Wayne stands before a crowd at the bridge that separates the Big Brother house from the rest of the world. As the crowd cheer behind him and hold up banners, he smiles into the camera.

"Tonight the housemates will find out who will be the second person to leave the Big Brother house. 3 housemates are up for eviction. Which one goes? You decide. It's eviction Friday!" he bellows the last line as the crowd give a massive cheer."


Wayne is standing in the studio in his usual place in front of the screen that shows the housemates sitting in the lounge area. On the screen Max is talking to Liz, Maria holds Michael's hand, while Kyle and Tess exchange nervous glances as they talk to Alex and Laurie.

"As you can see the housemates are looking restless as they wait to find out which one of them will be leaving tonight. If you haven't decided yet then take look at these."

The screen changes as Kyle spins onto the screen. He is sitting in front of a curtain and smiles into the camera.

"I'm fun, I'm athletic and I get on well with most people. I think I'll be entertaining to both people inside the house and to people outwith it. As long as I like people in there I'm sure they'll like me! What you see is what you get, so there won't be any games. Well, not any games of the manipulative kind anyway."

Kyle then looks seriously while looking to someone off-camera. "It'll be weird living apart from my family for such a long time but I guess it's a learning experience. It'll be lonely at first but I guess it's hard to be lonely in a house with 10 people in it for too long so I think I'll be fine."

He then smiles into the camera. "I'm pretty sure that you'll all find me fun to watch, so please keep me in!"

A page turning transition is used to reveal Max now sitting where Kyle was.

He looks sheepishly to someone off-camera. "Hmmm, I guess I'm pretty quiet but I am also a good communicator when I need to be, so maybe I'll be good in a sort of diplomat kind of way. I honestly don't know. It'll be hard. The thought of being under such close scrutiny kinda makes my skin crawl but I know it will make me stronger."

He then looks into the camera with a shy smile. "I know I might not be the most exciting person to watch but I'm pretty sure that people will apreciate how difficult it is for me to attempt this. Despite that, I'm pretty sure they will like me and because of that I really hope that you will want to keep me in."

Another transition of a page turning shows on screen to reveal Michael.

"Why did I want in the house? I'm really only going in it for the money. Is it a good reason? Maybe not but at least it's an honest one unlike some of the other crap some people have probably been spouting."

His expression doesn't change as he leans a little closer to the camera. "What do I want to say to the public? If you don't like me don't vote to keep me in, but if you want to see someone who is honest and completely themselves then I'm your guy so vote to keep me in!"

The screen changes once more and Wayne stands in the studio. "Soon we'll be talking to the family and friends of the 3 nominees, but first let's take a look at what's been happening the last 24 hours."

DAY 21 - 10:23am

Day 21 in the Big Brother house. All the housemates are awake apart from Alex. Brody and Max make breakfast while the others sit in the lounge area.

Kyle hums a tune as he watches the others chat. After a few minutes he frowns.

"Does anyone remember that song from that movie where they spent the entire day in a record store?"

The girls look at him.

"What? Hi-Fidelity?" Isabel asks.

"No," Liz replies. "That wasn't set in one day."

Maria thinks for a moment. "Empire Records?"

Kyle snaps his fingers. "That's it. What was the song?"

"Which song, Kyle?" Tess asks him. "That movie was filled with them."

Kyle thinks again. "It had the words I don't want to take advice from fools..."

"Gin Blossoms," Tess cuts in smiling. She begins to sing.

I don't want to take advice from fools

I'll just figure everything is cool

Maria nods with a grin as she, Liz, and Isabel join in.

Until I hear it from you...

Michael glares at Kyle. "Now look what you've started."

Kyle shrugs. "Hey, I like that song."

Michael rolls his eyes. As Kyle looks at the girls.

"Laurie have you seen Empire Records?" Tess asks her.

Laurie shakes her head. "Nope, I haven't yet."

"Well, that's one of the first things we'll have to do once we get out of here."

Laurie laughs lightly at Tess' enthusiasm. Everyone looks up as Alex walks out of the boys bedroom.

"Morning, Alex," Isabel says.

"Morning," Alex replies rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

Liz looks at him. "Are you okay?"

Alex yawns as he nods. "Yeah. Just a bit of a rough night. These painkillers they gave me is making me sleep longer. My hand is killing me."

Isabel stands and walks over to him. She looks over his hand and he winces.

"I'm going to see if Big Brother can give you something for it."

"It's okay, Isabel," Alex says as he nods groggily at her. "I'm fine, honestly."

Isabel gives him a concerned look. He forces a smile.

"Really, it's better than before."

She nods reluctantly. "Okay. But don't suffer in pain, Alex."

Alex's smile widens as he nods again. "Believe me that's the one thing I won't do."

Isabel nods then sits down. Alex walks over to the kitchen counter.

"Are you okay, Alex?" Max asks him worriedly.

Alex nods. "Just a little painful." He sees Max's look of guilt and quickly reassures him. "I know you couldn't have..." He looks around at the cameras and glances down at the radio microphone that he wears as does the others. "Helped."

Max nods as Brody flips a pancake onto a plate.

"Here you go, mate."

Alex looks down at the plate. "Brody, I'm impressed."

"Pancakes are my specialty."

Alex nods as Brody puts out more. Liz walks up to stand beside Alex.

"Here you go, Liz," Brody smiles.

"Thanks, Brody," Liz smiles back at him.

Max looks at her with a smile as she takes a bite.

"Hmm," Liz smiles. "This is good."

"Really, good," Alex echos.

Maria walks up beside them. "Can I have some?"

Brody smiles at her warmly. "Of course you can."

Maria takes a bite then grins. "Wow, Brody, these are amazing." She turns to Michael as he strodes up beside her. "Here, Michael, taste these."

Michael makes a face as she puts the fork up to his lips. Maria rolls her eyes as she takes the bottle of tabasco sauce from the counter and almost coats the piece of pancake with it. Brody cringes as he looks at the pancake as she then puts the fork back up to Michael's mouth who reluctantly takes a bite.

"What do you think?" she asks him.

"It's okay," Michael replies.

"Okay?" Maria says in amazement. "These are amazing."

Michael passes Max the bottle of tabasco sauce. "Yeah, whatever."

Brody watches Maria who talks to Liz and Alex. He smiles as she laughs with them. He looks up to see Michael glaring at him. He looks away before taking once last look at Maria.


While the rest of the housemates are inside the house, Alex, Liz, and Maria sunbathe in the garden.

Alex sighs as he lies on the cushion looking at the girls beside him.

"One minute it's like everything is fine and then the next it's like there's this awkwardness between us. I'm not even sure why." Alex shakes his head sadly. "I like Laurie, I enjoy her friendship and it would be a shame to see it end before it really begins."

He then turns and lies on his back. "I guess I must have done something though because it's only really me she's behaving like this with."

Maria and Liz exchange looks and Maria clears her throat.



Liz touches her shoulder and shakes her head. Maria mouths to her "he needs to know." Liz shakes her head again.

Alex looks at them and frowns. "Okay, guys, what's going on? It seems like you do know something that I don't and I really don't appreciate you hiding things from me again."

Maria raises her eyebrows at Liz to prove that she was correct. Liz scrowls at her as they both turn to Alex.

"Well," Liz begins.

"Alex, don't you think it's kind of strange how it's only you that Laurie is acting weird around?" Maria cuts in.

Alex nods. "That's what I'm saying..."

"Yeah," Maria stretches out the word. "But...don't you think that there maybe be a reason other than that she doesn't like you anymore?"

Alex frowns. "Like what?"

"Like," Maria looks at Liz then turns back to Alex. "That she does like you. A lot."

Alex looks at her curiously. "What do you mean?"

Maria rolls her eyes as she shakes her head and looks at Liz then at Alex. "I mean that perhaps she has more of a romantic interest in you."

Alex looks at her stunned. He then laughs. "Laurie isn't interested in me that way. You're seeing things, Maria."

"I am seeing things, and what I've seen is you two flirt..."

"We haven't flirted," Alex states.

Maria raises her eyebrows. "Wow. You don't even know you're doing it."

Alex makes a face as he lies back down. Maria sits up.

"I mean it, Alex, you two have been flirting like crazy in the first couple of weeks in here," Maria turns to Liz. "Haven't they, Liz?"

Liz looks at her with wide eyes. Maria looks at her waiting for an answer and she looks at Alex who is doing the same.

Liz clears her throat. "Um...I have seen you, um..."

Alex looks at her curiously and then looks at Maria as she begins to talk.

"I'm telling you, Alex, she likes you. And, I wouldn't be surprised if you like her too..."

"Maria!" Liz scolds.

"What?" Maria asks her. "I'm just telling him what I see."

Alex lowers his gaze as he sighs. He stands and walks towards the conservatory doors. "I'm going to get a drink. Do you want anything?"

"No, thanks," Liz calls to him.

"Me neither," Maria adds.

As Alex walks inside the house Liz turns to Maria, who sees her look.

"What?" Maria asks.

"I don't think either Laurie or Isabel will appreciate you telling Alex this."

Maria shakes her head. "I'm just doing them a favour. At least they don't have to hide anything anymore! I knew that Laurie was hiding how she really felt. I bet Isabel said something to her."

Liz shakes her head. "Maria, someone is going to get hurt."

"Liz, Alex, has already been hurt," Maria says firmly. "I don't want him to get hurt again because of Isabel."

"What about Isabel? She deserves not to get hurt either."

Maria lies back down. "Isabel knew what she was doing, Liz. I'm just looking out for Alex's best interests."

Liz shakes her head as she lies down beside her.


Kyle and Alex play snakes and ladders in the conservatory. Michael and Isabel are in the lounge chatting while Brody talks to Tess, Laurie, and Maria in the kicthen.

"So, Brody," Tess asks. "Is being in here what you expected it to be like?"

Brody shakes his head with a grin. "Not really. But I'm enjoying most of it."

"Only most of it?" Maria wonders.

"Yeah," Brody nods. "There's some things that I don't like. I wish I could see my little girl."

All 3 girls nod sympathetically.

Brody then looks over his shoulder at Michael who is talking to Isabel. "And, there's some things that could improve," he then looks back at them. "But on the whole I'm enjoying it." He then grins. "Plus how many guys get to say that they've been locked in a house with 5 beautiful women."

The girls laugh. Maria looks at Laurie and Tess.

"He's a charmer too."

Brody laughs as he takes a drink of tea.

Alex looks at the girls as they laugh with Brody. His gaze hovers on Laurie who is laughing at something that Brody has said. He then looks across the room at Isabel who smiles as she chats with Michael. Alex studies her for several moments before looking back at Laurie.

"Earth to Alex."

Alex looks at Kyle who raises his eyebrows at him. "Sorry."

Kyle watches him as he throws the dice, and then looks over his shoulder at Isabel before looking at Laurie and Tess. He looks to Alex who is again looking at Laurie. Alex sees his amused look and blushes as he looks down at the board.

Kyle grins as he looks at Laurie then at Isabel who is now frowning at him. Kyle turns away and finds himself looking at Tess as she smiles with the others.


While all the other housemates are inside, Max and Liz are in the jacuzzi.

Liz splashes the water and Max laughes as it sprays him in the face. He does the same to her which causes her to giggle.

"Okay, Max," Liz grins as she gathers up the bubbles from the water. "Let's see what you'd look like with a beard."

Max laughs lightly at this. "Okay."

As she begins to carefully put the bubbles around his mouth and face she smiles at him as he holds her gaze.

"There," she smiles. "That looks good."

Max glances at himself through an outside mirror that is on a wall. "I look like Santa."

This sends Liz into a fit of giggles as Max laughs. He moves towards her. "It's only fair if Santa has a Mrs. Claus."

Liz laughs as Max places the bubbles onto her hair. She catches his arms as he almost finishes.

"There," he grins. He then looks down at her as she is now extremely close. "Perfect."

Liz looks up at him and after a moment Max dips down to capture her mouth in a passionate kiss. She soon responds as she wraps her arms around his neck.


The housemates are outside chatting. Michael, however, is keeping an eye on Brody and Maria.

Michael sits with Laurie, Max, Liz, Isabel, and Alex. He looks over at Maria who is laughing with Brody. He watches as Maria gently touches Brody's arm, before Brody picks up her glass and walks towards the house. He glares at him as he passes by and stands to follow him in.

Brody rinses the glass in the kitchen sink as Michael walks over to him.


"I know what you're trying to do and it won't work."

Brody raises his eyebrows. "Excuse me?"

"I'm warning you here and now, if you try anything with Maria I'll have no problem sorting things once we get out of here."

"Are you threatening me?"

Michael looks at him sternly. "Just telling you the way it is."

Brody glares back at him. "Listen, mate, I know that you've got a problem with me being friends with Maria..."

"No, Brody, I've got a problem with you trying to hit on my girlfriend."

Brody straightens himself up as he squares up to Michael. "I enjoy my friendship with Maria and I have absolutely no intentions of giving that up. No matter who says otherwise."

Michael glares at him. "Just make sure it's just friendship you want with her."

Brody glares back at him as Michael walks away.


While the other housemates remain outside Kyle and Tess are in the den playing snakes and ladders.

"No, you can't do that!" Kyle says.

"What?" Tess asks innocently.

"You landed on a snakes head you go down the tail not skip over it!"

Tess looks at him with a shocked expression. "I got a 4 so I didn't land on the head."

"You're cheating!"

"Am not!"

"Yes, you are," Kyle laughs.

Tess grins at him. "Prove it!"

"I saw you!"

"That's not proof!"

"It's enough."

"Not in this game," Tess smirks.

Kyle shakes his head with a smile as he rolls the dice.

"Aha now you landed on a snake!"

Kyle sighs as he moves his marker. He then looks at Tess who's grinning at the board then meets his gaze.

"What?" she smiles at him.

Kyle shakes his head with a small smile. "Nothing," he says as he looks down at the board.

Tess watches him as he begins to speak.

"Tess, about tomorrow..."

"Not tonight, Kyle," she says sadly. "I don't even want to think about tomorrow."

Kyle looks at her and nods. He looks up at the den. "It's really nice in here."

Tess nods as she smiles softly at him. "Yeah, it is."

"This is the kind of place I wish I had as a kid."

Tess laughs lightly as he continues.

"I wish I had spent the night in here at one time," he says still looking around.

"You still can," Tess says looking at him intently.

Kyle looks at her and she looks away.

"I mean you should spend the night in here. I've done it already..."

"I'll see what happens," he says softly.

Tess looks at him and gives him a gentle smile which he returns. As he picks up the dice and hands it to her Tess looks down at their fingers as they touch. Kyle also looks down and both smile as she takes the dice. She throws it and glances at him to see him looking at her. He takes the dice and throws it and sees her looking at him.

DAY 22 - 10:56am

Day 22 in the Big Brother house. The housemates are all awake apart from Kyle and Tess who have spent the night in the den.

Maria stands at the door to the den and presses her ear against it. Alex walks up to her looking at her curiously.

"What are you doing?"

Maria glances at him and answers in a hushed whisper. "They're in there!"


"Who do you think!"

Alex looks at her stunned as Isabel walks up to him. "What is she doing?"

"Kyle and Tess are in there."

Isabel looks at them amazed. "They spent the whole night in there together?"

Maria nods with a grin. The others walk over to them.

"What's going on?" Michael asks.

Isabel turns to him before Maria or Alex can answer. "Kyle and Tess spent the night together!"

"What?" Max asks shocked.

"Are you sure?" Michael adds.

Isabel and Maria nod and Alex turns around to them all.

"Okay, guys, how about we back it up a little. Nothing to see here." He then looks at Maria who is still pressed up against the door. "That especially means you, Maria."

As he gently pulls her arm she makes a face at him as she walks past.


Alex makes a face at her as the others walk towards the house, and Max and Michael glance back over their shoulders.

Kyle wakes and glances down to see Tess lying against him with her head resting on his chest and her arm around his waist. He notices that he has his arm around her and sighs as he rests his head back on the pillow. He begins to gently touch her hair with his fingertips and she snuggles closer to him. He smiles for only it to fade as he drifts off into thought.

Tess wakes and looks up at him from her position still on his chest. She smiles as she sees him.

"Good morning."

Kyle smiles as he looks down at her. "Morning."

She holds his gaze before looking away. "I can't believe we really did fall asleep in here."

"Me neither," he says as she sits up.

She looks at him as he sits up beside her. "I really enjoyed last night."

Kyle smiles at her as he nods. "Me too."

"Just talking about things...in here," Tess says as she lowers her gaze. "Just helped me forget about tonight."

Kyle takes her hand. "Whatever happens tonight...just remember that I'll be rooting for you in here and out there."

Tess smiles at him as she caresses his hand.


Alex and Kyle talk in the garden as Laurie and Tess talk in the conservatory.

"So what's happening with Kyle?" Laurie asks Tess.

Tess looks out to the garden where Kyle sits with Alex on the cushions.

"I don't know," she replies with a smile. "I just...things feel different you know?"

Laurie nods as she looks out at the boys.

Kyle looks to Alex as he speaks.

"I should warn you, man, the whole house was buzzing this morning."

Kyle nods. "I thought so. But, to be honest I don't really care. What happens between Tess and me has nothing to do with them."

Alex nods in agreement. Kyle looks at him.

"But, nothing happened. We just talked. I respect her too much to do anything that would embarrass her once she leaves here."

Alex nods with a smile. "Being in here has put things more in perspective for you?"

Kyle nods as he looks at Tess. "Yeah. I'm beginning to see things differently."

Alex looks at the girls as Laurie and Tess talk. "Yeah, I know what you mean."


The housemates are cleaning the house. Kyle, Liz, Alex and Max are all cleaning the mirrors while Michael and Laurie wash the worksurfaces. Maria and Tess are tidying the lounge area and Brody is sweeping the floor.

Brody looks at the housemates. "You know? This is my first eviction night. I'm actually feeling a little nervous."

Laurie smiles at him as Maria walks over to Michael. "Michael, will you please put that cloth down. You too Max and Kyle. Come on...it's eviction night. You guys don't need to clean up. We'll get it. Isn't that right guys?"

The others look at the 3 nominated housemates. "That's right guys, come on, you go sit down and..." Alex says as he walks towards Kyle.

"And what? Mope around for a couple of hours? I'd rather enjoy my last few hours here." Kyle says as he looks at Alex and then to Tess who is looking at him sadly.

Michael turns to Maria. "Exactly, we are as well doing this as we are sitting there." He ushers to the couch. "Having nothing to do apart from think about things."

Maria looks at him nervously. "Are you nervous?"

Michael shakes his head and continues to wipe the work surface without looking at her. "I'll live..."

Liz looks at Max and walks up to him. "What about you? Are you nervous?"

Max smiles at her and nods his head. "Honestly? I am. My mom and dad will be outside tonight...I might only be a few hours away from seeing them...but I know as soon as I walk out that door I'll want to be back in here."

He looks at Liz intently and then looks at Isabel who is looking at him sadly. "But I'd rather think about that at the time. Come on guys...this is the last night for one of us and we don't want it to be depressing. Isn't that right?"

He looks at Kyle who is looking at Tess who is looking at her feet and then to Michael who is now hugging Maria tightly. Both of them force themselves to sound cheery.

"Sure we want it to be like normal." Kyle says as he turns to the mirror he was cleaning. "Normal."

Michael sighs as he lets Maria go. "Come on...we have to get this place ready."

Alex smiles at Tess who is looking sad and she forces a smile before she goes back to work. Isabel sighs loudly and looks at Max and then to Michael before she walks to the window and cleans it.

Alex starts to speak loudly. "So, I'm thinking of suing Big Brother for my injury..."

Max smiles as he call's loudly to Alex. "You're what? Why?"

Alex grins at Max as he speaks. "Well, it wasn't me idea but I was talking to Kyle and then I spoke to Maria and they both said that I could make my millions yet."

Kyle call's over from the mirror. "Well, since you won't be making it with your band since you're playing popsongs."

Alex roll's his eyes. "I do not play pop songs. We are an alternative..."

"To that." Maria finishes for him as she rolls her eyes. "Yes Alex, I've heard that before...just remember that the beautiful lead singer always gets the kudos when her band does well..."

"It's not your band..." He says wearilly as the others snigger.


The camera fades to show Wayne standing in front of the audience as live footage is shown behind him.

"Well, I don't know if they have something in the water of that house but wow...what a week, never mind the events of the past few days."

Wayne walks over to the audience and sits in the centre of them. "Well, the polling is closed and the votes have been counted and we now know who the next evictee will be, but before we reveal who the 2nd person to leave the house is...we have here..."

The camera pans out to show the audience. "Kyle, Max and Michaels friends and family!! Okay, lets see what they think about the events in the house."

Wayne turns to a man sitting to his right hand side and smiles. "This is Sheriff Jim Valenti, who is Kyle's dad. So Jim, what do you think of your son in there?"

Jim smiles. "He's been great. I've been so proud of him."

Wayne smiles as he looks at Jim. "Now Jim, a few weeks ago I asked you about your son and Tess and you insisted that they were not flirting. Now, a couple of weeks on...what is going on there and how do you feel about it?"

Jim smiles embarrassed and looks down. "I think...it's probably being all taken out of perspective. I'm sure it's not as bad as it looks on tv."

Wayne raises an eyebrow and ushers to the screen where Tess and Kyle are holding hands. "I'm sure it's not..."

Wayne turns to a man and woman on his left hand side. "This is Max and Isabels parents Diane and Phillip Evans. So Diane, what do you think about your son's growing relationship with Liz?"

Diane smiles at Wayne. "Well, it was always going to be a possibility in there...when you have as much history behind you as they two have it was always going to happen."

"Philip, you're daughter hasn't been having it easy in there. What do you think is going on there?"

Philip looks nervously at his wife and smiles anxiously at Wayne, "I think she will be fine. Alex is a good boy...but I just think he's confused about what he's feeling. It'll be hard for her tonight though if Max goes out."

Wayne nods his head. "Yes, well she said that to Alex on Wednesday, but she seems close to Michael as well, how do you think it will affect her if he's evicted?"

Diane looks at Phillip and then to Wayne. "Not as badly as it would if it was Max."

Wayne smiles and then holds the microphone to an old man sitting behind the Evans'.

"This is Hal Carver, who was here last week and is a friend of Michael's. Hal, how do you think the events this week has affected Michael?"

Hal smiles at him. "Well, he hates Brody...I think that's pretty obvious."

Wayne laughs. "He certainly doesn't believe in hiding what he's feeling does he?"

Hal smile at him. "Well, not the important stuff."

"Well, we certainly know more about his feelings regarding Brody since he walked in the house." Wayne smiles as he stands up and walks towards the screen. He picks up the remote and talks into the camera.

"This is it, just now I will announce the results of the voting to the house and tell them who the second evictee is."

He turns to the screen and begins to talk.

"Big Brother House, this is Wayne. You are live on television and radio so please do not swear."

The housemates cheer loudly as they hear Waynes voice and some of them look at each other nervously and wish each other good luck. Max is holding both Isabel's and Liz's hands. Tess is holding Kyles hand tightly and Maria is sitting beside Michael closely.

"The nation has been voting for the past week and the voting has now closed. The results have been counted and verified by an independant ajudicator. The second person to be evicted from the Big Brother House is..."

During the pause Tess closes her eyes and leans her head forward so no one can see her face. Kyle has his eyes closed and nervously bites his lip. Max looks at both Liz and Isabel and they clutch his hand tighter. Michael takes a deep breath and Maria takes his hand in hers and smiles at him nervously.


As Wayne says Max's name Tess looks up and looks at Kyle and hugs him tightly. Maria has her hand to her mouth in shock and turns to Michael and hugs him tightly. "You stayed again Spaceboy..."

Isabel looks at Max who is hugging Liz tightly as the rest of the housemates walk over to him. Max turns from them and looks at Isabel who has tears in her eyes. "Hey...we didn't come in here together...you'll do great."

He hugs her tightly and she reluctantly pulls away as Alex walks over to Max. "Sorry Max..."

Max smiles and Alex walks over to put his hand on Isabels back.

"Max, you have an hour and a half to get ready. Pack your belongings and say your goodbyes. I'll see you in 90 minutes, I'm now closing the mic."

As he walks away from the screen he sighs as he sits down. He looks at Diane and Philip. "Well, Max was voted out. I have to say that seems to be a shock for the housemates, they didn't look like they expected it did they?"

Diane shakes her head sadly. "I think they expected one of the other boys to go...it's a shame that Max has been voted out, but I guess that;s the name of the game."

"That it is...that it is." Wayne turns to Hal again. "So Hal, do you think we might have our own Mr Invincible in there? The public seems to love him."

Hal smiles. "He's an honest guy and they probably appreciate that. He'll be nominated again though."

Wayne turns around and looks at Jim. "Well, Jim, Kyle stays in the house for at least another week. How do you think he'll be feeling?"

Jim looks at him and smiles. "I guess he'll be relieved..."

Wayne looks at Jim. "And of course, that means he has another week at least with Tess. Do you think that anything will happen there?"

Jim looks at him seriously. "I am practically certain that nothing is going on there...I'm sure that he see's her as a friend and that another week in there will prove that."

Wayne smiles as he stands up. "Maybe it will..."

Wayne ushers to the percentages that appear on the screen. "As you can see, we had 3757 votes and Michael, our own superman, got the lowest percentage with only 939 people voting for him. That was 25%. Next was Kyle with 1188 votes which was 32%. And finally Max recieved 1630 votes which was 43% of the vote!"

The camera looks down as Wayne begins to speak. "Tonight Max became the second person evicted from the Big Brother House. Check back here on Channel 11 and KROZ radio in 90 minutes to see what he has to say about life inside the Big Brother House, his relationship with Liz and just what he thinks is going on between Kyle and Tess on part 2 of Eviction Friday!!!"