Day 18 - 9.12am

Day 18 in the Big Brother house. All the housemates are up apart from Alex and Michael. Maria, Laurie and Liz talk about the impending nominations quietly in the lounge while Isabel and Tess clean the breakfast dishes. Max, Kyle and Brody are all out in the garden.

Kyle sits and listens as Brody talks to Max.

"You know, I have been in here all of two days and I already feel like it has been a week. Does that seem strange?"

Max looks at him and smiles. "Wait and see what it's like after 2 weeks. I never thought..." he looks down at his hands and lowers his voice. "that I'd miss my mom and dad as much as I do..."

Brody and Kyle both look at him with a look of understanding and Kyle is the first to talk. "I know how you feel...for years it's just been me and my dad and now it's just me, well Tess as well but that's kinda different in a complicated way. I didn't know she was coming in here...but if she wasn't here? Whoo...I would have went crazy." He gestures with his hands as he talks.

Brody looks at Kyle as he talks and smiles slightly before adding. "I promised my little girl that I'd take her someplace nice when I get out of here. That's what you two should do...when you get out you and your families should go away and spend a few days alone."

Max sighs audibly and smiles sadly at Brody. "So much for being ready to go to college huh? Can't spend 2 weeks away from home without missing it? God only knows what it would have been like without Isabel, the pair of us have never been apart from each other... I would be lost without her here..."

Kyle looks at him as he adds. "I hear you there Evans..." He looks in at Tess and then lies down. "I hear you there..."

Inside Tess talks to Isabel as they clear the dishes away. "So...Isabel? I see you and Alex have been spending a little more time together. Things are clearly a little less...tense?"

Isabel smiles gently as she concentrates on what she's doing. "Things are a lot clearer. We talked about things and we agreed that we didn't want to risk losing each other. So we're friends. Nothing else just now, but friends is 100% better than we were you know?"

Tess turns and looks at her. "You think you two might try again?"

Isabel turns away from Tess and blushes slightly. "Not straight away...but I hope so, one day."

Tess looks disappointed as she turns to look at Laurie who is sitting on the couch with Liz and Maria. Laurie notices her and smiles warmly at her. Tess smiles back before she turns back to Isabel.

"Just...just be sure that it's what you want Isabel. Be sure that you want Alex all the time and not just because you're in this house and he's the only viable option. Be sure that no one will get hurt. Make sure it isn't just because you don't want to be alone in here."

Isabel looks at her with a hurt expression. "Sure...I guess. I don't know whether or not I should be insulted about that?"

Tess puts a hand on her arm reassuringly. "I just care about all the people involved in this. I don't want you to be offended."

Isabel looks at her for a second. "I'm not, don't worry. I know how I feel, other people don't." She smiles mischeivously as she turns away and continues. "Besides, technically Alex isn't the only "viable" option. There is always Kyle if I was that desperate."

Tess looks at here with an offended and annoyed expression before turning away and muttering quietly. "Desperate? Wouldn't know a good guy if he did a striptease in front of her..."

Isabel merely smirks as she has the desired affect on the shorter blonde girl.

In the lounge Maria sighs loudly as she talks. "I really wish I didn't have to do this today! Because although I know who I'm going to say, I know I'll feel bad because of how their nominations would affect certain people that I like."

Liz looks at her. "You know who you're nominating already?"

Maria looks at her directly. "Like you don't Lizzie? You have no idea who you're going to vote today?" Maria then looks over at the kitchen towards Tess before looking back to Liz. "No idea at all?"

Liz sighs and looks at Maria. "I kinda know who I might nominate...but I still feel bad about it. I hate saying why I wish I wasn't in the same house as someone else. I mean...I like everyone in here to some extent."

Maria raises an eyebrow at Liz and turns to Laurie. "What about you Laurie, things any easier for you this week?"

Laurie looks at Maria. "Well, I know people I like really well so I'll be staying away from voting them out. So that only really leaves so many people that I could vote. I'll still feel bad about it though..."

Maria looks at her and goes to speak but then changes her mind again. Liz notices this and begins to speak.

"I think we should just wait and see what happens. We're really not supposed to be talking about this anyway. C'mon, we better go practise the task."


All the housemates are up and they have all been practising the task for nearly an hour. This weeks task is an obstacle course that they have to complete in under 7 minutes. For every mistake they make the housemates will have 10 seconds added onto their final time. The group have been given a stopwatch so they can time theirselves. They have gambled 40% of their shopping budget on successfully completing the task.

The group have nearly finished going through the obstacle course. Only Brody and Isabel have to finish their run through the course. Isabel is on the beam and as she crosses it carefully Brody waits on her to "tag" him so he can start going. The others all cheer Isabel as she jumps of the beam and makes it through the tyres that they have to step through. As she nearly finishes Brody turns to Maria and Max.

"Here's where I hope I don't screw it up then?"

Max smiles at him reassuringly and as Isabel tags him he begins to run as Maria shouts loudly at him. "You'll do great Brody! Come on!"

Michael glares at Maria before walking in towards the house as Brody climbs the wall. Isabel notices this and blocks him off. "Don't even think about it Michael. We're a team."

He looks at her. "Well, the "team" has passed this unless Brody is completely useless."

She smiles at him forcefully. "If you walk in that house I swear I will tell everyone that you did it, now stay here and support your housemate!"

He looks at her and rolls his eyes. "If it means that much to you. Fine."


Isabel walks over and joins the others as Brody comes of the monkey bars and crawls under the camoflage net. Michael leans against the wall as the others all shout encouragingly at Brody as he stands on the beam and begins to walk it slowly. As he walks a couple of steps he wobbles and fall's off. He swears at himself and shouts an apology to the others as he quickly got back on the beam. "Sorry guys!"

Alex shouts back. "Don't worry about it have plenty of time. Just take your time."

"C'mon Brody, nearly there..." Laurie shouts as the others all echo it and he jumps off the beam after a successful second attempt.

He quickly makes it through the tyres and as he arrives back at the starting point. Max immediately stops the watch and they all look at him expectantly.

Max looks at the others. "Okay, how many mistakes do we think we made?"

Brody sighs as he answers. "I made one." Maria immediately rubs his arm reasurringly and smiles.

Laurie quietly adds. "I made 1 as well on the monkey bars."

Max looks at them all. "Anyone else?"

Alex, Liz and Isabel all shake their heads as Maria add's. "I made one on the monkey bars as well."

"So that's 3? Okay, with 3 mistakes, which makes up a 90 second penalty. Which brings the grand total too...a fantastic 5 minutes 34 seconds!"

The whole group cheer loudly and hug each other.

"Woo-hoo! We have so passed this on the 2nd day! We are good...are we not?" Maria asks as she hugs Liz and Alex.

Michael looks on at the group and adds sarcastically. "Whoo-hoo. Can I go in now?"

Isabel glares at him and Maria walks up to him. "You have got to learn to lighten up Space-boy. You keep frowning like that and all the banners out their are going to be showing your scowly face."

Michael looks at her. "I don't really care to be honest, I'm not in here to make people like me."

Maria looks at him as he walks in. "You're missing the point need to make people like you! It's a popularity contest!"

Michael shrugs his shoulders as he walks in. "Tell that to Mr. Popularity who was already voted in the house!"

As he walks away she turns round and looks at the rest of the group. "You see the crap I have to put up with? Seriously, if he was anyone else I'd dump him stone cold."

Brody looks at her with a quizical expression. "Why don't you then? He's clearly a..."

Max, Isabel, Laurie and Maria all look at him expectantly and he pauses and smiles nervously. "A...very possesive guy, who I'm sure would make a great boyfriend. I guess, if you like your boyfriends stubborn and pig-headed."

Maria smiles and walks over to him. "You're right, but I love him! He can be sweet when he's in the right mood, he can even be romantic." She see's Alex and Liz look at her. "He can!"

They both nod their head obligingly and start to walk in. Alex and Liz mutter to each other which they intend to be over-heard by the others.

"Michael romantic? Yuh-huh..."

"He didn't even bring her picture in! He is so not remotely romantic!"

Maria looks at them wounded as the pair of them grin at her. "He is romantic! I'm hurt that you two don't see it...I really am."

As the two walk in laughing Maria turns to the others. "You can all see it can't you?"

No one answers and Max changes the subject quickly. "So...we've passed the task. That's good huh?"

Maria looks at them all shocked as they laugh at her reaction.


It's time for the housemates to nominate for the second time. Big Brother has gathered the housemates all in the lounge before they have to nominate.

The housemates are all gathered in the lounge and an uneasy silence is over them. Brody is sitting on the cushions with Isabel. Michael is in the chair and Maria, Liz and Max sit on one couch as Laurie, Kyle and Tess sit on the other. Alex is sitting on the exercise ball bouncing up and down nervously.

"So...this is it. Again. At least we know it isn't live this time." Alex says as he continues to bounce. Kyle looks at him.

"You nervous?"

"Me? Of course not, it isn't like it's anything personal. I just hate doing it." He looks down as Big Brother speaks.

This is Big Brother. Will Alex please come to the Diary Room.

Alex looks at them all. "Why do they insist on doing it in alphabetical order?" As he walks over. He opens the door and smiles shyly at the camera as he sits down.

"Hello Big Brother."

Hello Alex. Can you please give the name of your first nomination.

Alex looks at Big Brother and speaks calmly. "My first nomination is Michael."

Can you please give the reason for this nomination.

"My reason is that although he is my best friends boyfriend and she will miss him, I feel like I've gotten to know him a bit better now, and I'm just not getting on with him. At all if I'm honest." He looks down and then back to the camera. "I feel bad but that's why."

Can you please give the name of your second nomination.

"My second nomination is Max."

Can you please give a reason for your second nomination.

Alex sighs. "This is hard and it's not because I don't like Max because I's just I get on with Kyle better and I feel that there is tension there and Kyle isn't just to blame for it. After the party...I just think the house would be less tense without him in it."

Finally, can you please give the name of your 2 nominations.

Alex sits forward on the chair. "Michael and Max."

Thank you Alex, you may now leave the Diary Room.

Alex rises quickly. "Thanks..." And walks out the room.

He looks at the others and sighs when he sits down. "That does not get any easier."

This is Big Brother. Will Isabel please come to the Diary Room.

She steps up in silence and heads over. Alex calls over "Good luck Isabel." as she smiles at him before stepping in the Diary Room and sitting down.

Hello Isabel.

"Hi Big Brother.".

Can you please give the name of your first nomination.

"My first nomination is Maria."

Can you please give the reason for this nomination.

"Me and Maria have just found it difficult to get along." She looks down at her hands for a second before she looks back up. "We see things differently."

Can you please give the name of your second nomination.

"My second nomination is Kyle."

Can you please give a reason for your second nomination.

She looks at the camera. "Basically he tried to punch my brother on Sunday and they have not been getting on. I would rather he wasn't here than Max wasn't. So I choose to nominate Kyle."

Finally, can you please give the name of your 2 nominations.

"Maria and Kyle."

Thank you Isabel, you may now leave the Diary Room.

"Thank you Big Brother." She walks out the diary room and sits back down.

"How did it feel?" Brody asks curiously.

Isabel and Alex share a look before she answers. "It's not something you like doing but you have to. You feel guilty afterwards though..."

This is Big Brother. Will Kyle please come to the Diary Room.

He shares a look with Tess and walks of in silence to the Diary Room.

Hello Kyle.


Can you please give the name of your first nomination.

"My first nomination is Max."

Can you please give the reason for this nomination.

"Same as last week. We don't get on and I doubt we ever will. I just don't think if I will ever be able to respect someone like him."

Can you please give the name of your second nomination.

"My second nomination is Michael."

Can you please give a reason for your second nomination.

He looks at the camera and sighs. "The same reason as Max, we clash. He is too serious and he causes friction in the group."

Finally, can you please give the name of your 2 nominations.

"Max and Michael."

Thank you Kyle, you may now leave the Diary Room.

He stands up and walks out as he says. "Ok..."

As he sits back down the others sit in silence. "How'd it go?" Tess asks quietly.

Kyle sighs as he looks. "Pretty easy actually. I voted Whitman out." He grins at Alex as he speaks and causes the others to laugh as Alex puts a wounded look on his face.

"I'm hurt...and there was me feeling bad about trying to get you thrown out on your ass."

Kyle and Alex exchange good natured insults much to the amusement of the others as Laurie is called.

This is Big Brother. Will Laurie please come to the Diary Room.

Tess, Alex and Brody call good luck to her as she walks towards the Diary Room.

Hello Laurie.

She sits down and brings her legs up to her chest and wraps her arms around them. "Hi Big Brother.".

Can you please give the name of your first nomination.

"My first nomination is Max."

Can you please give the reason for this nomination.

"I just haven't spent that much time with him so I get on with some of the others better. I always didn't like how he handled the things on Sunday with Kyle and Tess...he could have handled that better."

Can you please give the name of your second nomination.

"My second nomination is Liz."

Can you please give a reason for your second nomination.

She looks shyly at the camera. "Same reason as Max, I just haven't got to know her that well."

Finally, can you please give the name of your 2 nominations.

"Max and Liz."

Thank you Laurie, you may now leave the Diary Room.

The voting so far has placed Max with 3 nominations, Michael with 2 and Kyle, Liz and Maria all with one each.

Liz walks to the Diary Room after Big Brother call's her and sits down ready to give the names of her 2 nominations.

Can you please give the name of your first nomination.

"My first nomination is Tess."

Can you please give the reason for this nomination.

She looks at the camera sadly. "We just don't get on."

Can you please give the name of your second nomination.

"My second nomination is Mchael."

Can you please give a reason for your second nomination.

"I feel bad but he causes a lot of tension and that is hard to live with 24/7."

Finally, can you please give the name of your 2 nominations.

"Tess and Michael"

Thank you Liz, you may now leave the Diary Room.

Liz's nominations mean that Max and Michael both have 3 votes each. 4 other housemates have recieved one vote each.

Maria is sitting in the diary room giving her nominations.

Can you please give the name of your first nomination.

"My first nomination is Isabel."

Can you please give the reason for this nomination.

"Me and her just don't get along and we will always rub each other up the wrong way."

Can you please give the name of your second nomination.

"My second nomination is Tess."

Can you please give a reason for your second nomination.

She looks confidenatly into the camera. "Basically? I hated the way she attacked Liz on Ssunday and I know she was a little drunk but that was always going to happen and I think that she causes problems for some people in the house."

Finally, can you please give the name of your 2 nominations.

"Isabel and Tess."

Thank you Maria, you may now leave the Diary Room.

She stands up and smiles. "No problem Big Brother."

Big Brother call's Max to the Diary Room and he sits down and look at the wall above the camera.

Can you please give the name of your first nomination.

"Umm, My first nomination is Kyle."

Can you please give the reason for this nomination.

"We don't get along and I get on with the rest of the house better."

Can you please give the name of your second nomination.

"My second nomination would be Laurie."

Can you please give a reason for your second nomination.

He looks at the camera with regret. "I don't know her that I'd rather stay with people I knew better."

Finally, can you please give the name of your 2 nominations.

"Kyle and Laurie."

Thank you Max, you may now leave the Diary Room.

Max sighs as he stands up and quickly walks out. He looks at the others as he sits down and shakes his head.

Michael is called to the Diary Room and he walks confidently in.


Can you please give the name of your first nomination.


Can you please give the reason for this nomination.

"I still don't like him. I wouldn't mind living here without him."

Can you please give the name of your second nomination.


Can you please give a reason for your second nomination.

"Alex is an ok guy but when he's with Kyle he starts Kyle and that annoys me. Also he has both Isabel and Laurie wrapped around his little finger which I don't like. Also, I can't vote out Brody so Alex get's it."

Finally, can you please give the name of your 2 nominations.

"Kyle and Alex."

Thank you Michael, you may now leave the Diary Room.

Michaels nominations mean that all the housemates have at least one nomination each. Max, Michael and Kyle all have 3 nominations each and will definately face the public vote together unless Tess nominates 2 of them for eviction.

This is Big Brother. Will Tess please come to the Diary Room.

She stands up and looks at the others nervously and smiles as she walks over to the door and sits down inside the Diary Room.

Hello Tess.

She looks nervous and smiles. "Hi Big Brother.".

Can you please give the name of your first nomination.

"My first nomination is Liz."

Can you please give the reason for this nomination.

She sighs as she looks at her hands. "Liz and I will always find it difficult being locked up together, it's hard being in here with her."

Can you please give the name of your second nomination.

"My second nomination is Maria."

Can you please give a reason for your second nomination.

She looks back towards the camera. "Maria has been acting weird with me since the weekend and I know that she has a problem with me. I'd rather be in here with people that like me."

Finally, can you please give the name of your 2 nominations.

"Liz and Maria."

Thank you Tess, you may now leave the Diary Room.

She sighs as she stands up. "Bye."

As she walks over she sits down and everyone looks relieved.

"Well, thats that done for another week." Alex says cheerily as the others all agree.

This is Big Brother, the nominations are now over and the results will be announced later in the week.

After the nominations, 3 people will face the public vote : Kyle, Max and Michael who each received 3 nominations each. The housemates will discover tomorrow who will be nominated for eviction.


All the housemates are in the garden practising the task apart from Alex who has went in to see Big Brother.

Hello Alex.

"Hi Big Brother."

How are you?

Alex smiles at the camera. "A little frazzled today if I'm honest..."

What do you mean?

"I just wish I could have 5 minutes alone today for some reason. Today I have been distinctly aware that I have no place where I could be alone." He sighs. "I just could do with some space today I guess..."

How are you getting on with the other housemates?

He leans down futher in the chair. "Pretty good I guess with some of them. It's just...I've see a new side to some people in here and I'm not sure I like it. Nominations were hard today, not because of who I was nominating but because of how their eviction might affect certain people that I care about. It's just been pretty hard. It's not even just that either if I'm honest."

What is it?

He looks directly at the camera. "I was getting close to Laurie and now it's's changed in the last few days." He runs his hand through his hair as he continues.

"Michael seems to have this impression that I will hurt her, I have no idea where that came from."

What do you think of Laurie?

He smiles slightly. "Laurie is sweet and I was really starting to enjoy our friendship as it grew. But it's been...kinda awkward between us now and I have no idea why. I would like the opportunity for our friendship to grow again as I honestly feel like I could care a lot for Laurie. And then there's the Isabel thing..."

How do you feel about Isabel?

Alex sighs loudly as he looks at his hands and then back to the camera. "I still care deeply for Isabel. She was the first person I was in love with and I still have feelings for her...but it's very confusing. I have no idea how the house is affecting what I'm...what she's feeling. Maybe this atmosphere is messing up our judgement. I don't want to risk losing her friendship because of a false situation. Maybe what we're feeling is only because we're in this house.

Do you believe that Isabel's feelings are augmented by the situation?

Alex looks away from the camera and thinks in silence for a minute before looking back into the camera. He smiles sadly and sighs. "Honestly? I don't know...I hope not but I don't know..."


Big Brother has set the housemates a mini-task for the night. If they all spend two hours in character and dress of another housemate of the opposite gender they will receive a "junk-food party." The housemates have been getting ready for the past 20 minutes. Isabel and Max have decided to switch rolls in the house. Alex and Liz are being each other as is Brody and Laurie, Kyle and Tess and Michael and Maria.

The housemates are all sitting around the louge area. Isabel is putting make-up on a reluctant Max and Kyle and Tess are talking to Brody and Laurie. Michael is sitting on the chair looking on solomly.

Maria walks up to him and hits him on the shoulder. "I do not sit like that Michael! You are supposed to be in character!"

He turns to her and smiles before standing up sharply. "I'm sorry, I'll just go sit over there and play with my little friends Alex and Liz. 'k?"

With that he bounces over and sits beside Alex and Liz who look at each other amazed. Maria scowels at Michael before tossing her hair and sitting down.

"Fine. What do I care? It isn't like I need you here." She puts on a deep voice as she imitates Michael.

A slow smile spreads across Michael's face as he turns to her and looks sad. "B...But Michael...I called you a thousand times and you didn't get back to me, so...I was just you like my hair long or short?"

An indignant look crosses Maria's face as she talks. "Hmm, see for me to answer that Maria I would have to have a degree of fashion sense. See, I own 3 colours of clothes: Black, Charcoal and again but I do know about hair-styles. I have two..." She ushers to her hair. "Spiky. And Mullett."

Liz and Alex exchange entertained looks as they sit in silence waiting for Michael's comback.

Michael turned away from Maria and walked over to Laurie who was being Brody. "Brody, you are so rich, handsome, successful...can I marry you?"

Brody looked up at this and Maria blushed a deep shade of pink before standing up and walking over to Laurie and Michael.

"Hey! Yeah you, the one with the English accent! You trying to mess with my girlfriend? You talking to her without my permission? You looking at me funny? You want to be nothing but a splat on that wall?"

Michael stepped in front of Laurie and looked at Maria amused. "Michael! What have I told you about doing that? God, you're not supposed to show you care!"

Maria smiled warmly at Michael as he spoke and then turned to him. "Do you care Maria?"

Michael smiled at her gently and rolled his eyes as he nodded.

She smiled as she kissed him passionately for a minute before pulling back and grinning mischivously at him. "Sorry babe, I can't commit to anything at the moment...but maybe I'll see you around."

With that she walked back to the seat and started arguing with Liz who was playing Alex and Tess who was playing Kyle.

Isabel stood up and dutifully stood between Maria and Alex. "Come on, let's calm it down. It's not good to fight. We all have to be nice..."

Max looked at her amused before standing up and storming in front of her. "You always think you can tell us what to do! Well, guess what Max...I will not be dictated to! From now on, you can just go play leader to someone else!"

Isabel smiled as she retorted. "Well, that's fine! I don't need you anyway. But if you want we can always talk about it? Isabel? I'm sorry...I was a jerk, we'll do it your way."

Max looked at her and put a hand on her hips and tossed his head extravagently. "Of course you'll do it my way, my way is vastly superior to any other way..."

Isabel smirked at her brother as she noticed Alex pretending to be Liz. "Hey Isabel, I've decided that I'm going to go and hang out with my on-off-on-off-on-off currently off girlfriend. Tell mom that I'll be late ok?"

With that Isabel walked slowly around the couch, where she ducked behind every available piece of furnature.

"Psst, Liz? C'mere...I need to speak to you and I know it's late."

Alex dutifully sat on the chair as Isabel whispered behind it. "What do you want Max? You know that we're on-off-on-off-on-off and currently off just now so it's not really appropriate for you to be here, but since it's you." He sighs loudly as Liz and Max share an amused but embarressed look.

"Liz, I just wanted to say that I miss you and I would really like it if we became a on-off-on-off-on-off currently on couple? What do you say?"

Alex sighs loudly again and whispers back. " it a good idea? It's such a big step becoming a on-off-on-off-on-off currently on couple. Are you sure we're ready for that?"

Isabel sighs loudly and looks over the couch and shares a smile with Alex. "Maybe you're right...maybe it was a bad idea...maybe I should just go and yell at Michael and Isabel some more?"

Alex nods slightly. "I think that would be for the best. Goodnight Max, see you tomorrow."

As Isabel and Alex finish up Max and Liz look at each other knowingly. "So, Alex? What are you up to tonight?" Max asks Liz.

Liz smiles as she replies. "Oh...nothing much, I thought I'd practise in my band, not Maria's band, my band later."

Max walks over to her and smiles. Liz looks at him and gulps. "Well, um, well Isabel if you want to come see me play my instrument..."

Alex blushes furiously and looks at Isabel who is looking at him amused.

Max strokes his hand up Liz's arm. "How about me and you go out tonight?"

"Sure! I mean...why not." Liz smiles as Max walks beside her.

"Well, we'll go out and then we'll head back to the Crashdown?"

Liz nods her head furiously. "Sure! What time?"

Max turns back to her and smiles. "What time what?"

Liz looks at him hopefully. "Do you want me to pick you up?"

Max sighs as he walks away. "Why do you keep asking me questions Alex! God, you're smothering me here!"

Isabel looks at Alex who is smiling at their impression.

Liz looks at Isabel. "Fine then Isabel, you know what? It's your loss 'cause I don't need you...I have decided I'm going to Sweden for 2 months so there!"

Max turns to Liz and dramatically tosses his hair. "Fine!"

Liz looks at him. "Fine!"

"Just don't come back looking really good ok? Because I have decided that we won't work now."

Liz walks over to Max and smiles confidantly. "I'll come back looking great so there!"

Max looks at Liz and smiles. "Fine, I don't care..."

Liz walks away and smiles as she see's both Alex and Isabel exchange smiles.

"Alex? Can we at least be friends? I know we could be good friends?"

Liz turns around angrilly. "Why does everyone say that!!!"

Isabel looks at Alex and nods as they begin again. "Liz? I think we need to talk...I think I should tell you I'm in love with you but we can't be together."

Alex looks at her with a hurt expression. "But Max...wh...why not? We love each other...."

Isabel smiles sympathetically and sit's Alex down. "See the thing is...the thing is that we wouldn't be the same together. This whole tortured romance thing we have going on goes so much more to add to our appeal. I mean...we have the whole sould-mate thingy going on and yet...we get to fight it. Aren't we lucky?"

Alex and Isabel look at Max and Liz to make sure they're ok and as they look on amused Alex continues.

"Well, when you put it like that...I guess you're right." He sighs loudly. "So when do we get to be together?"

Isabel looks like she's considering it and replies. "Hmmm, how about after Isabel get's it together with someone her own age? That should be in about...god, that could be never..."

Alex smiles as she speaks and puts on an exited look. "You mean we could be tortured all that time? Wow, that would be great for us! You sure Isabel isn't going to end up with someone her own age?"

Isabel smiles as she looks at Alex. "I doubt she'd be that we should be safe for a while."

Alex returns her smile. "So, we have a date then. that means we're on-off-on-off-on-off currently planning to have a date but not quite there yet?"

Isabel smiles as she stands. "Exactly!"

On the couch Tess is sitting with Kyle, Brody and Laurie. Kyle and Brody are talking in character.

"So, I was thinking about that stupid Max and I've decided I don't really like him any more." Kyle said as he sat looking at Brody.

"Well, Tess...what can I say, he seems nice enough but if you think your over him go for it."

Kyle smiles as Tess grabs something sitting beside him. "Ha! Ok Tess, you two have 20 seconds to get the toys before I pound them both.

She runs to the table and stands on top of it as Kyle runs to stand next to the table. "Dammit Kyle, don't make me come up there!"

Tess looks down at Kyle who is grinning at her. "What are you going to do Tess?"

"I'll, I'll, I'll fry you with my death-ray eyes! I'll, I'll put all your underwear on the tree's outside. I'll...I'll steal all your sporting shirts!"

Tess looks at him and smiles before turning the expression to one of horror. "You wouldn't dare! Not all my sporting shirts? How would I play sports? I'd be thrown out of the teams? My popularity would plummit and I'd have to rely on my good looks to get dates instead of picking up the nearest cheer leader? NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"

Kyle looked at her and tried to stifle a laugh. "I'll do it I swear, give me back JC!"

"But he want's to be the first member of N*Sync to leave the planet!"

"I'm going to get the shirts...."

As he turns his back he hears her scream. "NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO! Okay, I give up...just don't take the shirts. Please."

She jumps down and is caught by Kyle. He grins at her as she looks at him. "Too late Buddha Boy, I have already took them, I was just wanting to see your reaction..."

"I'm telling dad!" She says as they still stand close.

"Fine, but you should know that I've already worn them all so if you want them you'll have to learn to live with the smell of perfume!"

"You wore perfume when you were wearing my shirt?" She sighs and then grins at Kyle. "Oh well, the team is crap anyway so maybe I'll just join the debating team instead...never mind all those sports..."

Kyle looks at her shocked and then grins at her again, "Yeah, I can never get near you when you have all those admirors there."

She smirks at him and grabs JC again and jumps up on the table again. "Ok Tess, you better make it good to make me let him down this time..."


The housemates successfully completed the task and were awarded with the "junk-food party" They were provided with Pizza, chocolate, burgers, fries, icecream and soda as well as a game of twister. All the housemates other than Laurie, Brody, Kyle and Tess are playing twister inside.

Laurie and Brody are sitting outside at the table. They are talking about the events of the night.

"It was fun tonight wasn't it Brody? Just what we need after nominations."

Brody nods. "I can honestly say I'm not looking forward to nominating next week."

Laurie looks at him. "It's really not fun, it's a shame we have to do it."

He opens his mouth to answer as Kyle and Tess run out the house. Kyle is chasing Tess with a can of soda that he is shaking furiously.

"What is it Tessie? C'mon, take it like a...woman. You deserve so much worse for what you had me like tonight."

He grinned at her as she backed of. "Never! Besides, you had me worse."

He sits the can on the table and walks slowly towards her. "Did not. See, I've stopped, I'm unarmed..."

She looks at him suspiciously as Brody and Tess exchange amused looks as Kyle pounces on Tess and wrestles her to the ground.

"Give up Harding! Admit you were wrong!"

She grins at him as he allows her to roll him over easilly. "Never! Now give up to clearly the superior..."

As she stradles him he replies softly. "Never."

They look at each other intently and tenderly oblivious to Laurie and Brody who look at each other shocked before Brody coughs loudly to alert them to there presence.

As they hear Brody's cough Tess quickly gets up and looks around slightly embarrassed and she sticks a hand out to Kyle to help him up. As their hands are joined they both look down and then look at each other and quickly seperate. Kyle exhales a breath quickly and smiles again at Tess.

"I'll make you pay later Tess..."

Tess looks at Laurie before looking at Kyle to reply. "You'd like to think so Buddha boy...but feel free to try and make me pay..."

They both walk in the house smiling and Brody turns to Laurie. "So what's going on there then?"

Laurie sighs as she looks at Tess who is standing in the kitchen looking at Kyle and shakes her head. "I have no idea..."