Day 19 - 10.13am

Day 19 in the Big Brother house. All the housemates are up as they had decided that they would get up early to practise the weekly task. The group are taking it in turns to work their way round an obstacle course. Big Brother has provided the housemates with safety helmets for when they are practising the task. Last night it was raining and the housemates had to dry some of the equipment off before they could use it safely.

Isabel is working her way around the course as the others all sit at the table. Alex is waiting to go on the equipment next and turns to the others.

"Listen guys, it's starting to rain again so I think I should maybe be the last person round? We don't want to catch pneomonia or something."

Max and Kyle nod their agreement as Brody shouts some encouragement to Isabel who has just about finished the course. Alex walks over to the starting point and waits on Isabel to tag his hand.

As she hits it she takes her helmet off and watches Alex as he climbs the wall before turning to the others.

"We aren't going around again in this weather are we? Someone will end up falling off the beam."

Max shakes his head as he looks at Isabel. "No we'll stop once Alex is done."

Alex climbs the step to get to the monkey bars and begins to cross. Maria and Michael are talking as Brody, Tess and Laurie all call to him encouragingly. As he reaches over to grab a rung his hand slips from the wet metal and he fall's to the ground where he puts his hand out to instictively save himself and as he lands awkwardly he lets out a painful scream.


The others all look in horror as they hear him scream before running over to where he is sitting clutching his hand.

"Oh my god Alex! Are you okay?" Maria asks concerned as Kyle helps him to his feet.

Alex cradles his hand and looks at them as he grimaces in pain. "I hurt my hand...I can't move my fingers..."

He looks at the others fearfully as Isabel and Tess rush inside the house. Tess grabs a packet of frozen vegetables out the freezer and takes it outside as Isabel presses the button to gain access to the Diary Room.

Outside Maria, Liz and Kyle stand around Alex and Kyle looks at Max.

"Max? Is there anything you can do to help him? You know...any trick to reduce the damage?"

Max looks at Alex who is looking at him hopefully. "I'm sorry...I don't know any first aid to deal with that." Max looks at him sadly. "I'm sorry Alex...but there's nothing I can do."

Alex looks disappointed but nods his head as Tess runs out with the cool pack. "Here Alex...put this on it...It'll reduce the swelling. You ok?"

Alex nods his head and grimaces again. "Thanks Tess."

Inside the light at the Diary Room door has turned green and Isabel walks in.

Hello Isabel.

Isabel sits down and looks straight at the camera and talks quickly. "Hi. We need someone to help Alex...he's hurt himself and he can't move his fingers. I think he's hurt his wrist as well so he needs a doctor."

Big Brother will call Alex to the Diary Room in a few minutes Isabel. Tell him to support his arm and to put an ice pack on it.

Isabel sighs as she stands. "I'll tell him Big Brother. Thanks."

She runs out the Diary Room and heads towards the others who are now sitting at the outside table.

"Big Brother said they will call you in a couple of minutes Alex to get your fingers and arm seen to. They said you should keep the arm supported and to put ice on it." She walks over to stand in front of Alex.

"You ok?" She asks worriedly as she kneels down to look at his hand. As she looks at it her hand hovers over the damged arm before she looks up at Max who shakes his head sadly. She looks at Alex sadly who smiles at her reassuringly as she stands up.

"I'm fine, thanks Isabel."

Alex gets his back rubbed gently by Maria and Liz as Kyle and Brody talk loudly.

"They should have put grips on those stupid bars anyway! You can't stop your hand slipping when the metals wet!" Kyle says angrilly as he walks over to Alex.

Brody nods his head. "You're right...even if they gave us gloves then it would have eliminated the danger. We should have just jacked in training today and waited until the weather got better."

As Brody talks Kyle, Tess, Laurie and Alex turn to look at him. "Jacked in?" Alex asks.

Brody grins as he answers. "Gave up. We should have gave up training today."

Alex nods his head as he grimaces again. "Guys, it's own stupid fault. I should have made sure the rungs were dry..."

Laurie looks at him and pats his shoulder gently. "It's no ones fault Alex."

This is Big Brother, will Alex please come to the Diary Room.

Isabel stands back as Alex gets to his feet and walks to the Diary Room followed by Liz, Maria, Laurie, Tess and Isabel.

"You know you guys don't have to come in with me. I'll be fine from here...thank you."

The girls look at him reassuringly.

"You'll be fine Alex, the doctor will fix you up fine." Liz says as she walks towards Maria who smiles at him.

Isabel looks at him. "You'll be great...I'll see you in a little while."

Laurie smiles nervously. "Bye..."

Alex smiles at them thankfully and then grimaces again. "I'll see you guys later."

He walks into the Diary Room and the girls walk away towards the guys. As they get out Max is standing seperate from the others looking sadly. Kyle is still complaining about the monkey bars to Brody.

Liz looks to Max as Maria walks towards Michael who puts an arm around her shoulder.

"He's terrified of something happening to his hand...of all the people for this to happen to it had to be him." She says sadly.

As she talks Liz walks over to Max. "Hey Max."

Max looks at her and answers quietly. " is he?"

Liz smiles at him reassuringly. "I'm sure he'll be fine, you know Alex...he doesn't let much get him down."

Max looks at his feet and goes to speak before Liz cuts him off. "We all wish we could have done more...but that's what the doctors are for."

Max nods his head and smiles weakly. "Yeah...I guess..."


Alex has been given treatment for bruised fingers and a strained wrist by a doctor in the Diary Room. Big Brother has now gathered the housemates together to announce the results of this weeks nominations.

Alex is sitting on the chair talking about what the doctor said to him. Kyle, Tess and Laurie are sitting on one couch together as Michael, Maria and Isabel sit on the other. Max, Liz and Brody all sit on the cushions.

Alex talks across the room to the others. "Yeah, they said I can't play my guitar for at least two weeks! 2 weeks in here without my guitar."

Kyle grins at him. "Hey, ain't you glad now that you taught Laurie how to play?"

Alex smiles at Laurie proudly as she begins to blush slightly. "Yeah...she's not doing too badly. But I can't play!" He sighs loudly before he looks at Kyle and then to Michael. "You two do know that this has got to be the first time that someone other than you two has sat in this seat?"

Michael shrugs his shoulders. "Maria said that it would be a nice gesture..."

Brody rolls his eyes as Max mutters. "Don't go pretending that it was off your own bat there Michael."

This is Big Brother, the housemates nominated for eviction this week are...

Everyone is quiet and Maria hugs closer to Michael and Tess grabs Kyle's hand as Laurie looks at her.

"This is it guys...this is where we find out who's up." Maria says nervously.

Brody observes them all. "Good luck guys..."


Maria looks at Michael again as he smiles at her. "I knew I would be up again..."


Max looks from Isabel to Liz and smiles reassuringly as he says. "Well, it was going to happen one day."

Laurie looks at them all. "They didn't say and...someone else is up. Theres more of us up."

The others look at her as they realise and they all sit in silence as they wait on Big Brother to finish talking.

and Kyle.

As Kyle's name is said the colour drains from Tess' face as she clutches his hand tighter as she looks at him. Her eyes fill with tears as he smiles at the group shocked. "Well...I guess it's three of us up for it then. Wow..."

Maria immediately stands up and hugs Michael tightly. "Why do they keep picking you?"

Tess looks on disbelievingly as a tear streams down her face as Kyle hugs her tightly. He wiped the tear away with his thumb and smiled at her. "C'mon's not that bad. C'mon, don't cry, please."

She laughs gently as she forces a smile. "I'm okay...I'm okay."

"I can't believe you got nominated Max!" Isabel says as she walks over towards Max and smiles sadly before hugging him while Alex pats him on the shoulder as he walks over to Kyle.

Alex sticks his hand out to Kyle. ", I didn't expect 3 people to be up..."

Kyle stands up as Laurie looks at Tess sadly and then smiles reassurringly at Michael.

Tess stands up and excuses herself quietly and walks out into the garden alone. Kyle looks after her and bites his lip as he talks to Alex.

"Do you think she's okay?" He asks concerned as he looks at her. "I think I'll go out there okay?"

He goes to walk out but Alex stops him. "Give it a little while Kyle. She's just upset...she needs to be alone just now."

Kyle looks at him as Alex grimaces as Maria inadvertantly hits his arm. "You think that's the right thing to do? Just leave her there?"

Alex nods his head. "Not for long...but she needs space."

This is Big Brother, will Michael please come to the Diary Room.

Michael looks at the Diary Room and bends down and whispers in Maria's ear something inaudible to the others which causes her to let go of him. As he walks towards the Diary Room he is intercepted by Laurie who gives him a quick hug. "You beat it once already...I'm sure you'll do it again."

Michael smiles at her genuinely as he replies. "I guess..."

He walks to the Diary Room and sits down.

"Hello Big Brother."

Hello Michael. How are you feeling about the nomination?

Michael sighs as he answers honestly. "I expected it if I'm honest and I have no doubt that if I somehow manage to stay in here that I'll get nominated next week as well. Maybe I'll get nominated every week. I'm just one of those guys that manage to be difficult to live's not that it's's just I'm not putting an act on in here."

In the lounge Maria and Isabel are busy re-organising the cushions as Alex and Laurie talk in the kitchen quietly.

"I don't know if I've ever felt so bad as I do just now..." Alex sighs as he pours water into the kettle.

Laurie nods her head in agreement. "It's horrible and we can't even say to someone why your voting for them. I mean...I mean,we are directly responsible for some of the people who are feeling bad in here."

He turns to look at her and she looks at him sadly. "It would be better if we could just bi-pass the nominating. Just put us all to the public vote and who wins wins. That would be better..."

She nods her head in agreement as Michael walks past and Kyle is called to the Diary Room.

Kyle walks passed Laurie and Alex and smiles reassuringly at them as he walks in the door to the Diary Room.

"Hey Big Brother."

Hello Kyle. How do you feel about being nominated for eviction?

Kyle smiles slightly. "I kinda expected it because of what happened on Sean's birthday."

How do you think the other housemates are handeling the situation?

Kyle sighs as his expression changes to one of saddness. "I'm worried about how Tess is handling it. She's upset...I don't like her sad like that. I spent ages cheering her up when Max made her's not nice to know that I'm responsible for it now."

Have you spoken to Tess?

Kyle runs a hand through his hair. "I'm going to...I just need to work out how to make her feel better without letting her know how much I hate the thought that we might not be together next week..."

In the boys bedroom both Max and Liz are sitting on one of the beds. "Can I be honest with you Max?"

Max smiles at her and nods his head. "I hope so..."

Liz sighs and leans her head against his shoulder. "I am so shocked that you were nominated..."

Max smiles slightly. "Why? Someone had to go up."

She pulls back and sighs. "I know...I know it was going to happen eventually but I didn't think it would happen to you in the second week."

He sighs. "To be honest? I think it was Sean's party that sealed it for a lot of people."

Liz looks at him. "I'll miss you if you go Max."

Max smiles at her and takes her hand. "I'll miss you too Liz."


The housemates have decided to come outside. The girls have decided as a group to take Alex into the hot-tub and pamper him as a way of cheering him up as he hurt his hand and in an effort to take their minds of the nominations. As Alex sits in the hot tub Isabel gives him a massage, while Liz and Laurie provide him with drinks and snacks. The boys are watching it unfold.

Alex grins as Liz hands him a drink and Isabel sits behind him and massages his shoulders gently.

"If I had known that I would have gotton this kind of treatment just for injuring myself then I would have done it much sooner."

Maria smiles as she sits beside him. "Aww Alex, you know that you could get this treatement anytime. We all like you..."

"You mean all we've got to do is ask? In that case..." Kyle call's over from the table which causes the girls to glare at him.

Maria turns to Alex again and continues loudly. "As I said Alex, we all like you!"

Alex sighs again as he grins at the girls surrounding him. "You know what would be great? If we could get a picture of this."

Tess smiles at him as she sits up on the edge of the hot tub. "Well, there's a camera pointed straight at us...maybe if we posed in at it we could ask them to make a picture of it for us?"

The girls all nodded in agreement and waited on Alex's reply. "Hmm, well...when you put it like that should we pose?"

The girls looked at each other and smiled. As Maria and Liz sat on either side of him and Laurie, Isabel and Tess sat around the back of him.

As he smiled broadly Liz and Maria kissed his cheek and he cocked an eyebrow as they all held the pose for a few seconds.

After about 5 seconds the scene descended into chaos as they all began to laugh loudly and splash about in the water. Alex looked over to Kyle and smiled.

"Bet you wish you were in this situation?"

Kyle shakes his head and smiles. "You realise your street cred has just gone sky high? Sharing a hot-tub with 5 beautiful girls? Man, every guy in America wants to be where you are..."

Alex smiles again as Laurie and Tess kiss him on the cheek unexpectedly before sliding away and turning to look at Kyle mischievously.

"What can we say Kyle? He's just irresistable..." Tess smiled as she spoke.

Kyle rolls his eyes before turning around and talking to Brody. "I am not even listening any more..."


Kyle and Alex are sitting outside alone as Brody and Max plat backgammon in the lounge. Michael, Isabel, Laurie, Laurie and Maria are all playing poker at the dining table. Tess is sitting alone in the girls bedroom.

Outside in the garden Kyle and Alex are talking about the events of the day.

"Your arm still sore?" Kyle asks as he looks at Alex's strapped arm.

Alex nods his head and sighs. "I've to pick up some pain killers from Big Brother before I go to bed."

Kyle nods his head and then sits in quiet for a minute. Alex notices this and begins to speak. "You spoke to Tess yet?"

Kyle shakes his head. "I'm going to go and get her in a minute."

Alex looks at Kyle for a minute before speaking again. "What's going on there Kyle?"

"Going on where?"

"You and Tess. Things seem different..."

Kyle looks at Alex and pauses before he answers. "Nothings happening...we're friends, I care about her a lot. I enjoy her company and she enjoys mine..."

Kyle gets to his feet and walks towards the house. "I'll see you later Alex."

Alex rolls his eyes as he lies down and looks at the sky. "Later Kyle."

Kyle walks in the house and looks around. "Any of you seen Tess?"

No one answers so he asks again. "Anyone? Anyone seen a short blonde with even shorter hair? You know blue eyes, wearing a purple top and jeans?"

Again no one answers and Kyle waves his hand in front of his face and then walks over to the the middle of the room.

"Laurie? You seen Tess?"

Michael groans. "Dammit Valenti, we're trying to play here!"

Laurie looks at Kyle. "I think she's in the girls bedroom Kyle."

Kyle looks at her thankfully. "Thank you Laurie." as he walks towards the girls room.

He knocks the door and stands at it as he calls in. "Tess? You in here?"

Tess looks up at him from her bed and walks over to the door. "Kyle, hi...what is it?"

"Can I talk to you? Maybe in the den?" He asks her quickly.

She shrugs her shoulders and walks out the door as he walks behind her.

As they get to the den they both walk in and Tess stands and looks at Kyle expectantly. "What's up?"

Kyle smiles at her as he sits down and he ushers her to sit down beside her. "I thought we should maybe talk about the nominations."

Tess' face clouds over again and she looks down at her hands sadly. "I don't want to talk about them Kyle..."

Kyle looks at her and begins to talk anyway. "I might go on Friday you know..."

Tess looks at him and smiles sadly. "I know that...I don't want you to go."

Kyle looks at her and begins to talk. "And I don't want to leave you in here..."

Tess turns to him and looks at him seriously. "If you weren't here Kyle I don't know if I would want to stay, I would want to go, I would go..."

Kyle looks at her and puts a finger to her lips. "Don't. Don't say that, if I go out of here on Friday then I want you to promise me you'll stay in here! I'll be out there telling the world how great you are and how much I want you to win so you have to be here if that's going to work. So promise me Tess..." He moves his finger from her lips as her begin to water.

"But Kyle..."

"No but's, promise me you'll stay in here and try and win it."

Tess nods her head reluctantly. " Okay, I promise."

Kyle smiles as he looks at her. "I'd really miss you if I went Tess, I can't believe how much closer it seems we've become..."

Tess looks at him as she listens to him. "I'd miss you too Kyle, things have become so different in here. I didn't expect some things to happen."

Kyle smiles at her as he takes her hand. "Things happen for a reason, that's what they said in that film you made me watch isn't it?"

Tess laughs involuntarily as she replies. "Yeah...they said that. But I don't..."

He cuts her off again with a shake of his head. "Just promise me that you won't take any of Evan's crap when I get out of here. Alex and Laurie will be there for you as well...just don't...don't miss me too much. Just be glad that you'll finally get sometime on your own."

Tess looks at him and her eyes water again as she throws her arms around his neck and closes her eyes tightly to try and stop the tears escaping from them. As she hugs him tightly Kyle hugs her back and closes his eyes as well as they hug tenderly. They remain like that for over a minute before they reluctantly seperate and Tess wipes her eyes in an effort to disguise the fact that she was crying and Kyle stands up and takes a deep breath as he runs his hand through his hair. As they both settle down again they look at each other and Tess smiles warmly at him.

"You got anything planned tonight Buddha boy?"

Kyle grins at her as he jokes. "Well, I was supposed to have football practise but I can blow it off if you want?"

Tess smiles. "Well, if you're sure that they can do without you?"

Kyle shrugs his shoulders. "Well, to be honest they can't...but I'll blow it off anyway. What do you want to do?"

Tess looks at him with a grin as she points up to the back of the den. "You want to try your luck with snakes and ladders?"

Kyle groans as Tess pull's him up towards the board. "Why could Sean have taken this away with him?"

Tess smiles. "Because I asked if I could keep it."

The two of them begin to play snakes and ladders.


Kyle and Tess have just come in from the den. All the boys are in bed apart from Kyle who is in the bathroom and Max, who is alone with Liz in the girls bedroom. Isabel is getting a drink from the kitchen area and Maria has just went into the ensuite bathroom. Laurie and Tess talk in the conservatory.

Laurie looks at Tess. "How are you feeling Tess?"

Tess smiles sadly. "Honestly? I feel awful, its hard trying to keep a happy face on it. How about you? How are you feeling that Michael is up again?"

Laurie sighs and leans her head back on the chair. "I feel bad, I know he's not the easiest guy for some people to get on with but as soon as you scratch away the surface he is a really nice guy."

Tess puts a hand wearilly on her shoulder and smiles feebily. "Maybe they'll both stay..."

Laurie looks at her. "That would put Max out? How does that make you feel?"

Tess looks at her and hesitates as she answers quietly. "Honestly? Not as bad as I feel now..." she laughs bitterly. "Guess Sean was right after all..."

In the girls bedroom Max and Liz are sitting on Liz's bed talking about the nominations.

"You know, I hate this whole nomination thing. I mean, I mean they should just not make us do it anymore."

Max nods his head as Liz looks at him. "I mean Max, how could you be nominated enough to face eviction? How could they not want to keep you in?"

Max smiles at her. "I told you already, its because of what happened at Sean's party."

"But you weren't the only one responsible!"

Max smiles bitterly as he looks at her. "That doesn't matter..."

"It matters to me." Liz lowers her voice and looks closely at Max. "I want you to stay in here Max."

Max looks at her closely and smiles. "I want to stay too..."

The two look at each other intently for a second before they move closer and Max begins to bow his head as Liz closes her eyes. As their lips are close to meeting Maria comes running into the room and they seperate quickly.

"Lizzie! We need to...oh my god! I am so sorry Liz, Max." Maria immediately backs towards the door to the ensuite again but Max stands and looks at her.

"It's okay Maria, I was just going anyway. Goodnight Maria." He turns and looks at Liz longingly. "Goodnight Liz...I'll see you in the morning."

Liz looks at him and smiles. "See you in the morning Max..."

As he walks out the door Liz looks at Maria and then flops down on her bed. Maria runs over to her.

"I am so sorry Liz! I didn't know you two were in here, and I certainly didn't know what you were doing."

Liz climbs under the covers. "We weren't doing anything...yet." She sighs loudly as she leans back in her pillows. "Goodnight Maria."

Maria looks at her guiltilly. "Goodnight Liz..."


All the housemates are in bed. In the girls room Tess has been tossing and turning all night and the rest of the girls are now awake.

Tess turns again and groans loudly which causes Isabel and Maria to look at her angrilly. As she rolls over they hear her speaking.


As the 4 girls hear Tess say Kyles name they all look towards each other in the darness and exchange amused glances.

As Tess smiles in her sleep she continues to speak. "This is nice..." before she sighs blissfully.

Maria gasps loudly and looks at the others who are all grinning and looking shocked.

As Tess settles down again Maria whispers over the room to the others.

"Well, we know who she was dreaming I wonder what they were up to..."

Isabel laughs quietly as she lies back down. "I knew there was something going on there..."

Maria laughs again as she snuggles under the covers. "And Jim Valenti breaks down in tears as he realises his son and the girl that shares his house is getting it together...that would be so funny. I hope Sean is taking detailed notes gauging the reaction..."

Liz sighs as she turns to Maria. "Goodnight Maria...see you in the morning."

"Goodnight then..."