DAY 2 - 8.23am

Day 2 in the Big Brother house. The housemates have spent their first night inside the house. Kyle and Max exercise in the garden while Alex, Isabel and Maria all sit at the outside table drinking orange juice. Liz, Laurie and Tess are all in the kitchen preparing breakfast while Michael and Sean stay in bed.

Maria, Alex and Isabel watch Max and Kyle as they exercise at opposite ends of the garden in silence. Maria turns towards Alex and whispers loudly to him.

"Do you think they could get futher apart? It's ironic that the two "exercise guys" don't get on?"

Alex looks at her and then back towards Max and Kyle. "I think it would take more than being "exercise guys" to make those two get along? Besides, who would want to exercise on a day like today?"

Maria stands up and walks over to Alex before patting him on the stomach. "See, that's the kind of attitude that means that...they're ripped...and you...just not."

Maria walks away laughing as Alex calls after her sounding wounded. "Hey! That's sexist! I am ripped...I just don't want to show it off in case it ruins beautiful friendship's...'cause we all know that you wouldn't be able to resist me..."

Isabel covers her mouth with her hand to hide her laughter as Maria's voice can be heard calling from the kitchen. "Well, I'm really not available Alex but you never know...all those ladies when you get out might like to know that..."

Alex grins as he shouts back. "Here's hoping..."

Isabel turns towards Alex and tries to smile. "So... you're looking for a girl when you get out of here? Anyone in mind?"

Alex turns towards her and looks at her. "Nah, I'm not really looking for a girl. Not that it wouldn't be nice but...I guess I'll just wait and see what happens. I doubt that I'll be fighting them off...I'll leave that to Huey and Doey over there." As he gestures towards Max and Kyle.

Isabel begins to smile genuinely as she touches his arm lightly before quickly pulling her hand away again. "I wouldn't worry, Alex, any girl would be lucky to have you."

He smiles at her warmly for a second before her arm moves away from his. He quietly adds, "Yeah, but only if they don't want to date the "right kind of guys" right?"

Isabel bites her bottom lip and the both of them sit in silence for a minute before turning their attention back to the two exercising housemates. Alex call's over to Kyle and Max. "C'mon guys, it's about 110 out here. Are you going to stop? Your making me look bad..."

Inside the house, Maria stands by the kitchen as Laurie, Liz and Tess all try and make omelettes.

"So, who went into the chickens and stole their eggs? Tess?" Maria asked with a smile on her face that was met with glares by both Liz and Tess. Laurie answered helpfully.

"Actually, either Max or Kyle had got them up when we were still in bed. They were sitting out when we got up."

Maria smiled at Laurie as she picked one of the eggs up. "Well, there's no way I'm eating that. It's cruel...we have those chickens there to feed us, it's like little vending machines on legs..."

Liz looked at her as she grabbed the egg that Maria was holding. "Egg vending machines? You are joking, right? Even your mom hasn't called a chicken an egg-vending machine. Oh I know why...because it's a chicken!"

Maria rolls her eyes as she sighs. She walks over to the kitchen doors to observe what's going on outside. She gestures towards Alex and Isabel. "So what do you think's going on there?"

Tess looked up at what Maria was ushering to. "I don't he still interested in her? I thought he was over that?"

"I think, so did he...but 9 weeks is a long time with your ex. Who just happened to humiliate and destroy your self-confidance. I guess we'll see what happens..."

Tess shrugs her shoulders as she looks at Max who has just finished exercising and is walking over to the shower room. She whispers quietly as Liz looks on. "Yeah...I guess we'll see..."


All the housemates are now up. The temperature has risen to 79F and all the housemates are outside in the sunshine apart from Alex who is waiting to get into the diary room to see Big Brother.

Alex stands outside the Diary Room door and waits on the flashing light to turn green that will let him know that he can go inside. As the light turns blue he steps inside the door and sits down.

Good morning Alex.

"Hi Big Brother. We were just wanting to ask you whether or not you could turn the air-conditioning up in the house. It's really hot and it's too stuffy inside the house."

Big Brother will get back to you on that Alex.

"Could you maybe tell me just now? Because some of the girls have said they weren't feeling too good because of the heat and it's cooler outside than it is inside and they can't sit outside in the sun all's not really healthy. So...?"

Big Brother will get back to you Alex, but in the mean time Big Brother suggests that housemates wear appropriate protection for out in the sun and that the den may be cooler than the house.

"Is that it? Ok...Thanks Big Brother..."

The diary room door opens and Alex walks outside and out towards the garden. As the others look up he shrugs his shoulders before speaking.

"Big Brother will get back to us...but until then he suggests that we all use appropriate protection against the sun, and that the den will be cooler."

Maria lies back down and begins to mutter loudly as Alex sits down on one of the deck chairs. "Stupid Big Brother expects me to walk all the way over to the den to stay cool. Michael? Would you carry me over to the den?"

Michael rolls over and smiles as he mutters to his girlfriend. "Sorry babe...don't have the energy."

Alex sighs loudly as he talks into his microphone. "We're still waiting Big Brother...and waiting...and waiting...still waiting..."

Kyle looks at Alex quizically. "Alex? It's, as you said earlier, about 110 out here and you are wearing a sweatshirt. Now, you are supposed to be the smart guy in here but, why the hell are you complaining about the heat and still wearing the sweater?"

"It's because he doesn't want us to see how ripped he is, isn't it Alex?"

"Thank you for that Maria." Alex smiles as he takes his sweatshirt off to reveal a t-shirt. He then rolls up the sweatshirt and throws it at Maria's head.

As she proceeds to feebilly throw it back in the direction it came from Alex proceeds to talk to his mic again. "Big Brother? We are all really hot so if you want to get back to us anytime in the next year I'd really appreciate it."

Kyle lay back down. "Oh, you'd really appreciate it? I bet they do it now..."

This is Big Brother. Will Alex please come to the Diary Room?

Alex stands up and grins at Kyle. "See, all you have to do is be nice..."

Sean calls over from where he is lying as Alex walks inside. "Or be annoying..."

Kyle laughs with Sean as Alex opens the diary room door and goes back in.

"Hello again Big Brother."

Hello Alex. Big Brother has reviewed your request.


Big Brother feels that adequate air conditioning has been provided and will not be providing anymore, however, Big Brother will allow the housemates to come up with an alternative method of generating air if they need to.

"How do you suggest we do that?"

Big Brother will consider requests for any materials needed.

"So, you won't be turning the air-conditioning up? At all?"

Big Brother will not be turning the air-conditioning up.

"Okay. Thanks Big Brother."

Alex walks out the Diary Room and heads outside. "Guess what guys? They want us to be creative..."


Big Brother has called Sean to the Diary Room. Inside he will receive the instructions for the groups weekly task. The housemates will have to decide how much of their weekly shopping budget they want to bet on successfully completing the task. They must bet between 10 and 90%. The rest of the group are gathered in the lounge area waiting on news of their first task.

Kyle sits on the chair. Tess, and Laurie are sitting on the couch to his left hand side and on the other couch Isabel, Liz and Max sit. Michael, Maria and Alex are all on the floor.

Tess and Kyle talk quietly to each other while Max and Liz have there own conversation. Isabel is laughing with Alex, Maria and Laurie as they discuss the plans to create a fan to generate air.

Sean walks out the Diary Room and walks towards the lounge area where the others are sitting.

"So what've we got to do?" Max asks as Sean takes a seat.

"Oooh man, this is going to be interesting...Ok, Big Brother wants this read out to all of you it goes. In the store room there is a water cooler that the housemates will set up outside in the garden. The water-cooler has two markers drawn on it and the housemates must fill the cooler up with water so that it does not exceed the top marking. The water cooler has been designed to slowly drip water out of it and a bucket will be provided to catch this. The housemates task is to ensue that the water level of the water cooler doesn't go below the lowest mark and they can only fill it up using a small jug of water. If the housemates fill the water cooler up too far and it exceeds the top level the housemates fail the task. Two housemates must be outside with the water cooler at all times. If the water level is too low or too high, or the water cooler is left with less than two people observing it, the housemates will fail the task. You must gamble between 10% and 90% of your food budget on successfully completing the task."

Kyle holds his breath and exhales loudly. "Well, that sounded complicated..."

Michael stands up and walks over to Sean and takes the instruction sheet. After he reads it he gives it back before turning to the others. "We can do that. It's easy...what we have to do is watch a water level and make sure it doesn't get too low. We top it up every now and again and we watch it 24/7. That's it. Easy. I say we bet high on this...we can do it."

Tess turns to Max. "What do you think Max? How much do you think we should bet?"

Max sits up and looks at her and then the others. "I...don't know? Maybe about...40%? That's about half way..." He turns to Michael as he adds. "It's our first task...that ok with you?"

Michael shrugs his shoulders and sits down. "Whatever."

Sean grabs the sheet and stands up. "So 40% then?" Ok, I guess I'll go and let them know then."

As Sean walks to the Diary Room door the group splinters off. Maria, Alex, Laurie, Michael and Isabel all go sit in the conservatory to discuss their plans. Over in the lounge Liz gets up and heads to the girls bedroom as Kyle heads to the kitchen to get something to eat. Tess walks over and sits beside Max. Max tenses a little as Tess sits down. Kyle observes from the kitchen quietly.

"So'd you like your first night here?" She smiles nervously as she waits on his reply.

"It was ok, I think I'm finally getting used to the cameras..."

"Oh really? Me, Liz and Laurie were just saying that it's going to be hard to forget them...but maybe that's just because its the second day."

Max avoids looking at her as he replies. "Maybe..."

She sighs as she tries to talk to him again. "So...what do you think of the task?"

He turns to her and answers. "I'm not sure so far...but we'll see. Maybe it'll be fun." As Sean walks out of the Diary Room he stands up and adds. "I better go see what Big Brother said to Sean. I'll talk to you later Tess."

As she watches him walk of her expression is one of disappointment. Kyle notices this and glares at Max before walking over to the couch that Tess is sitting on and offers Tess one of his sandwiches.

"You know, I've said this once and I'll probably say it again. But you can do better than him Tess..."

She smiles as she takes a bite of the sandwich and laughs as she replies. "I am not interested in Max. Honestly...I just thought it was worth while trying to clear the air..."

Kyle looks at her as she looks at Max and rolls his eyes before quietly adding. "Sure it is..."

This is Big Brother, the store room door is now open.

As the housemates go to the door they remove the equipment and Michael begins to set it up in the garden.


The housemates have set up the task. Isabel, Maria, Kyle and Tess are all out in the garden while the others are preparing the weekly shopping list.

Isabel is lying on the ground sunbathing beside Maria and Tess as Kyle sits reading a book. The water level is nearly below the line and none of the housemates have noticed.

Inside the house Michael observes the group outside and calls to the others who are arguing over the shopping list. "When was the last time they checked that water level?"

Liz calls back exasperated. "Well, I bet its at least 5 minutes since you asked the same question then. If it bothers you so much go out and check it."

He turns back to her. "Did you remember to put Tabasco sauce down on the list? Oh, and I think Maria said something about getting chocolate...I don't know. She told me to put something down..."

He turns back to the window as Liz makes a strangling gesture behind him that causes smiles from the others.

"Okay, I think we got everything...there's nothing else? Ok, I'll go take it in." As she walks past the door to the conservatory she hears Michael tell the others.

"Okay, they still haven't checked it. I'm going out and if they've lost us this task I will kill them."

With that he walks out the door and looks at the water which is just a little above the halfway level. As he fills it up he takes a deep breath before walking in front of Kyle.

"What were you doing? We've had the task 2 hours and you nearly fail it? We aren't here to have fun. And you..." He gestures around to the others who are now sitting up looking at him. "Are not taking this seriously."

Isabel looks at him. "Excuse me? You are saying we aren't taking it seriously? What do you want us to do, sit there and examine it 24/7? It's not exactly something interesting..."

Michael looks at her as Maria begins to laugh gently. He walks over beside her and sits down. "Well, if you want to be stuck eating pasta and rice next week go right ahead and don't take it seriously. Me, on the other hand would actually like to be able to afford something decent."

He looks at the others as the rest of the housemates come out to see what's happening. "Okay, this is what we're going to do. We'll work out some kind of rota so that...well, so that none of you 4 are left alone with the task. We'll have someone responsible here with that you don't screw it up for us. So either me, Max, Liz or....or..."

He looks around the others as he thinks. "Well, me, Max or Liz will be out here with the rest of you. And maybe Alex as well. At least that way we can be sure that you all won't get bored and screw it up for us...okay? Good."

As the others look at each other with a sense of amusement and Isabel rolls her eyes before lying back down on the cushion, Kyle calls to Michael. "So? When are we rotaed to watch it? I mean, I don't want to be stuck with you, no offence...."

Michael glares at him. "Well, I can't put you with Max or you two will be so busy posturing that you'll forget all about the task. And you can't go with Alex...because you and him seem to half each others IQ when you are together."

That is met with two indignant "Hey's" from both Alex and Kyle and snickering from Sean and Maria.

"So I'll probably be stuck with you..."

Kyle looks at Tess and rolls his eyes before leaning back down on his chair. "Lucky me..."


Michael has now worked out a rota that involves the housemates taking turns to look after the task. The first shift comprises of Alex and Sean. Tess and Kyle are out in the garden with them and they are discussing Michael's attitude from earlier. Laurie, Max, Liz and Michael have all been scheduled to watch the task at night so they are all resting in their bedrooms. Isabel and Maria are in the kitchen trying to prepare dinner for the group.

Sean fills the water level up as the others talk. Alex listens intently as Kyle complains about Michael. "Can you believe he said that we half each other's IQ?"

Tess smiles as Sean sits down beside them again. "I think he's just upset because it was you two that started the chicken thing off..."

Sean interupts as Alex begins to laugh at the memory. "You have no idea how much I wish I had seen that. After all the crap I've took off him since I came back..."

Tess smiles as she looks at them. "You know...he did say that he would prove that he wasn't scared today..."

Kyle grins at her and then to the others. "Well...he's so handy with rota's...I think he should be the first one up to clean out the chickens. In fact, let's go wake him just now!"

As Kyle jumps up Sean laughs as Tess joins him. Alex calls to them before they walk away. "You do know that he will kill you both?"

Kyle looks at him before walking quickly into the house. "He will be too scared to do anything at all...besides, that's what he gets for calling us incompetant."

As they walk in the doors Alex looks at Sean. "Oh man, they are so dead..."

"Yeah, but at least it'll be worth it..."

As Kyle and Tess walk through the house Maria call's over to them. "Where are you two going in such a hurry?"

As they fail to answer she turns to Isabel and shrugs her shoulders. "I guess we'll find out. Ok, so what should we make? What would the others like to eat..."

Isabel looks at her and then to the food content that they have. "I...don't know. Maybe you should ask Liz or Michael...they're good with food."

Maria looks at her exasperated. "You know that's not a lot of help...Liz and Michael are trying to rest before tonight and besides, I'd rather not bug Michael just now. He's probably asleep."

Isabel stands up. "Fine, well, I'm not sitting in here all day cooking for everyone else. I think I'll go outside with the others."

As Maria looks at her they both hear Michael shout at Kyle and Tess. "I am not scared!"

"Well, if you're not scared come out and clean them out!" Kyle retorts as the 3 of them come walking out of the boys bedroom.

"Come on,'s your turn. You were the one that came out with the idea of rotering everything. It's not our fault that you're first..." Tess adds.

Michael stops and looks at the both of them. "Fine. If that's how you both want to play it. But I'm telling you this, Valenti, you will be sorry."

As he walks past them abruptly towards the chicken coop Kyle and Tess grin at each other before running to observe him. Maria and Isabel look at each other quickly before walking out into the garden to watch.

Sean nudges Alex lightly as Michael comes storming out and both of them sit up fully to see what's going on. Sean calls over to Michael. "Hey, Michael, bad luck with the rota...just the luck of the draw I guess."

Michael throws an icy stare in Sean's direction as he walks over to the chicken coop and walks inside. He takes a deep breath as he grabs the brush and keeps it in front of him sweeping vigourously, which keeps the chickens away from his feet. He whispers quietly "They're only birds...I'm not scared of birds..." which is inaudible to the others.

"Come on, Michael, you're doing really well." Maria call's encouragingly from outside the coop. Michael looks at her briefly before Kyle calls.

"You know, I think you've swept that bit about actually cleaning out the hutch now? Here, I'll take that brush for you."

"No! I...I need the brush...we want it done right. Just, gimme a minute to make sure it's clean." As he looks down he can hear giggling from outside the pen. He walks forward slightly still sweeping furiously.

"C'mon, Guerin. You need to start watching the task in a few hours...if you keep up this pace you're going to miss it."

"Valenti...if you don't shut up I will shove this brush..."

He is interupted by a chicken coming round the back of his legs and pecking lightly at the base of his feet. As he jumps high giving a loud curse the others all begin to laugh loudly. He looks down to make sure that the chicken has moved and he quickly goes to the hutch. He grabs the bag and opens the hutch door and starts to quickly clean it while keeping a watchful eye on the chickens. As he finishes he walks quickly towards the exit. Before he can reach it he hears Kyle call to him.

"Here, Guerin, you forgot this..." He throws some chicken grain at Michael's feet causing the chickens to race towards them and peck furiously. He looks down in horror before jumping over them swearing loudly and backing towards the opposing fence as the chickens remain in the centre of the coop.

"Valenti!" As Kyle, Tess, Alex, Sean and Isabel all laugh loudly Michael throws a tirade of insults at Kyle. Maria runs towards the coop and grabs a handful of grain and throws it up at the hutch clearing the exit for Michael to get out from.

As he walks out she grabs him in a hug. "I am so proud of you."

The others continue to laugh as Michael glares at them all.


The group have just finished dinner and Max is washing the dishes while Isabel dries them. Maria and Tess are looking after the task with Liz, while Michael reads at the outside table. Alex teaches Laurie how to play the guitar in the lounge area where Kyle and Sean are also playing cards.

Isabel looks over as Alex and Laurie laugh loudly as she tries to learn the fingering techniques he's showing her on the guitar. Max looks at her but doesn't say anything.

"You're doing really good but your hand really has to" He takes her hand and places it on the strings with his own hand on top of it and then shows her how to strum.

Sean call's over to Alex. "There you go, Alice, music will get you girls..."

Alex sighs out loud... "It's Alex, DeLuca..."

Isabel continues to watch as Alex smiles warmly at Laurie as she begins to strum loudly. Alex looks up and notices Isabel and looks uncomfortable as Isabel turns away quickly.

"You know, Laurie...maybe we should continue the lesson outside, so we aren't disturbing anyone. That ok?"

Laurie smiles as she replies. "Sure. Is it ok if we go in the den?"

He smiles as he grabs the guitar and stands up. "Sure."

They both walk out as Isabel looks after them. Max notices this.

"Anything wrong?"

She quickly looks away before answering quickly. "No, of course not. Everything is great. Just great..."

Outside Maria turns to Liz as Alex and Laurie walk past them. "What do you think is going on there? Do you think our Alex has got himself a girl?"

Liz looks at her and then back to the house where Isabel is looking out at them. "Maybe more than one..."


Most of the housemates are now in bed apart from Michael, Max, Laurie and Liz. They have been rotered to mind the water cooler during the night and the conversation has drifted towards what they want to gain from the experience of life inside the house. Michael is the first to answer the question.

Michael slouches on a deck chair and Lauries sits on the deck chair next to him with a blanket. Max and Liz lie on the cushions on the ground. The group is silent apart from Michael.

"I only came into the house for the money and I'm big enough to admit it. I don't want anything life changing out of this...I like my life how it is."

Max looks at him as he asks. "Surely you must have come in here for some other reason? Why would you just give up 9 weeks of your life for money?"

"Why would anyone give up 9 weeks of their life for any reason? Of course everyone in here wants the money..."

Laurie turns to him and shakes her head. "That's not true. I have plenty of money so it's not even a small part of why I'm here."

Liz turns to her. "So why'd you come in then, Laurie?"

"I think I came in just really to meet people, it's all so new to me, this getting to know people."

"Couldn't you have met people on the outside?" Max asks.

"Yeah, probably. But in here I have no choice but to get to know people, out there" she gestures with her hand "I don't have to. What about you, Liz? Why did you come in? For the money?"

She takes a deep breath and smiles as she replies. "I guess...I guess I came in here to do something normal for a change. Something that means I can go in and be just a regular teenager for a change."

Max looks at her sadly and she quickly adds with a reassuring smile. "Not that I don't like my life outside of here. There's not much I'd change if I could...but this just lets me experience something different than what I would at home."

She smiles at Max as Michael yawns loudly. Laurie looks at him and shakes her head before talking.

"So, Max, what about you?"

"Um, I don't know. I think...I think I just want to be a regular guy in here, with no worries and no responsibilities. I just think it would be nice for soemone else to decide everything."

Michael mutters loudly. "You should have tried that outside of here..."

Max continues as he ignores Michael. "I just really want to see if it teaches me anything...and it'll be good to escape from normal life for a while."

Michael sighs, "I can't believe you two came in here for the exact same reason..."

Liz looks at Max fondly as Max glares at Michael. Laurie smiles as she talks to Michael.

"So, Michael, who have you rotered for tomorrow night?"

He turns to her and replies. "Um, Alex and least we don't need to worry about Isabel sunbathing in the dark."

Max turns to Liz and whispers to her lowly. "I'm sure that will be fun for both of them."

Liz looks at Laurie and then back to Max. "I bet it will..."

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