Day 20 - 10.12am

Day 20 in the Big Brother house. All the girls are out of bed and all the boys, apart from Kyle and Max are still in bed asleep. Late last night the girls all overheard Tess say Kyle's name as she slept but she is unaware of this.

Tess playfully hits Kyle on the arm as he tries to steal a slice of her toast of her plate. Maria, Liz and Isabel all grin at her as they watch them.

"C'mon Tess, just give me a bit." Kyle asks hopefully. She takes another bite of the toast as she ducks away from him.

"No. Go make your own, and don't use all the tabasco sauce like you did when we were in the house."

Kyle makes a face behind her back and she smiles at Laurie as she sits down. "That boy has to learn that he needs to make his own food, he won't make anyone a good husband if he keeps going like that."

Maria grins as she says. "And you're just the girl to brush him up on all his husbandy duties? Way to go Tess."

Tess looks at her confused and then shrugs her shoulders as she turns back to Laurie. Liz, Maria and Isabel continue to look at Tess expectantly and she cautiously turns around.

"What's up guys? What did I do?"

The others shake their heads as they look away. "Nothing Tess, you didn't do anything. Sure she didn't?"

Maria turns to Isabel and Liz and they both shake their heads dutifully and Tess smiles nervously as she takes another bit of toast. Laurie tries to stifle a laugh.

As they sit in silence Isabel begins to talk. "So...I had a really weird dream last night...I dreamt that I was walking out side and the guys were dancing along to N*Sync songs on the outside table."

The others all laugh and Isabel shares a look with Maria as she continues. "Any of you dreamt about the guys doing weird stuff? You know, is it maybe a by-product of being locked up in here?"

Maria grins at Isabel as she turns to look at Tess. "Well...not one I can repeat on national tv...what about you guys? Liz?"

Liz shakes her head and answers obligingly as she also turns to look and smile at Tess. "Nope, I haven't had one yet although I did dream once that Sean and Max had to do the dance task together..." As the other girls look at her she shrugs her shoulders and smiles. "Don't ask. What about you Tess? You dreamt about any of the guys in here?"

Tess looks at the girls. Isabel, Maria and Liz are grinning at her and Laurie is smiling but hiding her face with her hand.

"Umm, no, I haven't dreamt about any of the guys in here?"

Maria looks at her. "Really? It's just..." Isabel and Liz look at her sharply and she stops talking. Tess looks at Laurie who is still hiding her face but who is clearly laughing.

"Okay? What's going on? Did someone do something?" Tess asks clearly confused.

Liz, Isabel and Maria all stand up and walk away shaking there heads. "It's nothing Tess, we just assumed that everyone would have had some kind of dream at one point." Isabel says as Maria and Liz laugh gently as they walk away.

As Tess is left alone with Laurie she turns to Laurie. "Did I miss something? Since when did Maria and Isabel get along? And since when have I been getting smiled at by the 3 of them? Maybe it's some kind of weird dream I'm having?"

Laurie shakes her head and looks around to make sure that they are alone. "Umm, Tess? were sleep-talking last night."

Tess looks at her with a smile on her face. "I was not. I don't sleep talk, trust me."

Laurie smiles at her kindly. "You did sleep talk and you did talk about another person in here."

The colour in Tess' face drains and she sits her plate on the table as she asks nervously. "Who...who was I dreaming about?"

Laurie looks at her. "You know who you were dreaming about."

Tess covers her mouth with her hand as a small noise escapes and she begins to blush. "Wh...what did I say?"

Laurie leans to her closer. "You said "Kyle" and then you said that it was nice."

Tess turns a deep red colour as she looks at Laurie horrified. "I said that? And they all heard?"

Laurie smiles as she nods her head. Tess stands up and walks over to the kitchen slowly.

"Oh my god...what the hell did I say?"

Kyle and Max walk in and Kyle walks over to her. "Hey Tess, you want to pour me a drink?"

She turns to him and looks at him for a second before turning away and muttering inaudibly as she walks away quickly.

Kyle looks confused as he watches her walk of. He turns to Laurie.

"Okay, what did I do?"


All the housemates are now up. Alex and Maria are talking at the back of the garden. Michael is talking to Laurie in the conservatory and Brody, Liz, Max, Kyle, Tess and Isabel are practising the task.

Maria is talking to Alex well away from the others. She has been telling him about the events of the house in the last 24 hours.

"So I walk through the door and there they are...about 2 little inches away from kissing!" She gestures with her hand and takes a deep breath as Alex listens intently as she continues.

"And I didn't know that they were close to it and I walk in and it's like boom, I totally ruin the moment and he ups and leaves." She sighs loudly as she lies down on the grass.

"Then Liz looks at me and she doesn't say anything but I know what she was thinking. She was thinking that if I had walked in 5 minutes later, or even 30 seconds later her and Max would have kissed and they would be back together and." She sighs again for dramatic effect and Alex opens his mouth to speak.

"Well..." He is cut off as Maria looks at him and starts speaking again.

"I mean, we can all see how desperate they both are. It's when they were dating all over again. You know, she's looking at him with those sad eyes and he's got that brooding puppy dog look. That's not good...they both need to lighten up and then you know, get it together! Not only that, if they two are together the tv audiences would love it so much to have another romance. Max and Michael would be dead certs to stay...of course that means that it's Kyle who will get voted out. Which is a shame but...we have to look at it objectionably I guess."

"I think Kyle will st..." Alex is interupted again as Maria takes a deep breath.

"It's not that I don't like Kyle, Alex." She pats his leg as she continues. "And I know that you and him are kinda close but if it came to Max, Michael or Kyle everyone knows who should go out first don't they?"

"Personally? I dis..." Alex manages to squeeze in as Maria continues.

"It's a shame though because of the possibility of the him and Tess thing. Did I tell you about what happened last night? Last night we were all in bed asleep and Tess woke the rest of us because she was so restless and when we were awake she was talking about Kyle! Can you believe that? And no, before you ask was she saying it in that whole "But I see him as family" kind of way. She actually said "Kyle, this is nice!" it was sweet but kinda sad as well..."

Alex goes to talk but stops himself before Maria can cut him off again. "Not sad exactly, but you know with Kyle going and that it can only end badly for her. It's a shame because for the first time since...well since ever, she actually sounded really happy. I wonder what they were up to? Maybe they were kissing? Or maybe he was hugging her? Maybe she's reliving that whole hot-tub thing?"

Maria sighs as she looks over at Tess who is laughing as Kyle is unable to manouvre the beam successfully. "Maybe she's finally realised that Max is so out of sight as far as she's concerned. But it'll be sad when he goes...I mean, I'll feel bad."

Alex sits up and says. "He might not go you know maybe the whole Max and Liz thing will work with Kyle and Tess as well?"

Maria doesn't hear him as she begins to speak again. "I think I'm going to go and see what they are all up to. You want to make yourself useful Alex and watch Kyle and Tess while I watch Max and Liz? No?" She sighs as she stands up. "Fine, I'll do it myself. Speak to you later Alex."

Alex opens his mouth to speak but Maria has already walked away so he smiles and shakes his head as he lies down again in silence.


Big Brother has asked the group to be ready to perform the task. The housemates have to successfully manouveur an obstacle course. The housemates had 7 minutes to get round the course but as Alex is now exempt from the task after injuring his hand the time has been reduced to 6 minutes 20 seconds. The housemates will be penalised 30 seconds for every mistake they make during the task. They have gambled 40% of their shopping budget on successfully completing the task.

The housemates are all gathered out at the task. They are all wearing their safety equipment apart from Alex who is sitting on the outside table.

"Good luck guys." Alex shouts as the horn blows and Michael runs through the task.

Michael successfully climbs the wall and the others cheer loudly at him as he ducks under and over the beams.

"C'mon Michael!!" Maria calls enthusiatically as Michael reaches the monkey bars.

He gets over the bars in a matter of seconds and drops down to crawl under the camoflage net. Liz gets ready to go and she waits at the edge of the area for Michael to tag her as he shrugs of the camoflage net he carefully walks up to the beam and stands on it. He walks across it quickly and jumps down and immediately runs to Liz and tags her hand.

"Come on Liz...!" Max calls to her as he watches her run through the course intently. Maria turns to Michael and hugs him.

"You did good space boy!"

Michael nods his head as they all turn and call to Liz who is busy on the monkey bars.

"Be careful Liz!" Alex call's as Liz pauses halfway through and takes a deep breath as she forces herself to finish it.

Liz smiles as she drops of the end successfully and Max smiles proudly at her. "You did great Liz...."

Michael rolls his eyes as he gets out the way to allow Laurie to get tagged by Liz as she quickly gets over the beam. Laurie runs quickly and gets over the wall and the beams quickly. Max wal;ks over to Liz and pats her on the arm as he watches Laurie before turning away for a second to look at Liz.

"You done well."

Liz smiles at him shyly. "Well, I've had los of practise."

Laurie looks up at the monkey bars and takes a deep breath as she crosses them sucessfully. This causes Alex to cheer loudly from the table. "Whoo-hoo Laurie! C'mon, just the net and the beam to go!"

Isabel looks at him for a second and Max turns to her and smiles reassuringly as Brody makes his way to the starting point.

"Okay, we're flying here's hoping I don't go and screw it up." He laughs nervously as Maria and Max smile at him. As he starts to run down the task Michael mutters quietly.

"We all know you'll screw up Brody so don't worry about it." This results in all the housemates turning and looking at him dis-believingly. Michael looks at them all.


Maria shakes her head and turns to watch Brody who has just reached the monkey bars. "C'mon Brody!"

Michael makes a face and walks over to where Alex is sitting and sits down as Brody successfully gets over the bars and is half way through the net.

Maria walks to the starting area and as Brody jumps off the beam he tags her hand and smiles at her. "Good luck Maria!"

Maria runs off and climbs the wall and manouvers the uneven beams easilly. She gets to the monkey bars and all the housemates watch her as she goes quikly and drops down half way across. "Dammit!!"

Alex looks at her concerned. "Are you alright Maria?"

Maria looks at him and nods her head. "Sorry guys, I'll get across this time."

Michael call's over to her. "Take a deep breath before you cross and take your time...we have plenty of it."

She smiles at him warmly and takes a deep breath and crosses the beams. She stops again halfway and grimaces but pushes herself on to complete the final rungs before allowing herself to drop once she reached the end. As she drops the others all cheer loudly.

"Way to go Maria!" Tess calls encouragingly from the side as Kyle makes his way towards the starting point.

Maria quickly makes it through the final two obstacles and tags Kyle. As Kyle runs off she breathes deeply. "I hate, hate, hate those damn monkey bars!" as she walks away towards Michael and Alex.

Michael smiles at her proudly. "You did good anyway."

Maria smiles sweetly. "Aww, thank you."

As Kyle quickly gets over the monkey bars he hears the others cheer for him. He goes under the net and then stands at the beam.

"Take your time this time Kyle, try not to break your neck." Tess calls to him concerned.

Maria nudges Alex and grins as Kyle jumps down and tags Isabel before walking over to Tess and smiling. "Nice to know you care Tess...although maybe I would have got the kind of treatment Whitman got if I was injured."

Maria smiles at Alex as he cheers loudly as Isabel crosses the monkey bars. "Come on Isabel, you're doing great!"

Isabel ducks under the net and crawls under it quickly and gets to the beam where she smiles at the others quickly before crossing to tag Tess who is waiting. Tess runs off and Isabel is congratulated by Max as she walks over to sit beside Alex.

She leans close to Alex and smiles. "I think it's safe to say that we've passed this don't you think?"

Alex nods his head and smiles quickly at her. "We will. You guys have all done great. You did great."

Maria rolls her eyes and glares at Isabel before turning to watch Tess go through the obstacle course cheered on loudly by Kyle.

"They two couldn't make it any more obvious could they?" She says into Alex as Tess walks quickly across the beam ready to tag Max who is the last housemate up.

Max runs of and Kyle smiles at Tess. "Well done."

She blushes slightly as she walks away towards Laurie. "Thank you, Buddha boy."

Max quickly gets through the course and the others all wait on him to cross the beam. As he jumps down he lands on the finishing spot and a loud horn blows and all the housemates cheer.

"We passed that!" Brody says as he looks at Maria who is hugging Michael.

Max nods his head as Big Brother begins to speak.

This is Big Brother, the task is now over. Big Brother will announce the results shortly.

Kyle looks up into one of the cameras. "But we know we passed, why don't you just tell us now?"

Tess walks over to him and looks into the same camera. "Do you think talking into this gets there attention?"

Alex walks over to them as well. "C'mon Kyle, stop being an know you just have to ask them nicely."

Kyle looks at him indignantly. "An idiot? Sorry maybe I sould just ask over and over again into my mic?"

Alex grins at him. "Hey, persistance will get you everywhere. Isn't that right Tess?"

Tess looks at him and nods her head obligingly. "Yeah...persistance is good. All you need to do is annoy someone enough and you can pretty much get them to do anything."

Kyle laughs as Alex now looks at them indignantly. "Hey...not many people have got Big Brother understood like I have. You know, I know which ones will cave in if I ask something often enough."

Kyle shakes his head. "Alex...they don't cave in, they just respond quicker to shut you up."

Alex holds a hand to his heart in mock pain. "Shut me up? Why would they want to do that? They like me..."

Tess laughs gently. "Of course they do...they just don't like you being whiny."

She walks away and Alex calls after her. "It's not's persistant!"


The group have successfully completed this weeks task. Next week they will have an extra 40% to spend in their shopping budget. Max is sitting alone in the garden as Maria, Laurie and Liz prepare dinner in the kitchen.

Maria is chopping the vegetables as Laurie wipes the work top. "You know, I am so glad that the task is over with. Thoses stupid monkey rings need a good kicking...well, maybe not a kicking...but they need something done..."

Liz turns to her. "The task wasn't that bad was it Laurie?"

Laurie shakes her head. "No, it was was nice to have something to move about on."

Maria looks at them both. "But the stupid bars!" She looks over to Alex who is sitting alone on the couch tapping his uninjured hand againt his leg. "Alex sure the bars were evil?"

Alex looks at her and sticks his injured arm up in the air. "You think?"

Maria usher to Alex. "See? They injured Alex!"

Liz turns to her. "I think we all noticed that Maria."

Maria sighs and then begins to speak again. "'s really quiet in here. Where's Kyle and Tess?"

She grins at them as Laurie looks down hoping to avoid the conversation.

Liz looks around. "Probably in one of the bedrooms..." As Maria raises an eyebrow and smirks Liz quickly changes it. "Not like that! I mean...I mean..."

"You mean that they are somewhere together? Now, what do we think they could be getting up to? Laurie? You and Tess are spending a lot of time together...what's going on with her and Kyle?"

Laurie blushes as she looks at Maria. "Nothing, I'm sure they're just friends..."

Mari looks at her intently. "Friends? You think I buy that? C'mon, just tell us?"

Laurie shakes her head and smiles as she walks away from Liz and Maria and heads towards the girls room. "Nope, they're just friends."

Maria sighs as she looks at Liz. "But not everyone buys into your concept of friends Laurie!"

Alex is standing beside them. "What do you mean?"

Maria looks at him and looks at him nervously. "What?"

Alex looks at her intently. "When you said that not everyone buys into Laurie's concept of friendship?"

Maria looks at Liz desperately but Liz shakes her head and looks at Laurie who is standing in the alley-way through to the girls room looking horrified.

"No...nothing, what I meant is...that what she see's as friendship other people..." She stops again as Liz continues to glare at her and she smiles hopefully at Alex.

"What I mean You knew what I meant right?"

Liz looks at her shocked. "Umm, su...sure. Sure I did." Liz turns and smiles at Alex who is looking at each of the three girls.

"Well, what did she mean then?" Alex looks at Liz closely.

Liz sighs and looks at Maria. "You know, I'm...I'm just going to let Maria explain to you, ok? Okay..." She turns to Maria. "I'm going outside."

Maria looks at her desperately. "You''re going outside?"

Liz pats Maria on the arm. "Good luck."

Maria watches as Liz walks towards the door and turns to see Alex still looking at her intently before she turns again and looks at Laurie who is looking at her angrilly.

"So Maria? What did you mean?" Laurie asks clearly agitated.

"Laurie...I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything, really." Laurie is about to reply when Tess walks out of the girls room.

"Hey Laurie, what's up?" Tess looks around to see Alex and Maria both looking at Laurie.

"Nothing Tess, it's okay. Maria was just a little bit mixed up about some things." Laurie looks directly at Maria. "Right Maria?"

Maria nods her head and smiles at Laurie apologetically. Laurie looks at Alex briefly before walking away towards the girls room.

Tess looks at Maria and Alex. "What happened?"

Alex sighs and shakes his head as he walks away. "I have no idea apart from Maria somehow managed to inadvertantly put her foot in it."

Maria looks after him. "I was maybe a little tactless..."

Tess nods her head and walks over to the lounge.

Outside in the garden Max is tossing playing cards into a pot. "Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored." He sighs bored as Liz walks out.

"You feeling a little bored Max?" She asks him with a smile on her face.

Max sits up straighter as he hears Liz's voice. "Liz? Hi. Yes, I'm a little...I'm really bored today." He laughs gently. "I think I miss the task..."

Liz sits down beside him and smiles. "You liked running up and down on the task didn't you?"

Max sighs. "They could have let us keep the equipment for a couple of hours."

Liz laughs. "So you could say goodbye?"

Max grins at her. "Well, it's important to say goodbye to things you love..."

Liz looks down at her hands before smiling at him. "It is..."

They sit in silence for a minute before Liz looks at him. "You know, come Friday...if...if whatever happens...happens. I just want you to know that it won't be the same..."

Max looks at her and smiles. "No, it won't."

She continues quietly. "But...but at one point in the next 7 weeks everyone will meet up again, and I hope that things that developed in the house will develop more when we get outside..."

Max smiles and nods his head. "I know what you mean, I'd like to think that relationships that developed in here would be the same or better when they get out."

Liz smiles at him as she takes his hand. "Me too, Max. I think it could be know?"

Max looks at their two hands intertwined and looks longingly at her. "I agree..."

They sit in silence for a minute looking at each other before they reluctantly seperate as they hear Kyle and Brody talk as they walk out from the house.


The housemates have eaten dinner and most of them are outside playing football. Alex and Isabel are talking in the kitchen as they clear up the dinner dishes.

Isabel dries the dishes as Alex hands them to her. He sighs loudly and she looks at him.

"What's wrong?"

Alex turns to her and smiles. "Nothing really..."

She looks at him. "You aren't like all the rest of the boys and missing the stupid beam are you?"

Alex shakes his head. "I can honestly say that I am not missing that task one bit."

Isabel looks down at his strapped arm. "Alex? Should you be helping out with this? I can manage on my own."

He smiles at her. "I know you can but I want to help, it's better than sitting around not doing anything."

Isabel turns away and smiles as she picks up a dish. "So I'm a good relief of boredom?"

He grins at her. "Of course."

She smirks as she flicks some of the soapy water at him. "Well then, I guess I better put that down on my CV then. You know: what would people consider to be your qualities? Relieving boredom."

Alex grins at her. "Hey...that's an important quality...right up there with looking good at 3am and being able to sing the national anthem while standing on your head."

Isabel appears thoughtful. "Can anyone sing the national anthem while standing on their head?"

"Now you see why that's an important quality then."

She smiles at him and they both stand in silence again before Alex begins to talk. "Isabel? How are you feeling about the nominations?"

He grabs the dish brush with his good hand and starts scrubbing something furiously. She turns to him and puts the towel down. "I...I don't know. I don't know what I'll do if Max goes out, Michael as well but especially Max."

Alex looks down guiltilly and then looks towards her. "If Max goes will you be okay though?"

She takes a deep breath and nods her head reluctantly. "I'll be okay I guess...we didn't apply to do this together, so it's unrealistic to expect us to go out together. That would be nice though..."

She looks down sadly and Alex looks at her. "Maybe he won't go. Maria has a theory about Max and Liz being a rating's winner."

Isabel smiles at him. "So, all you need to do is be in a relationship to win?"

Alex smiles back. " probably need the whole "soul-mate starey eye thing" going on as well, so by that count everyone else in the house is screwed."

Isabel begins to laugh. "Well...maybe not everyone, Kyle and Tess are getting close to that."

Alex smirks as he walks over to the worksurface and sits on it. "I know...I don't get what's going on there if I'm honest. One day he says she's like a sister and now it's just whhhooo." He makes a "take-off" motion with his hand. "In a totally differently league."

Isabel walks over to stand beside him and sighs wistfully. "If Kyle goes Tess won't have anyone in here..."

Alex looks at her. "She has Laurie and I'll always be there for her. Same as you will."

Isabel smiles at him sadly. "What about if Max goes?"

Alex puts his hand on her shoulder and she looks at him. "It'll be the same, you'll have Michael and me and no doubt everyone else as well."

She smiles at him. "Thank you, Alex."

"For what?"

"For saying the right things...for making me feel better." She looks at him gratefully and Alex looks at her.

"Maybe I should put that down on my CV? You know...hidden qualities?" He jumps down from the work surface and walks over to the sink.

Isabel sighs quietly. "Maybe not so hidden..." as she walks over to the sink again.


The housemates are all gathered in the lounge area. The group are talking about how they think their lives will change once they're outside of the house.

Michael is sitting on the seat and Tess Kyle and Laurie are sitting on the couch next to him. On the other couch Brody, Isabel and Alex are sitting. Max and Liz are sitting on the cushions on the floor and Maria is bouncing up and down on the exercise ball.

"You know I see why you always sit on this Alex." Maria smiles at Alex.

"Don't be getting too comfortable there're only keeping it warm for me."

Maria sticks her tongue out at him as she shares a smile with Liz. "We'll see Whitman..."

They sit in silence for a second until Brody speaks. "Okay, Liz? How do you think your life will change?"

Liz looks at him. "I don't know...honestly. I'd...I'd like to think that somethings will be better once I get out." She looks at Max who holds her gaze.

"They'll get better only if you win?" Brody enquires again.

Liz smiles slightly at Max before turning to Brody. ", even if I go out next week...I'm pretty sure that things will be a lot better on the outside."

Maria and Alex share a grin as Brody grins at Max. "So Max...what about you? Same question?"

Max looks at Brody who is grinning at him. Max blushes slightly as he answers. "Umm, I think things will go back to normal pretty soon, hopefully. But I hope that the relationships that I've developed in here...will maybe continue."

Michael rolls his eyes. "Well, I hope that things will change. For one thing I am really going to appreciate my alone time more..."

"Way to go making yourself appealing to the rest of the house there Spaceboy..." Maria mutters quietly before stepping off the ball and walking over to him and sitting on his knee.

"But you'll miss being with me 24/7, right?" Maria asks him hopefully.

He waits a second and then answers obligingly. "Sure...sure I'll miss that."

Maria smiles at him and then starts to talk. "Well, I hope that that I'll get enough money to buy myself a new car, and maybe take a trip somewhere really exotic, and maybe I'll buy my mom something she really wants...and maybe even Sean..."

Maria holds up her fingers and the other housemates smile.

"Is there anything you don't want to do Maria?" Kyle asks.

She grins at him. "Well what about you? I do you think your life will change once you're out of here?"

Kyle looks at Tess who is looking at Maria and smiles. "I don't think my life will be that different if I'm honest. Not much will change in that respect."

Maria laughs gently. "You are kidding right? You don't think things in here will change how things are when we're outside?"

Kyle shrugs his shoulders and looks uncomfortable. "Maybe things will change a little...I mean, I knew you all before but I guess I'm a lot closer to some of you now." He looks at Alex, Laurie and his eyes hover on Tess before he turns back to Maria.

"So maybe that will change things a little."

"Yeah...maybe a little." Maria looks quickly from Kyle who is still looking at Tess descreetly to Max and Liz who are now holding hands while they talk to the others. She sighs and looks towards Alex who is looking at Laurie who is joking with Tess.

Isabel is watching Alex quietly and looks at him sadly and Maria sighs again as Michael whispers quietly into her ear.

"Is it just me or are the others totally desperate? It only takes 9 weeks and all of a sudden everyone is up for it..."

Maria nods her head as she leans into him as he wraps his arms around her. She whispers into his ear. "At least you and me don't have anything like that to worry about Spaceboy..."

Michael kisses her gently and turns to look at Brody who is looking at Maria and sighs. "Nope...nothing to worry about...nothing at all."