The camera pans the massive crowd gathered outside the gates where a giant screen is erected and it shows a live feed of the housemates in the lounge area. Wayne stands at the gates that lead to the Big Brother house and looks into the camera.

"Earlier tonight 43% of you voted for Max to be the second housemate to leave the Big Brother house. In just under 10 minutes he will be walking out of this gate and back into the real world to tell us his feelings on Liz, what he thinks about Tess and Kyle and his others housemates."

He then gestures to the crowd. "This is Big Brother on Eviction Friday!"

The crowd goes wild as the opening music begins.


Wayne stands in the studio he laughs as he hears the cheers from the audience. "That crowd is living it up out there as they can't wait to see the man who has kept us talking for the past 3 weeks. What happened though after we announced the results? Let's find out."


Max is looking through his belongings as Isabel, Liz, Michael and Maria watch him.

"It's a good thing that I packed earlier," Max smiles shyly.

Isabel and Liz lower their gaze sadly as Michael continues to watch Max picks things out of his bag. Maria walks over to Liz and puts her arm around her shoulders. Max leaves several belongings on his bed.

"There's no point in me taking these with me when you could use them more."

"Thanks, Max," Maria says.

He nods but avoids meeting her gaze. He then looks at Liz and Isabel. He walks over to them.

"It will only be for 6 more weeks."

Liz nods sadly then wraps her arms around his waist, burying her face into his chest. Max sighs sadly as he pulls her closer to him. Michael puts his arm around Isabel, while Maria watches Liz. Max closes his eyes as he holds Liz. Michael nods to Maria and they walk towards the bedroom door with Isabel who looks back at her brother sadly, as Michael rubs her shoulder with his hand.


Isabel sighs as she looks at Kyle and Tess who sit on the couch across from her. She looks at Michael who sits beside her and sees that he is glaring at Kyle. She looks back at Kyle who is oblivious that he is being watched.

Alex walks over to her and sits down. "Are you okay?"

She looks at him and nods. "Yeah," she says quietly.

"Remember I'm here if you need to talk."

Isabel nods again and looks over at Kyle again.

In the boys bedroom Max lies on top of his bed with Liz lying beside him. He strokes her back as she sighs.

"Just think tonight you'll probably be in some expensive hotel."

Max now lets his fingertips brush lightly on her shoulder. "Yeah," he says sadly.

"It won't be that long until I'm out," Liz says as she makes little circles with her fingers on Max's chest. "I'll probably go out next week."

"Liz," Max sits up and Liz does the same. He looks at her. "I want you to win. I..." he looks away for a moment. "It'll be hard not being with you..."

He's interrupted as Liz leans in and kisses him. Max puts his hands against her face and deepens the kiss. After several minutes the kiss ends.

"I love you, Liz."

Liz looks at him and presses her forehead against his. "I love you too, Max."

"I'll be waiting," Max smiles at her. "When you leave here I'll be on the bridge."

Liz holds his gaze for a moment before kissing him again.


Michael and Isabel stand at the door to the boys bedroom. Liz stands with Max over at his bed and both look up as they notice they are not alone.

"I'll give you guys some time alone," Liz says.

"Thanks," Max smiles.

Liz squeezes his hand and only lets go as she walks away. Max watches her as she looks back at him as she reaches the door and then finally leaves the bedroom.

Michael and Isabel look over at Max.

"Hi," Max smiles sheepishly.

"Are you all packed?" Michael asks him as he walks over to the bed beside him.

Max nods. "Yeah. I'm ready to go."

Isabel wipes a tear away and Max pulls her into a hug. Michael looks down at the floor as he sits on the bed.

"Remember it's not for long," Max sooths.

"I know," Isabel nods as she comes out of the hug. "I just..."

"I know," Max nods.

Michael shakes his head. "I just don't get how Valenti is staying and you're going. Am I the only one who's got a problem with this."

"Michael..." Max begins.

"You're not the only one, Michael," Isabel says as she wipes away her tears.

Max sighs as he looks at them both. "It's not anyone's fault. It a gameshow. Things happen."

Before they can reply Tess knocks on the door. "Can I come in?"

Max nods as the others look at her. "Yeah."

Tess sheepishly walks up to Max. "I just wanted to say that...I'm sorry for what happened before."

"It's forgotten," Max smiles slowly at her.

Tess smiles back. "I just want to still be friends on the outside."

"We will be friends," Max states. "That won't change."

Tess sighs with relief. "Thanks, Max."

She then hugs him and he returns the friendly embrace. "I'm sorry you're leaving."


She pulls back and smiles at him which he returns. As she steps aside Isabel hugs him once more.

"Tell, mom and dad that I miss them."

"I will."

They hug for several moments and Isabel then steps next to Tess. Michael extends his hand.

"Good, luck, Max."

"You too, Michael. I'm just going to finish getting dressed."

As the others nod and leave Max stops Michael by touching his arm.

"Michael, could I talk to you for a second."

Michael nods and follows Max over to his bed.

"What is it, Maxwell?"

"I was hoping that you could perhaps..." Max glances at the door before turning back to Michael. "Look out for Liz and Isabel when I'm gone."

Michael nods. "Sure."

"And Tess," Max adds hesistently. "I'm worried about her with Kyle."

Michael nods again. "Me too."

"I just think that...maybe she's rushing into things with Kyle."

"Don't worry, Maxwell, I'll look out for her."

Max smiles. "Thanks, Michael. Isabel might need you. Liz..."

"She'll have Alex and Maria I know," Michael says. "But I'll keep an eye on her anyway."

Max nods. "Thank you."

Michael nods before heading towards the door. "Be careful out there, Max. There will be a lot of people wanting a piece of you."

"I will," Max nods as Michael leaves the room. He then sighs as he looks at his reflection in the mirror.


Max holds a glass of juice in his hand. "I'm not really good with speeches, but I wanted to say that I've enjoyed most of my time in here and that I'm sorry to be leaving you all behind."

Liz sits between Alex and Maria while Isabel sits on the other side of Alex with Michael.

"Good luck everyone."

The others raise their glasses at Max's toast.

The others stand and all gather around Max.

"Good luck, Max," Brody says.

"Thanks, Brody."

Kyle walks up to him and extends his hand. "Good luck on the outside, Evans."

Max shakes his hand. "Thanks, Kyle."

Kyle notices the glares that Isabel and Michael are giving him and frowns.

Maria hugs Max. "Enjoy yourself out there, girlfriend. This is your night."

Max returns the hug. "You take care of yourself, Maria."

Maria nods as she wipes away a tear. Max sees Liz who stands behind her. He pulls her to him engulfing her in a warm embrace which she returns.

"I'll miss you," Liz whispers.

"Me too. I'll watch you everyday."

Liz tightens her hold on him as Max closes his eyes.


Wayne stands in front of the screen in the studio as he looks into the camera. "As you can see things got emotional after we last left them. I'm now going to speak to the house."

He turns to the screen and his voice comes through the speakers in the house.

"Hello, Big Brother house, this is Wayne."

The housemates put on a false cheer and wave to the cameras. Liz takes hold of Max's hand.

"Max you are the second housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house..."

Max nods as he looks around him and his gaze falls on Liz.

"In several moments the countdown will be activated and I will be waiting to meet you at the bridge. Can I please remind the rest of the housemates that you are not allowed to step out of the house as you can be caught into the automatic door. This warning is for your own safety."

Max stands as the others begin to say their goodbyes.

"Activate the countdown."

40 seconds... *click to hear countdown music*

"We're going to get him," Wayne says as he jogs out of the studio to the waiting crowd. As the crowd look at the screen as the countdown begins they go wild and that increases when they see Wayne jog past them.

Brody, Alex, and Kyle shake Max's hand, as Laurie gives him a quick hug.

30 seconds...

Maria and Tess hug him next, and Michael hugs him before Isabel gives her brother one last long hug.

20 seconds...

Liz embraces Max and then kisses him passionately.

"I love you, Max," she whispers.

"I love you too, Liz," Max whispers back.

10 seconds...

The group are now gathered in their usual spot in front of the door. Their arms are raised above their heads and their hands joined making an arch for Max to step through. They say words of encouragement while Max picks up his suitcase and looks at Liz and Isabel who are standing closest to him with their hands joined.

Max, you have been evicted. Will you please leave the Big Brother house.

The front door slides open and Max takes once last look at Liz before he steps through the arch to the encouraging cheers from the other housemates.

*click to hear Max's eviction song*

Max glances at the security guard who stands beside the door. He glances back and sees the others cheer him on, and sees Liz force a smile as the door closes. He looks ahead and begins to walk down the gang-plank as the music is blared at him.

Liz covers her mouth with her hand as she begins to cry. Maria engulfs her in a comforting embrace while Isabel has also broken down. Michael quickly gathers her in a warm embrace allows her to cry against his shoulder. The others look on as Alex joins Maria in comforting Liz while looking at Isabel.

Wayne stands at the gate with Diane and Philip.

"Put down your case, Max. C'mon run!" Wayne calls out.

Max sits his case down as he gets to the first gate then runs to the other.

He quickly engulfs his mother and father in a hug.

"I missed you both so much," Max whispers as his mother hugs him tightly, while Philip has his arms around both of them. Max turns to his dad and hugs him.

Wayne gives them a moment before gently moving closer to Max with the microphone which causes Max to take notice.

"Max, how does it feel to see your family again?"

"Amazing," Max says breathing heavily with emotion.

"Diane, Philip, is there anything that you want to say to your son?" Wayne asks them.

Philip nods. "We're proud of you, Max. You've done well in the house and everyone thinks highly of you. You couldn't have done us more proud."

Max smiles shyly at this as his mother smiles to him.

"They love you! You've been in all the papers and you've got your admirers!"

Max shakes his head with a mixture of amazement and embarrassment. Wayne pulls on his sleeve.

"Max, I'm going to have to take you away from your family for a few minutes as the press and an incredible crowd are out there waiting to see you."

Max nods. "How big a crowd?" he asks sheepishly.

Wayne grins at him. "Big."

Max gulps as he is led to 2 giant gates. As the gates open flashes of light are aimed at him as the cameramen from the press begin to take pictures. Max looks scared and Wayne reasurringly guides him to the middle of the gang-plank in full view of the cameras.

As they call out his name from both sides of the barrier Max looks at them in a daze. He then waves slowly before Wayne takes his arm and leads him further down the gang-plank where a massive crowd wait.

"Don't worry, Max, everything will be fine," Wayne says encouragingly to him. "It's overwhelming I know, but the crowd really does love you."

Max nods as he steps out to the crowd which gives a massive cheer.

"Everyone that man you've been waiting to see," Wayne bellows into the microphone. "Max!"

The crowd cheer even louder and begin to chant his name.

"Max! Max! Max!"

Max smiles at them still in a daze as girls begin to call to him.

"We love you, Max!"

"Marry me!"

He then grins as he sees banners with his name and Liz's. Wayne smiles encouragingly to him.

"Wave to them, Max."

As Max waves the crowd whistle and cheer and then he turns to the crowd at his other side and they do the same.

Wayne then takes his arm and leads him into the studio. Max sees relatives waiting for him. They gather around him as Wayne looks into the camera.

"In a few minutes we'll be asking Max about his love for Liz, his feelings towards Tess and Kyle, and what he thinks of life inside the Big Brother house. All this when we come back."

Commerical Break

Wayne sits in the studio in front of the big screen. 2 smaller monitors sit beside him and the chair across from him.

"Welcome back, everybody. We have Max!" he says gesturing to the chair across from him.

The audience cheer as the camera swings across to Max who sits in the leather chair opposite Wayne. He gives a small smile as he looks at his friends and family who fill a quater of the studio audience.

Wayne smiles at Max. "You seemed very overwhelmed out there. Did you expect that kind of response towards you?"

"No," Max shakes his head with a smile. "That just seemed...frightening."

"You've got a lot of fans out there, Max," Wayne grins.

"That's," Max thinks for a moment. "A very very strange feeling knowing that."

"Now, Max, you've been in a lot of the drama during your stay in the house."

Max smiles sheepishly as he fidgets in his chair.

"Did you expect to be involved in so much before you entered the house."

Max smiles shyly. "No. I never expected to be involved in as much if anything really."

Wayne nods. "You said one night a couple of weeks ago that you just wanted to have no responsibility. Were you disappointed that everything seemed to be crumbling in front of you?"

"Yeah," Max nods. "For once I didn't want to be the one who is the responsibile one, who always has to take care of everything. I just wanted to have fun like everyone else."

"Then the night of Sean's party changed that?"

Max nods as he considers it. "Yeah, it did in a way. Everything basically blew up in my face and I found myself right in the middle of things."

"Do you think that was the reason why you were nominated?"

"Yeah. Looking back I feel that I could have handled things better. But I was in a situation that had been brewing for a while now, and to have us locked in the house together just made it worse to begin with."

Wayne nods. "Let's take a look to see who nominated you and why."

Max looks at the screen as the image on the screen changes and the nominations from the previous week's come up on screen.

Alex sits in the Diary Room. "My second nomination is Max." He sighs. "This is hard and it's not because I don't like Max because I's just I get on with Kyle better and I feel that there is tension there and Kyle isn't just to blame for it. After the party...I just think the house would be less tense without him in it."

Max nods as he watches the screen.

Kyle now sits in the chair. "My first nomination is Max. We don't get on and I doubt we ever will. I just don't think if I will ever be able to respect someone like him."

Max shakes his head a little as he looks at the screen.

Laurie is now in the Diary Room. "My first nomination is Max. I just haven't spent that much time with him so I get on with some of the others better. I always didn't like how he handled the things on Sunday with Kyle and Tess...he could have handled that better."

Max nods with regret as the image on screen changes back to the live feed from the house.

"Now, seeing your reactions there I want to ask you what you think of the 3 housemates that nominated you."

Max again fidgets in his chair as he clears his throat. "Okay."


"Alex is someone you can depend on. He's always there for you if you need it, and I think that," Max thinks for a moment. "That in some ways he is someone who can get along with everyone in the house, and that's a good thing to have in there."


Max fidgets in his chair again. "Kyle..." he pauses for several moments.

"You seem to have clashed with Kyle the most, didn't you?" Wayne asks him.

"Yeah," Max nods. He then glances at the audience and sees Jim Valenti. "Kyle is just someone I had a problem getting along with."

Wayne nods. "Okay then. Laurie?"

"She can be quiet. I didn't really get to know her that well. She didn't seem to open up more to other people like Michael, Tess, and Alex. I never really got to see that much of her, but I liked her."

"Now getting back to Kyle..."

"Uh-huh," Max nods nervously.

"You said to Michael to look out for Tess with her relationship with Kyle. Why was that?"

Max glances at Jim again who is looking at him curiously. "I just think..." he begins looking at Wayne. "that perhaps Tess might be rushing into something that she might not be ready for. To be honest I wouldn't want to see either of them get hurt. That's what worries me most."

"What about Isabel? What is going on there with Alex?"

Max shrugs sadly. "I...I think Isabel is the only one who can answer that. I wouldn't want to speculate on it."

Wayne glances at the screen then to Max. "Now we saw that you got close to Liz. And as you can see she is already missing you."

Max looks at the screen sadly as Liz is in one of the bedrooms sitting on a bed talking to Maria and Alex. She wipes away a tear as Alex puts his arm around her shoudlers.

"It's safe to say that you two are definitely back together?"

Max nods as he blinks then looks away from the screen to Wayne. "Yes."

"Do you hear that folks their back on!" Wayne smiles.

Max turns around in his chair as he can hear the crowd outside go crazy. He shakes his head with amazed smile.

"You wouldn't believe how many people had been waiting to hear that," Wayne grins.

Max nods to him.

"You said you were going to watch her everyday and meet her on the bridge..."

"That's right," Max nods.

"And you exchanged I love you before you left," Wayne beams.

Max smiles sheepishly. "Yeah."

"So it's definitely love then?"

Max nods. "Liz and I have a past and we want to try and make this work. I definitely love Liz and plan on waiting for her when she comes out."

The studio audience clap and Max blushes.

Wayne looks to the audience. "Isn't he something." He turns back to Max. "Now Max I've got to ask did you already know just how much of a dancing god you were?"

Max blushes as he laughs. "Um, not really."

"So you surprised yourself with your dancing technique?"

"I'll just say that Maria exaggerated what she thought of my dancing."

Wayne grins. "I don't know. We saw the footage and you've definitely got rhythm."

Max smiles shyly. "I'll take your word for it."

"Now here's the big question. Who do you think will win?"

"Liz," Max says immediately.

Wayne smiles at him. "And, who do you want to win?"

"Liz," Max says again. "If not Liz then either Isabel or Michael."

Wayne nods as the audience cheers. He reaches over and shakes Max's hand. "Good luck to you, Max."

"Thank you," Max smiles back at him.

As Wayne stands and walks towards the studio door, Max walks over to his family and hugs his parents again. Wayne catches a microphone that a member of the crew has passed to him and jogs outside into the crowd. As soon as the crowd see him they go wild.

He walks over to fans at the barrier which are holding a "Liz for President" banner.

"Who do you want to win?"

"Liz!" the girls yell into the microphone.

Wayne laughs and moves further down. "Who do you think will win?"


He then turns and looks at the banners. "Look what we have...There's a "Kyle kiss Tess already!" banner. And over here there's a "Alex - The Guitar Man." This crowd is going wild."

He points the microphone at someone else. "Who do you want to win?"


Wayne laughs as he looks into the camera. "Well, everyone here knows who they want to win, what about you? There can be only one winner in Roswell's Big Brother!"