her and smiles. "I said I'd give her a re-match, all she has to do is bet her top..."

Maria smiles at her before sitting down and looking at Brody. "Do you see that, you wouldn't give those terms to your best friend would you?"

Brody smiles. "Well, I..."

Maria cuts him of. "Exactly." She pats his arm as she turns around to look at Liz. "See?"

Liz shakes her head and Maria turns back around on the chair and sighs as she lays her hand on Brody's arm. "It's no use Brody, Liz is stone-cold when it comes to bargaining."

Michael glares over at them as Maria smiles at Brody. He roll's the dice angrilly and it roll's of the end of the table.

"Nice one, Michael." Isabel says as she picks up the dice of the floor. She hands him the dice and he rolls them again without taking his eyes of Maria and Brody.

"You got a 7." Laurie says helpfully.

Michael looks at his marker and loudly moves it along the 7 spaces hiting each space hard before stopping.

"Bad luck Michael, you go to jail."

Michael glares at Liz as she says it cheerfully. "Liz? You could sound a little less happy about that."

Liz smiles and apologises as Maria laughs loudly from the couch. Michael looks at her and then to Brody who is smiling as he talks to her.

"Hey. Some of us are trying to concentrate here!" He glares at Brody who looks back at him apologetically.

"Sorry Michael, are you winning? Because you don't seem to be moving"

Michael glares at him some more before muttering quietly so that it's inaudible to Brody and Maria. "No, I'm in jail for running amok and killing an annoying Englishman."

Liz and Laurie look at him disapprovingly and he rolls his eyes and call's over to Brody with a false cheery voice. "No Brody, I'm in jail at the moment."

Brody nods his head. "That explains a lot then..."

He sits back down and begins talking to Maria and Michael roll's the dice again while watching the two of them intently.